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Spanking Machine more – PAIN4FEM

10 Dec

Another long film with girls facing the machine, literally and figuratively. Peter and Helen on duty.

The first episode. Peter sits at the laptop controls. Helen escorts in a dark blonde, a little reluctant. She strips naked—jeans, top, panties, no bra. High heels remain. Naughty. She climbs onto a platform and leans back onto a waist high padded vertical post. Helen cuffs her wrists and fastens them behind her, and fastens her ankles. The camera pans her naked body. Exceptional boobs and a nifty beaver trim.

The naked girl fidgets, but she is tight. With a latex glove, Helen spreads aloe over the target area, her boobs and stomach. Peter steps out to fasten the whip to the machine. The pretty blonde can’t help observing all the preparations.

Black Widow – PAIN4FEM

13 Jan

M/f; time: 46 minutes

A delightful find, another long form film from PAIN4FEM, mostly  formulaic except for a few kinks we will point out. The film begins with an exterior shot of a institutional building, described as a ‘psychiatric clinic.’

Inside, Peter Schubert and a female assistant are applying electric shock to a naked girl tied to a hospital bed. We’d have attached the electrodes in different places, but we’re not picky. The girl rocks and surges at the charges Some archaic therapy.

We see a fancy car and a blonde (‘Helen’) visiting a cemetery then making a call to the sanitarium. She wants Peter to treat her step-daughter so she is not competent to receive an inheritance. Enough story.

The girl is captured and put to bed in the clinic. She is given a shot in her buttocks (of course) to immobilize her. She is a pretty brunette. The stepmother secretly observes and is loving it all. A straitjacket is put  on, and the girl is tied to the frame of the hospital bed.

After a slow wake-up, Peter enters with a cane. “Shall we play a little?” He rolls her over to get at her bottom. “What a lovely ass.” She is still so drugged she does not react to the mild caning, despite the work of the cosmetics staff. She kneels for more. Another drugged sleep.

The girl is fastened to the bed again for another hypodermic shot,  not filmed in detail, but sufficiently creepy. Soon we see her fastened to the table P4F uses in other films, with the hole for the girl’s head. Caned again—for some reason the girl’s bottom is clear here. More wheals, good face.

And last, the girl is strung up in the kneeling position. A lot of boobs. Back to bed, tied face down naked. But she escapes, and in the last scene she is stabbing her stepmother.











Lazy Maids – PAIN4FEM

3 Sep

MF/3f; year: 2004; time: 50 minutes

Another long form film from PAIN4FEM, and a bit of a disappointment, given this producer’s attention to detail and plot development in most of its films. Two very pretty girls, brunette Susanna and blonde Tanya, work for their mistress in the manor.

Madam goes off to work and wants a clean house when she returns. The girls work awhile and then fall into Lesbian play. Of course the mistress catches them naked. When the girls, pretty runway-style models very much in the P4F tradition, beg to keep their jobs, the mistress offers corporal punishment.

She will call in the gardener (Peter Schober as ‘Josef’) to do the hard work. First, the mistress gives each girl an OTK spanking. Peter arrives for his part, two bare bottoms on display. He is unfazed. He takes up an “African whip,” it is called, and straps both bare bottoms. The mistress wants it “harder,” because she should, and she enjoying all this. The intensity so far is a bit below P4F standard.

Madam has a cane nearby. The girls must strip naked, which they do slowly, side by side. Josef canes each girl, almost 30 strokes each are shown. There are repeats, maybe in triplicate. Facial, rear, closeups of face and bottom. Lots of chance for repeats. Mild stuff. Tanya jumps and screams, the best part of the film.

The girls are sent naked to their room. The madam signals she has something more for Peter to do; we hope we know what that is. The mistress brings the girls powder and they tend their stripes and have daydreams about spanking and caning their mistress in revenge, giving us the third bottom for the film.

