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Racquel at Realspankings

31 Aug

Racquel has been one of the most popular models here. She made at least two visits, and matured over the at least four year span. She picks up a big tattoo. And we go through almost all of Michael Masterson’s hairstyle changes. And she is spanked by almost all the Staff.

Interview/Punishment Profile’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Elizabeth Burns seems to have drawn at least part of the ’Racquel’ assignment.

“You came here today for a spanking.” Gorgeous sophisticated redhead (here) says she is 19, has been spanked since she was 5, and as recently as 17. With the hand, spatulas, spoons, domestic stuff. She has a friend at RSN who suggested this interview. Her boyfriend spanks her, but little taps.

“If you want to get up and take your clothes off.” Very nice. Racquel looks about 25. OTK for one of Burns’ fast handspankings. Nipple jewelry. Alternate views. She stands to display her bottom. She discusses her spanking. This is not going to be bad.

‘Spanking test’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Elizabeth Burns congratulates Racquel for having completed the ’Profile’ segment. It is now time for the rapid-fire spanking test. ”Go ahead and take your clothes off.”

Racquel strips quickly, nice, and goes OTK with Elizabeth. The fast two minute spanking procedure, with hand and paddle. Racquel stands the sits to discuss the experience. She is rather amused by it all. We’ll see how long that lasts. ”Great job for your first day.”

Racquel two minute drill’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 11 minutes) Elizabeth with the stunning redhead.

She is being spanked voluntarily in one of REALSPANKING’s two-minute drills, timed by an hour glass. “You did very well on your profile spanking…we now do our two-minute spanking test…go ahead and take off all your clothes.” A nice stripping scene, always a highlight at RSN.

Elizabeth handspanks her OTK, fast and moderate, and uses the ‘teardrop’ paddle. Sweet gasping. She gets though it, they laugh in relief. “Nice and red, properly spanked. You did a very good job for your first day.”

The spanking is repeated from the buttocks angle, 5 minutes of that pale bottom turning pink.

‘Arrival’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Apparently Racquel is hanging about and Monica captures her and brings her to Elizabeth Burns. ”Thank you for bringing her ass in.” Racquel receives the long introductory RSN lecture and scolding. She is cute in pink top and jeans. And in very Coloradian phrasing, ”So why don’t you stand up and go ahead and take your clothes off.” Very sexy. Ms. Racquel somehow excels at these stripping scenes.

Hands on a chair for the teardrop paddle, fast. Alternate view camera. Burns makes a point of moving around Racquel’s whole bottom. Burns is very buxom here. Racquel dresses in the school uniform but no bra.

‘School swats’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Racquel is a very pretty brunette here. Masterson has discovered that Racquel has not completed her ’school swats’ episode for the library. Time to fix that. Of course the procedure is to show the ’before’ bottom. Racquel drops her pants—her bottom is essentially clear.

Masterson paddles her on her jeans. She squeals loudly, maybe a bit out of prototype for RSN. After this paddling, she sits and admits that this punishment would have changed her attitude. 10 smacks. She shows her bottom again, not much change. Alternate views and squeals.

“Hang on for the zoom.” Masterson has her sign the paddle. ”Racquel 2009.” It seems the signature paddles keep breaking, so this is a ceremonial copy. Lots of squeals will come with Racquel.

‘Racquel Comes Home Late’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Elizabeth Burns is waiting for her. Has been worried. Racquel must bend over for the floppy paddle on her jeans. She drops her jeans and steps out of her pastel panties, always a nice touch. Routine spanking. Kneel on the floor in the stress position. Alternate views.

‘Racquel up all night’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Elizabeth Burns finds Racquel sleeping on a couch. it seems she was up all night, on the Internet, and she admits to surfing “inappropriate” sites. This earns a spanking. Burns positions the hassock. “Take your jeans down and lie down right here.”

Burns delivers a firm handspanking while seated. Racquel squeals through it. Closeups. Alternate views, bottom and face.

Disrespectful to Mrs. Burns’(F/f; time: 6 minutes) Elizabeth has the duty again today, always good news. Because Racquel has forgotten some appointments, she is getting the teardrop paddle. On the kilt first, on the bedroom set, rapid fire Burns-style. Bend over, white knickers down, more fast on the bare.

‘Flashing Gets Racquel Paddled’ (F/f; 12 minutes) Very cute auburn schoolgirl Racquel stands in front of Elizabeth Burns’ desk. She has been caught flashing the boys in the locker room. Slut behavior. A fitting punishment: “Take your clothes off. All of them.” Racquel excels through this series in stripping.

”Assume the position,” which she does before being told. Hands on desk, she gasps through a count of 10 strap strokes. The scene is viewed from the front and bottom.

