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No Laughing Matter Nurse – REDSTRIPE

14 Mar

MF/f; time: 18 minutes

Another STRAND production, with owner Sarah Bright/Stern and Jenna Jay. The ladies are in the blue nurse uniforms with the white belts. Ms. Stern has made an excellent disciplinarian of young nurses’ bottoms in a number of films. And it is always nice to see a male doctor wander in.

A pretty nurse in trouble. Sarah has Jenna bend over a small table for a handspanking, lefthanded. Uniform hem up, green lace panties, surely not regulation. Pantyhose down first, then knickers down, a standing hand spanking, full screen bottom.

A male doctor joins. Did he hear the cries? He is convinced of whatever the student nurse had done and continues spanking Jenna, handspanking and paddling, and some delightful action as she sits bare bottom cowgirl on a chair.

Kinky Caretaker – REDSTRIPE

23 Nov

M/f: time: 10 minutes

With Wynter Sky, from STRAND. The opening set is an alley exterior. Thin blonde Wynter, dressed in full schoolgirl kit, is caught smoking and on her cell phone by the caretaker, Mr. Stern. In most CP films, this would be two spankable violations.

After a long scolding, Wynter to taken inside to a faux barn setup. It seems like she has been here before, because after just a short chat, she takes her white knickers off quite voluntarily and offers her bottom. Stern canes her in several positions. We didn’t see a mark.

New Head Girl – REDSTRIPE

20 Jun

F/2f; year: 1999; time: 32 minutes

A film we have found—we thought we had seen substantially all of Ivor Gold’s films. This is a conventional schoolgirl frolic, filmed at the set with the large veranda.

A new Head Girl has been appointed—we think this is the domme ‘Miss Parker,’ a very good spanker. An older student, a snitch type, catches two younger students drinking and smoking in a silly scene, but we don’t require much cleverness in the preambles. The girls are marched into the new Head Girl, who is examining the spanking implements she has been given to use. You can feel Gold behind the camera.

The girls are scolded while Parker flexes the cane. She is going to spank them in turn for the rest of the film. The brunette goes OTK first for a very hard spanking on white panties, eliciting cries. Parker takes the panties down. The girl is sent to the wall, on display. The blonde is spanked next, having watched.

With both girls standing at the wall, panties at their thighs, Parker smacks them both, and gives us a sheepish grin at the reaction she gets. Both girls bend over for the strap in turn, flinching as they anticipate the strokes. The blonde seems to have more trouble.

Parker clears the tsble for the bend-over for the cane. The brunette first—10 moderate snaps, screams, grabbing. The blonde gets a much harder caning (paid more?), 20 strokes, low camera angles, harder and faster. The snitch loves watching. In some films, she would be next. Off to class. Lovely Ivor ritual.


On the Job Training – REDBOARD

18 Oct

M/3f; year: 1991; time: 1 hr 31 minutes

An American film, a largely silly exercise where porn star ‘Tom Byron’ spanks three salesgirls working in this store, for one thing or another. Sophie (Kim Wylde), Sandy, and Maggie have to be shown the fine print in their contracts which allows the company to use corporal punishment.

First, all three girls get OTK spankings, skirts up, bottoms mostly bare. The girls know they can’t find this kind of job elsewhere. Series of spankings and mild humilations not worth describing.

Cheating Wife – REDSTRIPE

25 Sep

M/f; time: 17 minutes

Leia Ann Wood sits on a bed; her husband  is suspicious of how well she is dressed. He shows a video camera he has, “so tiny these days.” Next, he has a film of her having sex with their chauffer, ‘Joe.’ Leia will not apologize and she does not want a divorce.

“I’m going to give you a damn good hiding.” She objects. The choice is–she will take a spanking or move out. “I’ll take the thrashing.” She bends over the foot of their four-poster bed, dress up, knickers down. a routine strapping, some old bruises. Must always admire Ms. Wood’s carefully tended muscular figure.

Training of Pandora – REDSTRIPE

6 Sep

F/f; time: 27 minutes

Multiple sessions are needed here to get that bottom of Pandora Blake’s in line. This is one of those Herculean tasks which could have been bid out by REDSTRIPE.

Pandora detrains and enters a limo. She is narrating her journey. She knocks on a door and immediately is led to a basement. We love these films where girls must report for punishment–the meek knock at an intimidating door.

In the cellar (dungeon) she meets ‘Miss Montana,’ and we don’t mean the State beauty queen, or even ‘Hannah,’  where such dress as we see here  would be scandalous. “You’re here to explore your fantasies, your kinks.” ‘Zoe Montana’ wants her clothes off. “You are to be naked the entire time.”

Pandora gets naked;  we are just now focusing on a tattoo at the back of her neck. She pulls on knee boots and Zoe attaches a collar. The first test will be some lesbian fondling, then a handspanking. Hands over head, a gentle flogging.

Zoe teases with a cane and taps Pandora’s nipples. Palm slaps, not much of a challenge so far.

Training of Pandora #2 (F/f; 25 minutes) Naked Pandora in the dungeon. Wall mirrors increase the fun. ‘Master Magnus’ ( a paying client ?) arrives. It is the actor ‘Agean,’ or whatever name he uses. Never sure. He will take over the torment of Pandora,  She flashes one of the naughtier pubic trims we have seen–shaved bare except for a little coin-sized tuft at the apex.

