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Spanking Shame – Collection #7

21 Nov

A collection of naughty films from this now-defunct website; when we bought them, all that we could find, we omitted to record the titles.

1. (Brunette, black socks) (M/f; time: 58 minutes) Full monte for this young lady. ‘Doctor Tom’ meets a small mulatto girl in his medical office. He wears his white lab coat, which usually means trouble for the patient reporting to him.

After some conversation (in French), she quite willingly removes her blouse and bra. Tom helps himself to her small nifty boobs. Shoes off, skirt off, down to full white panties. The usual fondling, handling, squeezing, twirling.

The girl drops her panties and steps on a scale. Bend-over, legs wide, the doctor pries and gropes, smacking her bottom as often as possible.

Time for gyno table; she lies flat, naked except for black socks, and Tom begins to work between her legs–we see the first sign that she might not be enjoying this as much as we thought. But that will change. A long frig, then feet in the stirrups. Out comes shaving cream, a long pubic shave. Some bastinado while her soles are available.

Bend over the table for some light spanking. He hands her a dildo and a condom, which she puts on with skill. Over the table again, Tom fucks her thoroughly with the dildo, which she immediately reacts to.

Tom opens his pants and displays an erection literally pointing to the rafters. How does he do it? Condom on, he fucks her doggy style, she pumps in response as the film concludes.

2. (Brunette in red kilt)(M/f; time: 52 minutes) A long and slow humiliation of a delightful young brunette who does a nice job of acquiescing to Doctor Tom’s wandering hands.

In the usual manner, the girl enters the medical lab and curiously examines the equipment. She wears a black top, kilt, and white socks. Her long dark hair is well down her back. Tom enters and likes what he sees.

He checks her out as he always does, and must have convinced her (in French, because she unbuttons and pulls open her blouse). She doesn’t need to wear a bra. Tom massages her boobs, without resistance. He takes off her socks and plays with her toes, a little fetish we don’t remember from Doctor Tom.

After conversation, she removes her kilt, which takes a minute. She is now just in white cotton bikini panties. For some reason, she covers herself, sort of hopeless, she must know. He bunches her pants to massage her buttocks, and she straighten then out again.

The sporatic spanking begins, and he is picking at the panties. OTK, this little girl has nice wide feminine hips. While she is OTK, he works the panties down, to display a perfect clear magnificent bottom.

He takes her temperature rectally, full screen. Afterward, she stands facing us, full frontal, rather relaxed. Tom takes her vital measurements and has her parade naked. Nice.

Bend over the gyno table for some mild bastinado. He gives her a hospital gown to put on, but then for some reason takes it off from her again. Onto the table for a pussy exam, and some attention to her clitoris.

3. (Girl in Blue Dress w/medical file)(M/f; time: 50 minutes) An average-looking dark blonde, a plausible patient, arrives in ‘Doctor Tom’s’ office and hands him her medical file. We assume she has been referred here by someone and probably has butterflies in her stomach. She should.

Tom begins handling her, turning her around, pulling her dress up, and using his stethoscope. She is mostly willing; no bra, adolescent body, blue bikini panties, she pulls back reflexively.

The camera pulls back, the full medical setup is revealed. She pulls her dress over her head and takes off her shoes, down to just panties. She lies back on the gyno table and Tom is right at it massaging her breasts. On her back, he works her panties down, a little Mohawk. Onto her stomach, a full feminine bottom and the reason she got hired.

Tom tries to take her temperature rectally, perfectionist that he is, but she successfully resists and gets her panties back up. Ruler spanking, pants down again, long squirming spanking. On hands and knees, she decides to take the rectal thermometer rather than this incessant ruler.

Cut to an exercise pad, little gym shorts only. Jump rope, shorts down, hands on head. She tries a hula hoop, naked, but can’t do it. (They didn’t practice?) Too bad, one of the greatest of naked exercises if you are a pygophilist. Leg lifts from the floor, she really can do them. Handstands, Tom holds her erect, and pulls her panties UP. He has what can certainly be called a face-full. Spanking, frigging, handling, this girl will escape his big enchilada.

4. (Girl in Pink top, big shoes)(M/f; time: 55 minutes) Doctor Tom sits in civilian clothes interviewing a plain-looking thin brunette. The scene is the green couch set.

The girl stands and allows Tom to begin to pick at her kilt and stroke her legs and thighs. Red panties peek out. Back onto the couch, more conversation. Is he trying to convince her of something? OTK on the couch, panties down, he pries her buttocks apart.

A bit of a struggle on the couch as the girl rolls around on his lap, giving him full access to whatever he wants, legs spread, frigging, vagina investigation. More talk.

Back on her feet, her clothes gradually come off. More OTK, more prying examination. Various spanking positions, more frigging.

While the girl kneels on the couch, head low, Tom opens and drops his pants. He is hugely erect, as always. He proceeds to fuck the girl doggy-style, she very willing. The film concludes with a post-coital chat on the couch.

5.(Girl in Purple dress, boots) (M/f; time: 54 minutes) A very pretty dark blonde reports to Doctor Tom and he begins his usual inspection immediately. Dress up, pantyhose, stethoscope, bra off, Tom goes right for the boobs to massage them. The girl looks puzzled, as if she doesn’t know where this is going.

Dress over her head, boots off, he twirls her and rolls her pantyhose down himself. Hands on head, he squeezes her buttocks, anybody would. Panties down, she has a full growth of untouched pubic bush.

Panties off, a long OTK spanking. He is fascinated with her pubic hair and keeps playing with it, even as he measures her height.

Now he will shave her, and he uses an electric razor, having her stand in a plastic tray to catch the falling tufts of fuzz. We’ve seen a few erotic shavings. This is our first electric razor. Finally, she lies on a table, legs spread, and Tom finishes the details in her secret places, still with the electric razor. Might as well do a rectal temperature while things are so available in this posture. Can’t be too careful.

6. (Brunette in gym with Dr Tom)  M/f; time:31 minutes;  Dr. Tom at large in the gym setup with a pretty brunette in black top and capri pants under his spell. She is doing jumping exercises on a mat, encouraged by a well-placed crop, when Tom can reach the places he wants with it.

The girl does other bending and stretching, with Tom’s hand free to roam. She lies on a slanted exercise device, designed for leg lifts. She bends over the back of it, sort of half-standing sit-ups, and a great posture for the CP-minded observer. Surprised we haven’t seen this machine exploited before. Capri pants down, little sky-blue panties. Top off, black bra soon gone.

The machine is stowed, Tom turns his attention to the waistband of her panties. She resists. Nice. OTK again, the brunette loses the little faux struggle to keep her panties in place.

A the wall, out comes Tom’s estimable cock. He rubs, she rubs. Kneeling position for a screwing.

7.(Brunette, nude exercises)(M/f; time: 21 minutes) Tom meets a tall brunette in the sparse gym setup. She is wearing, at least for the moment, jeans, a black sweater, and white blouse. Tom is ready for action in sweats and a sleeveless top.

After a little discussion, the girl strips to red bra and black panties. Bra and socks off. She chuckles a few times as Tom prattles. He takes her OTK on a tall stool, panties down, her struggling is like swimming.

She is naked; Tom poses her as she stands. He rolls out an exercise pad and covers it with a towel. She lies on her back and raises her legs into the diaper position. Tom brushes off her dirty feet, a rare acknowledgement of the porno studio problem. Spanking, giggling, some gentle martinet. A good crack with that would have evaporated the humor. Tom admires her bottom, and he has good taste.

8. (Brunette dancing, furnished sitting room)(M/f; time:30 minutes) A different set for Spanking&Shame, two furnished rooms. A girl is dancing to music on a CD/stereo while ‘Tom’ works at a computer in an adjoining room. She is an average-looking brunette, looking quite at home and domestic in casual clothes and eyeglasses. Her pants have begun to split at the seam.

Tom is annoyed and takes her OTK, pointing out her pants. Down they come, blue panties. Down with the panties. Tom pries between her buttocks as he likes to do. A long and slow handspanking–he spreads her legs as far as he can.

