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7 Jul

The redheaded actress ‘Livia,’ the favorite model on these websites, in all sorts of compromising positions, being teased and tormented by many pairs of hands. She always has a slightly disbelieving look on her face, and we especially enjoy her expressions when she is asked to do something embarrassing or revealing. In no particular order:

‘Girl Spanks Girl Livia’s Spanking’ #207 (3F/f; year: 2012; time: 11 minutes) Livia sits full-screen for interview, in a green sleeveless top and jeans. She removes the top, unzips her knee boots, jeans off, down to bra and thong. She puts little socks back on, probably to deal with the cold and dirty studio floors.

Livia then kneels on a blanket-covered table and is spanked by each of three girls, 10 strokes each. The girls take their turns, and on subsequent rounds their clothes start to disappear. The only thing to watch here is Livia’s pale pink bottom.

‘Double Caning’ #290, 293, 337 (2M/f; year: 2013; time: 9 minutes) Different camera angles, featuring the insouciant redhead and 4 other naked girls. She will be caned by two men, but first she must strip naked, an anticipated feature in all her appearances. She never looks too happy about things.

Livia, naked, lies flat on a small table and extends herself over a chair; no fancy equipment from these chintzy websites. “You get 15 times 2, count aloud.” ‘Alex’ and ‘Victor,’ themselves about as decorous as the set design, snap thin canes on Livia, who twitches seductively. She gets cold cream at the end. We’re here only for her. “Auch!” is the “ouch” subtitle.

‘Four Hard Spankings to Tears’ #208 (2M/f; year: 2012; time: 13 minutes) Livia sits on a couch and listens to the plan for this shoot. She looks a little dubious when she hears a “guest actor will spank you hard.” She begins to strip as the conversation proceeds. When she is naked, she assumes the Winchester position over two chairs. The handspanking begins, Ron first, for his twenty..

Livia begins crying immediately. Why? The guest takes her OTK for his 20; a third guy props her over his knee for 20, and a fourth guy 20. When asked, Livia says the fourth spanker was the worst. Two of the men share the task of spreading lotion on her buttocks.

‘Four Red Bums After Punishment’ #454; (M/4f; time: 5 minutes) Four naked girls at the wall in the frisk position, all with red bottoms. Nicole is strapped in this segment.

The four girls get on the floor, in the push-up thrust position. Livia’s lithe naked body excels here among these girls.

‘Girl Spanks Girl’ #235 (M/f; year: 2012; time: 12 minutes) Livia sits for another interview in green top and jeans. As usual, she begins to strip, top off, black bra, boots off, pants, she stops at bra and panties. Socks on for the for the dirty and cold floors. Other girls from the series spank her, nothing of particular interest except keeping an eye on Livia. Why does she scratch her left knee all the time?

‘Girl Spanks Girl Livia’ #244 (4f/f; time: 5 minutes) More of the same–four girls spank each other and Ron joins. In some of these films Livia keeps scratching her left knee. One mosquito bite during condensed filming? Or a nervous habit?

‘Guess Who What’ #302; (2M/f; year: 2014; time: 11 minutes) Another incredibly silly premise, where a naked Livia is the only salvation. Livia poses at the wall in an off-the-shoulder top and velvet choker. You know her clothes are coming off, so this contemplation of her fully dressed teases.

Top, boots, jeans, bra, and panties handed over–she is naked. She accepts a long scarf to tie on herself as a blindfold. Takes a minute, good scene. She bends over at the waist and hangs onto rope loops on the wall.

The game is, she must determine who is spanking her and with what. We don’t care, just lay it on. Two guys alternate a mild spanking.

‘Nonchalant Sisters Pt 1 Angle 2’ (#326) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Livia converses with blond friend ‘Nicole’; Ales comes along, unbuttons Livia’s jeans and pulls them down; handspanking OTK, her hair carefully off her face. Alex spanks Nicole next.

‘Pleasure and Punishment pt 2’ (#336) (M/2f; time: 9 minutes) Livia and friend ‘Jade’ are both naked and spanked with a spoon. The actress playing Jade looks as if she is wondering how she got into this assignment.

‘Livia Nude Spanking'(M/4f; year: 2012; time: 6 minutes) Three bored girls watch while a guy assists Livia in stripping naked. The other girls are normal-looking, almost plain by CP film standards. Everyone on-set is looking at the director and taking audible instructions on what to do next.