Racquel’s Report for Mrs. Burns’ Class’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Elizabeth Burns plays a teacher in a classroom setting we haven’t seen. Long scolding for schoolgirl Racquel. She kneels, legs spread wide on two desks, a position we have only seen here at RSN. White panties down for a spanking in this precarious position. Alternate view from the side.

‘Trouble with Mrs. Burns’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Racquel has been caught around the offices trying to use a phone to call her boyfriend. Burns will use a double strap on her. Three minutes of scolding, then over the arm of a chair, Elizabeth pulls down the white knickers. Moderate strapping, a clear bottom. Burns slashes her strokes. Racquel must kneel erect in the RSN posture to conclude. Facial alternate.

‘Racquel awaits spanking’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Racquel receives a phone call. She is directed to prepare for a spanking. NU-WEST did this theme a few times. There is exoticism in anticipation. Racquel sighs, stands, strips naked, and waits. She bends over a table. Shaggy Masterson arrives. He wants her in the RSN position. He gets a strap (Spencer) out of a drawer, she must look at it. She screams under this strap. Left in the official posture. Alternate view is frontal, very nice.

‘Bad attitude brings handspanking’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Betty brings schoolgirl Racquel onto a domestic house set. OTK, panties down, routine. Alternate views as usual. She kneels on a chair to display her bottom.

‘Racquel Inappropriate Clothing’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) An early, shaggy Michael Masterson (rocker hairstyle) will spank Racquel for her slutty clothing. She strips completely for him and bends over the kitchen counter. Terrific model. We are in a living area we haven’t seen much of. Tiptoe for a nifty handspanking. And of course this counter permits the alternate facial view.

‘Racquel quits her job’ Miss Baker has discovered that Racquel quit her job a week ago. We go right to spanking. Racquel wears a black top and red skirt. Hands on a wing chair, Racquel pulls her panties down herself, no hesitation. Fast strapping on a mostly clear bottom. Alternate view from the side. Racquel quickly fixes her hair for the facial.

‘Pulled into Miss Baker’s Office’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Racquel as a fully kitted schoolgirl. Very cute. Over the desk, kilt up, white panties down. She has been fighting. The strapping is repeated, side and bottom views.)

‘Racquel violates dress code’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Miss Baker will paddle Racquel for dress code violations on the bedroom set. She kneels on a bench. Baker pulls her pink panties down. Lexan paddle. Welts quickly. Alternate facial view.

‘Bad Attitude Earns Hard Handspanking’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Betty brings Racquel into a dIfferent office; OTK, panties down, alternate views. The spanking continues in an enclosed space, as if she had to be chased around.

‘Racquel late for her shoot’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes) A dressing room set. Betty(yet another staffer sharing this bottom) is waiting and jumps her. Frisk position at the wall, strapping on her jeans. It doesn’t matter that she will start the first segment with a red bottom.

‘Racquel left curling iron on’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) In the world of your reviewer, this is a national problem. Betty has found it and of course Racquel will be spanked for it. The scolding bounces off. “Smart mouth, get your pants down, you don’t need those panties.” Spanking, mostly clear. Alternate views.

‘Racquel locks her door’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Betty rattles the door, but Racquel has locked it. In she comes with a kitchen spoon. Schoolgirl Racquel assumes the thrust position, spoon on white panties first before Betty pulls them down. Alternate view from the facial angle.

‘Racquel receives the cane’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) In the bedroom again, Racquel bends over the bed. She drops her pajama shorts and takes 12 moderate strokes, but effective enough, because the far buttock takes the disproportionate share of stripes. Alternate views, some frontals.

‘Racquel’s Decision’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Early Masterson, even before his Prince Valiant phase. Racquel is bent over and getting the floppy paddle on her jeans. She squeals, one of her several enduring qualities. Twelve strokes. Jeans down, hands on head, to display the results. Alternate view provides a wider view of the domestic setting.

‘Racquel Severe Belting’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Racquel has long dark hair here. She is waiting in the office for Masterson, holding a strap. She bends over the hassock, the strapping starts on her jeans. Racquel sits and sobs. Jeans down, Masterson finishes on her bare bottom.

‘Racquel gets into Mrs. Burns’ purse’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) There must be a spanking wish. She’s been caught. Racquel wears a cheerleader outfit. Mrs. Burns will use the teardrop paddle. Bend over, red uniform panties down, fast paddling, her style. Kneel painfully, hands on head. Alternate view side/facial.

‘Racquel Sleeps In’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth Burns (mostly all of the RSN staff gets a shot at Racquel) wakes up Racquel in the bedroom set. Racquel jumps up and strips off her pj’s, down to white panties, trying to get dressed. But no, this will be a spanking. A hairbrush is handy. Long scold, panties off, over the bed, proper round bruises develop. Alternate views, facial and bottom. She hurriedly dresses for class.

