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Three Naughty Trespassers – SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRLS

3 Nov

F/3f; time: 28 minutes

Three statuesque girls are naked, cavorting on a bed. They have broken into an empty house for sale and are having some girly fun. The real estate agent, Chelsea Pfeiffer, catches them and of course will take advantage of the situtation.

The best iteration of this theme we have found is the steamy ’Civil Settlement,’ a LUPUS production, where four hiking girls break into a rustic cabin for shelter in a storm, find some wine, and get naked. The men who own the cabin find them and give them the classic LUPUS caning. You can scream all you want in the forest.

In this film, Pfeiffer spanks and straps the naked girls in an almost playful style. A crop, a Spencer strap, and a razor strop. Again, we suspend disbelief on how a real estate agent could produce such a collection on the spot.


30 Nov

M/f; time: 19 minutes

Richard Windsor plays ‘Uncle Mitch,’ and Sarah Gregory will be in a minimal knit bikini for the entire segment. The set is an undisguised hotel room. Lots of spankings in seedy hotel rooms. Does anybody question all the camera equipment and lighting hauled in? Uncle is doing business on the phone and Sarah has cluttered the place with clothes as she prepares to go to the hotel pool. Uncle is angry with the mess and must be put off by the spectacular bikini. He grabs her OTK. “You can go to the pool with a nice red bottom.”

A cute squirming Ms. Gregory at the top of her game. She reaches back to cover her bottom. “What are you doing with that hand?” “Protecting my assets.” This is a conventional spanking, except for Ms. Gregory.  We’ll have to check our files to find her more spankable.

When Sarah does not pick up fast enough, she must lie on the bed. Bikini bottoms down, for a belt. Someone has turned on a fan in the bathroom. Uncle remarks about Sarah’s  “puppy dog eyes.”  Nice view of the spanking from overhead.


17 Apr

M/f; time: 5 minutes

A very brief episode filmed in the familiar glass-walled room. A young ‘Peters’ has summoned a blond secretary, who is apparently whoring around the office. She’ll be fired or take a spanking.

She takes off her skirt and bends over Peters’ desk in just thong and halter. We will not see her face. Peters rucks down her thong, completely not necessary, but quite ceremonial. “Spread your legs. Don’t be embarrassed. We’ve seen it all before.”

A hard and brief slippering, then nose to the corner.



Caned For Masturbation SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL

7 Nov

F/f; time: 10 minutes
The glass-walled studio used frequently; delectable blonde ‘Sara Jane Dempsey’ has been caught masturbating and is sent to another blond woman for punishment. Standard spanking sequence, OTK, panties down, the smackings are loud in this room.

Kara stands to take off her skirt, and the woman takes this opportunity to help her off with the rest of her clothes. Very nice scene. Kara bends over for a dozen from the cane.


21 Oct

F/f; time:8 minutes
‘Petra’ is from Poland. “My name is Petra and I’m here to be spanked.” A male voice which sounds like the ‘Peters’ character from these Scottish/British productions tells her to strip naked. Another familiar woman from the XEROTICS films (is it Kara Jane?) helps her off with her clothes. A dynamic and hot body–everyone seems to be aware of it.

Bend-over for a mild handspanking. Then OTK with Kara Jane. Peters pours water over Petra–if it had been a little cold, she would have jumped. Hands-0n-head at the wall. A cute but harmless film.


11 Oct

‘Hanne and Her Fingers’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Hannah Martin,’ a CP warrior with a resume, sits on a couch, masturbating. She takes a call from a friend and describes how excited she got at school watching a girl being caned on her bare bottom. “It really turned me on…I got all wet…my pussy got creamy.” Nothing demure about Ms. Martin at this stage of her career.

She pulls her pants down and things get graphic. ‘Peters’ walks in, he is ‘Uncle Bob,’ and Hannah lives with him. She covers up; “You’re a dirty, dirty girl,” and he begins smacking her dodging bottom. He wants to see her pussy (we assume he is a distant uncle).

