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Spanking Gurney at SPANKINGSERVER

15 Oct

Producer ‘Peter Schrober,’ at SPANKINGSERVER/PAIN4FEM, had the most inventive paraphernalia in the CP genre, and he worked his pretty models in a variety of poses. We have selected about 10 short films using a sort of bench or gurney, and ‘X’ shaped padded device where a naked girl is strapped down, spread-eagled, ankles, wrists, and small of back, and her buttocks,  elevated with a pillow.

The fastening process is as erotic for us as is the actual punishment. We  commend you to ‘Judicial Canings 1-3,’ longer films by P4F, with a cast and storyline, where the girls must report to bureaucratic authorities, and strip for a humiliating physical examination, peeing in a portable potty, then a ritual fastening and whipping on the frame.

‘Niki Flynn’ (M/f; time: 3:58)) We start off with the international star Ms. Flynn, who seems to have visited the SS studios at least once and made a few films, a long one and a few shorts,  in the formats Schober liked. Here, she quickly climbs onto the padded frame and is strapped down with the Velcro strips. Peter pulls up  her purple dress, pulls down her thong, puts a rolled blanket under her hips (Niki sweetly raises up to assist), and slashes her bottom with a short strap. Her high heels have straps and so survive her kicking until her legs are secured. Her muscular bottom speaks to us in this pose.

When these gurney scenes are filmed from the rear, they are very revealing, and here we may be seeing more of Ms. Flynn than found anywhere in the library. She gasps and squeals through the brief ordeal. Excellent facial and rear shots and marvelous sound recording. Peter gets in a nice feel at the end, and Niki’s bottom is held full screen as she jumps around to put on her thong.

‘Angela’ (MF/f; time: 4 minutes) This pretty blonde struggles and has to be mildly subdued and taped down by Peter and Helen. Helen virtually rips down her panties before Angela’s legs are fastened. Maybe she is a bit mad. Nice. Pillow under hips. Helen does the strapping. Immediate marks. Face and rear shots. Full puss.

‘auburn hair on gurney’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) A pretty auburn-haired girl is already strapped down,  naked except for stockings and heels. Peter uses a thick black paddle and then a fraternity paddle, not the usual cane or strap. This gurney is a little different,  heavier Velcro.

‘brunette gurney’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) A naked brunette flashes frontal then climbs into place. Peter straps her down then selects a cane from the wall. The girls screams from the first. The set is that of the ‘Judicial Canings’ series, with the toilet, the clothes rack, and the assistant’s desk in place.

(blonde)(M/f; time: 3:28) A pretty blonde is already fastened naked on the gurney. Peter is spanking her with a thick black rectangular paddle, which may be made of rubber. Then he switches to a huge wood fraternity paddle, for loud and hard crack which could be faked. Thus only 3 minutes of this.

(blonde) M/f; time: 4:42) Peter fastens a tall thin blonde to the gurney with the Velcro straps,  a process which takes about half of the film. The girl remains dressed, a pink top and kilt. He flips up the kilt, there are no panties. He whales briefly, the girl screams and buck her hips, for what looks like good reason .

‘Jenny Lee’ (M/f; time:3:02) Peter and Helen fasten down one of the blond regulars. They pull her panties down after she is in position, a nice t0uch. Velcro straps, a pillow under her hips, lots of puss always on this platform. Routine strapping, nice facials, she keeps her high heels on. When Jenny is released, she pulls her panties back on.

‘Katty’ (M/f ; time: 3 minutes) A pretty brunette in ponytails and schoolgirl kit is quickly fastened down by both Helen and Peter. Her panties are peeled off her kicking legs before they are anchored. Peter uses a strap, camera up her legs.

‘Lucie’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Another pretty blonde goes over a gurney, this one with a square box in the middle to better stabilize the hips. She takes her own thong down and climbs aboard without urging. Her kilt is so short it does not need to be touched. Peter intimidates in one of his medical smocks. Normal strapping, zoom on her bottom when the thong goes back up.