‘Spanked after gym class’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Elizabeth Burns enters the bedroom. Racquel failed to get dressed after gym class. It’s in the Institute manual. Burns gets the teardrop paddle. Racquel in just gym top and white panties. Long scolding. A routine fast paddling. Racquel lies on the bed with her hips arched. Panties down. A frontal of her mohawk. She strips naked to dress. Alternate view of the kneeling spanking.

‘Racquel Slacking in Gym Class’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Masterson deals with Racquel in the empty classroom. She wears her usual blue sports bra and white leggings.

Racquel strapped in the office’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Gorgeous Racquel holds a strap and is waiting. Masterson has her lie of the hassock. As it is with Racquel, she is yelling immediately under the strap. Black top and jeans, jeans down, Racquel screams over the hassock, her signature asset.

Racquel spanked bent over’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes) Betty spanks a naked Racquel. Use of a split screen can feature her beautiful face in stress, as well as her perfects bottom.

‘Racquel and Syrena dropseat pajamas’ (M/2f; time: 8 minutes) Racquel with another model, rare in this series. Syrena will demonstrate how spankings are done in this house. She opens the seat of her pajamas, lays over the hassock, and waits for Masterson.

He enters and gives her a hard and fast strapping, forehand and backhand. Side and rear views. Racquel positions for the same. She kicks and cries. The girls check their bottoms at the conclusion.

Racquel Profile returns’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Racquel has returned to Masterson to make more films, after 4 years. She is, and has always been, nervous. Why? ”The pain.” Masterson teases her that she is a ”big, big baby,” but he likes her genuine reactions. Her squeals?

‘Racquel returns to the Institute’ (M/f; time: 23 minutes) Some usual staging for RSN. Racquel is the first assignee to be returned to the Institute for a second time, which we hoped might just earn her a trip to the basement. She is a breathtaking brunette here. She strips quickly, knowing the drill. A hot cute figure; the camera slowly pans her, face to knees, holding on her breasts and pussy, an erotic technique common in CP films but not at RSN.

Masterson takes her OTK, jeans and panties down. ”Your butt is as cute as ever, good for us.” Squeals. Long, slow, and mild handspanking. Hands on chair to display the results on her bottom. “It wasn’t so bad.” Because she is nervous, Masterson tells her the next shoot today will be easier

Masterson brings in the school uniform. But first, a handspanking. Hands on a stool, quite naked. Noisy squawking. Full screen bottom. Spanking shown alternate views. She tries to get up. ”It fuckin’ hurts.” The language enrages Masterson. He takes her into the bathroom and gives her a credible mouthsoapimg, first by rubbing the moistened bar around in her mouth and then making her hold it. Nice.

Racquel puts on the Institute uniform. She is comfortably naked, no covering up. More spanking, ”Grab your ankles….hang tight.” Panties down. Racquel is a screamer. Alternate views of the strappin

‘Racquel’s Big Day with the Paddle’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Racquel has been called to the dean’s office to be punished for accrued tardies in one class. Three times, 3 strokes each. But there is a rule here at RSI we are only vaguely aware of. Only three strokes may be given per session. So, three appointments today.

Racquel takes three swats of the paddle, three more at lunch, and 3 at the end of the day. All on her jeans with a big board, alternate views.

School Swats renewed’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) This file of her must be updated on her return, so Masterson will film another paddling. Interviews. Racquel bends over for the big board, then signs the display paddle. “9/5/14”

Racquel Faces’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Not sure if this film was made on her first visit or second visit. Racquel is stunning here. She reports to Elizabeth Burns and is required to strip naked immediately. Breathtaking. Another ‘Natalie,’ but smaller. She leans over a partition which guards the stairwell and is spanked sharply with the labeled ‘house ruler.’ She is already pink. The alternate view is of her mysterious fascinating face, through the partition.

Racquel ignores grounding rules’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Shaggy Masterson. With Bailey, Monica, and Racquel. Bend over, bare bottom, she must wait. The girls are not allowed to be together during grounding. She is strapped and reflexively ducks. Bailey and Monica are sent off. She is left grabbing her ankles. Alternate view.

‘Locker Room Paddling’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) A brief walloping. In a locker scene, Racquel bends over, wearing white gym tights. Masterson paddles very hard. Screams. Gym noises in the background. Most of the episode shows Racquel stripping naked and putting on her school uniform.

‘Punished in the Laundry Room’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Masterson has Racquel assume the frisk position in the laundry room for a double strap. Jeans and a pink top. Very hard, the little squeal. Hair off face. Clear bottom.