Hannah kneels on the couch for a heavy strap. “Would you like to play with your vagina now?” Ms. Martin is older in this film, but still has a bottom of note. A long strapping, counting and ‘thank you’s.’ She is allowed to rub. Since she’s a dirty girl, Uncle will take off her bedroom door.


11 Oct

2M/2f; time: 44 minutes
A long’ish film for this producer, with at least some twists and turns in the story. ‘Sara Collins,’ one of the CP film professionals who knows how to both give and take, plays ‘Collins,’ a student in the glass-walled set used often by this producer.

She’s done something wrong and is quickly OTK, panties down immediately, and spanked left-handed by the male school principal. When he orders, “Take your skirt off,” Sara shakes her head in refusal, but off it comes. Sara bends over the same chair for the cane–30 strokes are shown, with repeats from various angles. Some counting aloud, and telltale bruises.

A new scene at the school,exterior. Brunette ‘Smythe’ is caught trying to climb the ladder to the water tower on the roof by the headmaster. She’ll be spanked and is taken to the glass room. The roar of ventilation makes dialogue difficult in this film, which is OK–it isn’t Chaucer. After a silly toilet scene, Smythe will get the slipper from the Head. A series of scenes back and forth, Smythe being slippered and Collins getting the belt from another teacher.

For some reason, Smythe spanks Collins, as the head girl. We observe here how skillfully Ms. Collins can display herself on someone’s lap. The Head interrupts this and spanks them both. Frontal from Sara, bald.

A young ‘Peters,’ an actor found throughout these British films, especially XEROTICS, whose name we surely do not have correctly, lectures Smythe, who seems to be a head girl. Even though she is threatened with “my little friend,” a cane, he starts with a most embarrassing spanking OTK. She must spread her legs. Peters has heard she likes spanking.

Hands on the chair for the cane. Same salacious pose, legs 3′ apart, on tiptoes. 15 strokes, bruises. Peters taps her pussy with the cane. “I was told you would enjoy this…there better not be anything down here.” After this caning, she stands on the chair, above him. “Open the cheeks, wide….we won’t be enjoying that anymore, will we?” She will have to remain in this pose for 20 minutes.

Nicky Montford – Collected Shorts

22 Oct

A model reputed in many places to have had one of the highest pain thresholds in the CP genre.  We have thought that  disciplinarians take special interest in her films. It would have been fun to watch some of the titans, ‘Michael Dawes,’ ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer,’ or ‘Miss Brown’ take on the task in one of her films. In fact, to revise here, Nicky does run afoul of Miss Brown in MISSMARCHMONT’s ‘That’ll Teach ‘Em.’ We’d say, even Miss Brown does not crack Nicky, although Ms. Montford was more distressed in that film.

‘birching’ (f; time: 3 minutes) Nicky stands naked at a fireplace, taking a terrible birching. Her bottom is fully inflamed and swollen. This would be a must for birching fans. It must be part of a larger film we will attempt to identify.

‘classroom’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) Nicky plays a student here, and she looks a bit dazed in these shots. After a brief scolding she bends over a desk for the slipper. Kilt up, full blue regulation knickers. A very hard slippering, first on the knickers and then on the bare. Slow motion repeats. As usual, the spanking is much harder than usually seen.

‘Detention’ (XEROTICS); M/f; time: 7 minutes) ‘Peters’ has Nicky in detention. She has been caught on camera with four other girls doing something, and he is simply going to paddle her bottom until she identifies them. We have said before, there is no better actress to be subjected to such an endurance test.

We get right to it. Stubborn Nicky stands and drops her skirt and panties and bends over the desk. A fierce paddling insues, with a large, thin, fraternity-sized wood paddle. “There were four girls involved. I want their names.” Nicky never talks; we’d liked to have seen her visit the LUPUS studios like Niki Flynn did.

The paddling sequences are repeated, side and rear views. Good shots of Nicky’s smoky face and her misty visage. A sequence of 30 strokes, then a set of 20, another 20, and 5 to conclude.

