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International Discipline – SPANKAHOLICS

17 Jul

M/f; time: 35 minutes

Actress Angelina Veski plays a Polish exchange student visiting a friend of her father in England in this simple oeuvre. She finds his CP film collection and plays a DVD, which shows a conventional British schoolgirl episode of a spanking and caning in a school gym. Blue knickers, vaulting horse, ping pong bat, cane, etc. It looks pretty good to us, actually better than this story.

Angelina watches with combined horror and erotic fascination. She calls a friend to describe what she is viewing “This guy must be some kind of filthy beast.” She is on a modern cell phone, our only real clue as to the currency of this film.

Her host returns suddenly. What is this? She’ll be sent back to Poland; he’ll call her father, etc. Oh, no, etc.

They quickly agree to settle this violation of his privacy  (by a violation of her privacy). They’ll “abide by the British rule.” In a simple one-room setting, he takes Angelina lengthwise OTK on the couch, dress up, white panties on display. He has to pin down her flailing wrists. Angelina has a high, tight, and hard dancer’s bottom, distinct buttocks, very much what is needed to get this part. The handspanking is long and repetitive, albeit embarrassing when the white knickers go south.

The male host maneuvers her into the diaper position on the couch for more hand slaps. He drapes her over the couch arm. She has kicked off her panties. More spanking before he corners her, dress rucked up for the traditional British humiliation. He holds another DVD. “This is what is going to happen to you.”

Bend-over, hands-on-ankles, for a doubled belt. she must now take the rest of her clothes off, just the dress was remaining, while he teases her with the tip of the cane. In the background, we saw a custom-made spanking stool available at CP supply retailers. She kneels on its angled seat and bends over its slanted back, a posture desigined to elevate her bottom in the face of her tormentor.

Her host lays on about 15 backhand strokes, not hard but snappy. He actually pulls his punches. A “final six” touching toes. Not an impressive caning, but she is stark naked and doing a nice job of communicating helpless humiliation and vulnerability, including impressive tears, while taking in the experience of the British Vice.

Sub Auditions Volume 1 – SPANKAHOLICS

8 Jun

2M/2f; year: 2006; time: 41 minutes

The most simple of plot vehicles: make a CP film about girls being auditioned to make a spanking film. Or this theme:  audition girls in off-hours to perform in CP clubs.

The first audition is underway. A good-looking brunette is chained naked and strung up to a stripper’s pole, willingly for her audition. The club owner handspanks her as she shifts about. “Stop winghing…this is what the customers want.”  The guy grabs great handfuls of breast and generally manhandles her and she accepts the process. He teases her with a riding crop and fondles.

He releases the girl’s wrists so that she can bend double for what he calls “Catholic schoolgirl punishment.” Despite his mild hits with a very thick cane, he must have found somethng with that very nasty implement. “You fucking bastard,” she shouts.

The second audition: a pale and shy brunette walks into the darkened bar, where a guy with tools works on something. “You look a bit young,” he obsereves, and asks for a demonstration dance at the stripper’s pole. Since these films are mostly about bottoms, she takes her panties off and wiggles her tush and close shave.

The brunette stands on a rough stage, still without pants, and the owner teases with a tawse. He has her take off her top to be naked, then he turns up the tempo somewhat with a large martinet. Grunts turns to squeals. When she is bent over he vitrually masturbates her with the handle of the martinet. “Is this normal?” she asks weakly. “Not really.”

Hands-on-knees for the cane. “You really want this job?” “Yes.” The last instrument is unique–a birch bundle about 4′ long, about broom-length, with about 10 pencil-thin birch twigs in the wrap. It makes a fearsome whir, and the girl’s gasps provide enough entertainment to sustain a few videos. The twigs cover a lot of cheek, and we guess this hurt a bit more than they intended. At the conclusion he creams her bottom with tender care and allows her a slow creaming rub of her own.

In walks the club owner, the guy who chained the first girl. This young lady has just been had by the club handyman! We recommend the process be repeated to verify her capabilities, but they should surely hire her.


Justice at St. Judas – SPANKAHOLICS

8 Jun

M/f; year: 2005; time: 31 minutes

A  sequel to ‘Going For Gold,’ featuring the same actress Chantelle Morgan facing her bare-bottom perils at St Judas Sports College. The scene opens with her running through rural landscape in skimpy exercise gear, similar to scenes in Cheek-to-Cheek sports-theme films from the 1990’s. Chantelle stops for a smoke.

Then a sudsy bathtub scene, another protyypical setup in a spanking film. Chantelle keeps her legs together and a knee up for modesty, giving just a flash. Another smoke in the tub.

A third scene, Chantelle is studying at a desk and smokes again. She is caught by a young male instructor, Mr. Wiseman, who is offended by her smoking and her poor athletic performance. She doesn’t have “that edge” when she performs. Wiseman will change that.