At tbe conclusion, the girls’ mistress returns to their room to compliment them on their courage. She is feeling better about things and we see why. Her bottom is striped. The gardener has caned her and maybe done some plumbing.



Strict Prison 3 – PAIN4FEM

12 Feb

MF/3f; time: 42 minutes

The third in a series of longer films from SPANKINGSERVER on this subject. The stories in this ‘prison’  are unrelated, although we’d to say the justice system here continues to produce pretty girls. The set is just a few rooms, not much of a prison. Peter and two female guards are in  a break room. A  brunette prisoner is brought to a holding cell, where she falls asleep and dreams the punishment of another girl–the sense of which we couldn’t detect.

The dreaming consists of a blond prisoner, forcibly stripped, whipped over a trestle, and then whipped strung up. Typical stuff from P4F. This female prisoner is awakened by the two guards, taken to the punishment room, and herself stripped, tied over the trestle, and here, birched, Peter joining in. Marks look proper for a birch bundle. P4F would seem to occasionally do some cosmetic work.

A new prisoner is escorted in, a rather goofy, gum-chewing sullen  brunette who is going to need some attitude adjustment.  After her interview with Peter, she strips naked and is taken to a medical scene by the two guards, who intend a cavity search.

The girl must lie flat on a gyno table then bend over it, for the cavity searches with two speculums. The camera avoids intimacy.

Back to the hold cell, but first the blonde is chained (heavy chains) over a table for a caning from Peter. She is left in the cell naked.

Strict Prison 1 – PAIN4FEM

9 Feb

M/2f; year: 2004; time: 47 minutes

Another of the longer-form films, basically the same theme as the many SPANKINGSERVER shorts, except with a storyline. Blond ‘Kelly’ plays a prison guard here, on just a brief break from being the subject of a spanking herself. Brunette ‘Dominika’ plays a prisoner in a cell, wearing a skirt and blouse, not the orange jumpsuit.

Kelly pays a call on her and begins some lesbian play. Dominika kicks her away–enough to start the story. Kelly marches her to supervisor ‘Peter Schober,’ and reports the assault. He seems a bit ambivalent, but he must do his job. He fastens Dominika to a table, bares her bottom, and straps her, while Kelly watches. At one point he reties her ankles tighter and with thighs wider.

Peter keeps canes soaking in brine in a metal shaft. He canes her, marks begin, and he oils her, selects a thicker cane to continue, forcing her to sniff the canes. This is enough. Kelly returns Dominika to her cell.

Kelly reports back to Peter, who rips her for prisoner abuse. It seems he beat Dominika for nothing. so Kelly will get the same (actually worse). Peter himself removes her blouse, she allows it. She is not wearing a bra. This is always a big moment in her appearances.

First he strings her up to the ceiling and whips her bare back. Next she is fastened to the same table, skirt up, panties down, for a flogging. Next the cane, marks, tears in closeup. Peter used a squirt bottle to keep her bottom wet.

The Spy – PAIN4FEM plus some short films

3 Jan
  • MF/f; time:42 minutes
    Actress ‘Niki Flynn’ paid visits to several of the major CP film producers to combine her distinct talents with the modality of the particular producer. Here, she made one long film with SPANKINGSERVER/PAIN4FEM and ‘Peter Schober,’ plus some shorts, most of which we have found and reviewed below. This longer film is just plain excellent.

Most of the production from this company comes in short, consumable, Internet form. This is the longer form, our preference. Niki resides in a house with Peter and his personal sidekick ‘Helen,’ Schober’s wife and co-founder. Both of them wear Fascist-style uniforms. Peter receives a phone call, apparently implicating Niki as a spy.

Peter gets his Luger pistol and they drag Niki out of bed in her nightgown. The film is in German. Niki is American but will not need any dialogue, just emotion. She is taken to a room with straw strewn about, a silly excuse for the ‘woodshed.’ As you would do with any nubile female spy, you spank them until they confess.

