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Shoplifter’s Lesson – SPANKEDCHEEKS

30 Aug

M/F; time: 29 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ is marched into a store office by  a male plain-clothes security officer and turned over to a uniformed female security person, the ‘Miss Lina’ character from these films. Amelia was caught shoplifting. Her excuses that she was rehearsing for a film part don’t hold up. (There are a number of good films of shoplifters spanked in hidden store offices.)

Amelia is wearing a skimpy little blue sun dress, in fact maybe the same dress she wore in ‘Amelia Naked OTK.’ from AAASPANKING. which we found so erotic, that film ranking as maybe our co-favorite of hers, along with a GIRLSBOSARDINGSCHOOL performance.

“You’re about to find out what really happens to shoplifters.” “Punishment” is discussed.” “You’re about to have your bottom spanked. Amelia caves at the repeated threat of the police. Lena informs her that she will  spank by hand, use three implements, and the cane. Amelia is directed to look at paddles and straps hanging from a wall rack, right there in Store Security. Amelia: “:You’re a really weird shop.” But she accepts her fate.

“I want you to strip off,” says Lena. “But there’s a man here.” After a pause, Amelia does some untying then pulls the little blue frock over her head. She wears just white panties. Breathtaking. Much to her displeasure, the male guard will take her OTK first, on the couch. Lena directs him to take her panties down. Some lapful she is, right here in the security department. After the spanking, she moves to the floor, naked n on her haunches, one of the poses she excels in because of her height.

Lena marches her to a desk and bends her over it. Amelia keeps her knees locked, and again because she is so tall, this pose has the effect of arching her bottom. Nice staging. Lena has selected 3 straps/tawses,  and she and the male guard take turns with them. Amelia sustains the usual chatter and squawking, until  they gag her with her panties.

Now Lena will cane her. About 15 strokes are shown, but they are faux-pushes, pulled punches. After this series, when Amelia doesn’t apologize with enough humility, she gets four more strokes, also harmless. Not much true spanking in this film. Amelia is rarely into welts or bruises, but her full nudity on-screen is recompense.

Punishment After Hours – SPANKEDCHEEKS

24 Aug

F/f; time: 22 minutes

Thematically, a sequel to ‘Denying Responsibility.’ Zoe Page has become Amelia Jane Rutherford’s boss. With clear lesbian overtones, she is using leverage she has to spank Amelia at every opportunity. Here, Amelia ‘borrowed’ petty cash over the weekend, and when she returns it, she finds a note advising her she’s caught and to be prepared for the formulaic spanking at the end of the workday.

Amelia is on the phone describing to her friend what is going to happen. And she has found some new spanking implements in the supply Zoe keeps in the office. The ritual: Amelia removes her skirt and panties and stands, hands on head, at the wall, waiting. She told her girlfriend she just has to deal with the fear of someone dropping by.

Zoe arrives, pleased to see the bare bottom waiting for her. Zoe begins an OTK spanking, pussy flashes, and clear lust coming from Page. Amelia is sent to the wall, where she assumes the ‘frisk’ position without direction. Zoe uses the new implements, two studded straps, and a black paddle which Amelia told her phone friend would cover most of her bottom.

Jealous Partner – SPANKEDCHEEKS

24 Aug

M/f; time: 17 minutes

An unremarkable film from ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ mostly because there is so much to choose from. We sometimes puzzle if there are not enough spankos out there to come up with clever yet economical ideas. Amelia and her husband return from a party, where she was flirting around, in her gold lamee short dress. He is going to spank her, using the dressing room set.

Without a whole lot of resistance, he gets her OTK and begins spanking. Her dress is so short, her almost matching panties are mostly exposed. Mild Rutherford squawk. Pantyhose down. She stands and bends over a chair for a ping pong paddle, panties come down, and he smacks hard enough to gain her attention. A big strap is next, Amelia jumps around, pussy flashes. And last, a Spencer strap.


27 Mar

F/f; time: 18 minutes

‘Lina’ wakes ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ in bed. It seems Amelia left the lights on in the car and the battery is dead. Amelia’s apologies are silly. We all know she can offer something else for compensation.

