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Mystery Spanking – SHADOWLANE

6 Aug

M/f; year: 2018; time: 35 minutes

It would appear ‘Alice’ made this film at about the same time as her more substantial oeuvre with REALSPANKINGS.  We read somewhere she was 23, 5’1” and 85 lbs. How is that even possible? She appears here with ‘Joe Stryker,’ who is a therapist who will spank her to help expiate some sins.

The spanking is conventional. Alice starts off in bra and panties and soon gives up the panties. Stryker spanks her on a commercial spanking bench and in some bend-over positions. She will tied naked over a table.  Mild to moderate. Ms. Alice must have had a busy schedule, because she not going to leave here marked. She doesn’t get the spanking you would have hoped for.

Freudian Slap – SHADOWLANE

1 Jun

M/f; time: 52 minutes

A playful performance from two CP stars, and they are not ingenues here. Clare Fonda and Butch Simms. Clare is not shy about being fully naked at this point in her career. We won’t see one of Butch’s vaunted erections, but we bet he had one.

The first story is silly,  but we don’t mind. Butch is a patient, Clare his therapist. Somehow,   Butch seeks catharsis and Clare agrees to let him spank HER. In these CP therapist sagas, the patient usually drops the pants.

After the discussion on this turnabout, the spanking begins. Clare is quickly naked. Butch is impressed. Clare tells him she is proud of her bottom. She admits “It’s OK to be a hot therapist.”  Several position changes all handspanking. They hug to conclude. Now Clare needs to see HER therapist.

In the next clip, Simms is a plumber. Now how many times have we seen a girl trade her bottom for payment with a tradesman? She wants to be billed. He wants cash. He  will spank her. Skirt up, pantyhose down, white panties down, standard stuff. Clare bends over for him to inspect at the conclusion.

Spanking Analysis – SHADOWLANE

4 Oct

M/f; time: year: 2002;1 hr 21 minutes

We struggled through another corny SHADOWLANE production and we will now cut back on our attentions. Male SL staff play sex therapy counsellors. Brunette ‘Susan Mills’  plays an older woman seeking counselling,  which comes in the form of spanking and anal play, of course. In subsequent visits, she becomes acquainted with an anal plug and a string of anal beads, whose size is going to require some training.

The film ends with a naked Ms. Mills bottom up on a table, taking a butt plug and an electric dildo.

Tennis Bums – SHADOWLANE

11 Sep

2M/2f; time: 1 hr 2  minutes; year: 2005

The British always liked to associate tennis players and spanking. After all, all those cute white pleated skirts and powerful buttocks and thighs resulting from running sports.

‘Traci Greer’ and ‘Keith Jones’ play husband and wife. She has become bored with her tennis club and gone ahead and joined a second club, still more expensive. Keith will spank her for that, in her tennis dress. And she’d better get a job. Standard mild SL spanking, very nice lace tennis panties.

Another couple, ‘Miranda Fay’ and ‘Steve Fuller.’ Steve owns the club and Miranda wants him to give Traci some free lessons because she sort of coerced Traci into joining. We can imagine Steve would like to give Traci at least some kind of instruction.

FADE. The lesson was scheduled, but Traci and Miranda sipped pina coladas through the time. Steve marches both girls off the veranda into the club, where he will spank them both, apparently without fear of interruption.

Traci and Miranda get slightly silly OTK spankings. The best moment comes when their bare bottoms decorate the arms of  a couch.

FADE. Miranda has been sent to apologize to Keith. He’ll get his money’s worth and go after HER bottom. Another standard spanking.

No frontals or other nudity here, but in many cases  SHADOWLANE is not so shy about that.



Paddled, Pleasured, Purged – SHADOWLANE

6 Sep

M/f; year: 2012; time: 53 minutes

Another sexual therapy theme. The title says it. SHADOWLANE was good at these anal shows. Someone, maybe Eve Howard herself, has a touch of a fetish in that direction. ‘Dr. Ramsey’ greets ‘Madison Young’  in the examination room. Madison has already been spanked by a ‘Miss Howard’ in the clinic. On the gurney, he checks her bottom and sees a  few spots  that need filling in. You check your panties at the door in this place.

The doctor helps himself to her boobs as she kneels on the gurney. Enema equipment is in the background. He gives her an especially dramatic frig then prepares for the enema. Rubber gloves, fingers into her bottom. He first uses a long blue plunger, in and out, more than needed. Then a blue squeeze bulb, and bigger and bigger nozzles. The doctor is all too willing to help Madison get naked.

Now the dildo. Madison gets into the diaper position. This dildo is unusual, a big lexan dong with a handle to manipulate it. It is so big she can only take three-quarters of it, but that is more than enough. She takes over the handle, and since this diaper position is so convenient, the doctor also inserts another enema bulb.

Over onto her knees, we’ll go to that red enema bag visible hanging on the trolley. Long white nozzle. Kneeling, bottom up, head down. Slow perfect insertion. Not the medically correct posture, but the one we want for a CP film. More spanking and frigging after the doctor has squeezed the last out of the red bag. Madison is allowed to scamper to the bathroom.

Top to Bottom – SHADOWLANE

31 Aug

MF/2f; time: 52 minutes

More stars at stopovers at SHADOWLANE. ‘John Osborne’ and ‘Sarah Gregory’ here, early in their CP careers.

This must be a punishment therapy clinic. Osborne has elected to observe a punishment therapy session. Sarah, one of his operators, is going to dish it out to ‘Violet October.’ Sarah spanks her OTK, panties down, conventional.

“That was quite a session,” observes Osborne, but too strict, he thought. He will show Sarah how it is done. OTK using a spanking bench, her nurse/operator’s uniform skirt up. When Osborne gets her pantyhose and panties down, Sarah objects. She is part of the management.