Livia lies on a table in the diaper position. Victor uses a crop, and of courser this posture provides access to parts of the buttocks which often escape normal spankings.

Another girl takes Livia’s place as this segment ends.

‘Livia’s Red Bottoms’ #425; (time: 5 minutes) A blonde has finished up her strapping, sitting squatting over a chair, elgs wide. .Nastasha’ applies cold cream.

It is Livia’s turn. “don’t look so bored,” says the disciplinarian. This doesn’t happen in a LUOPUS film, bewcause the models know their turn is not going to be fun. Ron straps her in the oblique view. Her turn to get cold cream, from Nichole. Three naked red bottoms.

‘Draw-Painful Game’ #250, 259. (M/f; year: 2014; time: 14 minutes) Different camera angles. A cunning spanking game; Livia must first strip down to a little Santa Claus G-string. More or less naked, she will bend to select choices from four cardboard boxes on the floor–the spanking pose; the implement; the number of strokes; and the designated Staff spanker.

We can’t read the slips of paper she selects. The only good thing about this physical setup is watching her bend over. We’d refer you to RAVENHILL, which is much more clever about these spanking lottery plots.

In the first draw, she does a bend-over for a handspanking, the Staffer disappears the thong; the second draw–5 strokes of the cane in the diaper position; third-10 from a wooden spoon in the doggy posture; and fourth, raised legs (like the diaper), the paddle.

‘Girls Spank Girls Spankers’Spanking Angle 2’ (#253)(M/sf; time:5 minutes) Naked Livia kneels on a towel-covered table for a spanking. The facial view; Natasha gets the same.

‘Livia’s Painful Punishment’ #450; (2M/f; time: 5 minutes)Livia and three other girls in a cellar-like room, standing facing us, in just bras–their panties at their knees. Webmaster ‘Ron’ has them remove their underwear and assume the ‘frisk’ position against the wall for a mild session with a doubled belt. When ‘Victor’ belts Livia, he puts a hand under her stomach in a place she should be alert to, so as to steady her bottom as the target.

‘Punishment For Suppository’ #409′ (M/f; year: 2013; time: 6 minutes) Part of series on this storyline–we concentrate on Livia. This episode opens with Livia tied naked with soft ropes bent over the back of a metal folding chair. This producer couldn’t even come up with some artistic-looking chairs. Two other mostly naked girls, ‘Natasha’ and ‘Vicki,’ observe. They appear either (1) impaired; (2)disgusted with their booking agent; or (3) they have missed the last train home.

‘Ron’ canes Livia mildly, in this, the oblique view. “The suppository hasn’t worked yet, has it?” We’d be OK if he tried another one. Vicki is brought out next, her turn in another segment.

‘Sandy’ (Elite Pain/EP Castings; M/f; time: 15 minutes) The redheaded actress ‘Livia’ from ‘Spanking Castings’ hops the elevator Up (or is it Down?) to EP Castings for a little more aggressive performance, which from the look we will see on her face, she may have been sorry she agreed to.

In the interview portion (subtitles), she says she is “eighteen.” Given the proclivities of this website, that is good information to get on the record. The ‘Maximilian Lomp’ character has her strip from the waist up. Livia has always been proud of her pert natural boobs. “Take off your trousers. You said you were eighteen.” Thong off too.

Lomp has her spread her legs and he begins cropping her inner thighs–her first look of disbelief. When he dials on her nipples, she doesn’t like it and looks a little redheaded hostile/angry.

He cuffs her, fastens her wrists to a chain, and hauls her up on her tiptoes, stressing her shoulders, so that a look of unmistakable discomfort shoots across her face. He whips her front and back. They don’t do that at ‘Spanking Castings.’ She looks more worried about what might be coming next.

Lomp inserts a needle in one boob, not Sandy’s kind of day. “Why are your crying?”

Spanking Casting

14 Nov

Spanking models in brief audition episodes;  a format used by Mood, Pain4Fem, one funny one at NuWest, and a plotline for several CalStar films. Zero production expense. ‘Spanking Casting’ material is less harsh than most of the others, and entertaining.

BABY-Interview and Trial (16 minutes): the data graphic reports the model is 20 years old, 5’5″, long auburn-reddish hair, with a thin narrow baby face. She is shy in her interview, especially when asked about her sex life. Top and skirt off, no bra, just little pink panties. She is coaxed to take the panties off and does some posing.