Peters relents and lets her go. He had to stop–her bottom is a mass of bruises and skin pops. If Ms. Montford has been taking a little something to get through these sessions, we understand.

Dildo Discipline‘ (MF/3f; time: time: 23 minutes) (XEROTICS, SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRLS) A somewhat diminished role for Ms. Montford, and a rather graphic film for the CP genre. Nicky and ‘Sara Collins’ stand in just bra and panties in front of a domme-like supervisor. This set is the glass-walled room used by this producer.

The girls, trim and perfect in their undies, must do some PT–touch-toes, pushups, and star jumps. The domme turns the girls so we can see their backs. She smacks their bottoms to motivate them. The girls are left alone to rub while the domme gets a slipper. For this bend-over, she pulls down both pairs of panties.

Cut to a new scene, the domme has had her fun and gets comfortable on a couch with a battery-assisted dildo, to masturbate while recalling the spankings. It is long and very explicit scene, very much the full porno film presentation. The lady foams up impressively.

A man catches her in the act, and after a humiliating scolding, gets her to assume all-fours in the couch for the cane. About 30 strokes, in rapid groups. We did not detect repeats, the camera angle remained the same. The guy moved from side to side to spread the wealth.

“Now we are going to finish this off. Come with me.” He must mean that literally, because he marches her off-set, by the arm, no pants on.

’Home Care Pt 1 St. Elizabeth’s Private Hospital’ SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM. (M/f; time: 8 minutes)  A sudden find, after we thought we had seen substantially all of Ms. Montford. Another great film, with all their production values. Nicky and Catherine are nurses working in a residence of a patient, two of them. Nicky is lazy, Catherine will spank her.

A standard spanking, a walk in the park for Nicky. She is taken OTK, the hem of her uniform comes up. She wears white transparent panties, which come down. Her bottom and flanks are soon red, but this is nothing for her. A cameraman must have gotten on the floor to shoot up into her face.

‘Last Chance’ (XEROTICS, SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL); time: 9 minutes) Ms. Montford sits in front of teacher Mike Stevenson, and as in most of her films, the spanking begins very soon. She wears the usual schoolgirl kit; after a brief scolding, she bends over a table. “It’s not fair, sir.”

The teacher drops her panties to the floor, handspanks her briefly, then shifts to a slipper. In the corner, hands-on-head. The cane is next; for this she has to be naked; she strips full-screen to just panties, and the teacher has reserved those for himself and he peels them down.

Touch-toes; Nicky takes one of her patented stoic canings. Little or no sound from her; you can count the stripes ripening. They change positions on the floor and continue the caning–this probably gave Ms. Montford a little break. The teacher finishes her off with a nasty little paddle, her boobs hang nicely in an oblique view. Naked at the wall–zoom to her bottom.

‘Nicky caned and paddled’ XEROTICS; (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Schoolgirl Nicky gets her usual harsh stuff, up to the standard of any of her films. The set is the usual film studio workroom. Mike Stevenson  demands Nicky strip, which she does, struggling with her blouse buttons as British girls often do, then pausing hopefully at bra and panties.

But the bra comes off, Nicky touches toes, and the guy pulls down her white knickers. Her bottom and one thigh are already red. 12 fast cane strokes, typical Nicky—she hardly reacts.

Nicky starts to dress before another fade; now she is back in panties only. This time she pulls them down herself. Another bend-over, 13 more cane strokes. Some on her thighs make her reach back reflexively. On to a small paddle, 36 smacks, one buttock at a time, and down the thighs to catch all the still white patches. To the wall, hands on head. A spanking workshop for aspiring videographers.

‘Nicky over the desk’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Another short and unadorned appearance for Ms. Montford. This film was made shortly after ‘Witness,’ reviewed below. It is almost incredulous that the producers will do another episode so soon later. There is no better testament to Ms. Montford’s pain threshold. Plot and setting are irrelevant for her, because she can take such a beating almost the whole of the allocated time can be used for it.

