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Help Me Deal With This Girl – SPANKINGSARAH/STRAND

26 May

2M/f; time: 10 minutes

Sarah Collins, sullen and insolent, is getting a scolding from Mike Stevenson. She is cute as ever in a black top and skirt, with a white blouse untucked. Stevenson takes her OTK, skirt up, black thong, some old scattered bruises. Mostly a lovely clear bottom. He spanks, Cee struggles.

Mr. Stern joins the action. A standing handspanking, bend over again for a tawse. Rather mild from Mike. Thong kicked away. Both men tawse her. Not much here except smoky Ms. Collins.


25 Aug

Legacy of Mr. Fitzgerald ‘ (F/f; time: 19 minutes) Amy Hunter and Sarah Collins. The girls are in nurse’s uniforms, winding down their day, drinking wine. Amy shows Sarah a dress she has bought. She tells Sarah about a Mr. Fitzgerald, whom Amy allowed to spank her. “It’s great. You should try it.” They’ve had some wine.

Sarah goes over Amy’s lap. White knickers under her uniform. A playful mild handspanking. Amy says she has some implements. She goes off set and returns with paddles and a cane. Sarah bends over for a leather paddle, knickers down, again playful. Since they are girlfriends, this is mild. Sarah can take a lot more..

A mild caning follows No marks, just pink.

Sarah’s Bastinado’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) As for the title, this film might be a bit of a disappointment to some. For us, any appearance of Ms. Collins is a treat. She is featured here with a male character dubbed ‘El Diablo.’

Cee is already strung up naked and getting a mild flogging. She is positioned to permit front and rear views. He teases her with a cane before she is released and made to lie on her back on a bear rug. Feet up in the air, high heels off, a very mild bastinado, more of a tickle. We have to assume Ms. Collins did not like this and controlled the severity. Lots of puss, though.

‘Sarah’s School Skirt’ (M/f; year: 2008; time: 7 minutes) Sarah stands in front of a male disciplinarian, maybe a young Michael Stamp?, wearing about the most scandalous short plaid kilt you will ever see.

She is going to be spanked for it. When she bends over to touch toes, the kilt does not have to be moved. Wonderful shot, this actress’ specialty. Net transparent panties, very naughty to wear with such a kilt.

With some reluctance, Sarah removes the knickers and bends over the desk. Very muscular bottom and legs. Stamp canes her here.

‘Severity For Sarah’ (M/f; year: 2007; time: 10 minutes) Sarah with producer Paul Kennedy. Sarah reports to headmaster Kennedy in the garret classroom. She wears the little smock, a blue one. She has brought him a note from a teacher, which she must read aloud. Punishment is required, and this room gives the impression she can scream all she wants.

Kennedy begins with palm slaps with a tawse. She pulls up her smock and a chair is arranged for her to kneel on. She leans over the back of it onto a desk. A strap on her white bikini panties first, then Kennedy pulls them down.

The cane is next, fairly hard, Kennedy has to force her to stay bent over. Bottom closeups, very nice. The caning is hard enough to resort to repeats.

Sarah Collins at XEROTICS and more

8 Aug

The sensational all-purpose model, mostly at XEROTICS. AKA ‘Cee.’ We may add a few other producers.

Arrogant Collins’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes)XEROTICS SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL; Mike Stevenson gives Sarah a fast caning to try to spank the arrogance out of her, which she plays so well. We would like to see this endeavor in more of a feature film length. Her bottom is already marked here. She takes 25 strokes of the cane, then 18 more counted aloud. On some of the low shots, she reaches back reflexively in pain.

‘Art Teacher’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes)XEROTICS SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL; Sarah reports to her art teacher, in the person of Mike Stevenson. This can’t be good. They are in his workroom, a classic place for school punishments in history. He drags her by her ponytail to an OTK position over a tall stool. Perfect to present Ms. Collins’ athletic bottom.
White knickers down, he begins to spank. He slips in a little exploratory frig, which she doesn’t like, especially from the art teacher. Sarah stands for a strapping over the stool, knees locked, pink bottom. Hands on head to the corner.

‘Best Friend Spanked’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Sarah and her friend Emily flip through magazines. Agean interrupts and is angry. He is going to spank them. Visitor Emily first to go OTK. She is mostly amused by it all. An already red bottom peeks from black knickers. Down with the knickers, Agean gets her bright red.

Agean grabs Sarah next. Emily’s bottom remains on screen. He spanks very hard, knickers down. Ms. Collins is one of the best strugglers. The girls clean up the magazine mess bare bottom. Agean straps them both side by side. Two lovely strapped bottoms to conclude.

Black pen’ (F/f; time: 19 minutes)second review for this video. An unusually strong film from Rosaleen Young. Sarah Collins seems to be her mother. Rosaleen walks down an outside corridor of what looks like a motel or apartment complex and knocks on a door. Sarah admits her and Roz begins apologizing for something. A spanking is warranted, and it will be extensive.

Sarah positions a straight chair for the OTK spanking. Rosaleen wears blue top and skirt. White panties down. Tears from Rosaleen already.

A segue to begin the caning. She kneels on the chair. Sarah laughs at Rosaleen’s suggestion that she should only receive six. 10 very snappy and impressive cane strokes from Sarah. Loud and almost wicked, but no marks except two wild ones on her thighs, a testament possibly that these experienced spanking models might develop tough bottoms.