She is asked to select five spanking implements from quite an array laid before her, and she practices the five spanking postures she will be asked to assume. More posing, this is. Baby’s spankings are shown with a face-CAM for her five positions: handspanking full-frontal, kneeling on a hassock, grab ankles for the cane, hairbrush in the diaper position, kneeling for a small paddle. These girls won’t be working for a while after this.

Baby-Casting (10 minutes). Her spanking portion; she is naked and will be caned and hairbrushed.

For the hairbrush, the ‘frisk’ position. The brush sounds a bit like the hollow plastic type and does not make the pop we have come to expect, like at NuWest. No body hair. Baby is cunning in her between-sessions interviews about what hurts more.

The film concludes with a long and slow bottom creaming scene flat on the couch by the male spanker.

Baby-(facecam; M/f; 10 minutes) Cute 21 year-old auburn-haired ‘Baby’; her model-thin, unenhanced body, we watch the caning and hairbrush episodes from an oblique facecam view. Kneeling on the couch for the cane, and bent over at 90 degrees in the ‘frisk’position for the hairbrush, 15 smacks. then the creaming scene repeated.

Baby Backstage (Spanking Experience; M/f; 12 minutes): the delightful strawberry redhead, jaybird, in the staging area, just standing there while the male actor struggles with ropes to do some bondage positions. She laughs, relaxed with the crew, unself-conscious. She tries some spanking positions, although no strokes fall in this segment,

‘Baby’ ‘Five Implements’ (FM/f; time 14 minutes) tall thin, redheaded ‘Baby’ is spanked in various positions with a several paddles and a wood spoon. And, as usual, the spanker ends the session with a long sensual creaming of her blushing bottom on the couch.

Barbara (Spanking Casting; M/f; 12 minutes): Brunette Barbara sits for interview;  she has never been spanked; she strips to bra and thong;  in her undies she practices the posture commands–hands on head, kneeling; she selects her five spanking implements. You have to wonder why any girl would select the cane; her spanking poses–over a chair, cowboy on a chair, frisk, and on the table; then off with the bra and panties–she was warned. Angle 2 (M/f; 21 year old brunette.

Barbara comes to the spanking portion of her casting. Naked, calm, and smiling, she accepts spankings from her selected implements–the paddle, wooden spoon, strap, cane, and horsewhip/crop. Various positions–she takes it all very well.

Barbara (M/f; Caning Angle 2; year: 2009; 12 minutes): The 21 year old brunette’s caning session–the angle here is the face and profile. She strips off her top, shorts, and panties and bends naked over a folding chair for the caning. She keeps her pageboy length hair off her face and looks into the camera.

She becomes increasingly uncomfortable as the caning proceeds, struggling to get out the stroke count, for a caning somewhat harder than we have seen in this series.

BIANCA-Interview and Trial (12 minutes): a 19 year old blonde, 5’5″ tall, very cute young lady, eyeglasses, hair swept up. In her long interview,  she is sexy and adventurous; time to undress on-camera, blue bra and thong. Some posing. The trial: she selects five spanking implements from the collection and takes off the rest of her clothes.

Bianca (Spanking Casting; M/f; 7 minutes): The 19-year old green-eyed blonde’s spanking scenes. She strips quickly for us, very nice, matter-of-fact, no posing. Quite naked, she is then caned, paddled and spanked in several positions, all typically mild, but well done.

Cindy (Spanking Experience; M/f; year: 2007; 33 minutes): This 20 year old frosted blonde saw the advertisement on the internet. She will go through a long series of spanking positions here and remain smiling and cooperative throughout. Some of the spanking-casting film producers escalate the severity of the punishment, so that the lighthearted conviviality suddenly evaporates. The subtitles in this particular film are beyond terrible–we suggest you read them for the humor.

In her first OTK session, she is spanked on jeans. Her spanker gathers and pinions her wrists; although there is not much need, this is an erotic maneuver. He gradually gets her naked but for little heels. Her nudity and jovial demeanor combine to make this an entertaining film, despite the harmless spanking. There are many positions and implements, most of the emphasis on her charming nakedness.

Cindy Face-CAM; (Spanking Experience; M/f; 26 minutes): Cindy gradually loses her clothes as she goes through her interview and then is spanked with her selection of implements. This entire film features facial angles. She remains smiling throughout, frequently glancing to the camera as if she had a date with the operator later.

