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Amelia Jane Rutherford at STRAND

25 Aug

Some short films we believe are STRAND products.

‘Amelia Spanked’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Amelia is a perfect schoolgirl here, although a bit postgraduate. Pigtails, perfect gray outfit, necktie. She is begging not to be spanked. A woman in a monogrammed blazer takes her OTK, also perfect tight white panties. Is this Hastings-Gore, making a film with Amelia?

Textbook handspanking, knickers down. Background school noise, nice touch.

Jealous Partner – SPANKINGSARAH

20 Jul

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and her male partner have returned from a party, where he was flirting with other girls, and she is angry. She wears green slacks and a tan jersey. They argue, and somehow the husband is clever enough to turn the tables on Amelia, and SHE will be spanked.

He takes her OTK. ”What the hell you doing?” But they’ve been partying and the bedroom adjoins. ”You’re the one who has done something wrong.” Slacks down, white lace panties down, a routine spanking for this shooting day at STRAND. The husband is sitting on a high stool, which show off Ms. Rutherford’s height and Rushmore bottom.

Frisk position with more cautious treatment from a tawse and soft paddle. Lots of implements in this household for the eventualities

Help Me Deal With This Girl – SPANKINGSARAH/STRAND

26 May

2M/f; time: 10 minutes

Sarah Collins, sullen and insolent, is getting a scolding from Mike Stevenson. She is cute as ever in a black top and skirt, with a white blouse untucked. Stevenson takes her OTK, skirt up, black thong, some old scattered bruises. Mostly a lovely clear bottom. He spanks, Cee struggles.

Mr. Stern joins the action. A standing handspanking, bend over again for a tawse. Rather mild from Mike. Thong kicked away. Both men tawse her. Not much here except smoky Ms. Collins.

The Physics Master – STRAND

11 May

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford is a pigtailed schoolgirl here. The set is the familiar Asian room. Hywel plays her physics teacher and confronts her. ”Amelia” has been doing poorly in physics and he has his remedies, time tested. He shows her his ”bucker upper,” a paddle.

She is going to get 24 from the paddle and 24 of the very heavy double strap. Attention to the bottom is proven to focus the mind. Bend over, hands on a neat rustic bench, white panties soon down, strap on the bare. Very nice.

These STRAND films start off with a bare bottom and a girl‘s cries, like the earliest RIGIDEAST films. Amelia is back seated on the bench. A shelf behind her has spanking implements. Next comes a strap in this tutorial session. Amelia faux shock. Palm slaps. ”That hurt worse!”

Hands on the bench for the cane. Hywel announces: ”Regulations…caning always on the bare.” He pulls down her knickers. She counts out about 18 strokes. Usual desperate cries. ”I hate it.” ”You may touch your bottom.” She sits painfully on the bench to work on her physics. Not clear if she is naked.

Camilla Scott at STRAND STUDIOS and affiliates

3 Jan


St. Just’s – Gym Lesson‘ (M/2f; time: 11 minutes) Mr. Nightingale has set up the wooden vaulting horse in tight quarters in the familiar classroom. Molly Malone and Bow wear white gymslips and loose red shorts. Molly flies over the horse easily but Bow can’t.

Nightingale will spank Bow. She bends over the horse. Handspanking first on her shorts. Molly is amused. Nightingale orders her to drop her shorts and seems to help with the buttons. Full white knickers, which don’t last long. Very nice. And red. Nightingale spanks harder. Bow flies up and over the horse so that her legs are out straight, providing up-leg camera angles.

’St. Just’s Academy-Bow Punished at Home 1’ (F/f; time:12 minutes) Little Bow sits on the floor in the sitting room with Sarah Stern. Sarah makes a call to the St. Just’s headmaster and receives a bad report. He can’t use corporal punishment. “I know you’re not allowed, but I will.” Bow laughs about being rude in French class. The Head is sending over some spanking implements.

“You’re under my roof under my care.” Bow, wearing a little girl dress, goes OTK. White knickers come down. That tight little tan bottom. A routine spanking, cute struggle.

Position change. Bow kneels up on the chair. She has gotten her knickers back up. Down again, more handspanking. Camera zooms on her pussy here, unusual shot for her. She is left to display her bottom.

