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8 Aug


‘Four Girls Stripped and Strapped’ (M/4f; time: 10 minutes) Webmaster Michael Masterson deals with four girls sentenced to time at the RealSpankingsInstitute. Miss Lila, brunette Roxy, (glasses), Miss Lana, and brunette Syrena are scolded for uniform violations.

“Get your clothes off.” Full-screen, the girls hurriedly strip, each eying the others, as if the last one naked may pay an extra price, which may in fact be another item in the RSN handbook. When the girls are naked, and looking very young and helpless, the camera holds and zooms a bit.

Masterson, with a strap in his hand, sorts through their clothing piles and discards unauthorized items. He will ask each girl a question from the handbook about the correct number of clothing items permitted to be worn.

Each girl misses her question and must bend over naked for the strap. 5-10 strokes. The strapping is repeated from a face-cam. The final five minutes has scenes which were cut out and gathered here.

‘Four Girls Paddled For Uniform Violations’ (M/4f; time: 20 minutes) Masterson continues to punish the four goofy girls, quite naked here at the beginning of this segment, for the uniform violations he detected earlier. Each girl will be able to select a paddle from several to choose from, and pick the position she wants to assume.

Blonde Miss Lila is paddled first. She bends and grabs her ankles. Masterson lays on 10 strokes, low, so that the buttocks crease is almost the target. Significant bruises. Brunette Roxy is paddled next-her offense was her bra was not white. She cries out so loudly at the first two strokes that Masterson clearly lightens up.

Miss Roxy also was wearing a non-issue bra. Masterson asks why. “Make you feel sexy?” “The fit, sir.” Why she selects a large fraternity paddle puzzles us, because it covers most of her bottom.

And brunette Syrena last. She has been at the school only five weeks and Masterson is sure she has been corrupted by the other girls. The other girls got 10 strokes. Masterson gives Syrena only six and suspends the remaining four, pending good behavior.

He carefully lines up the four bruised bottoms for the camera, legs slightly spread. “Nobody moves.” The girls have to kneel along the wall, leaning with elbows touching the wall, hands on head. They must lift their legs, so that all the pressure is on their knees. An hour glass will time this torment.

Continuing; the four girls stand in line, holding straps on outstretched arms. They are partially dressed, in blouses and panties. Masterson takes the strap from each girl and has her hold her arms straight above a head, an uncomfortable exercise the girls had better get used to.

They bend over a table, and he walks the line and pulls down each pair of panties. “Are your butts still warm from this morning?” He walks the line again and straps each bottom three or four times, eliciting gasps on the second or third hard stroke. This scene is repeated from an oblique view which shows the fall of the strap, the pained faces and the anxious anticipation of the waiting bottoms.

In another scene, the four girls are lined up facing us. They must removed their half-masted panties and bras and hand them over to Masterson. Bend-over again at the same table, hands behind their backs. “Don’t let your breasts touch the table.” Masterson paddles the row this time, about 4 strokes each. Different qualities of yelps, but the girls do sound off. The same paddling is view from the oblique. four faces to watch.

Another scene (34 minutes). Out of character now, the four goofy girls sit in front of Masterson, now fully dressed, at the end of their shooting day. They laugh a bit about how the day went and how sore they are. Masterson asks them to show their bottoms and rates the individual marks they have.

The girls then strip. He will interview them and tells us his viewers like girls to be naked when they talk–something to look at. Four very young girls fidget naked for the camera, keeping their knees together.

‘Syrena’ is first to talk–she likes being spanked, by men, likes the before and after. She was paddled by her step-father, where the fetish developed. Syrena will then lie across the other three naked girls’ laps and be handspanked in various positions. Masterson adds 12 with his belt, a scene repeated from a face CAM and a rocking whipping.

Each of the three remaining girls will be briefly interviewed then spanked in similar ways. To conclude, all four kneel at the wall on their kneecaps.


22 May

2M/3f; time: 15 minutes

Three pretty girls sneak around  a mansion they think is unoccupied. They decide to go topless at the pool. A guy inside the house spots them and calls a friend. You can imagine what he might say about the bonanza offered to them.

