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Camilla Scott at REDSTRIPE

2 Mar

There are quite a few of her films associated with the STRAND production of REDSTRIPE. We have found X so far. Some are advertised as “home made,” with the familiar sets seen in XEROTICS and GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL from Alex Hyde and Camilla.

House burglar’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Not the title, but another home made film from Alex and Camilla. She has broken into his flat to live there, because he was never around. She was clever enough to change the locks. Alex arrives home and frightens her into letting him in. ”Who are you?” She sits cowering while he scolds. ”Why shouldn’t I call the police?…I will punish you myself.”

Alex gets a cane and locks the door. Kissie seems willing to take a spanking rather than the alternative. OTK on the familiar couch, skirt up, white knickers. They come down, a slow familiar handspanking, but a little harder here than in many of their films. She gets up and lies over the arm of the couch for a strap.

Alex lets her up. If it were us, we’d give her a spare room and tell her the rent will be taken every Friday night.

Kissi and the Young Farmer’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) A farmer ( Alex Hyde) catches Kissi/Camilla Scott trespassing on his property. She has been climbing on his hay bales and treading on his crops. Kissi is dressed in short coveralls and does a decent job at being an adolescent. This won’t stop the aggrieved farmer. Nice exterior scenes, expensive for low budgets and found in several other Hyde productions.

After threatening the police and her parents, he grabs Kissi and bends her over. Handspanking first on her shorts. Coveralls unsnapped and off. The farmer takes off his substantial belt and goes to work on her white lace panties. She reacts reflexively to the sting of each stroke.

Panties down. The whipping continues. Kissi struggles to keep from reaching back to cover herself. Nice facial shots are mixed in, with some frontals. A strong spanking for STRAND, we thought, although Ms. Scott never marks much. He should have taken her inside by the hand.

The Mortgage’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Alex Hyde and Bow on their home set in another film they made. He is on the phone and learns that their mortgage application has been denied because of bad credit caused by Bow’s secret misuse of credit cards.

That is always an automatic spanking. The couple is very young here. Bow kneels up on their couch and the handspanking begins on her summery print dress. Dress up, black lace panties. Alex takes them down. Bow moves around and lies over a couch arm, protecting her modesty. Alex uses his belt on her tan bare bottom. All mild stuff but cute. Tears. Hugs.

‘No Party For You’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) This REDSTRIPE advertises the submission of homemade films for the producer to review and buy. This would explain the production of the similar films by Alex Hyde and Camilla Scott found at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, FIRMHAND, XEROTICS, and other STRAND affiliates.

On the familiar household set, little Camilla sneaks in the patio door and turns on the TV. She is wearing a hot little dress with inviting cleavage. She makes a phone call—she is arranging something for tonight. She hears Alex Hyde entering the house and hides under a table, little girl style.

He hears the phone call and a succession of others. “What are you doing here?” He seems to be a friend or relative who is allowing Kissi to stay with him at what he calls his “flat.” From the calls coming in, he figures out a party is developing.

Not here. Spanking time. He bends her over a table, skirt up, kitty cat panties soon down. He moves her to the kitchen door, where he wants her to spread wide in the opening. She must take her skirt off. She is defiant and angry, different than her usual submissive.

Alex canes her in the doorway, rather hard, she jumps. This position allows the camera to move to both sides of the doorway. We thought Alex moderated the strokes partway through.

Another graphic at the conclusion of the film invites amateur submissions.

’Sleepover’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Kissi’s little cowering persona again. She has had a sleepover in Alex’s house and her girlfriends were rummaging around in his room. (found his implements?) She wears white shorts and a T-shirt. AND, the most spankable offense, she used his credit card to buy food. ”You’ll be punished.”

Cut—Kissi is OTK, we missed what happened to her shorts. Gauzy panties down, full screen, lovely stuff from this nifty tended body. Very good shots of the spanking, including angle we like showing both her face and an elevated bottom. A struggle, one of her better spankings.

Cut—Kissi sits on the couch, no pants, apologizing.

After School Lessons – REDSTRIPE

12 Jan

F/f; time: 21 minutes

Katie Didit and Honee Wells. Kitchen scene, pigtailed auburn-haired Honee got spanked at school and shows her bottom to Katie. Ms. Katie is angry and calls the school. It seems Honee was stealing and fighting, so the punishment will continue. Bend over a table, handspanking on white frilly knickers, which come down. There are the marks from the school spanking

Handspanking continues. Honee must strip, right there in the kitchen. She leaves her bra on. A quite hot standing spanking. Didit can be relied upon. Closeups. Over a counter for a slipper. Mottled bruises. Excellent facials. REDSTRIPE had a clever director for this one. Conclude with a spoon spanking.

