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Lovers’ Quarrel – SHADOWLANE

21 Oct

M/f; time: 54 minutes

A very buxom Shannon Rose and Max Maximovich. The couple sit at a table and playfully argue. Shannon teases Max that he is too uptight. She goads him until he finally will spank her. The OTK begins. A long spanking, panties down. She is a big girl.

Scene change. Another occasion, another spanking. This time a hairbrush is handy. And over the end the couch for a belt. .

Punishment Book – SHADOWLANE

15 Oct

M/f; time: 43 minutes

Lizzy Madison and David Pearl. An informal domestic set. David scolds Lizzy a long time before he will spank her in a lengthy OTK bare bottom scene. Apparently this is the way discipline is maintained, because Lizzy has to make entries in a book. They hug. Lizzy’s panties are still down and her bottom is shiny red. What an opportunity.

Dissolve to another offense and another domestic punishment. Same OTK spanking. They keep her skirt and panties in place for a while to disguise what is probably a red bottom from a previous scene. Hairbrush also this time. Another entry in the book.

Another spanking scene. This one ends up with Lizzy over a couch for the strap. We could have used a blowjob scene here, but SHADOWLANE did that only rarely.

Punishment, Enema, and Butt Plug – SHADOWLANE

11 Oct

F/f; time: 38 minutes

SHADOWLANE erotically combines several of its fetishes, an our favorites too. Blond Violet reports to her therapist and is told today’s treatment will be a combination of things. That it will. The girl seems to be in pajamas. Maybe she is institutionalized and this is a daily. Fun to contemplate. The model cannot keep from smiling at the dialogue, or maybe she knows what’s coming.

The session begins with an OTK spanking, quickly bare bottom. She stands and strips naked. From a table, she gets a naughty little device we haven’t seen before.Back OTK. The therapist inserts a small plastic plunger in her anus and lubricates her. Terrific. Violet gets up again and fetches a knobbed butt plug, maybe 6” long. They both have a lot of fun working it in, knob by knob. More spanking.

Enema time. The therapist sets up, pillows in place, rubber gloves, etc. Naked Violet quivers in anticipation. OTK again, the therapist inserts a nozzle attached to a baby bottle-sized container and squeezes it in. Some kind of enema prep. Violet is allowed to leave for the toilet. When she returns, the red rubber bag is waiting on a trolley.

Violet kneels on a padded bench, her anus is lubricated again with the plunger, and the therapist slaps her pussy with a spoon sized paddle. She loves it. The enema tube is inserted, the mid-size black bullet nozzle. One of the best enema scenes we have seen.

After a dissolve, the therapist will now cane Violet, using a double tongue rattan. Violet kneels on a spanking bench and seems to love the caning. She is allowed to dress and leave. Wonderful naughty imaginative work.

Osborne and Gregory – SHADOWLANE

8 Oct

M/f; time: 18 minutes

A lovely little film. Sarah, forgive us, maybe having visited Burger King a time or two too many, stands in front of John Osborne. She wears a lime green set of bra and corset. She is so saucy. Can any amount of spanking solve this?

Sarah rucks up her corset and Osborne takes her OTK. Spanking on her white panties and then they come down. She is a lapful. After this spanking, Sarah stands and takes off her corset-bra. Complicated stuff. You wouldn’t want to figure this out in the back seat of a car. She goes OTK again, essentially naked. Osborne helps himself to handfuls of boobs as he spanks and keeps her legs open. They both keep her hair off her face.

At the conclusion of the spanking, Osborne points out that Sarah’s pussy is wet, and he gives her tissue to wipe herself. Gregory at her sexiest.

Punishment Past Due – SHADOWLANE

3 Oct

M/2f; year: 2002; ; time: 36 minutes

Ava Barton (Anna) Alex Dominquez, Angela Black (Belinda). Another story of girls who can’t pay their rent, and a landlord who knows a wayto barter. He has a hidden camera in their furnished Egyptian-theme apartment and hears their scheme to chisel on the security deposit. The aspiring actresses have come to Hollywood and wear their pancake house dresses. Damsels soon in distress!

