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Paul Kennedy and Sam Johnson – NORTHERNSPANKING

30 Oct

M/f; time: 11 minutes

A straightforward performance from two CP stars. Kennedy is spanking Sam on her blue dress in a very casually furnished British looking room. Skirt up, black panties.

Sam stands and Kennedy pulls her panties down as she faces us, full frontal.. she around in her black pumps in embarrassment. OTK again, an insistent spanking. He pulls out a pair of shoes she bought in Paris, the reason for this instruction.

Sam stands again; it is time for the cane. She kneels on the couch for a conventional and erotic bsre bottom thrashing.

Oranges, Pears, and a Peach – NORTHERNSPANKING

27 Aug

M/f; time: 22 minutes; year: 2004

Sam Johnson and Paul Kennedy. Sam is slightly older and maybe challenging the limits a bit when she wears full schoolgirl kit. Kennedy sits reading her school record.

There is a cane on the table. He makes her hand over her cell phone, which she has hidden in her panties. He begins by giving her a standing handspanking. She bends over for more on her white lace panties. Routine stuff. She gets the cane next, on the bare. She is allowed to rub and leave, without her phone. Those panties! Girls would rather take a spanking than lose their phone.


25 Aug

MF/3f; time: 59 minutes

The familiar set, for REDSTRIPE or STRICTLYENGLISH when Ms. Johnson haunted those halls, a while ago. She plays here with Andi Switch and Aleesha Fox. The character ‘John’ looks like Michael Stamp, but the maturity is wrong.

Andi wears academic robes. She takes student Aleesha Fox OTK for a routine handspanking. Very nice white lace panties these schoolgirls have. Panties down, bend over for a slipper and a strap. Andi goes for a cane, routine caning.

Sam Johnson reports to Andi next. After a long scolding, OTK, white panties down. She kneels on a chair for the slipper and cane.

John enters the room and is unhappy with Andi’s  disciplining the girls. One way to fix that. He takes her OTK and rubs her legs with some familiarity. More terrific white panties. Caning on the bare. Andi is not disturbed.

Bathtime Beatings – SAMSDIARIES

2 Nov

F/f; time: 7 minutes

We promised to review the Amelia Jane Rutherford appearances at SAMSDIARIES separately from any comments  on the other films on the site we have the opportunity to see. We have counted about 19 AJR films.

Sam interrupts Amelia, quite naked in her bath, as a lady should be. Amelia is ordered to stand, presenting the perfect wet bottom, unlike any other.  Sam herself is wearing just yellow bra and boy shorts, and in this era she is popping out of the bra. Since Amelia is already in the slightly elevated tub, her bottom is at waist height for Sam.

She begins to spank Amelia, whose bottom height is another depiction on how tall  Ms. Rutherford is. Out of the tub, bend over for the tawse. Amelia kneels on the tub for the final strapping. This film mostly a bottom tribute. And there is still much to say about the eroticism of wet bottoms.




Credit Card Denied -SAMSDIARIES

5 Mar

M/f; time: 13 minutes

A film made by Amelia Jane Rutherford early in her career, apparently on the set used by STRICTLYENGLISH. Ms. Rutherford, delicious as always, can’t pay her hotel bill. ‘Sandy Cameron,’ or ‘Angus,’ plays the hotel manager who tells Amelia her credit  card has been declined. He knows a good thing when he sees one and Amelia does not look uncomfortable with a little bartering.

The naughtiest version of credit card misuse we have seen is CALSTAR’s ‘Room Service,’ where CP queen Sophie Fennington played a pigtailed schoolgirl who got spanked for using her father’s credit.

A very young Amelia. She is wearing a formal blue dress, with one of those necklines    cut in a ‘V’ down to her waist. She quickly accepts the manager’s offer of a spanking for payment. OTK, dress up, black panties down, a sexy but routine spanking. We are just starting.

The manager gets a strap. Amelia bends over the desk. Panties come down again. After a strapping, “You’re going to take the cane.” Amelia will now negotiate. For two nights at the hotel, “How many strokes of the cane for that?” “12.” She is quite lucky, we thought. Routine stuff except the scenery.



3 Feb
Some films from Samantha Johnson’s website. The chronology would appear to be about the time she was making films for STRICTLYENGLISH. Some of the actors and sets are familiar from that era. Also, we have found 14 films made by Sam with Amelia Jane Rutherford, which we will report on separately.

