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9 Feb

f; time: 13 minutes

Clare Fonda introduces Sarah Gregory and then interviews her from off-screen. Some interesting terminology and Inside Baseball on the spanking film industry. Sarah is quite articulate and avoids melting into giggles for the most part. She got her first play spanking in high, but knew from kindergarten that she was fascinated. She had an early lesbian experience with a ”kinkster.” She doesn’t agree that spanking is a ”gateway kink.”

Her first professional spanking was with Clare Fonda. She mentions a number of the dommes—Paul Tubaman; Dana Specht was a ”theme mommy” at one point. She doesn’t think the ”vanillas” are as happy as the kinksters. She talks about SHADOWLANE, Erica Scott, and Chelsea Pfeiffer.

Sarah is ”involved” wIth John Osborne. He seems to have spanked her out of lesbian their first time, and later Sarah invited him to spank her at a Las Vegas suite party for SHADOWLANE. It became sexual.


18 Jun

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Two CP stars. Sarah Gregory and Chelsea Pfeiffer, make a playful film. The set may be Chelsea’s spanking ranch. She plays the Wicked Witch’ and Sarah plays Dorothy. They are dressed in the appropriate costumes. Was there any debate about who should play who? Don’t think so, Ms. Pfeiffer prefers the Top.

Chelsea gives Sarah a surprisingly hard and long handspanking on a couch. These two know no damage can be done in this manner. Panties come down and are kicked to the ankles in perfect CP style. Bend over for straps. The film ends with Sarah faux-spitting on the witch and of course she evaporates.

Sarah Spanked by Her Men – AAASPANKING

12 May

M/2f; time: 14 minutes

A playful exercise where John Osborne and Paul Rogers will team up to spank Sarah Gregory. She sits in bra and panties, on the phone gossiping about the men. She mimics a Texas accent about “butt spankers.” She is caught and sent to get the spanking implements. She brings back a Spencer paddle and a strap. The men will alternate spanking her with both, panties down. Osborne also slaps her face, unusual in this genre of CP films.

Bathtime Brats – AAASPANKING

15 Apr

M/f; time: 8 minutes

A rather silly exercise, despite the appearance of John Osborne, Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie, and Casey Calvert. The rather adult girls sit in pj’s, having a sleepover. Osborne enters with a paddle. Wouldn’t you be similarly tempted if you can a house full of giggling young bottoms?

Osborne takes Sarah OTK first and paddles her on her pj bottoms. A nice showcase of her big bottom. Pj’s down. Christy is next for the same. And Casey last. Osborne lines up the three bare bottoms for the paddle and strap. No tears coming here.

Spanking Sarah the Brat – AAASPANKING

11 Mar

M/f; time: 19 minutes

A simple exercise with John Osborne and Sarah Gregory. No rehearsal was needed for this one. A playful spanking in a fully stocked kitchen. Sarah wears a blue skirt and black top. Her figure has matured in just the places we want. After some frivolity, Sarah gets a straight chair from off screen and we are ready to begin.

Osborne chases her around a little before she more less falls into the OTK position. Handspanking on her skirt, more or less routine. Skirt up, black panties bunched. Panties down, we’ve said a bunch about her famous bottom. She is sent to get a hairbrush, and in moving around, there are long frontals, cunning and unusual for her. OTK for the hairbrush and a playful hug to conclude.

Spanking Interrogation – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

29 Jan

F/f; time: 40 minutes

A playful exercise with Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory. Bet these two CP warriors had a lot of fun making this film. Dana plays a police officer. She is fully equipped—hat, uniform blouse and trousers, badge, tie, the works. She has arrested Sarah Gregory and brought into an interrogation room. Sarah is handcuffed and squirming on a chair. She’s not talking.

Sarah is in her blonde period in this film. She wears a short black dress and knee boots, hooker stuff. After a long verbal 8nterrogstion, to no avail, Specht will kick it up a notch. She takes off Sarah’s handcuffs (not easily) and takes her OTK. The hem of her dress essentially doesn’t exist, and the g-string is irrelevant. Specht gives her a long and convincing spanking, no fooling around from these two. Sarah struggles.