St Just’s Academy-Punished at Home 2 -Teaching Her a Lesson’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Sarah has caught Bow in the big chair, sneaking alcohol. And she has even been rude at school. “I have just been spanked.” “I obviously didn’t spank your hard enough.” Bow’s French teacher has sent over some spanking implements. She wears a red top and green shorts and is very buxom here.

Bow kneels up on the chair and Sarah starts with a harmless flogger. Bow’s shorts or panties read ‘Nice and Sassy.’ Sarah rips down the shorts, but they must come off so that she can spread her knees as wide as possible. Full puss and she is excited.

A mild strapping then, followed by a flat stick, all mild it seems, but there is coloring on her bottom. Rubbing at the fireplace.

St. Just’s Academy- Punished at Home 3 You Get Caned For That‘ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) . Bow Jangles/Kissi/Camilla again sits in the large easy chair, the offense this time is being on her cell phone. She looks so tiny and vulnerable in this large chair. The set is a nicely furnished room. STRAND always does nice sets. Sarah Stern bursts in and takes Bow’s phone away from her and shouts to the other party. “You can listen to something funny.”: She wrestles Bow into the diaper position and begins a colorful but harmless handspanking on her denim shorts.

“Get up and get them off.” Bow stands and Sarah pulls her shorts and white bikini panties down together. Bow tries to get the naughty panties back up. Cute. “Take all your clothes off. I’ve got something for you.” Lovely Camilla strips down to just knee socks while Sarah leaves the set. She returns with a cane. Bow kneels up on the chair, knees wide, and takes about 15 strokes, marking up nicely for her, not always the case. Wide thighs provide views. Her ‘ow-uh’ cries.

Story From St. Just’s Academy’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Bow, candy-haired Molly Malone, and Mr. Nightingale in the well appointed classroom we see often in other productions. The girls wear plaid pinafores and act silly. We should say that Ms. Scott is always something of an actress. Her excuses, protestations, and evasions always entertain. Nightingale is a schoolmaster. The girls fight and blame each other for something, we don’t care what. There are two bottoms to be tended to.

Molly is bent over a desk first. She gets a hard handspanking from Stern, unusual. Hem up, white knickers. Down. Big red bottom. Bow holds her wrists and is just a witness, before the sequel.

Story From St. Just’sNaughty Bow’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Molly Malone goes after Bow for getting her into trouble. Same school uniforms, same classroom. We don’t know if the girls changed their panties. Molly grabs Bow, having been just been spanked herself. She is going to give Bow the same. Handspanking and paddle, knickers down, Camilla is already a bit pink. Ms. Scott is a tiny morsel beside Molly. Malone takes a strap out of her bag and gives Bow palm slaps. They shake hands and hug.

‘Story from St. Just’s’ (F/2f; time: 11 minutes) Bow, here with Darcy Grey and matron Katie Didit. The schoolgirls have come home and deny they were spanked at school. “Stand up and show me your bottoms.” Katie ensures them, if they were spanked at school, they will be spanked at home.

During the bottom inspection both girls don’t hesitate to display shaved frontals. Both bottoms are only mildly pink. Darcy, a big redhead, is taken OTK first. Her big bottom almost swamps Katie. Hairbrush. Bow, bare bottom in the shot, is taken next. Routine but cute. Bottoms to the wall on display. Some more mild hairbrush and frontals


Audition Files’ (F/f; time: 24 minutes)

#4. A good one to start. Sarah Stern will interview Camilla Scott for spanking work. Camilla is 25 years old. ”You look younger.” She claims she has never been spanked for the camera, but she will explain she has had plenty of experience with boyfriends. She likes roleplay, no implements, and no anger spankings.

Sarah will start OTK first. ”I’m lefthanded.” Camilla is asked to face the camera, which she doesn’t do at first. On the skirt first, then skirt up. ”That’s a lovely bottom.” Finally some discomfort. She can rub. Sarah pulls down the knickers. ”Lovely little bottom…my hand is almost as big as your cheek….nice and red.” Some white chafe marks. Thin little thing, very exotic. ”We’ll move on to the next part.”