The two guys, one is ‘Michael Masterson,’ jump and wrestle down the topless girls. The girls are made to line up at the pool. This is a brightly lit exterior scene, often a challenge for a CP producer for light and sound, but RSN handles it.

The three girls will be spanked in turn, on their shorts, and then on the bare bottom. The guys use their belts. The spanked girls keep their hands folded at their hips, showing everything, as they stand naked awaiting their turn.

To conclude, the girls are set to work naked, cleaning the pool.

Amelia Jane Rutherford at REALSPANKINGS

10 May

Here is the appearance of Amelia Jane Rutherford at REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE. These sessions may be out of order, something we will fix in time. If the dates we read are correct, she is in her late 30’s here and still runs with the best of them.

Punishment Profile (M/f;  date: September 2015; time: 21 minutes) Ms. Rutherford visits the mountains of Colorado. She will sit for the prototype interview with Michael Masterson and then take the introductory spanking with Miss Betty. Masterson introduces her as “spanking royalty.” “Aristocracy,” British Amelia prefers. She sits on one of his couches and is shot full-frame, much in the manner of the wonderful CALSTAR Sophie Fennington ‘Interview’ in  1994. Same storyline, a chance to interview the current CP queen of the genre. Amelia jokes about the clunky “giant American furniture.”

Amelia has visited almost all of the major studios, excepting some European places where the darker, more sinister corporal punishment is depicted. Many of her films have been made with trusted spanko friends. She discusses her career here, as a spanking and bondage model, and as a nude and fashion model. From other interviews that are published, you’ll learn  she uses several stage names. She is a professional but says she melts into an amateur when she is spanked. We suggest she has become the most prolific  model in the CP industry.

Masterson asks the usual questions from off-camera. She discovered her nascent clandestine interest in CP at 16, with attraction to British literary references. In her early 20’s her first boyfriends were not good spankers; her first filmed spanking involved a rugbeater, which fascinated her. It sounds like her 5 segments at ‘Girls Boarding School’ were next, “prolonged spankings” shot on some “Spanish island.” At her hotel there, she was surprised to see how bruised, almost black,  her bottom had become.

At this RSN shoot, she says she has been making spanking films for 10 years. Masterson gets her to admit her favorite implements are the paddle and the belt. As for the cane, she’ll take it, but it is “frightening” and the only implement which has made her bleed. She is aware that her 6’1″ height can be erotically intimidating, and turn some men to wanting to be spanked by her. But she prefers to be the ‘bottom,’ and has only done two ‘top’ performances, one with ‘Sarah Gregory,’ at SARAHGREGORYSPANKING, which we have reviewed here. We found another, the harmless opening segment of ‘Aupair Trouble,’ at FIRMHAND.

For the last 8 minutes, ‘Miss Betty’ is invited onto the set to give her the introductory spanking. “Miss Betty is quite a spanker…would you bare your bottom for us?” Amelia is proud to say, “…which currently has no marks.” Amelia stands and pulls down her slacks and panties to her Uggs without hesitation. Betty warms her with a brief moderate handspanking. “Now a dozen real good ones.” A playful Amelia: “Oh, my God.” This frontal scene is repeated from an oblique facial angle, where her soaring bottom still mesmerizes on the couch. Masterson is amused at how Amelia can chat away during the spanking.

She displays her bottom at the conclusion. “That was really great.” Being spanked by girls is especially different.

(M/f; time: 9 minutes) From off-screen Masterson informs Amelia it is time to get more serious. Even though the scene here is that of a spanking celebrity paying a visit to RSI, Masterson wants to insert the role-play of Amelia oversleeping and ordering too many shoes.

Miss Betty comes onto the set, positions her, and begins strapping her on her jeans. “Drop your jeans.” The strapping continues on white panties, then Betty pulls them down. This strapping is filmed from the rear and then the scene repeated from the side.

At the conclusion, Amelia takes a look at her bottom. “Oh, that was painful.” Ms. Rutherford is delicious when she discusses being spanked. She tells Michael her bottom always feels bigger after it has been spanked. They discuss pain remedies. None has worked for Amelia. Masterson recommends Arnica, topical of course. Volunteers?