She stands, top off. Tom takes handfuls of boobs, again his style. She is naked, but it is still erotic to watch her peel off her little white socks. She endures more spanking, strapping, and probing, in various positions.

9.’The Little Thief’ (M/f; time:27 minutes) A titled episode filmed on a new set. An attractive girl arrives for a housekeeping appointment, and late. One of the S&S discipline crew plays the part and has hired her. As she bops around the house with the vacuum cleaner, ‘Hoovering,’ as CALSTAR liked to call it, she pockets some cash she finds.

The guy notices the cash missing and probably set her up. He opens her blouse and finds the bills stuffed in her bra. He begins taking her clothes off. The dialogue is in French–we imagine he threatened to call her agency, so she caved. That’s the way it goes with housecleaners in CP films. Bra off, she struggles, trying to protect her kilt.

OTK, a long spanking. She stands and is made to kick away her panties and drop her kilt. Naked now, OTK, prying at those buttocks. They move to a bedroom; on all fours on the bed, more spanking, probing. Zoom. To conclude the punishment, she keels erect on a hard little stool, face in a mirror. The guy lies on his bed, enjoying her discomfort. We can’t see his hands. Too bad he doesn’t have a ‘Fifty Shades’ rumpus room.

Spanking Shame -Collection #8

25 Aug

A few more of these wonderful films from a defunct website, just possibly too rugged to live on. The films don’t have title.

(M/f; time: 25 minutes) A brunette in leather jacket and jeans stands in front of Doctor Tom, and like a number of other models, seems amused by the proceedings. He twirls and inspects her and asks for her jacket to begin the undressing.

She takes her jersey top off without hesitation and allows herself to be taken OTK for a spanking on her jeans. He helps her down with her jeans and continues the spanking, bunches her pantyhose for leverage to keep her bottom in place. Her rolls down the pantyhose, then a tiny thong. The bra disappears; he keeps probing between her legs.

It is a routine performance so far, lots of spanking, frigging, and probing. The willing model has wide flared feminine hips. Tom gets her legs apart with his knee as he spanks. Then, quickly, she is up and kneeling on a chair. Tom opens his pants and fucks her from behind in a very brief conclusion. We know we can do it.

(M/f; time: 46 minutes) A statuesque brunette in matching white jacket and skirt stands before Tom in a medical setting this time. He wears the doctor’s smock. He helps her off with her top and skirt, so she stands in bra and white slip. The bra comes off. He fondles her boobs and she seems to enjoy it. She tolerates his groping.

Slip off, she is down to just white lace boy shorts and nude pantyhose. Panties down, pantyhose down, Tom turns her to face us. A tiny Mohawk. While she stands nude, he sits at his desk and makes notes.

The gynecology table is prominent in the room. He weighs her and measures her height, opportunities for her nudity to be displayed. Now she lies on the evil table, he peels down her pantyhose, spreads her legs and works on her pussy. She is responding. Feet into the stirrups, he slides her down to the end of the table, then shaves her pussy, what little needed to be done. After a fast rectal thermometer, she bounds eagerly off the table.

Back OTK for more spanking, some mild bastinado, more frigging, and more naked presentation.

(M/f; time:1 hr, 3 minutes) A long film for this site; a thin brunette in tight white frilly blouse and plaid school kilt pokes around Dr. Tom’s medical setup. Tom walks on-set, wearing a white doctor’s smock, never a good sign if you’re a visitor.

After some chat, he asks her to remove her blouse, which she does willingly but with some reluctance. He admires her adolescent body and begins playing with her bra. She kicks off her shoes, Tom unsnaps her bra, and she tries to cover up. He begins to grope and explore with his stethoscope.

The girl unfastens her wraparound kilt; she is gradually going naked. She wears white bikini panties, which Dr. Tom begins to work down. This is always an important moment in these humiliation films. She’s got an small tramp stamp over a magnificent bottom.

Tom sits on his gynecology table and begins spanking her. She manages to sneak her panties back up when she changes positions, but Tom takes care of that. It is a long spanking, and modest in severity, because punishment per se is not the goal of these films. She arches her back in arousal as he frigs between smacks.

There are frontal closeups; she is shaved and clearly excited. The nude spanking and jostling for position takes up the rest of the film. Tom keeps his pants on here, but there were moments, we thought.

She is allowed to dress to leave, but will leave her panties behind. Tom pulls her kilt up for one last naughty look.

(M/f; time: 50 minutes) Another hapless brunette pokes around Dr. Tom’s office, most likely awaiting her appointment. Tom enters and takes the pretty ponytailed girl’s records and sits at his desk. She waits. The camera pulls back and we see the gynecology office setup.

Tom begins a stethoscope examination and immediately pulls her dress up and begins playing with her breasts. He spins her for our first rear view and checks her bottom through her panties. Off comes the dress; she wears just bikini panties.

The girl climbs up onto the gyno table–matters are escalating. She lies face down, pants down. Tom makes preparations for a rectal temperature, but she is not having it, getting her panties back up.

Tom gets her panties down and begins a long spanking with a ruler. There is a discernable lump in his pants (and ours). She wriggles her buttocks erotically during this long scene. Finally, she must agree to the thermometer, because Tom pushes it home.

Cut to a new scene in an exercise room. The girl stands on an exercise mat wearing just short black shorts. She jumps rope, not a bad job, not as good as the Russian girls in Nettles films. Tom pulls her shorts down; that helps–us, that is. And naked, she is asked to do the hula hoop, a wonderful exercise for a naked girl and we believe the first time we have seen this imaginative play.

Tom has her do athletic dancer’s positions with her feet and legs, naked. She can do them for real, not always the case in CP nude exercising. He smacks her with a strap while she performs.

Another devilish exercise–she does a handstand, he holds her, she spreads her legs, placing her pussy touchable in the foreground.

More simple spanking to conclude, wrestling for position, frigging, leg spreading. Again, Tom keeps his pants on.

(M/f; time: 27 minutes) A tall brunette, wearing black top and jeans, fidgets in the sitting room set. She finds a martinet and seems puzzled as to its use. ‘Doctor Tom’ comes on the set, and after some discussion (in French) begins handling her and reaching back to smack the seat of her jeans. She bobs and weaves to avoid his touch.

After a suitable interval he wrestles her into the OTK position on a green couch. She is a big girl–tall, that is, and with plenty of bottom. She is at least 6″ taller than he is. He begins spanking, and to unfasten her jeans he reaches between her legs. She struggles continuously, but not enough to prevent his advancing interests.

He manages to get her jeans down, her bottom is already red. The tussle takes up the whole film. He rolls her thong to her knees. Then she must capitulate, because she stands, giving us the first frontal, then stands in front of him. She pulls off her top, he unfastens her bra, and she is naked.

Back OTK for a naked spanking and a rollicking struggle on his lap. Fingers pry between her legs and cheeks. We have seen Tom become aroused in other films. This would do it. The film concludes with her cornered, naked, hands on head.

(2M/f; time: 30 minutes) The most pornographic film we have seen in this series. Two guys are watching auto races on TV when a curly blond girl arrives. They are expecting her, is she hired?

The guys begin to play with the girl as they watch TV. One gropes and spanks while the second guy holds her still. Gradually they get her clothes off.

She goes to another room, puts on lingerie and returns to the couch. The guys are now watching a porn film. The boys go to work on the girl again. She proceeds to service both men in various postures, blowjobs, handjobs,  doggy position, and missionary, legs flying.

(M/f; time: 35 minutes) Doctor Tom works over a shag blonde at the green couch. She is dressed as a schoolgirl, and he is studious in glasses and a black outfit.

He eventually gets her OTK, panties down, lots of groping, including face up on his lap.

(M/f; time: 43 minutes) Studious Doctor Tom again; he has a brunette in pigtails here, and she is going to get the full treatment. The usual OTK struggle on the green couch. Tom eventually gets all her clothes off–spanking, prying, groping.