One segment involves handcuffs attached to her ankles and wrists, then linked for a bend-over. Another long part of the film is given over to her being tied with rope, wrists behind her  back. She keeps smiling. A few zingers would have fixed that. The spankings are silly. There is nothing to watch her but her pretty face and body when she is naked. No stroke with a spoon, strap, paddle, or cane ever sends a flicker across her face.

DIANA, LISA, and TINA (6 minutes)  Handspanking excerpts; the website can select various portions of each of its model-spanking sessions; here, three girls are handspanked hard in three episodes. Diana, a short-haired brunette, is totally naked and none too happy about a very hard spanking from a sunglassed-male. Brunette Lisa touches toes for a handspanking on an already red bottom. Brunette tattooed Tina locks her hands behind her knees in  a bend-over.

‘Fay'(Spanking Experience, M/F, 8 minutes): A non-theatrical 33-year old blonde, says she’s married with children, and works as a ‘cleaner lady.’ We guess some bare-bottom action must pay pretty well for her. She is already naked here, for the hairbrush and the paddle.

‘Frisk’ position for that harmless plastic hairbrush, then the paddle, sitting cowboy-style, her buttocks hanging off the metal folding chair.

She stands a rubs ad-lib, quite unselfconsciously, after her spankings. Nice.

‘Fay'(SpankingExperience, M/f, 6 minutes): more scenes, the interview repeated, then spanked, kneeling over two back-to-back folding chairs, first a handspanking and then a spoon. The spanker gets his fingers between her thighs a few times.

Spanking Experience; Angle 2; 10 minutes): Facial angles only of the 33 year old blonde, being spanked by the implements she selected, in several positions. She removes her bra, and then the studio spanker drops her thong.  The hairbrush lying over the edge of a table;  a coat-hanger while she is in the diaper position; a short ‘horsewhip’  or crop, hands-and-knees on a table; medium paddle in the ‘lunge’ position; a big paddle in a naughty position, knees on a hassock, arms thrust forward and palms on the floor, back straight.

Forbidden Fruit Parts 1 & 2; (Spanking Experience; M/f; 16 minutes): ‘Livia,’ a pale-skinned freckled redhead, made a series of films here, some of which we will discuss below. We have pointed out that redheads are particularly entertaining spanking subjects because of the photogenic results. Livia gets spanked for having boy in her room, lucky guy.

She is frisky and willing as she is made to strip naked, then make her bed, a session mostly a celebration of her trim little body. Her male tormentor handcuffs her to the foot of the bed and ties her feet together to keep her from kicking. The cane taps are silly; the session is about Livia being naked. Her bottom soars on the bed and the little white socks she retains add to the eroticism. Part 2 isn’t much different. She is spanked with a spoon, crop, and cane, never hard enough to evaporate an bemused little grin.

Angle 2 (unedited) contains mostly failed and blocked spanking shots of this glorious redhead Livia, who entertains even in these discardable shots.

Jessica (M/f; 14 minutes): Her data sheets describes her as 19 years old, 5’8″, a brunette. She appears as a conventional girl, not a model, wearing jeans, and a cardigan. She likes conventional sex and admits to being nervous about the upcoming requirement to take her clothes off and be spanked. When she strips to black bra and thong, any boredom we might have confessed to vaporizes. When she removes her bra, she can’t hide her pride in her sensational breasts. In just panties, she learns to take orders–hands on head, kneel, nose to the wall, etc. Many of the girls in this series muddle this part, which increases the instinct to give them  a good whaling. Jessica selects her five spanking implements and practices the postures she will be required to assume, and we move to the main event.

‘Casting’ (11 minutes): Jessica’s black thong is gone, she is now naked. First, the plastic ruler, bent over in the ‘frisk’ position, her fantastic boobs hang. Immediate bruises. The cowboy position on a chair for a strap; the wooden spoon in the ‘lunge’ position–Jessica is quite athletic; the crop kneeling over two folding chairs; and lastly, kneeling, her wrists cuffed and pulled through her legs and cuffed to her ankles. Jessica takes these spankings quite well, gets a cold cream treatment, and give us a shy little giggle at the end.

In another segment, Jessica strips naked, kneels up on an easy chair, and then we watch a long moderate caning in profile. Just the smallest of flinches. She is not much affected by the rattan.

