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Headmaster and 4 Schoolgirls – ROUE

22 Mar

M/4f; time: 14 minutes) We assign this very old British film to ROUE. Four schoolgirls, three in full kit, and one in a gym outfit, wait outside the headmaster’s door. They nervously whisper about what the spankings will be like. The British did these waiting scenes the best for us. LIPUS excelled also, especially given the ferocity of the punishment to come.

The headmaster opens the door. “Who’s next.” Nobody volunteers, so he takes Charlotte Morton. Inside, a quick OTK handspanking begins. Skirt up. Charlotte struggles to keep her knickers from being pulled down. She squeals, we see the girls cringing outside. The slipper next. “Hands down or it will be the cane.” She is left to contemplate bare bottom at the desk.

The “new girl” is next, Brenda, a very cute brunette, a nice find for the casting folks. The lecherous Head seems to take some pleasure in explaining that the “prettier girls” seem to break the rules more often. He brandishes a cane. Brenda bends over and screams through a brief and rapid bare bottom caning.

Blonde Virginia is next. She has done this before. She takes off her skirt and drops her knickers without a word. She has a huge untended pubic bush, a simple reminder of the film era. She bends over for 12 cane strokes, probably 15, because the Head and she are careless with the count, and he gets to add more. He seems to question her weight. “No better way to take weight off the buttocks” than a cane. He adds some thigh slaps and another six of the cane after Virginia thought she was finished. Five minute pose bsre bottom.

The girl in the skimpy gym clothes is called in last, but this film cuts.

Jane and the Tutor – ROUE

14 Sep

M/f; time: 26 minutes

The title was identified by a careful reader and supplied to us. Thanks. We couldn’t find the film anywhere in the ROUE catalogue. The condition and editing of this film suggest it was a discard, which again piques our interest as to what is floating around out there. We reviewed the film here 5 years ago, so there are two to read.

A tall pretty brunette calls at a house and comes in out of the cold in an overcoat. She hands a sheath of papers to a man (ROUE cad Alan Bell), who appears to be a tutor of sorts. He has an Emperor Ming beard and wears academic robes.

The girl hands over her coat and is directed immediately to take off her white bikini panties and put on regulation knickers. Frontal and bottom show in front of him right off. Hey, wait, maybe this is not about her math scores.

She then proceeds to take off her clothes and put on a full schoolgirl outfit. Our kind of tutor. She then kneels erect on a bench on a pillow, a demanding posture. Her plaid kilt is pulled up, then she goes up and down with her knickers when the tutor smacks with a ruler. She must hold this kneeling position. Is this good for your studies?

They move to an easy chair, her panties stay down, for a standard OTK spanking. The girl is very tall and the chair is too low, so that she actually kneels here.

She stands, panties down, while the tutor reviews her work again. She lies over the same stool and gets the strap, on her bottom and thighs. She sits on the stool, her bare bottom hanging over, and does some schoolwork. One of our favorite postures.

The girl is sent upstairs, rubbing her bare bottom. She soon returns, in a nightgown. She must be staying over. ROUE and BLUSHES often depicted such extracurricular ageplay. She bends over the back of a chair. She is not wearing panties. She gets a good caning here, and there are tears. We will imagine what happens next. She will feel better.


Boss’s Secretary – ROUE

24 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

The early-style ROUE film; we’ve had to invent this title and guess at the producer. The soundtrack is ruined with a hum on our copy, and we cannot find anything on ROUE’s  much improved website or in CP archives. We’ll guess this was a discarded episode. We’ve said before we bet that spankos like us crave access to the vaults of some of the early CP film progenitors.

This film conveys the same erotic desperation of a girl forced to accept a spanking that is found in many of the ROUE and BLUSHES spanking/humiliation films we have admired here. We have here a film version of the sort of fiction found in JANUS, BLUSHES, FEBRUS and other CP magazines in the 70’s and 80’s.

An ‘Alan Bell’-type boss pontificates at his desk. We will never see his face. A young lady, ‘Miss Green,’ stands before him, head bowed, eye contact strained, wringing her hands. She is dressed in conventional blouse and skirt, costume jewelry, heels. Not a schoolgirl. We’ll fantasize she has committed some pretty serious office offense, like dipping into the petty cash or distributing her favors to the wrong people.

After several minutes of scolding, she slowly pulls up her skirt to display white panties and a garter belt, and he wants the skirt tucked just right. The kinky boss asks her to turn around. After more scolding and humiliation, she pulls her panties down,  very slowly, facing the closeup camera. She turns again–her bare bottom is framed by her garter belt–a period piece of CP filming. Exquisite ritual and tension. Whatever she’s done, she knows her goose is cooked. And she seems accepting the boss is entitled to this show.