#5. ”It’s a bit sore,” notes Camilla. Sarah shows a paddle and a different implement, a floppy paddle head about the shape of paperback book on a crop-length handle. Never seen one. Even though her boyfriend is a spanker and she a spanko, she claims to be shy. ”I’ll start with your clothes off.” Camilla strips quickly, one of the best moments in all her films. Her body is a uniform brown walnut, and her boobs are alert headlights.

Sarah starts with a gentle paddling. ”First lady to spank you.” Sarah alternates cheeks. Camilla stands and bends over so Sarah can get better swings. ”That hurts a lot more.” Low shots, Camilla is shaved. Closeups. The long-handled paddle elicits gasps. Standing paddling, long frontal. Hands on head. ”It really hurts.” Sarah is amused and will send this paddle home to her boyfriend. ”Please, no.”

House of Correction #2’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Bow arrives in the kitchen of this house of correction, dragging her suitcase on wheels. She’s had a drug problem and is here to ”sort herself out…it’s going to be horrible.” Katie Didit is there to check her in. Bow is sent to put her things in her room.

Bow reports back. ”This is welcome day, Bow. Strip off.” ”No way!” But Bow quickly assesses her alternatives and strips. Like all good CP models, she pauses hopefully at bra and knickers. But she gets naked. Katie gives her an inspection, great stuff.

Katie has a small spanking trestle right there in the kitchen. Mild handspanking to start. ”Get off me.” Lot of boobs and puss from Ms. Scott here.

House of Correction’ #3’ (F/2f; 16 minutes) Darcey Grey and Bow Jangles have been admitted to the house of correction. They sit at a kitchen table getting to know each other. They will put up with this detention to get it over with. Darcey has a steady boyfriend but is afraid to have sex. Bow just happens to have a condom in her purse, and she uses a banana to show Darcey how to do it..Giggles And matron Katie Didit interrupts.

Bow will be spanked first. Over the kitchen table, skirt up, white knickers, a mild strap. Darcey is amused, not a good idea. Bow takes off her knickers and throws them away. Red bottom, full puss. Tight little bottom.

‘House of Correction #6 (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Bow and Darcey in the familiar sitting room. The girls fight quickly. Darcey spanks Bow, lying flat on the floor. Bow wears cute print bikini panties. Darcey sits straddling her, knickers down.

House of Correction #8’Fighting in the kitchen (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) The girls are in the kitchen, in white tops and pink shorts, which must be the uniform. They are set to work and quickly make a mess. They play-argue. Bow spanks Darcey, they smear icing on each other, and play with kitchen implements. Bow spanks Darcey with a kitchen spatula, shorts and panties down. Sarah Stern interrupts.

House of Correction’ #9 (F/2f; time: 8 minutes) Bow (Camilla) and Darcey Grey in a messy kitchen. Darcey is bare bottom and has just been spanked with Sarah’s floppy paddle/strap. Attention turns to Bow, who still retains her pink shows and top.

Palm slaps first—the girls never like it. And a few cracks at her thighs. Sarah wrestles Bow over what little space there is on the counter. Darcey tries to pull up her knickers in the distraction. Caught. ”What are you doing? Take them off!”

Bow’s thin nifty bottom in position now, paddling on shorts, closeups. Bow takes her shorts down and Sarah wants the panties to go also. Frontals, shaved. 2 bare bottoms in the shot. After this paddling, the girls are put to work bare bottom.

‘House of Correction #10’ (F/2f; time: 9 minutes) Bow Jangles, Darcey, and Katie Didit. The girls sit on a bed, hugging their stuffed animals; they pull down their shorts to show each other their spanked bottoms. Katie catches them doing this. Darcey will be paddled in this episode. Shorts off, kneeling on the bed, head down, hard little muscular bottom, full puss, very erotic. Bow shrinks back in her little way. The closeup on Darcey’s bottom is so well done you can count hairs she missed. Bow next.

‘House of Correction #11’ (F/2f; time: 9 minutes) Darcey Grey, Bow, and Katie. ”Now it’s your turn, Bow.” ”Oh, please….not with that.” (a cane) She hugs her stuffed animal in the little girl persona. Bow pulls down her shorts to show she’s had enough. Katie wants her naked, so Ms. Scott strips, a banner moment in all her films.