‘Arrival’ M/f; time: 21 minutes) Continuing the RSN formula, and staying within the storyline created, Amelia’s spanking will continue, in the classroom in front of the whiteboard. She wears a gray sports bra and warmup pants. She is kneeling erect, waiting nervously, arms locked behind her in the RSN position, teetering in discomfort.

Masterson arrives and continues the scolding from the Interview portion, reminding her that the spanking punishment is not finished. He pulls up her bra, to a gasp. Amelia’s nipples will be erect here, not always the case for her. Arms out, she has to hold a huge belt, another torture posture.

Amelia moves and kneels on the stool, bending forward, bottom to us. She gets the huge belt on her pants. A good moment for folks into bare feet. He pulls down her pants and panties. The scene is repeated from the side angle. She is left kneeling on her kneecaps at the wall.

After this torturous pause, Masterson allows her to stand, bend over, hands on knees, bare bottom. Masterson uses a hand-mirror sized thick wood paddle, one cheek at a time. Touch toes, lock hands behind ankles, more paddling. Then the lunge position. All this repeated from a side view.

Noticeable white, back-and-blue bruises by now. She strips off her bra and pants and assume the without-chair sitting position at the wall, arms out to hold the paddle. Very uncomfortable, and for how long?   Frontal flashes.


‘School Swats’  (M/f; time: 25 minutes) Amelia completes her visit to RSI by getting the paddle. She asked for it when she told Masterson it was one of her favorites. She likes the thorough conclusiveness of the smack.

Amelia wears a simple top and short shorts, her hair in two pigtails. A long interview with Masterson from off-camera, including an improbable discussion of “cognitive dissonance.”

Masterson shows her the paddle he will use, the full-size thick fraternity type. “It’s huge…it’s hard to believe anyone could use this.” Amelia makes mock faces of horror as Masterson explains American paddle practices.

But talk is cheap. Amelia bends over and places her hands on a stool. Masterson begins with the paddle on her shorts. She is shocked. Five strokes, a break, then 5 more. Amelia puts up a delightful fuss. This paddling scene is repeated from a side camera.

Amelia pulls down her shorts and panties to inspect the damage. A  fully red and bruised bottom. “My God.” She sits gingerly on the stool for a concluding conversation. They discuss the spanking film business, then Amelia autographs the paddle with the date “9/15/16.’





The REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE website establishes the fantasy for the girls here. The government has established some private disciplinary facilities in lieu of prisons. Here at RSI, the girls must surrender all modesty, accept complete nudity as the norm, and obey all directions instantly.

Amelia is brought into the Dean’s office by Mistress Dee, who carries the school uniform she will be given, but first: “I want you to take off all your clothes. Right here.” “Whoa!” cries Amelia. She tries to convince Dee to let her step into another room to change. “Did I stutter…lose that hesitation.”

Dee is sufficiently firm that Amelia strips to bra and panties. Only a few models can equal her skill in depicting this submission. And she stops at bra and panties. “Everything!” When she slips down her panties, she is facing the camera. There will be plenty of camera time for her bottom.

This is the standard ‘Arrival’ procedure for new girls at RSI, who each must strip naked in front of the Dean’s desk and endure the shock of embarrassment and humiliation of being naked in front of others. Despite the familiarity of the storyline, Ms. Rutherford’s celebrity adds many dimensions.

Dean Michael Masterson enters. Amelia squeals and tries to cover herself. Masterson plays the ‘perturbed’ pretty  well himself. “Pick those panties up off the floor,” a challenge for her (he knows) because she is trying to cover and has no hands free.

“Stand up now. Put your hands at your sides.” “This is really weird,” she says. She still tries to cover and protest, but she is bare naked and vulnerable. “I am not here to entertain people with my nudity.” Masterson will begin the spanking , now and slaps her bottom a few times as she stands in front of his desk. “Fucking hell.”

She is caving. Masterson gets her bent over his desk and begins handspanking. “Fuck’s sake!” Amelia mutters.

This six minute scene, shown mostly in the oblique, is now repeated from the rear. Great stuff from Ms. Rutherford, including some sniffles. She is given her uniform to put on, a lot of attention first to the white panties. She is sent to her dorm to read and learn the RSI handbook. We know what happens to girls who don’t study it.

