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Spanking Down the Highway #3 – RAVENHILL

12 Apr

M/2f; time: 1 hr 28 minutes

RAVENHILL’s traveling ‘spanking truck’ makes it to the French Quarter in New Orleans; Mardi Gras scenes include girls flashing, and webmaster Tierre Ainese narrates that you can get a girl to do anything for a string of beads. We thought that was 300 years ago.

In a noisy dimly lit nightclub, he manages to attract two attractive blondes, rather on the professional side, not the RAVENHILL prototype. One frisky girl seems ready to take her clothes off even before Tierre can make his deal.

When Tierre does his explanation, the girls don’t know what ‘fetish’ means and they giggle on cue at the word ‘spanking.’ Playful ‘Danielle,’ who keeps flashing her boobs, asks “Will it hurt?” Clever Tierre” “Yes, it’s a real spanking.” He always likes to ask his hires if they have ever been spanked. Danielle: “I like it.” Pam is skittish.

Out of the club into the darkened trailer. Danielle, who is almost liquid with excitement, will go first. “Time to get naked and have your first spanking.” ‘Hustler’ sweatshirt off, green top off, Las Vegas boobs cause Tierre to stagger back. Jeans and G-string off. She is not to be believed. OTK spanking first, very hot, rear shots, very tight quarters, the camera lights have been turned on. Tierre can’t help fondling, and Danielle allows it.

Shy blond ‘Pam’ decides she will try it. But she needs to go to the ‘potty,’ back into the club. “I’m not a blowup doll.” We wonder why the crew needed this interruption. Maybe she really was nervous.

Continuing, Pam strips, with the help of the boys, and is just as stunning and pneumatic as Danielle, just a tad more reticent. She takes her spanking better than even she thought she could.

Puck selection time for the naked girls. Danielle gets the hairbrush, Pam, the ‘sorority paddle,’ which is smaller and lighter than the usual’Central paddle,’ but it covers a lot of space, which is what is important. Pam lies flat on a towel-covered table, Russian style, for this.

After a break into the bar again, Michelle returns with a dildo. Pam goes next, the clothes come off again, the ‘strap.’ 5 minutes on the towel. Michelle probes Pam with the dildo while Tierre straps. RH is not very good at these sexual things, and the quarters are too tight to position everyone to best advantage.

Sexy Danielle draws the ‘cane.’ She wants 10 strokes, a break, then 10 more. If you had this morsel on contract, you’d assent as quickly as Tierre did. Zingers. Great fun.

Getting It From Coach Thomas – RAVENHILL

11 Apr

M/3f; time: 47 minutes

One of the silliest films we have seen from RAVENHILL, but also very entertaining precisely for that reason. Three cheerleaders, ‘Abby,’ ‘Kristy,’and ‘Nicky,’ are sufficiently disappointed with their own performance that they decide to consult ‘Coach Thomas,’ who they have seen virtually abusing his football players into accelerated performance.

The girls watch cheerleader competitions on TV and decide to paddle each other to see if they can self-start motivation. A bit silly here too–the spanking hasn’t really started. There is a passable shower scene. We would have preferred if they screened CP films.

Coach Thomas (actor ‘Richard Lewis’) is approached; the girls want just motivation; but he sees the promise of three high school bottoms. He’ll give the girls a sample of what discipline can be. He gives each girl a brief OTK spanking and arranges for a practice the next day. There will be a paddle then.

At the practice, the girls are paddled lying flat on a bench Russian style. Not much else to describe.

County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings #1 – RAVENHILL

11 Apr

M/3f; time: 29 minutes

A fine example of the humor from RAVENHILL,in full cry. Three girls report to the country sheriff’s office. They have accepted spanking from the sheriff in lieu of prosecution. The girls sit in a narrow corridor, awaiting the door to open, sharing stories they have heard about what these spankings are like.

These scenes of nervous girls sitting waiting, bottoms wriggling on hard chairs, rank among our favorites. Lots of benches outside headmasters’ offices. At REALSPANKING girls fidget before being dragged into almost an execution. LUPUS’ waiting areas are the best.

