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These Girls Must Be Caned – PARADOX

10 Dec

M/2f; time: 34 minutes

Two absolutely silly schoolgirls in a typically British schoolie film. The set is similar to the ‘Finishing School’ films—similar furniture and a black backdrop. A faceless schoolmaster begins spanking the tall brunette on her white knickers. It is a long spanking. The next phase—over a lectern for a tawse, knickers down again.

The master wants her naked, so she strips slowly and bends back over the lectern. The master has been flexing a cane She lovely in just knee socks. Moderate caning.

The blonde is next. She gets the same OTK bare bottom spanking, then the tawse over the lectern. She too takes her clothes off. All these girls struggle with buttons. She is also very lovely naked, powerful thighs in addition to all else. The tawse and the cane

Lesson for Lisa – PARADOX

3 Aug

M/f; time: 23 minutes

An old film, apparently not important enough to be included on the SPANKINGFORPLEASURE/PARADOX website. A very young ‘Reggie’ is on hand, typically full of ad lib. And he is the most accomplished pervert. Lisa is a very conventional-appearing schoolgirl, fitted out in a pinafore.

Uncle catches her on earphones, reading a magazine, not doing her homework. She sits at an ancient computer, with a CRT no less. Lisa has been left with this uncle while her parents travel. He is proud to announce he has been given “carte Blanche” with her. Does she know what this might mean?

The sound of the several cameras varies, and there are shadows for lighting. Amber this is why this film has disappeareWhen uncle asks her how these matters are disciplined, “You’re going to smack me, aren’t you?” “Lift that dress.” She is wearing full black knickers. Uncle pulls them down in the back. “I want you to feel humiliated.” That will be accomplished and then some. The OTK spanking begins. Lisa must kneel on the floor to get over his lap. Lots of ad libs. Panties down. “You’re showing your uncle your bottom.” He is happy to see she isn’t wearing one of those “trendy thongs.”

When the knickers are down, he discovers a tattoo, centered on Lisa’s right buttock. Thers are many models in the CP trade sporting models, but for only two, this ‘Lisa Bateman’ and the legendary ‘Emma Brown,’ have we seen the tattoo right on the bottom. We’ll save the fantasy of the trip to the tattoo parlor for another time.

Full wall mirrors enhance the lcsmera angles. “I am the jury and executioner,” declares uncle. Lisa bends over a chair for a strap. “Anything to say before sentence is executed?” He uses the strap on her buttocks crease, what a guy.

“I want you completely naked.” She pulls her dress over her head. No bra, and nice fuzz, in keeping with the age of this film. Part of her poor school report was bad attendence at sports. He makes her run in place naked, holding out his tawse for her to touch with her knees. Very British. And lovely bottom views.

Cut to a bedroom. Lisa lies on her stomach still naked. She receives six strokes of the cane. “Always the cane the most efficacious.” So Reggie! She is left to sleep naked.

Alfred and George Go Spanking – PARADOX

18 Jul

2M/f; time: 19 minutes

A golden oldie for sure. We were guessing at the title and the cast until a careful reader helped us. Two geezers from the KANE era seem to share an apartment. They would appear to be two old queens, except for the fact they are eying a prostitute, a street walker positioned on the corner below.

They decide to entice the girl upstairs to teach her a lesson, the British way. One of the antique gentlemen gets the girl, the spanking actress ‘Jenny Close,’ to come up, thinking she has been hired to spank THEM. Jenny wears short shorts and a halter top. Alfred encourages his friend. “You just do with her whatever amuses you.” Jenny is not all that disturbed. This is a business. “I was under the supposition I was to spank YOU.” Another example of dialogue only in British CP films.

The guy wants Jenny in the “time honored position,” which doesn’t puzzle her. He is a left hander. Nice OTK spanking, facial and bottom shots. She keeps the hair off her face. She is made to take off her shorts and the panties come with them. Bend over the couch. The boys each take a buttock.

Gasping. Halter off, no bra. She is naked now. Overhead camera shots. Alfred tweaks her boobs,. And in a classic pervy touch, Jenny is made to stand on the couch, legs spread, straddling a seated Alfred, her pussy in his face, while the other guy spanks her.

After this experience, Jenny agrees to get out of the business. Doubtful.


29 Jan

M/f; time: 20 minutes

A lush film, referenced as ‘vintage’ for SPANKINGFORPLEASURE  PARADOX. Very entertaining and naughty ageplay, parallel to JANUS’ ‘The Disciplinarian,’ and almost a loving remake, one of the earliest breakthrough classics in all of CP, by all reviewers’ measures. We have our description of that film on this blog.