Sarah selects another cane and lays on fully 40 more strokes. If there were repeats, they were clever. When Sarah checks her bottom, even she notices: “Nothing even there.” A lot of fun, excellent camera, and Rosaleen can squawk

‘Caned before bed’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Two winners here. Valkerie with Cee. In the bathroom, Sarah strips and begins to masturbate on the toilet. Of course Valkerie catches her. She is marched to the garret bedroom and positioned at the foot of one of the double beds. A clear bottom!

Valkerie gives her 22 cane strokes in the standing position. V. Is always a fearsome disciplinarian. Some on the strokes here are dangerously high, because of the standing position.

Cheating Collins’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) We note here that Ms. Collins must have spent her career being compared to Leia Ann Woods. We’d observe, both ladies benefit from such a description. Here, Collins wears one of those house dresses, pink. Agean plays her uncle. She has been cheating in school. He gets right to it and takes her OTK. The dress rides up by itself. White knickers. He holds her wrists while he spanks. Routine stuff for Ms. Collins.

‘domestic caning’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) Not the title. Sarah sleeps on the loveseat and is awakened by Miss Smith. She has Sarah strip naked, and it is clear immediately that she likes pretty girls with no clothes on. An OTK handspanking starts, and hard Sarah struggles.

Segue to the first caning scene. The domme uses a very thick cane with a handle. Sarah bends over, always dramatic when she is naked. Almost 30 strokes are shown, repeats very several angles. “You’re really going to get it on your ass.” True. Sarah is left alone, bent over. The domme returns for another 20 stroke session. A few low strokes make her yelp and appear unintended. Stripes. This domme is very much enjoying the work.

‘English Headmaster’ ROUE reviewed separately.

Friday punishment-gym cane’ SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL and XEROTICS. Mostly about Nicky Montford, reviewed in one of her collections.

‘Harsh Methods’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) It will be harsh. Henderson is on the phone with Sarah Collins’ father. She has been expelled from school for shoplifting. Sarah enters the room, quite defiant,no suggestion of remorse, not yet. Henderson scolds. “No school…no job…no husband.”:

The punishment begins. Sarah defiantly removes her skirt, and after some theatrics, she hands over her knickers. Sarah takes the frisk position over the couch. A strap comes first. A clear bottom! Up on her toes.

Henderson gets the cane. “It’s for a good cause.” Henderson tucks her blouse up under her bra and Sarah resumes position. About 36 strokes are shown, probably 12 repeated twice. Significant wheals, some high ones, and pressure on the far buttock. Typical colorful caning for the resilient Cee.

Kissing Boys Forbidden’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Surely not the title. Cee appears with Mike Stevenson, which is a guarantee of good action. As to Stevenson, he takes no prisoners, a nice combination with Cee’s high pain threshold. We are in the large empty room with the desk and the blacked out windows, the vale of tears, The Nicky Montford Suite.

Cee bends over the desk, her knickers come down. She’s got massively fading bruises, looking like paddle marks, on d3both buttocks. Stevenson will have to be careful, and he starts gently with a cane. Cee reflexively reaches back. 40 strokes are shown, repeats nicely edited. There are no marks. Cee shoots up in pain a few times. She seems at her limit here.

‘Cee Double Caning’ (MF/f; time: 8 minutes) An unusual film for XEROTICS, vigorous punishment with little diversion. The set is the minimal NU-WEST-like bare room. Cee confronts both blond Valkerie and Mike Stevenson, both severe disciplinarians in the XEROTICS archive. Cee wears only a red halter and black thong.

Both Stevenson and Valkerie have canes. Cee bends over a chair. They will cane her together, from both sides. They whip rapidly, Valkerie using her forehand on one cheek, Stevenson his backhand on the other. Cee rocks and surges to control the waves of pain. When she screams, they stop to allow her to recover.

A second round after a rest moment. For the third round, they notice from the accruing marks that they must hit lower on her bottom. At the conclusion Cee addresses the camera posing her bottom. Very entertaining and well acted.

‘Cee late again’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Dean Harvey confronts Cee in the glass walled studio set. She is fully outfitted as a schoolgirl—white blouse, tie, kilt, bobby socks, maryjanes. He will take her OTK, but in a nice humiliating touch, he reaches under her kilt to pull down her knickers himself.

A hard lefthanded OTK. You have admire Ms. Collins’ threshold. 50 cane strokes shown, repeats. Sarah challenges Nicky Montford’s threshold.

‘Cee OTK Spanking’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) This short film is mostly a girlie show for Ms. Collins. She stands alone in a pink gingham print house dress. She lifts the dress to show white knickers with similar pink trim. Cee pulls her knickers down very slowly. We’re hoping, and yes, she has a clear bottom.

Cee bends over in the excellent light. A bit of puss peaks out. We are on the barren set, nothing to distract from her bottom. Stevenson was lucky to get this casting call and Cee was unlucky. He takes her OTK and wants her legs spread. Legs together so her knickers can be slipped off. Sexy stuff, but an unexpected light spanking day.