OTK first, shift up, no panties–this girl sleeps with no panties. Niki obligingly spreads her legs. Maybe she was asked, we don’t know the language. The next phase, Niki sits in a chair and her hands are tied behind her back. Peter threatens with his pistol. The action is marginally corny and melodramatic, but we do have plot and story, and the certainty that Ms. Flynn will do her thing. Niki is then strung up to the ceiling. Her shift is ripped off and Peter whips her. Ms. Flynn has always excelled on the end of a rope. P4F exploits it and plays a long, writhing scene.

After a FADE, Niki has been left naked in this ‘barn.’ Peter and Helen return and tie her down on her stomach on the bench, Russian style. Her bottom and back are still red. Peter straps her bottom. Zoom on her twitching, full screen.

She is released for the next punishment. Niki is naked longer in this film than most. Another FADE, she is awakened after sleeping on the bench, still naked, her shift shredded. This time, Peter and Helen tie her bent over a table, wrists and ankles. They keep tormenting her, much to our pleasure. She gets the cane here, 30 strokes, facials and various angles, a lot of gasping, and we do not detect any repeats. Welts and stripes from the previous spankings have accrued. This is a vigorous caning–her far buttock tells the tale. Peter tries to act menacing by grunting as he strokes.

And some shorts found at ‘

Niki Flynn‘ (M/f; time: 3:58)) We start off with the international star Ms. Flynn, who seems to have visited the SS studios at least once and made a few films, a long one and a few shorts,  in the formats Schober liked. Here, she quickly climbs onto the padded frame and is strapped down with the Velcro strips. Peter pulls up  her purple dress, pulls down her thong, puts a rolled blanket under her hips (Niki sweetly raises up to assist), and slashes her bottom with a short strap. Her high heels have straps and so survive her kicking until her legs are secured. Her muscular bottom speaks to us in this pose.

When these gurney scenes are filmed from the rear, they are very revealing, and here we may be seeing more of Ms. Flynn than found anywhere in the library. She gasps and squeals through the brief ordeal. Excellent facial and rear shots and marvelous sound recording. Peter gets in a nice feel at the end, and Niki’s bottom is held full screen as she jumps around to put on her thong.

The Rugbeater (M/f; time: 3 minutes) ‘Peter Schober’ pulls Niki off a couch, has her pull her panties down, and spanks her with a rug beater. She turns red quickly, gives us plenty to imagine between her legs, and puts up a sweet fuss. Longer hair in these short films, grown back in from the L period.

‘Schoolgirl OTK’  (M/f; time: 3 minutes)  Niki sits at a formal school desk, suitable for a church sanctuary. Peter is instructing her, becomes incensed, positions a chair, and grabs her OTK for a bare-bottom spanking, moderate in power and conventional enough, except that Niki is one of the better squawking strugglers in the spanking business.

‘Whipped Back’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Niki and Peter are dressed in peasant garb. He drags her into a sort of tackroom, straw covered floor. He pulls off her blouse. She is not wearing a bra. He pulls wrist cuffs on her  and strings her up to a spreader bar.

Peter then lashes her bare back for a short interval. Schober has always featured unusual spankings and whippings to any and every part of the body, and Ms. Flynn obliges here. She does a wonderful job of looking absolutely terrified.

Spanking Club – PAIN4FEM

7 Sep

MF/2f; year: 2004;time: 1 hr 7 minutes
The long form from PAIN4FEM. Mild spanking, mostly a celebration of the naked bodies of four of the extraordinary cast found at P4F. And care taken for elegant settings and ritual.

Brunette ‘Jane’ is seen dragging her bag along a country road to a palatial castle. She screws up her courage and knocks. She is admitted by a young woman dressed BDSM-style and soon greeted by ‘Lady G’ (actress ‘Kelly’).

Jane had made an appointment to join here. “You are here to learn how to accept pain.” This castle is a BDSM club serving wealthy clients. Before Jane can join the staff, she must learn the procedures for being a submissive. ‘Learning the ropes’ could apply.