Racquel gets a spanking’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Very early Masterson. “You’re going to get a spanking….12 this time. Six didn’t work.” Bend over for the strap on her jeans. As normal, she drops her jeans to display the results. Alternate view covers the full room.

‘Session with the Dean’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) A longer segment, and a more rigorous punishment for Racquel. Masterson’s office. She kneels on a stool, on her kneecaps, elbow points on the desk. Glass sand timer measures her stress punishment. She calls Masterson in. “Sir…Sir..I can’t take this anymore. I’ll take the spanking.” Masterson pulls her white knickers down and goes to work with a strap. Screams. She must strip naked and resume the stress position. Timer restarted.

Masterson returns and adjusts her position to ensure the maximum pressure. Handspanking, a bit silly squalling. Alternate view, nice pink bottom. More strapping, more kneeling. To conclude, Racquel stands stark naked on the stool in front of the desk.

Spanked Hard Bare Bottom’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Routine spanking from Masterson, standing naked facing us, in the RSN pose, two views.

‘Spanked Hard with a Belt’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Racquel is fully dressed, bent and grabbing her ankles, in one of the stress positions, waiting for Masterson. This would be painful unless you are in shape. Masterson arrives, removes his belt, and begins whaling on her jeans, loud, some low shots. After this belting, Racquel drops her jeans and panties to check for damage. Zoom on welts. She must bend over again for another period.

Hard handspanking’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Racquel waits, yellow top rucked up to expose her boobs, a humiliation posture Masterson covets. Jeans are down. Masterson takes her over a standing knee for a handspanking. Bare clear bottom. The alternate view is of the full room.

Credit Card – OOHTEEKAY

11 May

M/f; time: 21 minutes

Cecil B. will take out his wife’s spending on her bottom. The actress is identified as ’Diabalis,’ a new one on us. In the kitchen, over the counter, the usual silly stuff from this producer. Long handspanking on her skirt.

Diabalis is cornered while Cecil gets his implements. Another long OTK spanking, skirt down this time. He shows her a round paddle, but there is nothing to fewr from Cecil. Thong down, boring. She kneels for a strap to conclude.


25 Aug

A sturdy-looking blonde whose occasional pigtails and carefully muted makeup give her an erotic rural demeanor. Masterson will mention in one of her films that she has become very popular and will be “fast-tracked,” which is probably good news for her 1040 but not her bottom. She is a spanko, always cheerful, rarely cries, and marks up delightfully. There is suggestion these sessions were done over two days.

Punishment Profile’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Little Mable sits on the big couch in the interview posture. Easy to see how she becomes a favorite with RSN ‘members.’ She is bright and eager. ”I like spanking.” She is 20 years old. There is a reference Masterson has interviewed her before. She was spanked by both parents until she was 16, but didn’t discover her fetish until later. She is married and has to provoke her husband into spanking her. He is inconsistent. Masterson will fix that.

Mable likes the paddle and a little bdsm. They have their supply of implements. She likes bare-bottom and covets her marks. She doesn’t know about the Denver spanking clubs or chat rooms. Betty will start her off today, but ”I will spank you eventually today, get the clothes off.” She enjoys stripping, no problem with the crew.

Betty enters the set and the naked spanking begins OTK. Cute high bottom, Mable is more than a face. She smiles in pleasure during this opening spanking, unlike many models, who are surprised by Betty’s technique. Alternate facial and bottom. She likes it. ”20 good ones, here we go.” Not so easy.

Masterson loves it. ”Like a champ. Look at her!” ”That was awesome,” Mable coos. ”Rock star!” Masterson should convert her hotel to a weekly rate.

‘Arrival’(MF/f; time: 20 minutes) Betty marches her into the sitting room. Mable’s attitude has still not achieved RSI standards. Mable wears a flannel shirt and jeans. ”Get your jeans and panties down.” Mable is cutely surprised to hear this. Handspanking first, bent over. ”Get your clothes off, every single piece.” She is left now, standing naked, waiting for the Dean.

Masterson arrives on the office set, carrying her first Institute uniform, but first he has a cute naked new girl to deal with. ”You’ve gotten off to a spectacular start.” He demands the appropriately submissive ”Yes, sir.” More stress, she must hold a strap in extended arms.

Masterson wants a look at her bottom while he works at his laptop. RSN poses, hands behind her back, legs as wide as possible, grab ankles, touch toes. Sexy surrender. She squeaks in discomfort. “Are you getting the feel for directions?” Hands on the desk for the strap, facial and bottom views. Bend-over for display. She slowly dresses in the RSN outfit and is sent off.

