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Discipline Center: Nurse’s Assistant – PUNISHEDBRATS

10 Nov

F/f; year: 2914; time: 12 minutes.

Actresses ‘Mandy’ and ‘Audrey’ with webmaster David Pierson himself, who was kind enough to publish many of our amateurish reviews before we got into this thing or knew much about the CP film genre.

One of the girls, a thin blonde, has been arrested for drunkenness and brought to the “discipline center” for alternative punishment. She will be punished for three days, a concept done a lot more cleverly by producers with a larger budget. Holding cells, punishment rooms, equipment, attendants, etc.

A nurse will do a physical. “Take your clothes off.” (This may be tied with the worst acting we have in our files.) When she is naked she covers herself. Hands-on-head takes care of that.

Stethoscope; over an antique stepladder; rubber gloves, anal lube, rectal thermometer–they mess up the closeup. When the naked girl calls the nurse a “fucking pervert,” the strapping begins.[Is it our imagination, but does the an HVAC unit energize during this scene?] Hospital scrubs issued for her 3-day stay.