FADE. Jane is naked, being attended and prepared by three other girls. Hair, makeup; cuffs are attached. Jane has a creative pubic shave. She was ready when she got here.

Her first training session – she is put into the diaper position, the girls hold her legs open, and Lady G. flogs her pussy, a variation P4F covets.

The next session, an exterior shot. A blonde is strung up naked. Jane is being taught how to use the whip. Girls never whip hard without encouragement. Lady G. shows her how to lean in on it, then Jane feels some herself.

Two more sessions for Jane, whipping over a trestle and the cane. Both exteriors–P4F exploited its good fortune in getting this ‘castle’ for a shoot.

And now, a ‘client’ arrives, in the person of P4F/SpankingServer’s master, ‘Peter Schober.’ He inspects four girls presented to him and looks at Jane’s recent welts. He must know she is an apprentice. He selects a blonde, who is then brought to him in another room. The girl has been made to put on a schoolgirl kilt. She gets the longest and hardest strapping and caning of the film.

Pocket Money – PAIN4FEM

10 May

2F/2f; year: 2006; time: 40 minutes
Three girls amble down a wooded country lane. PAIN4FEM did a nice job of inserting exterior shots and generally took more trouble to create alternate scenes than most CP producers.

The girls enter a house; one of the girls is playing the ‘aunt’; she appears about the same age as the other two. In their room, the girls secretly open some mail. A lecherous male contact they have made has sent them some pocket money in return for pairs of wet soiled panties. They refer to him as ‘Mr. Huge’ and take off and pack up panties to send, along with a naughty note.

FADE. Aunty discovers a naughty letter from Mr. Huge, calls her sister, and receives authority to spank the girls now. The two will get a scorching when they come home in three weeks. She has a paddle nearby.

The girls are called in and confronted with the letter. The spankings are explained. Each girl is paddled, jeans down, then panties down. The paddle is large, but looks light-weight.

‘One Day Later’: Aunty overhears the girls plotting in their room, something more with Mr. Huge. She calls her sister again, who we see on screen this time–it is P4F’s ‘Helen,’ an accomplished spanker, and good news for us, given the time remaining on the film. Helen tells her sister the girls cane expect a “good blistering.”

‘Three Weeks Later’: the girls are home, in the presence of Helen and her sister. The girls deny any Mr. Huge connection. Helen gets her cane.

“I’m going to warm your behinds first.” Helen will handspank then cane each girl, getting to bare skin. She spanks harder than her little sister, who we had hoped would be swept up in the threshing machine. Both bare bottoms, side by side kneeling, puss on display. Moderate marks.

Painful Exorcism – PAIN4FEM

12 Apr

M/2f; time: 43 minutes
Long form of film from PAIN4FEM. Two girls, sisters, bustle around a farmhouse, dressed a little too nicely for the work they are doing. A crucifix is prominent on the wall.

One sister climbs up a ladder in the barn to fetch a basket. Not an easy climb when you wear a long flowing dress. In the hay loft she finds a book, some kind of demonic cursed erotica. She cuts her hand with a splinter on the ladder, and some the spell of the book enters her. Unaware, she bleeds all over her dress.

She faints, is found, and put to bed. When she awakes, she has no idea what happened, and now she is possessed by a spell. In the house she throws a fit, hurling food at the crucifix, out of control.

After a weird night, ‘Father Paul'(‘Peter Schober’) and a nun are called and they arrive at the house. The wild sister has been locked in a closet. When she is released, she rips open the top of her dress and flashes her breasts. To Father: “You want these?”

In a CP film, there is no debate about the technique of exorcism. Ropes and cuffs have been attached to the low beams of the farmhouse. The girl is dragged to the beam, her dress stripped off, and she is strung up naked. P4F probably has had the most glamorous models in the CP film industry.