Sascha Harvey – XEROTICS and more

18 Sep

A model we have not paid enough attention to. Not too many appearances for her. We’d like to think, of her as well as others, that she is at a pool in some emirate, wearing little or nothing at all. Various spellings on her name.

Bitch in the Kitchen’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) XEROTICS Sascha works at a sink in an apron. Miss Smith stops her and complains about her work, sufficiently that she is going to be spanked. OTK, black skirt up, Ms. Harvey always attracts the facials. Black net knickers, her bottom is already well marked from a busy day. Strap over the kitchen counter. Long rub and bottom on display.

‘Chastisement of Ms. Harvey’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Sasha plays a teacher who must report to her headmaster that she has left some important papers at home. Since she makes a habit of carelessness, he will spank her. After a fade, Dean Harvey begins the spanking. “Dress up, knickers down.” Lefthanded handspanking. Routine but very nice. Ms. Harvey is deadly in her black dress. She rubs.

Drunk Nurse’ (M/2f; time: 27 minutes) Peters plays a doctor and Miss Smith a senior nurse. Sasha Harvey is an ‘auxiliary nurse.’ Sasha wears a cute blue uniform with white belt. Smith and Harvey were seen out drinking together. After a scolding, the cane comes out. For Sasha, it’s either her job or a thrashing. This is often a choice in Britain. Something about the labor market. 

But Miss Smith will be caned first. She bends over and is already bruised. Peters to Sasha: “Watch this carefully, your ass is next.” 

Sasha’s turn. She bends over to display full white knickers for a strap and the cane. She pulls the knickers down herself. “Touch your toes.” 15 strokes with repeats. Smith is caned again, then Harvey. Harvey by far the hardest. 

There is smarmy dialogue from the girls we couldn’t hear. Peters wants legs apart so he can see “privates.” 20 more for Harvey. She kicks her knickers free. The two bottoms are left on display while Peters goes to lunch. 

Punishment Room 201’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Sascha and Miss Smith. The set is a padded room, appropriate to the title, which we have not seen before. Sascha is ordered: ”Lift up your skirt…..pull down your knickers.” A strapping begins, loud and echoing off the padded walls. ”Thank you, mistress.”

“That’s just the small first part.” Sascha bends over again. Smith uses a heavy doubled strap on her bare bottom this time. Probably because of the damage being done to her buttocks crease, Sascha stands erect, to allow the strap to find the fat of her bottom. She asks to rub. Final six, counted and thanked. She has another appointment in two days in this room. A memorable strapping.

‘Sasha Harvey Punished’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Ms. Harvey is a tall and thin brunette, with a rather studious look which suggests she should have avoided being spanked. But maybe she just reminds us of a teacher along the way.

She knocks at the headmistress’s door, one of those nail-biting scenes so prevalent in erotic British CP film lore. She is in full schoolgirl kit. The headmistress leads her off to the basement, an even finer derivation of this sexy opening scene. Ms. Harvey hangs her head–she know how to do these scenes.

In the ‘basement’ is a sort of plastic trestle, a new one on us. She lies over it–the slippering starts on white panties, before the Head takes them down. The high-arch trestle provides some between-thigh views. She kicks her panties to her ankles.

Then the cane, a long session for XEROTICS. Maybe 35 strokes. repeats from 3 angles alternated, and some wild shots which produces marks probably not intended. Lie still, Ms. Harvey! Harder spanking than usual.

‘Double Caning’ (2M/f; time: 11 minutes) REDSTRIPE Sasha Harvey, a model we enjoy and have not seen much of. The set is a barn, with carefully arranged hay bales and tools. Sasha comes on set, wearing a white peasant dress. “I’m here for my punishment, sir. I accept the cane.”

It starts with her holding out both palms. Two men will cane her, from off camera. One is Mr. Stern, who pops into view just once. The other is probably a FEDEX or UBER driver for STRAND who begged on. A bit silly. Sasha bends over and raises her dress. No knickers. She lies on a bench Russian style for the first part of her caning. Mild taps from both caners to start, but intensity increases. Despite the popularity of this position, it does not accentuate the buttocks

She develops marks down her thighs, lying flat like this. Caning faster and faster. After a fade, Sasha is standing and bent over for more. Then she stands on a ladder. Nice bold frontal to conclude.

‘Paddled at Bedtime’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) REDSTRIPE. Sascha enters a red bedroom, where Mr. Stern is waiting with a paddle. She wears a very hot little white nightie. When she puts her hands on her head, the nightie rides up so nicely. The spanking begins with a mild slapping on her bottom and thighs.

Sascha kneels and bends over the foot of a wrought iron bed. Knickers down, a routine spanking, except Sascha is very loud. Her boobs pop out. To the corner to rub. Nightie off, she faces us. Nice.

