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Lady’s Maid – SHADOWLANE

11 Dec

F/f; year: 1995; time: 50 minutes

Maid training. ‘Alexis Payne’ plays Vanessa Patrini, and she narrates for us how she trains maids, which is, of course, bottoms-up. Maid ‘Bebe’  is going to be spanked for making terrible coffee.

OTK, uniform up, black panties, a silly handspanking, then the hairbrush on the bare bottom. The model ‘Amanda Morrison’ has a right kind of bottom.

FADE, a few more unimportant scenes of Vanessa and Bebe, leather paddle, crop, strap. Enough fondling to confirm that Ms. Payne likes her girls.

Disciplinarian Nurse – SHADOWLANE

8 Nov

F/f; year: 2007; time: 36 minutes

‘Ms. Divine’ plays ‘Nurse Rogers’  and the actress ‘Rebecca Desage’ is ‘Carrie Ann.’ The setting is described as the ‘Braemar School for Girls.’ Carrie fakes and illness, and here we have a school nurse who knows how to attack these things. She begins spanking Carrie immediately, OTK.

Skirt up, white panties down. After this spanking, Carrie sits on a gurney for some medical checks. Bra off, stethoscope. Onto her stomach, out come the rubber gloves, panties down. A rectal temperature is taken. Normal.

So more spanking–straps, hairbrush,  and paddles on all fours on the gurney.

Paddled and Possessed – SHADOWLANE

8 Nov

M/f; year: 2007; time: 47 minutes

Two porn stars here, ‘Tom Byron’ and ‘Carolyn Reese.’ Pretty blond Carolyn signed an employment contract which permits her employer to spank her if she makes errors. She didn’t read the fine print. She wants to renege, but she also wants to keep her job.

Their little conversations seem to be taking place in a bedroom. Tom takes her OTK in a little blue dress. Skirt up, tight little white panties, which Tom pulls down. Perfect bottom. This girl goes to the gym.

A  very long spanking, during which Tom begins to grope and frig. Carolyn obliges and stands and strips naked. A long session of conventional sex on the bed, including a money shot. Mr. Byron  is impressive here.


Tantric Tantrum – SHADOWLANE

27 Sep

M/f; time: 43  minutes

Some overt sex from Butch Simms and ‘Maggie Mayhem.’ Maggie interrupts Butch in the middle of his yoga session. She lays out her mat, but she has definitely broken Butch’s mood. Butch is looking older and gray here, maybe about 2009, rather Woody Allen-like, but we will see he hasn’t lost his powers.

Maggie keeps getting cell phone calls during the session, provoking Butch to begin wrestling her into a spanking position. He pulls her gym pants down to spank on white panties. He pulls the panties down, then Maggie stands and removes both her pants and panties. She has a full untended bush, and surprisingly, hair under her arms. This can’t have been filmed in 2009.

Butch pulls up her top, sits on her, and slaps her boobs. We’ll check our yoga manual for that one. OTK again; there are frequent cuts to a Buddha idol to facilitate these moves. More spanking, into the diaper position , Butch spanks her pussy and begins a slow frigging to transition  to the next phase of the film.

He pulls his shorts down, and he is hugely erect. Maggie begins a spirited blowjob, masterbating herself as she pumps. Next some fucking scenes, Maggie in the doggy position and cowgirl on his lap. More bj, and then a cum shot, not a classic, but accomplished.



Punishment of Delores – SHADOWLANE

16 Aug

M/f;  time: 35 minutes

Early SHADOWLANE, directed by Eve Howard. ‘Arthur Meeks’  is working as an interior decorator for his client ‘Delores Cortez.’  He arranges his next appointment to visit her place and informs her that her last check bounced. “You are going to get a spanking.”

Delores prepares for Arthur’s visit and gathers literally armloads of spanking implements and puts them away. His threats must be music for her. He arrives, there is some teasing, he opens a closet with a plan to organize the space, the contents dump out, and he finds more spanking tools.