Belt Test’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Mable’s fourth spanking on a busy day. She is fully dressed here, scarf around her neck. She talks about the films she has already made—the school paddle (School Swats), cheerleader spanked at school and home, the white legging spanking. Realism and dominance she prefers. She likes being a little scared.

Masterson gets going on the one truly disciplinary spanking he has done, supplying repentance for a girl, an hour of it. He will spank her without warmup; she drops her jeans. A ”fresh canvas.” She was last spanked 5 days ago by her husband. She enjoys the ”exchange of power,” and would love the belt for every little thing.

Seque into the sitting room, she gets the belt over the couch arm. Split screen. On jeans first. No smiling now. After completion, she liked it. ”Pop up. Show us your bare bottom.” Mostly right cheek marks, usual for a long belt. Mable is so compliant Masterson can’t resist. ”I’m going to give you six on the bare, just six.” Gasps. ”Big difference?”

‘School Swats’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Part of the entry process. Mable’s third spanking of the day. Mable a bit goofy here. She will get 10 swats of the paddle on her jeans. But first she shows her bottom, to permit the before-after. She is well marked, especially the right side. Big paddle. Alternate views.

No bra or panties’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Mable must be talking to the other girls, because she is soon caught with no bra and panties. The scene opens with Mable in the stressful sit-squat position, naked at the wall, just the little collar arms wide for some support. Masterson makes her hold her bra and panties on outstretched arms. Cute struggle. Masterson takes her OTK to start the spanking. Her ribs show. Back up, to the wall, red bottom, her panties stuffed in her mouth.

Masterson has left her, gag in, holding a strap on outstretched arms. Masterson returns, and has her kneel on one stool, bending forward with hands on another. ”Knees, hands!” he instructs. Ne begins strapping, the hardest yet. Fast flurries. He takes out the panty-gag, we’re glad. We want to hear her complain. Alternate face. The side view shows that Masterson is working the whole bottom.

Knees wider, Mable is made to rest on her elbows and kneecaps. Masterson place a 60 minute glass timer. Ouch.

‘Mable as cheerleader’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Mable reports to the classroom, wearing a cheerleader’s halter and white tights. She eyes paddles hanging on the wall, warily, because punishment is coming. She assumes the frisk position at the whiteboard. Masterson paddles her on her tights. There is an alternate view on a black-and-white surveillance camera. Mable is stoic and calm as always. Full screen rub, tights down, moderate bruises. Paddle circles.

‘Mable classroom punishment’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Mable stands nose to the whiteboard, arms stretched wide, palms in drawn circles, one of RSN’s stress punishment positions. Her school kilt is tucked up to display her full white panties.

Masterson enters and places a wedge pad on the table and pulls down Mable’s panties. She climbs onto the table and wiggles her bottom over the wedge. The camera shot will be up her legs.

Masterson begins with three straps. Mable jerks in some surprise. ”Pretty effective, huh?” Masterson keeps switching sides to minimize the wraparound. Masterson focuses on Mable’s buttocks crease and dabs off some skin pops. Mable develops some irritation where her buttocks bang together. Alternate facial views.

‘Mable cuts switches’ (M/f: time: 12 minutes) Cute Mable, here in a blue overall sunsuit, reports to Masterson in the sitting room. She has been paddled at school now for two weeks and it isn’t taking. He will deal with it on another level. He sends her outside to cut some switches. They had better be thick, or she will go out for more, presumably after they have been tested.

The exterior scene is omitted, unlike some films where girls, resigned to the inevitable, select and cut and return with branches. Mable peels two switches clean in a long sequence. When she is ready, Mable takes off her sunsuit and drops her panties. Masterson is shocked at the state of her bottom. ”Unbelievable.” Some work will have to be done to make a greater impression.

He whips her hard and fast. Gasps. He has laddered her thighs, unusual for FIRMHAND. Alternate views. Sweet miserable face on the other camera.

‘Mable homework in the office’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Schoolgirl Mable is marched into Masterson’s office and is set up doing schoolwork on a stool at a high table. He smacks her bottom as she seats herself. After some work is down, Mable is asked to stand and drop her panties under her school kilt.

Back on the stool, kilt up, knees wide, she slides back so that Masterson her full wide bottom with a paddle and ruler. A straddle pose very effective for some models.

‘Mable long and thorough spanking’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Mable is cornered, in pajama top and print panties. Pigtails. She removes her panties and is directed to straddle the hassock. Handspanking. Facials. An especially colorful bottom view, all puss from the straddle.

Mable in locker room’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) Masterson will paddle Mable on her jeans in front of her locker. He uses a big board, maybe not the biggest. Facial and rear shots mixed. When she checks her bottom she is heavily bruised, suggesting this episode is well through her day. A wall mirror provides additional views.

