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13 Sep

M/2f; time: 15 minutes; year: 2012

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ checks into a tony, very Elizabethan hotel on a very British side street and is shown to her room. She admires the place and suggests to the owner that the history must be colorful.

After some upskirt shots as she unpacks, Amelia is soon preparing for bed and of course she strips naked, slowly, posing nude as she does so well. The gothic musical soundtrack and lighting convey a reasonable expectation.  In her nightdress, Amelia looks more normal, thin,  and vulnerable than she usually permits herself to appear in her films. All the more erotic.

Despite some creaking in the room, she seems to fall asleep. She dreams of being caned bare bottom on the bed by a character played by Thomas  Cameron. It appears hard and there are soon marks. Part of the dream contains a maid (Pandora Blake) popping out of an armoire in fear of being caned again by the hotelier. She too is caned on the bed. She also marks up, and she is bruised from other times.

Closeups of both bottoms in the ghostly lighting. When Amelia is awakened by birds and sunlight,  she checks her bottom, you knew it, and, Lo!, there are marks. She dresses and doesn’t bother with underwear.

How to Make Housework More Interesting – DREAMSOFSPANKING

5 Jun

M/f; time: 21 minutes

Partners Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron make a little domestic playlet. Cameron is going to help Pandora live out one of her fantasies, a spanking and domestic labor. First, Pandora strips naked and puts on Victorian maid’s garb–a shift, chemise top, and a long skirt. No bloomers.

Cameron first has her bend over a chair and bare her bottom. He gives her one of those rapid tap-tap burning canings, which sets her moaning. Next, “I’m going to give you 18 cane strokes.” He wants her to remain silent, which facilitates repeats. Hard enough.

Pandora plays the submissive, kissing Cameron’s hand. The second half of the film has Pandora, naked again, on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor, all bottom. Nice Dimples of Venus. A salute to Ms. Blake, who pulls off this long nude scene.

Swimsuit Spankings – MOMMASPANKINGS

9 Jan

F/2f; time: 38 minutes

A rather simple exercise, filmed in a hotel room. ‘Dana Specht’ has caught her daughter and her cousin, or some such relations, swimming in a closed pool at night after hours. The girls are ‘Sarah Gregory’ and ‘Pandora Blake,’ and they will be in their bikini’s, or less, for the entire film. Beautiful all the way.

A lot of talk and delay in the story. Dana will spank both girls–handspanking and hairbrush, and get the bikini bottoms down in due course. Conventional stuff, but the three actresses are some of the consummate professionals in the business.

Training of Pandora – REDSTRIPE

6 Sep

F/f; time: 27 minutes

Multiple sessions are needed here to get that bottom of Pandora Blake’s in line. This is one of those Herculean tasks which could have been bid out by REDSTRIPE.

Pandora detrains and enters a limo. She is narrating her journey. She knocks on a door and immediately is led to a basement. We love these films where girls must report for punishment–the meek knock at an intimidating door.

In the cellar (dungeon) she meets ‘Miss Montana,’ and we don’t mean the State beauty queen, or even ‘Hannah,’  where such dress as we see here  would be scandalous. “You’re here to explore your fantasies, your kinks.” ‘Zoe Montana’ wants her clothes off. “You are to be naked the entire time.”

Pandora gets naked;  we are just now focusing on a tattoo at the back of her neck. She pulls on knee boots and Zoe attaches a collar. The first test will be some lesbian fondling, then a handspanking. Hands over head, a gentle flogging.

Zoe teases with a cane and taps Pandora’s nipples. Palm slaps, not much of a challenge so far.

Training of Pandora #2 (F/f; 25 minutes) Naked Pandora in the dungeon. Wall mirrors increase the fun. ‘Master Magnus’ ( a paying client ?) arrives. It is the actor ‘Agean,’ or whatever name he uses. Never sure. He will take over the torment of Pandora,  She flashes one of the naughtier pubic trims we have seen–shaved bare except for a little coin-sized tuft at the apex.

Pandora kneels on a padded bench, thighs spread by the kneeling pads. Magnus spanks her with a hard stinging wood paddle with a lollypop head. the perfect little tool for detail work. Wonderful closeups, and Ms. Blake’s Dimples of Venus are featured here.

Heavy strap next, Pandora plays with herself. She is getting into the fetish exploration. A graphic: “End of the Second Session.”