Alex comes by to collect the security deposit and replace a cracked vase. When the girls can’t pay, they are easily convinced to offer up their bottoms. Anna will be spanked first. OTK, typical mild stuff from SHADOWLANE. Skirt up, panties down. Blond Belinda is next, the same spanking.

Segue. The girls have put on some lingerie. The girls lie side by side on a long hassock for a spanking and strap, on knickers then bare. Conventional. They stand, hands on the hassock, for strap, flogger, cane, etc. Simple enough.

The Joke’s On Them – SHADOWLANE

16 Sep

F/2f; year: 2012; time: 24 minutes

Eve Howard, with Sarah Gregory and Heather Green. Sarah is being spanked OTK, very cute in red skirt and white blouse. Eve gets the skirt up and white panties down. Sarah strips naked, always a treat. She bends over a desk for the paddle.

After a dissolve, Heather Green joins the scene. She also is taken OTK and the. Strips naked. Over a couch for the paddle. Nothing more.

Tardy Party Girls – SHADOWLANE

16 Sep

M/2f; time: 24 minutes

Mike Kohl, Amy Hunter, and Alex Reynolds. Amy and Alex are talking. Kohl seems to be some sort of guardian or friend. They are late home, so he will spank them. He starts them OTK and then has them strip naked. Some friend.

Over pillows on a bed, side by side. Director Eve Howard knows this makes a good shot. Several straps and a hairbrush. That’s all.

Mystery Spanking – SHADOWLANE

6 Aug

M/f; year: 2018; time: 35 minutes

It would appear ‘Alice’ made this film at about the same time as her more substantial oeuvre with REALSPANKINGS.  We read somewhere she was 23, 5’1” and 85 lbs. How is that even possible? She appears here with ‘Joe Stryker,’ who is a therapist who will spank her to help expiate some sins.

The spanking is conventional. Alice starts off in bra and panties and soon gives up the panties. Stryker spanks her on a commercial spanking bench and in some bend-over positions. She will tied naked over a table.  Mild to moderate. Ms. Alice must have had a busy schedule, because she not going to leave here marked. She doesn’t get the spanking you would have hoped for.

Freudian Slap – SHADOWLANE

1 Jun

M/f; time: 52 minutes

A playful performance from two CP stars, and they are not ingenues here. Clare Fonda and Butch Simms. Clare is not shy about being fully naked at this point in her career. We won’t see one of Butch’s vaunted erections, but we bet he had one.

The first story is silly,  but we don’t mind. Butch is a patient, Clare his therapist. Somehow,   Butch seeks catharsis and Clare agrees to let him spank HER. In these CP therapist sagas, the patient usually drops the pants.

After the discussion on this turnabout, the spanking begins. Clare is quickly naked. Butch is impressed. Clare tells him she is proud of her bottom. She admits “It’s OK to be a hot therapist.”  Several position changes all handspanking. They hug to conclude. Now Clare needs to see HER therapist.

In the next clip, Simms is a plumber. Now how many times have we seen a girl trade her bottom for payment with a tradesman? She wants to be billed. He wants cash. He  will spank her. Skirt up, pantyhose down, white panties down, standard stuff. Clare bends over for him to inspect at the conclusion.

Spanking Analysis – SHADOWLANE

4 Oct

M/f; time: year: 2002;1 hr 21 minutes

We struggled through another corny SHADOWLANE production and we will now cut back on our attentions. Male SL staff play sex therapy counsellors. Brunette ‘Susan Mills’  plays an older woman seeking counselling,  which comes in the form of spanking and anal play, of course. In subsequent visits, she becomes acquainted with an anal plug and a string of anal beads, whose size is going to require some training.

The film ends with a naked Ms. Mills bottom up on a table, taking a butt plug and an electric dildo.