The accompanying nun (model ‘Kelly’) begins flogging while Father reads the scriptures. Schrober is such a wicked lecher in so many films you have a difficult time imagining him as a penitent. What is going on under those robes and when will his turn come? The girl snarls–nothing is getting to her so far.

They release the girl but she is still wild, so they refasten her. This time the nun uses a huge bullwhip, and, of necessity, she has to be gentle with it. It is clearly a soft cloth whip. (NUWEST did the best job of masking the severity of a bullwhip, and Ed Lee was the only whipper we recall who could nail the buttocks with the tip of the whip.) The top of the nun’s habit has come open to display her breasts as she labors with the whip. A lot of distraction for the Father.

They will sew back the nun’s ripped habit, and when the sister is released, she bites her sister and draws blood. Despite her being bandaged, now she is possessed. They quickly get her over a table, skirts up, bloomers open, in a hurried effort they will try to beat the spell out of her before it sets in too deeply.

This is the best whipping of the film. The girl breathes smoke and fire. When heavier smoke arises from between her legs, the group rejoices and cross themselves. They cut the spell off at the pass, so to speak.

Father Paul burns the book. What was it? Satanic Verses? Harry Potter? Huckleberry Finn? They put the naked girl to bed, and we hope that the Father takes the nun out to the hay loft.

Fugitive Patrol – PAIN4FEM

10 Dec

MF/3f; year: 2006;time: 56 minutes

Typically clever work from producer Peter Schober, exhibiting his skills at complete domination of females in storylines, here in their long format.

Three pretty blondes sit in an apartment drinking wine. One, ‘Katherine Horvath,” has escaped from prison and is hiding out with her friends. The escaped prisoner describes how nasty it was there; flashback to her tied to a vertical rack, being whipped by a matron, our friend ‘Helen’ from many P4F films.

FADE to policeman Peter Schober in his office. He receives a call–they have a tip on the location of the escaped girl. A female brunette officer joins him, they suit up and proceed to the house.

When the police knock (There is at least some law here), the girlfriends hide the fugitive in a coffin-sized credenza. The police notice three wine glasses and search. Turns out the two ‘friends’ are ‘foreigners,’ and although their papers will check out, the police need some sensitivity training on how to treat them. And for Peter, these may be a tree-bottom catch.

They find Katherine holed up; she will be taken away, back to prison. The two conspirators are offered our favorite choice, a booking downtown, or a ‘blistering ass whipping,’ in Schober’s indelicate words. at least according to the subtitles. Horvath is taken to a van, the female officer returns with spanking equipment. The girls seem to know that they are in for a bad time–their cowering facials are excellent. On tries to seduce Peter. We know he likes spanking more.

The girls are separated, which gives Peter a lot more leeway on what he can try to get away with. The short blonde is marched to the bedroom, handcuffed, and left helpless face down on the bed. Back to the living room, the tall blonde will be taken first.

OTK for a handspanking, red thong. Peter orders her to strip, more spanking, he uses a rope loop beater, which leaves wild vertical marks. He pinches her inner thighs to keep her legs spread. Handcuffed, she is marched naked back to the bedroom. She has gotten some clothes back on. “Get undressed.” He fondles her superb naked body. While he is playing with her, we flash back to the whipping he imagines the escaped prisoner is getting about now at the prison (by Helen). In fact, the girl is naked on the frame, then Peter is seen whipping her, with a triple-cane.

Back to the bedroom, Peter addresses the second ‘foreigner,’ waiting her turn on the bed. A handspanking, the slicing stroke style. A cute wiggler. He canes her kneeling erect. He handcuffs her again. She is caned on the bed, leaning forward, weight on her head.

The blonde is one of the prettiest and best actresses we have seen at P4F, which is quite a description, given the site’s parade of glamour. More caning, in untraditional poses. Peter is surprised and maybe a bit frustrated at how well she takes her punishment.

Back to the living room, two bare whipped bottoms displayed. The two police officers dress and leave. In other films on the same theme, the officers make arrangements to return.