The boss takes her OTK for a slow and moderate handspanking. Squeals and gasps. The girl then moves to a table where the boss adjusts her carefully and lays on 12 strokes of the cane, delivered slowly with teasing delays. He likes to “swish” first and then “whack.”

He tells her that she has been reassigned to be his assistant and that she will work in this office, starting tomorrow. She’ll be paying the price daily for a while. She’d better get to Harrow’s to upgrade her panty drawer.

Roue – Alan Bell

7 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

An old film, in the classic ROUE style, heavy on the ageplay and humiliation. A thin brunette  stands before Alan Bell, who speaks to her in those menacing low tones which suggest trouble ahead. The sound and color are terrible and typical.

The girl is told to pull up her skirt. She is very frightened, excellent stuff. Loose white panties, garter belt, stockings. As the girl stands in front of him, Bell teases down her panties and twirls her. He smacks her as she stands, then takes her OTK for a very sexy spanking, filmed from the front, rear, and overhead, angles which will be perfected by others with better equipment.

The girl drops her skirt and is caned, panties down, just as hard as almost any film, but the intensity is muffled by the technology. She dresses and leaves. Strong feel of an illicit viewing by us.

Reform School Discipline – ROUE

27 Jul

2M/3f; time:  51 minutes

This may be the most simplistic and perfect British schoolgirl corporal discipline video we have seen. It has been difficult to find, possibly because its stark realism makes it uninteresting in comparison to high velocity CP films these days. The spanking ritual and ageplay are exquisite.

The setting is a barren classroom, institutionally painted, industrial check-pattern floor tile, a few pieces of furniture, more like the classrooms we remember than those of FIRMHAND or REDSTRIPE. We’re not in that situation where furniture was pushed aside to make a set. An average-looking brunette, ‘Susan,’ not a bubble-butt CP  model, wearing perfect school kit, reports to  a smarmy ageplay guy who should be past retirement age. She and a confederate are accused of something and will be punished for it. She is sent away, to return later.

The old man looks at the punishment book  and observes that Susan is really not a bad girl. He checks a cabinet for the spanking implements. He tries to appear weary and burdened by all this, but this must be a principal reason he waived retirement. ‘Betty,’ the confederate, knocks and enters, another perfect little schoolgirl. After a scolding, she hears “12 strokes of the strap,” and she has been here before.

She moves slowly and kneels up on a chair. She tucks her own dress up and the teacher pulls her panties down, and he doesn’t hurry. He lays on 6 strap strokes from each side. Not hard, but good ritualistic fuss. Nice facials, closeups, and surprising marks.

Susan returns for the evening session. She has been at this (reform) school for three months and knows what to do. It is made clear, it will be the cane. He makes her say the word. She objects just briefly when she is ordered to remove her jumper and knickers. To clear the table, the teacher sends her out of the room with a floral display. Surely the director noticed too late that if her blouse had been an inch of two shorter, we would have enjoyed her walk. But the diversion produces tension, because the cane awaits.

The teacher adjusts the table, a demonic device whose specifications must have  puzzled the carpenter. He drops a large center leaf, which produces a ramp for Susan to lie over, her bottom highest. She will receive 18 strokes of the cane. The strokes are harder than the earlier strapping,  and the teacher, a practiced caner, is careful to move from side to side. Desperate gripping hands, facials, tears. Noticable marks and some skin pops. Betty is brought back to witness the final few strokes. She had better not avert her eyes.

The second half of the film features ‘Alan Bell,’ with a ‘Miss Quail,’ in the same classroom. She is already over the leaf of the table, bare bottom, being caned, slowly and teasingly, her white panties perfect at her thighs. Bell was as lecherous an ageplay player as ROUE had. He has her stand and raise her skirt for his frontal look and a twirl.

Betty is called back and is spanked and tormented while she positions herself in a square marked on the floor. She too must show him her jewels.

More OTK spanking. The antique chair squeaks. Bell wants her to take her clothes off, he does this often. She stops at her gymslip. He torments and teases her in various positions. strapping, spanking, and making her raise her slip up to expose herself. Old fashioned ageplay stuff in  the ROUE mold, delivered from a guy who can get away with it and taken by a girl with no options.

Special Detention 2 – Study in Punishment – ROUE

7 Oct

M/f; year: 2005; time: 27 minutes

More stories about ‘St Angela’s School.’ ‘Emma Louise,’ played by an actress who appeared in other films about St. Angela’s, sits biting her nails, awaiting an audience with the headmaster, a notorious spanker. These on-the-bench-outside-the-headmaster’s-office scenes are obligatory for school spankings. Our favorites are at REALSPANKINGSNETWORK, where the girls have to strip naked, put their clothes in a neat pile, and await the door to open for them.