‘Nicoleta’ (F/f; time: 3:53) Helen does  the whipping this time. Nicoleta struggles just enough to make it interesting.

‘Nicoleta’ (MF/f; time: 4 minutes) Smashing redhead again, this time subdued by Peter and Helen and caned by Peter. He uses a flexible white stick, and mildly, probably the only way he could get this model to spread her thighs again on the gurney. Despite the light strokes, her far buttock is the loser.


22 Sep

A few samples of the use of a bondage table, where the model is strapped down in a kneeling position, bare bottom highest,  with her head thrust through a hole and poking out under the table. the models’ buttocks are pulled tight and muscular. This demonic device is found elsewhere in BDSM literature and often used with more nasty results. ‘Peter Schober,’ despite his anal fixation, is more kind to his models here.

‘brunette’ (6 minutes) Peter and another girl, both wearing white medical smocks,  take a naked brunette out of bed and lead her to the table in the next room. She is fastened and her head thrust through the hole. She gets a wild caning, despite buttocks drawn tight and providing a meager target.

The girl is released from the hole, her arms are stretched over her head and she is strung up while kneeling. Peter whips her bare back.

‘Cabiria’ (3 minutes) A blonde in peasant dress put in place, skirt thrown up, no panties. Peter canes her anus with vertical strokes along the buttocks crack.

‘Carmina’ (2 minutes) Same caning for a girl in a sort of girl scout uniform.

‘Lea’ (3 minutes) A pretty blonde strips off a pink wrap and tosses away angrily, then her pink thong goes. Into position, she struggles a bit. Perfect anal closeup, not a hair.

‘Nichol’ (3 minutes) Blonde in denim skirt, drops her panties.

‘Sandra’ (3 minutes) Brunette removes denim shorts, strong anal closeups.



18 Sep

We’d submit that ELITEPAIN/SPANKINGSERVER had the most creative spanking devices, professionally manufactured, and not found in any fetish catalogues we have seen. We collected a few films using the pillory.

It is a chest or waist  high device, with holes for the neck and wrists, and hinged to open to accept the victim . It is just high enough that most girls can lock their knees for straightened legs. Or their feet are positioned for e Pugh back that bending the knees under duress is uncomfortable. The lower pillory satisfies a cinematic need, in that it plumps the bottom and allows good views between the thighs

These films are all between three and four minutes long. Either ‘Peter Schober’  or ‘Helen’ will march the girl to the platform, strip her bottom bare or more, put her in the stocks, then whip, strap, or paddle her. The usual perfect and gorgeous models, and the punishment is not so severe as to change the rest of their day.

‘Adriana’ (4 minutes) A blonde; Peter drags her to the pillory, she takes off her panties herself, she is put in the pillory, Peter flips up her dress. He uses s stiff strap–she twists and surge between strokes. Closeups between her legs, common in all these films. Schober likes this shot.

‘Andy Pets’ (4 minutes) A pretty brunette is brought to the platform. She quickly strips off a flower print dress and a matching thong. Nicely tanned body except for thong lines. In the pillory, Peter whips her with a heavy strap. Closeups, better facials here. Nice red marks on her minimal white skin.

‘Bridget B.’ (F/f; time: 2 minutes) Helen brings a blonde to the pillory, helps her off with her white silk robe so that she is naked, fastens her in, and whips her with a strap. Revealing shots, very brief. Bridget is one of those models tall enough that she has to bend knees.

‘Kathy’ ( 3 minutes) Helen helps a brunette remove her bustier and thong so that she is naked. Into the pillory, Helen uses a long thin strap. Nice puss. Red bottom.

‘Kelly’ (3 minutes) P4F regular Kelly strips off her peasant blouse and skirt and Peter fastens her in. The scene is a straw-strewn ‘barn’ set. Peter also wears the agrarian garb. He whips her then releases her.

‘Kitty’ (F/f; 3 minutes) A tall blonde must strip off her evening dress and is fastened in place by Helen. Strandard strapping.