Blond ‘Kelly Reilly’ was driving without a license; brunette ‘Brittany Smith’ did some vandalizing; and ‘Tiffany Anderson’ drank in public.

The ominous metal door slams open. Tierre Ainese plays ‘Sheriff Collins,’ dressed like a character from an old Burt Reynolds film. The girls have heard  he’s a bear, but we know that is mostly a teddy bear. Rumors are that the spankings are bare-bottom, bent over some kind of ‘table.’ The girls are informed of the county statute governing these spankings, and they each sign waivers for acceptance.

Brittany Smith is hustled through the door into the punishment room. “All right, young lady, pants down.” Brittany adjusts herself OTK and the sheriff takes her panties down immediately. He begins spanking; the girls waiting can hear the smacking and the cries. After this opening, Brittany, shuffles, her jeans and panties at her ankles, to a spanking trestle. The carpenters messed up the measurements on this one, because it is too tall to lean over, so Brittany rests against it while Sheriff Collins uses a Spencer paddle.

Her session complete, a tearful Brittany joins the girls in the corridor. Kelly Reilly goes next, a sexy frizzy blonde. Her spankings are the same. Cut occasionally to Brittany rubbing her bottom outside.

Tiffany Anderson comes in last for the same. In this first edition of the series, RAVENHILL did not vary the procedure. Things will change.

Resolved by Corporal Punishment #13 RAVENHILL

30 Mar

M/f; time: 53 minutes
More fun from the RAVENHILL boys, the inveterate spankers, who constantly communicate their joy at being able to access female bottoms, and seem continually amazed that they can pull it off. Graphics have improved as we reach volume #13,

‘Yvonne’ has agreed to avoid a lawsuit for party damages to her rental apartment by accepting the spanking process at RAVENHILL INSTITUTE. Webmaster ‘Tierre Ainese’ greets her, here in jacket and tie, hair slicked down, not the beach bum we see in ‘Spanking Dwon the Highway’ or ‘Beach Girls.’ Did he rent those clothes?

Yvonne is turned over to Richard Lewis, certainly one of the lowest-key but relentless lechers in the CP film trade. He is doing our work. He explains the three-part spanking regimen which comes with her acquiescence–a handspanking, a leather strap, and a “pear tree switch…all on your bare bottom.” Words Lewis loves to say.

In Lewis’ office they arrange the furniture and set up for part 1. “Remove your slacks and take your panties down.” The 5-minute timer appears on the video screen here, no longer a sand hour-glass or a goofy tick-tock hand. Can a girl trust these guys? Lewis spanks for 5 minutes, and Yvonne is surprised and feeling it after 10 seconds.

Part 2 will be a BIG leather strap, 5 minutes lying flat on a bench, buttocks raised by pillows. And Yvonne has got a bottom which does not require elevation.

Part 3, a little switch. Must be something special about a pear tree, 25 strokes. Lewis is very particular and skillful about humiliating Yvonne into saying, precisely, “I’m ready for my next stroke.” The girl is pretty good about the whole thing–she kicks and gasps, but completes the task.

Detention Room Spankings – RAVENHILL

23 Mar

Time: 38 minutes

Marginally terrible acting, but we always love RAVENHILL’s goofy ideas, and almost guaranteed unscripted surprises. School setting, schoolgirls, classrooms, lockers, etc.

A new girl ‘Heather’ arrives at the school; ‘Mrs. Jenkins,’ a buzz-cut butch actress found in other RH films plays the Principal. “Corporal punishment” is automatic for late homework.

Quickly, two smarmy blond students sabotage Heather’s work. Co-webmaster ‘Richard Lewis’ plays ‘Mr. Jenkins,’ and he is at his corniest here, a tall order indeed. Her homework disappeared, so it is paddle time. “You’ve earned 20 strokes of my paddle…get up here….stand right there…bend over, drop your panties.” She is paddled under the watchful eyes of the portrait of George Washington, the Gilbert Stuart version. If the walls could talk.

