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Spanking Secrets – Amelia Jane Rutherford

12 Dec

8 short films made in the POV style in 2017; we have seen for our first time a button to click to make a donation to the actors. We’re thinking about it. 501 (c)(3)? Tax deductible? Can we donate to Ms. Phillips’ personal trainer and nutritionist?

‘Amelia- air hostess ‘ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Good exteriors of an operating airport and terminal. Amelia, in hostess uniform, is confronted by her female supervisor. Reports of her rudeness to passengers. Feisty Ms. Rutherford won’t tolerate any advances from passengers.

In an office, the supervisor keeps a cane. “You’re not going to use that on me?” 15 strokes, mostly facials, kind of silly. You can surmise from this website’s trumpeting of the filming of Ms. Rutherford that she might have been on hand for just one day. Panties down, Amelia rubs and looks at the results in a mirror.

‘Amelia-flatmate’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Amelia’s female roommate has caught her drinking and making a mess. What sort of relation is this? Amelia is viewed POV-style, posed on a couch in an orange dress.

She is agreeable to a fast and conventional OTK spanking, lacy thong down.

‘Amelia. – Lady of the manor’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) In the first part of the film, Amelia plays the domme and spanks a female employee. There are just a few places in Ms. Rutherford’s oeuvre where she is the Top, we have reviewed them, and we have to say, with much adoration, she is not very committed to it.

In the second section, this same maid has found some leverage on Amelia and will spank HER. Blue dress up, blue panties survive.

Amelia -schoolgirl disruptive’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) the 40 year old Ms. Rutherford stands in full schoolgirl kit, two ponytails, knee socks. A faceless female plays the headmistress POV-style and will spank her OTK. The headmistress is pleased to see the “regulation white panties.”

The second part of the film–Amelia is spanked by the head girl.

Amelia – secretary’s appraisal’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia seats herself in front of her female boss for a performance review. She wears a blouse with a bare midriff and a beige skirt. Of course she is doing poor work. Despite her protestations and promises, “Either I fire you or you take corrective discipline.” “What’s that?”

Amelia steps off-screen for a moment to ask the other girls what “corrective discipline” means. She returns, noticeably resigned.  OTK quickly, she is all hips in this skirt. Skirt up, a thong which covers nothing. A standard spanking; her boss pulls down her thong, completely superfluous. There is that size label in  those new undies.

Amelia-strip search’ (f; time: 5 minutes) A late discovery, and one of the most erotic films we have seen from her. We did not think it possible for another entry into that category.

Amelia plays an airline passenger pulled out of line for suspicious activity. The set is a residential one, not quite airport. She wears a turtleneck top and a red plaid skirt. She faces the camera, all 6’1.” An off-screen female voice explains the procedure  in POV style. There are suspicions of contraband, this will be a strip search, but she is lucky, no cavity search. And, there will be a video.

After prototype denials, protestations, and hesitation from Ms. Rutherford, she begins to undress. She pulls her top over her head and pauses before she drops her skirt. “These are very tight clothes…” “Trust me, you could be hiding something between your butt cheeks.”  She of course pauses at bra and bikini panties.  “Everything off, then you will put your hands on your head.”

Amelia turns her back to unsnap her bra. Facing us again, she covers her breasts with one hand and works her panties down with other, turning her back so we get the full bottom view. Nobody does it better. She wants the examiner to see there is nothing hidden. She faces us again, covering with both hands. “Put your hands on your head and hold your ponytail up.” Lovely full frontal.

The last piece of bad news-she must go to an adjacent room naked while her clothing is searched. She doesn’t like this at all. The concluding humiliation is delightful.

‘Amelia-the theft‘ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) A very chiche Amelia here, in a long flower print gown. Her friend or roommate has lifted some money from her purse. “I’m going to spank you,” Amelia as a Top again, and tepid but glamorous. A mild little OTK spanking.

Amelia discusses a repayment schedule– cash and spankings, or, less cash if the hair brush is used.

Amelia-waitress‘ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Amelia stands in front of her female restaurant manager–POV view, wearing her waitress uniform. There are noises in the background, as there will be on several of the films listed here, for a cinematic reason we don’t know. Amelia has been rude to customers and will be fired if she doesn’t accept a “discipline session.” Ms, Rutherford displays the usual shock when she hears what that means.

OTK, skirt up, black diaphanous panties. When the woman takes down the panties, “We didn’t say anything about doing that.” Standard spanking, lots of repeats.

Amelia-warehouse thief‘ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia is caught on surveillance cameras pilfering on the floor of her warehouse job. A decent scene of the workspace. A loudspeaker summons her to the office. She is wearing a blouse with bare midriff and tight jeans.

When she is confronted, “Please don’t fire me.” “I’m not going to fire you…I’ve wanted to do this for a long time…I’m going to spank your bottom…naughty girl.”

OTK, jeans and thong down, standard stuff. In a new scene, Amelia, in different clothes, is prowling the floor again. Why not, her boss likes spanking.