The naked girl kneels on the couch and has her legs spread with ankles fastened to a spreader bar. She is open for the taking. Tom opens his pants and has one of his huge erections pointing to the rafters. He does her doggy-style, then on her back on the couch.

FADE: Tom is naked, and he takes the girl from the rear, while she lies flat on her stomach. Lovely soaring bottom; add some doggy position, probably to complete the task.


Spanking and Shame Collection #1

13 Jul

More collected reviews of this now defunct website, whose title describes the content. We failed to note down the film titles when we subscribed and collected the lot.

1.(Blonde medical; M/f; time:1:11) This film is about the best we have seen of the entire collection, because the girl is a stunner to look at and because she does a very nice acting job. She is a darkish blonde, wearing a pink top and black slacks, her hair pinned up. She waits anxiously on the little red carpet in the medical setup scene for ‘Tom’ to appear.

Tom arrives in his medical smock. The blonde struggles to cover a smile as he babbles away and twirls her on the carpet, examining her body. We can’t understand the French language, but she must be convinced, because she pulls off her top to expose a white bra, which is very well filled. As she shyly covers herself, Tom helps himself to handfuls of her breasts and bottom. He gradually coaxes the bra off, to display boobs which will entertain us (and him) for the rest of the film. The blonde coyly covers, but Tom urges her arms to her sides.

She is down to just her black slacks now, and she communicates to us that she is expecting to keep them on. We know better. Tom keeps groping her buttocks. Shoes off, Tom takes her OTK on his little rolling chair, for a mild but sharp spanking. “Aiee!”must be “oww” in French.

The blonde stands to drop her slacks. She wears full sky-blue cotton panties. In all these S/S films, the girls wear conventional clothing, perpetuating the fantasy that they have been sent to the infirmary to see the perverted doctor. He twirls her. Her pussy presses through the knickers. Tom starts to work at the elastic waistband of her panties as he spanks her standing. OTK again, and while she is suspended and kicking in this position, Tom works her panties down to her knees. And in a very nice simple touch to the film, he pulls off her unfashionable argyle socks to complete the sensation of nudity.

The blonde stands again, naked now. Tom twirls her again–a fabulous bottom to go with theatrical breasts, and she is fully shaved. She tries to cover, but Tom gets her hands away. He begins to pry at her vagina. She does a great job of looking very unhappy but compliant.

We are ready for the examining table. Tom helps her to kneel on it on all-fours, presenting her bottom to us. Head low, boobs hang. Oblique shots. Tom pries her cheeks apart and licks and rubs his nose on her pussy and anus. She’s a good girl. She is rubbing her bare feet against his pants.

The rectal thermometer- insertion filmed from closeup and above. After a few minutes of this, she lies flat on her stomach, and has one of those bottoms which attracts your eye in such a posture. She rolls onto her back, Tom coaxes her thighs apart, and he helps himself to gropes for her pussy and breasts in a long session. He smacks her bottom when he rolls her, and works her legs up into the diaper position.

The blonde sits naked on the side of the table. She is not finished by a long shot. Tom gets a thin dildo out of his medical cabinet, after some rummaging and clanking to find it. The blonde slips a lubricated condom on it, lies back, and Tom works it in. After 2 minutes of this, Tom gets another dildo, much much larger. We expected the girl to start in horror, but she does not. This time, she kneels in the doggy position and it looks like she takes this dildo into her anus without much struggle. This girl is a gamer.

We have been waiting for Tom’s big moment. In a blackout, the blonde is kneeling on the table, Tom has dropped his pants and has one of his huge erections. He fucks her doggy-style and doesn’t have to work that hard, because she really gets into it. Things conclude quickly after a hard minute of this.

2.(Two Girls in a Classroom; M/2f; time: 31 minutes) Two conventionally dressed girls, complete with handbags, fidget and wait. A man enters and he will begin tormenting them. He begins with the short-haired brunette, picking at her clothes and wrestling over over the desk, where he smacks her on her white panties. He takes OTK on a stool, gradually getting her panties down. The second brunette, watching, seems amused, although clearly she is next. He makes her strip naked–she does not have much of a figure.

The girl kneels on a hassock, head low, bottom up in the air. He inspects her anus and vagina with a spot lamp.

Now the guy turns to the second brunette. She finds it funny. Same tussle, except she is a little more willing to shed her clothes. Same spanking and probing.

He shows the second brunette two dildos, pink and blue. Why is she amused? We don’t understand the French. Both kneel naked to display their bottoms.

3.(brunette; medical M/f; time 34 minutes) Doctor ‘Tom’ does his thing with a smoky Continental-looking brunette in the medical studio setup. Like the other girls, she stands on the little red carpetwhile Tom twirls and examines her, and the other actresses, she is dressed conservatively, at least outwardly–hair back in a bun, a little two piece black ensemble. And she is slightly amused by the whole thing.

First, she hands over her jacket and Tom pulls up her skirt to check what is underneath. And he slaps her bottom. She pulls off her top to expose a red bra and average boobs. Tom soon drops her bra and spends his usual time fondling her boobs, which she accepts.

After he teases a bit, the girl removes her skirt herself. She is down to red thong, black net stockings, and heels. She leans against him as he sits on his stool and her humps her.

He gets her OTK; she is small enough and light enough to be suspended there, kicking sweetly. She stands and he removes her thong. Her flimsy stockings have ripped in the playful tussle. Shaved. With a tape measure he takes her vital statistics, putting his fingers in the right places to hold the tape.

Stockings and shoes off,naked, she lies on her back on the examining table and Tom does his thing with her pussy and boobs. After a few minutes of this, she sits on the side of the table, Tom digs out a long thin dildo, and the girl does a nice job of suggesting she is unfamiliar with how to put on the condom he hands her.

She stands again, bends over the table, and Tom inserts the dildo, slowly and successfully in a good closeup. She can take about half of it, and Tom gives her a good time, as far as we can tell from the soundtrack.

4.(Skinny girl; M/f; time: 21 minutes) A thin little blonde, typical of the normal-looking girls who populate these films and who have made this series so erotic, appears in another couch-scene film. One of the male tormentors who appears in these films begins to torment her, spinning and fondling her.

Skirt up, blue lace panties, he takes her panties down and keeps her legs open. She has to stand in front of him and complete stripping naked; he twirls her more, probing and fondling. Hands-on-knees at the couch for the strap. This girl gets off lightly in this film.

5.(Pigtails; M/f; time: 43 minutes) Dr. ‘Tom’ on the prowl again, and he goes the full distance in this one. He shakes hands with a pretty pigtailed brunette, who is wearing a white top and short skirt. They sit and chat on the couch set.

Tom quickly begins spanking her on the couch, on her skirt. In a gentle tussle, he gets her skirt up to expose a white thong. On her feet, skirt off, hands-on-head, white lacy bikini-like panties. Tom pulls them down to expose a full bush, held in a long frontal shot. Top off, bra off. Tom fondles her boobs, as he likes to do, and she tolerates, with a slightly desperate look on her face.

Back onto the couch, she is naked now. On her back, Tom wrestles her legs open, full puss.

In a cut, she now kneels on the floor, an amateur spreader bar, a broomstick with hooks, has been attached to her ankles, almost four feet wide. Tom open his pants, works his cock, then fucks her from the rear. She plays along. He strips naked, the girl is lying flat now, and he rams her for a good five minutes of the film.

6.(Man in leather coat; M/f; time: 53 minutes) In the barren studio, one of the male regulars of this series has control of a tall and thin brunette. After he scolds her for about five minutes, handling and twirling her, she begins to undress for him–shoes, jeans down, just red panties and a bra.

One of the principal attractions of these films came from the normal-looking, almost average girls, seemingly taken out of the general workplace and not a modeling agency.

The brunette is urged OTK and spanked on bunched panties. When she kicks her feet, he spanks her soles too, a remedy for struggling spankees not often used. She stands and faces us, the guy inches her panties down, then pulls her hands away when she covers herself. Slow twirl. He rubs between her legs.

