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20 Mar

F/f; time: 28 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford with her buddy Zoe Page. The set is the FIRMHAND space used in ‘Marks of 10’ and other recent series. Here the camera is pulled back so we can see some of the furniture used in other series. Zoe arrives at Amelia’s residence. Zoe is  a truant officer. As much as we have declared our fascination for her, she does not play authority figures well. Zoe gets these parts.

Amelia is matron-like in red sweater, pink skirt, and glasses. A delicious plot—Amelia can be prosecuted for her daughter’s truancy. “Sorry is not going to help.” “Is there anything else you can do?” “A spanking is involved.” “For me?”

After the perfunctory discussion, Amelia will take the spanking. OTK, skirt up, pantyhose and flower print  panties come down. When Amelia stands she flashes some fuzz and tries to cover up. Silly scolding.

OTK again for the hairbrush. Zoe pins Amelia’s  legs with her own. Amelia stands, Zoe leaves. Somehow Zoe has the power to make Amelia stand with her hands on her head. Silly tears but a nice bottom rub.



6 Mar

2M/2f; time: 8 minutes

Dodgy Dave, Michael Stamp, Zoe Page, Ariel Anderssen. More of the classic CP stars pulled together for this short film. This is a silly exercise, except for the presence of two very pervy uncles.

The men confront Zoe and Ariel for their misuse of their cell phones. They will grab them on their bed, get their pants down, and spank them simultaneously. And why not, the guys switch bottoms. The girls squeal.


1 Mar

M/2f; time: 40 minutes

We will assign these films to RESTRAINEDELEGANCE. They are of a longer format, and the models come from the usual British stable. Here, Amelia Jane Rutherford and her friend Zoe Page play feuding fellow teachers.

Amelia. Is holding a cane and scolding Zoe. The girls argue back and forth. Zoe gets the cane and is about to turn it on Amelia when Phillip Johnson breaks up the cat fight. He is their headmaster and orders them to his office.

The set here is that of ‘Doctor’s Orders,’ ‘Marks Out of 10,’ among other series from FIRMHAND. He will spank them both. Zoe goes OTK first, Amelia is amused to watch. Silly shouting. Zoe will be caned. “Bend over and touch your toes” Panties down, 12 strokes. Amelia: “You’re only doing 12.” She should be careful.

Amelia’s turn OTK. She is too loud. She is wearing a black dress with a white dickie collar. Johnson is finished with Amelia and dismisses her. He lectures Zoe and puts her in charge of Amelia. Plenty of time left on the film.

Zoe with have a “little chat” with AJ. She is called back in, seated, and scolded . Zoe takes a paddle from the desk drawer, Amelia goes OTK, panties down, for a spanking. We have tracked Ms. Rutherford’s various pubic trims as she has flashed us over the years. She is fuzzy and less trimmed here.

She bends over for the cane. “How diabolical,” she wails, but this is mild stuff.

Amelia narrates an addendum. She will get revenge. The camera zooms on that fuzz for a better look and Amelia strips naked for a coda.

Spanking Sessions with Mr. Richards – RESTRAINEDELEGANCE

24 Feb

M/f; time: 1 hour plus

Amelia Jane Rutherford and her husband Hywell Phillips. Amelia answers an Internet ad to be given a spanking and makes an appointment on the phone. They concoct the fantasy scenario—she has been speeding and wrecked her car.

Amelia goes to see Barney Richards. She wears a tan sweater, flower print skirt, and heels, always heels. They have a long talk at what amounts to a kitchen table, where the procedures are explained. He shows her the martinet he will use.

Soon, she bends over the table. Skirt up, white panties, garters and stockings. Panties down, mild martinet, then OTK on a chair. She steps out of her panties in the transition.

In a second part, Richards surprises her and barges in at her job. He carries a knapsack, from which he pulls a collection of implements. Amelia wears a short skirt,  blouse, glasses, and her hair is up. She advises her office she cannot be disturbed and lies over the arm of a leather couch.  White panties down, Richards begins with a paddle then switches to a cane bundle. She stands, panties puddled, grabbing  her ankles. This session concludes with her sitting bare bottom on the cold leather.

The third part. Amelia’s spanking sessions continue. This time she calls on Richards at his house. Notes direct her to enter and proceed to the Japanaese room. She is so tall she has to duck to pass through the English cottage door. The Japanese room is the same decorated set used in several RESTRAINEDELEGANCE films.

A spanking trestle and implements are set out in preparation. She is again directed to change into horse riding habit, the clothes changing taking a long time.  She bends over the trestle and waits. Richards arrives.