Nicky reports to the actor Mike Stevenson in the glass classroom, just a barren space with the windows covered. She wears a tartan kilt and white blouse. After a brief scolding, she quickly bends over the desk. Stevenson  flips up her kilt and yanks down her white knickers. Nicky still has a red bottom and most significantly, the angry wheals from a cane down her thighs from ‘Witness.’ We don’t need any more evidence to prove these spankings are real.

Stevenson handspanks her and uses a slipper, quite hard, right from the beginning. Nicky is passive, but she struggles reflexively. Stevenson picks up a cane. 26 very hard strokes, forehand and backhand, alternating sides. He has better aim than whoever caned her thighs.

Stevenson now takes her over his knee, sitting on the desk. Nicky seems a bit stunned from the high level caning. He spanks her to a fully red bottom, his cane marks adding to the sight. Can’t  imagine Nicky working again for some days.

‘Nicky’s Homework’ (M/f; time: 2 minutes) A perfunctory spanking, maybe part of a larger film we have not found. A faceless teacher pulls Nicky away from her school desk and spanks her on her white knickers because she has  failed to complete an assignment after reminds. The snippet is notable only for how fast and hard the spanking is.

“Nicky Montford Talks’ (XEROTICS, SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL); 5 minutes) The famous Ms. Montford sits in an interview setting with a male, identified in various places as Dean Harvey. . She wears her usual long pigtails, blouse, necktie, gray skirt. She can pull of the schoolgirl.

She likes the challenge of a spanking, she says. There are many films to support it. In this brief exercise, she is taken OTK, her full white panties come down, for a loud and slow handspanking. The two keep up casual conversation as the spanking continues. They kiss and she departs.

‘Nicky napping’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) A guy catches Nicky napping. She wears a red top and jeans. After a discussion, a longer one with more dialogue from her, the spanking will begin. Nicky stands and drop her jeans and panties,  providing a leisurely frontal while the guy rolls up his sleeves.

OTK for a hard lefthanded spanking. She is already red, but he guy soon has her mottled  and bruised. This kind of spanking prevents the producer from making another film just a brief time later. The guy spanks so vigorously he has to use both hands.

Nicky stands and takes off all her clothes Hands on head. She arranges herself over a stack of couch pillows and takes a hard strapping. The pillows  help to keep her from being knocked off her feet. Low camera angles, bottom and thighs are strapped. Classic Montford. They hug to conclude, and the guy gets his feel.

‘Montford Again (XEROTICS, SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL); (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Nicky walks on the set, wearing schoolgirl kilt and blouse. Quickly over the desk, white panties down. Her bottom and thighs are already marked.

The male ‘teacher’ spanks her with a slipper, handspanking, and then some from the cane. Quite hard in this short time frame. Nicky struggles a bit under the cane. [school bell on the sound track]

The teacher sits on his desk and takes her over his knee for more handspanking and a good opportunity to run his hands over her bottom. Closeups show this lady has taken quite a dose.

Severe Discipline Series (O)’ (FIRMHAND); year: 2003; time: 12 minutes) This may be the most severe and convincing caning we have ever seen. Reviewed separately as ‘Nicky Montford-Prison Caning’

‘Witness’ (XEROTICS); M/f; time: 9 minutes) Model Nicky Montford is going to get one of her patented whippings, which are largely without precedent in the CP world in our observation. Lots of Individual  spankings are harder, but we can’t think of an actress who always, almost without exception, takes one of the harder spankings. Another brunette schoolgirl, Sarah Collins,  is pulled in to be witness to what the male disciplinarian Mike Stevenson calls a “thrashing.”

Without any further explanation, Nicky drops her own panties, discards them on the floor,  and touches her toes. Those panties will lie orphaned in view.  She wears a blouse, tie, and kilt, but now, no knickers. We counted almost 60 strokes! Surely there were repeats. Not a sound from her, pro forma, except a cry or two halfway through, and also with an exception to a shot to her thighs, which she didn’t like.

’Friday Punishment-gym cane’ (XEROTICS, SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRLcom; M/3f; time: 13 minutes) Called ‘Gym cane’ in some collections. Worth your time to watch Nicky take another formidable beating. Three girls stand in front of the frosted-glass set used over and over by this producer, Nicky and two others, Sarah Collins and Sandra. They wear white gymslip tops and white panties.