First spankings (M/f; time: 20 minutes) Amelia kneels erect on a stool, hands behind her back in the official RSI position, wearing a gray sports bra and gray warmup pants. Masterson arrives and explains some of the procedures. This will be a spanking for her stubborn behavior at the Arrival.

Masterson pulls up her bra to expose her breasts and makes her hold a strap at arm’s length, all ritual punishments at RSI. We watch from the rear. She leans forward to the floor so that her bottom is elevated; Masterson straps her on her pants, then pulls them down with her panties. This 6 minute scene is repeated from the oblique. She is made to kneel at the wall, lean forward to rest on it, and leave all her weight on her knees. RSI likes these punishment positions.

We have combined a second 11 minute segment here. Masterson returns with a small mirror-shaped wood paddle. Amelia bends, hands on knees, to be paddled on the bare. She then bends almost double, locking her wrists behind her ankles. Very hard to do–Ms. Rutherford has remained limber from her dancing training. Then the ‘thrust’ position to complete the paddling. This segment is then repeated from the oblique position.

To  conclude, Amelia strips naked and is put against the wall, in a sitting posture without a chair, another painful punishment position.



Dr. Daniels’ Disciples – REALSPANKING

27 Mar

M/2f ;  time: 33 minutes

Coach ‘Daniels’ in the basement/dungeon setting RSN used often enough. He marches in two RSN regulars, ‘Claire’  and  ‘Jessica.’ Both girls are wearing just black bras, thongs, and stockings. The girls will occasionally smile and laugh a bit–Daniels never quite gets their full respect. They have done this too many times with him.

He quickly bends the two girls over a table and begins paddling. Next comes a cane–he alternates bottoms in mostly mild stuff. He has the girls remove their bras and he plays with their boobs and has the girls suck each other’s nipples.

You can see why ‘Victoria Burns’ would and did tease Daniels as she gets ready to spank him in some of their films, either here at RSN or later at THESPANKINGCOUPLE. He admitted to getting turned on by spanking, and we have reviewed him spanking many girls. He had interesting work days and deserved to pay for them.

Daniels continues to gently torment Jessica and Claire. They can’t disguise their amusement. He gently flogs their bare breasts, duct-tapes their wrists together, strings up their other arms. He uses the large floppy RSN paddle, a cane, and flogs their backs. When she has an arm free, Claire reaches between her legs to masturbate. Hugs all around, the black thongs remained in place.


20 Jul


‘Brandi’s Dungeon Punishment’ (F/f; 10 minutes) Miss Burns does the hard work here, wearing a long, slinky, black latex BDSM outfit; she straps ‘Brandi’ to the trestle. Brandi wears a thong, but from our seat she is all bottom. First, Miss Burns spanks her, not hard, but sobbing begins. Brandi kneels erect and Burns flogs her back, rapidly and mildly, almost an irritant.

The second five minutes repeats the sequence from a face-CAM. We see Brandi is blindfolded for the bend-over segment, an enhancement to this cellar BDSM.

‘Jamine’s Dungeon’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Two RSN actresses; ‘Jasmine’ will spank ‘Kailee’ (the good sport in so many RSN films and a full adult star in other places) on the padded trestle in the cellar-like ‘dungeon.’ We have commented, we enjoy spankings in these faux-harsh surroundings, our favorite being GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, where you can almost smell the mold in the unfinished space and feel the rubble on bare feet.

There is no dialogue; Kailee is naked, kneeling on the padded trestle. Jasmine wears just panties and bra. Kailee is spanked and whipped in this posture.

‘Three Girls’ (M/3f; time: 41 minutes) Zoe, Jasmine, and a third girl in the RSN ‘dungeon.’ They are bare-naked, splayed over a bondage table. Coach Daniels will have some fun with them and probably risk a spanking from Elizabeth Burns when the shoot concludes. Everybody wins.

Daniels is going to play a game with the girls, who are bent over and secured to the table, side by side. Three bottoms fill the screen. They are to masturbate while he spanks them, and they will be released when they cum. He works the beautiful bottoms with his hand and paddles. Jasmine seems to be frigging herself the hardest. Bottoms undulate and fingers work. The 7-minute scene is repeated from the side/facial angle.