He snaps a riding crop across her jodhpurs, mild enough. This is a long film. She stands, he helps her to unfasten and drop her pants. Black flower print panties. She wriggles her bottom under more cropping. Richards pulls the panties down and switches to a strap. Facial view repeats and appealing low shots. And much harder.

Brief frontal view as Amelia dresses, such a nice little cared-for trim. She leaves her panties behind and gets a few more of the crop for good measure.

Part 4, a return to the Japanese room. Amelia wears her tan sweater and flower skirt. Richards accompanies. The spanking implements are laid out on backlit shelves. Over the trestle again, skirt up, white panties. Her bottom is still red.

A succession of implements now—crop, paddle, heavy strap, rugbeater, martinet, tawse,  and finally the cane. Panties down, she will never strip all the way for Richards. Some fondling, Amelia smiles in satisfaction and they embrace.

Amelia’s Sunday Spankings – RESTRAINEDELEGANCE

10 Jan

M/f; time: 1 hr 8 minutes

We review this film separately from the rest of Amelia Jane Rutherford’s RESTRAINEDELEGANCE work because it is a bit more ambitious and not in the short clip format. Amelia/Ariel is with husband Hywel Phillips. One hour plus of basically nude glamor vIdeo from Ms. Rutherford. The storyline: Amelia will keep a diary of domestic transgressions and there will be a punishment every Sunday. Amelia poses on a red couch in a grey outfit—we continue to marvel at how fetching she remains after all these years. There will be a series of domestic scenes, tasteful well lit rooms pretty much devoid of the distracting personal touch. We have to chuckle at some CP films where stuff is just pushed out of the way or otherwise sloppy. The sets at RESTRAINEDELEGANCE are just as carefully crafted as is Ms. Rutherford.

Hywel spanks her first on white panties as she reads from her diary. Panties down, hairbrush. Echoes in the large room. Lots of banter between the two. And the soles of her feet are clean! Flat on the couch, 18 from the strap. Lots of pretty face and bottom.

Segue–successive Sundays. Amelia is in bed, Hywel wakes her and has the diary. She wears a cute pink nightie. OTK on the bed, panties down. A graphic reports they had technical difficulties  in this scene. Amelia kneels bottom high on the bed for a light caning.

Segue–Tea time in another room. Amelia fully dressed and her hair has been curled here. Hywel will use a lash on her on the table, slacks down, blue panties. He takes the panties down and switches to  a doubled belt.

Segue–A different bedroom, Amelia strips naked and waits for Hywel, taking up her best pose on her haunches. Hywel  arrives and canes her. Lovely bottom and stripes here.

Traveling Disciplinarian – RESTRAINEDELEGANCE

7 Dec

M/2f; time: 37 minutes

We continue to review this site in the hope Hywel Phillips/ Ariel Andersen will break some ground for us jaded spankos. The productions continue bland and frivolous for us, notwithstanding surefire blood flow from the sight of Ms Anderssen/Rutherford/Phillips. We assume that British law lurks about in these productions.

Ariel sits naked on a hotel bed, on her haunches, one of her most effective poses. There are many poses to choose from. She plays with metal bondage devices. A knock on the door, ‘Leisie Lauren’ enters. She is also stark naked. Did she scamper down the hall from another room, or did she brave and make a dash from her car through the lobby? The two naked girls look through and admire a suitcase of rattling metal bondage stuff.

Ariel has found an advertisement for a ‘traveling disciplinarian.’ The two horny naked girls decide to text the guy. We see Hywel Phillips answering the text by voice. He’ll be over in an hour, not next Wednesday, an hour. They girls giggle and chat as they wait. There isn’t  much they have to do–they’re already bare naked, and no dishes in the sink or such. ‘Mr. Richards knocks at the door–they let him right in, no inquiry! All this is sufficiently improbable that we’ll  chuckle along with the fantasy. Richards brought gear. The girls will tell him, “We’ve both been very naughty!” With just a trace of incredulity, “I can see that.”

(We recall two other NOTHERNSPANKING ventures with the Phillips’ with this Disciplinarian theme, one to see Niki Flynn, a  novelist missing her deadlines, and another to  Amelia, who needs to expunge some guilt.)

First, the girls kneel on  the floor for spankings from Richards. Just some pink glow, no damage done. “What do you girls have in mind for the rest of the evening?” The girls want metal bondage. They invent a scenario to get the juices flowing. The girls tease us by keeping their knees together as they sit upon the headboard of the bed in discussion.

Richards will play a policeman who will barge in, catching them hacking on their  computers. The girls have gotten their panties back on. Doesn’t every hacker fear being raided? He cuffs them together and works their bottoms with their own hairbrush. He takes their panties down again. They do the indignation thing again.  Bend overs, some puss, silly “thank-you’s.”









