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Amber Pixie Wells

5 Jan

Facing the Music’ (F/f; time: 40 minutes) PUNISHEDBRATS. A long film, released in clips, with Beverly Bacci and Amber Pixie Wells, the latter in just a brief appearance, and probably part of the management here.

Pixie gets the first schoolgirl spanking here. She is low key, very much muted in appearance. Amber has apparently doctored some photos to show a teacher sucking a dildo. Goodness, she should be sent to the shop teacher for that.

In the next segment Joelle Barros is spanked by another girl. And each of four following segments features Joelle getting spanked in various ways.

One More Thing’ (F/f; year: 2007; time: 8 minutes) PUNISHEDBRATS. Amber plays the cheerleader. Clare Fonda will spank her with a hairbrush. All OTK action. Clare takes her panties down. Excellent face and acting, above standard for CP films.

Tiny Tattoo’ (F/f; year: 2010; time: 8 minutes) PHNISHEDBRATS. A woman notices a tiny tattoo on the small of Amber’s back and is going to spank her for it. OTK, hard hairbrush on a bed. In the struggle, Amber kicks her panties all the way off, nice ritual. She is not shy about allowing some puss. Amber is young here, with a tight hard bottom which provides gap views.

‘Pixie SG’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) XEROTICS ‘Amber Pixie Wells,’ here with we think it is ‘David Pierson,’ who keeps his face off-camera. This film made have been made by their collaborative company and distributed by XEROTCS.

We have not said much about Ms. Wells, who has worked with a number of the principal CP film producers. (SHADOWLANE, GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, BADTUSHY, CHELSEAPFEIFFER et al) with big-studio looks, a tight little figure, and the ability to actually act, possibly not so easy as one might think, under the assault of a spanking. She also performs as a Top.

Pierson spanks her here on maroon panties and then on the bare. “You have a long afternoon ahead of you. This is just the beginning.” He snaps with an unusual short cane while she is still OTK. The conventional cane does not work here.

Ping pong paddle, 2 straps, the Spencer paddle, several canes in short bursts. Lots of facials of this natural blonde.

Thank You For A Good Spanking – PUNISHEDBRATS

23 Nov

MF/2f; time: xxx

Going to assume this producer because of the appearance of David Pierson near the end. Looks like two sisters are going to live together and try to get along. A tall brunette is the younger and will be disciplined by her older sister. She arrives (at a hotel room).

.’The next day’ The younger sister is taking a bath and is pulled out and spanked naked. This tall model (definitely not an actress) has lovely wide spankable hips. She is spanked OTK and sent to the corner.

Fade to a new scene. The girl is in trouble again and bends over a tsble for the tawse, first on her slacks, the old technique to avoid showing a red bottom from a scene just shot. Then on the bsre.

Another fade. The girls are in tops and skirts. Another spanking, with a paddle, over the little antique stepladder PUNISHEDBRATS likes. Next scene, another routine spanking over the couch on the same set.

And for some variety, the turnabout. The younger sister spanks her older sister. Nothing exceptional. And finally, Pierson appears on the set as their father and will of course spank them both. Nothing new.


23 Sep

F/f; year: 2005; time: 12 minutes

Amber Pixie Wells and  Veronica. APW plays a college girl calling at her campus infirmary in answer to an ad for test subjects. Veronica sits at a desk in scrubs. There are various tests, but given Amber’s snotty and elitist tone, Veronica suggests a test involving “a swift kick in the ass.” “As long as it pays.”

Right to it. Amber goes OTK. “What are you doing?” “I’m documenting how many smacks it will take to change your attitude.” Conventional OTK, starting on Amber’s pink mini skirt and then on pink panties, and bare. Amber is sent to the corner.

Veronica gets the antique step stool PUNISHEDBRATS uses. Amber bends over for a strap, on her skirt, panties, then quickly on the bare. Not very hard. Back to the corner.

Producer David Pierson plays the doctor and finds Amber standing in the corner. “May I help you?” Turns out ‘Veronica’ was a fraud and tricked Amber. Cute idea. Would have enjoyed just a bit more medical surroundings and a few notches up in intensity.

Lily Anna’s Serious Discipline – PUNISHEDBRATS

27 Aug

F/f; time: 47 minutes

We guess at this producer because of the presence of Amber Pixie Wells. Amber lays out some serious spanking implements. After a long scolding, Lily Anna’s panties come down for an OTK handspanking and paddle. She bends over for a huge Spencer paddle, which Amber doesn’t hesitate to use hard.

Lots of talk makes this a long film. More straps, more talk, and another big paddle. No history made here.

My Summer with Aunt Melissa – PUNISHEDBRATS

14 Aug

F/2f; time: 1 hr 6 minutes

Not sure this film has any affiliation with David Pierson, where much of Amber Pixie Wells’ work seems to have been done. Amber is a Top here, playing an ‘aunt’ receiving two young girls for the summer. Tina Tink and Lily Anna play ‘Anthea’ and ‘Shawn,’ respectively.

Most of the spanking seems to end on Shawn, although we’re not sure we can separate the models. First, there is a flashback of APW spanking Shawn in little girls’ clothes.

After a fade and presumably a return to the present, Shawn strips to camisole and panties for a spanking, soon bare bottom. She is taken upstairs and spanked again in her pajamas.

Another fade, Shawn in sent to get a punishment outfit. She strips and gets the cane here. Hard from Amber. Another fade, Shawn is caught smoking. Back inside, shorts down for the hairbrush.

