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I Did Nothing Wrong – SPANKED-CUTIE

12 Oct

F/f; time: 25 minutes

A character called ‘Tony Marks’ is narrating, enters an estate and finds ‘Mrs. Johnson’ to interview. The film is done POV style on the set of a Spanish-style mansion. She complains about ‘Sophie,’ a new housekeeper she has had trouble with.

Flashback: Johnson calls on a newspaper advertisement and hires a housekeeper. Sophie arrives for work and can’t find anyone at home. She climbs through a window and helps herself around the house. She is a young and nubile light brunette, looking perfectly equipped for what usually happens to hapless female domestic help.

Johnson finds her asleep and calls her parole officer. (The confusing details we ignore.) She learns the girl is quite accustomed to spankings. Sophie is ordered to strip, a long wait for this, the highlight of the film. A nude paddling, then bottom to the corner.

Saturday’s Detention – SPANKEDCUTIES

30 Oct

MF/2f; time: 30 minutes

‘Miss Simpson’ (CP enthusiast ‘Elizabeth Simpson’) is picking up after some students while she awaits the arrival of a Saturday detention student. The familiar male disciplinarian is disturbed that she is enabling bad habits.

Simpson awaits ‘O’Connor,’ for her third detention. The male reminds her this means corporal punishment, “three strikes.” He is going to hang around and ensure Simpson delivers the full dose.

O’Connor arrives, a diminutive flaming redhead who has made a few films. Simpson had intended and told her it would be just “lines,” but now she must be spanked. OTK, white panties, which the male wants lowered immediately for a “proper thrashing.” With some pleasure, he retrieves the panties from her ankles with the tip of his cane.

Simpson slippers O’Connor bent over a chair. Grab-ankles for the cane from Simpson, 6 strokes, and a few more when her apologies aren’t worded properly. Then another dose from Simpson–12 more, some blisters are appearing despite the mild strokes.

The male orders O’Connor to tuck up her skirt and long shirt and face him. He gets a frontal look at this redhead but we don’t, lest there be any doubt about what is going on here.

The male speaks to Simpson privately. This was coming. A little smile crosses Simpson’s face when she realizes she is actually going to be spanked. “Take your knickers down and I’ll show you how to discipline…funny, is it?” (His acting is)

Bend-over a chair for the cane on the bare. 10 strokes, moderate but embarrassing if you are Staff. He doesn’t like her apology. She will hold position bare-bottom for 30 minutes.

Hidden Money – SPANKED-CUTIE

7 Oct

M/f; time: 40 minutes

We need to review more films from this abundant website, whose producers are clearly vintage spankos.

Blonde ‘Kirstin’ fusses around in a kitchen. She appears to be a maid working for a guy, a regular male disciplinarian we need to identify. In a bowl she finds cash in US Currency and pockets $20 and continues working.

The guy comes in the kitchen and soon discovers some of the money in the bowl is missing. When he challenges her, she denies, he threatens the police, and we begin the standard dance. He will search her, a real, complete search. “Take off your jumper.” When she does, he dives right into her bra and finds nothing. “Take your trousers down.” Black thong; he pulls the rear strap aside and fishes a $20 bill out of her anus.

So it will be: “A thrashing from me or the police.” Thong down–it covers nothing but home base, for a routine handspanking. Hands-on-head, he shows her his straps, which he assumes she has seen when cleaning. Over the table, floppy tawse (some are hard and stiff and much more painful). Loud wails.

Time for the cane over the table–he turns her head to face us. We counted almost 60 strokes–she went quiet, so there must be repeats. Tears. She wants a break to rub at 35. She flinches at his swooshes. Good facials, quivering.

The film concludes with a brief session of palm slaps.

Bridgett’s Never Been Spanked – SPANKEDCUTIES

3 Sep

2F/f; time:  15 minutes

A young lady wants a spanking;  a short curly-haired blonde is interviewed; she can’t coax a spanking out of her boyfriend. She pulls up her skirt to show black lace panties. Her sister Carmen warms her up OTK, not hard, kind of silly.

Carmen switches to a small leather paddle, then a bigger one, silly, panties down.

The female interviewer takes over the spanking, a little harder, Bridgett’s hair comes loose.

Niki Flynn – Collected Shorts #1

21 Oct

More cunning little appearances from this willing and resourceful actress. Search her out everywhere you can.

‘Math Exam‘;FETISHFLIX; (F/f; time: 17 minutes): One of the many spanking episodes Niki Flynn made around the genre market, here with a domme who calls herself ‘Miss Hastings-Gore’ in her films. Niki wears full schoolgirl kit, white blouse, necktie, blue skirt, knee socks, on a classroom set where we’ve seen numerous knickers come down. Spanking implements hang on hooks next to the blackboard. Niki has been caught cheating on a math test.