Emma Louise knocks and is directed to wait a little longer. The Head calls her in and immediately criticizes her drab appearance and demeanor, as well as her schoolwork. “The Halcyon days are over for you,” but not for him, because now he can turn his attention to her pants.

OTK, handspanking on regulation knickers. He makes her quote facts from a history lesson as she is spanked. Enough justification for him. She stands for palm slaps and then is assigned an essay to write and return with.

FADE: Emma Louise returns with an essay, which the Head has learned she plagiarized. He has her grade transcript also; the grades are not bad, bur he overrides them and down-grades them all, to make her punishment and whatever else he intends all the more certain.

OTK again, skirt up, panties down. The spanking is harder now. More palm slaps. “Remove your clothes, quickly.” She looks at him in shock, but this is not a complete surprise. She is soon naked, and like many girls in CP films, she has trouble with her blouse buttons. A rather lengthy frontal view as she awaits instructions.

“Stretch over the portmanteau.” He canes her here, and still harder. When she is sent to the wall naked, she faces us instead of the tradition bottom-out.

We invite someone to search the CP video genre to locate the last time the words ‘halcyon’ and ‘portmanteau’ were scripted.

Afternoon Detention – ROUE

5 Oct


A schoolgirl film with the feel of early and very naughty ROUE; this one made in the early 2000’s, homage to the wicked little ageplay films in the library, when the girls looked like they piled their school books in the dressing room and the men might have invested in the production just to play a part.

A headmaster-type paces in an empty classroom, which is dimly lit with a subtle theatrical stage feel. He swooshes his cane. We hear footsteps on the stairs and in the hall, then see shadows through the frosted glass. Nice start. There are sheepish knocks. ‘Cook’ and ‘Simpson’ enter. The two very authentic-looking schoolgirls are coming from PT, wearing red T-shirts, white skirts, knee socks, and sneakers. The reluctant girls know what this is about.

The Head begins to hassle Cook, and she can’t escape. “Take your skirt off.” She hesitates just a second, then displays full blue knickers. “Take your knickers off, right off.” This is a little more difficult for her. She pulls down her panties and displays a full bush–maybe this film is older than we thought.

The Head takes Cook OTK–she doesn’t struggle much. After a brief spanking, it is Simpson’s turn, and she presents the same fuzzy front. When the spanking portion concludes, both girls stand half-naked in the empty classroom, reflexively covering themselves.

“The stool, Cook, the cane stool.” She has been here before, which explains her knowledge and compliance. The only way out of this bear’s den is to play along. She drags a heavy antique one-seat chest/seat center stage. Cook assumes the position and lies over it, legs out straight, the only way to keep her bottom flat and fully available on this low bench. He circle her with his cane–25 strokes are shown. Not really hard, but she bawls tears. In her struggles, she slides off the seat several times.

Simpson will not be caned here. He takes her by the hand and they walk off to his private study. “Oh, no, please, sir.”

English Headmaster – ROUE

30 Sep

2M/2f; year: 2005; time: 30 minutes

Roue got access to an old school gymnasium and stage to make this film. A plausible headmaster appears on-stage and addresses an invisible assembly of girls on their last day of school. They have been with him from the age of 13 to 18. Two students, ‘Sarah Collins’ and ‘Martina Stepanova,’ interrupt with noise and earn one more trip to see the headmaster before the term ends.

The girls must report to his office but somehow find their way into his quarters, where they discover a small video camera of his. They pose in silly positions and film themselves. They find a ‘dear diary’ segment filmed of himself by the headmaster, where he sits with his spanking implements and laments the end of the term and the girls’ bottoms he will miss.

The Head catches the girls and marches them back to the floor of the main room containing the stage. “You’re both going to be thrashed.” The girls have what they saw on the videotape in mind. He takes Sarah OTK first–she is a thin dark brunette with two ponytails. White panties down. The camera catches another man observing covertly from somewhere in the room.

The Head tugs her panties further down, where she stretches them tight at her ankles as the Head urges her legs open, just the way he likes it. After this spanking, she is sent to the wall, bottom on display in this large room.

Martina is next, a taller dark auburn-haired girl. OTK for her, he gets her blue knickers down. After her spanking, Sarah is sent to get the tawse, hobbled a bit by her knickers.

Both girls are tawsed, touching toes, presenting winking views of their charms. The headmaster gets in fondles on both girls in this position.

The Head beckons the secret watcher, ‘Mr. Janitor,’ to join him. The men agree that since this is their last day with these girls, they will exact some accrued revenge. We guess this duo is practiced at this. Naughty. Sarah is sent again to get the cane.

