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8 Dec

M/f; year: 2017; time: 38 minutes

We’ve found and are filing two historic documents, if you are reading our blogs as they appear. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ at the age of 40, makes a brand new film with ‘Christian Fennington’ and a character identified here as ‘Michael Harry Smith,’ the very same ‘Michael Dawes’ who made hundreds of naughty British spanking films distributed by CALSTAR over a 30 year period from the 1980’s. Hywel Phillips directs. This is the spanko Mafia.

In a typical exterior found in British CP films 30 years ago, Amelia arrives on the gravel drive of a mansion in her luxury car. It seems she has arranged an appointment with her former, now retired St. Beryl’s headmaster, to make a confession and request having her conscience cleansed. Only a few producers showed patience to develop tension and anticipation like this–ROUE, CALSTAR, REDSTRIPE, LUPUS, and a few others.

There are several films where grown-up and graduated schoolgirls return to their former headmasters for another spanking. They’ve had the addiction. Sometimes the girls bring old school uniforms to enhance the thrill.

‘George Throttle’ (Smith/Dawes), the houseman who has been with his master through his spanking years, admits ‘Amelia Partridge’ and announces her to ‘Giles DeQuincey’ (Fennington). It seems, 18 years ago, Amelia’s sister was caught, whipped, and expelled for starting a fire in a laboratory classroom, a stunt Amelia now admits instigating. Amelia wants to know, if she has been caught then, “If you hadn’t expelled me, what would you have done?” “You think you can wipe the slate clean with a caning?”

Throttle serves tea; Amelia has brought a cane in a tony cloth bag, as it were a piece of silver. She is sent out of the room while Giles and Throttle discuss what to do with her, really, how far they can take her. She is called back–she will be caned and Throttle will be permitted to observe. This caning will be different (worse), and performed on Giles’ own terms. “You think this is a game?” Throttle has attended and abetted Giles’ proclivities over the years.

The first shock for Amelia–Throttle will take her upstairs for a mandatory bath. FADE to the bathroom. “Get your clothes off.” Amelia is indignant, Throttle is going to attend, she can bathe herself. After the obligatory dispute, delay, and sigh of resignation, Amelia strips and stands in the tub, trying to cover, as Throttle hovers. After a short bath, Throttle sponges her, the focal point her bottom of course.

Amelia redresses and returns to Giles. Throttle takes up his spectator’s position, begins nipping at his flask, and the caning begins. Amelia bends over a chair and takes the first six on her skirt. She screeches from the first. Giles pulls up her skirt. “What are you doing?” Another half-dozen on her pantyhose and panties.

Amelia keeps protesting. Giles warns, “I’m sure Throttle can come up with some pretty ghastly ideas.” This is certainly a reference to Michael Dawes’ estimable film career, where he manipulated many girls into demonic spanking situations, the essence of British fetishism and perversion. His appearance on the screen was a guarantee the pretty female model’s panties would soon be at her knees, and that all the females in the cast were in jeopardy.

The caning continues. He rips away the pantyhose and canes the panties. Then the little white lace panties come down. “You fucking bastard!” Throttle is sent to the cellar to “fetch Old Trusty,” a thicker and more intimidating piece of rattan. “This one will take you straight to the fringes of hell.” Amelia will get 6 more and start over if she swears again. Which she does.

Throttle is sent to get a bar of carbolic soap. “Open your mouth, this will take you back.” Giles straps her palms with a ruler. The soap bar is not convincing here, not far enough into her mouth. When she says she is still not sorry for calling Throttle for leering at her nude in the bath, she is spanked again, bent over for the ruler. This is the loudest.

She finally apologizes, dresses, and leaves. She sits gingerly when she gets into her car.



6 Oct

M/f; year: 2003; time: 15 minutes

An exquisite little exercise designed to feature CP actress ‘Rachel.’ She appears solo on a sound stage as a disheveled schoolgirl. The skit written for the audition–she has been sent to ‘Spanking for Pleasure’ for misbehavior at school. She lights a cigarette on-set.

A faceless male from behind the camera takes her OTK for the official and conventional form of spanking. Very nice overheads of this trim and sweet actress. On a table next to them is a stack of assorted spanking implements. Rachel stands to pull down her boy shorts and is then spanked briefly by each of the implements. Nice rubbing session to conclude. She laughs with the crew as the scene cuts.

Correctional Therapist – SPANKINGFORPLEASURE

20 Jul

F/4f; time: 45 minutes

Exquisite vintage British institutional spanking, containing all the elements of the classic old-fashioned punishment. ‘Nurse Armstrong,’ a slightly lesbian-leaning domme in a number of films, plays a ‘corrections administrator’ at a teaching hospital. She wears the institutional uniform with the title ‘corrections administrator’ embroidered on it.

This film of course captures the uniform fetish; most of the major British CP companies did nice films with nurses. The idea of all those young girls, many of whom surely play loose with rules, is fodder for any CP fetishist. Young impressionable bottoms, often in tight uniforms. Here, you can extend the fantasy by imagining the stir, when on punishment days, Ms Armstrong appears in the cafeteria in her working uniform. Bottoms twitch. Who is on today’s list?

Armstrong fidgets in an empty room. “Next!” she barks. A tall brunette enters, sheepish to be sure. There will be no negotiations in this room. This nurse is constantly late, sloppily dressed, and now has been caught having sex in the toilet. OTK quickly, loose full white panties down. Over a stool, more handspanking, a paddle, a short attention-gaining series with a double cane, then more with the traditional thin cane, and the tawse. She leaves, clothes in hand.

“Next” shouted out again. A thin girl enters, trying to look pathetic in a simple working smock. She was caught smoking in a bathroom and setting off an alarm. She must lower her panties. “We’re going to spank you, like in school.” OTK. “You embarrassed?” “Yes ma’am.” She hands over the restricting panties and bends over a stool. “Arch your back.”

Nurse Armstrong uses the birch. She is surprised and a bit alarmed at the first mark of the first stroke on the girl’s right buttock, stops to check and finger it, and decides to shift back to the paddle after six strokes and heavy stripes. “Do you know what comes next…the cane.” Armstrong canes her palms first, the on her bottom, six wild ones. She stops–too damaging. When the girl is sent off, she makes some smart remark, is called back, strips naked, but no more spanking is shown, she can’t take it.

“Next on in!” Is there a bench outside? A chunky blonde enters. Armstrong hold a cane, which the girl eyes. She has been stealing from petty cash. White smock up, panties down, for the paddle and that nasty double-cane.

All the girls are brought back to watch the fourth nurse paddled, then it’s all-pants down for a NUWEST-style paddling down the row.