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The Chemistry Lesson – SPANKINGONLINE

18 Dec

2M/f; time: 22 minutes

This SOL logo might have meant ‘Spanking Out Loud’ at one time, and we thought it meant ‘Shit Out of Luck,’ which is pretty much what happens to the girls in the films we have seen so far, in this case the actress Catherine Corbett, a brave lady who knows all the nuances of the CP genre. This film also appears in some old Moonglow catalogues.

Ms. Corbett  as ‘Jennings,’ stands in front of a male instructor in a realistic laboratory office setting. Jennings has failed her chemistry test again. The previous warning of expulsion from school can be amended, she is told, in that her guardians (who don’t want her back home, we’d guess) have granted the school complete freedom to proceed with corporal punishment. Jennings signs away her consent also. We will see shortly that her cute little goose is cooked. The instructor wears a white lab coat, perfect for his task.

The instructor makes Jennings hike up her school skirt, display her semi-tansparent panties, and await the commencement of the activities. Tension and  antcipation play a major role in these SOL performances. The instructor returns with a cane–there will be no warming-up on the bottom in this exercise. Jennings bends over a table, skirt up, and takes five ringing strokes on her pants. She counts them out “thank you, sir”  style.

She is directed to take her skirt and panties off at this point, and put her panties in the “bin,” a wastepaper basket, a nice little bit of intimidation finality she handled well. Over the table again,shirt up, bottom bare, “legs apart,” for about 20 strokes, loud ringing cracks in this institutional room. Impressive, realisitc, and a tough time for Jennings. Because she loses count, can’t keep her legs open, and can’t stay in position, she gets five more, over the table again, flat, and reaching forward to grasp a chair, her bottom pinned down and her body squashed. No chance of wiggling now.

She retakes the chemistry test, seated bare bottom on a white runged straight chair which permits us a view of her cute red bottom, thanks to someone on the crew tucking her shirt up between shots. She carefully perches on the edge of the wood seat, artfully drawing attention to her tush. This time, she will be spanked with a paddle and cane, on the spot, for test mistakes.

She is allotted only 15 minutes, doesn’t finish, and gets some answers incorrect, so here we go again. “Take off your tie…and your shirt.” She is down to just bra. When Jennings is directed to kneel up on the table, she at first baulks at such a strange position but quickly figures it out. Good acting, in that Ms. Corbett has been in every position one can conjure. bottom high, head low, legs open, a charming salacious view of the courageous Ms. Corbett. First the strap–she counts out a half dozen on high, tight, wide-spread buttocks. Then a set with the cane. The instructor slips off her bra as she kneels.

Off the table, she stands nude, hands on head, cane resting bewtween her buttocks, well marked.

Scene change: she is at home, confessing she failed the test, and she is going to be spanked all over again, for it is the British way that what happened at school is not enough. Bend-over a stool, panties down again, no marks show, which actually makes sense, in that no actress should take two sessions like this in close time proximity. He faceless male guardian can’t resist a few handspanks before he lays on 20 cane strokes, then a pause for some fondling and handspanks, followed by another 10 or so, and astonishingly, “the final six,” even harder.

SOL will be a pleasant discovery for you–brief films, effective spankings on the harsher side, excellent sound, lighting, sets, dialogue.  And surely experienced CP afficionados bwhind the cameras.

Beating of Erica Delamare – SPANKINGONLINE

24 Aug

2M/f; year: 2004; time: 25 minutes

This seems to be in association with Moonglow/Spanking Art, listed in their old catalogue, brief and to the point. Nice geezer ageplay–an older guy plays ‘Uncle Malcolm’  and has quite a hold on his niece Erica. She is a young brunette, realistically presented in normal makeup and clothes. She has pinched her uncle’s vodka and climbed into a window to come home at 3 AM. She stands before him in shorty pajamas to hear the sentence: “You know what is going to happen to you. You are going to be severely spanked.”

Erica is taken OTK on the couch and uncle takes her white panties down immediately for a slow moderate handspanking, closeups of her femininity. She then stands cornered, hands on head–short pj’s really help here because they ride up. Because she has been complaining, “Go to the toilet and come back with the chair and the strap.”

She kneels on a chair, bending over the back in high-style CP posing, very sexy, to receive a doubled leather strap,reasonably hard, with inserted slow-motion sequences. Low camera angles up her legs from the floor just improve more. Careful closeups, ultimately revealing. She removes the chair and returns with the cane. She bends over, legs locked, and is one of those actresses who can put her palms flat on the floor, which does marvelous things to the buttocks. Excellent camera angles for 30  strokes shown, with repeats–the strokes come in bunches, and she twtiches her hairless self erotically.