’Reggie’ (we may be wrong about his name- he reads this blog) plays a headmaster. Plenty of unabashed pervy ageplay here.  Blonde ‘Antonia’ has been caught smoking. She has been sent to him at his house- a wonderful opening scene of her knocking and waiting apprehensively for admittance. Reggie receives her,scolds, and orders her back at 9 pm. She will be getting 8 strokes of the cane. It is to be private, no record, just their secret. Could be trouble.

9 pm. Antonia returns. She shrinks as the Head screams at her. “Take off that skirt.” The scene is a heavily decorated drawing room. Skirt off, Antonia wears loose-fitting flesh colored foundation knickers. She is sweetly helpless. The first four cane strokes are on the panties. Antonia squeals and jumps realistically,  behaving reflexively like other girls we have seen in  films when they were shocked and surprised by the degree of pain. The Head is displeased. “Take those knickers down…..give them to me.” Four more on the bare—Antonia just can’t stand them.

Take off that blouse!” Like so many models in CP films wearing costumes unfamiliar to them, she fusses  with the buttons and takes awhile to get it off. But good tension. A matching lacy bra. She covers up sweetly, but she is almost naked now. “Three more.”

After a fade, Antonia has managed to get her knickers back on. The Head announces a “new humiliation.” She will do PT exercises—stretching, touch toes, jogging in place. “I want to smell your sweat.”  Not likely, she is so dainty. She must take off her bra and those “ridiculous” knickers. She stands naked at the prototype British fireplace mantel.

Antonia gets the strap now, standing, hands on head. Tears. She bends over, trying to cover up. A leather paddle makes her scream. We assume there is no one in the house at this hour. Her bottom develops the classsic combination of marks. She turns to face the Head for palm slaps. She has given up much of her inhibition at being naked. In his parlor, she  will be required to remain bare for 30 minutes while Reggie  catches a smoke and contemplates his next move.


8 Dec

M/f; year: 2017; time: 38 minutes

We’ve found and are filing two historic documents, if you are reading our blogs as they appear. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ at the age of 40, makes a brand new film with ‘Christian Fennington’ and a character identified here as ‘Michael Harry Smith,’ the very same ‘Michael Dawes’ who made hundreds of naughty British spanking films distributed by CALSTAR over a 30 year period from the 1980’s. Hywel Phillips directs. This is the spanko Mafia.

In a typical exterior found in British CP films 30 years ago, Amelia arrives on the gravel drive of a mansion in her luxury car. It seems she has arranged an appointment with her former, now retired St. Beryl’s headmaster, to make a confession and request having her conscience cleansed. Only a few producers showed patience to develop tension and anticipation like this–ROUE, CALSTER,REDSTRIPE, LUPUS, and a few others.

There are several films where grown-up and graduated schoolgirls return to their former headmasters for another spanking. They’ve had the addiction. Sometimes the girls bring old school uniforms to enhance the thrill.

‘George Throttle’ (Smith/Dawes), the houseman who has been with his master through his spanking years, admits ‘Amelia Partridge’ and announces her to ‘Giles DeQuincey’ (Fennington). It seems, 18 years ago, Amelia’s sister was caught, whipped, and expelled for starting a fire in a laboratory classroom, a stunt Amelia now admits instigating. Amelia wants to know, if she has been caught then, “If you hadn’t expelled me, what would you have done?” “You think you can wipe the slate clean with a caning?”

Throttle serves tea; Amelia has brought a cane in a tony cloth bag, as if it were a piece of silver. She is sent out of the room while Giles and Throttle discuss what to do with her, really, how far dare  they take her. She is called back–she will be caned and Throttle will be permitted to observe. This caning will be different (worse), and performed on Giles’ own terms. “You think this is a game?” Throttle has attended and abetted Giles’ proclivities over the years.

The first shock for Amelia–Throttle will take her upstairs for a mandatory bath. FADE to the bathroom. “Get your clothes off.” Amelia is indignant, Throttle is going to attend, she can bathe herself. After the obligatory dispute, delay, and sigh of resignation, Amelia strips and stands in the tub, trying to cover, as Throttle hovers. After a short bath, Throttle sponges her, the focal point her bottom of course.

Amelia redresses and returns to Giles. Throttle takes up his spectator’s position, begins nipping at his flask, and the caning begins. Amelia bends over a chair and takes the first six on her skirt. She screeches from the first. Giles pulls up her skirt. “What are you doing?” Another half-dozen on her pantyhose and panties.

