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I Did Nothing Wrong – SPANKED-CUTIE

12 Oct

F/f; time: 25 minutes

A character called ‘Tony Marks’ is narrating, enters an estate and finds ‘Mrs. Johnson’ to interview. The film is done POV style on the set of a Spanish-style mansion. She complains about ‘Sophie,’ a new housekeeper she has had trouble with.

Flashback: Johnson calls on a newspaper advertisement and hires a housekeeper. Sophie arrives for work and can’t find anyone at home. She climbs through a window and helps herself around the house. She is a young and nubile light brunette, looking perfectly equipped for what usually happens to hapless female domestic help.

Johnson finds her asleep and calls her parole officer. (The confusing details we ignore.) She learns the girl is quite accustomed to spankings. Sophie is ordered to strip, a long wait for this, the highlight of the film. A nude paddling, then bottom to the corner.

Saturday’s Detention – SPANKEDCUTIES

30 Oct

MF/2f; time: 30 minutes

‘Miss Simpson’ (CP enthusiast ‘Elizabeth Simpson’) is picking up after some students while she awaits the arrival of a Saturday detention student. The familiar male disciplinarian is disturbed that she is enabling bad habits.

Simpson awaits ‘O’Connor,’ for her third detention. The male reminds her this means corporal punishment, “three strikes.” He is going to hang around and ensure Simpson delivers the full dose.

O’Connor arrives, a diminutive flaming redhead who has made a few films. Simpson had intended and told her it would be just “lines,” but now she must be spanked. OTK, white panties, which the male wants lowered immediately for a “proper thrashing.” With some pleasure, he retrieves the panties from her ankles with the tip of his cane.

Simpson slippers O’Connor bent over a chair. Grab-ankles for the cane from Simpson, 6 strokes, and a few more when her apologies aren’t worded properly. Then another dose from Simpson–12 more, some blisters are appearing despite the mild strokes.

The male orders O’Connor to tuck up her skirt and long shirt and face him. He gets a frontal look at this redhead but we don’t, lest there be any doubt about what is going on here.

The male speaks to Simpson privately. This was coming. A little smile crosses Simpson’s face when she realizes she is actually going to be spanked. “Take your knickers down and I’ll show you how to discipline…funny, is it?” (His acting is)

Bend-over a chair for the cane on the bare. 10 strokes, moderate but embarrassing if you are Staff. He doesn’t like her apology. She will hold position bare-bottom for 30 minutes.

Hidden Money – SPANKED-CUTIE

7 Oct

M/f; time: 40 minutes

We need to review more films from this abundant website, whose producers are clearly vintage spankos.

Blonde ‘Kirstin’ fusses around in a kitchen. She appears to be a maid working for a guy, a regular male disciplinarian we need to identify. In a bowl she finds cash in US Currency and pockets $20 and continues working.

The guy comes in the kitchen and soon discovers some of the money in the bowl is missing. When he challenges her, she denies, he threatens the police, and we begin the standard dance. He will search her, a real, complete search. “Take off your jumper.” When she does, he dives right into her bra and finds nothing. “Take your trousers down.” Black thong; he pulls the rear strap aside and fishes a $20 bill out of her anus.

So it will be: “A thrashing from me or the police.” Thong down–it covers nothing but home base, for a routine handspanking. Hands-on-head, he shows her his straps, which he assumes she has seen when cleaning. Over the table, floppy tawse (some are hard and stiff and much more painful). Loud wails.

Time for the cane over the table–he turns her head to face us. We counted almost 60 strokes–she went quiet, so there must be repeats. Tears. She wants a break to rub at 35. She flinches at his swooshes. Good facials, quivering.

The film concludes with a brief session of palm slaps.

Bridgett’s Never Been Spanked – SPANKEDCUTIES

3 Sep

2F/f; time:  15 minutes

A young lady wants a spanking;  a short curly-haired blonde is interviewed; she can’t coax a spanking out of her boyfriend. She pulls up her skirt to show black lace panties. Her sister Carmen warms her up OTK, not hard, kind of silly.

Carmen switches to a small leather paddle, then a bigger one, silly, panties down.

The female interviewer takes over the spanking, a little harder, Bridgett’s hair comes loose.