After the standard recriminations, nail-biting, and review of options, Gore pulls Niki’s skirt up to see what the knicker situation is, then directs the little white things be removed. Niki bends over the desk, Gore flips up the skirt, and Niki rocks the desk during a handspanking. There’s that big bruise above her left buttock. Gore gets the cane, almost 20 strokes, done slowly so we can admire the acting.

Niki has a conventionally sized bottom, not the bubble-butt some producers prefer. The charm she presents bent-over, for us, springs from her long muscular legs and a perfect round tush. Gore snaps off her strokes with heavy wrist action, and in an irregular rhythm, achieving surprise from Niki, who acts it out with the best of them. A row of white marks ladders each cheek. The usual face-to-the-wall conclusion; Niki reaches back to assess the damage.

Long closeup.

PAIN4FEM; (4 minutes-2 segments): Actress Niki Flynn gets her ticket pushed at Pain4Fem, filming two very brief episodes employing some of the apparatus famous here, and with none other than Peter Schober to preside at the ceremonies at the controls. The first setting is a ‘barn,’ not much more than straw strewn in the studio corner.

Niki wears Victorian peasant garb. Peter makes her strip naked to the waist. This is one CP actress who eagerly thrusts out her breasts at the slightest provocation–justly proud she is and they are. Niki is strung up, her muscular arms stretched. If you like naked and helpless arms, armpits, and shoulders in this predicament, visit here. Peter paddles her bare back with a short leather padded instrument, an odd technique made colorful by Niki’s begging and squirming. Amendment: this episode is an excerpt from “The Spy,” which we have now reviewed separately on this site. One of Niki’s best, we thought, although not of the LUPUS  intensity.

The second 4-minute episode employs that treacherous gurney used in ‘Judicial Canings.’ Niki wears a tight red knit dress, a costume she frequently used to display her musculed femininity  even before she undresses. He fastens her to the device–straps at her ankles, knees, back, and wrists. Dress up, panties down, anxious face, her spread legs provide that window to her ladyhood. And lastly, a bolster under her hips to raise her bottom. Peter, in his judicial uniform, straps this stationary tush. Niki lets out her typical little screams and cries.

“I Must Try Harder‘ (SPANKEDCUTIE; F/f; 15 minutes): Another find on the shelves from the complete works of Niki Flynn. Here she sports her short dark hair in  classroom-schoolgirl melodrama with a British domme actress, either ‘Hastings-Gore’ or ‘Gillian-Lancer.’ Niki wears a charcoal gray school uniform, a color she must prefer, because it pops up in many of her schoolgirl performances.

She is going to be given some strong encouragement to do better in school. She stands in front of a five-level work vaulting platform;  we know in a CP film what those will be used for. After a rather long scolding for such a short film, Gillian takes her OTK, skirt up, full white panties down quickly. “Oh, no!” with her patented little yelps. The big bruise we’ve been charting on her left buttock has disappeared. After Gillian takes Niki’s panties all the way off, she stands to face the vaulting horse. She is allowed to rub while Gillian fetches her slipper. Back OTK for more; the film concludes with more rubbing. A ride on the horse may occur in a sequel.

American Caned’ XEROTICS; 11 minutes; F/2f Niki can’t avoid the cane;  a film clip distributed by Xerotics. Actress Ms. Flynn, more mature, her reddish short hair period, sits with blonde ‘Tanya’ on a couch. She wears the gray flannel school uniform she seems to carry from studio to studio in her career. They are discussing masturbating, Tanya, with no pants on, is in the process of bringing herself to orgasm, insisting Niki is missing out on a big thing.

Niki feigns innocence. An older British woman bursts in, sees the goings-on. “What are your pants doing on the floor?” The woman will spank both girls, Tanya for such disgraceful behavior, and Niki for telling tales. Niki is taken OTK first, while Tanya must hold her own knickers out at full arms-length, not as tormenting an exercise as we have seen, but it can take a toll.

Niki’s bare bottom spanking on the couch is standard stuff, except that there is no such thing when this actress drops drawers. Switch. Tanya OTK, Niki holds her knickers. Tanya has the biggest tramp stamp we have ever seen, seemingly the size and shape of an oxen yoke. The girls are caned. Tanya takes six bent-over, then Niki  is told to “get in position” for her six. The saucer-sized bruise she carried in this era can no longer be seen.

Daydreams of Discipline‘;  M/f;  SOUNDPUNISHMENT; 14 minutes Niki made numerous short films, where she often took terrific and colorful spankings without repeats or plot diversions. Here we find yet another office fantasy, when Niki daydreams about being punished by her boss.