‘Jessica Returns’ (8 minutes): A reutn visit by 19 year old brunette Jessica for mare spanking. “You called me to come back…this is interesting.” During the interview, Jessica seems quite embarrassed when the interviewer zones in on when she last shaved her pussy, if in fact she does it, and what he boyfriend(s)  think of it.

Jessica strips naked, and after a twirl to show us her dynamic body, top and bottom, she is spanked briefly, in a series of positions.  

‘Jill Backstage’ (Spanking Experience, 2M/f, 15 minutes): The tall, thin blonde is manipulated in the informal backstage filming style. The two guys work on her; bra off, handcuffs, the film jumps from scene to scene. Bend-over for a large, square paddle. Various positions, implements, no tears whatsoever.

‘Judith’ (Angle 2-Casting; M/f, 14 minutes): Naked, freckled Judith is spanked with a hairbrush, her hands behind her knees; caned in the ‘frisk’ position; then strapped, flat face-down on a table. No damage done.

‘Judith’ (Second Spanking Experience, M/f. 8 minutes): The very attractive and very naked brunette is being tied up slowly, the guy experimenting with knots and configurations, confirming why this sort of thing is done off-camera in most films. Mild and silly spanking, this short excerpt is mostly a tribute to Judith without a stitch.

‘Judith’ (Second Spanking Experience, Face CAM 2 parts, 14 minutes): the thin brunette kneels on a stepladder, then grabs ankles, gradually strip naked for handspankings. She is carefully tied, rope around her waist and looped around her wrists behind her back. Mild but sexy caning. This pretty actress does well with the face-CAM.

(Second Spanking Experience; 8 minutes, part 3): This startling brunette was so photogenic they surely released as much film as they could. Five positions for Judith, stark naked–leaning over for crop; leaning ovber for a big leather paddle; OTK; handcuffed OTK; handcuffed kneel on couch, head down.

‘Judith’ Backstage (M/f; 7 minutes): the cute brunette sits on a couch in a cameo setting. Various scenes of nude spanking, twirling, paddling, in the diaper position, posing.

The camera crew comes and goes; she walks around naked, quite confident in birthday clothes.

LISA- Interview and Trial (16 minutes): 25 year old elphin brunette, lies doggie-style and oral sex, and is not afraid of “extreme” sex. She strips to bra and flowered panties, which match her dress. She kneels and poses. Lisa selects her five implements from the collection, then tries the five poses which will be used–kneel onto a table;  cowboy-style on a chair, buttocks out; kneeling on a chair bent over its back; palms to the floor in the lunge position; and the ‘frisk’ at the wall. An athletic lady.

‘Angle 2’  for Lisa shows her being spanked in the five positions by her five selected implements-hairbrush, medium paddle, wooden spoon, ruler, and the cane. No messing around at this studio.

‘Livia’ (M/f; 16 minutes): 18 year old, strawberry redhead again, pale skin. She wears a blue tank top and shorts for her ‘interview.’ She admits to like’69’ sex! Never been spanked. She is informed that is about to change. Yes, she’s nervous. She strips easily to bra and panties, sort of camouflage color. She obeys the verbal commands quickly—face to the wall, hands-on-neck, straddle, kneel, etc. For her trial, she takes off her bra and panties and kneels naked to select from the spanking instruments. She takes the directed postures–bend over the pouf, kneel over it; grab ankles; diaper position over the couch arm;  the lunge.

Casting (M/f; 7 minutes): the spankings; brief and rather mild encounters, but her pale skin makes for an entertaining view. The cane, 5 strokes, hands on pouf, her long red hair covering her face; hairbrush, on her knees, a ‘rubber ruler,’ hands on ankles;  another cane, in the diaper position, athletic and dramatic; and the belt in a sexy lunge posture. The lucky guy gets to cream her rosy pink bottom.

‘Livia, with Cane’ (M/f; year:2008; time: 7 minutes): The charming strawberry-redhead sits on a couch, her legs under her, in top and shorts, for some interview–19 years old, between boyfriends, and she says again she likes the ’69’  position.

Cut to the caning scene. She is stark naked, in the diaper position for”position 1,”, legs straight up in the air, bottom on the arm of the couch. We missed the undressing part,which we like, especially from this actress, who plays a bit shy. “Position 2” constitutes the “frisk’ posture at the wall. Livia’s pale white skin is beautifully accented in this lighting. The cane snaps are sharper in both these segments. Here, the cane seems to break twice, on the first stroke and then again at about #20.

