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20 Jun

MF/2f; time: 38 minutes

This is probably not a film from the defunct PACIFICFORCE website, but there are a series of surprisingly crisp hairbrush spankings worthy of watching, almost to the standards of  NUWEST.

A youngish woman will put the hairbrush to two girls, ‘Janie’ and ‘Jenny,’ in an office setting. The lady first has the two girls take off their slacks and panties. She spanks one girl while the second girl must display her bottom in the same shot. “Get that bare bottom out.” Each girl must count aloud 50 strokes, not terrifically hard, but long and authentic, with attention to the thighs. Both bottoms always visible.

‘Truant Girls’  The same crew. The girls have been skipping school. In the bedroom, bottoms bared, the girls get 100 strokes this time, and a little harder. Bruising, and specifically the round paddle/brush variety. The two bottoms react differently.

There is added a five-minute bonus. A male straps one of the girls playing a schoolgirl, bare-bottom, lying on pillows on a bed. Bottom and thighs. Quite hard. Some strapping vertically rather than across the buttocks. And-nasty- the guy spreads the girl’s thighs and straps the inner areas.

Teacher and Redhead – PACIFICFORCE

12 Apr

M/f; time: 25 minutes

A cute redhead is begging  a professor–one of the smarmy PACIFICFORCE guys who hasn’t exactly charmed our socks off with his performances, for a better grade. She is very insistent. “Isn’t there anything I can do?” She teases seductively.

The professor demurs, but not for long. “I will change your grade if you do things my way.” What he will do–he will quiz her again, orally, now, here, and he will paddle her for errors. But first, he will warm up that bottom.

OTK she goes, her little skirt gets out of the way by itself. White trimmed panties. He takes her panties down; the girl keeps her long red hair off her face. She has a big and perfect CP video bottom. She wiggles.

The professor has her take off her dress. Hands-on-head in just bra,  very nice. Bend-over a chair for a handspanking, naked.

Now it’s time for the paddle-quiz, not that it matters any more. The professor takes out a paddle which is essentially a cricket bat, but lighter and thinner. Silly questions, silly swats, the way PF does it. Very corny. She will be left naked in his office for a while.


Spanking Triple Play #12 – PACIFICFORCE

28 Jan

Time: 1 hr 4 minutes
Another somewhat trivial addition to this series by PACFICFORCE. ‘Mistress Jacqueline Omerta’ narrates that PF has found these films effective and marketable. Collections of short episodes. There are three here. We’re always hoping for some random innovation.

(1) F/f; A shoplifting infraction. A girl has been caught. A sign on the sales area wall of the store reads: “Shoplifters will be caught or spanked.” We don’t remember a sign like that in WalMart or Target. The young lady caught makes the prudent decision to accept the spanking alternative. It will be administered right there on the sales floor.

It is explained: all spankings “bare bottom.” OTK, skirt off, panties down. Next, a very big paddle. The girl has to strip completely naked. This would have been much more erotic if they had moved reluctantly to a store room, like in other shoplifting CP films. The girl has a full pubic bush.

Hands-on-chair, for two different straps. The female disciplinarian strips to bra and slip to finish her work. No customers around.

(2) ‘A Spanking from Auntie’ Two models identified as ‘Sabrina’ and ‘Niki Steele.’ The acting is skin-crawling here, as it usually is at PACIFICFORCE. Niki is a brunette schoolgirl. She gets a standard OTK spanking. Skirt up, loose white panties. PF occasionally doesn’t get the impact of tight-fitting knickers.

Big paddle, bend-over for stiff stick. She kneels on the floor naked, showing a lot of puss and anus.

(3) ‘English Discipline’ ‘Chris North’ and ‘Rubee Tuesday.’ A guy decides to help his brother out by disciplining her because she can’t keep her finances straight. Now why would you give over this task to someone else? Standard OTK, panties down, paddle. Chris likes to spread Rubee’s buttocks.

Principal’s Office – PACIFICFORCE

11 Jan

F/4f; time: minutes
Clunky stuff from Jacqueline Omerta at PACIFICFORCE, worth watching if only for the humor of it. Mistress plays a principal at a “college,” not clear why it is called that, except to justify that the girls being spanked are too old to be schoolgirls. She sits at a cheap little desk on a silly set. No effort at all was made to create some atmosphere , like a waiting room.

Four ‘students’ will be punished. The procedure: 1st infraction-paddling on the skirt; 2nd-paddling on panties; and 3rd-paddling “on the bare bottom,” a phrase Ms. Omerta likes to repeat.

The first girl, a brunette, has been caught smoking. The paddle itself is the most impressive part of the film, a large, thick, fraternity-sized Spencer paddle. 10 swats on her skirt.

A second girl, a blonde, is paddled for smoking.

And a saucy brunette likes to make obscene gestures to her teachers, and to the principal. She gets the paddle.

The first brunette returns for a second offense and gets the Spencer on red panties.

And a fourth girl! A brunette is paddled for poor grades.

Two more paddlings on panties.