Sweater off, top off, a red bra is her last item. More spanking. Bra off, he helps himself to her breasts. He gets her across his lap and fondles everywhere, with both hands.

More spanking; she stands and he teases her with a toy-like martinet, then attaches a spreader bar to her cuffed ankles, nothing more than a broom stick with hooks screwed in.

She had an embarrassing time here, but made off quite well compared to other girls in the series, especially when ‘Dr. Tom’ is doing the work.

7.(Ironing in a workroom; M/f; time: 24 minutes) A pretty brunette in fashionable eyeglasses works at an ironing board in what looks like a workroom. She wears a black top, black slacks, and an apron. She stops to sit at a desk, opens a computer screen, looks at spanking photos, and she begins to masturbate.

A man comes in the room, one of the S/S regulars, and catches her. She hangs her head as he scolds, setting up her awareness for what is going to happen to her. He takes her OTK and pulls down her slacks and panties together, apparently what she wanted. Slow fondle. She stands, full frontal, completely shaved.

Top off, red bra, nose to the wall. Bra off, the guy fondles her boobs. She is marched naked into an adjoining room. He assists her to sit on a couch arm, then drops her backwards into the diaper position. Closeups, he spreads her pussy and torments her before she is sent to the corner again. No sex in this one.

8.(Girl with gym equipment; M/f; time:39 minutes) Doctor Tom will play with a small shag-cut brunette in this film, and she will keep smiling through it all. She stands on an exercise mat in front of some simple gym equipment. Tom wears a sleeveless shirt and warm up pants.

He checks her out in his way, then twirls and fondles. She keeps smiling no matter where his hands go. First, Tom helps her unzip and pull off her dress–black bra, pink thong, black stockings, tattoos. He takes her bra off and fondles her boobs, citrus in the produce department. She’s OK with it.

He wants her to jog on the mat, he squeezes her boobs and begins to work at the thong. He sits on a tall stool, takes her OTK, starts some spanking, thong down, some frigging. Stockings peeled down. More exercise on the mat, nothing affects the smile on her face. More frigging and spanking.

He lowers his warm up pants. In this series you are always waiting for this–it doesn’t always happen. He has his huge erection and he rubs her bottom with it.

He strings the girl up between two posts, her wrists and ankles pulled wide and attached with rope. Mild flogging, facing us. He unties her and repeats the string-up, her bottom facing us. She is then released and sent to the wall. What is he going to do with that boner?

9.(Tall girl, pigtails and glasses; M/f; time: 41 minutes) Another member of the S/S disciplinary crew will give a tall thin brunette a busy afternoon. She stands in front of him, nervous, time for her clothes to start coming off. Shoes off first, then she removes her blouse, cautiously.

The guy teases at the waistband of her kilt. The girl rolls it up herself and takes it off completely. She is down to matching pink bra and panties and is quite a package.

The guy takes her OTK, and while she flails, he unfastens her bra and helps himself to her boobs, which are not hard to find. Panties down, she stands for a twirl, naked. He has her bend over, spread her legs, allowing him to grope.

He has the girl twist and stretch into various gymnastic and ballet poses, very nice when the girl is naked. When she is in the ‘thrust’ position, he wipes her pussy with her panties and gives her some brief oral attention.

Scene cut: the tall brunette has been strung up, wrists and ankles, to two posts and gets a mild flogging. Closeups show she has become aroused by this time, but is he? He has had his opportunities here.

10. (Brunette strips behind screen; M/f; time: 11 minutes) A chunky brunette reports to Dr.Tom, after we have had a vantage point to watch her strip down to bra and pantyhose behind a screen. Such a scene occurs in some of these films, where it is clear the girl knows what might be in store for her.

Tom quickly removes her bra and pantyhose–she is naked. He begins his typical OTK spanking, teasing, probing, fondling, displaying her.

The girl climbs up and kneels onto a gurney for the martinet–fully exposed, red bottom, and thighs.

11.(Tall blonde behind screen; M/f; time: 41 minutes) A tall blonde is in Dr. Tom’s medical office. She steps behind a screen (from him) and strips to black bra and white panties. She reports to Tom, who begins his normal fondling. She tries to twist away.

Tom drops her bra and squeezes her breasts. After some stethoscope work, he starts manipulating her panties, She fights back, but mildly. When she is naked, Tom begins a smacking, turning her to display her tramp stamp. Hands-on-head, slow spanking while standing. Nude fondling–this young lady has one of the better bodies to come along in this SPANKING AND SHAME series.

Onto a gyno table, he plays with her pussy and gets her feet into the stirrups. She is getting excited, we can see. On her stomach, spanking. Kneel up–rectal thermometer. She is allowed to stand and dress. Why didn’t Tom finish the job? We assume not every girl’s contract permits it.

12.(Brunette wild stockings and skirt; M/f; time: 48 minutes) A frosted brunette, wearing dramatically clashing black and white checkerboard skirt and black and white striped stockings, paces the green couch scene, examining the spanking implements laid out there. Dr. Tom arrives and begins checking her out immediately.

He tugs at her skirt, smacks at her thighs, setting off a sweet tussle with her, an essential part of all these films. After showing her his martinet, the spanking begins. A lot of rolling around on the couch, as he spanks, works up her skirt, and exposed full white flower-print panties. Down come the panties–groping, spanking, frigging.

When she stands, the skirt comes off–full frontal. Top rolled up, bra pulled down, nipples on display. Top off, bra off, this girl is going all the way down the road. She kneels on the floor in front of Tom as he sits on the couch. Out comes his cock.

The girl starts a blowjob, but her hair is in the way and the director must have figured that out, because the action shifts to more fondling and twirling. She takes his erection out again, and this time the blowjob and handjob are better filmed.

A doggy fuck begins, first without a condom. Then a position change, the action shot from overhead, the condom now in place. We will have over five minutes of hard pumping, in several positions, surely with repeats from several angles. the girl hangs onto the couch for dear life as Tom bangs away.

After the kneeling position, she is on her hands and knees on the couch, or flat on her stomach, hips raised. Tom has become naked during these position changes. There might have been some simulation here, but we were impressed.

At the conclusion, Tom is dressed again, but the girl is still naked, being played with and displayed.

Spanking and Shame -Collection #2

3 Dec

When we subscribed to this now-defunct  site, we neglected to record most of the film titles, so we will make our own.

1.(Blackboard Spankings, M/f; 24 minutes) Doctor ‘Tom’ inspects an average-looking small curly haired brunette in the classroom setting. One of the major erotic components of this series is that the girls do not appear to be actresses, but normal working females. The brunette wears jeans, shirt, and sneakers.

Tom inspects her and she fidgets, nervous. He draws a geometry problem on the blackboard and smacks her jeans when she apparently can’t  find the solution. He takes her OTK for a brief spanking.

She starts to strip, sneakers off, jeans lowered, more spanking, black bikini panties showing. The humiliation is gradual. Jeans off. While she stands at the blackboard, Tom inches her panties down, like he does. She faces us, hands-on-head, completely shaved. Tom slaps her bald spot.

2.(Blackboard spankings-2 girls; M/2f; 39 minutes) In the classroom setting, a plausible older male actor confronts two brunettes, who fidget in front of the blackboard. The instructor sketches a parallelogram on the board. You want to shout answers to the girls, but on second thought, we realize what is going to happen to them is more fun. Since the girls must fail (we don’t understand the French):

The instructor wrestles the curly brunette OTK and gradually helps her to begin removing clothing. Top, little dress over jeans, jeans down, pantyhose off, down to just a purple thong. She resists but lets it happen. The second brunette begins to undress–for some reason the girls have occasional fits of snickering. This lady wears a very naughty matching bra and thong.

Both girls’ bottoms are red from their little OTK sessions. They stand in from of the geometry in their undies. The instructor teases with a ruler, soon works their thongs down and takes off their bras. Both girls are shaved.