Behind in the rent’ (M/f; time: 24 minutes) Lots of late-rent CP films, our favorite being ROUE’s ‘Dorsett Cottage.’ Sam Johnson sits in her apartment. The landlord drops in. Sam is wearing a sleeveless top, lots of cleavage, and denim shorts. He is going to spank and cane her, and she agrees, “if that is the only option.”

To begin, he wants her shorts and panties off—it doesn’t seem to bother her. OTK- 24 hand smacks counted out. “Take the top off.” She peels it down, no bra. He wants her  naked. “I can’t believe this.” But of course she can. She leans on a chair, in just knee boots. The landlord goes to his car and returns with implements—interesting how many landlords, bill collectors, and inspectors are so equipped.

Naked—40 with a paddle, 24 with another, 30 with yet another. Then the cane. “Please, not the cane…why don’t you can me next Friday when I have the money.” The experienced landlord will cane her now and then again next Friday. She bends over for a  close inspection.

‘Telephone message’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) It seems Sam’s roommate forgot to give her a phone message, about a spanking film assignment. The roommate may be Kirsty. S  is going to spank her   using 3 straps 36 with each of the first two, while Kirsty bends over, elbows on the table, dress up, just white lace knickers. Then a final 18 with a third strap, on the bsre.

Night Clubbing’ (M/2f; time: 11 minutes) A typical film from Ms. Johnson. ‘Sam Johnson’ and ‘Ellen’ return home late and noisy from nightclubbing. The guy in their house, ‘Adrian’ will spank them both, OTK and then the strap, bare bottom. He actually speaks to the director to ensure he is strapping enough.

working out’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) ‘Ellen’ and Sam Johnson, both younger in this film. Ellen failed to meet Sam at the gym, left her in the rain. Sam is mad. “I’ve got a workout for you.” OTK,  panties down, vaginal jewelry.

Sixth Form Spanking -SAMSDIARIES

30 Jan

F/2f; time: 10 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sam Johnson in exquisite full schoolgirl kit. Sam argues with Amelia over some notations she made in her homework. Amelia looks so very young here, almost her GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL  image. Sam will spank Amelia for what she has done. There is some suggestion of amusement between the two models.      Panties down, a big floppy strap, not much of a spanking as these things go.


30 Jan

2F/3f; time: 1 hr 7 minutes

Warriors Amelia Jane Rutherford, Leia Ann Woods, and Andi Switch, and impresario  Sam Johnson. Leia and Amelia both young here. We would put this vintage at about 2006, when Ms. Rutherford and Samantha Johnson were making films for STRICTLYENGLISH. Some of that cast appears in SAMSDIARIES. The girls are perfectly kitted as schoolgirls. Andi is a school mistress. She has discovered that the girls are forging sick notes for students and have earned 40 pounds in the process.

The girls’ denials evaporate, and Amelia’s shock when she realizes punishment is coming is always entertaining. The girls will pay back the 40 pounds but they will also be spanked. Leia is taken OTK first. We are in a well-appointed sitting room. Skirt up, white panties down, Amelia sneaks peeks. Conventional prototypical schoolgirl spanking. Amelia is spanked next, her little pigtails keep her face clear. Wonderful white panties, and the usual caterwauling.

After the girls’ handspankings, we move to the slipper. Both the girls stand, hands on head, panties at thighs, and get smacked.

Phase 2, as these schoolgirl things go. Leia: “What is that?” “A strap, Leia…..kneel on the chair.” She gets a conventional strapping and Amelia the same.

After a bottom inspection and more scolding: “You’re going to get caned.” The girls are shocked, you wonder why. Amelia: “Is that even legal?” A cane is selected. “Leia, touch your toes.” About 20 strokes shown, mixed camera angles permit repeats. Yelps. Amelia is caned next, she jumps or collapses on most of the 20 strokes. And she flinches like no one else at swooshes.  The girls stand for inspection.

Sam Johnson joins the scene. She is the glamorous blond graduate of this school, and when she inserts a video disc which purports to show her acting, it is actually a naughty clandestine film of Andi Switch being spanked by another teacher in a sexual escapade. Sam just wants revenge, some payback for her own spankings—-this is not blackmail. She is going to spank Andi, in front of the girls, as they were just spanked, and as Sam was.

Lots of turnabout storylines in CP which have the effect of extending the film, and this is a long one. Sam proceeds to spank Andi in just the same way—OTK handspanking, strap on the chair, and the cane.

Miss Marchmont

10 Aug

F/2f; time: 29 minutes
We have no title nor a certain producer for this film, we will correct when we know more.