Ms. Cortez, an older model, apparently in the years when SL began accessing Las Vegas girls and name models in the CP field, goes OTK for a long spanking with all sorts of things–strap, paddles, crop, from the piles of implements. Panties off.

Delores has stripped to just bra, garter belt, and stockings–we’re in the girlie-show era of spanking films. And a little bundle of birches. Bend over a table, not much of interest here.

Tony and Eve A College Fantasy – SHADOWLANE

2 Aug

M/f; year: 1987; time: 43 minutes

This is most likely the first SHADOWLANE production, catalogue SLV-001, when Tony Elka and Eve Howard were working out of Ed Lee’s NUWEST studios and about to set out on their own. NUWEST production values are evident–the cavernous studio, audio hum, washed out and inconsistent color and lighting, camera angles, cheap furniture. But the seeds of the spanking imagination are fully present–this is an erotic plot any spanko would love. And a playful fantasy. Was this a spoof or were they serious about this acting?

Tony plays a young professor and Eve a more-than-willing student. This story launches a thousand ships.

‘Tony Meets Eve’  They discuss classes she should take. She has her art portfolio with her and wants to go her own direction. Blouse, skirt, black-and-whites.

‘3 To Grow On’ Eve and Tony meet in a college corridor;  he saw her working at a bar last night, a side of her he did not know. He takes the liberty of smacking her on her skirt a few times. She feigns shock but loves it.

‘F For Fail’ Eve reports to Tony. She is failing the courses Tony advised her to take. “Sit down while you still can.” He tries to be threatening and we admire the effort. He grabs her OTK. “You have no right to do this!” A very brief spanking. Tony explains, if she wants to complete the semester, there will be a bare bottom here. Lots of “fuck” this and “fuck” that from Tony as he tries to appear severe. Tony wants Eve to use the word “bottom,” not “ass.” Skirt up, slip up, loose white panties down. Very early camera work, no closeups, poor angles. You have to wonder why, in this year 1987, when cinematography was far more advanced. Budget.

‘Hand in Glove’ Before Thanksgiving break, Eve gives Tony a gift of driving gloves. “I wonder what these are for…someone wants to go for a ride?” The sexual innuendos and acting are awkward, but we are loving these two adventurous spanko pioneers, knowing their CP film careers to come. Eve tries to seduce him whatever way she can. She alludes to a “h-a-r-d-on.”

Tony takes her OTK and spanks with one glove on. When he pulls her panties down, he discovers another smaller pair, transparent white lace. “Fancy!” She was ready. When her bottom is bare, there is abundant pubic hair peeking, circa 1987.

‘Taking Eve’s Measure’ Another discussion in Tony’s office, and another spanking, OTK, a handspanking and a big yardstick. He gradually gets to bare skin, while she is trying for more action all the while. They hug after this session. “I could have a much better attitude in class if you did other things with your pants down.”

Mischief Makers – SHADOWLANE

26 May

M/2f; year: 2003; time: 48 minutes

‘Samantha Woodley’s’ tight little bratty bottom is featured in two films, simple and uneventful in format. In the first, sisters Samantha and ‘Paris’ are in the custody of ‘Steve Fuller,’ one of SHADOWLANE’s regular male disciplinarians. They will be staying with him for a month, and it will be a challenge, as he battles anxiety attacks.

The bored girls bicker and make noise to annoy Steve. He will spank both girls, on their shorts, pulling his punches. There are two more inconsequential spanking scenes, one after excessive shopping and another after a pillow fight.

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 58 minutes

The same named film, released a few years later, with Samantha, ‘Sierra Salem,’ and Arthur Sire, subtitled ‘Judgment Day.’ The girls sent ‘Uncle Henry’ (Steve Fuller) to therapy. Now they will work for Arthur at his hotel.

the girls miss their first assignments, sleeping in drunk, so Arthur will spank them pool-side. OTK on pool furniture, white bottoms with bikini tans. Early in Ms. Sierra’s career we think.