The naked classroom humiliation continues. The guy takes handfuls of breasts, they kneel on the floor to show us their dirty feet. Occasional laughter. The guy helps himself to both buttocks, spreading their cheeks and probing between their legs.

3.(Blackboard Spankings-more; two girls in plaid; M/2f; time :47 minutes) Two brunettes in white blouses and plaid school skirts, like the other films, stand in front of the classroom blackboard and struggle with geometry. These two girls are stricken with the giggles, and their punishment never quite cures the problem. And they will have a need to look at the camera crew from time to time.

The same male teacher, very official in tie, coat, briefcase, scolds the girls, then begins humiliating them, each in turn. The first girl is taken OTK, the teacher gets her panties down very quickly, and during her spanking he works a finger into her anus. She stands, removes her skirt and knickers completely, and goes naked to the blackboard.

The second brunette is now spanked and gets the same finger probe. When she stands to remove her blouse and skirt, she doesn’t know exactly how to unfasten the skirt provided by the costume department. When she hands over her flowered bra, the guy dials her nipples. He helps her off with her matching panties, not much work, and she takes her shiny red bottom to the blackboard.

The girls sit side by side on a uncomfortable two-student school desk, its seat so narrow that most of their buttocks’ hang over. Nice. The girls then climb onto a table, kneel, spread their knees, and the teacher spanks, probes, torments, pries their cheeks apart, and generally invades them.

4. (Blonde Fuck, M/f; 25 minutes) Doctor Tom shakes hands to make introduction with a young blonde who stands before him in the studio–she wears jeans and a bare midriff top. Tom talks her into undressing–we don’t know his leverage because of the language barrier.

Top off, jeans off, she twists away in embarrassment. In just bra and panties, she must exercise on a tiny stair machine, a wonderful little device we are surprised is not used more often in CP films for its enhancement of the bottom and breasts without visual interference. Tom works off her bra and teases at her panties. The blonde tries to cover up.

Tom takes out his penis–he has taken his medicine for today and is huge. The girl knows what is coming but won’t look. He gets her to reach behind and stroke him, which she does without too much surprise or hesitation. She should have been surprised.

Tom takes her OTK and begins spanking and working her panties down in a long scene of mild struggling. She stands, facing us, and herself drops her panties, hands-on-head, and twirls. Whatever obligation she has, she has surrendered to it. Tom has his erection out again, gets her bent over in front of him, puts on a condom, and begins a gentle fuck. Her puts her on his lap–she is speared, and she does the work. Some doggie-style on the floor before she is sent naked to the corner.

5.(Frizzy brunette in gym, M/f, 37 minutes): A frizzy brunette, in skirt and top, stands in front of ‘Tom’  on an exercise mat. He wears his swetpants ans sleeveless shirt, and this girl is about to have a bad day. She looks shy enough to convicne us she is clueless. Tom begins fondling and smacking her bottom when he can reach it.

He gets her to take off her skirt to expose white bikini panties and he pulls off her top to show her white bra. He makes her jog on the mat. He grabs here and there, off with the bra–morejogging and jiggle. He keeps eyeing her panties.

He takes her over his knee, while seated on a high stool, so that she is suspended, and flails delightfully as he spanks. He never spanks hard in any of these films, which are mostly about the humiliation, the relectatn undressing being the best part for us. At this point her gets the panties off-she does a nice job of being embarrassed; and we see  one of those bikini suntans from the 1970’s or so.

Back OTK, he spreads her cheeks and inserts a finger in her anus, and she is not liking it, but she is the only one. After some simple nude exercises on the mat, the time has arrived. Tom takes his penis, very erect, out and she begins a handjob. If she is not impressed, she should be.

He does not orgasm (they might have made films all day long). She lies on the stool to do the naked swimming motion, then some whipping over a low hassock, and the concluding humiliation. She faces us at the wall, hands-on-head, buck naked.

6.(Medical examination; M/f; 29 minutes): Doctor ‘Tom’ has a sweet brunette in his medical room; fortunately we purchased the remaining titles from this website before it disappeared. Did someone get busted for these naughty stories? The girl is quite nervous. She stands centered on a little red rug where Tom fondles and twirls her in his tormenting style. She wears a top, jeans, and ponytail. Like other actresses in these roles,she is very good at not making eye contact with the doctor.

She steps behind a screen, naughtily positioned so that we can watch her undress but Doctor Tom must wait. Top off and shoes off, then she comes out and into Tom’s clutches. His hands explore, he works her bra off and fondles her boobs, taking a long time. The girl certainly convinces us she wishes she were someplace else.

Tom has her remove her jeans, down to full black panties. After a little stethoscope exploring, an insidious instrument in the hands of someone with ulterior interest, Tom begins a mild handspanking, seated on his exam table. He gradually works her panties down. She resists but it doesn’t help.

Probing, frigging. She is helpless. She must kneel on the table, knees spread, for a tawsing and strapping, before she has to display herself, hands-on-head, at the wall. The girl gets off lightly compared to others, if you read more.

7.(‘Two Girls at the Blackboard’) M/2f; 20 minutes: Two blond girls at the blackboard in the schoolroom setting; confronted by ‘Tom.’  and not looking too happy about it.

The tall blonde is handled first; he works some of her clothes off except for a bra, spanks her OTK, and twirls her partly naked like the trophy she is.

The second blonde is similarly handled; Tom takes off the girls’ bras and handles four boobs.

Both are spanked, panties down. Gradual stripping and tormenting. Both kneel up on a table, bare bottoms high, dirty bare feet on display. He torments and whips his prizes.

8.(Dr. Tom, nude exam) M/f; 47 minutes: A tall brunette, very stylishly dressed for this series,  stands in front of a gyno table and takes off her jacket. Tom puts on his medical smock. He examines the girl and rotates her slowly.

First piece of clothing to come off is a silk-looking blouse, exposing a white bra. The girl is not fighting back. He helps her off with the bra and then helps himself to her small but perfect breasts. There is a trace of a smile from her,  maybe because the dialogue, in French, is corny.

The girl sits on a stool and Tom works with the stethoscope. He smacks her bottom over her skirt when the opportunity presents itself. She stands and willingly drops her very expensive-looking skirt. She is down now to cute white boyshorts over nude pantyhose. She looks at the camera, very much, we thought, to see if we are getting what we came for. Groping. slapping.

She pulls her panties down, then rolls the pantyhose to her thighs. Pink buttocks-more slapping, fondling, twirling. She kicks off her fancy heels and Tom begins to nudge her toward the gyno table. First he measures her height, against the wall, one of those measuring bars at the top of head–a long frontal of a tended pubic patch.

Finally, the brunette lies on the table, Tom peels off her pantyhose, spreads her knees, and begins to pry her open. There is a short shaving scene, sexy and submissive, until she is bald-naked. Feet into the stirrups–we get the full scene.

Tom assists her into more of the diaper position, exposing her anus for a rectal thermometer. The girl is willing the whole time. And last, Tom sits on the table and spanks the naked brunette.

To conclude, she stands naked on the little red circular rug the girls in these films usually end up on. More frigging, probing. she stands hands-on-head while Tom completes his paperwork.

9.(Dr. Tom, medical sex) M/f; One of the more aggressive films in the series we have seen-Dr Tome goes all the way. A brunette stands alone on the medical set. She examines some ot the gyno instruments. She wears a conservative black dress and eyeglasses. Dr. Tom comes on the scene. The girl hangs her head, and in this film, she will have good reason to  expect embarrassment. He begins his twirling inspection.

He takes her over his lap suddenly, while sitting on a stool, ecliciting a squeal. Skirt up, full beige transparent panties on a big feminine bottom. She removes the panties herself and he keeps up a steady spanking and probing.

She pulls her dress over her head, Tom helps with the bra, and she keeps hanging her head. Tom drops his warmup pants–he has a huge erection. The brunette is encouraged to reach behind her and stroke him–it must have shocked and thrilled her, because soon both her hands are busy.

She lies on her back on the gyno table–spread legs, groping, spanking. Tom, stands at the foot of the table and rubs his penis between her bare feet.