‘Lucie’ (3 minutes) Helen drags a pigtailed blonde to the pillory. The girl takes down her pink panties herself, and Helen fastens her and uses a long thin strap. Loud. Sweet facials.

‘Lucky’ (3 minutes) A pretty blonde strips off her top and thong and Peters fastens her naked into the pillory. He uses a strap. She’s got a full body tan except for thong lines, where Peter leaves red traces.

‘Nikoletta’ (3 minutes) The blonde wears the peasant dress costume. Peter fastens her into the pillory and flips up her dress. She has dropped her panties before Peter took hold of her. Routine strapping, red bottom.

‘Shannon’ (4 minutes) Peter and Helen escort a redhead to the pillory, where she drops her shift. Stunning body. Peter straps her. An unusual vertical tramp stamp tattoo. P4F made a number of films with Shannon.

‘Tiffany’ (F/f; time: 2 minutes) Helen drags a pretty blonde to the stocks. The girl strips naked very quickly, is fastened, and Helen straps her. squeals.

‘Valentine Rush’ (3 minutes) Peter fastens an exotic frosted brunette into the pillory. He pulls down her shorts then straps her. When she is released and redresses, nice frontals.

‘auburn girl'(4 minutes) A big aurburn-haired girl strips off her shift and is fastened into the pillory by Peter.  Tattoos. He uses a cane and makes some stripes.

The Spy – PAIN4FEM plus some short films

3 Jan

MF/f; time:42 minutes
Actress ‘Niki Flynn’ paid visits to several of the major CP film producers to combine her distinct talents with the modality of the particular producer. Here, she made one long film with SPANKINGSERVER/PAIN4FEM and ‘Peter Schober,’ plus some shorts, most of which we have found and reviewed below. This longer film is just plain excellent.

Most of the production from this company comes in short, consumable, Internet form. This is the longer form, our preference. Niki resides in a house with Peter and his personal sidekick ‘Helen,’ Schober’s wife and co-founder. Both of them wear Fascist-style uniforms. Peter receives a phone call, apparently implicating Niki as a spy.

Peter gets his Luger pistol and they drag Niki out of bed in her nightgown. The film is in German. Niki is American but will not need any dialogue, just emotion. She is taken to a room with straw strewn about, a silly excuse for the ‘woodshed.’ As you would do with any nubile female spy, you spank them until they confess.

OTK first, shift up, no panties–this girl sleeps with no panties. Niki obligingly spreads her legs. Maybe she was asked, we don’t know the language. The next phase, Niki sits in a chair and her hands are tied behind her back. Peter threatens with his pistol. The action is marginally corny and melodramatic, but we do have plot and story, and the certainty that Ms. Flynn will do her thing. Niki is then strung up to the ceiling. Her shift is ripped off and Peter whips her. Ms. Flynn has always excelled on the end of a rope. P4F exploits it and plays a long, writhing scene.

After a FADE, Niki has been left naked in this ‘barn.’ Peter and Helen return and tie her down on her stomach on the bench, Russian style. Her bottom and back are still red. Peter straps her bottom. Zoom on her twitching, full screen.

She is released for the next punishment. Niki is naked longer in this film than most. Another FADE, she is awakened after sleeping on the bench, still naked, her shift shredded. This time, Peter and Helen tie her bent over a table, wrists and ankles. They keep tormenting her, much to our pleasure. She gets the cane here, 30 strokes, facials and various angles, a lot of gasping, and we do not detect any repeats. Welts and stripes from the previous spankings have accrued. This is a vigorous caning–her far buttock tells the tale. Peter tries to act menacing by grunting as he strokes.

And some shorts found at ‘SpankingServer.’

The Rugbeater (M/f; time: 3 minutes) ‘Peter Schober’ pulls Niki off a couch, has her pull her panties down, and spanks her with a rug beater. She turns red quickly, gives us plenty to imagine between her legs, and puts up a sweet fuss. Longer hair in these short films, grown back in from the LUPUS period.

