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Credit Card – OOHTEEKAY

11 May

M/f; time: 21 minutes

Cecil B. will take out his wife’s spending on her bottom. The actress is identified as ’Diabalis,’ a new one on us. In the kitchen, over the counter, the usual silly stuff from this producer. Long handspanking on her skirt.

Diabalis is cornered while Cecil gets his implements. Another long OTK spanking, skirt down this time. He shows her a round paddle, but there is nothing to fewr from Cecil. Thong down, boring. She kneels for a strap to conclude.

Kailee Interview and Dungeon – REALSPANKING

17 Apr

M/f; time: 46 minutes

This unusual film starts off with a male interviewing Kailee in her apartment. She is naked and taking a bath as she is filmed full face, out of character, not in a REALSPANKING scenario yet but as a working spanking model.

She discusses how she works as a spanking model— getting along with various male disciplinarians, how does she prepare mentally for a spanking shoot. There are frequent blackouts. Next we see her putting on makeup as she talks. What turns her on? Not sure what she said. She definitely doesn’t like ‘anal.’ Anything “back there” and it’s over. She also doesn’t care for missionary sexual position, she wants variety.

Finally, we see her full body naked. There is a cat walking around rather comfortably, so maybe we are really in somebody’s residence. She likes the cane the least, and the “best” in the sense of excitement.

“I don’t cry very much.” At the request of the interviewer, she bends over and presents and strokes her bare bottom. Another fade—she lights up a cigarette and is asked about ‘Mr. Daniels’ at REALSPANKING. She never knows what to expect from him and is happy to surrender control. She likes him to use the cane, and she likes it when he flogs her.

Cut to the RSN studios. She is reporting to an angry Daniels on the dungeon set. “Get those clothes off….everything.” He compliments her on folding her clothes and admires her shaved pussy. Kailee bends over a spanking bench and Daniels duct-tapes her hands behind her. He gives her a handspanking and strapping. We watch her face.

He lets her up and continues with his tough talk. “You are mine.” He makes her stretch her arms wide and hold burning candles. He leaves her and she is able to maintain this position until he returns. She kneels in the corner for another candle session.

Another fade. She is strung up and will be flogged. Hot wax on her breasts, and shots of her front and bottom, significant marks.

Four Girls Again spank each other- REALSPANKING

23 Feb

M/4f; time: 55 minutes

Michael Masterson has explained that his customers like these multiple girl episodes. He is told his customers like the girls naked when he interviews them.

Ivy, Miss Roxie, Serena, and Lila are seen here. This is completing a day of filming. “Ladies! The four-girls shoot day. Are your butts sore?” The girls giggle ‘yes.’ As usually happens at RSN, Masterson wants the girls to show their bottoms. They drop their jeans and panties. Masterson comments on the varying degrees of bruising.

Masterson has the girls strip naked. They sit naked in a row, not quite confident enough to open their legs. He will interview each of the girls, asking them about their early life spanking and fetish development, and what part of today’s work was most difficult for them. Then each naked girl will be passed over the bare laps of the other three for handspanking, and Masterson will cap off each girl with a rousing strapping.

Serena is interviewed first. She is a tall and perfect brunette. Her stepfather paddled her, 10 on panties. These are her favorite shoots so far at RSN, she likes being naked with the other girls. The girls don’t spank all that hard, but all the teenage flesh on the screen makes up for it. Alternate views of the spankings. Masterson’s closing 12 from a strap set her to yelling. Lila is asked to rub her bruises.

Ivy’s turn: Ivy tells Masterson about her spanking fetish. “My top kink is bondage.” Ivy is then passed down the line for her spankings from the other naked girls. They all keep their legs together carefully. Alternate views. For her individual session with Masterson, she selects a flogger. Typical RSN bruises.

Miss Roxie is last to be interviewed then spanked. She’s got a few tattoos, which Masterson has frowned upon in the past. She also likes these four-girl buddy shoots. She remembers well a wet bottom spanking after a shower. She admits to a spanking just a few days ago, from a boyfriend who used a cutting board. The girls giggle. She is passed over the laps for her handspanking and gasps through Masterson’s strapping.

“Four girls cheek to cheek and we’ll call it a day.”

Schoolgirls – REALSPANKING

16 Dec

MF/3f; time: 37 minutes

The long-form film format from this producer. Two schoolgirls will be punished by a woman who does not look much older than they are. It is ‘Shannon.’ The girls wear standard schoolie issue—tartan kilts, blue sweaters, blouses, ties.

The set is an empty room. Shannon has brought a bag of spanking implements and shows them to the girls, together with a “permission slip” from their parents. This is meant to be a spanking in the Principal’s office. “I guess you’re first, Sarah.” She gets a hard OTK spanking on her white American panties, a good omen. The second girl gets the same. Next, both girls are handspanked in the frisk position on bunched white panties.

Scene change. The girls are now in civvies. “This is what happens with tardy students. I want you to take your pants off.” The girls drop their jeans and bend over side by side facing in opposite directions for a leather paddle. The acting is cringe-worthy. The director should stop the film and paddle that domme! The girls rotate for the paddle.

In another scene, the girls are dressed differently. At least they brought a lot of clothes to this shoot. The girls drop their shorts and are paddled on their thongs.

Another wardrobe change. The ladies now wear sports bras and shorts. We will see how much of a workout this becomes. The girls are ‘horsed’ for a huge strap.

Now, in formulaic style, a male appears on the scene and will give Shannon what she has been dishing out to the students. She is spanked and paddled in various positions. The film will conclude with Shannon turning to the two students again. Things have survived the entire film. The cane does appear the the end, and the male will paddle Shannon in front of the girls.


27 Aug

More single-girl appearances which attracted our interest.