When Osborne catches Violet having sneaked back into the room to enjoy the fun, he will spank both girls. He uses a square paddle. When he puts on rubber gloves and inserts  butt plugs after some lubrication: “Please, the joke is over.” The girls whine, but remain docile and keep their hair off their faces.

Sarah is going to get revenge on Violet. Back to the  bench. Violet is naked. Over a trestle (a lot of spanking equipment at this clinic) for a cane. The way Violet reacts here, reflexively, this hurt more than expected.

And finally, a therapy session. Sarah has Violet again. “We’ll start by taking your temperature.” Always a good idea. Flat on a gurney, naturally, slacks down. “Your bottom has already faded.” Rubber gloves. Lube, perfect insertion . Violet has a little temperature, so we need an enema. Slacks off, Sarah wants her to kneel on all fours for the “best angle.”

After some boob play, Sarah inserts some lube deep into Violet’s anus with a device new to us, a sort of plastic pastry frosting trigger mechanism. Great. The nasty enema nozzle has ridges and takes some erotic work to insert. Violet does some nice groaning as the liquid flows.

“Doctor” Osborne has been observing, and he assists by elevating the red bag. Violet doesn;’t want anyone to help. While the enema bubbles, Violet is spanked again, then led off to the toilet with the nozzle still in place.

No Ifs, Ands, or Butts #3 – SHADOWLANE

6 Jun

Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes

Another of SHADOWLANE’s collections of excerpts from various films. Seventeen 4-minute segments, featuring many of SL’s stars, the Vegas-like girls, some of them porn actresses of some note, and many of whom made numerous spanking films.

All the names are familiar and we will not list them. Male actor ‘Dallas’ appears from ‘Love Honor Obey.’ Samantha Woodley in ‘Mischief Makers,’ and ‘Sarah Gregory’ in ‘Bad Girls,’ just to mention some of the films which have attracted interest over the years.

Desperate Measures – SHADOWLANE

8 May

MF/2f Time: 46 minutes

Clare Fonda and Kailee, the latter reportedly  in her introductory appearance. Domestic frivolity in 5 vignettes.

In an opening scene in a kitchen, Kailee and stepmother Clare argue, and Kailee will be spanked, learning the ways of the house. OTK just two minutes into the film. Clare takes Kailee’s pajama pants down and then her thong. There’s the bottom that will grace so many appearances, here at SHADOWLANE and many other places. Smoky looks, perfect bottom, high pain threshold, a switcher, and adventurous. Clare works the bottom and the thighs. When Kailee is sent for the hairbrush, we get the intended frontal flash. Clare is a relentless spanker.

In the second scene, ‘River Wild,’ as Jake the plumber, arrives in the kitchen and Clare immediately intends to seduce him. Lots of plumbers have spanked their clients in CP  films. Kailee interrupts. Jake will spank Clare, taking her OTK, for a standard bare bottom affair, although it is always fun to see Ms. Fonda bottoms-up. After some argument, Jake concludes with a lengthy, steady, and rapid handspanking, a primer for any couple watching these films. As she roils, Clare glares angrily at Kailee, who is going to get it later. After this rousing spanking: “Can you at least check the bathroom toilet?” “Certainly.”

‘Danny Crighton,’ playing Clare’s husband and either Kailee’s father or stepfather, calls for the two girls. Kailee spills the incident with the plumber where Clare showed her boobs. Danny goes with Clare’s version that she was set and he will now spank Kailee.

Another conventional OTK spanking, breezy white dress up, panties down. Danny spanks very hard, including on the thighs down almost to the knees. Kailee kneels on the hassock. Danny whips her with his belt.

In the next scene, Danny will now turn to his wife Clare. “But he was a fake plumber.” “But those are real boobs.” Another hard OTK spanking, notable for Ms. Fonda, whose later career has been as a Top and producer. She fetches the hairbrush for Danny, but she is cautious not to flash. Hard smacking. She has been complaining that they never do anything. But this works, she calls him to bed.

Jake has arrived at the house to pick up Kailee, who has forgotten their date. He WAS  a fake plumber. So Jake will spank her. OTK, her bottom and thighs are now bruised and mottled after the above scenes. “Didn’t you get enough this morning?” She moans. Spanking. Hugs.

Turn the Oher Cheek SHADOWLANE

26 Mar

F/f; time: 44 minutes

Some dreary doings from SHADOWLANE. ‘Artemis Antone’ plays a stripper home after a long night. Evangelist ‘Kristi Imboch’  has woken her sat home. Artemis is able to overpower Kristi and will spank her in one position or another and let her hands wander to various places. Is there a website where we can send some money, after-the-fact, to get these girls some acting lessons?


5 Jan

M/f; year: 2005; time: 51 minutes

Another older SHADOWLANE, two experienced and familiar CP actors, and full sex scenes. This was always SL’s niche, CP play often followed by consummated sex.

‘Angela Faith’ undulates naked in a bubble bath. Her husband ‘Mike Robbins’ comes home and speaks to her from off-set. He is unhappy with her unpaid bills for attending a sex clinic. As she cavorts in the tub, a lot  of bottom, you wonder if she is the instructor or a student.

Robbins will spank her. Into the bedroom they go; Angela has gotten her bra and panties back on. Robbins shows her a plastic butt plug and an absolutely huge rubber dong, which we dare him to use. He begins working the butt plug while she kneels; he frigs her, competing with her fingers for the same space.

CUT. Both are naked now on the bed. Another dildo is at work. Some 69-position; Robbins has an impressive hard-on–the SL men always do. A series of position changes, full sex, but no consummation here.