‘Samantha Johnson’ and ‘Leia Ann Woods,’ two of the most charming and experienced bottoms in the CP trade, play uniformed military characters. They have reported for punishment with a female officer in a basement-like room, appropriate for the following extra-cirriculars.

Leia is taken OTK first. The Officer takes it upon herself to unbutton Leia’s tunic and drops her skirt. Spanking on black panties. While this spanking is underway, the Officer directs Sam to drop her skirt in preparation.

Sam is taken OTK; at the wall, Leia covers her front. This is all mild stuff.

A strap will be used next, with a cut-out pattern like a spatula. Could be nasty if used hard, but not here. A conventional strap next, then a Spencer strap. Conventional stuff for two celebrated tushes.

Dublin O’Brien – Collected Shorts

15 Jan

Another well-rounded CP actress, seen at least at MOONGLOW, CALSTAR, and XEROTICS. She has listed her nom-de-spank as ‘Natasha’ in some places, but to hear the occasional brogue epithet spew from her lips after an especially painful cane stroke, the British/Irish connection seems more plausible.

‘Foul Language’ (Xerotics; 4Mf/f; time: 14 minutes) An informal film, which might have been made with time to spare after a more formal shoot. ‘Dublin O’Brien’ is getting an earful from the Xerotics guy. The crew has been complaining about her foul mouth and the scenes she has messed up with her temper.

Dublin wears the catalogue schoolgirl outfit–red plaid skirt and blouse. The guy announces: “I am going to discipline you now.” She keeps cussing, as she does. “I’m getting paid to show my arse.” She argues, weakly, that another spanking is not on her schedule.

OTK, skirt up, no panties at all, which does suggest she came off a performance, except that her bottom is clear. She gets a brief spanking and then gets up for a second male crew member, ‘Neil,’ to have a go, flashing a rare brief, possibly accidental, frontal.

A third male crew member joins, then blond perfectly-dressed ‘Samantha Johnson,’ also in full kit, including necktie. She gets to spank a bit. A fourth guy wants to “hold” her between spanks. He is brought a martinet and tawse. Between her cusses, some conversation, there is laughter and silliness. “You fuckin’ wanker,” she calls the Xerotics guy. More tussling, frontal flashes which she tries to prevent. They want her to turn into the camera, which she does, in a manner which would generate a serious smacking were there film time.

The little spanking game concludes with a three-cane bundle. “I’ve never seen one of those before.” We would suggest there is nothing Dublin hasn’t seen. Little gasps from the cane bundle, and applause from everyone at the end.

‘Friday Afternoon Detention (Xerotics; M/2f; time: 9 minutes) Two girls in school detention, and some session it is! We hope there is no one roaming the halls. Blond CP star ‘Dublin O’Brien’ and a brunette friend have already been stripped down to just panties and blouses.

A male teacher. ‘Peters.’ we have called him,  will be spanking the two girls. No one will be writing any lines this afternoon, we are already down to knickers for what clearly is going to be a workout. Lines will appear elsewhere. The brunette is first to be stretched out on the table for the first fast caning.

Dublin is over the table next–she gets a slipper and cane on her white lace panties. She looks delightfully disheveled here. And in this classroom, in just knickers and a top, standing with others, she looks much smaller. We don’t have the clever camera angles enhancing her stature, not here, but keep reading.

The brunette again, her thong off now, for more slipper. Dublin again–the teacher has reserved her panties for himself. When the brunette returns, she flashes some front, something Ms. O’Brien assiduously avoids in almost all her films. Like we say, we know it’s there, we’d just like affirmation.

Slipper and cane on bare bottoms for both, then to the wall. Do we hear maintenance staff in the halls?

(with Miss Gillian Lancer) (F/f; time: 10 minutes) A good film we haven’t been able to identify yet, and only parts of it. An older Gillian Lancer, nicely dour in a guard’s uniform, and a fleshed out Dublin. A spanking is underway in a familiar cloakroom we have seen in many films. Dublin wears a red pinafore.

She is made to drop her maroon panties and first bend over a chair and then go OTK. Gillian Lancer spanks very hard here, because she knows how to do it and Dublin has been here before also.

First, Dublin kneels up on the vaulting horse then bends over for the cane, six impressive whippy strokes from experienced people.

‘Next Term’ Dublin is in a blue blouse here; then another scene th red pinafore again, palm slaps, strapping on the maroon knickers and on the bare.