Pandora kneels on a padded bench, thighs spread by the kneeling pads. Magnus spanks her with a hard stinging wood paddle with a lollypop head. the perfect little tool for detail work. Wonderful closeups, and Ms. Blake’s Dimples of Venus are featured here.

Heavy strap next, Pandora plays with herself. She is getting into the fetish exploration. A graphic: “End of the Second Session.”

Setting an Example – REDSTRIPE

5 Sep

MF/2f; time: 1 hour, 1 minute

A standard spanking scenario, but with some good actors. Blond ‘Miss Parker’ plays ‘Miss Thompson.’ She is putting one of her students, ‘Wendy.’ through exercises. Both are in workout gear. We know Miss Parker has an eye for girls.

Spandex down, OTK, over a stool for a strap. A man interrupts Thompson. “What is going on here?” Thompson is delightfully arrogant, almost imperious, at being challenged by a male supervisor. She pretends not to know what we spankos know, her bottom is going to be on the line.

The guy listens to Thompson’s recital of the girl’s offenses. He will continue Wendy’s punishment, but as to Thompson, “I’m going to deal with you later.”  Wendy gets standard spanking and caning,  a little bit faked actually. 12 of the cane, and 8 more for mouthing off, but just pushes, not strokes. She keeps popping off–7 more, this time harder.

Thompson has been watching and now it is her time. Over the stool, skirt up, handspanking, Wendy watches amused at her predicament. Panties down, handspanking, strap, cane. 12 strokes, Thompson’s hair comes loose. “Six more” for something.


Strapped for Cash 1 -3 – REDSTRIPE

1 Aug

F/f; time: 21 minutes

A studious-looking conventionally dressed Nicky Montford receives ‘Aleesha Fox’  in her home. She needs a loan, she is strapped for cash. The girls chat, and then it’s time for business. “You do know about our company?”  “Yes, but I thought it was a joke.” “If you don’t keep up with your payments, someone will come around and deal with you- corporal punishment.”

Aleesha explains that she would like to administer a spanking now to ensure Nicky understands the terms. No objection. Nicky kneels up on the couch. Handspanking and strap. black panties down, significant blotching and bruises. Not as hard as we’ve seen Ms. Montford take, but it about seven minutes of steady spanking.

The story continues, featuring the amazing ‘Nicky Montford’ and ‘Aleesha Fox.’ The two are arguing here about themoney Nicky owes and is late paying back. So Aleesha will spank her. She will use a paddle we have never seen before, racket ball sized leather affair, thicker and stiff, covered with Spencer-like holes, and hinged on a handle.

Nicky seems prepared to take a spanking rather than come up with the payment. She kneels on the couch, Aleesha takes up her skirt and lowers her panties. It is a heavy paddling, and splotchy marks come quickly. The pinching of the Spencer holes? Nicky’s bottom turns to its classic spanked shape. Aleesha tops it off with some thigh spanking.

And in the third installment, it turns out that accountant Aleesha has been cooking the books and siphoning money, that Nicky is not in arrears as much as thought. Business owner ‘Dave Dodgy’ is going to spank Aleesha. Nicky will watch–we figure her bottom needs a break at this point in the filming.

Aleesha will get “a good hiding.” She kneels up on a desk on all fours, skirt up, knees wide for the proper balance. Nicky holds her hands. Black laced panties down for the strap. Not as entertaining as Ms. Montford would have been.

Just Reward For a Thief – REDSTRIPE

8 Jun

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Two CP road warriors, ‘CJ’ (MOONGLOW and other films) and ‘Agean,’ for want of a better name for him. The film is a brief one-scene exercise, similar to many stories distributed by XEROTICS. CJ is an older model, thin, with shoulder-length curly brunette hair. She knows what spankings are about.

Agean is studying the books of his bar/restaurant with CJ, and he has come to the conclusion that, on the nights CJ works, business activity and sales receipts don’t seem to match. CJ knows where is this going and hints that a spanking has settled disputes she has had with her boyfriend. She is suddenly very willing when Agean explains that he has a hidden camera.

“You’ve given  me a good idea.” He grabs her OTK and delivers a firm spanking on black panties. Then, panties down, he gives her a thorough spanking with a short square Spencer strap. Her bottom is turned totally red, with the edges of the pattern squared off in the shape of the strap.


Prefect Thrashed – REDSTRIPE

31 May

M/f; time: 11 minutes

This film was made in Spain, part of a  ‘RemingtonSteele’ operation, and very much the feel of an XEROTICS distribution. The male disciplinarian here is identified as ‘Nimoy,’ the very same well-traveled ‘Agean’ we have named  him and seen in many XEROTICS films.

Nimoy is in his academic robes. He has a pigtailed brunette prefect in his office. She is going to be spanked for something, and Nimoy is displeased with her unauthorized sea-green satin knickers, which seem to shine in the studio light as if they were wet.

“Don’t take my knickers down, please, sir.” “They’re coming down. You know the rules.” The girl has a big bottom and wide hips. A  series of canes is lined up against the bookcase, but they won’t be used today. The girl kneels up on a chair for more handspanking before she is sent to the corner. Routine schoolgirl stuff.