St. Elizabeth’s Private Hospital #6 – The Cell Phone – SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM

15 Aug

M/f;  year: 2010; time: 18 minutes

We have not concentrated on this series, except for some films with ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ ‘Leia Ann Woods,’ and here ‘Pandora Blake.’

Pandora plays a fully outfitted nurse’s uniform  in a hospital setting. The sets in this series are superior. ‘Doctor Mike’  confiscates her cell phone. She is not to use it on the hospital floor. “Up to my office, 5 minutes, you know what you’re going to get.”

Pandora reports and soon lying over a gurney. pillows under her hips. Strap on her white panties and then on the bare. She bruises easily here. To the corner, very nice.

another infraction, over the gurney again for the cane. A wall mirror, correctly positioned for once, and overhead shots make this an excellent scene.

New Head Girl – St. Just’s – SPANKINGSARAH

1 Aug

M/2f, time: 13 minutes

Another film from Strand Video in Spain. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Pandora Blake.’ Both girls appear in elegant full schoolgirl kit, maroon blazers and skirts.

The headmaster, a Strand regular, is about to announce which of the two girls has been selected Head Girl. When Pandora is named, Amelia suddenly conjures that she smells cigarettes. The headmaster searches her and finds a pack of very European cigarettes.

The Head: “I’ll have to change my decision and give you a spanking as well.” Pandora protests that she has been framed, but not too much. She takes off her blazer and goes OTK. Amelia tries to be upset. “I’m really uncomfortable having to watch this.”

Pandora’s skirt up, full white panties down. “I’ve been framed.” Paddle and strap, OTK and kneeling on a chair. The Head is not satisfied and announces a 20-stroke caning, which is continued on a sequel to be added here. Then there’s another bottom on the set.


20 Jun

M/2f; time: 22 minutes

‘Paul Rodgers’ with ‘Sarah Gregory’ and ‘Pandora Blake.’ This would be a conventional British schoolie spanking film but for the presence of two of the most respected and experienced CP stars of the era, both with bubble-butts–we hope they don’t take offense.

The girls wear perfect kit–maroon sweaters, white blouses, gray skirts, and knee socks. Rodgers is going to spank them both. Sarah is taken OTK first, skirt up, regulation full white knickers down, lovely stuff. After this first spanking, she kneels on a chair, bare bottom, and gives us just the slightest little naughty wiggle.

Pandora gets the same spanking. Next, both girls bend over for the cane, a memorable sight, these two CP-perfect bottoms. Sarah is especially salacious as she wriggles under the strokes.

Both are paddled, difficult to repeat how taken we are with these two bottoms.

Unladylike Manor #29 – SPANKINGSARAH

9 Jun

2F/f; time: 14 minutes

Spanking goings-on continue at the Manor. This segment ends as the madam is just completing a spanking of ‘Pandora Blake,’ dressed in a police uniform. Nurse  ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ comes on this scene. The madam has spanked the policewoman for having dared to suggest there are strange things happening at the Manor, and now she will spank Amelia for having reported it.

While the madam goes to get her paddles, Pandora spanks Amelia herself. The madam  returns, they get Amelia’s white panties down, and each takes a buttock with a paddle. The ladies agree to partner up for ongoing punishments.

Amelia Jane Rutherford at SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM #1

8 Jun

Ms. Rutherford can be found all through these series, which copyright dates are 2010-2012. We’ll assume the production dates were not too much prior.

Girls in uniform having to drop their pants for superior male authority is of course one of the strong fetish themes in CP literature. Here you will find students, Naval and Army cadets, police officers, ballerinas, cheerleaders, nurses, maids, women-in-prison, and maybe our favorite -air hostesses, unabashedly referred to as ‘stewardesses.’ A girl can get into trouble, and there are no defenses.

There are more severe spanking portrayals for transgressors in these professions found elsewhere in the literature, in fact some real scorchings . The spankings are moderate here, often mild,  because the girls had full days’ work to do and places to be.

And, surprisingly, the production values in these SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM series far exceed most competitors in the same era. Photo-shopping goes on-logos, assembled casts, etc. Interiors and exteriors are mixed skillfully, lighting and sound are perfect, multiple cameras, complicated sets, and the costumes! We’ve often wondered–who financed these types of proceedings, an angel who wanted to watch?

Bellview  School For Girls

‘#7 Punished For Fighting pt 1′ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Amelia is summoned by Johnson. She is in full schoolgirl regalia–pigtails, tie, kilt. She has been fighting, claiming she was defending their school from insults from another school. Despite the heroics, this is a caning offense. She is shocked at the severity–she was sticking up for their school.