Amelia keeps protesting. Giles warns, “I’m sure Throttle can come up with some pretty ghastly ideas.” This is certainly a reference to Michael Dawes’ estimable film career, where he manipulated many girls into demonic spanking situations, the essence of British fetishism and perversion. His appearance on the screen was a guarantee the pretty female model’s panties would soon be at her knees, and that all the females in the cast were in jeopardy.

The caning continues. He rips away the pantyhose and canes the panties. Then the little white lace panties come down. “You fucking bastard!” Throttle is sent to the cellar to “fetch Old Trusty,” a thicker and more intimidating piece of rattan. “This one will take you straight to the fringes of hell.” Amelia will get 6 more and start over if she swears again. Which she does.

Throttle is sent to get a bar of carbolic soap. “Open your mouth, this will take you back.” Giles straps her palms with a ruler. The soap bar is not convincing here, not far enough into her mouth. When she says she is still not sorry for calling Throttle for leering at her nude in the bath, she is spanked again, bent over for the ruler. This is the loudest.

She finally apologizes, dresses, and leaves. She sits gingerly when she gets into her car.

Finishing School Discipline #2 – PARADOX

3 Oct

M/f; time: 60 minutes

Part 2 of one of the most entertaining series in all of the CP genre, in our opinion. Filled with pretty girls, humor, absurdly funny situations, and all the CP fetish cues, British style. And credible punishment.

‘Mr. Stirling,’ one of the British CP masters found through early British films, presides in his school office, in academic robes. fiddling with his pipe. A knock at the door, ‘Amy Watson’ reports, wearing full schoolgirl kit, including a blazer. Stirling gives her a long and comical scolding. “I want you back here at four PM, in a clean pair of underpants, to pay the price.”

FADE, brunette Watson reports and is quickly OTK. White panties and a tight little bottom. She immediately begins to moan. “We don’t like this, do we?”  “No, sir.” Stirling discovers that these knickers are unauthorized nylon, an excuse to take them down. As Stirling prattles on, he gets in a fondle and feel any chance he can. He takes up his ping pong paddle, named ‘Derrick.’ More feels. And yelps. The actress fights back laughter at the silly dialogue. “This is one of the most marvelous bottoms I have seen.”  And surely unscripted, muffled voice from the floor, “And do I have to thank you for that?”

He directs Watson to take off her clothes. “Pardon?” She stops at her gymslip, which is too bad, because there was plenty more to see. “This shouldn’t be happening, sir.” Great worried facials–her bottom looks wide and feminine here. Stirling scolds with his cane, lots of talking time certainly saves the models’  bottoms. Seven cane strokes over the desk, squeals and tears. “Feel free to scream, Watson.” Stirling traces the lines with a finger.

Watson stands in front of him, giving Stirling a full frontal, he glances down occasionally, while he makes punishment book entries.

In a separate episode, two girls return for their evening session, ‘Philippa Thompson’  and ‘Kate Pringle-Patterson,’ from part one of the series. They wear nighties. After long scolding again, both girls are spanked OTK on matching flower-print panties. Stirling is finding lint to pick off Katie’s bottom and is fascinated by it.

The girls line up in front of his desk. Stirling fondles both girls’ boobs. They endure. This is the evening session. They strip naked–nightie, bra, panties off. Two trimmed little beavers. After a nude inspection, Stirling has salve cream and does both bottoms, he is having his fun.

Fade. Another girl in the office, ‘Antoinette LeBlanc,’ a tennis player. JANUS had a thing about female tennis players and claimed to have published the bare bottoms of some well known players. Stirling wears a tuxedo here, as if he was going to cram in one more spanking before going to the charity event.

She is a repeat offender. She bends at the lectern, more flower panties. Caned on the panties, then “Take those panties down.” Squeals in French. Some skin pops?  She too stands in front on him for the final scold, but keeps her skirt down.

Prefect’s Declaration – PARADOX

24 Mar

F/2f; time:39 minutes
An old-fashioned production, done with extensive British schoolgirl ritual, on the same set as ‘Finishing School Discipline’ series, and with the same tongue-in-cheek irony as those productions.

A female teacher, in cap and gown, stands as pompously as she can manage at a lectern in her office. Prefect ‘Alice Jenkins’ knocks and enters. She wears full schoolgirl regalia, including the official red prefect’s blazer. Jenkins is going to get the what-for, and from the look on her face, she knows it.