The two bare bottoms are lined up side by side, each man takes up a cane, and the girls are whipped simultaneously. They scream and struggle in this entertaining melee to end the film.

The Head says goodbye to the girls. Martina asks Sarah what her plans are. She says she is going to make application to a spanking and caning magazine, and would Martina like to join her. “Can’t hurt.”

Private Lessons -ROUE

27 Jan

F/f; time:  21 minutes

An oldie, with an ‘Imprint Productions, Inc’  reference. Young thin brunette ‘Amanda’ lolls on the floor, doing her homework, before the era of texting or instant messaging. Her aunt ( or mother) is unhappy with her work, and when Amanda refuses to obey her, the spanking starts.

Roue did a lot of standing spankings and thigh slapping in these early years. Amanda is wrestled still while she stands, gets her thighs smacked and then goes OTK on the couch, conventional blue schoolgirl knickers.

Panties down on the couch–it certainly looks like Auntie is enjoying this. She has a hairbrush nearby, over the back of the couch for that.

Amanda is directed to take all her clothes off, but she stops when she is down to a shift and panties. Because she missed PT, Auntie makes her run in place. Top off, no bra. Touch-toes. Auitie puts her through a very British little humiliation—panties up, down, up, down,etc.

But Auntie observes: “This just isn’t good enough.” She goes to retrieve her cane, and during this Amanda redresses. She is going to have a poetry test, and we can see what the punuishment for failure will be. She reads the poem and must momorize it. “We have ways and means of making you remember…take your skirt off.” Auntie impatiently yanks the panties down for the first frontal of the film.

Amanda fails on several memorizations, and the snap of the cane is beginning to amass results. Amanda runs off but is brought back, and caned over the couch, about a dozen, the camera finding its way between her legs. Auntie is a wild and vicious caner, marks all over the place, and the smile on Auntie’s face tells all.

First Week of Term – ROUE

20 Nov

M/2f; year: 1985; time: 45 minutes

Absolute classic, an Imprint production carried by Roue, in the British schoolgirl genre. It is in two parts, with continuous plot. This work is not major, but its producers just love their spanking and exploit the nuances of the fetish, commencing with one of those “behind high walls” views of a Victorian school setting.

Two nervous and fidgety uniformed girls, ‘Brooks’  and ‘Harris,’ eavesdrop teachers’ conversation in the school office hallway as to what their fate is going to be for some mischief. The girls agree not to give each other up. We are hoping they have good reason to be frightened and that they face a stern test. The teacher, an older regular Roue spanker, summons them. The girls won’t confess.

Brooks is to be first. She is a short attractive brunette and good with the anxious expressions. “Get your skirt up.” Teacher lands some stinging slaps to her thighs, which appear to hurt. Alice Harris (the actress from Room 2D) is next to raise her skirt and take stinging slaps on the thighs. Both girls are very unhappy. Teacher next removes Brooks’  skirt himself–he seems to know just how to do this. She is then sent out and upstairs to wait. The camera follows her nice white pants up the staircase. Harris is now alone on the griddle.

The teacher instructs her to take off her skirt and chides her, since she has been spanked here before, that she didn’t remember to take her panties down herself. “Why am I seeing knickers when I should see no knickers?” Down they come. Her back is to us. His eyes move to her crotch. He is impressed, maybe obsessed, with her bottom (as we are) and comments on her “smackability.” “Your bum gets more tempting every time we do this.” Miss Harris does not like the import of this repartee. Lovely facial closeups of deep blue eyes. “You won’t be sitting down for supper, that’s for sure.” She goes OTK for a long session–lots of struggling, hands loose to try to cover up. Nice coloring up; great camera angles from various places. Finally: “Take your wretched bottom upstairs. My cane and your bottom will be renewing acquaintances very shortly.” She makes the same stair climb with pants at the thighs. Teacher follows; Brooks is sent to find the cane, and when she is delayed, Harris gets more OTK to pass the time; very nice tears. Here endth the first lesson.

With a nice segue into part 2, both girls have pants at half-mast and are being caned by the teacher. Brooks on the bed; Harris kneels up on a bench. The teacher alternates mild snaps of the cane, as he wanders the room. The girls shrink in fear of the next unpredictable stroke. The punishment is lenient, but the intimidation is wonderful. The girls whine, cry, and sniffle through it all. Brooks is let off, and the video concludes with about 15 increasingly intense strokes to Alice’s notable behind. Nice marks and welts; a face glossed with tears and elegant acting–stoic acceptance that she must be caned and realistic unhappiness with the plight of helplessness without pants in front of a clearly lecherous teacher.