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2 daughters spanked – RAVENHILL

17 Feb

M/2f; time: 27 minutes

Early and clunky RAVENHILL, but we have said their films are always a lot of fun. Producer Tierre Ainese, with a lot of hair in this period, plays a father disgusted with the behavior of two daughters. After some discussion and shivering acting, the girls will be spanked. They appear to be two showgirl-types, a bit long in the tooth for a CP film.

Short shorts and bare midriffs. Tierre takes them, a blonde and a brunette, OTK one at a time, shorts and panties down. He switches from right hand to left, suggesting they kept rolling.  Both girls then bend over the couch arm for a strap. Both seem a bit bruised. Was the handspanking harder than it appeared?

The blonde is sent to get the big RH paddle. The girls will drape themselves all the way over the back of the couch. They paddle each other, and not very hard. Tierre takes over and paddles them side by side, and harder. We like this spanking position,  but of course there is no way to catch facials. Lotion applied to conclude.

Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippin’s – RAVENHILL

17 Oct

M/4f ;  Time: 60 minutes

Uncle Wayne has won the State lottery and now has enough disposable income to indulge a fantasy and take in and rehabilitate naughty female relatives by whipping them in the woodshed. Such a theme establishes the premise for several spankings. And, are we wrong? This is some of the hardest spanking we have seen at RAVENHILL.

A brunette niece has been sent to his farm for taking a cut from relatives getting financial handouts from him. There is a flashback of the girl being spanked at home for a bad report card.

Cut to a scene in Wayne’s woodshed. (We struggle with the plot continuity.) Uncle Wayne wears full ‘Hee Haw’ gear, as do the girls—flannel, suspenders, cutoffs, halters, torn jeans. He has two country girls there—they messed up his house at a party. He has the money to fix things, but, “You need some good old fashioned spanking.” We are in the woodshed.

After a long scolding, he spanks them OTK, cutoffs and g-strings down. Long  handspankings, at least 7 minutes each, hard and fast. No pauses for dialogue. The camera roves the scene, catching all the angles. There may have been an opportunity   for repeats or for Wayne to rest his arm.

Cut to the niece again, who narrates another woodshed appointment. A short haired brunette has backed into another car and gets sent to Wayne. He gives her another seven-minute bare bottom session, just as intense. Wayne throws her over a log sitting on horses. Bare bottom high. Very NUWEST.

And another woodshed scene. The narrating niece herself is caught with someone else’s jewelry. Wayne spanks her bare bottom, for even a longer time. This is the best bottom of the four girls, but only by a hair. After a good 10 minute walloping, she goes over the log for a huge strap. Absolutely full swings from Wayne, no punches pulled. Recognizable random strap marks, and that besieged far buttock.

County Sheriff’s Ranch – RAVENHILL

19 Oct

MF/3f; time: 1 hr 1 minute

RAVENHILL has had its issues with our reviews when we wrote for other sites, but they can’t stop us here. Nor should they. This is an entertaining film you should seek out. Many of their films played on institutional and authoritarian themes, creating the opportunity for girls being spanked in subjugated circumstances.

We are at a detention camp here. Three girls in a sleazy cabin. Suggestions of LUPUS all through this film. If only the production values were better here, because the spankings will be very impressive.

A uniformed female deputy pays a surprise visit and finds a messy cabin. “I guess  we’re going to get spankings.”  A third girl sneaks back having missed curfew and will sit outside and listen.  The girls wear khaki shorts and blue shirts.

A blonde goes OTK first. “Lose those pants and panties.” This model seems to develop welts very quickly. It is a hard spanking, lefthanded. A brunette is taken next, and the matron switches to her right hand. Then both girls get the hairbrush. There isn’t much suggestion of moderation here.

The matron finds the third girl cowering on the cabin steps outside. The flashy brunette is marched to the camp office, where a uniformed male guard seems to be the watch commander. The matron spanks the girl in the office. She is a huge screamer. The male pretends this is routine. Over a chair for the huge sheriff’s Spencer paddle, only a few strokes.

Back to the cabin. The girls have found some stashed marijuana. They soon sneak to the office and see the evidence storage locker, where they pilfer a bit more pot with the intent of going into business in the camp.

The  male deputy reports the theft to ‘Sheriff Collins,’ played by producer ‘Tierre Ainese,’ reprising the role before his uniform costume has to be sent to the dry cleaner. “Time for some real punishment,” he says. Encouraging. The staff go to search the girls’ cabin and find the stuff. No one need be too clever in these films.

The girls have just come out of the shower and are wrapped in towels. We have described before our fascination with a towel being pulled off a naked girl for a spanking. The naked girls are paddled with the duty Spencer.

FADE. The girls are working in a storeroom and decide to raid the locker and take the large stash. The trial evidence loss is discovered, the cabin is tossed, and soon we see the three girls, naked and cowering, awaiting some classic RH punishment.

