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20 Sep

Ariel Anderssen in various venues, going beyond her huge spanking library and exploring BDSM, quite naughty and graphic in  some instances.

These are probably  RESTRAINEDELEGANCE performances, distributed by and others. Certainly a departure from Ms. Phillips’ other work and a tribute to her theatrical courage.

‘Bondage Caning’ (f; 5 minutes)  Amelia Jane Rutherford/Ariel Anderssen is strung up by handcuffs to ceiling pipes. She is being caned on her bare bottom by a caning machine. An effective crude work-room like setting. In this short film the cane does not leave any noticeable marks.

‘bondage mat’ (f; time: 6 minutes) A nod to some traditional and early BDSM, bondage struggling on a carpet. Ariel is bound and gagged hogtied Japanese style and she will writhe for 6 minutes on a mat on the floor, no dialogue. The difference here is that she is stark naked and will show everything; in fact, she makes a bit of an effort to do so.

In earlier days of BDSM porn, a girl would struggle on a carpet in an empty room in similar fashion, but she would have panties on.

‘Chimera Bondage’ (f; time: 7 minutes) An odd and attractive little film, Ariel is stark naked, in a concrete block dungeon like space. She will do some self-bondage. First, she oils herself, your money back on the film right here. She fastens cuffs her  ankles then settles in place straddling a pointed wedge on a saw horse. She then attaches ropes to her cuffs, which are fastened to weights by pulleys. She frees the weights so that the ropes tighten and effectively pull her ankles off the ground, so that her weight is shifted to her crotch on the pointed wedge. The mechanics are not perfect, but we enjoyed her theatrical struggle. And some revealing shots of this sophisticated actress.

‘Spanking Machine’ (f; time:21 minutes) A weird one. Again, Ms. Anderssen self-flagellates. She narrates and will demonstrate a spanking machine. She explains the controls of the typical machine we are familiar with, which has a big Spencer paddle attached this time. She wears a silly and cumbersome bdsm outfit of sorts. First,  she attaches a rattling ankle spreader-bar herself, then manages to put on wrist cuffs and get her arms behind her back, cuffs hooked to a rope to the ceiling. With a remote, she hauls the rope up, forcing herself into the strappado position. She then positions herself for the paddle and activates the machine. She must wiggle her bottom around to maximize the paddle strike. Cute, but a bit implausible if in fact the paddle is hitting hard.

We’re not critical of this brief, imaginative, and entertaining exercise, but it would have been erotic if a masked man stepped into the scene just to fasten the apparatus and position her bottom. There surely were volunteers in the wings.

‘spanking machine – more’ (Chimera; f; time: 17 minutes) Ariel, stark naked and as glorious as ever. She will try various things with the aforementioned machine, this time with a riding crop affixed. She narrates. She adjusts the machine and takes sets of ten on her boobs. There are three cameras at least. We will see some of the scenes repeated from three vantage points. Very well done.

Ms. Anderseen is using a wired remote control to position the device. Next, she is whipped on her back, then her stomach, which includes long frontals, rare for her. “Now that really hurt. Who knew?”

And of course we have been waiting and hoping. “I’ll move it down. I know my bottom can take it.” Lovely snaps, vintage stuff, she positions her buttocks in various ways–kneeling on a chair, bending over. The best.

More slashes on  her boobs, and then a first for us with her–she takes the machine on her pussy and seems to like it. This has been one of those films where every freckle of her being could be charted. Again we say, how many models could market such scrutiny?

‘Tortured and pumped’ (f; time: 26 minutes) “Ariel Anderssen’ made a number of BDSM films under various auspices.  This one is sufficiently graphic and pioneering for her that we do not need to investigate too many more in  this genre of her work.  ‘Ariel sits in a simple suit, narrating for the camera to an off-screen ‘master.’ At her feet is a pile of BDSM paraphernalia. She is going to self-administer some torture and torment, an odd format, but she is an eyeful. First, she strips naked, pausing at bra and panties, frequently the best part of any film she makes, going all the way back to GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL over 30 years ago.

