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Painful Promotion – CALSTAR

27 Jul

M/3f; time: 50 minutes

Sophie Fennington’s second film, discussed and excerpted in her 1994 ‘Interview’ tape, and featuring her husband ‘Christian Fennington’ and two other girls, both of whom will appear in a few more films. The three girls are dressed in evening gowns, jewelry, and makeup. They play models who want to be considered for commercials Fennington is casting for.

This is the CP version of the casting couch. Sophie narrates: she and her two friends have agreed to a little “kink” from the boss. Sophie explains that he is going to “spank our bare bottoms,” and Christian shows her two nervous friends a copy of JANUS #32.

Two girls in tops with a ‘TALLION VIDEOS’ logo, panties, and garter belts, employees of the producer we guess,  will move among the spanking scenes and serve wine. Sophie said in  her Interview that one of the girls had too much to drink and had to be removed. We didn’t see it. Christian wants to begin. “Who’s first?”

A glamorous brunette goes OTK. Christian works up her evening dress to expose black panties. “Oh, I hope this is going to be worth it,” she says. Christian: “You know this is going to be a weekly arrangement, don’t you?” “Yes, I do realize that.” Moderate handspanking. Slightly excessive ‘ow’s,’ ‘ooh’s,’ and ‘ah’s.’ “Are you all right down there?” Christian wants to know. “Yes, I’m still alive.” After all, this spanking is meant as recreation, not punishment. Christian takes her panties down. Sophie holds her still.

“Who’s coming next?” (We are fairly sure he didn’t mean exactly that)  Tall blonde ‘Fiona’ wears a teal silk gown. OTK, Christian finds a pair of minimal black string bikini panties. He bunches the panties, then  pulls them down, one of his career specialties. The girls pass the JANUS  magazine around as the spanking progresses. 

Sophie is next. She wears a long white knit dress, which shows every curve. Chistian sighs at the sight. When she kneels to go OTK, he runs a hand up her legs under the dress. “You’ve got no knickers on under there.” “I know. I can’t wear them with this dress.” OTK, dress up. Our first look at Sophie’s beautiful red bottom. Tight, small, perfect, naughty. Gorgeous facials.

The three girls kneel on the floor, elbows on the couch. Christian  pulls the other girls’  panties down, enthralled. “This is what I like, obedient women.” He manipulates, fondles the three  bare bottoms, adding some hand spanks and the slipper.  He assists  Sophie to  lie bare across the backs of the kneeling girls. Sweet frontal flashes. Pile of flesh. More spanking. 

The girls are back on their feet, reorganized, smoking, and drinking. Cane time from the kinkster. Fiona lies on the couch. “Are you going to pull her knickers down?” Just three strokes, and Fiona looks surprised and alarmed.

Sophie herself spanks her brunette friend OTK. Christian is not impressed. “I don’t know if this girl really wants this commercial or not.”

Some slippering, then Sophie’s turn for the cane. Over the couch, dress up, 6 strokes on the bare, as usual, not a sound from her, another testimony to the high pain threshold she was proud of. Everybody wants to feel her bottom.  The girls move to the fireplace, gotta have a mantelpiece in these films. Frequent visits to the wine throughout the film. Facing us, Sophie pulls her knit dress over her head. Naked. One of the best moments in all her films. A few more cane strokes for Sophie–she can take it harder, she says. She wants that job.

Fiona takes off her dress,  not quite as eager as Sophie to get naked.  “Cane or crop?” Sophie pulls down her bikini panties and Fennington  canes her.

The brunette selects the crop and takes off her dress. Sophie does the panties. Three bare bottoms into the frisk position at the fireplace. Long creaming scene and bare bottom display. We’d guess all the girls got hired.

Veronica Takes The Rap – CALSTAR

27 Jul

M/f; time:  27 minutes

We have been reviewing spanking films for over  20 years, our preference for vintage, with storylines, some bit of acting, length, and mostly British. By reading a lot of wiki-type information, we know that ‘Sophie Fennington’ was the early queen of British CP. We had reviewed almost all of her films, and her 1994 ‘Interview’ film helps to cover her career. We have now found the first two films she made, thanks to a collector who must share our tastes.