After a theatrical fade, we see the three naked girls in the diaper position, their cuffed ankles strung to the ceiling. Daniels walks the line, spanking and frigging, openly sexual. This scene is repeated twice more, facial, and more closeup facial. Three lovely girls, getting quite a charge out of this film.

Daniels and blonde, lost keys – REALSPANKINGS

7 Jul

M/f; time: 6 minutes

Coach Daniels awakes a blonde, asleep in the easy chair seen in many RSI films. The actress is not ‘Elizabeth Burns,’ but the plot is the same as the ‘Spanking Couple’ and similar scenarios at RSN. Daniels is late for work and cannot find his car keys. She’s been out all night–his niece, daughter?

He finds the keys locked in the car and returns with the RSN floppy strap. He’s going to paddle her until the locksmith arrives. He’ll hope the locksmith is slow, she won’t.

Bend-over, paddle on jeans. Jeans down, white lace panties–Daniels pulls them down himself. Some puss.

Real Spanking Network – Collection

22 Jun

Wonderful shorts from ‘RSN’; this blog was written early in our exposure to RSN; we have since collected work by Elizabeth Burns and the ‘Arrival’ and ‘School Swats’ themes separately.

‘Alyssa, Roxie, and Harlan Spanked’ (M/3f; time: 8 minutes) One of REALSPANKINGS multi-bottom spanking episodes, and done very well, as always. ‘Alyssa,’ ‘Roxie,’ and ‘Harlan’ are marched into webmaster Michael Masterson’s office by another male staffer. The girls continue to misbehave, and now the men will increase the intensity of their punishment.

Masterson is perturbed and distracted by this interruption. He orders the girls to stand in line and then to undress. The girls quickly remove their white blouses, plaid kilts, and white bra/panty sets. Masterson has them face the camera for the undies part. The assisting staffer to trying to remain nonchalant as the girls get naked.

Masterson reads off the offenses and checks their punishment records on his laptop to see what has failed in the past. We wonder where you can buy that software. The naked girls must kneel erect, very uncomfortable, hands on head, in just their bobby socks and shoes. The associate brings in the selected implements; the girls begin to look a little concerned, their smirks disappearing.

The girls are ordered to turn and bend over the table. Under Masterson’s supervision, the assistant goes along the line, whipping each bottom with a tawse. The scene is repeated from a face-CAM. To conclude, the girls face us again, hands at their sides, the official RSN posture, on the verge of tears.

‘Miss Stevie’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A blonde stands in front of Michael, her blouse open, her bare boobs on display, proud and firm. It seems she was caught in class without a bra. And we soon notice, she is standing on a stool, to further accentuate her nudity and humiliation.

Michael will spank her. She kneels on the stool, school kilt up, white panties down. Michael begins with a handspanking. The 3-minute spanking will be repeated, the rear first, then the side.

Stevie must now stand and bend over, hands on the stool, for the strap. They discuss how many strokes are appropriate. They agree, “12 is fair.” This strapping is also repeated, rear and side. She is sent to the corner to kneel erect, bare bottom.

‘Two Girls’ (M/2f; time 19 minutes) RSN regulars ‘Kajira’ and ‘Syrena’ walk onto the stage totally naked, led by webmaster Michael Masterson,’ who has told us his ‘clients’ like multiple girl spankings.

The naked girls sit on stools. Masterson will place a plastic tub between them. They will select paddles and straps and be spanked in turn by him, bent over their stools. Each session will be filmed from the bottom-view and a side view. The girls’ bottoms mark up quite differently, with a bit of blood.

Four Girls (M/4f; 4 parts) Four of RSN’s regulars in a multi-part spanking episode. First, Masterson must create the theatrical fantasy which will sustain the colorful spankings which will follow. They have been caught smoking pot. In Colorado? This is an older film.

To begin, the girls bend over in a row and Masterson goes down the row with three cracks of the paddle on their jeans, filmed from facial views only. Jeans down, down the row, three more. Miss Kat drops out.

Panties down, 3 more on the bare. Masterson has the girls sign waivers. All facials in this segment.