Home Tutor’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Sarah sits on a couch, wearing one of those pink house dresses. She is being scolded by a male tutor because she can’t remember her lessons from last time. Good way to help. OTK, white knickers. Then hands on the couch, for an unusual caning. We counted 60 strokes, which she counted out in sets, because she can’t do sums. Difficult to film repeats for this.

Ms. Collins’ bottom shines in the studio lights. She has been upset by one low stroke, and she keeps trying to cover up that area. The disciplinarian is loving it.

‘Miss Kirsten spanks Cee’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Straightforward action from these two stars. Kristen spanks Cee OTK. Cee wears the deadly pink smock with white knickers. A cute spanking. Kirsten is very interested in kneading and stroking. Some spanking with two hands.

‘Passing Notes’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Sarah has been caught passing notes in class. “Since you were caught writing notes, I’m not going to punish your bottom. Hold out your hand.” They are on one of the barren-room sets. Sarah wears a red halter top and slacks. If this is what she wears to school, she should be spanked just for thatThe guy uses a heavy strap on her palms. She has to recover after each stroke. We have said often enough, even experienced spanking models don’t like this. Since he has her attention, he might as well address her bottom. After a brief protest, Sarah drops her slacks. She did t wear knickers. She is shaved bald and apparently a bit excited. She gets a strapping.

‘Piercing tattoos’ (M/f: time: 6 minutes) Mr. Henderson confronts Sarah. Has she gotten piercing tattoos? One way to find out, clothes off. The set is the simple overlit sitting room. School clothes—skirt off, tie, blouse, down to quite lovely lacy white bra and panties. There, a navel piercing and a tattoo on her stomach.

OTK, tight white knickers down soon. She stands and bends over the couch for first the slipper and then the cane. Henderson gets his feel of her bottom. She gets the tattoos.

‘please don’t cane me’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A film with a rather bland start—Agean confronts Sarah for various continuing behavioral issues. “What am I going to do with you?” Sarah starts bending over, hands on a chair. Dress up, the red trim on her white knickers matches her house dress.

Agean flexes a cane. Knickers down. Maybe 35 strokes are shown, varying intensity, and a whole series of angles, unusual and very nice. Surely many repeats but the filming is clever enough you don’t care. As good a presentation of Ms. Collins’ bottom you will see.

‘Punished Master’ (M/3f; time: 16 minutes) The assigned title is misleading. The master DOES the punishing. The master gets to spank three girls here. A blonde is first, her blue knickers come down. A brunette is spanked next, her bottom already red. “You’ve been in trouble.”

And Sarah is the third girl, in one of those pink house smocks. You’d like to think these dresses would melt if they got wet. The guy uses a big strap. The girls are spanked in various positions. All three seem aroused.

Report Card Spelling (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Peters is studying Sarah’s report card she arrives. She wears a simple blue top and blue shorts. After a short scolding about her grades, she seems to accept what is coming and drops her shorts and knickers.

Peters continues to scold her and smack her bare bottom as he quizzes her, reminding us a bit of the British piano teacher and how they instruct pupils. Sarah will face us at one point and is completely shaved. She is given the book to study while Peters goes for the cane.

Sarah touches toes, Peters flicks her knickers away with his cane, some slipper warmup, the. 12 strokes are shown, moderate stuff with repeats. But there seem to be a lot of marks for Ms. Collins.

‘Sarah Collins as dancer’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Very brief. Sarah stands in a ballet tutu in the middle of an empty set. Under her very brief skirt there are no knickers, and she is quite amused about it. There are too few examples for us in CP files of ballet dancers or cheerleaders with no panties on. We note this one, with pleasure. No guy who has ever seen a cute girl in a tutu has not imagined with forgotten knickers.

She gets a brief strapping, kneeling on a chair. A double tongued strap with a handle. She is already marked. Love the costume.

School Trouble’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Mostly a display of Ms. Collins’ charms, all of them. The barren blue wall set, Sarah In a deadly smock. White red-trim knickers. She pulls them down, bends over, and spreads her legs as wide as she can. There is your screenshot if that’s your thing. Knickers up and down, a bottom show. Mike Stevenson comes on set, almost an afterthought. OTK, and a very severe beginning. Legs wide. Bare bottom, it’s all there.

‘Smoking SG’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Sarah is caught smoking by Agean, right there is the sitting room, not very clever. She wears one of those deadly print house dresses. Agean takes her OTK, white knickers down. Agean drags her to her feet by her ponytail. Bend over for a tawse, dress comes up by itself. Hard go with several slaps, and some palm slaps because of smoking, Sarah struggles here. Very good closeups.

‘Strapped bare’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Sarah on the blue wall set. She wears a red halter and black skirt. She is in trouble again. Recent punishments have failed. “Kneel on that chair,” says the guy. Skirt up, yes, she has been spanked. The guy straps her with a doubled strap with a handle.

A few palm slaps, then more strapping. Closeups of her bottom and jewels. All sorts of varied marks from previous episodes. At first a defiant look from Sarah, then submissive, and she walks off.

Teenager strapped hard’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Not the title. Sarah is relaxing on a couch. She decides to look in Mr. Henderson’s wallet and he catches her. She will be punished. A strap happens to be right there. He is happy to tell her that in Muslim countries thieves have their hands cut off.. Bit in England, thieves get their palms slapped, just for starters. The bottom will suffice here.