Johnson lessens the punishment, but he will proceed to strap her. “Lift your skirt, six on your panties, six on the bare.” She drops her panties. Although Johnson sympathizes with the cause, he must proceed. After the strapping, she must kneel on a “punishment tray” of pebbles.

#8 Punished for Fighting’ pt 2 (M/f; year: 2014; time: 10 minutes) The usual exterior shots of a school and an interior of a classroom. Amelia’s spanking continues. She is kneeling on the sand tray; we’ve mentioned elsewhere she never made films in Eastern Europe, where spanked girls must kneel on washboards or dried peas.

She is wearing schoolgirl pigtails and uniform. Her male antagonist Johnson : “You’ve had time for your bottom to cool off.” She bends over the table again and the spanking continues, with a huge tawse. Filmed from the rear and side. Then a mild caning–six strokes. She squawks a bit much for her, but she definitely doesn’t like the thigh shots.

Back to kneeling on the sand tray (or pebbles?), while an apology is dictated for her to write out.

Rockford School of Dance

‘#6 Ballet Class’ (M/2f; year: 2011; time: 12 minutes) Amelia is doing ballet toe exercises at a barre in a rehearsal room, a place for the actress to show off her lanky form AND her dancing skills. ‘Pandora Blake’ is with her, dressed as a cheerleader.

A character identified in the series as ‘Mr. Johnson’ interrupts them as they argue. He will spank them, starting with Pandora. OTK, uniform panties down, Amelia watches.

When it is Amelia’s turn, Johnson makes her take off the objectionable pornographic leotard. “You can do the rest of your exercises in the nude.” Somehow, Ms. Rutherford looks even more naked in this empty room. Amelia is spanked OTK. “Fuck!”

Amelia is left to warm up naked; Johnson takes the leotard and leaves. Nice, Amelia will have a difficult time getting out of this room.

‘#9 Cheerleading Class Rivalry’ pt 2 (M/2f; year: 2011; time: 11 minutes) Amelia and Pandora continue to argue in the same studio. Both are dressed as cheerleaders now and they go through pompom drills. Johnson interrupts again. This time he carries a strap.

First, Amelia is strapped bending over a chair. On her panties. “Keep your feet together.” He will have both girls continue their drills, but “bare bottom.” Johnson has a good gig, this girls’ school. Bottoms bounce to camera.

‘#18 Cheerleading-Roller Skates’ (M/2f; year: 2012; time: 12 minutes) Amelia and ‘Loni’ in cheerleader’s outfits in the large, bright exercise room. Amelia exercises at a pole while little blond Loni roller skates about. Johnson enters with a strap, the girls have done something.

“Hands on the pole, bend over.” He arranges their little skirts to expose their panties. But no spanking here, he brings them to his office. The girls kneel up on folding chairs for a double-tongue strap. Panties down, they rub. Before they leave, they have to give Johnson their panties. A good idea, we’d thought he would have been collecting sooner.

‘#20 Ballet Class-Inappropriate Attire’ (M/f; year: 2012; time: 11 minutes) In the rehearsal room, Amelia is doing ballet exercises in a pink lace leotard which covers very little, which words don’t do it justice. Johnson arrives, strap in hand. Amelia is tall and wafer-thin, and her blond pigtails accentuate her height.

As Johnson scolds, Amelia assumes indignant poses, a bit corny, but she is good at it. She is ordered to precede him to his office. This is where the serious spankings occur.

Amelia bends double to touch toes. Very athletic. The leotard doesn’t cover any bottom at all. Very better, palms on the floor. Johnson straps her with a big tawse and fills in the blanks with his hand. Bottom to the corner, closeup. When will Johnson confiscate this leotard?

St. Catherine’s Private School for Girls

‘4th Detention pt 1’ (M/2f; year: 2011; time: 15 minutes) Amelia, curly blond hair here,  and Pandora Blake sit in a detention room at tables. Johnson enters with his spanking implements. The girls immediately stand, raise their skirts, and pull down their knickers. They are in perfect schoolgirl kit. Back to work, bare bottoms on the chairs.

The detention spankings begin–the girls bent over the tables, bare. Two glorious specimens.

‘4th Detention pt 2’ (M/2f; year:2011; time: 14 minutes) Pandora and Amelia are now in their room. The bright light and open space of many of these shots reminds us of the residential scenes in GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL.

