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Eat at Home -The New Maid SPANKINGSARAH

8 Nov

2M/f; time: 21 minutes

Sarah Stern does her own heavy lifting in this film. As a newly hired maid, she finds herself recruited for a new ‘game,’ blowjobs for her master and the cook. But she gets double-pay for it.

She made to strip to stockings and garters and lie on her stomach on the dining room table. She will suck off the cook while the master canes her. This scene takes over 11 minutes and would be quite something were it real time. There is a sort of spliced-in money shot for the cook–he is an older guy and has some difficulty, but there were those 11 minutes!

Sarah Sly – The Spy – SPANKINGSARAH

6 Oct

M/f; time: 9 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ plays a private detective who has been hired by a woman to find out what her husband does in a locked shed. Farfetched.

Amelia jimmies the lock on the shed, investigates inside, and finds all sorts of spanking stuff. The husband arrives, played by ‘The London Tanner.’ She is trespassing, and he will show her what this is all about. He forces her to bend over a chair and begins strapping her on a latex skirt. Her protestations are characteristically weak.

Skirt up, a transparent thong makes her bottom essentially bare. She starts apologizing for her intrusion, virtually screaming it out, to stop the strapping. She is getting bruised, she can feel it, and she was going swimming tonight.

Unwilling Recipient – SPANKINGSARAH

20 Sep

F/f; time: 18 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Sarah Stern.’ Amelia works as a masseuse for Sarah, and is very angry that a male customer tried to fondle her. Sarah explains that this massage parlor is actually a brothel, and that Amelia agreed to the required behavior in her contract, in return for some up-front money. Amelia is more or less indentured.

So Sarah starts to touch Amelia the way the customers want to do. She unbuttons Amelia’s blouse. and convinces her to drop her skirt. She is down to little white bikini panties. Sarah pulls the panties down, hands-on-head, long frontal.

After some twirling and admiration of the naked Amelia, Sarah begins a standing handspanking. A leather sole, paddles, and straps, to educate Ms. Rutherford.

House of Correction #19 – SPANKINGSARAH

12 Sep

F/f; time: 11 minutes

A rather unusual ‘prison,’ there won’t be any cavity searches in this place. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Sophie Parker’ lounge in a residential setting. They were supposed to be cleaning the room. Amelia wears a simple top and the shortest denim shorts it is possible to wear.

Matron ‘Katie Didit’ enters the room and is furious at the lack of cleaning progress. So Amelia will be spanked, first a bend-over handspanking and strap on her shorts. Amelia takes her shorts down to display yet another fascinating set of panties from her collection–little beige lace things. Panties down, the usual stunning full-screen bottom, kneel for the strap and handspanking.


6 Sep

F/f; time : 11 minutes

A bit of a series from SPANKINGSARAH. We’re not sure who is the prisoner and who is the keeper, but there is enough spanking to hold our interest.

In this first film, ‘Sarah Bright’  calls on ‘Leia Ann Woods’  at her apartment. Leia is her nifty trim self in  blue top and checked skirt. Sarah grabs her OTK immediately. What is this about–late rant? a lesbian affair? Sarah seems in fact be an escaped prisoner, Leia a former cellmate,  and she is going to hang out here for a few days (and get some spankings in). Maybe their former relationship.

Tolerably entertaining spanking, made much better when Leia is required to strip naked. She remains one of the very best models in the natural state.

(Prisoner #4 M/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Mr. Stern’ calls on Leia, who complains to him that Sarah Bright has found her at this apartment. He will help her to disappear to a new apartment, and for that he wants a little reward–to give her a spanking.

She’ll take this deal and goes OTK, skirt up, purple panties fitted as Ms Woods always does. Leia drops her skirt and panties and kneels on the chair for a paddle. She is docile. Stern wants more. “You don’t mind if I  use the cane?” 25 strokes shown, maybe repeats.

Stern puts her in the corner to admire her bottom. This is in lieu of rent. “Same time next month?”



21 Aug

2M/f; time: 26 minutes

A bit of a series, where ‘Sarah Bright’  seems to be behind in her bills and men come to her rather quaint country cottage to make collection, in various ways. Girls-in-debt make for some entertaining CP films. Late rent leads to many spankings, especially for an ingénue (‘Dorsett Cottage’). For older women and householders, we remember a CALSTAR where the housewife pays for appliance repair with her bottom, another where the TV repairman gets his chance, and a famous CALSTAR where a girl pays off two housepainters with sex and spanking.

Sarah greets the bill collector and  begins seducing him. In an odd editing cut, a blowjob is immediately underway. This guy has a significant case of penis curvature, which must drive the girls wild. A long scene, no money shot.

A second character comes to the door later, the familiar ‘Mr. Stern.’ He’s got his account book, Sarah owes him 750 lbs. “You’re going to get a damn good thrashing, and you’re still going to pay me.” He begins smacking Sarah as she stands. He has brought his paddles. She strips to bra and panties, the same as she was wearing in the first scene, suggesting this is a painful day.

“I will get the money, Just stop.” “How?” Panties down. This film will continue.

House of Correction #20 – SPANKINGSARAH

15 Aug

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford sits in conversation with ‘Mr. Stern.’ She is apparently incarcerated in a house of correction, although she is rather nattily dressed. We wish she were wearing one of those very disposable prison smocks.

Stern is concerned that she is not happy, she is depressed. She admits to being frightened. “It seems like everyone is allowed to do whatever they want to me.” It transpires that ‘Sophie,’ an aggressive prisoner, has been spanking Amelia.

Stern has Amelia summon Sophie, who is also wearing rather odd prison garb, a short party dress with open webbing down the front. Sophie denies spanking Amelia, and the girls fight.

As Amelia watches, a spectator only in this film (resting her bottom),  Stern will cane Sophie. She drops tiny orange panties  and bends over the couch for a conventional caning and handspanking. The film is ‘continued,’ so we’re guessing Stern will find some way to attach some fault to Amelia.