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Paying the Penalty – STRAND

8 Sep

M/f; time: 12 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford is hurriedly preparing her bedroom and herself for a spanking which seems to be scheduled. She wears yellow here, one of her preferred colors. She opens her clothing and lies over the end of the bed.

Hywel enters. It seems her transgression is that she has overbooked spanking shoot assignments for their production company. Rather ironic that a spanking is the penalty for arranging too many spanking shoots. Under her jumper are matching yellow knickers, more of a cantaloupe color. She pulls the knickers down and the strapping begins. Routine but glorious.

Next is a rugbeáter, large enough to cover her whole bottom. She kneels on a stool for the hairbrush. We didn’t see the dog collar until now.

Predatory Secretary – SPANKINGSARAH

11 Aug

M/f; time: 15 minutes

A product of STRAND, although the set appears to be that of ELEGANCE.COM. And we don’t know who the predator is here, Amelia Jane Rutherford or Hywel Phillips. AJR is credited as ‘Summer Angel.’ Amelia plays a secretary and has come to her boss to confess some errors she has made. “I thought you might feel the need to punish me.” This film is filled with dialogue, right through the spankings.

Hywel will punish. “A spanking?” “You haven’t been spanked since Monday.” A humorous cover for a red bottom. OTK, he goes right for it. “Why are you pulling my panties down right from the beginning?” Hard handspanking. He unsnaps her garters which are hurting his hand. “Ooh.” Routine hard spanking, dialogue continuous.

Hywel suggests a “higher level” is needed. “”You’ve seen the cane.” Hywel rubs and fondles. Amelia’s hair is up in this film and seems darker. She rises and bends at the mantel. Her bottom seems very big in this pose, albeit perfect. She will “tolerate 18.” Hard and sharp strokes. Squeals. Pause to rub. She feels the heat and welts on her bottom and asks Hywel to feel it also. Her bottom occupies most of the screen for the full caning.


22 Jan

F/2f; time: 33 minutes

Probably not the title, but surely a STRAND production. The familiar office. Leia Ann Woods and a blonde had been helping themselves petty cash and we’re warned to replace it, but they haven’t. So Miss Lina will take it out in trade, as it were.A long film always a pleasant situation with Ms. Woods in the cast.

The girls seem amused as they are scolded. A deal is made, the clothes start coming off. Leia is quickly down to bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. You can’t take your eyes off of her. Leia keeps going, bra and panties off. Lina starts a mild OTK spanking of Leia on the desk while the blonde strips down in the background. The blonde is spanked next. The two girls have no trouble with frontals as they move about the scene.

The mostly naked girls cough up all the money they’ve got and shiver a bit as Lina shows them the straps coming next. The girls bend over in turn, Leia with her usual locked knees and s.tiff back. Two straps and a floppy paddle. Two bottoms side by side over the desk.

As the girls dress slowly, Lina is happy to tell them there is no hurry paying the money bs k. The girls get it. The spankings will continue.

Kissi and the Young Farmer – STRAND

14 Nov

M/f; time: 12 minutes

A farmer catches a young girl trespassing on his property. She has been climbing on his hay bales and treading on his crops. The girl is dressed in short coveralls and does a decent job at being an adolescent. This won’t stop the aggrieved farmer. Nice exterior scenes, expensive for low budgets.

After threatening the police and her parents, he grabs her and bends her over. Handspanking first on her shorts. Coveralls unsnapped and off. The farmer takes off his substantial belt and goes to work on her white lace panties. She reacts reflexively to the sting of each stroke.

Panties down. The whipping continues. The girl struggles to keep from reaching back to cover herself. Nice facial shots are mixed in, with some frontals. A strong spanking for STRAND, we thought.

The Bailiff Calls 2 – SPANKINGSARAH

30 Oct

M/f; time: 10 minutes

Justice on wheels. A male bailiff has called on Sarah Stern in an exterior shoot. He will escort her to a fallen tree branch in a sylvsn scene, bend her over, and cane her there. She is topless, with her slacks at her ankles. The bailiff first assists her in dressing.

It is a lovely Fall setting, cloudy in the British way. Exteriors are rare in CP films, because of the professional expense involved in dealing with light and sound. And maybe the nudity presents a privacy issue. At the tree, Sarah bends over the branch for the caning, first on her slacks and then on the bare. Very nice shots, facial and bottom. After a leisurely frontal, Sarah kneels in front of him for the fade.

Ella Hughes Collected

17 Oct

We collect various appearances by this spanking and adult film actress. One of the most striking to look at.

’Party Girl’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) SPANKINGSARAH. Sarah Stern seems to know what an extraordinary model Ella is. This film is mostly a celebration of her beauty. Sarah has caught her drinking. Ella stands in a lovely flower print party dress.

After a long scolding, Ella pulls the dress over her head. She wears a coordinated bra, panty, and garter set. Sarah wants the bra and panties off, just the garters and stockings to remain. Sarah then has her pull on schoolgirl clothes. Since she acts like a schoolgirl, she will be treated like one.