All fours on the bed, head down, puss shots and rare, 10 cane strokes. Katie stacks 4 pillows for her and lays on 25 more strokes, snaps, probably some repeats. The most we have seen of Camilla.

Kissi on Holiday’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A completely exterior film, different for our couple. They drive along, and Kissi is yammering and driving Alex Hyde crazy. He wants 5 minutes of silence so he can concentrate on the route. She won’t cease, so he pulls off the road in some wilderness, for, you know what.

Alex drags Kissi out of the car, puts her over the hood, flips up her little housedress, and goes to work on her white knickers. Down they come, a mild struggle.

Out into an open field, Alex gets some heavy wire from the car and uses it as a switch. Kissi grabs her ankles and is not so playful now. Her bare bottom is more pale here in this natural light. The whipping is seen from both facial and bottom views. Her muscular bottom is well marked with small stripes.

‘Kissi is Skiving Off’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Kissi sits again in her submissive pose, being scolded by Alex for her schoolwork. She wears a cute print dress, a good start. She sits in a straight chair, which may have a use. There is a letter from school, which is mostly amusing to her.

Alex puts her over the back of the chair. White panties, old bruises. Alex takes the knickers down and will apply the cane. About 18 strokes, moderate, some repeats , and a few low ones make Kissi squirm. She shifts position and there is a string of at least 40 strokes, too fast to count. And harder. Kissi runs off.

They have reset. Kissi takes 15 more here, quite real, as if the above break angered Alex. Kissi sits on her sore bottom.

‘A Lack of Motivation’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Another homemade project. Kissi plays a college girl working part-time for Alex, who is not happy with her work. Kissi’s little excuses don’t resonate. Alex can fix this.

He grabs Kissi by the ear and puts her over a table and pulls up her dress. ”What are you doing? You’ll get fired for this.” Handspanking on black lace panties, which don’t cover much. Facials and bottom shots mixed. Never tire of Ms. Scott.

“Let’s take these down.” ”Please don’t do that.” Slow and sexy. And harder. Kissi kicks. After a segue, Alex shifts to his belt. Full shot of her bottom. Some mottling now. She begs. But she must come back tomorrow. Nice.

Safety First’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Another of their homemade films. Kissi sits on a couch in one of her one-piece bunny suits. Alex is scolding her for having climbed a ladder and put herself in danger. A spanking is warranted. She unzips the suit and is of course naked underneath.

A cut in the film—she is kneeling on a couch and taking a mild caning. Cute perfect bottom. Another cut for a new position. Kissi faces us, bends over for more of the cane, harder. 12 strokes counted. Cut—over the couch arm for the last. Tears seem weak.

‘Trophy Wife’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Molly Malone plays Bow Jangle’s ’stepmother.’ They sit in headmistress Sarah Stern’s office. Bow is in for detention. Sarah scolds Molly, as a less-than-diligent trophy wife. She has found that spanking the mother has salutary (and vengeful) effects at home. Molly isn’t the first mother to trade her bottom for her daughter.

Skirt up, black lace panties, garters, stockings. Routine spanking over the desk. Knickers down, Bow is listening outside. Molly’s pink bottom starts to match her candy hair.

Trophy Wife 2’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) After stepmother Mrs. Malone’s advisory spanking, Bow is called back in. Her stepmother will improve, ”but we can’t blame all your behavior on her.” ”Yes, we can!” ”You will benefit from a spanking, a short sharp shock.”

Mrs. Malone will spank Bow. ”What? I hate her.” But Bow caves and goes OTK with Molly. A hard and fast start, surprising. ”Ow-a.” Malone takes off jewelry, so as not to cut Bow. ”Hard enough, Headmistress?” Skirt up, Malone adjusts Bow’s knickers to expose more skin. ”You’re whinging.” Knickers down slowly. Bow threatens to tell her Dad, but that usually backfires in CP films.

Malone likes to fondle. Bow is allowed up. Rubbing. No frontals. ”Is that enough, headmistress?”

Trophy Wife 3’ (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Molly Malone, Camilla, and Sarah Stern sit around a teacher’s desk. Bow wears a school smock, Molly Is her stepmother, and Bow is being told that spankings aren’t working for her. Sarah announces she will “have to up the level.”