As a P.A., she is shown typing errors, returns to her desk, and daydreams of her boss taking sterner measures. The American film ‘The Secretary’ has spawned several CP films,where spanking is shown as it was intended to be. Her first chatisement dream: “Get over my knee, girl!” Her male boss spanks hard. Great facials and theatrical squawks from Niki. Skirt up, she shows black panties, garters, and stockings. “Disgusting knickers. You should not be wearing these to the office.” We can’t figure out why he should be concerned. He tugs them down.

In the next scene, back to reality, the boss wakes Niki daydreaming the above, and gives her more work. She daydreams the second spanking scenario. More mistakes, back over his knee on the same couch in the office. Knickers down again. The daydream continues: “I thought this morning’s spanking would have taught you a lesson…top off!” “What?” she puzzles. Jersey off, down to bra and garter belt, panties on the floor. Niki flashes a little fuzz. Hands-on-couch for a sharp spanking with a square leather paddle which covers a lot of real estate.

At the conclusion, she faces us tearfully, more fuzz. Back to reality at the boss’ desk, he explains to Niki that in the old days girls got spanked for such mistakes.

Exam Day’ XEROTICS; M/2f; (time:  16 minutes). Actress Niki Flynn in a familiar British classroom, with her redheaded friend ‘O’Connor.’ The male instructor hands out bluebook exams and explains the procedures. In a nonce he catches Flynn looking at O’Connor’s work and has his excuse to turn this into a spanking session.

Niki wears a blue monogrammed blazer, blue skirt, blouse, tie, knee socks, and maryjane’s. Maybe no longer the perfect schoolgirl, she knows all about these spanking movies. She does her great shocked face when she learns she is going to get a spanking. O’Connor must put her nose to the blackboard, because “you’re next.” Niki over a desk, skirt up, full white knickers, 3 sharp cane strokes on cloth, then, “Get them down…all the way down.” 5 more cane strokes. There’s that big left-buttock bruise from some other time, maybe during that sojourn in the Czech Republic?

He has her step out of her panties, an irrelevant but sensual touch, shoes off, kneel on the desk chair, legs through the back, on elbows, very submissive, for 6 more. O’Connor next, Niki to the blackboard, bare bottom to us. O’Connor kneels immediately, a small Irish bottom, already marked. Not as tough a time with the cane for her–she wasn’t the cheater.

Bare bottoms to the blackboard, detention for 8 Saturdays. Niki tries to collect her knickers when she returns to her desk, which was not part of the master’s plan, and so earns 6 more cane strokes. The master makes the girls return to the exam, but sitting on bare skin on their chairs, the only way to do it.

12 of the Best‘ (F/f; 9 minutes) Niki, as ‘Miss Flynn,’ awaits a confrontation with a teacher in a room we’ve seen before. ‘Miss Hastings-Gore’ arrives;  Miss Flynn was “laughing in assembly,”  but she won’t be laughing now. Niki stands on a chair and leans lengthwise over a vaulting platform, skirt up, white panties.

“Stand up. Drop your knickers.” Very nice subjugation. Niki will count out 12 strokes, short, snappy decisive cuts from Gore. Various angles, the best from below. Her bottom is mid-body for a  good level caning stroke. Niki suffers as well as we have seen her do. Nice red bottom for this brief session,  the last few strokes are still white lines as the film ends. Hands-on-head, some pussy flashes.

Bad Evaluation‘  SPANKEDCUTIES  (MF/f; 24 minutes) Producer David Pierson and a British woman, ‘Sabbathia,’ discuss what in the world they are going to do about Niki Flynn. “Fetch her in.” Niki enters in her world-traveled gray school kit, short reddish hair, and does her predicable face when she hears she is going to be spanked.

To add to her predicament, she has to skinny down her panties and hand them over. Pierson takes her OTK, a nice little struggle. She is already banged up from another time. Sabbathia takes over and spanks harder, then suggests the cane. After a scene break and a long lecture, Niki leans her elbows on the couch arm and takes almost thirty strokes of the cane, surely repeats from different angles. But the welts and wheals are real. Hugs all around.  (We have seen this film called ‘UK Discipline’ and distributed by XEROTICS.)

Thieving Girls’ (XEROTICS;F/2f; time: 18 minutes)  AKA ‘Community Service.’ This might have been a NODTHERNSPANKING production, filmed in that same garret room where so many bottoms were burned.

Niki and Rosaleen are performing some sort of community service, under the direction of  a lookalike of ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer/Hastings Gore, ‘Miss Parker,’who has long flowing hair here, when she could still do it. While tidying up, the girls find some money and pocket it.