They will be taken one at a time and strapped down to a spanking bench used often in the ‘Resolved by Corporal Punishment’  series. It is a crude long bench with a padded hump in the middle. The naked girl is fastened bottom -high. “Twenty-five strokes of the cane.” Tierre does the work, hard enough for the girls to struggle. The bonds are loose enough to make that interesting. Some theatrical lighting and shadow make this scene.


Caught Smoking – RAVENHILL

14 Jun

F/2f; time: 30 minutes

We are  not sure this is a RAVENHILL, it has some of the signs–setting at ‘Wentworth Academy,’ terrible American acting, and strong spanking ideas.

Two girls chat under a tree. The blonde has been caught smoking and must soon report to the dean, ‘Elizabeth Easton,’ where a spanking is most probable. The brunette describes that experience and her spankings, permitting some flashbacks. Several spankings, hard enough to cause bruising. We’re not sure how RAVENHILL arranged a clear bottom for each spanking.

‘Miss Black’ the blonde reports to the dean. After a brief scolding she goes OTK and the dean pulls down her panties right off. Hard spanking, and down the thighs. She is shown the school paddle and must stand at the wall. She is then paddled over a desk, a brief scene. Nasty looking homemade paddle seen in other films.

RAVENHILL can make up for clunky performances with surprisingly vigorous spankings and naughty storylines.

Spanked in a Cell – RAVENHILL

24 Mar

MF/f; time: 29 minutes

We assign this film to RAVENHILL for the moment. Here is yet another intense spanking film to challenge our top-ten list. A young attractive brunette/redhead  has been arrested for vandalism and a few other things, and a male and female guard decide  now would be a good time to serve up some special punishment.

‘Officer Raymond,’ the female guard on duty at the moment, wearing a white blouse and one of those little uniform caps you would expect to see at BARSANDSTRIPES or MOOD, enters the girl’s cell, grabs her, and begins spanking. In short order she gets her pants and heavy knickers down. “Look at that  (red already)…I have a soft spot for redheads.”  And a strap-on dildo in her quarters, we’d bet.

“What kind of justice is this?” wails the girl. “My kind.” It is a very thorough and hard spanking. In fact, throughout this almost 30 minutes, the spankings will continue with few of the pauses CP filmmakers used to soften the intensity. This model is probably not making any more spanking films today or in fact for a month or two.

“Stand up…hands on the wall…stick that butt out.” The girl is in the frisk position. Raymond spanks with both hands, both buttocks. A male guard, Officer Webb, comes into the room and sits at a table outside the cell to watch the fun. He has brought a big strap and he offers it to Raymond.

The girl is instructed to count and scream it out with sincerity. Her dose is increased to “five dozen” when she isn’t convincing enough, but the strapping stops at about 30. Someone must have seen that this was going to be too much. Raymond moves from side to side to cover the cheeks evenly. There are varied camera angles, from inside the cell, through the bars, and from overhead.

The guards discuss exactly how to make this hurt as much as possible. “I want you to  bend over and grab your ankles.” We spankos who are graduates of the NUWEST school know that this tightens the skin and indeed hurts like hell.

The girl is maneuvered into the diaper position on her cell bunk, providing the only explicit porn shots, because that is not what this film is about. Very thorough handspanking, bruising.

The girl now kneels on her bunk and the Officer Webb will take over for a while. He asks Raymond to leave and go check on someone else. She chuckles knowingly. “I feel sorry for you, little girl. Have fun.” We thought the prisoner was going to get a bit of screwing here, but no, the very impressive spanking continues.

Her bottom is now literally apple-red, maybe  Red Delicious would apply. There may be some cosmetics at play here, but this is one hell of a spanking, we don’t see repeats, and there are still 10 minutes to go.

The girl is made to bend over her cell toilet. Webb removes and doubles his belt. Raymond has returned and she suggests bringing in other prisoners to watch. The girl grabs her ankles again and is made to scream out a 12-count from the belt at the top of her lungs.

We’re still not finished. Both guards spank her as she kneels up on her bunk. Then she is left with no pants.








Cheerleader Spankings at Central State – RAVENHILL

2 May

MF/3f; time: 43 minutes
Two girls, in cheerleader’s uniforms, in an exterior scene. They are discussing what they are going to do, because they have been late three times for practice, which means they will be spanked. Two nice looking girls here.

The girls go into a locker room–a chintzy little set made from drop cloths on the walls and locker cubicles from plywood. You long for those producers who can come up with authentic settings, but we still love jerky RAVENHILL–you never know what is around the corner with these non-prototype guys. Their female coach arrives and marches them to an adjoining room, another sparsely furnished place.

The coach spanks both girls OTK, on their uniform panties and on the bare. Conventional stuff. Both girls have trim little figures and the spankings are routine in nature. Then the instructor bends the girls over a stool for the yardstick, also uneventful. Back in the locker room, the girls giggle and rub.

The girls strip naked and head for the shower, an acceptable scene in a tiles shower room, a real one! RH is good at these scenes.

A new scene, ‘Richard Lewis’ finds some drugs or similar contraband in the room where the spankings were done. He is angry with the female instructor and will spank HER. After an OTK spanking, he goes to his office and fishes out the “Central” paddle, a fraternity-type model, only shorter and wider. Covers a lot of bottom. He doesn’t spank very hard with it; in fact; none of the spankings is hard in this film.

