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Ella Hughes Collected

17 Oct

We collect various appearances by this spanking and adult film actress. One of the most striking to look at.

’Party Girl’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) SPANKINGSARAH. Sarah Stern seems to know what an extraordinary model Ella is. This film is mostly a celebration of her beauty. Sarah has caught her drinking. Ella stands in a lovely flower print party dress.

After a long scolding, Ella pulls the dress over her head. She wears a coordinated bra, panty, and garter set. Sarah wants the bra and panties off, just the garters and stockings to remain. Sarah then has her pull on schoolgirl clothes. Since she acts like a schoolgirl, she will be treated like one.

At the 7 minute mark the spanking finally starts, OTK on a couch. Bare bottom. Pale Irish-like Ella always colors nicely. Even her face blushes. Watch her getting a workout in a sex film.

.’Shoplyfter’ An extravagantly naughty porn site, where young girls are apprehended on the floor by store security, taken to a store room, blackmailed into a strip search, then forced to provide blowjobs and raunchy sex over a table, in return for no police report. On some sites, shoplifters get spanked or receive enemas (!). This is straight sex, and vigorous.

Shoplifting blackmail provides plot for many films. This series is about the best we’ve seen. The pretty girls are all reluctant, and to a girl they  are shocked and appalled at how HUGE the rampant security guard gets. Some of the humiliated models struggle to comply.

Ella Hughes plays a shopper caught. She is visiting from Britain. She gradually hands over her clothes. After just token objection, she gives a sexy textbook blowjob, one of our favorites in all of CP literature— imagine licking a very hard ice cream cone. Then some rousing sex on the table and a money shot.

’Ella at DDF Network’ (M/f; time: 28 minutes) Straightforward BDSM  from stunning Ms. Hughes. She has arranged for a house call from a masseur. The guy arrives with his table and bag. Ella strips naked, always very nice, and lies face down on the set up table.

Through the hole for her face, she spies restraining equipment in the guy’s bag. The guy ties her to the table, no resistance from Ella, and does some spanking. Her bottom rises nicely in this posture. Onto her back, some pussy play then the diaper position. He ties her legs down then paddles the front of her body, up and down.

He has her lubricate a dildo in her mouth, then inserts it. She kneels for more paddle. He must be ready. He forces a BJ on her. He  is almost too big for her. Why isn’t she more enthusiastic here?

We switch to the couch then the floor, where the guy gives her a jolly screwing. Facial money shot.

Punishing Police Woman – SPANKINGSARAH

6 Oct

F/2f; time: 50 minutes (4 parts)

An always entertaining premise: a policewoman will exercise her privilege to punish offenders off the books. Lots of girls have taken whuppings in their parlors rather than a trip downtown. Although however, we do like the concrete walls of police department basements.

Sarah Stern plays the policewoman. Lola (Lola Reay) and Lucy (Lucy Lauren) will be caned for drunk driving. They are in their robes, because they are going to be punished naked.

The girls drop their robes and walk naked into the room where the caning will be done, just a simple domestic set. Brunette Lola goes first and bends over a handy trestle. She takes 12 hard and slow strokes from Sarah and marks up significantly, real cane wheals, unusual from STRAND. Lucy gets the same caning, but she develops only stripes in comparison. Girls mark differently.

The naked girls stand and examine each other’s marked bottoms. A nice nudie interlude, front and closeup bottom shots. Lola is called in for a second round, fierce, slow, a lot of closeup rubbing. Lucy is called in next for her second dose.

The film ends with a slow creaming and examination of the two perfect marked up bottoms in closeup. Very erotic.

Selling It All #2 – SPANKINGSARAH

16 Sep

F/f; time: 9 minutes

Ellie May and Sarah Stern. Ellie is caught on her phone, apparently not permitted. “Take all your clothes off, “ Sarah demands. A hot model. Sarah notes that “your bottom is not red anymore,” from the first part of this video. Ellie leans on the British mantel and then a bend over for the paddle.

House of Correction #21 – SPANKINGSARAH

15 Sep

F/f; time: 10 minutes

Katie Didit and Jess, who has been sentenced to two weeks in the house of correction for shoplifting. The setting is the familiar kitchen. Looks like a kind of CP foster care, where the courts send girls to private contractors. Jess is sent up to her room to put away her things, then she returns. There will be an initiation. “Take your clothes off.” “What?” Bad attitude. She is going to get a spanking.

Brunette Jess removes her dress, bra, shoes, and tights. Her jet black hair flows almost to her buttocks. Didit inspects her naked body. Very nice. Didit has a small portable spanking trestle handy there in the kitchen. Handspanking begins. Long and conventional. Jess gets very red. That long hair is nicely managed to avoid interference with the view. She should stay out of the kitchen.