This film may have been titled ‘The Errant Schoolgirl’  at one time, and might  have been made in the early 1980’s, a TALLION release. It features Sophie as a schoolgirl/waif, the disciplinarian will be her husband ‘Christian Fennington,’ and according to various sources, the director is the inveterate spanko/pervert ‘Michael Dawes.’ Dawes made many British spanking films, probably more than anyone else, most of which were distributed by CALSTAR. Those films document his perverse fascination with every essence of corporal punishment and the female bottom. The production quality here is primitive. It should be forgiven. The naughtiness is top drawer. We pay a lot of attention to this progenitor. 

Sophie narrates here. ‘Mr. Whittaker’ is going to punish her for failing to exercise. A friend of hers was spanked by him. She has learned he is ‘kinky’ and likes to fondle his girls. In fact, Christian Fennington in real life does just that in many films he made, director Dawes encourages it, and Sophie herself complained about husband Christian’s wandering hands with other girls in her Interview.

Veronica is deadly cute here, looking about 19. Long dark blond hair, two ponytails, white blouse, skirt, and a slightly disheveled look which maximizes her vulnerability.

Christian starts her off with some PT, always a favorite with CP fans. Star jumps and touch-toes. Christian wants Veronica to strip to just panties, which she does, displaying some of the innocently erotic acting seen in all her films. She is very much the schoolgirl, standing there in just full blue knickers, so young, and almost undernourished. More exercises.

She’s getting nervous, we like the direction this film is heading. She sucks the tip of a ponytail.

The spanking begins, for some offenses–smoking, and sneaking out to the cinema. OTK for a hairbrush, not hard, not yet. [traffic noises, always a problem for CP producers.

‘Fetch the cane,’ this for going to the cinema. First, some palm slaps, then 7 strokes on her knickers. “Stop sniveling.” More star jumps. OTK again, more exercise, and 6 more from the cane.

Hands on head at the wall, Whittaker pulls down her panties himself. Standing for the hairbrush again; frontal glimpses. No one was shaving in this era. Nude exercises. Whittaker retrieves and flourishes her panties on the tip of his cane.

And some Dawes mastery–naked Veronica does some leg lifts lying on her side on the floor. Lovely glimpses between her legs. More caning when she stands, then Whittaker spreads cold cream, slowly. Long frontal shots. Slow sexy dressing.

Ms. Fennington has touched all the classic CP ritual in this her first film.

Canings and Cold Showers – CALSTAR

3 Sep

M/f; time: 33 minutes

Sophie Fennington’s finest film, for us, along with the earlier ‘Lisa Must Be Caned.’ Ms. Fennington does the uniform fetish here. She reports in full dress uniform and is seen adjusting her makeup in a barracks washroom, in preparation for her appearance.

Flight surgeon, ‘Group Captain Grey,’ played by the actor we think is ‘Reggie,’ or Reginald, who has been associated with ‘SpankingForPleasure’ and who may have actually communicated with us here, shouts for Flight Officer Fennington to make her appearance. The final phase of her training involves “pain threshold,” in case she is ever captured. “We will push you to the limit, Miss Fennington.” Frequent facials of the crystalline Sophie as Grey explains the procedure, that he will create a “fantasy situation” to assess her courage.

“Take off your uniform.” Uniform blouse, tie, blue shirt, skirt, no bra. Elegantly, Sophie gets down to black panties and garter belt.

After a Fade, she is stretched over a table, bottom high, arms thrust forward, breasts crushed, an erotic posture repeated in her other films. Grey does not hesitate. “We’ll have these down.” Sophie’s weak objections about the loss of her knickers are disregarded.

“I’m going to beat you until I am satisfied.” There will be about 50 hard strokes, Sophie gasps after each. Facials, red face, immediate marks appear, fuzzy glimpses when she jumps up a few times. Grey has placed a chair so that he can sit and torment her close to her face on cane breaks. Closeups of wheals and some skin pops.

She is reminded to keep her eyes front and to reach forward, which of course thrusts out her bottom. At a break, Grey makes some notes in his punishment log. Sophie hasn’t cracked. “You don’t consider my treatment unreasonable?” What else can she say, “No, sir.”