‘Schoolgirl OTK’  (M/f; time: 3 minutes)  Niki sits at a formal school desk, suitable for a church sanctuary. Peter is instructing her, becomes incensed, positions a chair, and grabs her OTK for a bare-bottom spanking, moderate in power and conventional enough, except that Niki is one of the better squawking strugglers in the spanking business.

‘Whipped Back’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Niki and Peter are dressed in peasant garb. He drags her into a sort of tackroom, straw covered floor. He pulls off her blouse. She is not wearing a bra. He pulls wrist cuffs on her  and strings her up to a spreader bar.

Peter then lashes her bare back for a short interval. Schober has always featured unusual spankings and whippings to any and every part of the body, and Ms. Flynn obliges here. She does a wonderful job of looking absolutely terrified.


12 Feb

We hope was have been clear in any number of reviews. ‘Peter Schober’ at SPANKINGSERVER produced the most inventive and erotic spanking situations.

‘Debbie’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) One of the great erotic themes. Blond Debbie is strung up naked, and wrapped in Saran wrap. He whips her, first cutting the wrap away from her bottom and gradually peeling it down.

‘Tiffany’ (M/f; time: 58 minutes) Webmaster ‘Peter Schober’ has fun with a brassy Vegas-type showgirl blonde, who has surely done a major dye job on her hair, if you could find any other hair to compare it to.

He will whip and torment Tiffany in six episodes. In the first scene, he gets out of a recreational vehicle, handcuffs Tiffany’s wrists to the roof rack. and flogs her front, bra off, dramatic stuff. The SpankingServer-related sites have always featured frontal whipping.

In the second episode, Tiffany is sweeping up in a wrecked industrial building, the kind of set BDSM producers covet. She is in a skimpy little outfit and heels. Not exactly work clothes. Peter takes the broom away from her, she looked quite uncomfortable with it anyway, puts a dog collar around her neck, and fastens her bending over to metal frames.

He flips up her tiny skirt–no panties. He uses a martinet on this lovely target—then a thin stick. Closeups.

Third, in the bright sunlight, Tiffany gambols in a deadly bikini and heels, the girl was born to be configured for this. Peter cuffs her wrists behind her back and crops her bottom. Bikini bottom off, top flipped up, she stumbles around trying to avoid his lash and birches.

Next, more celebration of Tiffany’s body. She has been strung up between two posts in the shed mentioned above, lingerie top and bikini bottoms. Peter teases her with a whip and martinet and works off the little wisps of clothing she wears.

The camera does find the thinnest landing strip between her legs.

More; Tiffany climbs onto a flatbed trailer in another tiny bikini. Peter climbs up and joins her, whipping her with a strap. Pussy shots. He walks her by the hand to another venue, bikini off for the tawse and a wooden spoon. She lies down for the whip, front and back.

And last, Tiffany is naked, handcuffed to a captain’s chair, knees spread, blindfolded, and gagged, a very entertaining BDSM pose, especially now that we know her so well. Plenty of front for Peter to slap with a crop.

Two girls’ (F/f; time: 2 minutes) A unusual film for SPANKINGSERVER. Two tall and gorgeous blondes, showgirl types, totally naked, and totally shaved. Peter Schober will watch as the girls play ‘horse’ to see who will spank who. One girl kneels and the  other girl stands over her, straddling, and paddles her vertically. Not hard but colorful.

SpankingServer Previews

28 Aug

time: 35 minutes

12 segments in this collection, of frequently identified actresses going through their little punishments the Pain4Fem way.

(1) A blonde’s wrists are fastened between two goal posts, facing us. Producer ‘Peter Schober’ unfastens and drops the top of her dress and flogs her breasts. He likes to do that in his films.

(2) A brunette on the gurney P4F uses, with appendages for arms and legs, and space for the camera to get between the victim’s legs. Peter and the blond domina in uniform, a pad under the naked girl’s hips, full exposure. Peter straps her.