Webmaster Michael Masterson has mentioned that his “customers” like multi-girl spankings, and that bare skin must been achieved early. Here, ‘Allison,’ ‘Roxie,’ ‘Miss Kat,’ and ‘Miss Harlan’ reprise some of their roles. This is the fourth part, a paddling.

The girls are lined up. The first round from Masterson consists of three hard swats on their designer jeans. The large fraternity paddle produces gasps and tears immediately.

The second phase–down with the jeans. Miss Kat can’t take it and asks to be excused and steps out of line. The three remaining girls quake for three shots on their bikini panties, various shapes, colors, and sizes.

The last three strokes are on the bare skin. Each girl screams out in her own way, seemingly close to breaking, and making us wonder about much longer paddlings we have seen with this same-sized instrument.

The girls laugh nervously in their post-punishment cool-down interview. Some are still sniffling. Bare bottom inspections–varying bruises, familiar for us spankos from a paddle.

‘Claire’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) Mistress Dee comes into brunette Claire’s room and find her lolling on the be, watching TV when she is supposed to be studying. Dee will fix this now. “If I can’t sleep, you’re not going to sleep.” Claire gets a short but impressive spanking with a large hairbrush on bare skin.

‘Elizabeth’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) ‘Elizabeth Burns’ introduces herself by name and narrates for the camera that she seeks some corporal punishment to assuage some guilt, a “guilt excursion,” she calls it.

Coach Daniels will provide the service. He begins a hard OTK spanking on her jeans. “No paddy-cake for these things,” he says. Elizabeth stands to drop her stylish jeans, already in tears, typical on her films. Red bottom shows around the edge of her panties.

Elizabeth stands, pulls her jeans back up, wipes tears, and concludes her interview.

Burns and Daniels go on to form their own website, SpankingCouple.Com, for more on this theme.

‘4 Girls 4 Straps’ (M/4f; time: 30 minutes) RSN divided this film into four parts–there is enough excitement to sustain it. Webmaster Michael Masterson reserved this salacious performance for himself.

Four brunettes stand in full schoolgirl kit-blouse, tie, plaid kilt, knee socks and full white panties. They bend over with pants down, bottoms clear, but not for long. Then the girls are shown, pants down, holding the four straps to be used at arm’s length.

In the first segment the strapping begins. The girls bend over a long table, and Masterson moves from girl to girl, quite gleefully pulling their panties down to their knees. Using the first strap, he elicits early grunts from each girl, hitting quite hard. RSN never pulls its punches.

In the second segment, the girls face us, panties at knees, the camera pans their fronts and four versions of shaving. The girls begin stripping–skirts off, ties, blouses, now to just matching white bras, panties still at the knees. Nice ritual. Masterson straps down the line again, this time with a wide floppy shaving strop.

3rd segment – bras off, the girls are now naked. bend-over again, hands behind back, the third strap is a doubled wide belt. Much harder here, good facials as the strap falls.

And the 4th segment–the girls stand for a thinner strap and then conclude with another frontal, presenting the straps.

‘Kailee with Daniels and Chelsea Pfeiffer'(MF/f; time:12 minutes) A brief gathering of stars. A spanking is underway. Brunette Kailee was an hour and a half late for a spanking film shoot and ‘Dr. Daniels’ has her OTK. We know from his dialogue on that his interest in girls’ bottoms never flags.

The phone rings during the spanking. He stops to answer; ‘Sierra’ has called him, and now she will be spanked next chance he gets. As Daniels spanks and straps, there is some ad lib chatter which suggests Daniels is not hitting hard enough. He starts with a hairbrush. A male crew member calls “5 minutes.”

A knock at the door. ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ enters and is introduced to Kailee and her red bottom. She too is infuriated by how casual Kailee is about responsibility. She takes over from Daniels with the hairbrush and spanks just as hard. “Do you think you are a little spanking starlet?”

Kailee’s bottom is getting as bruised as we can recall seeing it–mottled color, round bruises, white scuffing. And tears. Next comes the razor strop, from both Daniels and Chelsea, then a caning. Quite a spanking for Kailee.

Redhead in the Cellar’ (M/f; year: 2005; time: 18 minutes) A slightly nastier premise than the mainstream of REALSPANKINGSNETWORK, although the punishment itself is within their reasonable and respectable standards.