The best facials of a stressed Fennington come here. “I’m going to give you a final batch.” The last eight. Grey shows his demonic, slightly amused, and definitely aroused style to full effect.

“It is customary to endure a cold shower after such treatment. I’ll see you there.” FADE to naked Sophie in an institutional shower stall, showering and trying to soothe her stripes. She keeps her hair dry. Full frontals, a very strong part of the continuously fascinating film. Grey should be watching. He turns off the water. Sophie readjusts her appearance at the mirror and leaves, maybe a little too briskly for such a sore bottom.

First Experience – CALSTAR

8 Aug

F/f; time: 36 minutes

One of ‘Sophie Fennington’s’ few films, and not mentioned often in discussions of her work, probably because the spankings are not spectacular. An early SpankingForPleasure logo.But the film features Ms. Fennington doing some actual acting, and she does some bondage only alluded to in other films.

Sophie and a blond girlfriend idle the time away, drinking wine, while their husbands are at a pub (very British!). The girlfriend mentions that her husband recently spanked her for wrecking the car, an experience she found intriguing. Sophie explains that she is into CP, shows her some JANUS magazines at hand, and brings a collection of spanking implements from the next room.

Before the men come back, the girls are going to try some spanking and bondage. Into a the bedroom, a fashionable white wrought iron bed. Sophie: “What don’t you tie me up and we’ll swap, and I’ll tie you up?” She points out her new slinky black mesh body stocking. The film is largely about her body, beauty, and presence.

Sophie spread eagles face down on the bed and the girlfriend loosely ties her wrists and ankles to the frame. She kept her white high heels on in bed. The mattress is just a little too soft to display Sophie’s finer points in this position. The girlfriend slips some pillows under her hips. The girlfriend begins with the martinet, soft and sexy. “I’m going to give you a little more than you bargained for.” This is probably not possible, but it sounds good. She bunches Sophie’s body stocking and achieves some reddening.

They switch around. The girlfriend strips naked. and is similarly tied and whipped mildly with the martinet. The film ends with Sophie creaming her naked body.

Corrective Therapy – CALSTAR

12 May

M/3f; time: 60 minutes

Early CALSTAR and a fun theme–girls accept corporal punishment in lieu of judicial action. The film was probably made in the mid-1980’s, in the Tallion/Spanked for Pleasure era, and it is in three parts, some of it filmed over the very same glass-topped table headed for the British Museum after Sophie Fennington’s performance in ‘Lisa Must Be Caned.’

I- A winsome black girl, ‘Penny Wise,’ signs the forms and agrees to be spanked; she has been caught shoplifting for the twelfth time and has been caned on her “bare bottom” here at the clinic before. Not so penny-wise, is she. The male disciplinarian, faceless throughout the video, starts her OTK and spanks hard. Skirt comes up and he is surprised she is only wearing a black thong. Hard spanking, lots of “Please, sir’s.” The scene fades between positions. She is bent “right over” the aforementioned table for a black single-tongued tawse. She counts out 25 hard loud zingers. Fade to Penny in the diaper position on the glass table, legs ballet-like high in the hair, quite impressive, for more tawse. She kneels erect on a chair for more handspanking and a tawsing, then sits legs open for the strap on her inner thighs. (All three segments contain some spanking torment intriguingly outside of the norm of CalStar British decorum) Penny is not done; her palms are tawsed; her top is pulled down and her breasts massaged for “humiliation”; then she must fondle the cane, knowing she is going to be getting it. She does get 6 hard strokes –white lines become bruises as we watch. Then some submissive kneeling for the tawse. You’ve got to hope she does shoplift again.

II-The courageous ‘Sophie Fennington,’ sometimes called ‘Judy Nielsen,’ stars in this segment, very very early in her CP career. She is a thin little waif at this juncture, long blond pigtails, but you can’t wait to see her stripped down and in position. She plays a nurse, in a simple little uniform, and she has been mistreating and stealing from her patients. She signs the punishment consent forms and bats her blue eyes in preparation for what is to come.

