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Seat of Learning and more -Strictmoor – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

31 Oct

3F/7f; time: 60 minutes plus

A ‘Strictmor  Academy production.’ Apparently a defunct website, Strictmore. A large cast of experienced CP actresses in an unabashedly silly multi-part school spanking story. As we watch this, we wonder just what CP market this film could have appealed to.

Strictmor Academy seems to be a remedial school where promising girls are sent for two weeks if they are failing at their various colleges. The scene opens with 8 girls reporting to  the Academy and being greeted by 4 female staffers, one of whom is ‘Dana Specht.’ The set is a country mansion. No dialogue. ‘Sarah Gregory’ herself is overdubbing a narration.

The girls are sent up to their rooms to put on school uniforms laid out for them. They have been required to report with their hair braided into schoolgirl pigtails. Ms. Gregory is of course mining all of the ‘schoolie’ fetish here. Surely this film is intended primarily for F/f. Michael  Masterson has proved at REALSPANKINGS that two bare bottoms are better than one.

Cut to a large and authentic classroom, where the lecturing has begun, here by Ms. Specht. The girls wear blouse, tie, kilt, knee socks, and maryjanes. Sarah narrates that the girls are shocked to hear that “bare bottom spankings” are the order of  the day here.

Specht’s history class proceeds, no spanking yet. The cute pigtailed girls squirm. Cut to bedrooms in the house. The girls can hear staffer ‘Mrs. Cooper’ is scolding her daughter ‘Jennifer’ (Bianca Rose), another staffer, for being rude. Since that is what happens here, Jennifer too has to put on schoolgirl kit to be spanked. She gets a standard bare bottom OTK spa king, kicking and screaming.

Back to Specht’s history class. She catches two girls passing notes, so it is time for the first spanking in front of the class. Brunettes ‘Anthea’ and ‘Lynn’ are called forward. They must strip to gymslips and regulation bottle green knickers. They get their thighs slapped and are spanked bare bottom OTK. There is no hesitation to show frontal nudity, here and  throughout.

Part of the classroom orientation explaining the use of spankings included the procedure that girls spanked in class during the day would receive a second spanking at bedtime.

Anthea and Lynn report to another staffer, ‘Mrs. Drower,’ in her office. The girls wear just white gymslips and full white panties. Drower pulls down their panties, very slowly and carefully. Hands on head. Pants at their thighs, the girls are marched  up the mansion staircase, the camera dutifully following their bottoms CP film style. The girls get a firm but conventional OTK slipper spanking.

Back to the classroom. Mrs. Cooper, who we saw spank her daughter with no compunction, is teaching. Two more students, ‘Sarah Gregory’ herself, and ‘Sharn’ (Amy Murray) are called to the front of the class. They also strip to undies and get the same embarrassing spankings in front of the class.

We see that required nighttime followup, bottoms up the palatial staircase  to their rooms. Drower loves to tell the girls they’ll be sleeping on their stomachs tonight. At bedtime the girls hear Jennifer getting another spanking from her mother, here with a hairbrush on the thighs as well as the bottom. We assume here that this is a form of sedative for Mrs. Cooper.

’Summer’ time:46  minutes

3A: Four brunettes in full schoolgirl kit are being lectured in class. The four girls will be taken and spanked by the teacher, by hand and a hairbrush. There is the usual ceremonial lowering of panties and the unusually frequent frontal views. We’ve said elsewhere, why is this production so tepid? Don’t they watch the competition? Four bare bottoms back on the desk chairs.

3B: 4 girls in pj’s are marched up the stairs by one of the older women and taken in turn OTK pj bottoms and panties down for the hairbrush. Again, no harm done, and as always, a lot of frontals.

4 (15 minutes) Joan and Elizabeth  march 4 schoolgirls upstairs, where they are lectured then spanked in unimaginative ways. Sarah Gregory is narrating. At least the camera angle, voyeur through doorways, is interesting. OTK hairbrush, and as usual, a lot of fuzzy frontals.

5: (33 minutes) Seems to be the last day for the 4 girls. Joan and Miss Elizabeth will spank and cane them in various ways. The girls are stripped slowly to camisoles and panties and bared in front of a floor mirror, very lesbian. The girls bend over and lock their arms behind their knees in what is called the “Murga position.” Hairbrush also.








26 Mar

F/f; time: 18 minutes

A hot little film, because Ms. Gregory lays it all on the line. Even though the scene is Chelsea Pfeiffer’s set for many of her CPENTERTAINMENT films, the production is attributed to Sara Gregory.