An”after shooting” scene has Livia stretched out naked on her stomach on the couch, while the guy creams her pale white bottom, perhaps our favorite view of Ms. Livia in all the clips we’ve seen so far.

‘Livia’faceCAM-caning; after a brief recapitulation of her interview, two caning scenes are repeated with a face-CAM, lots of flowing red hair and natural boobs. the first caning is in the diaper postion and the sceond, a long lean-over at the wall, what is called the ‘frisk’ posture. No bottom, lots of face, sounds of flesh, and little gasps.

‘Livia’ angle 2, hard caning (M/f; 17 minutes): A long segment which contained repeats from other sessions. First, the 18 year old redhead strips naked for us, quite informally, and this would be good enough for any film. She lies lengthwise naked on a long table, her white bottom swelling like a centerpiece, which it is. She holds her head up, resting on her elbows, mostly looking at us, while the male disciplinarian canes her moderately with thin rattan. Nice oblique of everything.

Then the bottom-creaming scene is repeated and Livia redresses slowly.

‘Livia, a Broken Glass’ (M/f; 13 minutes): The producer is Spanking-Family, clearly affiliated with Spanking Casting. The same Livia is getting a spanking with a flip-flop for having broken a beer glass. Two paunchy guys, ‘Ron’  and ‘Alex,’  who likes their girls, have control of Livia.  Livia is left with Alex. “Undress.” Redhead Livia strips naked without dispute, while Alex talks to us, through sub-titles, from off-screen. He is getting his “regular cane.” Livia bends over the couch for 8 more mild strokes, which leave faint lines on her pale skin and don’t quite make her jump. The session concludes with a brief confrontation with a hairbrush. The video is mostly a celebration of Livia without clothes.

‘Livia Returns Home’ (M/2f; 15 minutes): Stunning redhead hogs the screen with no clothes on with friend ‘Viola’; she returns home, the girls visit, sunbathe nude, and then ‘Ron’ makes naked Viola paddle naked Livia, and she doesn’t seem to enjoy doing ther spanking, probably because she will go next. 

‘Livia and Vicky’ (‘Two Girls’) (2008; M/2f, 6 minutes): the lesbian scene between ‘Livia’ and ‘Vicky,’  seen in oblique facecam, and the girls playfully undress each other on a fold-out couch in the simplist of sets, the cheapest of motel rooms we guess.

The male attendant catches them (“What are you doing?”) and spanks them in the kneeling position. Cute little blushing red bottoms, more action to follow in part 2.

‘Livia and Vicky’ (part 2): We see both girls caned, one at a time, kneeling on a hassock, jeans down, heads very low to the floor, thongs remain, about 10 moderate strokes.

‘Monique’ (M/f; 12 minutes): Interview and Trial; Brunette ‘Monique,’  21 years old, is interviewed in the website style. She wears a sequined top and jeans. After we see she is not all that adventurous sexually, she does not hesitate to strip down to bra and panties. Nice solid body and would be fun to spank.

On direction, she learns the verbal commands to take postures, selects the five implements she will be spanked with, and practices the spanking positions.

The interview and trial from another perspective. In bra and panties, this unusually striking raven brunette poses on command in the panking postures, then selects her five implements. Undies survive in this segment.

‘M’ (M/f; 10 minutes)-Casting; In her bra and panties, first she takes the paddle in the ‘lunge’  or ‘bridge’  position; she takes off her bra and panties and seems comfortable naked. She takes a 90 degree bend-over into the ‘frisk’ position for a light and hollow-sounding cane. Bend-over, hands locked behind knees, for a simple little plastic ruler. Hands-on-couch, bend-over, legs open, for a strap; the last position should have hurt the most–kneeling up on a bench, head low, for a belt.

MOST PAINFUL SPANKING AND CANING-FIRST YEAR (41 minutes): More excerpts;  a lot to pick from. ‘Spanking Casting’ would have had to convene its board of directors to decide which punishments to include. Here, 12 models contribute to 26 short episodes. And before we describe a selection of them, are we wrong to suggest this producer has a preference for redheads?