She is allowed up. Specht will take off the rest of her clothes—the black dress, a red bra, and finally and ceremonially, the black g-string. First comes rubber gloves and a cavity search, reasonable detail. On this. Sarah continues in the frisk position for. huge strap, full swings from Specht. Next is a thin paddle, a nasty looking thing in the right hands. Sarah struggles.

And last a cane. Sarah’s wonderful full bottom and wide hips, her specialty, are full screen. The cane is sharp and hard. Sarah collapses on the floor in.a naked pile. “Fine, Fine.” “What do you mean, ‘Fine’?” “I was selling drugs.” Specht laughs and says now she will go into custody. “You mean this was all for nothing?”


16 Dec

M/f; time: 12 minutes

Sarah Gregory and John Osborne in a more recent film. How can we say this? Their figures are more…mature. We reviewers cannot brag either. The set is a sitting room with modern appliances. Osborne takes Sarah OTK for a standard spanking. Colorful skirt up and a nice little struggle when he works her pink panties down.

Halfway through Osborne switches to a spatula-shaped paddle. Nice maintenance spanking which should keep any girl alert. Sarah is sent to the fireplace, where Osborne adjusts her skirt so that her bottom is fully on display.

Full Punishment Package – SHADOWLANE

27 Oct

F/f; time: 26 minutes

A delicious film, with Sarah Gregory and Adriana Evans. Sarah wears a white doctor’s or nurse’s outfit. She can be counted on to be very naughty when she is dressed like this. Adriana is being scolded. She’s been naughty, maybe intentionally. Sarah points to an enema trolley in the room. “Now I have something to punish you for with it.”

But first, a dramatic OTK spanking. Sarah is very good at it. Adriana gets to strip naked to complete the spanking. Now this enema. Sarah puts on latex gloves. She can’t resist a flash at the camera to see if we enjoyed her melodramatic moment. Adriana is called back. She is naked. She carries the red bag, hose, and nozzle. Sarah looks inside the bag at the water. Frankly, the bag does not look very full.

Adriana is sent to get more water. She then kneels on a large hassock. Sarah lubricates her anus and can hardly disguise the fun she is having. She inserts the nozzle, only pencil-size. Adriana is lucky—CP film supply closets have lots of bigger ones. Water flows, Adriana looks miserable. After the bag empties, Adriana allowed to waddle to the bathroom, holding the nozzle in place and taking the bag.

When Adriana returns, Sarah has positioned a spanking bench and flourishes a cane. Adriana kneels on the leather pad and takes a rather mild caning. All in all, the punishment might have been on the mild side, but the ritual was wonderful. Sarah plays ‘severe’ very well.

Ashley’s Punishment – SPANKING101

8 Oct

F/f; time: xxxx

Sarah Gregory and Ashley Graham. A long and vigorous OTK spanking on a simple set. After the first spanking, Sarah lets her up and wants her dress off. No bra, surprising boobs.

Back OTK in just white black trimmed panties. They come down and off of course. Naked to the corner after the spanking.

Osborne and Gregory – SHADOWLANE

8 Oct

M/f; time: 18 minutes

A lovely little film. Sarah, forgive us, maybe having visited Burger King a time or two too many, stands in front of John Osborne. She wears a lime green set of bra and corset. She is so saucy. Can any amount of spanking solve this?

Sarah rucks up her corset and Osborne takes her OTK. Spanking on her white panties and then they come down. She is a lapful. After this spanking, Sarah stands and takes off her corset-bra. Complicated stuff. You wouldn’t want to figure this out in the back seat of a car. She goes OTK again, essentially naked. Osborne helps himself to handfuls of boobs as he spanks and keeps her legs open. They both keep her hair off her face.

At the conclusion of the spanking, Osborne points out that Sarah’s pussy is wet, and he gives her tissue to wipe herself. Gregory at her sexiest.