‘Rae’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) A brunette with sensational breasts easily described as headlights. Masterson will keep them exposed most of the film. The girl is in trouble for not wearing underwear. She has reported to his office and waits for him, in schoolgirl kit. She kneels erect on a stool facing us, hands on head, panties down, skirt tucked up. Her sweater and blouse and also rucked up, exposing her alert boobs.

Masterson arrives and reviews her record. Rae climbs down and straddles the stool cowgirl style and raises her skirt. She struggles through a handspanking in this exposed position. Reverse facial angle.

Next comes a bend-over for the strap. Masterson keeps adjusting her position. Hands on head, standing, for more strap. She struggles and there are bruises. Reverse angle. At the conclusion she takes off her skirt, collects her books, and heads off to class bare bottom.


18 Aug

Bobbi is a slightly older model, at least by REALSPANKING standards. Here are a few of her appearances.

Bobbi’s Arrival’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The succinct prototype arrival format. Betty brings newbie Bobbi and her disciplinary file in for her audience. Masterson  sits at his laptop, nonchalant about this opportunity to strip and spank another new girl. Betty shows her how to position her arms behind her back, and after the lecture, it is time to undress.

Bobbi strips slowly. She is a big girl, with big boobs, real thighs, and a bottom which will require some work. Hands on head, Masterson has her spread her legs, almost 4’  here, and bend forward. One of his specialty tortures. This sequence contains a naked OTK spanking, no nonsense, filmed from the bottom and the front. Betty has her put on her uniform.

‘Bobbi in classroom’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Bobbi wears full schoolgirl kit and stands at the whiteboard, full white panties at her knees. Masterson has her bend double and lock her hands behind her ankles. Not every model can do this. He spanks her in this posture. Alternate views. When she turns, we see her blouse in rucked up and her boobs are on display.


Jessica in Dungeon – REALSPANKING

14 Jan

M/f; time: 41 minutes

One of a series of hot little films Jessica made for her affiliated spinoff of REALSPANKINGS called SPANKINGTEENJESSICA. Jessica is in the familiar, quite naked, being paddled by Betty. She struggles. Various  implements. First, tied over a table then kneeling up on it.

While she is on the table, she reaches under to masturbate while the spanking continues. The 41 minute film is divided into the face and bottom angles.


21 Dec

25 scenes; 1 hr. 34 minutes

REALSPANKING has excerpted and collected 25 segments, the alternate camera facial angle, from their released films. We will see many of the producer’s most famous models in short 3 or 4 minute sessions. No bottoms, little nudity, but all pretty girls in states of stress. We know that in general the spanking is very hard here at RS. 

The acting is always excellent, and this is all facial expressions. The disciplinarians are the RS staff—Masterson, Mistress Dee, Coach Daniels, Elizabeth Burns, Kailee Robinson, and others. Paddles, straps, canes. Some tears.

We could easily identify a number of the girls—Kathy, Bailey, Jackie, Claire, Michelle, Bobbi. Elizabeth Burns and Kailee both are in Top and Bottom roles. Ms. Burns is spanked in two segments, her beautiful face full screen, the usual copious tears. We see Kailee in several evolutions over the years.

For those of us very familiar with REALSPANKING production, bottoms can be seen elsewhere. We enjoyed this parade of pretty faces.

Four Girls-dress code – REALSPANKINGS

30 Aug

M/4f; time: 21 minutes

Another multi-bottom show from Dean Masterson. Betty delivers four brunettes—Miss Roxie, Harlan, Allison, and Miss Kemp. Another dress code violation, a regular spanking theme. The girls have already been spanked today. They must show their bottoms. “Barely pink, handspanking not enough, get the rest of your clothes off.”

Brunette Allison gets the strap first, bent over the desk. “I’m going to go to 16.” She’s been spanked once today. The other girls must count the strokes in unison, lest Masterson start over. Allison gasps and coughs legitimately through the strapping, a doubled belt. Even Masterson is impressed. “I think I might have made an impression.” We’ve seen thousands of spankings. Only a few models react like this. 16 strokes, viewed side and rear.

Miss Roxie, a pageboy auburn haired model, is next. She gets her 16, alternate views. She fixes her hair without direction and looks at the camera.

Miss Harlan, pigtails, next. Masterson is disappointed with her bottom. “It isn’t pink any more.” Sixteen for her. She shakes and quivers, like we have seen for surprised models.

And Miss Kemp. Ponytails and tattoos She gets only six and gasps out an apology. Facial tears, what REALSPANKINGS likes.

The girls line up naked, as is done in these episodes. Bottoms to us then frontals. Lovely young models, an enduring credit to this marvelous producer. Where does he get all these teenagers and what does he tell them?

Four Girls Paddled For Marijuana – REALSPANKING

5 Aug

M/4f ; time: 36 minutes

Another four-girl spanking story, where Michael Masterson satisfies requests of his customers. Masterson introduces Allison, Miss Kat, Harlan, and Roxie. This will be their last scene of the day (which means marked bottoms). The girls sit in a row, holding paddles, and giggling.

First, the girls drop their pants to show the day’s results. Cut to the story. The girls were caught with marijuana, and since no one will fess up, they must choose between the police, or the “private option,” 9 swats. Short discussion—the paddle.

The girls bend over, hands on knees, 3 stokes each on their jeans, seen from the rear and face. The girls drop their jeans to display a variety of bikini panties, not school style. Masterson starts down the line again with his paddle, but Miss Kat quits after two strokes.

The last 3 strokes for the remaining girls are on the bare. There is some reflexive quivering. The girls sign waivers. The scenes are repeated, face and bottom. The episodes end with a 3 minute interview where the girls giggle through the experience of the day and do another moon bend-over to show us.