At the 7 minute mark the spanking finally starts, OTK on a couch. Bare bottom. Pale Irish-like Ella always colors nicely. Even her face blushes. Watch her getting a workout in a sex film.

.’Shoplyfter’ An extravagantly naughty porn site, where young girls are apprehended on the retail floor by store security, taken to a store room, blackmailed into a strip search, then forced to provide blowjobs and raunchy sex over a table, in return for no police report. On some sites, shoplifters get spanked or receive enemas (!). This is straight hardcore sex, and vigorous.

Shoplifting blackmail provides plot for many films. This series is about the best we’ve seen. The pretty girls are all reluctant, and to a girl they  are shocked and appalled at how HUGE the rampant security guard gets. Some of the humiliated models struggle to comply.

Ella Hughes plays a shopper caught. She is visiting from Britain. She gradually hands over her clothes. After just token objection, she gives a sexy textbook blowjob, one of our favorites in all of CP literature— imagine licking a very hard ice cream cone. Then some rousing sex on the table and a money shot.

’Ella at DDF Network’ (M/f; time: 28 minutes) Straightforward BDSM  from stunning Ms. Hughes. She has arranged for a house call from a masseur. The guy arrives with his table and bag. Ella strips naked, always very nice, and lies face down on the set up table.

Through the hole for her face, she spies restraining equipment in the guy’s bag. The guy ties her to the table, no resistance from Ella, and does some spanking. Her bottom rises nicely in this posture. Onto her back, some pussy play then the diaper position. He ties her legs down then paddles the front of her body, up and down.

He has her lubricate a dildo in her mouth, then inserts it. She kneels for more paddle. He must be ready. He forces a BJ on her. He  is almost too big for her. Why isn’t she more enthusiastic here?

We switch to the couch then the floor, where the guy gives her a jolly screwing. Facial money shot.

‘Ellla in the shower’ (2f; time: 6 minutes) ELLAHUGHESOFFCIAL. Ella is naked in a tub with another blond girl. Ella is deadly here, and looks as barely legal as can recall. The two girls will sponge and soap each other front and back, plenty of emphasis on bottoms. Boob rubbing, kissing..  terrific for us redhead fans.

Punishing Police Woman – SPANKINGSARAH

6 Oct

F/2f; time: 50 minutes (4 parts)

An always entertaining premise: a policewoman will exercise her privilege to punish offenders off the books. Lots of girls have taken whuppings in their parlors rather than a trip downtown. Although however, we do like the concrete walls of police department basements.

Sarah Stern plays the policewoman. Lola (Lola Reay) and Lucy (Lucy Lauren) will be caned for drunk driving. They are in their robes, because they are going to be punished naked.

The girls drop their robes and walk naked into the room where the caning will be done, just a simple domestic set. Brunette Lola goes first and bends over a handy trestle. She takes 12 hard and slow strokes from Sarah and marks up significantly, real cane wheals, unusual from STRAND. Lucy gets the same caning, but she develops only stripes in comparison. Girls mark differently.

The naked girls stand and examine each other’s marked bottoms. A nice nudie interlude, front and closeup bottom shots. Lola is called in for a second round, fierce, slow, a lot of closeup rubbing. Lucy is called in next for her second dose.

The film ends with a slow creaming and examination of the two perfect marked up bottoms in closeup. Very erotic.

Selling It All #2 – SPANKINGSARAH

16 Sep

F/f; time: 9 minutes

Ellie May and Sarah Stern. Ellie is caught on her phone, apparently not permitted. “Take all your clothes off, “ Sarah demands. A hot model. Sarah notes that “your bottom is not red anymore,” from the first part of this video. Ellie leans on the British mantel and then a bend over for the paddle.

House of Correction #21 – SPANKINGSARAH

15 Sep

F/f; time: 10 minutes

Katie Didit and Jess, who has been sentenced to two weeks in the house of correction for shoplifting. The setting is the familiar kitchen. Looks like a kind of CP foster care, where the courts send girls to private contractors. Jess is sent up to her room to put away her things, then she returns. There will be an initiation. “Take your clothes off.” “What?” Bad attitude. She is going to get a spanking.

Brunette Jess removes her dress, bra, shoes, and tights. Her jet black hair flows almost to her buttocks. Didit inspects her naked body. Very nice. Didit has a small portable spanking trestle handy there in the kitchen. Handspanking begins. Long and conventional. Jess gets very red. That long hair is nicely managed to avoid interference with the view. She should stay out of the kitchen.

Arrested at School – SPANKINGSARAH

8 Sep

F/f; time: 20 minutes

Not the title. Miss Lina, dressed as an WP, takes two ‘girls’ out of a school to a room which is supposed to be a police station. The school setting comprises a palatial paneled wood central staircase. Nice mansion surroundings. FIRMHAND did a number of colorful schoolgirl spankings at the foot of a staircase similar to this. A lot of staging work for this brief scene.

In the ‘squad room,’ Lina will take Sarah Stern OTK for a routine bare bottom spanking. Strap and cane. We prefer cellars in police stations, where things might happen which are not in the procedure manual.