A second student knocks and enters–‘Parker,’ a goofy blonde in short skirt, tennis shirt, and sneakers. The shirt has a logo ‘Grangethorpe Finishing School.’ The girls are scolded and told to return at 4 PM for discipline.

FADE. The girls return in the same outfits. Prefect Jenkins will be spanked first, while Parker watches. Blazer off, OTK, skirt up, regulation dark blue knickers. When the teacher pulls the panties down, she discovers another pair of unauthorized white lace dainties. The woman spanks hard, and Jenkins’ bottom becomes fully red. And she fondles and caresses when she can.

Jenkins is made to stand and strip naked, the first deviation from the schoolgirl standard and what has happened before for PARADOX in this room. A wild pubic thatch. OTK again for a stiff and painful little tawse. Jenkins is then sent naked to the blackboard.

It is Parker’s turn, OTK to start. Jenkins has turned to face us, showing the bush.  Parker’s start-up spanking complete, she too strips, and displays a nifty beaver cut. More naked spanking.

Jenkins is asked to reach for and hand over a ping pong paddle, which Parker, who is coloring up significantly, doesn’t like much. Jenkins is also asked to take some Polaroid shots of Parker’s naked spanking. More views of her naked jungle as she moves around. Naughty early video.

After some tawse, the two naked girls are required to hug, and the teacher smacks whatever bottom she can reach with the paddle as the girls dodge. All the nudity makes this film uniquely interesting. More nudity as the girls take turns horsing each other for more vintage-style schoolgirl punishment.

A little jogging in place, facing us and rear views, is totally unnecessary to punish a girl unless it is for an hour or so, but the jiggling is for us.

Now it is time for the cane. Parker first, 6 whippy strokes, immediate marks, and the cracks are hard enough to quiet the room. Five for Jenkins, soft gasps, and we’re sure the actress was struggling at this point. 8 more for Parker, no repeats, the girls are doing their best to keep from breaking. And a few more for Parker. Jenkins is asked to get out the cream.

The girls dress and walk off-set, the teacher uses a fountain pen to make punishment book entries.

Finishing School Discipline – PARADOX

8 Oct

M/2f; time: 59 minutes

There are several films in this series. We reviewed them a few years ago for another site, and now we have the delightful task of rewatching them all for review here. Put simply, these films are in the top rank of the most enjoyable vintage British spanking CP we have ever seen. We would assume from the acting and settings that the performers must have melted down in laughter many times.

Open with the typical British exterior–a forbidding cathedral-like structure in the distance, seen through barbed wire.

The academic character ‘Basil Sterling’ smokes a pipe at his desk. A knock at the door. “Come!” ‘Miss Thompson’ reports, a morsel of a schoolgirl in red blazer, blond pigtails. Basil is consulting his punishment book–it seems Thompson has now been summoned 14 times. Thompson fidgets, sullen, deadly cute. Basil explains the CP procedure, not a surprise to Thompson. “I’m going to spank your bottom.” He slaps his palm with the ping pong paddle. “I represent the County of Ping Pong.”

This actor never needed scriptwriters. He could prattle his way through any film, adding just enough insouciant irony that we know this is not going to be a gynecology study. After a scolding, Thompson must report back at 5 PM.

Thompson returns, intentionally slovenly. “If you complain, the punishment will be repeated next week…we don’t beat around the bush here, we beat the pupil.” OTK in Basil’s office, blazer off, “Lift your skirt,” regulation knickers. Struggle, squeals, facials.

Thompson stands. “Take your pants down.” She stands in front of his desk and strips–jumper, tie, shirt (button trouble), non-regulation bra “get it off!” When Thompson is naked, Basil pauses a moment and lets his eyes wander. With a tape measure, he does the official measurements and is quite pleased with himself.

Over the desk again for the ping pong paddle. The spanking concludes–she shows her bottom to Basil and her student pussy to us. Basil makes some punishment book entries and Thompson runs off naked.

FADE. This long film continues. Another knock. “Come!” It is ‘Katie Pringle-Paterson,’ a brunette with two ponytails. She’s been dallying with boys in the village, led on by Thompson, who, Basil prattles on, “is now in the dormitory applying ice packs to her backside.” Long scolding, Basil gets his cane, Katie reflexively goes to her bottom with her hands.

Over the desk. “I’m not going to pre-determine the strokes…I’m going to feel my way.” A half-dozen on her shorts, the same on bare skin. With his tape measure, he measures the diameter of her bare bottom. Why? Can’t hurt. More bottom examination and frontals. Katie gets a “rousing finale” from Basil. Closeups of marks and wheals, varied and random, looks good to us. She runs off in tears.