Prison Punishment’(M/2f; time: 10 minutes) XEROTICS. Vincent, Ashleigh McKenzie and Sascha. The girls are getting a farewell spanking before they leave prison. Somehow, they are wearing somewhat scandalous sexy attire, not what you’d think would work going out the gate. “Fuck off,” they tell Vincent. He should send them back inside. The girls reluctantly agree to a spanking.

Ashleigh bends over a desk first for lefthanded Vincent. Then Sascha. Quite colorful. The girls face us, knickers down. Both girls get the strap, more frontals. Two ‘pro’ models who know just how to pose.

Putting It About’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) REDSTRIPE Sascha sits on a couch. Mr. Stern enters the room. They seem to be husband and wife. He has discovered she has been making BDSM films and a video of her is already waiting on the player. He plays it—2 photographers are doing stills of her and a third films her cavorting nude in BDSM harnesses.

She insists it was “just a bit of fun,” which it surely was. “How many times?” Punishment time. “Not another spanking….not the paddle.” OTK, a routine spanking, skirt and knickers off. She kneels on the couch for more handspanking. It is not bothering her so far. Continued.

Reboot‘ (M/f; year: 2010; time: 7 minutes) . NORTHERNSPANKING Michael Stamp sits at his desk, having trouble with his computer. He calls in an assistant, the well equipped Sascha Harvey. She is wearing a naughty open-cut blouse. Apparently she is the cause of the glitch, because she is going to be spanked for it and doesn’t object. He bends her over the desk for handspanking and the cane. Black and white trimmed knickers will stay on here. Sascha attends her hair to keep her face clear. Low camera shots, all in all rather tame for this wonderful model.

Sasha’s Desire’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) ENGLISH-SPANKERS. Mr. Stern in a sort of interview with Ms. Harvey. They are discussing her interest in spanking. She does some play with her boyfriend—“college girl, kitchen mishaps, dress up, outdoors with no panties.” He wants her to say to the camera, “I love being spanked.”

Sasha describes a fantasy of being caught masturbating in a men’s room, and the scene is acted out. The actor Agean catches her mostly naked in a stall and gives her a standing handspanking and strapping.

Back to the interview. The next fantasy is shot in a simple BDSM dungeon. Sasha strips to sexy black matching undies and is paddled, first on her knickers. She then lies

Search’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Ms. Harvey at her most dramatic. She stands stark naked in the frisk position in a cell or a solitary room. Miss Smith is doing a search. Smith finds a purse taken from her, and it is time for the spanking.

Sasha goes OTK; despite the fact she is starkers, she is wearing black heels. Lovely spanking, face to the camera. Full screen bottom, very red. Sasha has tongue jewelry. Frontals. A must for Harvey fans.

Sore Bottom Sasha’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Dean Harvey is on the phone calling for Sasha, who is late for a shoot. Imagine aggravating Management at a spanking film producer. Sasha hurries in, full of excuses. She hasn’t been to makeup or wardrobe Since the film crew is waiting and the stage is set, he will spank her now. Harvey roughly lowers her slacks and knickers and takes her OTK. OTK spanking, she struggles, bottom quickly red. He rucks up her top. Nice rough spanking. Mostly facials, don’t see much of her bottom here.

An alternate view all facial; after a cut, Sasha stands naked at the pink backdrop for a strap. Mostly facial. Finally some bottom views. Odd segues and continuity here. There must have been shoot difficulties. Final closeup. She is well bruised, which might have been disguised.

The Girlfriend – REDSTRIPE

16 Apr

2F/f; time: 23 minutes

The STRAND operation. Nicky Montford, Aleesha Fox, Sarah Bright. Aleesha and Sarah burst in on and wake up Nicky. Ms. Montford is older here, and a bit shopworn in appearance, but she will demonstrate that quality she was famous for, the pain tolerance. The women roll Nicky awake and strip off her nightie.

The spanking begins while Nicky lies face up. She is naked now except a lacy thong. They rip the thong off and smack her on her thighs and between her legs with straps. The ladies roll Nicky onto her stomach. Her bottom and thighs are bruised in varying degrees of healing. (There are more films from REDSTRIPE, which must be the reason.) The ladies strap her from both sides. They spread her legs and slap her pussy.

Sarah brought a collection of implements to this party. With various tools, they redden her thighs all the way to the knees. Aleesha had carried in a bag with a shoulder strap, in the shape of a golf bag. It is filled with canes. This looks like a long session for Nicky. They get Nicky into the diaper position for some bastinado and the cane in nasty places. Two canes at a time. Getting to be lesbian like. She is red all over. There is a part 2 to be found.

Hidden Camera Files – REDSTRIPE

2 Apr

F/f; time: 13 minutes

A STRAND production. Sally and Sarah Bright. From the way this standard spanking film is staged, this is not much of a hidden camera, in the manner of some hidden security camera setups we have seen.