Sarah has answered an ad and come to Chelsea’s place to see what a spanking is like. As Sarah climbs OTK, Chelsea compliments her. “That’s a pretty dress.” “I bought it just for this.”  For most of the first part of the story, the spanking is conventional–dress up, white panties bunched, red bottom, several implements, and lots of fondling interest.

At 11 minutes, Sarah stands and strips naked. She has put on some weight since her first ingénue CP film days, but it is in the right places. She is eye-popping to look at and they know it. We made a note to pay closer attention to more of her later films.

Chelsea flogs her on the couch, then bending over, and last on all fours on the floor, all opportunities for us to enjoy powerful thighs, a big round bottom, and stunning boobs. And just for the fun of it , Sarah leaves her appointment naked, clothes in a bundle.



12 Jul


An older film, if we can go by the graphics. ‘Sarah Gregory’ appears here with another of the early female dominatrix,’ ‘Stephanie Locke.’ Stepmom Stephanie is not crazy about the way Sarah has dressed. She wants her to change clothes, and here of course is an opportunity for a spanking also.

Locke calls it “maintenance discipline.”  We have in mind how much she enjoyed picking at the panties of one girl or another in early NUWEST films, when Ed Lee himself was trying to legitimize his work by allying with famous spankers.

Locke spanks Sarah bare bottom with a hairbrush at the fireplace, then sets up a video camera and narrates a further spanking. She then confiscates Sarah’s panties, a touch we always liked.


20 Jun

M/2f; time: 22 minutes

‘Paul Rodgers’ with ‘Sarah Gregory’ and ‘Pandora Blake.’ This would be a conventional British schoolie spanking film but for the presence of two of the most respected and experienced CP stars of the era, both with bubble-butts–we hope they don’t take offense.

The girls wear perfect kit–maroon sweaters, white blouses, gray skirts, and knee socks. Rodgers is going to spank them both. Sarah is taken OTK first, skirt up, regulation full white knickers down, lovely stuff. After this first spanking, she kneels on a chair, bare bottom, and gives us just the slightest little naughty wiggle.

Pandora gets the same spanking. Next, both girls bend over for the cane, a memorable sight, these two CP-perfect bottoms. Sarah is especially salacious as she wriggles under the strokes.

Both are paddled, difficult to repeat how taken we are with these two bottoms.


8 Jun

Large cast; year: 2005; time: 23 minutes

Amy Hunter, Dublin O’Brien, Paul Kennedy, Michael Stamp. An insufferable drama entitled ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bare Bottoms.” Back-and-forth  spanking games not worth describing. Girls party, guys interrupt and spank.



Masked Spanking Stalker Returns – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

8 Jun

M/2f; time: 5 minutes

‘Joelle Barros’ and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ lounge on a bed. Must be Halloween, why aren’t they partying? Someone rings the doorbell, and the girls see spooky masked faces at the windows. Somehow the masked man gets in the house, jumps the girls, and spanks them, getting their pants off. Somehow, the girls don’t resist very much,

The guy takes the girls’ pants and runs off. This is perhaps the silliest waste we have seen in this series. We are reminded of an older porn film, ‘The Enema Bandit.’ Now that is what to do if you are going to break into a girl’s apartment. Would have been fun to see these two girls turned up, but SARAH GREGORY didn’t make films like that.


5 Jun

M/f; time: 26 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ works as a hotel maid. She has gone through a guest’s luggage and put on some lingerie she found. Guests ‘Sarah Gregory’ and ‘Johnny Lake’ catch her. This ‘maid’ theme is found in CP films. It sets up a spanking in a simple setting, and for plausible reasons.

Amelia is almost entirely naked in the outfit. Nothing is left to the imagination, to use the cliché. Johnny asks about her immigration status and threatens to call hotel security. Amelia is begging. She’ll do ‘anything.’  Sarah Gregory’s eyebrows arch and her nostrils flare. “Anything?”

Sarah takes Amelia OTK; the differences in their heights is remarkable. Sarah lowers the G-string, just for the thrill. A long and conventional spanking, Amelia squawks. Johnny takes his turn.

After a FADE, Amelia is lying face down on the bed. Sarah has a Spencer strap. “Smell it.” We can see, this couple is having their fun with helpless Amelia. If they travel with naughty disposable lingerie and straps, they are spankos. In this scenario, Sarah can get Johnny turned on without getting a spanking herself.  The couple watches closely as Amelia slowly dresses and leaves.