It was probably a trap, just to get at their bottoms. Parker finds the money, the girls argue over whose clever idea it was, and we’re ready for the caning.

First, Rosaleen kneels on a stepladder for a brush on her jeans. Niki follows, bending over the ladder for the cane on her jeans. The girls go back to work but are soon caught lolling. Both get caned on the couch on their jeans.

The girls drop their jeans and rub. Niki is caned on her blue thong and Rosaleen on her white panties. All in all, mild stuff for such seasoned warriors.

Cheaters – XEROTICS

29 Aug

M/2f (3 parts); time: 36 minutes

American actress Niki Flynn shows us her stuff again in this first 17-minute part of the film, 3 segments about naughty girls cheating. Redheaded ‘O’Connor’ and’Flynn’ sit in an authentically arranged antique classroom. Niki wears her hair shortish and red-tinged here, a style sort of created on-set in Lupus’ ‘Crime and Punishment’ circa 2004.

The male teacher catches them exchanging answers. “I’m going to thrash you!” Niki stands at her desk, skirt up, full white panties. Three cane strokes on her knickers, then she pulls them down–3 more. There’s that big bruise, what film? Ice skating somewhere? Lovely shot of her panties puddled at her feet.

She kneels on a school desk seat, leans on the desk, and sticks her legs out the chair opening, a dramatic use for a school desk. Half-dozen more.

Fair-skinned O’Connor next. She kneels on a chair; the camera is blocked when her pants come down. 10 cane strokes, big squeals, a cunning little cat tattoo on her right buttock. The girls must work at the blackboard without pants, one of our favorite schoolgirl depictions.

When Niki attempts to retrieve her knickers on the way to her seat, she earns another 10 with the cane. White marks on her celebrated tush. The girls sit bpre tush and will retake the exam.

The second 11 minute segment depicts two lesbians in a quarrel, which degenerates into a spanking, a lot of yelling, and finally, fondling. Nothing of note here.

The third 8 minute section may contain one of Rosaleen Young’s many brief performances. She’s got a man’s shirt on, from her girlfriend’s boyfriend, suggesting maybe a little hanky-panky. The girlfriend wrestles Rosaleen OTK–her bottom is already a little red (a busy filming day?). Rosaleen issues forth a marvelous teen-aged “Oh, my God,” when she spies the strap her friend has. She takes a cute spanking, rocking her bare bottom as if she were in heat, the coy acting which made her so popular in her short career.

At the conclusion, she coughs up the man-shirt to display her girlish little breasts to go along with those feminine hips.

Bad Evaluations – SPANKED CUTIE

16 Apr

F/f; time: 28 minutes

American CP actress Niki Flynn, who practically wore the skin off her bottom in a short career, made numerous wonderful films with the best producers. This film is one of the more trivial, but it again illustrates what happens when you combine a good tush with actual acting skill.

Niki plays a vulnerable American schoolgirl who hasn’t done her homework. Her British teacher (the nameplate on the teacher’s door reads ‘Miss W. Hastings-Gore’) is going to seize this opportunity. Ms. Flynn is coiffed in short light brown hair here, and elegantly attired in blazer, blouse, skirt, necktie, knee socks, and maryjanes–the whole nine yards if you are into spanking.

Ms. Flynn hangs her head submissively as her punishment approaches. OTK, tight white panties a welcome deviation from the schoolgirl kit for us. Moderate handspanking. She is required to stand and lower her pants herself, a subordinate touch we like. Camera zooms on a long handspanking.

Niki stands against the wall facing us, pants down, frontal fuzz. She will be given a verbal spelling test. The penalty for failure is obvious. Here is another version of the ‘bottom-gamble’ we’ve seen. Errors occur and the spankings continue. She is directed to take her skirt off. “Off?” she asks. Over the desk for the paddle. The camera catches her discarded panties on the floor, like a crumpled paper towel.

Ms. Hastings seats her, bare-bottom, to write lines. We could have used a peeking camera at the rear of her desk here. [a school tower bell tolls on the soundtrack]

Ms. Hastings has a very thick cane, much more than what some would call a ‘senior’ cane,’ and almost a weapon. About 10 strokes, increasingly harder. After some seemingly anti-climatic palms slaps with a ruler, albeit appropriately academe and giving Ms. Flynn opportunity for facial grimaces, another bend-over for the cane, about 15. We notice an older bruise high on her left buttock–Niki is, after all, a hard-working girl in the trade.

The final cornering–Niki faces the door, bottomless, and when she puts hands-on-head, her blouse is conveniently rucked up to expose all of her red bottom which was just peeking out. Nice simple stuff, well acted, every detail. We might go back and count the bell-rings.