Here, this means the slipper. Bow reluctantly accepts and bends over the desk, her long hair well down her back. Molly will do the spanking. Full white knickers. Bow has her usual complete tan. A hard slippering. Bow kneels on a chair to display her tight little bottom.

‘Trophy Wife 4’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Sarah Stern is going to show ’mother’ Molly Malone what a spanking is like. Daughter Camilla Scott will be peeking from outside the classroom. After a little debate, Molly takes off her coat, denim cutoff skirt, and white top, down to bra and panties. She bends over Sarah’s desk for a handspanking and strap. Black knickers down.

Molly squirms up to lie flat on the desk for a strap and slipper. Camilla peeks in, wearing a little smock.

Trophy Wife #5 (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Molly, Bow, and headmistress Sarah in the classroom. Little Bow is over the spanking trestle, wearing her house smock and in pigtails. Loose white panties. But Sarah and Molly will spank her. Knickers down. Both women pick up canes. Bow is in a bad spot. The women alternate strokes, on the light side, Molly the hardest. Closeup bottom. As Bow climbs off, Sarah pokes her.

Kirsten and Miss Lina – SPANKINGSARAH

23 Oct

F/f; time: 42 minutes

Not sure of identities here except Kirsten Gould. A long spanking film for her. Lina catches Kirsty lolling, reading magazines. She goes to get her collection of spanking implements. Kirsty is going to get spanked every which way. She accepts her fate and pulls down her jeans. Routine OTK. Lina pulls down Kirsty’s thong. The implements go to work—floppy paddle, slipper, strap, and hairbrush. Kirsty keeps modest throughout.


8 Sep

Adicted to Punishment (F/f; time: 25 minutes) Spelling by the producer. Sarah Stern plays a therapist who will practice some aversion therapy on Amelia to break her addiction to spanking. The first session. Amelia in a black dress, Sarah in a doctor’s white smock. Amelia admits to an attraction to being dominated, and that this trait does not attract the best of men. Produces ”near misses.”

Sarah shows Amelia paddles and straps and she will attempt a negative connection with herself and spanking. OTK for lefty Stern. On dress first, then on yellow panties. ”I don’t like it.” Harder. ”Ow! That’s not how it is in my head.” Strap next, Sarah bunches the panties so that her bottom is bare. Sarah: ”I’m not sure this is working…harder measures.” Amelia is excited.

The cane of course. Amelia sits on a bed in another session. Sarah enters with a cane. Amelia must learn to associate spanking with pain. It hasn’t worked so far. The spanking part was ’interesting.’ Sarah explains that she has been filming caning therapy sessions, which is now illegal in the U.K. Does she sell them?

“I‘m going to do 12….to be absolutely sure.” Hands on the bed headboard. ”You have to take your knickers off.” Sarah will play with her fantasies. 10 slow strokes of the cane, with swoosh feints. ”It’s horrible,” Amelia wails. Not really. ”The staff will be monitoring your behavior for sexualization. We might suggest a sequel where a staffer slips into her room after hours.

‘Amelia Jane Paddled at St. Just’s’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Sarah Stern narrates. She is holding a paddle. She spanked Amelia yesterday, but it didn’t take. She will try again today.

Amelia narrates.She is not too keen about being called back. She wears a white top and blue skirt. She is the mother of a schoolgirl here at St. Just’s and is receiving that particular kind of attention to her own bottom. Her child can stay in school if she takes her own punishment.

Here we go again. Hands on a chair, paddle on her skirt. ”You’re playing tennis with my bottom.” Skirt off, blue lace panties. She stands. Stern wants the knickers ”off!” A little gratuitous frontal flash, just for fun. Bend over again, this time for the martinet. Silly moans, but harder and louder strapping. ”The martin-ez did the trick.”

‘Diva Bride’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) The bedroom set again. Amelia on the bed in her wedding gown, a familiar porn theme which often leads to all sorts of first-time training. Amelia is petulant, already. Hywel shows her a paddle with a gift ribbon. ”What a strange thing.”

Hywel is in his usual T-shirt, and he is not going to the same trainer as Ms. Phillips. He gets her into a kneeling position on the bed. ”Don’t you dare rip my dress.” Knickers down. Silly squeals. OTK on the bed. A lot of noise. Is the paddle working. Amelia lies over pillows for more intense acti

‘The Honeymoon’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Amelia sits on the bed on the familiar bedroom set, on her cell phone. Hywel enters. She is not doing chores and has been rude to the housekeeper. The episode title really means ’the honeymoon is over.’

