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27 Sep

F/f; time: 15 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ seems to be in a reform school, although it is a residential setting. We miss those institutional green walls and slamming metal doors. Amelia waits, hands on head, for the matron, who appears to be Sarah Stern.

“Look who’s here again.” Amelia is making excuses for whatever she did. “I just lost my temper for a moment.” “You’ve figured out by now what’s going to happen.” Amelia is reminded that her sentence could easily be extended, notwithstanding her pants coming down.

“Get yourself undressed.” Amelia pauses when she is down to just panties, she is very good at this. Naked in front of an implement rack on the wall, nice frontals. Her bottom is slightly red. Ms. Rutherford has always been good at spacing out her spanking films.

Frisk position, handspanking, then a series of implements, including the cane. 12 with a stiffened strap, 12 with the cane, counted “thank you, ma’am” style. Excellent angles catch her face and the spanking. Delicious red bottom full screen often. And naughty frontals when she dresses.

A Serious Matter – SPANKEDCHEEKS

27 Sep

F/f; time: 21 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ plays an aupair or babysitter. Her employer Sarah Stern is explaining the procedures to her. Using the house credit cards is not one of them. “I’m going to spank your bottom.” Amelia is her usual classy self- a white blouse and a short red skirt.

Amelia suggests that her mistress has some sexual interest in her, a nicely imprudent accusation in a spanking film. The spanking is standard and rather mild. OTK, skirt up, black panties down. Over the table for some implements–several paddles, a tawse. Some good frontal looks at Amelia’s clever and careful pubic trim.


7 Aug

F/f; time: 20 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and (we think it is)  ‘Sarah Stern, ‘ as “Lena.” The two apparently live together as Lesbians, a relationship Ms. Rutherford rarely has depicted in her films. Sarah, in just bra, panties, garters and stockings,  catches Amelia trying to sneak out of their apartment in party clothes (what little there are of them), after they went to bed together and Sarah fell asleep.

Lena gets her spanking implements, which Amelia has experienced before in this relationship. The spanking scene will take place in a narrow hallway, which presents a an odd staging challenge for the camera we didn’t understand.

Bend-over, black mesh panties down, it took 5 minutes to get here. Amelia protests mildly: “I’m still bruised from the last time.” (Covers fading marks from the last filming) Dress off, panties disposed of, no argument. A long frontal for Amelia. Bend over for the strap.

Amelia lies lengthwise on hall floor. She is a tall drink of water, and her bottom is lovely as shot from her head. After this posture, she squirrels around to kneel. Lena straddles and rides her to complete the spanking, so, even though this is theater, we know who would wear the ‘strap-on.’



2 Aug

MF/f; time: 35 minutes

The standard Strand Video Spain storyline. Nothing like a pretty girl with a sweet bottom who is late with her rent. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ receives her landlady, who has brought a man with her. Amelia knows what this is about. “I don’t think you needed  to bring him.”

Amelia is into her second month of not paying rent. She is trying to “launch a company.” She is wearing a short and tight red dress that is almost a leotard. After some scolding and warning, the landlady takes some spanking implements out of her briefcase. “What is that?” The landlady explains that she is charging 25% interest on the unpaid rent, and she will collect this interim money with spankings. “I’m going to take you over my knee.” Tight dress up, panties down. Standard OTK. After some discussion Amelia agrees to go over the man’s lap  for the same.

Amelia assumes the frisk position at the wall where the landlady can use a tawse, and the guy sits where he can see her front. The guy takes the tawse. Another strap; the landlady announces these spankings will be weekly on Mondays to collect the interest.

Amelia doesn’t like the guy leering at her. (We are) She calls it “lowering,” which sends him to the dictionary. The landlady announces that if there is no rent next Monday for the interest-payment session, she will bring a friend on Tuesday.

Both the landlady and her associate are enjoying Amelia’s bottom, which remains the center of attention throughout the film. A few more positions, more spanking, the guy gets in looks at her nudity.

Property Management – SPANKEDCHEEKS

1 Aug

F/f; time: 30 minutes

‘Sarah Stern’ plays a landlady visiting her tenant ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’ A  standard Strand Video production, where authority figures extract payment from the bottoms of their prey. The apartment is dirty, claims Sarah.

Amelia is trying to terminate her lease and get her deposit back. Sarah is going to make her beg for it, the old fashioned way. “I’m going to have to deal with you as a naughty girl.” Flashing the money, Sarah wants Amelia’s slacks down, and “You don’t need those pretty panties.” Amelia gets what Sarah is after.

Amelia faces her, flashing beaver. OTK, they use a bar stool, which helps distribute the enormous length of Ms. Rutherford and center her huge and perfectly proportioned bottom. A floor mirror was supposed to catch her face, but it fails.

Sarah finds a nail hole for a picture hook, more silly grounds to continue the spanking. A strap and ping pong bat in the frisk position. Centered rosy bottom. Lots of frontals. OTK again before Sarah hands over the money.

Teacher’s Lesson – SPANKEDCHEEKS

1 Aug

F/f; time: 21 minutes

These SPANKEDCHEEKS films all have roughly the same format–setting in a single room, ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ confronted by one or two people in authority or with leverage over her. Mild to moderate spankings, mostly featuring Amelia’s glorious bottom center-screen. Her typical indignant protest. Maybe these films were made at or by the Strand Video Remington Steel group.

Here, ‘Sarah Stern’ is a headmistress who employs Amelia as a teacher. Some of Amelia’s students have complained to their parents about being spanked. Amelia freely admits it, arguing that it is both justified and effective. But the parents on the school Board want some action. Video evidence? There is a SHADOWLANE film where a student’s father spanks Amelia himself, and  several other CP films where complaining parents get caught in the disciplinary machine.

Amelia argues with Stern, so she will get a dose of her own medicine. Stern has Amelia strip off her dress, down to flower bra and panties. She is then asked to drop her panties and go OTK. Her bottom is a fading pink from another film.

Paddles come out of the headmistress’ desk drawer. “Really?” Over the desk for the typical moderate spanking, and more OTK when Amelia’s attitude doesn’t moderate.


25 Jul

MF/f; time: 34 minutes

The films in this series with ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ are all in the same format. Shot in one room or another, Amelia is approached and spanked for one thing or another. Here, she has been caught working as a stripper in a nightclub while claiming unemployment benefits.

‘Sarah Stern’  and a man arrive at her apartment, where she is accused of the fraud. “What are you doing here?” she says to the man, who she recognizes from the club and must have offered some professional favor to him. He is a benefits investigator. Amelia knows this is going to be trouble.

“There will be a court date for you.” Amelia begins to look for alternatives. Sarah is quick to take paddles out of her briefcase. “What are those?” The male inspector says that since she is willing to be handled at the club, she won’t mind what is going to happen. “Naughty girls get spanked.”

Sarah pats her lap and tells Amelia to take her dress off. “I didn’t expect it to be now.” She opens her dress and shrugs it off, displaying pink undies. OTK, panties down. She doesn’t want the man to stay, but that won’t happen. “You’re not in the club now, darling.” The guy positions himself at Amelia’s feet for the best possible vantage. As Sarah spanks, they chat.
They switch places, the man will spank and Amelia is not too pleased by that. He uses a strap. Amelia must stand and face them. She tries to cover up. Both of them paddle and strap her in various positions. They taunt her as they spank, at one point gagging her with her panties. Some frontals as she moves around before they leave.

The elapsed time on the wall clock is about the same as the length of the video.