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A Glutton For Punishment-Emma Brown Interviewed – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

9 Jan

M/f; year: 2008; time:  14 minutes

Charming ‘Emma Brown’  sits for interview on a couch, full-screen, in a low-cut red print dress. Bobbed blond hair, conservative makeup and dress, and a shy and quiet demeanor, certainly not what you’d expect from a girl whose bottom has graced so many videos, and a credit to her acting skills.  We are reminded on Sophie Fennington’s interview filmed for CalStar 15 years ago and cataloging her career.

The founder of ‘Sound Punishment’ interviews Emma from behind the camera. She enjoys spanking and being spanked on film and got ‘bitten by the bug’ at Spanking-on-Line; doesn’t care to be spanked in her private life; gets a kick out of being a “naughty girl” role player and likes the costume drama of schoolgirl, nurse, maid, etc. She enjoys the pain part.

The interviewer comes on-set and sits beside her. He’s going to have some fun. “It’s time we warmed you up a little…do you like ‘over-the-knee’?…you have a lovely little bottom.”  “Thank you,” Emma says, as casually as if she were offered a biscuit. The interviewer is quite proud of presenting her bottom to his audience.

OTK on the couch, skirt up, little lace purple panties, and there’s that love-initials tattoo. “I  want to make sure our customers see one of the most popular bottoms go red.” He begins a conventional handspanking, which deosn’t phase Emma at all. Nice facials. When he begins to slip down her panties, she raises her hips to assist. Closeups, and puss winks.

He keeps smacking and talking. “What do you think about while you are being spanked?” Emma claims not to think about much of anything. We do hear a muffled chortle. “Are you laughing?” “No.” No spanker likes to be laughed at. He can’t resist fondling and stroking.

“Thenk you, and welcome to ‘Sound Punishment.'”




Grimthorpe Reformatory-#41297 Brown, Emma – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

10 Jul

YEAR: 2010; time: 19 minutes

Prolific Emma Brown! a recent performance from this entertaining actress, although we think earlier  than the year 2010. Ms. Brown is admitted to a reformatory for a one-week sentence for lewd public behavior; she will have no record, vs. public humiliation and the police. But there will be a private penalty.

At her intake, the rules are explained. (1) obey the staff; (2) wear a uniform;(3) tidy your space; and–she is fine with these three, but (4) make your private parts available for inpection. She jumps a foot –no way!

To get her started, she will take a spanking now. He grabs her OTK, skirt up, lacy black spangled knickers. “Panties down.” “What?” There is Ms. Brown’s tattoo, frequently a subject of conversation, much of it here. It seems she flashed her bottom enough that it helped identify her. Can you picture that lineup? “Turn around, ladies, now pants down…no#2, bend over.”

Emma rubs her bottom full-screen then is given her new uniform. “Change into your evening wear before you report here tonight for your induction punishment.” We are beginning to think this is a private insitution. In a bad edit, she undresses in front of him and puts on her smock, maryjane’s, and socks.

“Rule #4!” says the supervisor, and Emma backs off, earning another spanking but escaping worse.

In the next scene, she reports to what looks like private quarters, wearing a slinky long white nightgown thing, “official nigth attire.” She does not miss the displayin front of her–a stack of pillows and a cane on the long table. She will receive “severe punishment” on the first and last evening of her sentence. “Raise your petticoat…rule #4!” “No!”

The supervisor takes her OTK, opens her bloomers, and gets her pink for starters. “Stand…take off your petticoat…lie across the table on those cushions so your bottom is highest.”

She climbs up–this is really a kneeling position, there are so many pillows. About 10 cane strokes, she drops her bloomers and takes 18 more. A lot of whimpering and bare feet if you are interested. Rule #4 might have been better.

Spoiltd Brats Get Punished at Christmas – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

27 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 20 minutes

Busy bottom in 2008 for  statuesque Amelia Jane Rutherford; Ms.Rrutherford plays a rambunctious wife, in her negligee, teasing her husband about Christmas gifts. He says: “You always want something. NOW I want something. You were absolutely drunk last night.” And she was the designated driver! We know about those nights, and this is definitely a spanking offiense.

He gets her OTK, one of her cute little protesting squawks; nightgown, black panties, garter belt, stockings–she is looking for action! Panties down–those wonderful facials of her mock and playful anger. After some slippering of that great and famous bottom, her husband gives her a first gift.

She is mischievously puzzled when she unwraps a spatula-shaped paddle. Over the couch, panties back up, the paddle works fine, and even better with her knickers at her knees.

The next puzzlement is a party-favor flogger, not the mule-team type in the instrument locker at NuWest. Nightie off, bra and panties off, just stockings, she keeps her legs together (for now), and lies flat on the dining room table. She has one of those bottoms which rises like foothills and is enhanced by this pose. Nice little flogging and the cameraman must have been in the chandelier. Hands-and-knees on elbows, pussy flashes, writhing on the table. Terrific.

Still quite naked, and the way we would leave it, she squeals in delight when she is freed to open other packages.

Amelia Jane Rutherford – SOUND PUNISHMENT

9 Apr

Two films from ‘Sound Punishment,’ made in 2009, with plot continuity

‘Amelia’s New School’: (M/f; 12 minutes) long, lean, lanky blond Ms. Rutherford, she with the traffic-stopping bottom, plays a student in a new school. Her headmaster is unhappy with her uniform; policies are such in this school that he is able to lift her skirt and check her panties without so much as a muscle twitch from Amelia.

The young lady wears unauthorized gauzy white transparent panties, which, after a lot of scolding, costs her a colorful and lengthy OTK spanking, mostly with the offending knickers out of the way.

‘Amelia Jane Earns the Cane”: (M/f; 32 minutes) Resplendent Miss Amelia, a new schoolgirl, isn’t wearing her new school uniform and so will pay the price. A male supervisor: “I’m going to punish you for your insolence.” What the character here, ‘Miss Rutherford,’ IS wearing meets our highest expectations for the actress’ fashion sense–pumps, knee socks, skirt. blouse, sweater, necktie.

Rutherford is taken OTK on a couch and wiggles into perfect balance. When the spanking starts, “Ow, I still have bruises from the last time.” He flips her skirt up to expose sweet little white bikini panties, very ‘Rutherford’ but not regulation. As he smacks, she comments: “It’s almost like dental pain.” He tugs the skimpy knickers down but she pulls them back up. She’ll get the cane now for being so resistant.

He has a cane at hand and finishes this OTK  session with it. The two banter back and forth, a lot of complicated dialogue, typical of her films. The supervisor sends her off to change into the proper kit, which she does slowly, keeping her bottom facing us.

In a rare edit error, we hear the director say “Action!” as Rutherford finds the cane and tests it on her thigh. “Oww!” She describes her lavender-tinged outfit as “blue vomit.”  The supervisor can’t resist laying his hands on her. “Don’t you dare touch my breasts.”

He sees the cane mark she made on herself and has her “touch your toes,” amid some dialogue which causes muffled laughter. He lifts her skirt. “Six on the pants, six on the bare.” She jumps immediately. “Do you ACTUALLY do this to people?” Six on the pants, he does the lowering. Rear and oblique shots, closeups. “Can I have a spanking instead?” Her panties end up puddled on the floor–she looks very young and vulnerable in these poses.

She has earned and gets a final six on the bare, before she stands and rubs in closeup—making your palms itch to watch.