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Dublin Spanks – REDSTRIPE

20 Mar

F/f; Time: 15 minutes
‘Dublin O’Brien’ again in a dominant role. She is a very good spanker, and we certainly enjoyed watching her learn from the other end when she was younger.

Here she is at work in an office. On a table is an array of spanking implements, enough to get any job done. In her brogue, she calls out for “Rueben!” A Cher-looking exotic female brunette appears. We thought we got the name right.

Dublin takes her OTK and begins spanking on her shorts. The shorts come down, black lace panties. Rueben is told to select a paddle and put her hands on a chair. Like any girl would try, she selects one she thinks won’t hurt as much, the soft oval one, but Dublin laughs and gets the one SHE wants, floppy leather one.

After this paddling, bare bottom, and some palm cropping, “Give me the cane!” Almost 30 strokes are shown, creating white lines across the very red bottom. It is a long and convincing caning. There is sufficient dialogue and noise that we did not detect repeats.

Office Manager – REDSTRIPE

17 Mar

F/m; time: 25 minutes
This is not the correct title and probably not the right producer. ‘Dublin O’Brien’ is a Dominant here. She spanks a male employee for various infractions.

Ms. O’Brien moved smoothly from a Bottom to a Top midway in her career. We think we read somewhere that she can be hired, if you’re willing to or want to go through what happens to this guy in this film.

‘Tony’ reports to Dublin from the warehouse of her company. The guy has failed to do something, we did not quite get what. Apparently he is in no position to argue. She wants his trousers down, which he does without objection. When he starts to pull down his shorts: “They can stay. I’ll deal with that.” And she does, pulling his shorts down about 90 seconds later. A standard OTK spanking, with the possible exception that Dublin spanks a bit harder than average.

The guy–we will never see much of his face, stands. He is older, partially bald, and completely plausible as an employee you could summon from the warehouse. Dublin has a collection of spanking implements. The guy leans on the desk, shorts at his thighs, shirt covering his modesty.

Dublin first uses a floppy paddle then a strap, full swings from her shoulders.

Then, an unusual caning. There will be at least 55 strokes, in sets of six, and harder and harder. Dublin wants the name of someone from him, and she will cane until he talks. Must be a non-union shop, because he is going to take quite a beating from his boss. Dublin lets him rest and rub after most of the sessions of six. She seems to give up on him and lets him go. We got the impression this guy has been here before.

We were hoping that Dublin would check under the shirt to see if anything was going on, but, maybe for legal reasons, that didn’t happen. NUWEST did it.

German Lesson – REDSTRIPE

17 Mar

M/4f; time: 18 minutes
The actor ‘Headmaster Tom,’ possibly before he began production of GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, really one of the best CP film makers for us.
Tom plays a teacher. Four American schoolgirls, one is ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ are visiting Germany and have not been working very hard learning the language.

Tom catches the girls outside smoking and will spank them on the spot. They line up against the wall and lift their skirts. Tom uses a strap he apparently carries, like a guard in a women-in-prison film. They pull their own panties down for more. No one seems to object to this. Music is dubbed onto the soundtrack to cover the weakness of sound recording for the exterior scene.

Tom runs the girls back into the classroom, which is the same scene as used in REDSTRIPE’s ‘Catholic Schoolgirls’ films. We think we heard Dublin addressed as ‘Jenkins,’ which fits with the other films.

Tom speaks German (he is) and becomes angry when he sees how little the girls have learned, after 3 weeks as guests. Well, guests get spanked. Dublin and another girl must stand against the wall. They bend over, skirts, up, for handspanking. Same for the second two girls.

For all four girls, he doesn’t just pull down, but yanks down, their panties. He walks the row of bare bottoms and first handspanks then canes them. There is not enough time in the film for detailed punishment, and for some reason the camera couldn’t get direct shots of the bottoms.

Behind Closed Doors 1 -Shoplifting REDSTRIPE

3 Aug

M/f; time: 20 minutes
The scene is ‘Accacia St,’ where ‘Bill’ and ‘Hilliary’ live. Given those names, will we get the real story?

Hilliary is narrating–she has been caught shoplifting and Bill is going to discipline her. Bill is none other than ‘Ivor Gold.’ He is going to call the store manager where the theft occurred and let him listen in on the action. “It’s bad enough you spanking me. Please don’t humiliate me.” He lets the manager hear the first resounding smack.

OTK begins, Hilliary begs. “I’m attending to your needs,” says Bill. Closeups, rubbing. Skirt off, to the corner, bare bottom. attractive lacy undies and stockings.

Nice obliging frontal from Hilliary as she gets into position for the hairbrush. Good acting, a realistic relationship, and another nice shot bottom in the corner.

Taking Care of Business – REDSTRIPE

6 Jul

F/2f; time: 28 minutes
An older REDSTRIPE, with the feeling that founder ‘Ivor Gold’ is somewhere in the wings. Two girls, ‘Francie’ and ‘Brandy,’ work in the office of a business which provides temporary secretarial help. The girls are a little older–we are out of the schoolgirl mold here.

The owner, ‘Miss Hudson,’ is displeased with the girls. They have been late for assignments, their appearance is not satisfactory, and customers have complained. That latter problem triggers the corporal punishment remedy, which they will accept if they want a paycheck.

Miss H. gets her cane, a chair is positioned, and Brandy, a short haired blonde with glasses, is started OTK. Flower-print panties down, standard stuff.

Blond Francie is spanked next. Miss H. then straps both girls in turn, bent over a desk and touching toes.