Mr. Daniels drags a stark naked little redhead to a padded spanking bench in the dank cellar set we have occasionally seen. (There is similar cellar space on the grounds of the Girls Boarding School.) Just contemplating her-a bit of fear and misery, makes the film. She kneels on the padded platform and leans forward, prayer-like. This variety of bench is for sale by some of the adult toy producers. Apparently RSN did not have a carpenter shop.

Daniels begins a handspanking, moderate but colorful. Most of these CP producers share a fondness for Irish colleen redheads or strawberry blondes. The reason is obvious–the pale skin colors immediately. The little redhead puts up such a loud squawk from the first that Daniels reaches for a ball gag, seen hanging on a rack with other spanking implements. She accepts it without dispute.

Nothing but grunts from here on. Daniels is amused to see her slobbering on the bench.

This four-minute segment is repeated NUWEST-style from a face-CAM, where we can enjoy the model’s young figure, long curly hair, her wild eyes, and the insertion of the gag.

Another 5-minute segment features the girl being flogged with a martinet as she sits on her haunches, then standing, and again with the ball gag. She is instructed to cover her breasts with criss-crossed arms to prevent wrap-around blows. Nice. The segment is repeated with the same face-CAM.

‘Michelle-School Swats’ (M/f; year:2007;time: 4 minutes) These ‘school swats’ films are sufficiently entertaining that we might collect them separately. Mistress Dee tells us that a “forum member” has requested that ‘Michelle’ be given the school swats routine, “on the bare.”

Pretty, curly haired brunette Michelle gets 10 of the paddle, hard enough to induce the reflexive quivering. And the big paddle does the most damage to the far buttock, an occupational hazard. Michelle sits naked at the end, knees apart, recovering.

‘Spanking Monica-Robospanked’ (3 minutes) Man vs. machine. We picked this film in search of the best of the automatic spanking macnhines. This one is not as dramatic as those used at SPANKINGSERVER, but the results may be the same.

RSN’s ‘Monica’ kneels in place on a padded spanking bench. A slapper/paddle protrudes from a device beside her, aimed at the center of her buttocks. When it is activated, the wide leather paddle slaps her bottom faster than the eye can see. Looks good to us, turn it on and go to lunch. Maybe the best machine, but without the drama of Peter Schrober.

‘Miss Burns Spankings’ (M/f; year 2006-7; time: 20 minutes) We’ve seen blond ‘Miss Burns,’ one of the older disciplinarians at REALSPANKINGS, downright matronly when compared to the steady stream of post-teenage models, spank just about everyone, in all sorts of settings. There are a few occasions where she takes some punishment herself, only fair–gotta keep up the resume. We thought we would select a few and expand the file. We have repeated the Burns-Daniels collaboration separately on this site.

Miss Burns kneel on the floor, waiting, panties at her thighs, her hands behind her back, in the specified RSN handbook submissive posture. She wears a black turtleneck.

Mr. Daniels enters and grabs her OTK. He uses a small hardwood paddle, like the back of a hairbrush, with which he can be very specific about what he intends and where he intends it. He spanks and they talk. Is that a tramp stamp we see on this lady? He spanks hard, there are tears, long facials, this first segment is the front view.

Another segment of this video is essentially the bottom-CAM.

Part of this film is a 12 minute episode filmed with Daniels in 2005. Miss Burns is bent over the foot of a Victorian bed. Daniels is paddling her on her skirt with a wicked implement which looks almost like a piece of 2×4. He flicks her skirt up and takes her panties down. Well-reddened bottom, only partway through.

The 6-minute spanking is repeated again with the face-CAM.

‘Miss Burns School Strokes’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) ‘Mistress Dee’ interviews ‘Miss Burns’ in the full-screen style. Before her voluntary spanking will start, Dee asks Burns to drop her pants for the “before-bottom’ look. Nice. It’s a little red already, and there’s that tramp stamp.

Mr. Daniels enters, the executioner. First, ’10 strokes over the jeans” with his cane. This brief spanking constitutes the first part of this film. Burns reacts with realistic gasps, fist clenching, and other gestures of intense sting you will find around the CP genre.