Naked, Ariel stands on a board in just heels and ties her ankles to rings. Her bend-over is of ballet quality. Next, wrist cuffs. Then Ms. Anderssen moves into territory, with regard to her, we have not seen before. She attaches clamps to her labia, which are pulled taut by spring-assisted cables, for action soon to be seen. A heavy dog collar next. And breast suction cups. She fastens her cuffed wrists to hooks at the ceiling, so that she is now effectively strung up and immobile.

Someone turns on the machinery, or maybe Ariel did. The breast pumps seem to be functioning, and those labia clamp cables are attached to a little motor which tugs and relaxes them rhythmically. Who invents this stuff? Ariel seems red in the face. I guess you could sit in front of her and have quite a time watching her struggle.

Traveling Disciplinarian and Novelist – NORTHERNSPANKING

2 Jun

M/f; year: 2011; time: 15 minutes

A joint venture between NORTHERNSPANKING and RESTRAINEDELEGANCE. ‘Niki Flynn,’  very nattily dressed in a red suit, works at a laptop in a comfortable sitting room. She receives the character ‘Hywell Phillips,’ playing his recurring role as a ‘traveling disciplinarian’ for hire.

It seems Niki’s publisher has retained him to give her a new form of motivation to make her deadlines. She hangs her head in embarrassment and shame, as she often does in her films, as the reality of the moment sets in. She is going to be spanked and doesn’t seem to object. Must be in her contract.

She kneels up on her couch. Hywell has brought a bag of canes, a flogger, and paddle. He asks her to lift her skirt, then “Knickers down, please.” Warrior that Ms. Flynn is, there are some faint bruises. Hywell lays on about 20 mild strokes. Niki complains a bit much. She signs a waiver and will be spanked again if she misses the next deadline.



10 May

M/2f; year: 2012; time: 8 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Niki Flynn with a character named here ‘James Jekyll.’ He made a number of films with Amelia at STRICTLYENGLISH as an  ‘uncle’  character and we identified him differently.

The girls are in a silly argument over a man, which could lead to a catfight, but not with these two gentile chassis. They are dressed in silly outfits. Jekyll breaks up the argument and gets his strap, to the horror of the girls. Niki and Amelia will both be strapped lying on the couch, a position which does not lend itself to good camera angles, and apparently there was not much equipment for this shoot.


10 Oct

M/f; time: 12 minutes
A simple little standard spanking exercise from ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and her husband ‘Hywel Phillips’ on their rapidly expanding website. Hywel plays ‘Stephen,’ a school official, and Amelia is a teacher. She claims that not only did she ‘lose’ some course exam solutions, but the students have them now and are selling them.

Stephen claims the course is ruined, and they will have to work round-the-clock to repair the damage. A closeup of Amelia’s anxious hands. “You don’t take matters seriously enough…if you were younger, I’d give you a sound spanking.” “I’m not too old.”

Stephen takes Amelia OTK. We see the trace of a smile on her face. Stephen pulls her skirt down her legs. No panties. “I notice you’re a bit underdressed today.” A routine spanking, if that is possible, Amelia’s bottom the usual wonderful sight rising and undulating on his lap.

“Are you going to remember this?” “It’s so hot!” She is into it. Her plan to wear no panties just accelerated things. Stephen has a small thin metal strip handy, we think he called it a “Re bar.” It produces a squeal.

The spanking concluded, Amelia dresses, content to let the professor see it all. They kiss. She leaves. A graphic reports that the missing papers are in fact in a briefcase she left behind, so np damage has been done. But she got what she came for.


10 May

M/f; time: 59 minutes
Hywel Phillips and Amelia Jane Rutherford/Ariel Anderssen in a long exercise for them, from their website, and another vehicle to showcase the lady.

The camera pans a collection of bondage equipment and spanking implements. Hywel welcomes Ariel. “You’ll be pleased to know you’re to be reinstated as the resident slave girl.” Ms. Rutherford, trim in a gold lamee dress, looks a delightful subject for this faintly conditional remark from Hywel. “Over the next hour you will take 100 strokes of the cane.” Ariel’s little pout at the number does not disguise some excitement.

Hywel fastens a high Egyptian metal collar around her neck, stiffening her posture. She loves it. “10 strokes every 6 minutes…and we shall tie you up in between and keep an eye on the clock.” Ariel pulls up her dress and bends over. She has not worn panties to her reinstatement ceremony, in the hope they wouldn’t be necessary. As always, Ms. Anderssen is filled with ad lib dialogue. She would appreciate a bit of bottom warmup handspanking.