‘Mable Paddled Over Gym Shorts’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) In the office, Mable reports to Masterson for a spanking. But she is wearing designer jeans with decorative buttons, which would be hammered into her bottom if she were paddled. She is sent to change and returns in cute gym shorts. This will work.

Mable bends over the desk. ”Hang tight, 10 coming.” Very hard. Alternate views. Masterson has learned that this model can take a pretty good whuppin.’ Masterson pulls down her shorts. Sne is very red from the day’s work.

Mable does the POV interview in the dressing room. She holds up the paddle just used. ”Always fun coming here.” She show her bottom, ”purple” she calls it. She dresses to leave. Must be cold in the Rockies. ”See you guys next month.”

‘Mable paddled office’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Schoolgirl Mable fidgets outside Masterson’s office, nervously awaiting, a scene RSN loves. He calls her in and tells her to bring the paddle hanging on a hook. She enters and takes her pants down, heavily marked. She backs up to his desk to give us a good view.

Mable leans on the desk, her panties back up, wishful thinking. Paddled on the panties first, then they come down. More paddle. Alternate views. Massive bruises.

Mable paddled sports gear’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The classroom format. Mable wears the uniform—white sports bra and white tights. She must assume the thrust position, using the blue tape markers on the floor Masterson will paddle the bejesus out of her with a smaller wood paddle that can cover one buttock at a time. He paddles fast and hard.

Mable stands to drop her tights and panties. Her bottom is a purple mass of bruises. Back into the thrust for more paddling After this phase she in made to assume one of RSN’S stress positions. She kneels on all fours, resting on her elbows and knee bones. Mable has to stare at an hour glass.

The second part of this film is one of Masterson’s interviews. We realize this paddling is the culmination of a day of spankings, her second appearance, explaining why her bottom looks like Flanders Field. Masterson comments Mable does not seem to cry. “You always come up smiling.” Halfway through the interview Masterson asks Mable to show her bottom again, which she does, and he agrees she’s had enough for today.

“How did the day go?” She was spanked with the hand, the ‘pappa’ paddle, a wooden spoon, and a heavy strap. Mable likes ”realistic harder stuff” and admits watching some of the ”disciplinary” RSN videos, of girls being late. ”Great second day.”

‘Maid Mable Spanked by the Boss’ (M f; time: 10 minutes) Mable prepares in the dressing room for another domestic scenario. She drops a robe and is naked, and she slowly puts on a naughty French maid’s outfit. She reports to Masterson in the sitting room, where she sits to wait and goes right to her phone.

Masterson enters and is furious. It appears she is lazy, and now she is on her phone. ”You kidding me?….spanked or fired, spanked or fired!” Over the hassock, a hard strapping. Alternate views. He is using his belt. She is set to work dusting, bare bottom.

Back in the dressing room, she explains she loved the idea of accepting a spanking with no choice.

‘Spanked at school and home’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Another domestic spanking scenario, a fetish for Mable. She wears a cheerleader’s outfit. Masterson got a call from school. ”Get it at school, you get it at home.” She is sent to get the ‘poppa’ paddle.

Cheerleader skirt up, red panties down, Masterson admires the day’s marks so far. ”Let’s make these match.” Her right cheek is more bruised than her left. Masterson paddles hard. Mable comments in an interview that this paddle was a favorite. Six very hard swats to conclude. Lovelh alternate views.

‘Strapped and Paddled by the Dean’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Mable narrates from the RSN dressing room, in the style of Amelia Jane Rutherford or scenes at NU-WEST. She admits thst when she ”drives up here,” she gets nervous. The RSN studios are in the Rockies near Denver. She says she hasn’t been spanked today. She shows a clear bottom. She will do four scenes. Mable changes into schoolgirl kit—blouse, sweater, kilt, knee socks, and regulation white panties.

She is taken into the studio. Masterson shows her the position. ”Get those panties off…what do you want to start with, leather or wood?” ”Leather.” The position is complicated and precarious. Knees wide on two stools, lean forward, hands on another stool. Thin little bottom on high. Lovely facials.

Masterson goes to work with four straps. Moderate but lengthy. Mable is allowed up, a d she must remove all her clothes. Into a punishment stress position, kneel erect on a stool, hands behind back, lean forward, nose to wall. The leather portion concludes back in the dressing room. ”Not too bad.”

The wood paddle. Over a stool on a pillow, a hard maple paddle (“maple for Mable”), much harder, focusing Mable. Gasps. White chafe marks on a very red bottom. Flurries. Alternate facials. As she gasps, ”sounds like I’m making my point.” ”Yes, sir.” Hands on knees, left in position. Back in the dressing room. ”Second time I cried.” She shows a red bottom. Excited for next scene.