The girls bend over, kneel on the floor or over furniture, lie flat, take the ‘lunge’  or ‘frisk’ postures, all the classic poses. We see more of the bend-over position with wrists locked behind knees here. All the implements–the cane, various paddles, kitchen tools, hairbrush, ruler, belt, straps. One big square leather paddle elicits gasps from several girls.

Two of the episodes are 3-4 minute caning sessions with 10-20  strokes. The girls are mostly naked or wearing so little that the effect is better than nudity. One short scene depicts bondage–the model ‘Jessica’ kneels on a table, her handcuffed wrists pulled under her through her spread thighs to lock with handcuffs on her ankles. Hard spankings, lots of desperation and tears.

‘Spanking Casting’ has done its homework and makes vividly colorful films.

‘Natasha’ (M/f; 11 minutes) Casting: the 22 year old redhead has never been spanked, likes her sex doggy-style, and is not overcome by having to take her clothes off in front of others. In this naked casting sequence, she spanked with a hairbrush, cane, wooden spoon, paddle, and plastic ruer, the implements she selected, in the spanking postures directed–frisk, touch-toes, bridge, and diaper.

‘Pamela’ (M/f; 12 minutes): Interview and Trial. 21 years old, blue eyes, and some of the most abundant red hair we can recall, yet another example of how redheads make excellent spanking subjects.

Interview-she likes sex, has never been spanked, and is suitably nervous about this film and taking her clothes off. Strips to bra and panties. She poses for the director–a natural, conventional body, all the more fun. She does the submissive poses on direction.

In bra and pants, she selects the five implements she will be spanked with, then assumes the required positions, all of which highlight the wild flowing hair she will have to control for the spanking position of her audition.

‘Sharon’ (M/f; 16 minutes): Interview: a 22 year old auburn/redhead, married, won’t tell her husband about this video, likes doggie-style sex. Strips to bra and panties;  bra off, she is a little shy, which adds greatly to these episodes. Tries the spanking-position commands and selects her five implements, poses in the spanking positions, and finally, off with the panties.

Trial: The ‘lunge’ position for a paddle; she kneels on a plastic table and cocks her bottom–the lighting here highlights her pale redhead skin. The wooden spoon is next–and here are the round bruises. For the hairbrush, Sharon knows how to cock her bottom without prompts. And last, a hot little session with a small paddle.

Angle 2 (casting): the spanking scenes for this naked freckled redhead–the ruler; the bridge (lunge) position for a paddle; over a plastic table, bottom raised, for a light cane; hands-on-the-table for the kitchen spoon;  the hairbrush, a paddle.

‘Spanked Girls With Wooden Spoons’ Five girls from the ‘Spanking Casting’ collection, Jill, Judith, Gina, Cindy, and Leslie are featured in the wooden-spoon spanking segments of their appearances.

Actresses from the series-Baby, Mercy, Livia, Erica, Vicky, Yvett, and Lesley. Their spoon-spanking episodes are collected here. The wood kitchen cooking spoon makes for an excellent spanking tool. Used smartly, it leaves birght little marks. The girls are all in entertaining and exposed postures, and mostly naked.

‘Vicky’ (M/f; 16 minutes): Vicky is a 23 year old brunette; a face CAM is used here full-face for the opening interview portion. She claims to be shy about her sex life and has never tried spanking. When she is told to strip to bra and panties, she peels off a skimpy dress and is ready in 3 seconds. She practices her verbal commands–kneel, hands-on-head, etc.

Bra and panties off, also in a flash. Why? She selects her spanking tools–3 paddles, a crop, and a strap and is instructed on the postures she will take for us.

‘Vicky’ (M/f 11 minutes) -Hard Caning Casting; Not really;  brunette  23 year-old pony-tailed Vicky strips naked quickly and bends over the metal folding chair; about 25 strokes of the cane are shown delivered by a faceless male, slowly, and with stops for rubbing and adjustment of position.

Moderate strokes; maybe Vicky is bothered toward the end;  long-shots of this oblique angle do show some marks.

“Vicky’ -hard caning casting part #2 (7 minutes); quite a hard caning for this series. Vicky, naked, is draped over a hassock, providing nice views between her thighs. She takes and counts 8 slow cane strokes, lots of delay in the process. Was she really struggling?

After the male caner gives her a slow and thorough creaming of her buttocks and thighs–surely his favorite part of this job,  she takes a few more cane strokes before sitting, somewhat upset, on the couch, no long self-conscious about being naked.