In a new scene, poor Erica is going to get a dose from another man, for reasons we could not detect. We’ve seen above she can be a naughty wench. Maybe Malcolm called over a friend. She kneels on her bed, no panties, in just garter belt and stockings and an open blouse and no bra, definitely a costume for entertaining guests.

Right to the cane, 7 strokes, and the male spanker keeps encouraging her legs “wider.” She moves to hold onto the brass headboard, knees wide, one of our favorite on-the-bed postures, well admired by classic British CP producers. About 15 more strokes, extensive slo-mo replays.

Double Discipline – SPANKINGONLINE

31 Jul

2M/2f; time: 39 minutes

The actress Rosaleen Young addresses the camera, explaining that she will act out some classic schoolgirl CP fantasies, showing us her school uniform, straw boater, and red knickers. Her appearance is the only redeeming aspect of this film.

The first scenario involves a familiar headmistress, Miss Parker, who has received a shoplifting complaint from the police on Rosaleen. It’s either the police or “discipline,” which means “red bottoms…use of implements…and today, severe caning, strapping, AND spanking!”  The headmistress keeps checking the director to see if she did it right. Rosaleen the pro is a cool cookie and doesn’t need anyone’s assurance. She is going to receive a spanking now and then be required to show her bottom to the shopowners. Wish we could be there.

The headmistress starts with a handspanking on her well-fitted knickers. “I bet you get a real kick out of this,” Ms. Young says, speaking to the world at large. Another teacher is called in, Kirsty,  to hold her still. They wrestle her to a kneeling position on a couch and pull down the knickers. A strap meets a cute red bottom.

Roz takes off her own knickers, keeping her front covered with her skirt, as she always does. The headmistress gets her cane, the teacher holds her wrists and she takes 12 silly pushes, but she is cute and fun to watch. She apologizes and gets 8 more. No damage. She runs off carrying her knickers.

The headmistress, trying hard to seem severe and menacing, turns on the teacher, who has been seen at the club watching a naughty video with Mr. Johnson from the geometry department. That means a spanking. “Oh, no, you’re not going to see my bum.” Skirt up. “You’re wearing tarty panties…I prefer nice big knickers which cover my bottom.” The OTK spanking mostly amuses, so far. Rosaleen is eavesdropping.

Caught! Marched by the ears, the Head will spank both bottoms. They bend and hold each others’ shoulders, panties bunched, alternate harmless handspanks. A really rocking spanking would have been exciting in this position. Both girls, hands-t0-wall, frisk position, bottoms out.

Rosaleen gets a thick strap at the conclusion, bent over with legs wide, pants on. She survives for her next film.

Caned and Shamed – SPANKINGONLINE (SOL)

26 Jul

M/f; time: 33 minutes

We have spent some money with this Internet-related company, which has collected a few pearls from various vaults and issued medium-length no-nonsense spanking films, with plausible storylines, some CP stars, and effective action.

In this film, a diminuative schoolgirl stands in a corner of an office, apparently awaiting the arrival of a disciplinarian. She pulls her pants down, fondles her bottom, and plays with herself; the nervous anticipation of getting a spanking is not all bad.

A male teacher enters, scolds her (we couldn’t hear her offenses). She is quickly and willingly OTK, skirt up, white panties. He raises an even red glow on both cheeks below the knickers on her bare thighs.

Panties down, not a sound, she remains steady and tranquil. She stands for more lecturing, unconcerned by the fuzzy frontal display she presents, panties puddled on her shoes. Sexy. She is cornered and allowed to rub.

The male returns after this break and takes a cane off a hook where it has been looming under her gaze.  The young lady assumes the position, hands on ankles, and takes 17 strokes before she jumps up out of position, fighting hysteria. Back in position–15 more zingers.

FADE to a bedroom scene; she must be in boarding school; she masturbates in bed and there are flashbacks of her spankings, caning, and humiliation. She has a huge battery-operated dildo with the little attachment to get at her clitoris. She knows just what to do and jerks to orgasm.

She dresses slowly into schoolgirl kit and reports to the same office, for more punishment. She must bend over, the teacher lowers her pants–there are the results of the previous caning. He lays on 10 more cane strokes, and then with a touch of insidious meanness, he lays on 10 more on her buttocks crease and upper thighs. She is in tears, hands over her panties, and willingly spreads her legs.

She positions a small chest and climbs on, into the diaper position, for another round of caning, all much more than punishment by now.

Before she returns to the corner, she must completely undress–blazer, blouse, skirt. Nervous shivers–very good. But even more, a naked bend-over for six more with the cane, before she collapses naked on the floor into the fetal position, looking very small.

Back in the corner, closeups on her bottom show the canings were indeed low on her buttocks, the upper portions are mostly clear, not laddered as we are used to.