Johnson is going to paddle both of them here. The two great bottoms again, various shots, the paddle and the strap. Panties at the thighs.

‘#11 Lipstick’  (M/f; time: year: 2010; time: 19 minutes) The headmaster addresses the girls’ assembly and reminds them cosmetics are not permitted.  In another scene in an exterior courtyard, the Head congratulates Amelia for winning something,  but notices she is wearing lipstick. She will report to his office.

He greets her, sitting behind a table-full of spanking implements. First, she will clean off the makeup. She is in full schoolgirl kit and pigtails. If this release date was close to current with the production date, she was 29 years old here. Pretty good schoolgirl!

“For that I’m going to give you a spanking.” OTK for a handspanking, regulation blue panties. Panties down for the slipper.

She is caught again with lipstick and back in front of the headmaster. First she to kneel on a chair for a strap, then bend all the way over its back, bottom high, hands on the floor, a bit compromising for a schoolgirl. Especially when the panties are down. The cane is threatened.

‘#13 Amelia’s Bad Week’ (M/f; year: 2011; time: 22 minutes) Amelia’s punishment for wearing lipstick and cosmetics continues. In this film we first notice a nasty bruise on her left buttock which will be seen fading in future films. It’s a real strawberry, and something she must have been angry about.

Amelia wakes at home, late for school. At St. Catherine’s, girls late for school are taken in form pankings then sent to class. ‘Mr Smith’ is the duty spanker-Amelia sits waiting her turn while another girl wails on the soundtrack. A great idea.

“Next.” Smith takes Amelia OTK in another sunlit scene. Blue panties now–that bruise looks like it smarts.

Next scene- Amelia works at a table; then she reports to Johnson, who ignores her protestations that she has already been spanked. “Against the wall, life your skirt and take down your panties.” He gives her 18 mild strokes with a bundle of soft reedy things. Hands on head in the corner, cute as possible. He shows her the cane for next time.

At home in bed, late again. SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM superimposes her standing on a London street corner waiting for a bus. She reports to Johnson, who will cane her. She counts out six strokes on her panties and six on the bare, mild stuff. Off to class.

#51 Athletic Meet’ (M/2f; year: 2012; time: 13 minutes) Amelia and Loni, in just white T-shirts and white panties, not shorts. This is athletic attire? Where is that practice field? Johnson interrupts the girls in the large room with his slipper. He is angry with the girls for poor performance. We have seen other films where lazy girls are spanked by their coaches. The Russians do the best. And the girls jump to it.

Johnson scolds; here, Amelia actually sneezes, the first sneeze we have seen on a CP film. Love their truth in editing. Johnson slippers both girls. Amelia can squawk. Panties down, routine stuff. Girls to the wall.

#52 ‘Cheating on Her Homework’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Amelia and ‘Loni’ have been called before Headmaster Johnson. Their tests were identical. He wants to know who the cheater is. The girls are in schoolgirl kit. Amelia comically towers over Loni, maybe 12″.

Johnson will spank to find out the truth. We only can hope the girls hold out. Amelia goes OTK first, skirt up, white panties down. As always, a wonderful sight. Loni OTK next for the same.

The headmaster will see if the cane works. Amelia bends over a folding chair, panties down, for 7 strokes. Glorious to watch. Did someone confess? We were distracted.

Sexy Maids Cleaning Agency

‘#10 Close the Curtains’ (M/f; year: 2010; time: 10 minutes) ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ is one of the ‘sexy maids’ who can be hired to sashay around your house in naughty outfits for your pleasure. She has been summoned by her employer, ‘Johnson,’ because she was reported by a neighbor when working at the Browns bare-bottom with the curtains open.

Amelia loved working for the Browns. Mr. Brown was a good spanker, but Mrs. Brown was “strict,” making Amelia shiver.

Johnson is going to spank her with a carpet beater. Bend-over a chair,  she acts sexy, because that’s what these girls do. Panties down, bottom high, Johnson  is hoping the carpet beater will make more of an impression than the hand.

Southport  Naval Academy

‘#3 The Field Trip’ (M/2f; year:2011; time: 20 minutes) Great opening shots of the Royal Navy at work, including shots of this cast on a dock. How did they do that?

The action will occur on an upper deck of USNS LCpl Roy M. Wheat, a civilian-operated US Navy cargo ship. Amelia and Pandora Blake have slipped away from a tour of the big empty ship and have been caught by Johnson. Their punishment will be back at the Academy.