Wiseman tells Chantelle Mr. Mills (her antagonist in ‘Going For Gold’) has been “too severe.” “You will learn to like the punishment….pain will soon become a friend.” Chantelle wears the same outfit as in the first film–T-shirt, skirt, knee socks.

He starts her OTK with a spirited handspanking. The stunning young brunette, this time with her hair up off her white neck, is quiet and compliant. She stands, pulls down her panties, and settles back down. He strokes her thighs. “This is what you need.” “Yes, sir.” Lovely facials, her bottom starts to blotch and she begins to squirm.

Next phase: she kneels on a chair and leans over onto a desk, presenting her buttocks. Wiseman has a ping-pong bat, “A hundred.” “…what?” she quavers. He smacks hard on alternate cheeks in sets of ten as she counts. This session, and its 100 stroke counterpart in the first movie, are some of the longest and hardest paddlings we’ve seen. Ms. Morgan is pretty brave.

Wiseman takes up a long martinet, which he uses mostly to tease her. “Open your legs.” The whip licks and explores mildly in sensitive places. “Nice, isn’t it?” “Yes, sir.” To conclude, Wiseman increases the intensity to include the full swings which takes her breath away.

“Prepare yourself for the Academy caning…completely undressed.” She pulls off her skimpy undershirt and drops the panties parked at her knees. A simple, un-enhanced, youthful body, appealing, innocent, and realistic. 15 cane strokes, an unhappy face.

Wiseman may not be as ‘severe’ as Mills, but he is the very devil anyway. He slowly oils her mottled bottom.


1 May

M/f;  year: 2005;  time: 43 minutes

Here is a film very much in the style of CalStar, Paradox, or SfP in the late 1990’s, and as such falls right into our sweet spot. ‘Spankaholics’ is affiliated with ‘OohTeeKay” and does better with acting, cinematography, plot, and poignant discipline. Screen graphics relate the story–that a documentary is being made, but that the ‘film’ was shelved in 1996 when bare -bottom CP  suddenly occurred as the film was made. How offensive! If you like nude PT, stay on this one.

Brunette, pigtailed, blue-eyed wispy actress by the screen name of Chantelle Morgan, in training at the St. Judas Sports College, has finished poorly in a race and faces the wrath of hr coach, Mr. Mkills, himself a familiar and unforgiving disciplinariarn in CP filmography. He takes her to the gymnasium for a personal session, the documentary crew tagging along. Chantelle wears a simple T-shirt, blue school skirt, and red knee socks. This actress is so attractivew and innocent that the camera will insert full facials throughout the film.

There are several exmaples we have seen of coaches working over their younger athletes in gymnasium settings–‘Olympic Correction Unit,’ and several of the ‘College Classics.’ The combination of sweet young students, echoing gym walls, exercise equipment, and stern athletic instructors makes for red bottoms and tears.

Mills puts Chantelle through some drills–touch toes, hands-to-toes, etc. When she lies on a mat to do the bicycle, she is embarrassed and he immediately discovers she is not wearing regulation knickers. Cute stuff. She is sent off to get proper pants. While we wait, the film maker asks Mills about the cane at his side. He explains he uses corporal punishment as a motivator despite its illegality. It gets results, improves times.

Chantelle returns, is taken OTK. Her excuses fail. “‘Sorry’ doesn’t cut it.” A solid handspanking. She stands and pulls down her own knickers and the spanking continues. The film makers are seen circling the action.

Chantelle does not seem too disturbed about being here in front of Mills or the crew. When she is left kneeling with red cheeks to think, she admits to the inquiring photographer that this happens “once or twice a week” and it makes her practice harder.

She is allowed to rise and hikes her up her knickers . Mills puts her through bending and stretching exercises by forcing his body aganst hers, virtually humping her. “Feel the tension there?” “Yes, sir,” she says, surely feeling a lot more than that. Back on the floor mat, on her back, legs thrown over her head, Stretch! Lunge position, bottom arched high, a hard ping-pong paddling. Mills announces 100 strokes, 2o for each day she didn’t exercise. Sharp, entertaining smacks. After 40, they change positions, because this lunge posture is difficult to hold during a fierce paddling.

Chantelle kneels in the mat, reclining over one knee of Mills, so he can pin her to finish the final 60-strokes on the bare, alternating cheeks.

They move to the vaulting horse. Chantelle gets her panties back up again. After more guided stretching, almost intercourse with clothes on, Chantelle makes two spastic attempts to spring and vault the horse.

Top off, no bra, a brief frontal glimpse. We’ll learn that canings at St. Judas are always done in the nude. A lovely adult young body, thin, natural, and lithe. Over the horse, 20 strokes from a thin whippy cane guaranteed to leave wrap-around marks on her thighs. He fondles; she cries; tears drip.

The end script on the screen tells us Mills was arrested for unauthorized CP, exonerated when his girls would not accuse him, and is now teaching and training in “Eastern Europe.” We’re happy he found a place to practice his proclivities and we await his reapppearance.