And finally, the girls begin to move to their 3rd offense. The blonde is paddled on the bare for marijuana. Ms. Omerta loves to say, “You’ve earned yourself a bare-bottom paddling.” Her bottom is very red, no way to depict the lapse of time in these CP films. She gets only 3 swats–we think she was given a break.

And the brunette who doesn’t study loses her panties. The size of the paddle created some decent spankings here, the only saving grace.

Three Girls -Spanking, Enemas – PACIFICFORCE

30 Aug

F/3f; time: 27 minutes
‘Jacqueline Omerta,’ the ‘Mistress Jacqueline’ at PACIFICFORCE. Three tall showgirl-like girls are in trouble with her. “You’re in big trouble now…you’re in this program for a reason…clothes off, everything…you first!” The girls spiked a recipe for a school cafeteria, which of course suggests an appropriate revenge punishment.

3 dramatic girls are soon naked–a brunette, a blonde ‘Kate,’ and blond ‘Gia.’ Mistress spanks and paddles the girls, each in turn, and in the usual PACIFICFORCE style, not very hard.

Fade. A male ‘doctor’ arrives in medical gown. Guys in medical smocks and naked girls just go together. A large trolley is rolled into place–it is actually a pipe coatrack on wheels, perfect for this use–three hanging enema bags and hoses. The girls quickly kneel in a row on the floor, their heels touching the crossbar backed up to the rack, bare bottoms up.

The technician–let’s demote him, lubes each anus and the enema nozzles and inserts each in closeup. They are thin little things and enter too easily. Clamps released, kinks adjusted in the hoses, appropriate groans and squeals. The tech keeps making adjustments. We are spared the scene of the girls scrambling for a toilet.

Spanked and Shaved – PACIFICFORCE

23 Feb

MF/f; year: 1999; time: 25 minutes

A medical farce, which might be a redundant phrase when considering PACIFICFORCE.

‘Whitney Prescott’ and ‘Angel’ play a nurse and a patient. We are not sure who is whom. The floozy brunette nurse, wearing a stripper’s version of a nurse’s uniform, examines a blonde, who lies flat on her back on a hospital gurney. The examination consists of an explicit groping of her boobs. The blonde is encouraged to roll over onto her stomach and the nurse picks up a very menacing-looking hypodermic syringe.

When the girl absolutely refuses the injection (too bad!), “You leave me no choice. Now you get the treatment.” The nurse puts on rubber gloves and prepares a razor and soap water. “You’re going to shave my pussy?”

The shaving scene, in closeup, lasting about 4 minutes, would not be memorable but for the conclusion, where the blonde gets on her hands and knees so that the nurse and complete the shave from the back side.

The girl still refuses the injection, so the nurse begins an OTK spanking on the gurney. Silly acting, to put it courteously. The girl’s red polka dot panties, which disappeared earlier, have returned.

A male in hospital scrubs–the credits identify ‘Vinnie Split,’ a regular at PF. He takes over the spanking of the reluctant blonde, and he reaches back to smack the nurse in the background. He shifts to a paddle.

To conclude, he puts the two girls side by side over the gurney, bare bottom, for the strap, paddle, and hairbrush.

Wheel of Discipline – PACIFICFORCE

11 Dec

F/3f; time: 43 minutes

We thought, as we pondered a review of this film, that PACIFIC FORCE has succeeded in spite of itself. We have avoided much of their catalogue, partly because they objected to amateur reviews on other sites we have communicated with, and also because we found the films trite and unimaginative. The premise for this video is sufficiently comic to overcome the deficiencies.

“Wheel of Discipline” is a television show. Three female contestants will answer quiz questions (all about spanking) for cash prizes. If they miss, the must spin a wheel and be spanked with the implement and the number of strokes designated.

There is an attempt at high hilarity as the girls begin the game. The game show host is a smarmy male from the Pacific Force cast. ‘Mistress Jacqueline’ of Pacific Force sits off to the side. She will administer the spankings. Three slightly well-traveled actresses from Pacific Force, brunettes ‘Valerie,’ ‘Franchesca,’ and ‘Nancy,’ giggle as the rules are explained–three questions to a set; three rounds, spankings on their dresses, then on panties, and finally on the bare.

Valerie goes first, misses her third question, and spins the small and slightly amateur wheel. It clacks as it turns, as you can imagine, and stops at handspanking-50 strokes. Mistress Jacqueline takes delight in delivering the OTK whacking.

Franchesca earns 15 strokes from the Pacific Force paddle; Nancy gets 50 handspanks.

There is a commercial break, an advertisement for a PF spanking video.

No one objects to the second round-on panties. Valarie gets 15 of the paddle; Franchesca 20 of the hairbrush, and Nancy 50 handspanks. The fact that some of the penalties are repetitious probably shows the wheel is not rigged.

The second commercial advertises a new aggregate plastic paddle Pacific Force markets. Jacqueline and the Host demonstrate it on Nancy’s bare bottom.

Round Three is bare skin. Valerie gets 5 with the cane, not hard but more severe than anything preceding. Franchesca gets 25 with a large fraternity paddle. Nancy-20 with a strap.

For a coda, all three girls strip naked, their backs to us, and Jacqueline lays on 20 strokes to each with a wooden kitchen spoon. Squeals.