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Clover’s Forged Cheque Come-uppance – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

20 Feb

M/f: time: 17 minutes

Agean with a very buxom pigtailed brunette schoolgirl, a very exotic start if you are into the ageplay scene. She is busting out of her school uniform and you can imagine a very serious time for her. A real cherub. Agean has her in a sitting room.

After a scolding, he takes her OTK. Nice handspanking, white knickers down. More scolding, then the hairbrush. A nice touch—Agean hands her panties back to her and she puts them on, so carefully.

Kelly’s Drunken Late Home Paddling SOUNDPUNISHMENT

21 Dec

M /f; time: 13 minutes

Kelly stumbles home, quite drunk. It certainly must be ‘late,’ because the sun is shining brightly as she enters the front door. Agean is waiting for her. She wears a scandalous leopard print dress. Even a sneeze would expose something. The set is the familiar mirrored sitting room from SOUNDPUNISHMENT and STRAND.

Agean takes her OTK, very much enjoying her short skirt and what he is going to do with it. Skirt up, she spreads her legs obligingly, better to keep her balance. Black knickers soon down. She kneels on the couch for more, tight little bottom, red. Up the stairs to bed, the sun shines though her window

Natalie’s Czech Nate Spanking – SOUNDSPANKING

21 Dec

M/f; time: 13 minutes

From the title you might expect the British to push the envelope. Agean confronts a pretty blonde in a sunroom. The girl wears complete schoolgirl kit. She may be a bit post-graduate and slightly overly made up, but she has a saucy little attitude which overcomes all. ‘Natalie’ is an amalgamation of any several British CP models—Amelia Jane, Sam Johnson, Emma Brown, more. She has been sent to school in England and will be subject to local custom.

After a long scolding, Agean takes Natalie OTK and begins spanking on white panties. After a moderate handspanking on the knickers and on the bare, Agean spreads lotion her her bottom, using his little finger to flick her labia, all in closeup. Natalie rubs and pulls her knickers bs k up, not all that disturbed.

Beating of Fae Corbin – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

21 Nov

MF/f; Year: 2012; time: 14 minutes

A woman is spanking a schoolgirl brunette at the wall, skirt pinned up, knickers down. It is Fae Corbin, a porn star not embarrassed but much of anything. The womanstops the spanking and goes and brings Agean into the room. The set is a large gymnasium type space, with a few academic tools but almost a vaulting horse and a stand full of canes. Agean wears his academic robes and carries cane.

Agean takes over and gives her a long spanking OTK. He then allows her to pull her full white knickers on before he drags her to the vaulting horse by the ear. There he gives her a conventional caning on the knickers. Nothing unusual here except the large interesting room.

Lacey Bottomley Visits The Spanking cTherapist – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

23 Oct

M/f; year: 2013; time: 18 minutes

Agean and Lacey. He is a ‘spanking therapist,’ always a good story, because the patient has to take whatever comes along as if it were good for her. Brunette Lacey arrives in Agean’s office and lies on his couch. She wears a simple, little- girl dress.

After about 4 minutes of counsel, he takes her OTK on the couch and soon has the flower print panties down. Conventional spanking. She goes to the screen wall while he makes notes on his IPad, which includes a photograph of her red bottom.

Agean has her put on a little girl sailor suit for the next round of spanking. For whose benefit is this? Another bare bottom spanking to conclude.

Caroline Grey Caned and Shamed – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

22 Oct

M/f; time: 18 minutes; year: 2009

‘Mr. Stern’ in a film release other than STRAND, and an appearance by Caroline Grey. We have only seen her with Amelia Jane Rutherford. Stern sits on a couch in a domestic setting, discussing with an off-screen voice the efficacies of caning disobedient girls’ bottoms.

Carolina Grey enters and sits with him. She is dressed as.a schoolgirl. After quite a long discussion, which suggests there isn’t going to be too much spanking in this film, Stern takes her OTK and begins on her pantyhose.The lighting is weak for some reason and the camera is too far away.

Next are some palm slaps with the cane which of course Caroline doesn’t. And here is a procedural variation we appreciate. Caroline reaches under her school pinafore and pulls down her pantyhose and panties. She leans against the fireplace hearth and Stern tucks up her skirt for the cane. A mild cane in all, but very nice facials of the attractive Ms. Grey. Some bend-overs to conclude

Loveday’s Tour of British Discipline SOUNDPUNISHMENT

28 Sep

M/f; time: 12 minutes

An often used plot in British CP movies and always an exciting one—a schoolgirl has been sent to a retired headmaster’s house for punishment. It is an off-the-premises solution to a legal problem.

A pretty blonde in full schoolgirl kit walks cautiously up to a house and studies the strange instructions given her. “Dr. I. Whacker. The school. Much thrash em on the marsh. Rutland.” She knocks on an oak door and is admitted by an unseen person. The door closes behind her, very nice theater. She is admitted to a parlor.There is Agean, in his academic gown, already holding a strap.

After a short scolding, he begins with palm slaps, on alternating hands. She is soon in tears,  and she shows some of the reflexive body moves we know she is fighting real pain. The blonde then places her hands on a low table, pleated skirt up, white panties. Two different straps on the panties, then on the bare.

The cane comes next. Agean flexes it in her face. She bends over again for the cane on her panties. Despite the excellent exterior scene opening, this is a conventional punishment.

Lessons For the Teachers – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

18 Sep

M/2f: year: 2003; time: 14 minutes

Very early from this producer. A lot of text graphics. A young and thin Agean catches two teachers drinking beer in a what looks like a little alcove somewhere. It must be the school punishment room, because paddles, straps, and canes are on display.

Agean will spank the two teachers, who, despite the title, are dressed like students. Bare bottom OTK spankings, strapping, and caning. The best moment comes when the girls must bend over a tall school desk and display more than intended.

Dani’s Detention Caning – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

24 Aug

M/f; time: 15 minutes

The set here is a familiar cloakroom seen in a number of Gillian-Lancer films and elsewhere. This would support the idea that producers and actors moved among the same studios. Mr. Stern, in from Spain apparently, is going to discipline Dani, a not-so-convincing schoolgirl. He has a cane.

Dani sits on a desk, legs splayed in less than an innocent way. She bends over for a handspanking on white panties. When they come down, she is quite red already. A decent caning follows, fast and slow strokes. No marks however.

Elizabeth’s Car Keys Chastisement Caper – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

13 Jul

M/f; year: 2010; time: 16 minutes

A pretty brunette has tried to swipe Agean’s car keys but has been caught. After a long scolding she is taken OTK. She wears a sort of bustier. Where was she heading in this clothing?

OTK, hem up, nothing but the most minimal G-string. There is a garter belt and stockings. Handspanking, good angles. Elizabeth takes off her garter belt and stockings. Then the dress comes off, down to the G-string. When she herself takes that down, she is naked.  Very entertaining.

Elizabeth parades around naked then goes OTK again. Hanging boobs. Long sexy handspanking, rub at the wall.