Henderson wants all her clothes off, which deters Sarah only for a second, shaking her head “no.” Dress off, black bra and knickers off. More palm slapping. Now he gets to her bottom, already well marked. She is naked most of the film. Ms. Collins a busy actress.

‘Thrashed By Miss Smith’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Miss Smith and Cee on the all-purpose workroom set. Ms. Collins is a schoolgirl here. She raises her kilt and Smith takes her knickers down and off. First, a hard and thorough handspanking. Collins can take it.

Sarah bends over for the cane. 20 moderate strokes, some repeats Hands on head at the wall. Simple film but the best of models.

This is Punishment’ (F/f; time: 18 minutes) Sarah plays a character ‘Paulette,’ and is challenged by a sturdy blonde with a heavy Glasgow accent. Sarah strips naked and is taken OTK for a quite hard handspanking, just a start in this slightly longer feel.

The caning comes next, the first 28 strokes are shown, repeats cleverly edited. They take a break, followed by 20 more strokes. Sarah cries out. They hug at the conclusion. Funny things can happen. The blonde hits a piece of filming apparatus with a backswing.

‘three caned schoolgirls’ (M/3f; time:31 minutes) This film is nothing more than the exploitation of three pretty girls and is entertaining in that aspect. It does not contain much serious CP, but the ladies! The girls are getting some end-of-term punishment to hold them over until next year.

The set is the familiar glass walled empty dance studio, with its frosted glass enclosure in the background, through which you can see the girls moving, and the pink of their flesh.

The scene opens with ponytailed blond ‘Asra’ standing before us, in just little white bikini panties, her melon boobs on full display. She is being scolded by the voice of the regular XEROTICS male disciplinarian Peters. He has her do some toe touches and reaches, full screen, turning around for some of them for the bend-over view. “Pull the knickers down, right down.”

Asra is sent into the glass enclosure to get two other girls. They must come out “without tops.” “No tops?” The girls, Kara Jayne Dempsey and Sarah Collins , return with Asra, stand in front of Peters in the briefest bikini panties and white knee socks. Very cute stuff, each girl.

They will begin the “end of term” workout. Facing us, then with backs to us, they do the bend and reach drill. “Faster.” Jog in place. Three jiggles, Asra especially. Panties down, hands on head, the girls are not completely happy with this. All three shaved.

Peters comes on-screen, smacking bottoms among them. Bend-overs for his belt, and bigger belt, and some mild caning, a dozen or more strokes, colorful for these magnificent bottoms. They hand him their panties and leave. A very entertaining film for these pros.

‘Three Girls in Tears’ (M/3f; time: 16 minutes) XEROTICS, SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL. The glass walled set. All-star cast, with Peters, Kara Jayne Dempsey, Sarah Collins, and blonde Audrey. Kara Jayne reports to Peters. She has been caught off campus with boys, and these two other girls. She is the first to be spanked. She bends over the desk, perfect white knickers. Not always the case in CP films.Peters gets to the bare skin.

The two other girls report. They are shocked to see the spanking underway with Dempsey, and the results. To the blonde: “Take off your skirt and take down your knickers.” She gets a rousing slipper by any standards. Collins is next. Same bared bottom. Both these girls are then caned, not hard but lovely.

‘Too Late for Regrets’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Schoolgirl Sarah is in the glass-walled room. She chews her lip as she waits, a cunning little trait of hers. She is called into the inner office by Headmaster Dean Harvey. The room is barren of furniture, suggestive of the kind of place you’d bring a student for a special whipping.

Harvey takes down her white knickers and begins the handspanking. Lefty Dean spanks hard. Lovely shot of Sarah’s knickers sliding down her legs as she kicks. Sarah seems to have had enough, but she must bend over a chair for the cane. Push strokes to start, but they get harder. She hangs her head in shame.

‘Valkerie hard caning’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) The title is redundant. Valkerie translates as hard caning. Sarah will get one of her most thorough canings on the barren room set. She is a schoolgirl, in blouse, knee socks, kilt. Valkerie is sexy lean in blouse and tight jeans.

Sarah must grab her ankles, knickers down. 12 fast cane strokes jolt her. These strokes are repeated from the bottom view. 30 more strokes shown, fast full swings. Are you watching, Nicky Montford? Nice scenes, bottom and face. One of the hardest.

‘Valkerie with Sarah again’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Valkerie is reading a magazine when Sarah Collins reports to her, dressed as a schoolgirl. The scene is the garret couch. Sarah goes into the red-walled bathroom, strips naked, and sits on the toilet to masturbate. She returns to Valkerie in the bedroom to get what she knows is coming.

To begin, Sarah bends over the foot of one of the beds for a handspanking. Closeups. Valkerie takes up the cane—a dentist reaching for the drill. About 25 strokes are shown, characteristically sharp and fast, repeats. Sarah is allowed to rub and recover along the way.

‘Without her knickers’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Sarah is on the empty set. She wears a black side slit cocktail dress. NO KNICKERS. She raises her dress. She is shaved bald. Does this have to be done every day for this work? She kneels on a stool and bends forward to put her palms on the floor. She excels at athletic poses. Bottom elevated, a guy uses a doubled strap. She is already marked. Short, simple, and painful.