In the post-interview, she dabs her eyes. Dee: “I’m going to have you stand up and show us your bottom,” which she does, dropping her pants again. The redness is expanded, but the jeans protected her from stripes.

‘Stacy’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) RSN issued this film in four parts; blond Stacy is striking to look at and will stop you cold as you scan spanking films. She will be spanked in one of RSN’s model-interview formats.

‘Miss Dee’ introduces her from off-camera. Stacy says that she is 30 years old, and Miss Dee points out that this is a bit older than all the RSN models, many of whom are still teenagers. As usual, Miss Dee wants to get at spanking experiences; Stacy was spanked by her mother, but only a few swats from boyfriends. This will be her first adult spanking. We’ll go with it.

There is no spanking in this first segment; it is time for Stacy to take her clothes off. She stands from the chair in front of the fireplace, unwraps a black dress to show red bra and panties for Dee, who comments on their attractiveness. “Everything?” “Yes.”

Ms. Elizabeth Burns is called on-set and shakes hands with the totally naked Stacy. She will do the spanking. She is taken OTK and Elizabeth carries through a fast, uninterrupted moderate handspanking. Stacy knows to clear the hair off her face. This scene, 3 minutes long, is repeated from a rear bottom view.

Stacy sits naked for her post-spanking interview. She shows her bottom on request, quick to bend over into a lovely screen-grab pose. They talk as she dresses to leave.

‘Two naked girls’ (M/2f; time: 23 minutes) A clever scenario; two girls come ‘on stage,’ a faux proscenium stage-lit set, and act as if they are appearing in front of an audience. With some embarrassment, the girls take off their school uniforms and strip down to bra and panties.

Michael Masterson comes on stage, and is displeased, as any good disciplinarian should be. “This is undressed?” “But it’s embarrassing, people are watching.” That’s a good part of the fun.

The girls take off their undies and sit naked on stools in front of the audience. Masterson returns and has them bend over their stools and spread their legs. There is no point for further embarrassment. He begins handspanking them, moving from bottom to bottom.

At the end of this phase, the girls squat against the wall, legs spread, sitting without a chair, muscles quivering.

Masterson returns, the girls kneel up on their stools for the paddle. There will be several angles on this. surprising amount of bruising, and even some skin pops. Tears. The girls are allowed to apologize and leave.

‘Two naked men’ (3F/2m; time: 16 minutes) We have found a few examples of the F/m format at RSN. This is a playful one. ‘Elizabeth Burns,’ ‘Kailee,’ and a third girl have two men in what clearly is a hotel room. Elizabeth is wearing an evening gown, similar to what we have seen in spanking-party films she made. This film may be an extension of one of those.

The two guys stand beside the bed and quickly strip naked. Elizabeth and the third girl put on rubber gloves and then sit in front of the men and tie their genitals into protective bags. Elizabeth instructs the girl on how to do it, and there is some muted hilarity during the scene. Then men’s backs are to us.

The men kneel on the bed on all fours, genital bags hanging down. Elizabeth and Kailee spank, paddle, strap, crop, martinet, and cane them in mild sequences, suggesting that maybe these men have come upstairs from a spanking party downstairs for some personal adjustment.

‘Betty and Jordan’ (2F/m; time: 21 minutes) The two RSN actresses have their fun with a guy, they will be paddling him–he is made to strip naked. His butt is already a little red. Paddles and straps. Sets from each girl with paddles and straps. Betty starts with a Spencer strap, just six from her, then a rocking 33 from Jordan. Next a wooden spoon, Jordan hits harder throughout.

Hands-on-head for a rest; the girls then arrange him in stools–kneeling on one and leaning forward to rest elbows on the other. Jordan spanks, Betty points out the spots which need work.

He is allowed to rest on a stool. He has started a tiny erection. We’ve said before, ‘David’ at NUWEST is the only model we’ve seen who can spring a hard one even before the spanking begins. We’re not connoisseurs of this phenomenon. The girls tell him “This is the appropriate way to let you back into the house.”

Bend-over a stool, paddling, the ruler. Why does the experienced Betty keep checking the camera. The girls make the guy kneel in the most uncomfortable erect position and set an hour glass to time him.