She gets a stool from behind the privacy screen, Tom positions her bent-over, spreads her thighs, and commences to fuck her doggie style, filmed from above. She works in concert.

10. (A ‘limbo girl’ (M/f; time: 35 minutes) One of the ‘Spanking and Shame’ crew greets a thin brunette, in green cardigan, kilt, and sneakers, the gym setup. She looks less sanguine than most girls we see in this series in this chilling circumstance.

The guy grabs her OTK, sits on a table, and begins spanking her on black panties and pantyhose. She struggles here and will do so throughout the film, more than most of the girls. Very sexy. The guy manipulates her, picking at her clothes.

He works down her kilt, she struggles even more. Cardigan off, yellow top off, she looks liked she is in tears. She kicks off her shoes and is now in desperate condition–bra, panties, and pantyhose, and things are going downhill. He has her do some exercises on a mat, then works down her pantyhose.

Bend-over, groping, spanking, panties bunched. OTK on a stool, she is suspended and helpless as he finally removes the panties. Her bottom is already red after all this, as is her face. Long teasing spanking.

She stands facing us, legs spread, he slaps her pussy. Hands-on-head, tears.

To conclude, an exercise we are surprised we haven’t seen more of. The guy makes her crawl, stark naked, under a limbo bar he keeps lowering, of course. He paddles and smacks her with a martinet as the target is available. The film concludes with her naked at the wall, legs spread, on tiptoe, hands on head.

Teacher Spanked and Shamed – SPANKINGSHAME

9 Aug

M/f; time: 48 minutes

Low budget internet films, maybe French, and right in our sweet spot, a combination of spanking and naked humiliation built round a medical theme.

In a one-room setting, a young woman stands before a ‘doctor,’ in his white smock. The girl is an applicant for a new teacher,  a short-haired brunette, conservaatively dressed in red top, jeans, high heels, her little red handbag over a shoulder, plausibly attired for such an interview and blissful of what might be about to happen, as if she reported to an address written for her on a piece of paper.

Apparently this school district strongly endorses and enforces discipline and uses this ‘doctor’  to initiate, indoctrinate, and even humiliate applicants to ensure they can khe punishment they will be expected to dish out. Great fantasy–how many applicants are on the appointment list and is there  enough tape in the camera to do this right?

In the sparse clinical setting, the teacher hands over her bag and we begin. The doctor visually examines her body, front and back. She is directed to drop her jeans–she pauses in a moment of shocked disbelief before she complies.  Jeans down, full white panties, then jeans up, then down, faster and faster.

 The doctor sits on an exercise bench which could double as an exam table and takes the teacher OTK. The spankings are moderate, but the embarrassment and humiliation are increasingly intense. She is ordered to stand and pull down her white pants, up, down, then hands-on-head, fuzzy frontal. The erotic meter registers here for us.

Back OTK, she struggles a bit as the doctor lowers the pants again–he finally removes her jeans and pants, tangled at her ankles. She is headed down a one-way street, struggling sexily on hs lap, legs open. She stands again and is directed to take off her top and is now naked and exposed as if for a medical photo. She shudders as the doctor squeezes her breasts and walks his fingers between her legs. She wants that job.

After some cute naked corner moments, it is time for some nude PT. Upper body pushups and back-arching do nice things to her vital parts as she kneels naked. Onto her back, legs up in the diaper position and into a wide ‘V,’ the doctor slaps her inner thighs. Next, she throws her legs over her head, arms spread wide on the floor for balance.Every school district should require this! The doctor squeezes her buttocks like pizza dough.

Our teacher is quite athletic in a bend-over, knees locked, she is capable of putting her palms flat on the floor. Up, down, she gets spanked with a ruler. Next, arms reaching for the sky, she stands on tip-toes. And last, legs s;pread 3 feet wide, head low, she can actually touch her elbows to the floor.

The ultimate and most entertaining humiliation:  the doctor sets up and has the teacher squrim and wiggle under a limbo bar, lowered several times, stark naked, on the floor in the harsh light. Not a bad idea for our next party.

Maybe there is a nice sequel when this fully endoctrinated and maybe vengeful young teacher faces her students.

Spanking and Shame Collection #4

12 May

Ten more films from our purchased download from this site when it existed. The episodes were, except for a few, not titled, so we have tried to summarize the plot in just a few words.

1.’Nude Medical’  (M/f; 41 minutes) a long, careful subjugation and personal humiliation from the French film producer, in a lightly equipped medical treatment setting. Actor ‘Tom’ handles a tall, pretty and sophisticated blonde, who body language suggests she knows there is no way out of this exam room.

Tom gropes and rotates her on a little red rug. She steps behind a screen to undress; only Tom is shielded from seeing her; we have the voyeur view as she strips down to bra and full white panties. She reports to Tom, who soon removes her bra and spends significant time massaging her breasts, to her discomfort. With a stethoscope he checks her breathing in places you’d like to put the stethoscope if you were him.

He pulls up a stool to sit at a strategic height in front of her and begins a little contest with her hands to work her panties down. she is shaved bald. Closeups of a very solid bottom on this well-cast young lady.

Fondling;  hands-on-head;  bottom-smacking; general degradation. Onto a gyno table, Tom spreads her legs and does somew unlicensed probing; feet into stirrups. Onto her stomach, he admires her buttocks. On hands and knees, he takes her temperature rectally, and she gives us a nice little jerk when she feels the penetration. Her blond hair has come lose.

At the conclusion she dresses, a bit embarrassed. We highly recommend this little adventure, a bit of ‘playing doctor.’

2.’Girl on green couch, purple top’ (M/f; 41 minutes)
A pigtailed brunette will be the plaything in this longer episode, in a sparsely furnished sitting room, with a different male actor.  She wears a purple top and jeans, nervously awaiting attention, and eying a tabletop of spanking implements, with some apprehension.

A man enters the set and takes her OTK with a bit of a struggle. After a short spanking, he orders her to undress. Top off, she is back OTK, where he himself unfastens her bra and works her jeans down. She struggles to resist; he gropes what he can reach. At last she wears just black panties. There are tears. Very submissive.

The man yanks off the panties, none too gently. She is shaved bald. Hands-on-head, more spanking; cornered naked. She is just being tormented. She kneels on a hassock, he spreads her labia. More spanking, frigging, torture. Whatever she did, she won’t do it again.

3.’Dr Tom and geometry'(M/f; time: 38 minutes) Naughty Dr. Tom, or here, an actor who looks very much like him; a brunette nervously awaits him on the set which is used as a gym or a classroom. He arrives, in a rally cap. He looks her over; she must know the jeopardy–we play along with the fantasy.

She goes to the blackboard and starts on some geometry while Tom begins handling and teasing her. The girl wears a leotard top, tights, and a little outer skirt. He sets up a chair and takes her OTK over his standing knee on the chair. This posture, often used by SpankingandShame, produces a flying and flailing bottom. Tights down, white panties. Top and skirt off.

Tom keeps picking at her and moves into the more functional seated OTK position. The girl looks delightfully unhappy, now in just bra and panties. Tom unsnaps her bra; her clothes are being scattered about, soon the panties, the little socks, everything. She kicks bare feet through a long spanking. Groping, overhead shots, uncommon for this producer.

Stark naked, she stands between his legs, red bottom facing us, he gets a slow eyeful before he twirls her to share with us. Nice. Hands-on-head, she is shaved and going nowhere.

Back to the geometry, jaybird naked. Then she sits at a school desk, with a seat built so narrow that her bottom is mostly hanging off the back. A naughty carpenter appreciated a pose we love. He nips at her plentiful bottom with a paddle as she pages through schoolwork, very uncomfortable. We don’t remember this regimen being spelled out in the new American federal ‘Common Core’ school curriculum, but it would work. She presents enough buttock that he can pry and poke. Zoom in.

Tom keeps his pants on here, surely he was tempted. But this is one of the most erotic for us.