Sally is a small blonde, lolling on a couch. She wears a yellow T-shirt and madras shorts. After a scolding from Sarah, she is taken OTK and a hard spanking begins. Sarah wrestles her into the diaper position on the couch, with her shorts still on. More scolding. Sally drops her shorts to sport green lace panties.

Yellow top off, panties down, Sally is now naked. She kneels up on the couch for the strap. OTK again, more strapping, full screen bottom, very good. Hands on head, facing us. Sally is shaved.

No Laughing Matter Nurse – REDSTRIPE

14 Mar

MF/f; time: 18 minutes

Another STRAND production, with owner Sarah Bright/Stern and Jenna Jay. The ladies are in the blue nurse uniforms with the white belts. Ms. Stern has made an excellent disciplinarian of young nurses’ bottoms in a number of films. And it is always nice to see a male doctor wander in.

A pretty nurse in trouble. Sarah has Jenna bend over a small table for a handspanking, lefthanded. Uniform hem up, green lace panties, surely not regulation. Pantyhose down first, then knickers down, a standing hand spanking, full screen bottom.

A male doctor joins. Did he hear the cries? He is convinced of whatever the student nurse had done and continues spanking Jenna, handspanking and paddling, and some delightful action as she sits bare bottom cowgirl on a chair.

Kinky Caretaker – REDSTRIPE

23 Nov

M/f: time: 10 minutes

With Wynter Sky, from STRAND. The opening set is an alley exterior. Thin blonde Wynter, dressed in full schoolgirl kit, is caught smoking and on her cell phone by the caretaker, Mr. Stern. In most CP films, this would be two spankable violations.

After a long scolding, Wynter to taken inside to a faux barn setup. It seems like she has been here before, because after just a short chat, she takes her white knickers off quite voluntarily and offers her bottom. Stern canes her in several positions. We didn’t see a mark.

New Head Girl – REDSTRIPE

20 Jun

F/2f; year: 1999; time: 32 minutes

A film we have found—we thought we had seen substantially all of Ivor Gold’s films. This is a conventional schoolgirl frolic, filmed at the set with the large veranda.

A new Head Girl has been appointed—we think this is the domme ‘Miss Parker,’ a very good spanker. An older student, a snitch type, catches two younger students drinking and smoking in a silly scene, but we don’t require much cleverness in the preambles. The girls are marched into the new Head Girl, who is examining the spanking implements she has been given to use. You can feel Gold behind the camera.

The girls are scolded while Parker flexes the cane. She is going to spank them in turn for the rest of the film. The brunette goes OTK first for a very hard spanking on white panties, eliciting cries. Parker takes the panties down. The girl is sent to the wall, on display. The blonde is spanked next, having watched.

With both girls standing at the wall, panties at their thighs, Parker smacks them both, and gives us a sheepish grin at the reaction she gets. Both girls bend over for the strap in turn, flinching as they anticipate the strokes. The blonde seems to have more trouble.

Parker clears the tsble for the bend-over for the cane. The brunette first—10 moderate snaps, screams, grabbing. The blonde gets a much harder caning (paid more?), 20 strokes, low camera angles, harder and faster. The snitch loves watching. In some films, she would be next. Off to class. Lovely Ivor ritual.


Does A Doctor Really Do This? – ENGLISHSPANKERS

10 Dec

M/f; time: 14 minutes

An erotic idea; Agean, with certainly one of his favorite models, Kami Robertson. ‘Mr. Stern’ plays a headmaster,wearing robes. He has called for a doctor (Agean) to see one of his students (Kami). Kami was just spanked yesterday, and like head concussion protocol, he wants her bottom cleared for another spanking today. But Kami claims illness.

Our first thought as a spamko, here is a doctor who has made arrangements to check bottoms at a girls’ school. He must be on call. Kami is not too happy when he invades her room. ShE  has probably heard about him. “Get out from under the duvet.” Another word you will only hear in   British CP film dialogue. “Take you top off.” Agean does the stethoscope, blood  pressure. As he proceeds to examine her, she mutters “pervert.” She’s lucky he doesn’t want to take her temperature.

“Take your bottoms down….I am not a pervert!” He checks her bottom (from yesterday). All good to go. She remains naked, a nifty little body. Mr. Stern is called back in, Agean will continue the spanking with a hairbrush. Nice thorough job from the village doctor.

On the Job Training – REDBOARD

18 Oct

M/3f; year: 1991; time: 1 hr 31 minutes

An American film, a largely silly exercise where porn star ‘Tom Byron’ spanks three salesgirls working in this store, for one thing or another. Sophie (Kim Wylde), Sandy, and Maggie have to be shown the fine print in their contracts which allows the company to use corporal punishment.

First, all three girls get OTK spankings, skirts up, bottoms mostly bare. The girls know they can’t find this kind of job elsewhere. Series of spankings and mild humilations not worth describing.