FADE. We’re not finished. That evening, Thompson returns in two-piece flannel pajamas. One of Basil’s snitches heard her say “Silly softy Old Sterling” in the shower (or maybe he has camera and microphones in the shower). She is shaking. He takes her OTK. “This time I’m really going to drive the point home.” Pajama bottoms down, very loose panties down. Top off, bra off–Basil files her bra in the top drawer of a cabinet.

A moment in just panties, then more spanking. Thompson gets to touch the cane, in preparation for her inevitable next visit.

New Uniform Discipline #1 – PARADOX

14 Sep

M/2f; time: 53 minutes

Vintage Paradox stuff, employing almost all the traditional fetish cues, with a few wrinkles, where they are always found. Pretty blond nurse ‘Miss Burnham; fidgets outside ‘Dr. Stenson’s Waiting Room’ in full uniform of course. ‘Dr. Stenson’ is seen in his office, on his computer, making her wait. This film comes in two parts, which have been released separately. We have reviewed ‘Dr. Stenson’s Lines’ elsewhere.

Nurse Burnham is called in; she has been a student nurse for just two months, has been flirting with doctors, mistreating patients, and probably doing other things for patients you hear rumors about. Stenson will give her a second chance, but only after some corporal punishment. “What do you mean?” she puzzles.

After she gets what it is, Stenson asks her to remove her knickers. “I can’t do that.” He takes her OTK and starts on her black panties, uniform skirt up. Stethoscope applied to her bottom! He does the panties himself. The actress has one of those great CP bottoms–PARADOX exploits it with front shots of the action which makes your palms tingle. Red bottom. She wrings her hands.

She kneels on a couch for a brief tawsing, then: “Take your clothes off.” “Here…everything?” You wonder why a nurse would mind…after all, he IS a doctor. Maybe that stethoscope alerted her. She is soon naked but for her little cap, stockings, and heels. Naughty. Back on the couch, full screen bottom, great.

“How old are you, Miss Burnham?” “Twenty-one, sir.” An excellent number we know, and you wonder why any girl with her bottom bare to the breeze would ever tell the truth in this response. Move to hands-on-hassock for the cane. About 15 strokes, Stenson rubs her bottom with ice cubes, which he just happens to have in a cooler at hand. Then 5 more strokes and Burnham is finished. She dresses painfully and leaves.

A diminutive mulatto girl, ‘Miss Jenkins,’ chews her lip in the same anxiety. Even though she is here for medical reasons, she has probably heard something about Stenson. She is called in. She has pains. He examines her, which includes a bend-over for a rectal temperature, which Jenkins takes in stride. She’s probably willing to give him this to get what she wants.

“All seems fine to me.” Assuming she is faking and just seeks a doctor’s note, he’ll give a her a spanking, something to really complain about. OTK, panties down, more stethoscope, and rectal temperature again to see if conditions are changing.

She has to strip naked; OTK, he spanks her with a studded leather sole. Long fondles, hands-on-head, another rectal. Only certain kinds of girls would return to Stenson.

First Experience – CALSTAR

8 Aug

F/f; time: 36 minutes

One of ‘Sophie Fennington’s’ few films, and not mentioned often in discussions of her work, probably because the spankings are not spectacular. An early SpankingForPleasure logo.But the film features Ms. Fennington doing some actual acting, and she does some bondage only alluded to in other films.

Sophie and a blond girlfriend idle the time away, drinking wine, while their husbands are at a pub (very British!). The girlfriend mentions that her husband recently spanked her for wrecking the car, an experience she found intriguing. Sophie explains that she is into CP, shows her some JANUS magazines at hand, and brings a collection of spanking implements from the next room.

Before the men come back, the girls are going to try some spanking and bondage. Into a the bedroom, a fashionable white wrought iron bed. Sophie: “What don’t you tie me up and we’ll swap, and I’ll tie you up?” She points out her new slinky black mesh body stocking. The film is largely about her body, beauty, and presence.

Sophie spread eagles face down on the bed and the girlfriend loosely ties her wrists and ankles to the frame. She kept her white high heels on in bed. The mattress is just a little too soft to display Sophie’s finer points in this position. The girlfriend slips some pillows under her hips. The girlfriend begins with the martinet, soft and sexy. “I’m going to give you a little more than you bargained for.” This is probably not possible, but it sounds good. She bunches Sophie’s body stocking and achieves some reddening.

They switch around. The girlfriend strips naked. and is similarly tied and whipped mildly with the martinet. The film ends with Sophie creaming her naked body.