20 Sep

Ariel Anderssen in various venues, going beyond her huge spanking library and exploring BDSM, quite naughty and graphic in  some instances.

These are probably  RESTRAINEDELEGANCE performances, distributed by and others. Certainly a departure from Ms. Phillips’ other work and a tribute to her theatrical courage.

‘Bondage Caning’ (f; 5 minutes)  Amelia Jane Rutherford/Ariel Anderssen is strung up by handcuffs to ceiling pipes. She is being caned on her bare bottom by a caning machine. An effective crude work-room like setting. In this short film the cane does not leave any noticeable marks.

‘bondage mat’ (f; time: 6 minutes) A nod to some traditional and early BDSM, bondage struggling on a carpet. Ariel is bound and gagged hogtied Japanese style and she will writhe for 6 minutes on a mat on the floor, no dialogue. The difference here is that she is stark naked and will show everything; in fact, she makes a bit of an effort to do so.

In earlier days of BDSM porn, a girl would struggle on a carpet in an empty room in similar fashion, but she would have panties on.

‘Chimera Bondage’ (f; time: 7 minutes) An odd and attractive little film, Ariel is stark naked, in a concrete block dungeon like space. She will do some self-bondage. First, she oils herself, your money back on the film right here. She fastens cuffs her  ankles then settles in place straddling a pointed wedge on a saw horse. She then attaches ropes to her cuffs, which are fastened to weights by pulleys. She frees the weights so that the ropes tighten and effectively pull her ankles off the ground, so that her weight is shifted to her crotch on the pointed wedge. The mechanics are not perfect, but we enjoyed her theatrical struggle. And some revealing shots of this sophisticated actress.

‘Spanking Machine’ (f; time:21 minutes) A weird one. Again, Ms. Anderssen self-flagellates. She narrates and will demonstrate a spanking machine. She explains the controls of the typical machine we are familiar with, which has a big Spencer paddle attached this time. She wears a silly and cumbersome bdsm outfit of sorts. First,  she attaches a rattling ankle spreader-bar herself, then manages to put on wrist cuffs and get her arms behind her back, cuffs hooked to a rope to the ceiling. With a remote, she hauls the rope up, forcing herself into the strappado position. She then positions herself for the paddle and activates the machine. She must wiggle her bottom around to maximize the paddle strike. Cute, but a bit implausible if in fact the paddle is hitting hard.

We’re not critical of this brief, imaginative, and entertaining exercise, but it would have been erotic if a masked man stepped into the scene just to fasten the apparatus and position her bottom. There surely were volunteers in the wings.

‘spanking machine – more’ (Chimera; f; time: 17 minutes) Ariel, stark naked and as glorious as ever. She will try various things with the aforementioned machine, this time with a riding crop affixed. She narrates. She adjusts the machine and takes sets of ten on her boobs. There are three cameras at least. We will see some of the scenes repeated from three vantage points. Very well done.

Ms. Anderseen is using a wired remote control to position the device. Next, she is whipped on her back, then her stomach, which includes long frontals, rare for her. “Now that really hurt. Who knew?”

And of course we have been waiting and hoping. “I’ll move it down. I know my bottom can take it.” Lovely snaps, vintage stuff, she positions her buttocks in various ways–kneeling on a chair, bending over. The best.

More slashes on  her boobs, and then a first for us with her–she takes the machine on her pussy and seems to like it. This has been one of those films where every freckle of her being could be charted. Again we say, how many models could market such scrutiny?

‘Tortured and pumped’ (f; time: 26 minutes) “Ariel Anderssen’ made a number of BDSM films under various auspices.  This one is sufficiently graphic and pioneering for her that we do not need to investigate too many more in  this genre of her work.  ‘Ariel sits in a simple suit, narrating for the camera to an off-screen ‘master.’ At her feet is a pile of BDSM paraphernalia. She is going to self-administer some torture and torment, an odd format, but she is an eyeful. First, she strips naked, pausing at bra and panties, frequently the best part of any film she makes, going all the way back to GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL over 30 years ago.

Naked, Ariel stands on a board in just heels and ties her ankles to rings. Her bend-over is of ballet quality. Next, wrist cuffs. Then Ms. Anderssen moves into territory, with regard to her, we have not seen before. She attaches clamps to her labia, which are pulled taut by spring-assisted cables, for action soon to be seen. A heavy dog collar next. And breast suction cups. She fastens her cuffed wrists to hooks at the ceiling, so that she is now effectively strung up and immobile.

Someone turns on the machinery, or maybe Ariel did. The breast pumps seem to be functioning, and those labia clamp cables are attached to a little motor which tugs and relaxes them rhythmically. Who invents this stuff? Ariel seems red in the face. I guess you could sit in front of her and have quite a time watching her struggle.