Valkerie at XEROTICS

9 Jan


Caned Bottom’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Miss Valkerie has Joanna in front of the exercise wall. You wonder immediately if Valkerie will live up to her reputation. We had watched Joanna drop her knickers and put a cigarette between her cheeks. Valkerie searches and finds the cigarette. Her bottom is very red, unusually so. Hands on a chair, 16 strokes of the cane, typically hard, some repeats, and Joanna gets her red face.

Enough is Enough’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Domme Valkerie in the faux library. In mostly her usual uniform, the white blouse but a skirt here. Elizabeth Simpson stands in front of a clothes tree with canes hanging. Valkerie frisks Elizabeth and finds cigarettes. The spanking starts, first with a ruler, regulation school knickers down by Valkerie. Elizabeth has to center her bottom for the camera. Handspanking, palm slaps for smokers, a bigger strap, Valkerie steps it up and earns her reputation.

‘Exercises with Valkerie’ (F/2f; time: 12 minutes) Not the title. Maybe our favorite Valkerie performance, and an affirmation that she is one of the hardest spankers among the dominatrices. Two lovely thin pigtailed brunettes, stark naked, are being put through drills in front of the familiar exercise wall. One is Angelina.
Valkerie has the girls lie on the floor, and she lies beside they to show them how to do sit-ups. She is so dissatisfied with their effort that she will convert this session into punishment, beginning by some strapping in the diaper position while they are prone.
The girls stand and will bend at the wall for more of the strap. Angelina is shocked at the severity pf the strokes and dances around. ”Oh, my God.” The second girl is equally distressed. Both girls have cute trimmed mohawks, amply shown.

Valkerie takes up the cane. The brunette we can’t identify gets 6 strokes—stripes, welts, tears. Angelina gets 15 strokes some only from the facial view. If there are repeats, we didn’t mind. Angelina really howls, and Valkerie has to wait for her to settle down between strokes. Valkerie keeps switching sides to even out the marks.

Given that these models are professional spankees, this is one of the most authentic performances we can recall. The girls really seem surprised by Valkerie are glad when the punishment is over.

‘Ivy’s Photo Shoot’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Ivy is having an audition with Valkerie. If you can pass her test, you can work anywhere, but not for a few weeks. Ivy wears a sophisticated white dress, and pulls it up on direction to display lovely white bra and thong, more of a g-string. She removes her bra and poses and parades in just the g-string. Valkerie fondles her, gives her a light spanking, and allows her to dress.

plump and caned’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Valkerie  spanks and canes Kim on the office/garage set. This title saves us having to describe Kim. She claims to be a professional dominatrix wanting to try out being a Bottom. OTK spanking and caning.

U.S. Attitude’ (MF/2f; time: 14 minutes) Miss Valkerie and a guy will deal with two girls, Elizabeth Simpson and an American blonde. Apparently Simpson has developed some unattractive American traits and Valkerie is going to spank it out of both of them. Valkerie shows her implements. “I’m not joking.” She never jokes. 

Simpson is spanked first, with a heart-shaped leather paddle. Skirt up, black lace panties. The American blonde is dragged by the hair and spanked OTK next. 

The male character re-enters and takes Simpson OTK. Routine bare bottom spanking. The blonde returns, rather amused. She goes OTK, bare bottom, some pussy winks. The girls are being spanked for their manners and lack of respect. “Fuck!” she shouts. 

‘Valkerie Hard Caning’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Reviewed with Sarah Collins collection.

‘Valkerie’s Hard Caning 2’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Valkerie confronts a blonde in school uniform for wearing too much makeup and other things. OTK she goes, kilt up. The cover for an already red bottom: “Oh, you’ve been punished before. For makeup?” We’ve pointed out before, this model Valkerie spanks very hard, and right from the start.

Valkerie pulls the girl’s thong to her thigh tops and turns her bottom fully red with a razor strop. The cane is next. 20 with the forehand, 22 with the backhand, thong adjusted downward, and 26 more forehand. Surely repeats in this ferocious caning. Bookmark Valkerie.

Language Lessons’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) In the same blue set, Valkerie again, in the same white blouse and tight jeans. A van load of girls must have been delivered for this day’s shoot. Elizabeth Simpson’s turn. Errant schoolgirl. OTK, skirt up, typical very hard handspankjng from Valkerie. Hands on the chair the only prop, for a strap. Valkerie takes the knickers down.

Then a very unusual caning. Almost 40 strokes are shown.Repeats. Have to be 3 or 4 times. Hard and very fast. Gasps establish the repeats. No way Elizabeth could have taken 40 of these strokes.

Thrashed by Miss Valkerie’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Valkerie and Rowina in the blue studio. Valkerie in her usual white top and jeans. Rowina is a hot little brunette, looking barely legal. Valkerie doesn’t like her clothing, and she is always in a position to do something about it. Rowina is taken OTK, dress up, green knickers, bottom already red. Usual very hard spanking, Rowina goes silent. Spanking even harder, she starts to cry out. Nice corner time, heavily mottled bottom.