‘Mable in classroom again’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Mable stands on a stool in the corner, school kilt tucked up, panties at her shoes, bottom heavily bruised. The camera zooms in on a heavy strap lying nearby.

Masterson arrives. Mable pulls up her panties and steps down. Hands on a stool, strap on white panties, alternate views. Mable stands and the RSN ritual continues. She strips to bra and panties for another round with the strap. Next, she strips naked and assumes one of the stress positions, legs spread fully wide, grab the ankles. To conclude, she must kneel on her kneecaps at the wall.

Wake up spanking’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Just a snippet. Little dialogue. Masterson has woken Mable up and will give her a fast spanking over the couch arm, nightie shorts down. She is sent to the kitchen to get a wooden spoon. This is one of the more fierce spankings she receives on lt this shooting day, discussed in the interview on the gym outfit film reviewed here.

Kailee Interview and Dungeon – REALSPANKING

17 Apr

M/f; time: 46 minutes

This unusual film starts off with a male interviewing Kailee in her apartment. She is naked and taking a bath as she is filmed full face, out of character, not in a REALSPANKING scenario yet but as a working spanking model.

She discusses how she works as a spanking model— getting along with various male disciplinarians, how does she prepare mentally for a spanking shoot. There are frequent blackouts. Next we see her putting on makeup as she talks. What turns her on? Not sure what she said. She definitely doesn’t like ‘anal.’ Anything “back there” and it’s over. She also doesn’t care for missionary sexual position, she wants variety.

Finally, we see her full body naked. There is a cat walking around rather comfortably, so maybe we are really in somebody’s residence. She likes the cane the least, and the “best” in the sense of excitement.

“I don’t cry very much.” At the request of the interviewer, she bends over and presents and strokes her bare bottom. Another fade—she lights up a cigarette and is asked about ‘Mr. Daniels’ at REALSPANKING. She never knows what to expect from him and is happy to surrender control. She likes him to use the cane, and she likes it when he flogs her.

Cut to the RSN studios. She is reporting to an angry Daniels on the dungeon set. “Get those clothes off….everything.” He compliments her on folding her clothes and admires her shaved pussy. Kailee bends over a spanking bench and Daniels duct-tapes her hands behind her. He gives her a handspanking and strapping. We watch her face.

He lets her up and continues with his tough talk. “You are mine.” He makes her stretch her arms wide and hold burning candles. He leaves her and she is able to maintain this position until he returns. She kneels in the corner for another candle session.

Another fade. She is strung up and will be flogged. Hot wax on her breasts, and shots of her front and bottom, significant marks.

Four Girls Again spank each other- REALSPANKING

23 Feb

M/4f; time: 55 minutes

Michael Masterson has explained that his customers like these multiple girl episodes. He is told his customers like the girls naked when he interviews them.

Ivy, Miss Roxie, Serena, and Lila are seen here. This is completing a day of filming. “Ladies! The four-girls shoot day. Are your butts sore?” The girls giggle ‘yes.’ As usually happens at RSN, Masterson wants the girls to show their bottoms. They drop their jeans and panties. Masterson comments on the varying degrees of bruising.

Masterson has the girls strip naked. They sit naked in a row, not quite confident enough to open their legs. He will interview each of the girls, asking them about their early life spanking and fetish development, and what part of today’s work was most difficult for them. Then each naked girl will be passed over the bare laps of the other three for handspanking, and Masterson will cap off each girl with a rousing strapping.

Serena is interviewed first. She is a tall and perfect brunette. Her stepfather paddled her, 10 on panties. These are her favorite shoots so far at RSN, she likes being naked with the other girls. The girls don’t spank all that hard, but all the teenage flesh on the screen makes up for it. Alternate views of the spankings. Masterson’s closing 12 from a strap set her to yelling. Lila is asked to rub her bruises.

Ivy’s turn: Ivy tells Masterson about her spanking fetish. “My top kink is bondage.” Ivy is then passed down the line for her spankings from the other naked girls. They all keep their legs together carefully. Alternate views. For her individual session with Masterson, she selects a flogger. Typical RSN bruises.

Miss Roxie is last to be interviewed then spanked. She’s got a few tattoos, which Masterson has frowned upon in the past. She also likes these four-girl buddy shoots. She remembers well a wet bottom spanking after a shower. She admits to a spanking just a few days ago, from a boyfriend who used a cutting board. The girls giggle. She is passed over the laps for her handspanking and gasps through Masterson’s strapping.

“Four girls cheek to cheek and we’ll call it a day.”