Then the cane for both girls, in the same positions, a dozen over the desk, then a dozen in the painful touching-toes position. Slo mo replays to conclude.


6 Jul

M/f; time: 9 minutes
A trifle featuring ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ who plays a private detective for hire. A woman has called at “Sarah’s” office and wants her husband investigated for strange doings in his locked workroom/garage. Sarah promises to “get to the bottom of all this,” and repeats the line in case we missed it.

Sarah is seen jimmying the lock of the work space, but she is soon caught by the husband, the actor ‘the London Tanner.’ It seems he is in the spanking business in this space, making tapes and doing naughty things. He grabs Amelia/Sarah and begins spanking on her skirt. She argues back, trying to act incensed. Skirt up, transparent panties. After a paddle, Amelia’s magnificent bottom is about as red as it gets.

The credits to this film list affiliation with and

Cheating Wife–the Cane – REDSTRIPE

30 Jun

M/f; time: 7 minutes
‘Leia Ann Woods’ plays a more edgy part here. She sits in her bedroom, wearing a green dress, waiting.

Her husband caught her. She “shagged the chauffer.” Leia seems content with herself that she had some fun. She is ordered to take off her dress. She is naked underneath.

“Were you giving him a handjob?” The answer must be ‘yes,’ because her husband begins with palm slaps, which even CP actresses don’t care for much.

Leia will be caned in a standing position. She reveals it all standing facing us. The caning is of the tap-tap-crack variety. She bends over for some of the strokes, and for some reason the caner has a fascination for her upper thighs.

Cash Strapped Girls – REDSTRIPE

22 Jun

F/f; time: 16 minutes
A fun theme; an advertisement has appeared in the newspaper, short term interest-free loans to certain people in return for some other compensation. Could be a series.

‘Sally Bikerstaff’ needs to borrow 200 pounds to repair some furniture of her parents she damaged at a party. The woman running the game meets Sally in the kitchen of her house and explains: the money will be lent today if Sally will take a strapping. After just a moment, Sally accepts.

Sally bends over the kitchen counter. The set is very tight and small here; it would have been fun if they went into a studio scene, to suggest that this happens often as the ads are answered. And maybe flip on a video camera. First, handspanking on her denim skirt. Skirt flipped up, Sally wears loud patterned panties. The woman likes what she sees. “Ooh, a nice red bottom already.”

Sally pulls her own knickers down and they move to the strap. We can imagine the shadow investors who might join in a scheme like this.

To Cure Lazy Wife – REDSTRIPE

22 Jun

M/f; time:13 minutes
Leia Ann Woods and ‘Magnus,’ a ubiquitous CP actor we have called ‘Agean’ in many of his roles. Leia is lounging on the patio of a house REDSTRIPE has used in other films. Magnus arrives.

The kitchen is a mess. Leia has not done anything all day. After a lot of talk, Magnus grabs Leia OTK, red panties are down quickly. From her resume, you would expect Ms. Woods knows what to do and she does.

Over the kitchen table for the square leather paddle, which covers most of her bottom. She cries out “Ai-ya.” After a bit, she stands defiantly, as if to say “enough!” Excellent low shots.

Pandora and New Master 1 and 2 – REDSTRIPE

15 Jun

M/f; time: 46 minutes
‘Pandora Blake’ and ‘Thomas Cameron’ are featured in this well-made British-toned film. Pandora is delivered by limousine to Thomas’ house. He climbs in the back seat with her to give her a long lecture–she will be his servant. “Disobedience is punished in my house.” And she is late, already disobedient.

She enters the house, wearing a red kilt and a black top. Her hair is a little disheveled, which adds to her confused and harried demeanor. She is already sniffling. She is ordered to undress. Black sweater, kilt, black top, and bra. When she hooks her fingers into her panties: “Leave those where they are. I will do that myself.”

Thomas puts a thick leather slave’s collar on her, slowly and with ritual. Pandora shuffles nervously. “Take your hands away from your bottom, girl.” Now he is ready. He pulls down her panties. When he runs a forefinger down her naked belly, she shivers.

OTK, the spanking begins, and Pandora gasps from the first. Hard smacks leave palm prints on her bottom. Cameron removes the panties completely. Pandora stands, hands-on-head, Cameron shows her his hairbrush. More OTK, hard hairbrushing. When she stands again we get a detailed frontal; she is mostly shaved. Cameron caresses and gives her a good frig. With a red bottom she is sent to bed.

Part 2: ‘The First Day’ Pandora comes downstairs in the morning, wearing a short robe. He wants it off. She wears a white satin nightie. Into the frisk position at the wall, nightie up, no panties. Cameron uses a short martinet. Pandora yelps from the first. Her bottom is clear here; it looked like a Macintosh when she went to bed.

Pandora drops the nightie and begins to move around the room naked, lean, svelte, perfect. She kneels submissively on her haunches for the collar again. He strokes her and she shivers. Bend over a chair, legs spread, plenty of puss.

‘The Training’ In just stockings and nothing else, she parades back and forth in the morning sunlit room. He cracks her bottom with a crop when she passes within range.

‘The Punishment’ Naked, bent over a chair, she gets some tawse, just moderate. Low shots, her vagina is open, we can see her boobs hanging. Excellent facials and various angles–a professional on the camera here. Pandora kneels on a hassock, bottom up, fully red. Punishment complete, she stands cornered while Cameron lounges.

The graphic reads: “The End of the First Day for Pandora. To Be Continued.”