Lesson for Sarah – ENGLISHSPANKERS

20 Mar

M/f; time: 13 minutes

Model Sarah Collins is going to take a pretty good pasting, in what would seem to have been a standard CP film. She is being scolded by a male, Mr. Stern,  on a set which contains huge clunky furniture.

A conventional  OTK spanking starts on a couch. She bends over for a strap and drops her thong,  which wasn’t in the way anyway. Up on the couch, bare bottom for more of the strap. Another guy appears and uses a Spencer paddle on her. She is flexible enough to put her palms flat on the floor when she bends.

Then the escalation. Sarah assumes the diaper position on the couch. And she isn’t shy about it. She spreads her legs and is fully exposed. Stern spanks her here and then switches to the cane. But, with all this thigh and bottom crease exposed, after one stroke they switch to the more conventional position of Sarah draped over a couch arm.


11 Oct

2M/2f; time: 44 minutes
A long’ish film for this producer, with at least some twists and turns in the story. ‘Sara Collins,’ one of the CP film professionals who knows how to both give and take, plays ‘Collins,’ a student in the glass-walled set used often by this producer.

She’s done something wrong and is quickly OTK, panties down immediately, and spanked left-handed by the male school principal. When he orders, “Take your skirt off,” Sara shakes her head in refusal, but off it comes. Sara bends over the same chair for the cane–30 strokes are shown, with repeats from various angles. Some counting aloud, and telltale bruises.

A new scene at the school,exterior. Brunette ‘Smythe’ is caught trying to climb the ladder to the water tower on the roof by the headmaster. She’ll be spanked and is taken to the glass room. The roar of ventilation makes dialogue difficult in this film, which is OK–it isn’t Chaucer. After a silly toilet scene, Smythe will get the slipper from the Head. A series of scenes back and forth, Smythe being slippered and Collins getting the belt from another teacher.

For some reason, Smythe spanks Collins, as the head girl. We observe here how skillfully Ms. Collins can display herself on someone’s lap. The Head interrupts this and spanks them both. Frontal from Sara, bald.

A young ‘Peters,’ an actor found throughout these British films, especially XEROTICS, whose name we surely do not have correctly, lectures Smythe, who seems to be a head girl. Even though she is threatened with “my little friend,” a cane, he starts with a most embarrassing spanking OTK. She must spread her legs. Peters has heard she likes spanking.

Hands on the chair for the cane. Same salacious pose, legs 3′ apart, on tiptoes. 15 strokes, bruises. Peters taps her pussy with the cane. “I was told you would enjoy this…there better not be anything down here.” After this caning, she stands on the chair, above him. “Open the cheeks, wide….we won’t be enjoying that anymore, will we?” She will have to remain in this pose for 20 minutes.

Sarah Collins Schooldays

29 Oct

M/2f; time: 46 minutes

Two seasoned and courageous CP actresses in this film. ‘Nicky Montford’ sits at a table, fiddling and not doing her homework. A faceless male supervisor is frustrated with her and begins punishment with an OTK spanking. After a FADE, her homework has still not progressed. Bend-over a chair for the slipper. [throughout this film, there are traffic noises outside] There will be a series of very short spanking episodes.

Another FADE, Nicky’s punishment is accelerating. Same teacher, over the chair again for the cane on her panties. More, “Knickers down,” 7 strokes and welts are now appearing.

More spanking and caning scenes too brief and numerous to summarize. Nicky is caught searching around in the teacher’s office and even into his briefcase. Nicky is spanked and caned in various postures, in different schoolgirl outfits.

The second part of the film features thin brunette ‘Sarah Collins.’ The same brief spanking and caning scenes; Sarah is caught doing various actionable things–eating at her desk, smoking outside, rummaging through the teacher’s papers.

At one point Ms. Collins does stretching exercises in gym clothes. She can really do them,not always the case in exercise depictions in CP films.

English Headmaster – ROUE

30 Sep

2M/2f; year: 2005; time: 30 minutes

Roue got access to an old school gymnasium and stage to make this film. A plausible headmaster appears on-stage and addresses an invisible assembly of girls on their last day of school. They have been with him from the age of 13 to 18. Two students, ‘Sarah Collins’ and ‘Martina Stepanova,’ interrupt with noise and earn one more trip to see the headmaster before the term ends.

The girls must report to his office but somehow find their way into his quarters, where they discover a small video camera of his. They pose in silly positions and film themselves. They find a ‘dear diary’ segment filmed of himself by the headmaster, where he sits with his spanking implements and laments the end of the term and the girls’ bottoms he will miss.

The Head catches the girls and marches them back to the floor of the main room containing the stage. “You’re both going to be thrashed.” The girls have what they saw on the videotape in mind. He takes Sarah OTK first–she is a thin dark brunette with two ponytails. White panties down. The camera catches another man observing covertly from somewhere in the room.

The Head tugs her panties further down, where she stretches them tight at her ankles as the Head urges her legs open, just the way he likes it. After this spanking, she is sent to the wall, bottom on display in this large room.

Martina is next, a taller dark auburn-haired girl. OTK for her, he gets her blue knickers down. After her spanking, Sarah is sent to get the tawse, hobbled a bit by her knickers.

Both girls are tawsed, touching toes, presenting winking views of their charms. The headmaster gets in fondles on both girls in this position.