Arrested at School – SPANKINGSARAH

8 Sep

F/f; time: 20 minutes

Not the title. Miss Lina, dressed as an WP, takes two ‘girls’ out of a school to a room which is supposed to be a police station. The school setting comprises a palatial paneled wood central staircase. Nice mansion surroundings. FIRMHAND did a number of colorful schoolgirl spankings at the foot of a staircase similar to this. A lot of staging work for this brief scene.

In the ‘squad room,’ Lina will take Sarah Stern OTK for a routine bare bottom spanking. Strap and cane. We prefer cellars in police stations, where things might happen which are not in the procedure manual. 

Cheating the Taxi – SPANKINGSARAH

8 Aug

M/f; time: 15 minutes

STRAND production we will assign here. Kami Robertson and Mr. Stern. STRAND must have been easy with the air fare or they came to Scotland on occasion to harvest bottoms. This film starts off with the video shot from the back seat of a car, reminiscent for us of NU-WEST’s motel episodes, among others.

Kami is running up a big taxi bill and the driver, Stern, suspects she can’t pay him. She rides in the front seat of the taxi, an anomaly we will forgive for theatrical purposes. “I hope you’ve got the money.”

After some discussion, Stern will accept another form of compensation. Into the back seat For a spanking. You see lots of things happen in back seats in adult films, but rarely spankings. The space is too confined. Handspanking on black panties and then on the bare. And this cab driver, ever the optimist, carries a strap with him.


Investigator – SPANKINGSARAH

10 Jul

F/f; time: 29 minutes

STRAND product, and long enough to attract our interest. Miss Lina plays an insurance claim investigator. She has caught Leia Ann Woods and her blond roommate perpetrating a fraud. This theme is found throughout CP films. Inquiries by police, electric inspectors, landlords, tax collectors, and other authority figures result in girls having to drop their pants at home.

Leia is lovely in white shorts and a red top. The blonde wears some sort of bustier. Miss Lina points out that some claimed stolen items are still present. She has spanking implements with her.

The girls try to bargain, what can they offer? The blonde will be spanked first. Lina helps her down with her jeans and tugs off the red panties without delay. The girl tries to cover. OTK, Lina adjusts her bare bottom for the camera. After this warmup, the blonde bends over the couch for a paddle, straps, and the cane. We didn’t see Miss Lina carry in all this gear. We remember a PAIN4FEM film where the police officers went out to their car to get what they needed.

Leia gets the same spanking in the second clip of the film. White shorts down, that tight gym trained bottom is always a treat.

Jenna Punished – SPANKINGSARAH

26 Jun

3MF/f; time: 27 minutes

Not the title. It looks like brunette maid Jenna is going to be spanked by her boss Miss Lina, and she will allow three affronted male guests to spank her also. Pretty good embarrassment and humiliation  here.

First, Jenna must strip in front of the men. Off come a maid’s uniform, bra, pantyhose, shoes, and last the thong. Each observing guy will spank her OTK. Lina has her kneel on a chair for a strap and paddle, much harder than the handspankings. Very humiliating. Lina has the guys step up for a close examination of her bottom. Will she return to work naked?


Strand Compilation

25 Jun

6f; time: 1 hr 7 minutes

six spanking episodes from STRAND files. Pauline, Ella Hughes, Kiki Vee, Susie Swafham, shell Madox, and Sarah Collins.

We we’re fascinated with the 14 minute episode with the delicious Ella Hughes. She is a call girl, hired out as a submissive. Sarah Stern has hired her. Ella already had a spanking that morning, a cute way to justify a red bottom.

Stern plays with her, face slapping, boob pinching. After a fade, the lovely, lithe, pale Ms. Hughes is bent over and ready, but Sarah decides she wants Ella naked. The clothes come off, “the knickers as well.” Ella fixes her hair for the camera. She wears just garter belt and stockings.

Sarah will use the cane. 26 very hard strokes, quite hard. Sarah forces Ellla to admit that even though she likes being dominated, this caning was tough. Ella’s nipples rise and she moans. One of the loveliest of CP models.



Housemates Try Spanking -SPANKINGSARAH

7 Jun

F/f; time: 13 minures

This might be a FIRMHAND production, or something from a Strand affiliate. Lucy Lauren and Zoe Page appears together again, and as you would anticipate, no eggs will be broken. The best part remains Ms. Lauren’s bottom, a treasure.

The girls sit at a kitchen table, contemplating an array of spanking implements. We don’t recognize the set. The girls are silly. Zoe takes Lucy OTK and tries out the choices of implement. Thong only. Bottom soars.

The girls switch. Zoe goes OTK. Mild and silly, just fuzz tap tap.  Come on, girls! Some fingernail raking and a crop. Zoe whips her crotch. We hope there is a dildo in the bedroom for later. Ms. Page has gotten more explicit for other studios.