Schoolgirls – REALSPANKING

16 Dec

MF/3f; time: 37 minutes

The long-form film format from this producer. Two schoolgirls will be punished by a woman who does not look much older than they are. It is ‘Shannon.’ The girls wear standard schoolie issue—tartan kilts, blue sweaters, blouses, ties.

The set is an empty room. Shannon has brought a bag of spanking implements and shows them to the girls, together with a “permission slip” from their parents. This is meant to be a spanking in the Principal’s office. “I guess you’re first, Sarah.” She gets a hard OTK spanking on her white American panties, a good omen. The second girl gets the same. Next, both girls are handspanked in the frisk position on bunched white panties.

Scene change. The girls are now in civvies. “This is what happens with tardy students. I want you to take your pants off.” The girls drop their jeans and bend over side by side facing in opposite directions for a leather paddle. The acting is cringe-worthy. The director should stop the film and paddle that domme! The girls rotate for the paddle.

In another scene, the girls are dressed differently. At least they brought a lot of clothes to this shoot. The girls drop their shorts and are paddled on their thongs.

Another wardrobe change. The ladies now wear sports bras and shorts. We will see how much of a workout this becomes. The girls are ‘horsed’ for a huge strap.

Now, in formulaic style, a male appears on the scene and will give Shannon what she has been dishing out to the students. She is spanked and paddled in various positions. The film will conclude with Shannon turning to the two students again. Things have survived the entire film. The cane does appear the the end, and the male will paddle Shannon in front of the girls.


27 Aug

More single-girl appearances which attracted our interest.

‘Rae’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) A brunette with sensational breasts easily described as headlights. Masterson will keep them exposed most of the film. The girl is in trouble for not wearing underwear. She has reported to his office and waits for him, in schoolgirl kit. She kneels erect on a stool facing us, hands on head, panties down, skirt tucked up. Her sweater and blouse and also rucked up, exposing her alert boobs.

Masterson arrives and reviews her record. Rae climbs down and straddles the stool cowgirl style and raises her skirt. She struggles through a handspanking in this exposed position. Reverse facial angle.

Next comes a bend-over for the strap. Masterson keeps adjusting her position. Hands on head, standing, for more strap. She struggles and there are bruises. Reverse angle. At the conclusion she takes off her skirt, collects her books, and heads off to class bare bottom.


18 Aug

Bobbi is a slightly older model, at least by REALSPANKING standards. Here are a few of her appearances.

Bobbi’s Arrival’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The succinct prototype arrival format. Betty brings newbie Bobbi and her disciplinary file in for her audience. Masterson  sits at his laptop, nonchalant about this opportunity to strip and spank another new girl. Betty shows her how to position her arms behind her back, and after the lecture, it is time to undress.

Bobbi strips slowly. She is a big girl, with big boobs, real thighs, and a bottom which will require some work. Hands on head, Masterson has her spread her legs, almost 4’  here, and bend forward. One of his specialty tortures. This sequence contains a naked OTK spanking, no nonsense, filmed from the bottom and the front. Betty has her put on her uniform.

‘Bobbi in classroom’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Bobbi wears full schoolgirl kit and stands at the whiteboard, full white panties at her knees. Masterson has her bend double and lock her hands behind her ankles. Not every model can do this. He spanks her in this posture. Alternate views. When she turns, we see her blouse in rucked up and her boobs are on display.


Jessica in Dungeon – REALSPANKING

14 Jan

M/f; time: 41 minutes

One of a series of hot little films Jessica made for her affiliated spinoff of REALSPANKINGS called SPANKINGTEENJESSICA. Jessica is in the familiar, quite naked, being paddled by Betty. She struggles. Various  implements. First, tied over a table then kneeling up on it.

While she is on the table, she reaches under to masturbate while the spanking continues. The 41 minute film is divided into the face and bottom angles.


21 Dec

25 scenes; 1 hr. 34 minutes

REALSPANKING has excerpted and collected 25 segments, the alternate camera facial angle, from their released films. We will see many of the producer’s most famous models in short 3 or 4 minute sessions. No bottoms, little nudity, but all pretty girls in states of stress. We know that in general the spanking is very hard here at RS. 

The acting is always excellent, and this is all facial expressions. The disciplinarians are the RS staff—Masterson, Mistress Dee, Coach Daniels, Elizabeth Burns, Kailee Robinson, and others. Paddles, straps, canes. Some tears.

We could easily identify a number of the girls—Kathy, Bailey, Jackie, Claire, Michelle, Bobbi. Elizabeth Burns and Kailee both are in Top and Bottom roles. Ms. Burns is spanked in two segments, her beautiful face full screen, the usual copious tears. We see Kailee in several evolutions over the years.

For those of us very familiar with REALSPANKING production, bottoms can be seen elsewhere. We enjoyed this parade of pretty faces.