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John Osborne-Sarah Gregory -SPANKEDCALLGIRL

5 May

M/f; time: 13 minutes

The couple plays on an iron double bed. A one shot scene. A spreader bar hangs above the bed, but it won’t be used here. Sarah wears a tight black dress-is she meant to be a hooker? Osborne takes her OTK for a routine handspanking, thong down, he opens her thighs and shifts to a paddle. Sarah packs her stuff and leaves. Has she been disciplined by her pimp?

John Osborne – Sarah Gregory – MYSPANKINGROOMMATE

29 Apr

M/f; time: 10 minutes

A perfunctory spanking performance, except for the presence of Hall of Famers John Osborne and Sarah Gregory. The film by this producer may well have been work of AAASPANKING or NOTHERNSPANKING.

Osborne interrupts Sarah on the phone and will give her a spanking. We are in a bedroom for a one scene shoot. Sarah wears a blue top and black skirt. After a scolding, he takes her OTK. Her little protest always amuses.

Skirt up, red panties on display. There is some humor between them. Sarah’s muscular thighs always impress us. He takes her panties down for a routine spanking. When he lets her up, she is eager to check and see what happened to her bottom. Mohawk flashes. Nice.