“You’re going over my knee.” Up on the bed, not the best of angles for the two stationary cameras often used here. A hairbrush brings the usual squeals. Panties down. ”I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She kneels up on her haunches, her signature pose, to complain.

More of the hairbrush, next a strap. Not a lot in this film, except The Bottom.

‘Paying the Penalty’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford is hurriedly preparing her bedroom and herself for a spanking which seems to be scheduled. She wears yellow here, one of her preferred colors. She opens her clothing and lies over the end of the bed.

Hywel enters. It seems her transgression is that she has overbooked spanking shoot assignments for their production company. Rather ironic that a spanking is the penalty for arranging too many spanking shoots. Under her jumper are matching yellow knickers, more of a cantaloupe color. She pulls the knickers down and the strapping begins. Routine but glorious.

Next is a rugbeáter, large enough to cover her whole bottom. We recall reading somewhere that in one of the very first spanking shoots of her career a rugbeater was used and she didn’t like it. She kneels on a stool for the hairbrush. We didn’t see the dog collar until now.

Predatory Secretary – SPANKINGSARAH

11 Aug

M/f; time: 15 minutes

A product of STRAND, although the set appears to be that of ELEGANCE.COM. And we don’t know who the predator is here, Amelia Jane Rutherford or Hywel Phillips. AJR is credited as ‘Summer Angel.’ Amelia plays a secretary and has come to her boss to confess some errors she has made. “I thought you might feel the need to punish me.” This film is filled with dialogue, right through the spankings.

Hywel will punish. “A spanking?” “You haven’t been spanked since Monday.” A humorous cover for a red bottom. OTK, he goes right for it. “Why are you pulling my panties down right from the beginning?” Hard handspanking. He unsnaps her garters which are hurting his hand. “Ooh.” Routine hard spanking, dialogue continuous.

Hywel suggests a “higher level” is needed. “”You’ve seen the cane.” Hywel rubs and fondles. Amelia’s hair is up in this film and seems darker. She rises and bends at the mantel. Her bottom seems very big in this pose, albeit perfect. She will “tolerate 18.” Hard and sharp strokes. Squeals. Pause to rub. She feels the heat and welts on her bottom and asks Hywel to feel it also. Her bottom occupies most of the screen for the full caning.


22 Jan

F/2f; time: 33 minutes

Probably not the title, but surely a STRAND production. The familiar office. Leia Ann Woods and a blonde had been helping themselves petty cash and we’re warned to replace it, but they haven’t. So Miss Lina will take it out in trade, as it were.A long film always a pleasant situation with Ms. Woods in the cast.

The girls seem amused as they are scolded. A deal is made, the clothes start coming off. Leia is quickly down to bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. You can’t take your eyes off of her. Leia keeps going, bra and panties off. Lina starts a mild OTK spanking of Leia on the desk while the blonde strips down in the background. The blonde is spanked next. The two girls have no trouble with frontals as they move about the scene.

The mostly naked girls cough up all the money they’ve got and shiver a bit as Lina shows them the straps coming next. The girls bend over in turn, Leia with her usual locked knees and s.tiff back. Two straps and a floppy paddle. Two bottoms side by side over the desk.

As the girls dress slowly, Lina is happy to tell them there is no hurry paying the money bs k. The girls get it. The spankings will continue.

The Bailiff Calls 2 – SPANKINGSARAH

30 Oct

M/f; time: 10 minutes

Justice on wheels. A male bailiff has called on Sarah Stern in an exterior shoot. He will escort her to a fallen tree branch in a sylvsn scene, bend her over, and cane her there. She is topless, with her slacks at her ankles. The bailiff first assists her in dressing.

It is a lovely Fall setting, cloudy in the British way. Exteriors are rare in CP films, because of the professional expense involved in dealing with light and sound. And maybe the nudity presents a privacy issue. At the tree, Sarah bends over the branch for the caning, first on her slacks and then on the bare. Very nice shots, facial and bottom. After a leisurely frontal, Sarah kneels in front of him for the fade.