Lina will spank her right there in bed. Covers off, Amelia has been sleeping naked–it is a thrilling sight. She is so tall, white/pink, and one would not know where to start. Handspanking and slipper first. More scolding while she listens naked. She kneels up on the bed for the strap. There really is no other spanking model better in this pose–that would be our vote. Amelia utters the usual “Oh, God, please!” even though this is only average stuff. Lina is loving it.

Denying Responsibility – SPANKEDCHEEKS

4 Dec

F/f; time: 21 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and a dominant female Zoey Page. Amelia has scratched the company car and knows she is going to get a spanking for it. In her office, she is on the phone with a friend, describing the anticipated experience. Zoey took over Amelia’s father’s company, and AJ is no longer getting a free pass.

Amelia has apparently been told to prepare herself, because she takes straps and paddles out of a desk drawer, then removes her skirt and panties, and stands, bare-bottom, hands on head, at the wall. This anticipatory nudie scene is found in much of AJR’s work and is always a highlight for us.

The female boss Zoey enters and is quite pleased at Amelia’s preparations, giving her bottom more than just a little tweak. The OTK spanking begins; this actress spanks hard, leaving red handprints after each smack. Amelia stands for a strap at the wall, also harder than usual for this series. Hands-on-ankles, a Spencer strap–we thought Ms. Rutherford looked a little surprised here. After some strapping, she has to count the final 24. Sexy Domme, and an upper tier spanking.

Moment of Madness – SPANKEDCHEEKS

4 Dec

F/f; time: 25 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ was arrested for DUI and spent the night in jail. When she arrives home 12 hours later, with no calls or notice, ‘Sarah Stern,’ either her partner or a relative,  is angry at having to worry for 12 hours. No problem as to how to relieve this anxiety.

After a long scold, Sarah begins undressing Amelia, and apparently not for the first time. Slacks off, black lace panties down. Amelia is taken OTK, and slowly, because the positioning of her 6’1″  body is always tricky. Her soaring bottom remains a wonder to us.

Handspanking then a tawse. which Sarah teases Amelia with. Bend over a chair for a small paddle then a bigger tawse, and finally a stiffened leather paddle. Lots of scolding and conversation. Amelia is sassy and gets taken OTK again, providing us with the intended frontals and her elegant beaver trim. A clock on the wall indicates about 28 minutes elapsed for this 25 minute film.

Reform School 3 parts – SPANKEDCHEEKS

27 Sep

(F/f; time: 25 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford is being admitted to a reform school, where she has been sentenced to 6 months for distributing drugs. She is about to get the modified ‘welcome’ we associate with these moments. ‘Sarah Stern,’ in matron’s uniform, carrying a change of clothing and spanking implements, hands her medical forms to complete. She is sullen and arrogant about all this, not too smart.

The procedure begins. Sarah takes her OTK. Amelia’s bottom soars as always, on the lap of an actress shorter than she. Dress up, Amelia resists. White lace panties down, zoom on the glorious target.

Sarah arranges two chairs in the Winchester school position, Amelia kneels over them, dress up and panties down again–handspanking, short strap, studded paddle.

Clothes off completely, lovely stuff. Part of the humiliation, Amelia must drop all her clothes into a trash bag. Naked on the chairs again for the strap.

Amelia dresses slowly, full frontal, putting on a schoolgirl’s jumper and blouse, complete with knee socks.

Part 2 (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Amelia in a reform school, although it is a residential or office setting. We miss those institutional green walls, concrete floors,  and slamming metal doors. Amelia waits, hands on head, for the matron,  Sarah Stern.

“Look who’s here again.” Amelia is making excuses for whatever she did. “I just lost my temper for a moment.” “You’ve figured out by now what’s going to happen.” Amelia is reminded that her sentence could easily be extended, notwithstanding her pants coming down.

“Get yourself undressed.” Amelia pauses when she is down to just panties, she is very good at this. Naked in front of an implement rack on the wall, nice frontals. Her bottom is slightly red. Ms. Rutherford has always been good at spacing out her spanking films.

Frisk position, handspanking, then a series of implements, including the cane. 12 with a stiffened strap, 12 with the cane, counted “thank you, ma’am” style. Excellent angles catch her face and the spanking. Delicious red bottom full screen often. And naughty frontals when she dresses.