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Mischief Makers – SHADOWLANE

26 May

M/2f; year: 2003; time: 48 minutes

‘Samantha Woodley’s’ tight little bratty bottom is featured in two films, simple and uneventful in format. In the first, sisters Samantha and ‘Paris’ are in the custody of ‘Steve Fuller,’ one of SHADOWLANE’s regular male disciplinarians. They will be staying with him for a month, and it will be a challenge, as he battles anxiety attacks.

The bored girls bicker and make noise to annoy Steve. He will spank both girls, on their shorts, pulling his punches. There are two more inconsequential spanking scenes, one after excessive shopping and another after a pillow fight.

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 58 minutes

The same named film, released a few years later, with Samantha, ‘Sierra Salem,’ and Arthur Sire, subtitled ‘Judgment Day.’ The girls sent ‘Uncle Henry’ (Steve Fuller) to therapy. Now they will work for Arthur at his hotel.

the girls miss their first assignments, sleeping in drunk, so Arthur will spank them pool-side. OTK on pool furniture, white bottoms with bikini tans. Early in Ms. Sierra’s career we think.




Authority Figure – SHADOWLANE

19 May

M/2f; year: 2007; time: 49 minutes

We have not pursued SHADOWLANE in any great detail; we have mentioned before–the films are a bit innocuous for our personal taste, but if you are trying to cajole a partner, they work fine. And there is an interesting list of famous CP models who have come along for Eve Howard.

Here we have ‘Kailee Robinson’  and ‘Abigail Whittaker’ with ‘Lance Del Toro.’ The girls play aupairs hired by him, two of them! He doesn’t like their references- drinking and partying, but he probably got a good look at them when they came in and saw his opportunities. “In this house, you break my rules, you’re going to be spanked.”  As he scolds. “…I will have your butt.”

To start them off, he gives them a food budget and cell phones to use.

FADE: You know what happens when you give a girl a cell phone with no suggestion on use limitations. Both girls ran up huge texting bills. You’ve got to admire these models, given their pornographic film experience, how meek and vulnerable they can appear.

The girls have to bend over the table and study the phone bills while Lance begins spanking them. Handspanking on skirts, then skirts up, pantyhose and panties down. Two famous bottoms, if not for our Mt. Rushmore, replicas certainly for our gift shop.

Lance then spanks the girls individually OTK, then bottoms displayed at the fireplace.

FADE: the two girls cuddle in bed. We’ve read Ms. Whittaker was so inclined. Lance interrupts and doesn’t care for this. Both girls are spanked over the bed, handspanking and paddle. They kneel up on the bed, side-by-side, red bottoms, for a paddle. Then both bottoms on pillows for more.

A collectible film if these ladies appeal to you as they do to us.

At Your Service – SHADOWLANE

10 May

M/f; year: 2006; time: 32 minutes

‘Danny Crighton’ and ‘Samantha Woodley.’ Danny has bought Samantha’s father’s gambling debts of $1.8 million. He owns her father now, and by extension he owns Samantha. He wants access to that little bottom of hers.

“You’re going to work for me as a maid for one week, then I’ll tear up the debts.” He explains that disobedience from her will have its consequences–discipline. “I’ll show you.” He grabs her OTK, skirt up, spanking on the red ruffle panties, until they come down.

Two fades. Samantha is spanked in two different maid’s outfits. The spankings are mild, the film is a bit silly, and the acting is horrible. We are fuelled only by imagining what paces Samantha could actually be put through during her week.

Keith’s Girl Friday – SHADOWLANE

1 May

M/f; year: 2004; time: 59 minutes

‘Samantha Woodley’  and ‘Keith Jones.’ Sam works for Keith, and he will find reasons to spank her in three separate sequences.

Sam is sent shopping for dietary groceries for Keith;  she blows all the money she was given and makes terrible choices. She will be spanked over a chair, skirt up, fashionable transparent panties. Bare bottom, she’s one of the best. Any why–she plays goofy and flighty enough that a good spanking always seems appropriate.

Keith needs to amend a business contract ASAP; Sam is distracted and goofing off in chat rooms. Time for another spanking. “Not again.” Pink pleated skirt up, fashionable white lace panties down, she gets the paddle.

And last–didn’t catch her offense. Fancy pants down for strap and tawse. And here, Keith canes her also, not too hard. Samantha can film tomorrow.


I Married a Brat – SHADOWLANE

1 May

M/f; year: 2003; time: 31 minutes

We’ve chased down a few films of ‘Samantha Woodley,’ whose elusive little bottom has always been a favorite of ours. Here, she plays wife ‘Nancy,’ with husband credited as ‘Gino Colletti.’

The film is innocuous and almost silly, except for that little tush. There will be three OTK spanking scenes, where naughty Nancy is disciplined.

The first scene is exterior; Gino finds her disrespectful and argumentative, chases her down and spanks her with a pingpong paddle over the game table. No harm done.

In the second scene, she is over the couch, her little blue sunsuit pants pulled down. Didn’t record her offense, but her struggles are fun to watch. The girl can act.

And the last scene is the most dramatic. She was drinking at a party (We’re not sure why this is punishable). Another session on the couch, and harder. Gino gets the hairbrush, which Nancy doesn’t like. She has lost her panties. Off comes her dress for a refreshing brief little frontal, rare for Ms. Woodley. Nice, because we have been waiting. Straps and paddles; she wants to go to the bedroom, but Gino will finish the spanking.


Disciplinarian Librarian – SHADOWLANE

18 Apr

F/f; time: 36 minutes

Not much report here, except that you had better be careful what books you check out of the library. Big Sister is watching. ‘Miss Marceau,’ a buxom brunette, is accused by the librarian of taking out too many erotic books. Because the Miss took out ‘Frank and I’ and ‘The Story of O,’ the librarian decides to see what she can get away with. “You will be spanked with a difference.”

And the librarian is going to videotape the proceedings. “You will be penetrated deeply.” Dangerous place, this library.

OTK, panties down, handspanking. The girl strips to her bra and is not wearing any panties. Pink bottom–“the way I like it.” Bra off, big boobs, probably the reason for this film.

The girl hangs onto the bookcase and bends over the table for various implements, before we begin  the penetration stage. The librarian inserts plugs in both Miss Marceau’s anus and vagina, eliciting squeals. These nasty plugs are electrified and they begin to vibrate. Some caning and spanking while this is going on. The girl is allowed to stand ad operate the electric controls herself.

Sting Operation 2 – SHADOWLANE

6 Apr

M/f; year: 2007; time: 27 minutes

The  pert, round-bottomed, frisky actress ‘Samantha Woodley’ continues in part 2 of this film. A professor has run a sting operation to see who is lifting term papers off the Internet, and it is her bottom which is now caught in his net. We very sure that this professor (‘Lance DeToro’) was quite pleased to see that it was Ms. Woodley he caught.

This film begins with excerpts of five other films Samantha made at SHADOWLANE.

Like a good girl, ‘Maryanne’ is immediately begging that there must be another way to solve this. The professor, does have an idea, “but it won’t come cheap.” Samantha is always cute acting shocked or surprised. She will take a spanking, but it won’t come easy.

She is wearing a medium-length full summer dress, very conventional stuff. She and the professor will tussle in various postures on a couch. He will get at her black panties and get them off. A paddle appears. Ms. Woodley is one of the more entertaining actresses in these gambits. The spanking is moderate; there  is no other nudity than her notable bottom.