She is required to return in a few days at 4:30 PM to be spanked. A delicious contemplation. We wish CALSTAR  had the budget for receptionists, waiting rooms, etc. Sophie goes OTK for a handspanking. She is convincingly fearful and resigned, confirming what many folks have said about her being the best actress to come along in the genre. The tights she is wearing are too thick and so must come down, shortly followed by her panties. There is that celebrated bottom–solid, round, perfect, and most important, courageous. Next comes the hairbrush, loud and fast. Sophie made an autobiographical tape in the early 1990’s, where she described the hairbrush as particularly painful. She too gets into the diaper position on the table, very athletic, for the tawse. And very embarrassing. You don’t have much choice here at the clinic.

Then she must strip. “But…why?” “I like to thrash my girls naked.” The operators here at the clinic definitely have their perks. She stands, bare back, still in half-slip and panties, and is tawsed on her upper back, most unusual. Red marks the shape of the tawse tongue emerge as we watch. Sophie twists in her special way. She confesses to her charges against her patients. Hands on wall; slip and panties down again for the tawse. Now over the glass-top table for a “severe caning,” a surprising 20 strokes, elegant closeups and marks. But there is MORE–she spreads out on the table top, naked, for another 12, the CP queen.

III-‘Katherine Robinson’ is a pretty thief, signs the consents, and the spankings begin. Tawse on panties, then on the bare. OTK for a hard no-nonsense handspanking. She is offered the choice of: “finishing your therapy here” or call the police. “I’ll finish it here, sir.” We presumes this give the “therapist” the license he needs, because things get edgy. She faces us nude while he snaps at her in a private place with a crop. More cropping on the bottom; she is then urged onto all fours with the crop and a belt for a collar–mild but unusual treatment from the British.

The video concludes with an extraneous insertion–another bottom being caned to a faretheewell.

Lisa Must Be Caned – CALSTAR

10 Mar

M/f; time: 27 minutes

A British CP classic; most reviewers rank this ‘Sophie Fennington’ performance one of the most erotic and entertaining CP films to come out of the 1980’s and 1990’s. We certainly agree. We’ve noted before the influence of Ms. Fennington as ‘CP Queen ‘ of the era, and we turn your attention again to the expository video she made, ‘Sophie Fennington Interview.’ The present film review, for us, illustrates the concept of the Oldies as well conceived as any producer.

Here Sophie  plays a naughty teenager-type, scandalously on the edge of mischief. We see her gamboling about outdoors, in an eye-catching mini-skirt.  One scene shows her rallying on a tennis court, using the proper grips forehand and backhand, even topspin, and actually moving her shoulders and feet correctly. Most althetic demonstrations in CP movies are feeble farces. She is seen sitting on a child’s swing, smoking, and reading a magazine ‘Smash Hits.’ On the street, she is approached by a Arab-looking headband-guy, maybe asking directions or trying to pick her up. He reaches out and Sophie lets him smack her bottom.

She arrives home, where ‘Uncle Brian’ waits for her. He is reading the collectible JANUS issue which featured Ms. Fennington in a still-photo shoot. This is a very early Michael Dawes–here he wears a Charlie Chaplin mustache and speaks with a comic accent. In her Interview film, we believe Ms. Fennington spoke of working with this actor/producer. She chuckled that he had been institutionalized for his obsessions, which we can easily imagine, given predilections in his films.

Uncle Brian has had a “call from your father.” He is going to discipline her, thus the array of spanking implements visible on the table. “Please don’t smack me…I don’t want you to smack me on my bottom…it’s so embarrassing…not my bottom.” There have been many imitators  trying to use these erotic cue words as skillfully as Ms. Fennington.

Brian takes her OTK-she is in no position to argue. Pleated skirt up;  when he starts at the waistband of her knickers, “Oh,no!…you’re a dirty old man..a pervert!” He spanks harder and harder, and shifts to a ping pong paddle. Sniffles, and acting!

“It shouldn’t be allowed. You’re a dirty old man.” Brian strokes and kneads her buttocks, oblivious,or in fact excited, by her protests. Lisa kneels on a chair, and Brian takes down the panties she managed to get back up.  “There are a lot of perverts in this area, you know,” he says, probably referring to the weird guy in the car. “Yes,” she says, “and you’re one of them.”