Another shower scene for the two cheerleaders pops up. Lewis and female instructor interrupt this shower and take the naked girls back to the locker room and spank them both.

Caught…and Spanked – RAVENHILL

19 Apr

F/3f; time: 59 minutes

We love these guys, but we struggled through this one. Three girls, well past the postgrad days as actresses, play schoolgirls goofing off through a “career training” class, called “Shop” in our day. We’ve said before, this is where school paddles were made from time to time.

A male instructor, no better of an actor than the girls, shows them the dangers of power tools. When they are alone, they immediately flirt with trouble, so when the instructor returns, he will spank the three girls.

Silly patty-pat not worth describing. More fooling around, some paddling. It is quite clear here that only a few actresses are willing to take a semi-authentic spanking on-screen.

Maid For Punishment – RAVENHILL

18 Apr

M/f; time: 34 minutes

Several CP producers have floated this title; no new ground will be broken here.

A blonde from ‘Ajax Cleaning Service,’ wearing one of those fetish/Halloween black satin Maid’s outfits with the doily-like lace trim, and sporting her own cleaning tools, arrives at a house. A bachelor-type guy, dressed for work, shows her the party mess at his place, tells her what he wants done, and warns her that he has had trouble with her agency before. Off to work.

The maid immediately calls a friend, turns on the TV, and seems to fall asleep for the rest of the day, without doing any work. The guy returns home and is furious, as you would expect. This is a CP film.
He rejects her silly apologies, “Sorry is not enough,” he pronounces, the official prologue to the commencement of corporal punishment.
He agrees not to call her employer. The spanking begins, ineffectual. Skirt up, panties down. He takes her into what must be a garage portion and bends her over a motorcycle for a Spencer paddle. Into the diaper position on a bear skin rug (in a garage?). Lots of puss.

In the laundry room, garments are scattered everywhere. He spanks her here with a dust brush. Nothing much more of note here from RAVENHILL.

County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings #2 – RAVENHILL

18 Apr

M/3f; time: 55 minutes

RAVENHILL refines and improves its laconic series; where girls are sent to the sheriff for corporal punishment in lieu of prosecution for petty crimes. Business must be good, because this time, outside Sheriff Collins’ office there now a ROW of chairs for girls to wait.

‘Alyssa Cook’ awaits her appointment, and little brunette ‘Megan Summers’ arrives with a companion, her flashy and pretty blond sister. They are discussing what they have heard about this spanking stuff and that Collins can be quite a beast.

Collins opens the metal door–it is webmaster ‘Tierre Ainese,’ resplendent and unabashedly joyful in his Halloween sheriff’s uniform. He explains the law and the procedure. Megan Summers will go into the punishment room first; for her sister to attend and observe, she must fill out a form, which she does by conversing with a clerk through a little window on the wall, almost as if she were betting $2 on Beetle Bomb to show in the 4th.

The blonde is on the upper end of the scale for attractive girls RAVENHILL has hired, except that she too missed most of her acting classes. We have learned that any female bottom which walks onto the RH soundstage is in danger.

Reluctant, reticent Megan is taken into the punishment room, with her sister. “Skirt up, panties down.” Sister is already horrified. OTK, squeals.

Megan is directed to the “horse.” This particular padded spanking trestle is of more manageable height, and when Megan climbs over it, her feet dangle invitingly and she is more exposed in the necessary ways for a CP film, properly ‘horsed.’ Collins uses a home-made Spencer paddle. Megan finishes and takes her tears outside, with her sister.

Alyssa Cook is escorted in for the same process. When she is led back to the waiting area, the Summers’ are still there. It seems blondie’s car was about to be impounded for parking tickets. The parking authority has suggested she adjudicate something with the sheriff.

Collins will actually be kind here. They are so many choices he had, and Sis had so little leverage. The girl herself suggests a spanking and gets the same OTK and trestle experience; she is a delightful sight in her breezy red dress and jewelry.

Cheater Gets A Whipping – RAVENHILL

13 Apr

M/f; time: 24 minutes

Another film made by other than the familiar RAVENHILL staff in a serial format; here, a girl is stalked by two cars of guys and grabbed off the street. They wrestle with her in the back seat of a sedan, as filmed by a video camera from the front seat. They tell the girl: “We’ve been hired by your husband to teach you a lesson.”

The struggles continue, possibly visible in heavy traffic. The girl is taken back to an office, where her discipline will be filmed. One of the scuzzy guys holds a business card to the camera. “Agents of S-P-A-N-K Interrogation Center.” In fact, this theme might well have become a series idea for RH, girls taken for instruction by a hired disciplinarian.

The girl is made to take off her top and bra. OTK, skirt up, panties down. Another guy is watching the action on a TV monitor. The rest of her clothes come off, she is held down on a bed for the belt. Facial and bottom closeups; she is wrestled into the diaper position for more belt and cane. The S-P-A-N-K business card is filmed to close the video.