10 moderate cane strokes, then Hywel ties her arms behind her back, BDSM style. Ariel poses on the couch, seated like a starlet on a low couch on a talk show–all leg.

Second set of strokes–in the diaper position on the couch, more tie-up, and a bit of puss.

Third set–bend over the leather couch; she kneels erect and watches the clock as Hywel wipes the soles of her feet in preparation for an upcoming set.

Fourth set of 10–she stands erect for these; some marks are developing.

Fifth–the bastinado back in the diaper position; Hywel is kind; some models howl for these.

And so forth, sets of 10 and various bondage positions, all and all, a showroom for Amelia.


29 Apr

M/f; time: 16 minutes
An incomplete film, we will amend this when we can. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Hywel Phillips’ tussle in a bright well-furnished sunroom, a set we have seen before. He bends her over a high table in the center of the room and fastens her wrists behind her back. “Tell me what you are doing!”

Amelia is elegant again in pink top, a short flower print skirt, beads, and red heels. Hywel inserts a red ball gag and fastens it into place. This would have been fun to see in any number of other films where Ms. Rutherford protested too much. He ties her wrists and knees with fashionable red rope. He helps her up onto the table and maneuvers her to lie lengthwise, on her stomach of course. Now he ties her ankles. He can now hogtie her in the classic BDSM style. We should say, Hywel is quick and efficient with knots.

In this posture, he pulls down her panties as best as can be done, and now he will leave her, more standard BDSM. He returns with some of his implements and begins to spank her. She writhes and dodges as much as she can. Mild but cute. Occasional pubic glimpses.

She is getting her “just desserts,” says Hywel. Since her feet are available Hywell does some mild bastinado on her soles. Goodness, Ms. Rutherford, your feet are dirty. After all the films you have made!

He forces her to sign some agreement, which she does by holding the pen in her mouth. Would this be considered ‘duress?’ He puts the gag back in, says “bye, bye” and writes his telephone number on her bottom with a marker. She will need someone else to read that back for her.


13 Apr

M/f; time: 20 minutes

A film made by Hywel Phillips and Amelia Jane Rutherford for legal circulation under a new British pornography law, controlling distribution of CP films. After a four-minute narration from the couple on the deleterious effects of the law and the fund-raising appeal, the little film begins.

Amelia, as an alter-persona ‘Ariel Anderssen,’ plays a traveler caught with cannabis in a foreign country and ‘Michael Stamp’ is a law enforcer. “Good morning, Miss Rutherford, you have been convicted of possession of cannabis.” Stamp explains a choice available–“24 strokes of the cane on your bare buttocks” or a prison term. When Amelia hears that canings are most probable in prison anyway, she elects the 24 strokes. She will follow him to the punishment room. “Now?”

There are many films where the camera studies the girl as she weighs a spanking versus other punishment. The maturing Ms. Rutherford does this acting as well as anyone. They move to an adjacent room, a colorfully decorated space with an artistic padded raised vaulting bench in the center. Not a storeroom or a cellar here. she must read aloud her sentence from the printed decree.

“Now strip. Take off all your clothing.” There is that moment of shock–this part was not explained to her. Mentally, she runs through her choices, but she proceeds, and slowly, until she is nude, handing him her panties in final surrender. As many times as we have watched her do something like this, we find another occasion which seems the best. The camera slowly pans in closeup, those freckles, and a trimmed beaver.

Amelia bends over the center of the bench, which is waist-high, accenting her long legs and of course presenting one of the most celebrated bottoms in the business. In condensed filming, Stamp fastens her ankles, knees, lower back, and wrists, with the same strap-rattling tension LUPUS did so well in the headmaster’s office.

Stamp lays on 24 strokes, he announces each one and counts aloud. Amelia squawks louder and longer than usual–they are alone here. Sophisticated camera angles, especially a shard closeup oblique of the welts and stripes, and blond body fuzz,which you can almost feel.

Amelia is slowly unfastened, again slowly, her wrists last to prolong the bend-over; she stands in front of Stamp, towering 6″ over him, and buck naked, shakes his hand to thank him. One more thing, “Kiss the cane.”