The Head beckons the secret watcher, ‘Mr. Janitor,’ to join him. The men agree that since this is their last day with these girls, they will exact some accrued revenge. We guess this duo is practiced at this. Naughty. Sarah is sent again to get the cane.

The two bare bottoms are lined up side by side, each man takes up a cane, and the girls are whipped simultaneously. They scream and struggle in this entertaining melee to end the film.

The Head says goodbye to the girls. Martina asks Sarah what her plans are. She says she is going to make application to a spanking and caning magazine, and would Martina like to join her. “Can’t hurt.”

Bars and Stripes – Intakes

10 Jun

Leia Ann Woods’ website of institutional women-in-prison. A number of CP actresses, working the industry in Europe and the United States, stopped by to make a series of films. We have enjoyed the initial films for many of these models, “Intakes” are episodes where the prisoner is introduced to the staff and the rules are illustrated, usually forcefully. Most WIP films contain a form of this introductory humiliation.

‘Hannah Martin ‘ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) A practiced ditzy blonde, Hannah is one of the more spankable models to come along. She stands before guard ‘Adam Smith’ and matron ‘Lucy McLean’ for her Intake. She must keep her feet on the white line and her eyes straight ahead, but she has “attitude,” just in her body language. She is dressed for trouble–a tight white latex dress and stockings which quit at her thighs.

Smith throws her forward over the desk, flips up her skirt, and is shocked by her tiny white thong. “God, look at that.” Lucy is amused. The handspanking begins; Lucy holds her still.
After some of the strap, it is time for her to put on the prison tunic. “Strip, except for your bra.” Lucy has to help her pull the tight dress over her head. Thong down, hands-on-head, legs apart, the way to remember this actress. After Lucy does her grope/search inside the bra cups, the tunic goes on and Hannah is marched out.

‘Honey Hardy'(F/f; time) ‘Stephen Lewis’ and ‘Dublin O’Brien’ deal with Honey, a very tall blonde in a very short skirt. After one of Dublin’s entertaining scoldings, she takes Honey OTK, sitting on the front of her desk. Skirt up, red lace panties soon down.

Bend-over the desk for a strap; then in a dissolve unusual in this series, Honey is already wearing her orange tunic, and is taken away. We presume B&S just couldn’t edit together the sequences, and/or it is possible some of these models, as brazen as they seem, might not be able to tolerate the spankings after all.

‘Prisoner Ivey’s Intake’ 2M/f; year: 2016; time: 9 minutes) A more recent film, revised and improved graphics. Michael Stamp may be now running the website. The character ‘Johnson’ plays the admitting officer and has the fun of these introductory interviews.

A scruffy blond ‘Ivey’ is not quite ready to accept her fate. She got six months for assaulting a police officer. Johnson explains the practice of corporal punishment, then: “Strip!” Ivey strips naked in front of him, back to us. She puts on her orange prison smock.

But she remains salty, so he will spank her. “You’re kidding!” She must have muttered the word ‘pervert.’ A hard OTK spanking, some bruising.

‘Jenna Jay’ (MF/f; year: 2011) This Intake occurs in a sunny room with barred windows. Jenna is a tall buxom brunette in a red knit dress and boots. The shape of her bottom is prominent in the eye of the camera, one of the advantages of knit dresses, IF you have the equipment.

Guards ‘Stephen Lewis’ and ‘Zoe Page’ will give her the what-for. After the scolding, Zoe bends her over the desk and starts a handspanking. She would appear to be smacking as hard as she can. Skirt up, pink thong, Lewis checks the heat of her buttocks. Zoe pulls the thong down, and Jenna has to hand it to them, always a naughty sign of submission.

After the spanking, Jenna is given her tunic and uniform. Even though the guards watched, they still search her. Lewis wants more strapping. Panties down again; he shows Zoe Jenna’s spanked bottom, as if she is learning this trade.

“Jentina’ (M/f); year: 2016) An updated presentation, may be part of the Spanked-in-Uniform series, and featuring the ubiquitous  ‘Warden Johnson.’ Blond Jentina wears the B&S orange tunic. She is serving a sentence for some credit card action.

Johnson forces her to say, “My bottom is yours, Warden.” She lies across his desk, straddling a chair, a posture too little used. White panties down. This is a touch of discipline before bed for her.

Pandora” (F/f; year: 2006; time: 21 minutes) The well-known and adventurous CP actress ‘Pandora Blake,’ in a longer episode. Guard ‘Jean Bradley’ and ‘Lucy McLean’ will preside, with little smiles on their faces. Pandora is handcuffed as she stands before the desk for her lecture, as are most of the girls when they arrive here. She wears a fashionable striped jersey and black skirt.

Her hands are released and she is urged over the desk. Bradley lifts the skirt, spanks on black panties for a bit, then pulls them down. In addition to Ms. Blake’s management and directorial skills, she possesses a bottom which competes well with her friends who pass through the studios. Bradley and McLean share the spanking, savoring Pandora’s displeasure.

Bradley switches to a strap, the experienced Pandora knows how to react. Now it’s time for the uniform; Pandora must strip–boots, panties off from their resting place at her thighs, skirt, jersey, stockings. McLean searches inside the bra cups. Pandora puts on the orange tunic, but she keeps running her mouth, and so earns more strapping before she is handcuffed and marched off.