The girls are called out one at a time for palm slaps, and like most models, they don’t like it very much.

Then a strapping for each girl; to focus on Nicky, she bends over, panties down, an oblique view confirms her stoic face as the whipping proceeds.

Then the caning portion. Nicky gets almost 40 shown, same oblique, same controlled expression, some grimaces. Repeats. [nice touch, a school bell rings on the soundtrack]

Pants-down poses for the three girls for a still camera flash session, the graphic says for school distribution. We amend earlier observations. THIS may be the hardest caning we’ve seen Ms. Montford take. Some close alternatives.

‘Nicky Caned’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Nicky stands at the wall, knickers at her thighs, a cane hooked in them, hands on head A guy takes the cane, leads her to a couch, and has her bend over. Although this short film would seem to be an excerpt, this caning scene is complete, and couldn’t have been longer.

The Lefty guy uses a thick cane, and some there are laddered stripes and wheals. He doesn’t have good aim and misses high a few times, off her buttocks, which Nicky does not like. Another rest period at the wall. The camera is fascinated by her extensive marks.

Back to the couch, Nicky will count out and thank for 12 lusty strokes, some of which make her yelp and break position. Most are repeated in slow motion. The strokes go from white, to red, to purple, and there are skin pops this time. Nicky gives us a. mournful full frontal to conclude. Looking at our reviews above, we’d have to say that THIS caning is another nomination for the.most severe.


27 Dec

M/3f; time:  32 minutes

Nothing like spanking and phsyical training combined; a buxom blonde faces us, in just white panties. ‘Peters,’ a male trainer is putting her through drills–touch-toes. “Pull your knickers down, right down.”

Two other girls. ‘Sara Collins’ and ‘Kara Jane Dempsey,’  join and are ordered to strip down to white panties and knee socks,  a bruentte and a long-haired blonde. Peters’ e disembodied male voice rings from Xerotics films. This is to be a “end of term workout,”  because theirs is  “not a school for fatties.” Certainly not these three.

The girls separate and begin exercises, three great girls in little white pants, and maybe a size too small. Touch-toes, backs to us; jog in place (“higher, higher!”); giggles.

“Turn around….take your knickers down…hands on your head!”  The trainer moves down the row of bottoms, smacking along.

Peters will focus on one girl at a time. KaraTis first, bend-over, touch-toes, boobs hang. He straps her in this postion, harder than we were expecting. Sara and the buxom blonde get similar treatment.

He straps all three some more, touching toes. We see here again–not all actresses can assume this athletic pose. The naked girls face us, quite full frontal, nice shaves. “What have you learned today?”

The girls are sent to an adjacent changing room, where we watch the pink flesh through frosted glass and they pull on some minimal cover-up. The girls are directed to contemplate the next phase of the lesson, which will be the cane.

The girls drop their panties and take about 10 strokes each, not hard, but colorful. This film is mostly a showcase for three naked models.





Art Class-Nicky Montford – SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL

25 Jul

M/f; 9 minutes

Actress Nicky Montford, teflon bottom; Short episode, one of many from this brave actress. She has failed her art exam three times and will now be punished to see if that helps. Her instructor bends her over a table and raises her skirt to expose white  panties, then takes them down.

“You’re going to present this bottom to me.” Handspanking and slippering, shown in oblique. Cornered, hands on head.

In a new scene, Nicky must remove all her clothes–tie, blouse, skirt, white bra, and the instructor does the panties honors.”Touch your toes.” 12 strokes of the cane–this actress can really take it. When she is left alone, she sneaks her knickers back on and is caught. “Take them off.”

Touch toes again, long braids and boobs dangle, 12 more strokes. The instructor continues on, with a small thick paddle on her bottom and thighs. Nicky is silent as always.

She is cornered naked, hands-on-head, the lighting so good you can see every freckle. “Not a sound!” Easy for Nicky.