4.Dr.Tom with Asian girl'(M/f; time: 47 minutes) Doctor Tom sits on the green studio couch with an Asian girl; he is looking very studious today in his eyeglasses. The young lady wears a white blouse and white hairband.

As they converse, his hands begin to wander and he explores her. Skirt up, well-filled flower-print panties. She has the look of doom on her face.

Tom maneuvers her OTK on the couch, not difficult, for a long and slow spanking. After a full 20 minutes, he has worked her panties off. He spreads her legs and lowers a reading lamp for a closer look at her anus.

After a cut, the girl is now naked for some spanking, probing, twirling inspection.

5. ‘Two guys and a photo model'(2M/f; time: 33 minutes) A pretty frosted blonde lounges on a simple set, feet up, reading a newspaper. She admits two guys, an older and younger one, who could be father and son, but we hope not, given how they are about to behave.

The girl serves refreshments, seems amused, and agrees to model for the younger guy, who has a still camera. She wears a jersey with a bare midriff and a sort skirt. She sashays around the room, innocently enough. We’ve seen other CP films where lechers with cameras have larger agendas.

The girl steps out and returns to model a fuscia top and white mini-dress. The older guy begins to pick at her skirt, which she resists, but only slightly. The dialogue is in French–they must be promising her things.

The third outfit is a longer spaghetti-strap, semi-transparent dress. Both guys begin manhandling her, flicking at the dress, and eventually holding her still. Her dress is peeled to the waist and then off. Pink striped bra and panties. While she tussles, she is held, and the men jointly drop her bra and pull down their panties. Naked, her body keeps its promise.

Both guys manhandle, grope, probe, and spank, in the tradition of the SpankingandShame site. Finally she is maneuvered onto the couch into the diaper position and her ankles spread with a bar. After more wrestling, she is turned onto her knees, the guy sits on the back of the couch, and she begins an enthusiastic blowjob. His shirt is too long, we can’t see much; she works harder and harder, using her mouth and her hand, while the older guy flogs her, however gently. His young friend wouldn’t like it if he jolted her at this moment.

Brief cut–the guy is off the couch and fucking her doggy style–that shirt still interferes, but he appears to have plenty to offer and he is rocking her hard. Whatever they promised her, she deserves it.

6. ‘Guy with older blonde, exercises’ (M/f; time: 40 minutes) The studious guy in the leather jacket will deal with an older, curly dark blonde. She waits for him in the gym setup, looking at the equipment.

He arrives, scolds her, and she hands him her chewing gum. He takes his jacket off and takes her OTK for a long session. She stands and seems to have been convinced to start taking her clothes off. Jacket off, slacks gone, she wears a loosely fitting white chemise and white lace panties, with stockings.

More OTK, panties down, a thorough spanking, she kicks on his lap. Boots off, top off, no bra.

She will now begin the gym exercises, star jumps, knee bends, hands on head. Jump rope, she is quite good at it, but she is a bit small on top to make this as entertaining as it can be. Exercise mat on the floor, she takes various kneeling positions while the guy gropes between her legs. Leg lifts and scissor spread, panties off and on again. Bicycle; shaved.

She stands for more fondling and cannot resist a snicker. Handstands–the guy holds her and plays with her pussy. More OTK, a brief attempt and crawling under the limbo bar, which did not work out somehow. Some bend-over for a strap, then a nude march to the corner, hands on head.

7. ‘Dr. Tom, 2 brunettes, panties’ (M/2f; time:41 minutes)
In the gym setting, Tom has complete mastery of two brunettes. One at a time, he will fondle them, then encourage them to raise their skirts. He gets the panties down, one method or another, and both are spanked.

Soon both girls are naked, frontals, twirls–the film is heavy on the ‘humiliation’ side. Since there are two girls, they are probably safe from what Tom is capable of doing.

Lots of boob fondling, hands on head, panties at the thighs. Panties up, the girls stand at the wall in just their skivvies. Nice.

Tom then blindfolds both girls and will play a little panty game we have seen written in erotic spanking fiction. He handcuffs the girls together, one wrist to one wrist, has their remove their panties and then toss them away. Then they must scurry to find them and put them on again, all while blindfolded, producing lots of struggling nudity on the screen.

Off and on with the panties. In some films this little exercise would have been encouraged with the snap of a strap or whip. Ed Lee at NUWEST would have had fun with this scenario.

8. ‘Photographer and model’ (M/f; time: 29 minutes) One of the SpankingAndShame guys receives a model in the studio. She wears a black top and slacks, and eyeglasses. He begins having her pose for him and takes 35MM snapshots.

He is convincing her to begin undressing. She pulls the top off and drops her jeans. Down to black bra and panties. Various poses, kneeling on a chair, etc. When he begins picking at the waistband of her thong, she begins to struggle.

She grabs her OTK; a cute struggle and a long moderate handspanking, nice white bottom with sunburn bikini lines. The girl stands, and the photographer succeeds in pulling down her thong, twirling her, with extensive frontal views.

Bra off, another little struggle. The girl seems comfortable enough now, posing nude for the camera. He uses a chair and small hassock to put her in poses decidedly not intended for fashion magazines. Spanking, paddling, prying, scolding, persuading.

A spanking in the wheelbarrow position. Over the shoulder shots, a necessity for this posture. The guy has got to be aroused, but this particular actor doesn’t move to the sex scenes.

She ends up kneeling erect on a chair, nose in the corner, nude, hands on head.

9, ‘Brunette spreadeagled’ (M/f; time: 41 minutes) A light-haired brunette reports to one of the SpankingAndShame guys. She stands on the little red rug in the gym setup set. Surely she sees the straps and ropes.

The girl is being persuaded to take off her blouse. She does a creditable acting job of appearing nervous. Blouse off, a well-filled white bra. She raises her Black Watch kilt to display white bikini panties.

Kilt off, she begins to argue. She is down to white bra, panties and knee socks. She displays one of the more exciting bodies we have seen on this series.

The guy takes her OTK for moderate spanking; he reaches up and unsnaps her bra–struggles don’t help. He reaches under and grabs handfuls of boobs. Her nipples are erect, not happening in most of the films. Her pulls the panties aside as he spanks.

Panties down, plenty of puss, prying, probing. He spins her on his lap to show us everything.

The girl stands and is forced into several revealing poses, especially when you are naked. Some boob play, frigging, and a little oral from the guy.

He will now spreadeagle her to two poles, by the wrists and ankles, soft white ropes and leather straps. She is not pulled tight. He teases her with a martinet. To get the rear view and her bottom, he has to release her and turn her around. They apparently did not have enough studio to center this action and travel with the camera. He likes to wipe her panties in her crotch and rub them in her face.

10. ‘Tom, brunette in pink sweater’ ‘Tom,’ not playing doctor here, greets a pretty brunette on the green couch. She wears a pink sweater and jeans. There is a long discussion, presumably to point out that she has no choice in what is about to happen to her.

Tom takes her on the couch for a long interval of spanking on her jeans. She stands between Tom’s legs and works her jeans down herself–he has quite the view. OTK again, nifty black high-cut black panties. Rubbing, panties down, probing.

The girl stands again–shoes off, she steps out of her jeans and panties. Tom helps her off with her sweater, the blouse underneath, and the bra. He fondles her boobs in handfuls, as he likes to do. Hands on head, Tom probes and examines.

Back OTK, he rolls her around on his lap, for frontal and rear exposure. He throws her leg over his shoulder to allow him to pick at her vagina and anus. You can see she is getting excited.

Tom opens his pants—HE is excited. He will spend the rest of the film stroking her pussy and bottom with his erect cock. He does not penetrate here, but we invite you to see any number of his other films.

Spanking and Shame Collection #3

24 Jan

Continuing from this great website, we didn’t record the titles of the films; the site is gonzo:

1. (medical; a handjob; M/f; 49 minutes): another powerful and erotic confrontation with the ‘doctor’ Tom in a medical scenario. A thin brunette, wearing a skimpy silver lamee top and jeans, meets ‘Tom’ in his exam room. We wears a white lab coat over his sweats and sneakers. In this costume he can make one film or another all day long, providing he can get it up when the time comes.