‘Rachel Lloyd’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ will deal with Rachel by himself in this long Intake. She is a thin ponytailed brunette, wearing a halter and slacks, and carrying a handbag. She has been sentenced to 2-years for identity theft. She seems slightly amused by all this.

Kennedy slams the desk with his strap to ensure she understands how discipline is enforced. She nods comprehension. To begin, he forces her over his desk and begins spanking on her slacks. She pulls the pants down without dispute to display a black thong. There is more dialogue here than in the shorter films. He continues a long handspanking, shifts to the strap, and removes the thong.

Ready for her tunic; top off, a little red bra. We guess he doesn’t have the authority to grope like Ms. McLean would do. Handcuffed and marched away.

Saffy McKenna’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Guard ‘Stephen Lewis’ brings Saffy into the Intake office; ‘Dublin O’Brien’ sits behind the desk, guard ‘Lucy McLean’ is poised–another prisoner’s bottom coming her way.

Saffy is a tall dark-blonde, glamorous and sophisticated in appearance, wearing a two-piece dark suit and high boots. She immediately argues with the guards. Lewis rejoins, forces her over the desk, and the spanking begins immediately. Lucy holds her still. Panties down, her bottom is already blotching.

Saffy undresses–coat, white blouse, skirt. She has a few tattoos. But at bra and panties, she puts up a fight. Back over the desk, the great equalizer, for a big strap. McLean unfastens her bra from the desk and plays with her boobs. When Saffy stands, panties down, no bra, you can see why Ms. Woods hired her for the job. Tunic on, more bad-mouthing, more spanking, then she is marched off.

‘Sarah Collins’ (MF/f; time: 19 minutes) Brunette Sarah is marched in to face matron ‘Lucy McLean’ and guard ‘El Diablo.’ She is handcuffed and wears a white blouse and long dark skirt. She has been convicted of murder and of course claims innocence. “They’re all innocent,” says Diablo. They do the intimidation thing with Sarah. “I’ll show what happens to bad girls…over the desk!”

Handspanking, matron pulls down her skirt and checks the progress on her bottom through the black panties. Over the desk for the strap from the matron–Ms. McLean is always severe. Panties down, she stands to give Diablo a good look at her front. More strapping, Sarah continues to protest her innocence. Diablo takes over and doesn’t spank as hard. Matron is disapproving of a pussy ring she spies. Next come the sole and a paddle.

Matron releases the handcuffs and checks in the bra cups like she does. Panties pause at the thighs before they come off–a big part of the film. There are a few modest tattoos.

She is given the orange tunic and institutional panties. They watch her dress. They decide a little more punishment might cement things, so Sarah takes six of the cane on her knickers.

Adele Haze’ (M/f; time: 23 minutes) The actress Adele Haze, brave enough to have gone to work for LUPUS. Matron ‘Lucy McLean’ and guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ are amused by Adele’s party dress–how she chose this to report to prison we don’t ask. It is blue full-skirted dress with crinolines underneath; white heels, hair ribbons, white gloves. She has been convicted of murder, but she looks like (no so)Little Bo Peep.

After a scolding, the rules are explained. She is defiant. The staff is aware that the death of her former headmaster had a similar cause as the murder she was convicted for. Adele is shown the strap. She is forced over the desk, her dress is thrown up, and Kennedy handspanks her while the matron holds her still.

Matron puts on her rubber gloves. “Strip!” The matron helps Adele to remove the cumbersome clothing. Her dress is jammed in a filing cabinet, a touch of finality which adds to the tension. Adele is down to a white lace undie set. Matron searches inside her D-cups, to her displeasure. Bed-over again, this time the matron spanks. Kennedy follows with the strip, taking the panties down. Hair ribbons unravel, tears on her face. Adele removes her complicated garter belt and stockings, then puts on the orange tunic and black panties before she is taken to her cell.

‘Xela Chaste’ (MF/f; year: 2009; time: 22 minutes) Another long Intake, this one staged in the dungeon room. Guards ‘Paul Kennedy’ and ‘Jessica Wood’ will deal with Xela, a brassy blonde in a knee-length fur coat. She is defiant and argues immediately. Hasn’t she heard what happens here?

She is bent over the desk; Jessica begins the spanking. Fur coat off, Xela herself pulls off her soft leather knee boots. Jessica unsnaps her skirt; back over the desk, more spanking, panties down. This posture illustrates how tall this model is.

Undressing continues; a rare frontal in this series when Xela takes her blouse and bra off. From the looks of that body, and her stage name, this lady has a night job. More smarmy talk as she puts on her tunic, so more spanking, the strap from Kennedy.

‘Yasmin Garcia’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Dublin O’Brien’ sits behind the desk, a bit comical in her guard’s uniform and her faux-severe tone. She has passed that point in her career when she proffered her own bottom for the camera. But you can she how she would be popular at those British spanking parties occasionally advertised.

Yasmin is a tall brunette with short gamin haircut, a green dress, and stockings which stop at the thighs below her skirt. Not for going to the supermarket. Bend-over the desk, panties down, Dublin straps her. When Yasmin strips, she puts her feet up on the desk to do it.

Scene cut, she is already in her tunic. One last bend-over for the strap before she is taken away.