Another fade, both girls are in bath towels. Hand smacks first, then towels off for OTK. Another scene—the girls work at a table. What are they doing? This is summer. Palm smacks the. Bend over for handspanking and the cane.

Lovely Brats 20 – PUNISHEDBRATS

18 May

Clips; time: 20 minutes

A film of little interest except for the appearance of Veronica Daniels, on hiatus from Colorado. Curly haired Amber Pixie Wells is getting the hairbrush from Ms. Daniels. She spanks very hard, and fast. We assume all the models know what is coming when she is cast.

Another clip, Amber is sparked with another girl.

And then, a ‘Spanking of the Week.’ David Pierson himself spanks Amber. The segment begins with an exterior of Broad St in Philadelphia.





17 May

5 clips; 44 minutes

A fanciful exercise by this producer. Maybe he has seen some of the cosplay at LUPUS. He does seem to have a good Rolodex, because some interesting players will pass through.

1, Amber Pixie Wells in princess garb, maybe Alice in Wonderland. She gets a standard OTK spanking by MissRE Susan. White panties down, tight little bottom.

2. Goldilocks is Busted. Amber is spanked in a police office by a fat detective.

3. Blogger/spanko Ricnard Windsor plays a bearded totally disguised ‘ogre,’ who is admitted by magic wand and spanks Amber.

4. Muffet and Snow. Juliet Valentino and Amber will be spanked by Veronica Daniels. So far we have seen only three appearances by her other than at REALSPANKINGS, two here at PUNISHEDBRATS. Even when Ms. Daniels is free-lancing, it can be quickly discerned she is a comparatively hard spankings. She spanked so many bottoms at RSN that she has mastered pain thresholds and can push models. She spanks fast, here with the hand and a big hairbrush.

5. Muffet and Snow get another spanking.


8 Apr

MF/f : time: 52 minutes
A six part film, and another disappointment from a producer who knows about as much about the CP industry as anyone.

1. Waiting for Pandie The girl is late; she is made to strip to bra and panties and put on a maid’s outfit for a silly spanking.

2. Christmas  Brat. Silly spanking around a Christmas tree; we still have not recovered from watching Samantha Woodley turn her bottom up at a Christmas tree at FIRMHAND.

3. Country Chores. Pandie gets the paddle and the strap on the bare for the hardest spanking on this film.

4.  Neighbor Relations. Pandie and Miss Lisa. A kitchen spanking with a spoon. Pandie wears a French outfit—beret, striped jersey, pigtails.

5.  Mr. Valentine’s Office. Pandie is spanked OTK on black pattern panties and on the bare. Next a big frat paddle, hard enough to invigorate us.

6. Motherly Direction. Miss Lisa pulls Pandie out of bed for an unmemorable spanking.



Discipline Center- Nurse’s Assessment – PUNISHEDBRATS

30 Apr

MF/f; time: 20 minutes

A potentially bountiful theme, which David Pierson of all people should have known how to exploit. He is reviewing a nurse’s performance record, and at this facility, corporal punishment can be used. Mandy, a thin little blonde, has bee caught drinking underage. She will get “correction over the next thirty days….corporal punishment.” One hour a day. Sounds like a bonanza for the screenwriter.

‘Audrey’ appears, that delightful domme seen in many F/f films. “Take your clothes off.” Like so many hopeful girls, she tries to stop at bra and panties. But that doesn’t work.Naked, she gets a medical check. She bends over the antique stepladder The model’s bottom is already red. After a rectal thermometer in this vulnerable position , the strapping starts. At the conclusion of this phase, Mandy puts on blue scrubs.

The next segment is entitled “the Intake,” but it lacks any of that erotic institutional atmosphere so rich at BARSANDSTRIPES. Pierson begins his promised spanking here. OTK, Mandy drops her bottoms. Pierson uses short paddle. Hands on head, frontals. She too is made to sit bare bottom on that sheet of plastic spikes, but again we don’t see it.

Hunter’s Spankings – PUNISHEDBRATS

27 Apr

MF/f; time: 57 minutes

Blonde Hunter, Audrey, and bottom enthusiast David Pierson. Hunter changes her clothes on screen and waits on a bed for Pierson. He starts spanking her immediately, OTK, panties down. Long and repetitive But he gets her crying.

This film is in separate marketable chapters. Next is ‘Detention with Audrey.’ She is taken OTK in front of the fireplace for a paddle. She does her own panties. Split screen. Bruising.

In the next chapter, Bianca Rose appears with Hunter, who wears medical scrubs. She takes a standing spanking with a little leather paddle, then bends over an antique stepladder for a yardstick with a handle. Ouch.

‘Session two’ features Pierson with Hunter again in scrubs. The scrubs soon come off and she is naked. Bend over for a strap. Pierson crops her front and has her kneel over a stool, thighs very wide, for a crop and cane. A long naked session. Pierson is naughty with the cane, her pussy and buttocks crack.

He has made her sit on a naughty chair. The seat is covered with a plastic sheet of tiny slightly flexible spikes. Hunter does a nice job of showing us how uncomfortable this is. With all the sore bottoms coming along, we have always wondered why no producer exploited this medieval unpleasantness. Even Ed Lee did not depict a spiked chair, and we thought he tried everything.

In another segment, Hunter is naked and lying on her stomach on a table, pillows under her hips. Legs spread, camera shot right up her thighs, a Pierson preference. A little bastinado, since the bare feet are right there. By now, Hunter has horizontal and vertical stripes on her bottom.