Although this storyline is formulaic and similar to other films, its erotic tension still provides huge entertainment. Tom examines the girl as she stands before him, centered on a round red rug. As in all the films, she seems to know she is in for a bad time and must tolerate it.

While Tom waits, she steps behind a screen to undress, fully exposed to the camera. Silver top off, no bra, shoes kicked off, jeans down, she steps out to face him in just pink panties, covering herself. The scene is repeated from several angles. We enjoy the undressing in S&S as much as anything.

Tom positions her on the red rug, teases her arms to her sides, then gropes and squeezes her breasts, while she tolerates this incursion. Tom positions a stool in front of her, checks her with his stethoscope (unconvincingly) and begins smacking her on the pink panties.

Finally OTK on the stool, the brunette flails her legs and shows us dirty feet. As usual, not much of a spanking, but fun to watch, a round and perfect bottom as her panties are worked down then off. Full puss, which Tom uses for leverage when she wiggles out of position. While he has the chance, he works a finger into her anus. After all, he’s an MD.

Off his lap, she stands naked in front of him, hands-on-head; he gropes, twirls, explores. Then a long bend-over, her buttocks full screen, getting the attention they deserve.

Tom has his cock out of his sweatpants. The brunette begins stroking it, then kneels in front of him to begin a hand-job in ernest. She has let her hair down and  seemseven more naked now.

She kneels up on the examining table–Tom licks her pussy and soon has climbed onto the table and is fucking her doggie-style, smacking her bottom. The brunette is eagerly doing most of the work.

2.(‘Brunette, medical, anal check’)(M/f; time: 48 minutes) A frizzy brunette waits on the medical set, looking at the equipment. expecting Dr. Tom. She wears a white blouse, kilt, and pantyhose. He arrives–she must have been convinced, because she quickly removes her blouse, while Tom is putting on his medical smock.

After a brief look-over from Tom, the girl removes her black bra. Tom has his long session with her boobs–she wears only black pantyhose and panties. Tom sits on a stool, twirling and examining her, then takes her OTK for the standard long spanking. Tom pulls down the pantyhose, and only black lace high cut bikini panties remain. Standing handspanking.

OTK, Tom gets rid of the panties. Standing, she jumps around during more spanking, displaying nice fuzz. Exercises, fondling.

Now flat on her back on the gurney, groping, legs spreading. Feet into the stirrups, Tom gives her a long and slow shave. We frigs her on her back and then more on her stomach. She surely must orgasm during this.

The girl kneels up for a leather strap, then the piece de resistance–with rubber gloves he probes her anus with a finger, and she responds.

3.(‘Girl reads rules, does limbo’) A ponytailed blonde enters the set and reads the rules on the wall. She pauses and then must be following instructions when she strips to bra and panties. Clothes don’t come off willingly in this series. ‘Tom’ arrives in his sweats–this is the gym setup.

She hangs her head while he looks her over; she walks off-screen and returns with a straight chair. She goes OTK, not without a struggle, and Tom eventually gets her panties down. She stands, hands-on-head, for some cropping, and Tom has her drag her panties up and down.

Tom will start the limbo dance with her, the bar quite high. As he spurs her on with a ruler and lowers the bar, her bra comes off and soon her panties are back at her knees. Soon she is naked–really, there is no other way the limbo dance should be filmed. She crawls on her stomach and on her back–there’s a good girl!

Some marching in place, and then another sexy exercise when a girl is naked–she rests her stomach on a stool, spreads her arms and legs, and swims in air. More naked exercises on a mat, all sorts of revealing stuff.

4.(‘Girl with soccer ball’)(M/f; time: 26 minutes) A Spanish girl is dribbling a soccer ball around in a fully furnished room, the alternate set S&S has used. A guy interrupts her–it looks like she has been told before that she shouldn’t be doing this.

She is going to get a spanking. After some OTK, she is forced to undress. Jersey over her head, a bright pink bra. OTK again, he spanks her on her athletic shorts, before he pulls them down. Bright pink matching panties. He spanks and bunches her panties. The girl reaches back, struggling to cover up. While she is pinned down, he unfastens her bra and pulls it away.

When she stands again, the girl covers her breasts, but this is not going to last for long. OTK again, panties down this time. The guy manages to maneuver her legs apart.

When she stands, naked now, she displays a perfect trim little adolescent body, including a fuzzy fluff of pubic hair. The guy must be haranguing her, because she has to cover her face to keep from laughing. She sent naked to the wall for some corner time. Much of this film is dedicated to celebration of her nifty body.

5.(‘Brunette with long earrings’)(M/f; time: 43 minutes) A tall brunette with long, dangling earrings, wearing blue slacks, a jacket, and a decorated blouse, faces ‘Tom,’ in his gym mode. He wears a workout undershirt and sweat pants.

The girl begins to strip–top off, slacks off, down to bra and panties. She stands on the exercise mat–Tom twirls her and probes, then removes her bra. She does some exercises in just her panties before he takes her OTK. She stands in front of Tom, between his legs, and her lowers her panties, enjoying the view he has. He twirls her-he likes her bottom as much as we do. He tweaks between her legs to move her around.

Fondling, kneeling. She lies on her back and throws her legs over her head. More puss for Tom. Spanking, probing, there is plenty to reach.

OTK for more spanking. You watch the time pass in these films and wait for Tom to drop his sweats.

6.(‘2 men shave girl in kitchen’) (2M/f; time:21 minutes) A brunette is accosted on a set used occasionally later in the series. The men will hold her and work her clothes off. Thong down then off, dress up then off. She’s got a full thatch of pubic hair, which attracts the men’s attention. Zoom.

One of the men gets an electric razor and plugs the cord into an adjacent outlet. No fancy cordless stuff here.Then the second bald ageplay guy holds her, the first guy begins shaving her, slowly, and well-filmed. The girl figures out that this is not the time to struggle. He shaves her as nearly bald as possible. This is very sexy and must feel good.

A scene cut–the same girl is being spanked in the kitchen, wearing different undies. She gets a long spanking, struggling in several variations of the OTK, one of the guys holding her ankles as she twists around.

7. ‘Two Lesbian Girls’ (2M/2f; time:30 minutes) Two girls are caught snuggling in bed.

The girls will be punished. By two men. Uneventful spankings as far as this series goes.

8. ‘Skinny girl on couch'(M/f; time:25 minutes) One of the SpankingandShame volunteers gives a girl a good going-over in the green couch. Other than losing all her clothes, she gets away easy.

9.’Cleaning girl'(M/f; time:19 minutes) A tall brunette in pigtails and a very short kilt bustles around an apartment, showing lots of panty. We know cute girls don’t clean skillfully, but they do get punished.

She pockets some money she finds in the homeowner’s coat. He returns home and pulls the cash out of her bra. Another setup? He begins spanking her immediately, on his bed. He kilt seems to come up by itself; very sexy lace-trimmed stockings. Panties down, full-screen bottom. Very nice.

He walks her by her pigtails to the sitting room, takes a spectator’s seat, and has her remove the rest of her clothes. Top off, kilt unsnapped, panties already gone, only a bra. He probes between her legs, zoom in. He massages her boobs and removes the bra himself.

The guy sets the girl to work cleaning, in just stockings and heels. A good way to do it. He sits to admire. Camera zooms. She kneels on the floor so that he can probe more–some frigging, and pokes with the tip of his shoe. Some more probing on the couch, then some naked corner time. Will he pay her?

10. ‘Music Student'(2M/2f; time:20 minutes) A little brunette can’t perform her lessons on the violin, so she will be spanked, on the sitting room/apartment set. Slacks off, black panties get the attention.

The doorbell rings; another guy brings in a second girl. She gets her spanking while the violin student is given a break. Are these two instructors dealing with their students? The men get the two girls naked and continue spanking them together and put them to work doing some nude PT. What not? Take one of your students over to the apartment over lunch and play with her. They won’t talk.