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No Ifs, Ands, or Butts #3 – SHADOWLANE

6 Jun

Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes

Another of SHADOWLANE’s collections of excerpts from various films. Seventeen 4-minute segments, featuring many of SL’s stars, the Vegas-like girls, some of them porn actresses of some note, and many of whom made numerous spanking films.

All the names are familiar and we will not list them. Male actor ‘Dallas’ appears from ‘Love Honor Obey.’ Samantha Woodley in ‘Mischief Makers,’ and ‘Sarah Gregory’ in ‘Bad Girls,’ just to mention some of the films which have attracted interest over the years.

Desperate Measures – SHADOWLANE

8 May

MF/2f Time: 46 minutes

Clare Fonda and Kailee, the latter in her introductory appearance. Domestic frivolity in 5 vignettes.

In an opening scene in a kitchen, Kailee and stepmother Clare argue, and Kailee will be spanked, learning the ways of the house. OTK just two minutes into the film. Clare takes Kailee’s pajama pants down and then her thong. There’s the bottom that will grace so many appearances, here at SHADOWLANE and many other places. Smoky looks, perfect bottom, high pain threshold, a switcher, and adventurous. Clare works the bottom and the thighs. When Kailee is sent for the hairbrush, we get the intended frontal flash. Clare is a relentless spanker.

In the second scene, ‘River Wild,’ as Jake the plumber, arrives in the kitchen and Clare immediately intends to seduce him. Lots of plumbers have spanked their clients in CP  films. Kailee interrupts. Jake will spank Clare, taking her OTK, for a standard bare bottom affair, although it is always fun to see Ms. Fonda bottoms-up. After some argument, Jake concludes with a lengthy, steady, and rapid handspanking, a primer for any couple watching these films. As she roils, Clare glares angrily at Kailee, who is going to get it later. After this rousing spanking: “Can you at least check the bathroom toilet?” “Certainly.”

‘Danny Crighton,’ playing Clare’s husband and either Kailee’s father or stepfather, calls for the two girls. Kailee spills the incident with the plumber where Clare showed her boobs. Danny goes with Clare’s version that she was set and he will now spank Kailee.

Another conventional OTK spanking, breezy white dress up, panties down. Danny spanks very hard, including on the thighs down almost to the knees. Kailee kneels on the hassock. Danny whips her with his belt.

In the next scene, Danny will now turn to his wife Clare. “But he was a fake plumber.” “But those are real boobs.” Another hard OTK spanking, notable for Ms. Fonda, whose later career has been as a Top and producer. She fetches the hairbrush for Danny, but she is cautious not to flash. Hard smacking. She has been complaining that they never do anything. But this works, she calls him to bed.

Jake has arrived at the house to pick up Kailee, who has forgotten their date. He WAS  a fake plumber. So Jake will spank her. OTK, her bottom and thighs are now bruised and mottled after the above scenes. “Didn’t you get enough this morning?” She moans. Spanking. Hugs.

No Ifs, Ands or Butts #3 – SHADOWLANE

19 Apr

Time: 1 hr, 7 minutes

Another of SHADOLANE’S collections of excerpts from various films. Seventeen 4-minute OTK segments, all bottoms, featuring many of SL’s stars, the Vegas-like girls, some of them porn actresses of note, and many of whom were making and went on to make spanking films.

All the names are familiar and we will not list them. Male actor ‘Dallas’  appears in ‘Love Honor and Obey.’ Samantha Woodley in ‘Mischief Makers,’  and Sarah Gregory in ‘Bad Girls,’  just to mention some of the films which have attracted our review over the years.


Turn the Oher Cheek SHADOWLANE

26 Mar

F/f; time: 44 minutes

Some dreary doings from SHADOWLANE. ‘Artemis Antone’ plays a stripper home after a long night. Evangelist ‘Kristi Imboch’  has woken her sat home. Artemis is able to overpower Kristi and will spank her in one position or another and let her hands wander to various places. Is there a website where we can send some money, after-the-fact, to get these girls some acting lessons?


5 Jan

M/f; year: 2005; time: 51 minutes

Another older SHADOWLANE, two experienced and familiar CP actors, and full sex scenes. This was always SL’s niche, CP play often followed by consummated sex.

‘Angela Faith’ ungulates naked in a bubble bath. Her husband ‘Mike Robbins’ comes home and speaks to her from off-set. He is unhappy with her unpaid bills for attending a sex clinic. As she cavorts in the tub, a lot  of bottom, you wonder if she is the instructor or a student.

Robbins will spank her. Into the bedroom they go; Angela has gotten her bra and panties back on. Robbins shows her a plastic butt plug and an absolutely huge rubber dong, which we dare him to use. He begins working the butt plug while she kneels; he frigs her, competing with her fingers for the same space.

CUT. Both are naked now on the bed. Another dildo is at work. Some 69-position; Robbins has an impressive hard-on–the SL men always do. A series of position changes, full sex, but no consummation here.


Disciplining Betty – SHADOWLANE

18 Dec

M/f; year: 2006; time: 48 minutes

‘Betty’ (Blaze) of REALSPANKINGS fame is featured here; not sure of how this date of 2006 fit into her work in Colorado. ‘Razor Ryan’ will do the spanking. Spankos and founders Eve Howard and Tony Elka produce, write, and direct.

Betty and Razor argue, she doesn’t want to be controlled, he thinks she is a lazy student. “You need a good spanking.” “What?” “Do you think you could make it through a real spanking?” If she wants to keep dating him, she will have to do that. “That shouldn’t be contingent on my submitting to corporal punishment.”  Now that sentence of dialogue is surely rare in the porn industry.

The OTK spanking starts, silly at first. Skirt up, transparent white panties. The sun shines through as window on her bottom. Razor smacks her thighs and seems to aggravate some damage already existing on her right buttocks crease. Panties down, she is fully red.

Betty stands and strips to bra and panties. OTK continues, panties down again.

FADE. Another spanking scene. Razor is reviewing her college grades, which means another spanking. Another FADE, and now she is naked except for garter belt. A heavy heart-shaped wood paddle makes an impression. They hug. This is the most we ourselves of Ms. Betty.

Lady’s Maid – SHADOWLANE

11 Dec

F/f; year: 1995; time: 50 minutes

Maid training. ‘Alexis Payne’ plays Vanessa Patrini, and she narrates for us how she trains maids, which is, of course, bottoms-up. Maid ‘Bebe’  is going to be spanked for making terrible coffee.

OTK, uniform up, black panties, a silly handspanking, then the hairbrush on the bare bottom. The model ‘Amanda Morrison’ has a right kind of bottom.

FADE, a few more unimportant scenes of Vanessa and Bebe, leather paddle, crop, strap. Enough fondling to confirm that Ms. Payne likes her girls.