She wriggles her bottom full screen on the chair. “I’m ashamed. I’ll be a laughing stock in school.” This assumes she will have to take her pants off in front of someone.

Dissolve. We are in the living room, a scene CALSTAR used  often. Lisa is in tears, a long sad facial. Again, we don’t find this quality of emotion portrayed in too many  CP films. “Get all your clothes off.”   “…I can’t do that…”  “Come on, I’ve seen it all.” She strips rather quickly, closeup of her willowy natural body in nothing but panties.

OTK. He takes her panties down and pins her legs. “What are you doing?” she demands. More paddling.

“Time for  the cane.”  Textbook: “Not the cane. anything but the cane.”  Lisa bends over a round glass-top table, her arms grasping its edges at 90 degrees. To sniffles, Brian begins the caning on her panties, about 15 strokes–the marks showing at the edges of the cloth. He urges her, and Lisa lies up on the table full length, for almost 30 more strokes on her panties. We suspect this position is most painful, in that the bottom can’t give with the stroke.

Lisa climbs down and stands. Brian pulls down her panties to “inspect the damage.” Lovely scattered marks. But he is not finished, in this, one of the longest and most colorful canings in British libraries. Lisa bends over the table again, for another 20, her panties puddled. “I’ll give you a couple more to go to bed with,” and she knows what that means–two rockets. Facials, tears.

She coyly departs, stark naked, stopping at the door to apologize with doe eyes, and she certainly is suggesting Brian follow her upstairs. For us, the most stunning shot in all the Sophie files.

Room Service – CALSTAR

5 Nov

M/f; time: 36 minutes

Vintage classic, a must if you are a connoisseur of the British bottom; we stumbled on this before we knew too much about Britain’s first CP queen, Sophie Fennington. It is likely a SfP film, possibly made with her husband at the time, who knew a good thing when he saw it. Sophie plays a schoolgirl who has slipped away from St. Lukes’  Girls School and checked into the seaside resort Grand Empress Hotel for some partying on someone’s credit card other than her own, a little caper you will see in the news even today. She is young and cute enough in her school blazer and short skirt to pull this off.

She is cheeky on the phone demanding room service, which attracts the attention of the hotel manager (Sophie’s real-life husband, who has caned her bottom to resounding success in several videos). It seems Sophie’s father, Colonel Fuzzy Fennington, is a club-mate of this hotel manager, Mr. Mannerling, who spots his leverage with this waif morsel (“Shouldn’t you be in school?”)–Sophie will either take a spanking for her truancy and under-age drinking in her hotel room or be reported to her father and her school. She sweetly sucks on one of her pigtails and concludes at the same time we do that a spanking here and now is preferable to two spankings later.

Mannerling explains he spanks his wife and his hotel staff and gets results. “You’re a pervert.”  says Sophie. He wrestles her across his lap, but he needs a better position. She is ordered to clear the coffee table, bends over it and hikes up her cute uniform skirt to show black panties, garter belt, and hose. Clearly not school regulation, Mannerling observes. He begins a wild handspanking, after fully 13  minutes into the video. She must chuckle at his flailing awkwardness; he notes her amusement. She kneels on the table for more spanking. He goes to get his cane.

He returns; she leans over another table, contemptuously raises her skirt, face to a mirror, and a rather extraordinary caning begins. She takes full 30 strokes on her black panties, without much reaction. When she does gasp, Mannerng: “A little whimper. I’m impressed.” The knickers come down at 30–Mannerling wants to see what he has accomplished and so do we. He lays on another 15 or so on the bare; a closeup does show lots of welts and wheals. Sophie has reinforced her reputation as the CP  queen.

A memorable caning it was. She is sent to get on her pajamas and returns in cute little long-sleeve pj’s which emphasize both her sweet youth and her naughtiness. Mannerling does what we want to do–he goes for the waistband and pulls down the pants. She must stand, cornered, bare bottom, hands-on-head, for 45 minutes. Top flight.