‘Back at the Academy’: The girls wear silly little Gilbert&Sullivan sailor suits which definitely make you want to get at their panties. “What did I promise you?” demands Johnson. They stutter. “The cane, sir.” Amelia goes first, raises her uniform, pulls down her panties, and bends over a chair. Sets of 6 strokes to 12. She must turn and salute every two strokes. Same for Pandora. Mostly mild stuff. Pandora carries some old bruises.

‘#8 Flag Ceremony’ (M/2f; year: 2012; time: 13 minutes)  Amelia and ‘Loni’  appear in their silly Gilbert&Sullivan naval cadet uniforms, corny except for instigating a strong desire to see them spanked. ‘Johnson,’ himself wearing a uniform befitting a Good Humor ice cream man, interrupts the girls’ loud argument.

Whatever the offense, they are marched to his office, where the punishment will be administered. The girls bend over opposite ends of a table. Amelia’s skirt rides up by itself. The usual fashionable white panties. Johnson handspanks each girl. On command, they pull their own panties down. Amelia’s bottom is kept in the foreground for most of the shots. Modesty retained, as always.

South-West Police Station

‘#7 Interrogation’ (M/f; year: 2010; time: 16 minutes) Amelia plays a ‘PC’ in a devilishly cute uniform. She’s good for  a trip to a Halloween party here and then a good workout before bed.

Her supervisor ‘Johnson ‘ watches her excoriate a traffic offender on closed circuit TV, amazing graphics for a CP film. And an ironic use of police resources at the moment, given what is going on in England. Amelia torments the guy and even puts her legs up in mock seduction.

Johnson stops the interrogation on loudspeaker and orders her to his office. He’s been watching, she’ll be spanked. OTK, skirt up, black panties and garters, little uniform cap remains in place. Panties down, Ms. Rutherford’s bottom is always perfect. That nasty bruise on  her left buttock is healing somewhat. Spanking models cannot go on the ‘Disabled List.’

After this spanking Amelia is still arguing her authority. “You’re this close to the paddle.” “I don’t care.” She bends over, but for a small strap. Johnson arranges her bent over, bare bottom. He brings the traffic offender in to see the sight, a rare moment of voyeurism and humiliation in this series. Amelia’s bottom is Johnson’s trophy.

‘#16 Wrongful Arrest’ (M/2f; year: 2011; time: 16 minutes) Amelia and ‘Pandora Blake,’  in full police uniforms, arrive at an apartment house, enter a flat, and depart with an arrested man.

Back at the station house (we have to return to that room where most of the spankings occur in the series), there is a long argument with Chief Johnson. It seems the girls arrested the wrong man. Amelia tries the tack that surely the guy can be charged with something anyway.

Johnson will spank both girls. They assume the frisk position at the wall, skirts up, black panties. Johnson paddles both girls, and on order, they pull their knickers down. Various paddlings, this is a tough police station.

SUI Badminton Club

‘#7 Sports Centre Interview’ (M/f; year: 2014; time: 10 minutes) Scenes of a badminton stadium. Athlete Amelia is being interviewed. She is proud of her team’s victories, but critical of her coach, calling him an “ogre,” terrorizing, old-fashioned, and having a primary interest “into spanking us.”

FADE. Coach Johnson has confronted Amelia, wearing her badminton uniform. He spanks her on her tight white spandex shorts. We thought he would not be able to pull them down, but he does. Some nice frontal glimpses as she moves around. He has her sit bare-bottom on a spiny plastic pad, like one big plastic hairbrush.



8 Jun

F/2f; year: 2017; time: 20 minutes

If the copyright date approximates the production date, ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ is almost 40 years old here. A cute storyline, ‘Pandora Blake’ is just finishing up spanking ‘Caroline Gray.’ ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ knocks and enters. She is a sales representative for a spanking implements distributor. She has brought some samples.

The bag contains a razor strop, black leather paddle, a thin tawse, a bigger strap, and a small paddle. Amelia makes herself comfortable while Pandora will try out this selection on Caroline. OTK again, beige panties down, Caroline’s far buttock is the most bruised, a sign of authenticity.

These are consentual games. The girls switch. Caroline spanks Pandora. And why not, they will spank Amelia also. She bends over, skirt up, another example about how her perfect bottom just looms because of her height. When Caroline uses the small hard paddle, an attention-gainer, they girls dub it “the hand-saver.”