It is a large and thin Spencer paddle, and it buckles on the first stroke. He is shocked, there is some muffled laughter, but they keep going with half the striking surface. She gets 20, counting out the last 7, and is given the broken paddle as a souvenir. This is a school, and there must be a woodworking shop.

The goofy blondes, ‘Casey’ and ‘Lacey.’ who look like twins or sisters, enjoy Heather’s misery.

Back in the classroom, Jenkins is spanking the blondes, we didn’t hear why, and we’re not going back to discover the reason. He uses a ruler, quite hard, good angles, bucking bottoms OTK, plenty of puss. Jenkins has figured out the game with Heather, and a blonde is brought in, all the girls will spank her–and the woodworking class has delivered another Spencer paddle.

Spanking Down the Highway – RAVENHILL

19 Mar

M/f; F/f; time: 1 hour six minutes
The boys get more playful as they troll for willing bottoms to spank on film–they call this episode “Bluegrass to Buckeye.” Webmaster Tierre Ainese sits in front of his Excalibur RV narrating his journey, parked in a camp ground, the kind whose trash cans are always full and where you trip over tree roots.

He approaches a blonde, sitting rather forelorned in front of her pitched tent. ‘Monica’ looks like she’d rather be at Starbuck’s. When Tierre explains the “spanking fetish” film concept. Monica perks up. Anything is probably better than sitting in the mud. “What’s in it for me?” He explains the 3-part procedure and she agrees to accompany him to “our spanking truck.”

He shows her the puck choices and the hour glass. “All you have to do is take your cutoffs down and your panties down.” “What panties?” He’s found the right girl.

Monica strips down and goes OTK on the RV couch. We know Tierre covets bottoms like fine wine. “Not bad, nary a peep from you.” We’d have to say, that is because he is quite disarming at getting a girl into compromise. Part of the fun. During the preparation and dialogue, rain roars on the RV and overwhelms the dialogue, but they plow ahead. For some reason, Monica has to leave the trailer (got nervous, had to pee? cleaner shorts? what?), and the boys are surprised that she didn’t chicken out and actually returns.

After the bare bottom handspanking warmup, she selects the ‘hairbrush’ puck; Tierre is kind with it, to keep her in the trailer, some bruises. The next puck is the ‘cane’; she gets 25 strokes, with the usual wrap-around problem on the far buttock. There isn’t enough room in the trailer for the measured backswing or to switch sides.

Monica is declared the “Kentucky Spanking Queen,” and givem a gold star for the travel map on the RV door.

The second part of the video represents a format variation–Tierre and Richard will pay a woman to spank her daughter fpr filming. The lsdy does a nice job of portraying ‘Trailer park trash,’ and the daughter, a nubile blonde worthy of RAVENHILL casting, is agreeable to taking the spanking she has earned for the filming, she wants some of the money. The woman was going to “beat her ass” anyway, but now “I can make some money.”

The group returns to the lady’s house, where the spankings will begin. The film lighting is poor, and we’ll give RH credit that it is for amateur effect. The first session is a handspanking on the girl’s nifty little denim short shorts. They come down, no panties. Lots of scolding and jerky camera work.

The second session is a bend-over in the kitchen for a wooden spoon. Everybody has one, and it hurts. On the shorts, then on the bare. The blonde has a lithe little body, not a trailer park casting prototype.

The girl is sent outside to cut a switch, the kind of submissive gesture we have admired at LUPUS. Most of the switching is filmed from the facial angle. We’ll forgive them if they let up on this cute bottom.

The boys wave goodbye as they heads for the RV.

Breaking Amy – RAVENHILL

25 Feb

M/f; time: 20 minutes

An unusual film from RAVENHILL, probably made by someone else for their distribution. The entire film is a closeup of brunette ‘Amy,’ that is, mostly of her bottom, being given the full treatment on a brass bed.

In the opening scene, she is manacled with straps by wrists and ankles to the bed frame, writhing on her stomach. A faceless male straps and paddles her bare bottom as she wriggles to avoid him. He waits for his target to come undulate within range. Mostly bare skin, just a thong.

He releases her ankles and directs her to get up on her knees, legs spread. He squats on the bed, straddling her head, and spanks her bottom reaching over her back.

He shifts her to lie on her back, into the diaper position, for the strap. This film is as much about bondage and struggling as it is about corporal punishment. But she is getting a workout and is begging an apology for whatever she has done.

Amy is back on her knees again, the faceless spanker is giving her some hard frigs and then works in a dildo, which she takes control of so his hands can be free to whip her bottom. Quite hot, all in all.

Belt Spankings at Reform House #9 – RAVENHILL

2 Jan

F/3f; time: 37 minutes

Another film from RAVENHILL with the slightly comical tinge, suggesting we should not take this stuff all that seriously.

The film opens with an exterior shot of an industrial building surrounded by barbed wire–the women’s reform house. We hear a loudspeaker broadcast, with female prisoners working around the prison and listening–a new supervisor ‘Miss Martinez,’ announces disciplinary changes, and to introduce them, she will whip a prisoner on an open microphone for all to hear.

A brunette, stark naked, is loosely chained down to RH’s horizontal X-cross, her bare bottom soaring and her hips supported in the center. The piece of furniture is crude by some BDSM construction standards, but in keeping with RAVENHILL’s imagination and budgetary controls. Things sometimes have fallen apart, or broken in two, but we love the ideas. Tierre Aniese amuses himself and us.

Martinez straps the girl and prisoners cringe as her cries are broadcast. The X-frame permits some pussy shots, which RH likes.

FADE. Two girls put salve on the girl who was strapped. The girls are wearing minimal bikini-like outfits, which pretty much ensures they will be snared in a few minutes.

FADE. A blond girl sits in her minimal undies in Martinez’ office. For failing to do some work, she has to drop her panties and gets the Spencer paddle.

Another FADE to the barracks/door of the three girls. Martinez awakens them with a whistle. She canes one of the girls who can’t get out of bed fast enough. Wild, authentic-looking marks.

The third girl has been caught writing letters about Martinez’ abuse, which costs her a trip to the X-frame, followed by the blonde. And the first girl with the great bottom gets more.

The plot is a little confusing, but it not important. Out-takes show producer Iierre Ainese laughing with the girls.

A Spanking From Mr Ruppi – RAVENHILL

8 Aug

M/f; time: 23 minutes

We were not able to identify the producer of this American film; you have to wonder why these U.S. filmmakers seem so unaware of clever films made in England and Europe, even at low budgets. It was distributed by RavenHill, but has none of its earmarks.

A guy catches his secretary swigging beer at her desk, and he takes her into the workroom on the job for a spanking. She seems unfazed, but the guys working in the noisy shop, which looks real, are quite interested.

The spanking is silly and not well filmed. The girl bends over the worktable, then kneels up on it on a pre-placed mover’s pad. The handspanking, paddling are silly.

She gets naked and the spanking continues over a chair. A lot of writhing and posturing. A bend-over a step ladder as an anti-climactic conclusion.

Beach Girl Spankings #6 – RAVENHILL

5 Aug

M/2f; time: 1 hr 4 minutes

Producers Richard Lewis and Tierre Ainese patrol the beaches of the west coast of Florida looking for girls to come back to their beach condo and be spanked on film for money.

After a lengthy debate, ‘Alicia’ and ‘Desiree,’ two not-so-shy girls from Chicago, agree to give it a try. They want to know about the camera, the film, the use of the film, etc. Alicia agrees to go first. “You have to take your (bikini) bottoms down so I have a bare ass,” says Tierre, with his wry style. Alicia reaches to start the five-minute hour glass and the warmup spanking proceeds. The girls look quite amateur. Desiree is spanked next in the same way.

For the second round, Alicia hesitates before she selects the “hockey puck” marked ‘belt.’ She bends over a barstool, Tierre’s referred position for the belt, and the hour glass begins. Desiree selects ‘the strap.’ After each session, the girls hurry to replace their skimpy thongs, although the cats are long out of the bag.

For the final round, the courageous and cooperative girls select the ‘strap’ and the ‘cane.’ Desiree gets the cane, which is not subject to the five minute sands, but 25 strokes. She is jumping very quickly in surprised pain.