(3) Actress ‘Patricia,’ a thin brunette, is fastened to a ladder-like ‘A’ frame and given the martinet on her bare back by the domina.

(4) ‘Bridget B.’ an almost perfect blond model, is fastened to a waist-high horizontal bar by her wrists and flogged on her bare back by another hot blonde. Both girls were just little red lace boy shorts. Plenty of eve-candy in this segment.

(5) ‘Lea’ in top and panties, starts by doing a handstand. She is then hauled up by ropes already attached to her ankles until she hangs suspended. Peter removes her panties by pulling them UP and takes her top DOWN. He whips her in this position before letting her down.

(6) ‘Jenny M,’ hands over her bra and panties to the domina, kneels on a couch, and is paddled.

(7) Blond ‘Lucky’ is hustled over a spanking bench by Peter and the domina. The bench has an elevated kneeling position and then a tilted surface for the girl to lean on, the result being her bottom is the highest part of her body. Peter pulls her thong off, fastens her wrists and ankles, and uses a synthetic cane, mildly but very colorful.

(8) ‘Tiffany’ in naughty lingerie. Thong off, she bends over a platform onto her elbows. Knees wide, full puss. Lace stockings, transparent top open in the back like a hospital gown. High heels. Sexy details from P4F, and one of the better lingerie sets we have seen in CP films.

(9) ‘Kitty,’ a blonde, struggles as she is led to a whipping post. Her wrists are cuffed and fastened high on the post, her back to us. The domina flogs her.

(10) ‘Hannah’ is forced onto the platform which holds the horizontal waist-high bar. Peter fastens her wrists, facing us, so we know what he is going to do. He takes her top off and flogs her boobs.

(11) A domestic setting, not the CP theater. A woman strips down a younger girl’s panties and she bends over for the strap.

(12) Another gurney scene–a struggling brunette is flogged on this most clever device.

Best of SpankingServer – PAIN4FEM

27 Aug

Time: 43 minutes

Twelve short self-contained segments from PAIN4FEM films. Producer ‘Peter Schober’ and the blonde domina who often appears with him are in some of the films. P4F’s penchant for kinky severity and demonic settings are evident here.

(1) A pretty blonde, dressed in peasant clothing, strips to the waist, her cuffed wrists are attached to hanging chains. Spread, she gets the martinet on her back. Rear and facial shots. Most of the whippings in this collection are mild to moderate.

(2) The blond domina strips a brunette to the waist, strings her up to a log ‘A’ frame, and flogs her bare back. P4F takes some trouble to have interesting furniture and accoutrements in their scenes.

(3) The domina canes a pretty brunette over a chair, 15 strokes on the bare. She has already been spanked. The buttocks are often not the target in these shorties.

(4) A brunette domina muscles a blonde (actress ‘Kelly,’ who specializes in being topless), unbuttons the top of her peasant dress (no bra), cuffs her and strings her to ceiling chains, for the martinet on her back.

(5) A completely naked girl (infrequent here) is cuffed to the ceiling and whipped with what could be called a bull’s pizzle by a blonde.

(6) Peter and his domina assistant wrestle down the dress of a brunette; they fasten her to a large wood frame, which she gets a very large martinet on her bare back.

(7) A brunette strips off her bra and panties and Peter S. fastens her over a trestle; another blonde, in skimpy bra and panties, as if she is next, joins and they both strap the girl.

(8) The domina strips a familiar P4F model to the waist, cuffs her to ceiling chains, and uses the martinet on her bare back.

(9) A trestle set up in a rustic exterior scene. A peasant girl is led out, fastened to the trestle, skirt up, bloomer untied and opened up, martinet on the bare bottom.

(10) Peter S. fastens a brunette flat on a punishment table-Russian style. Pad under her hips to elevate them, wrists and ankles manacled, he straps her buttocks.

(11) Another peasant girl drops her shift, is fastened over a trestle, and strapped.

(12) Peter S. wrestles a small brunette onto a Singapore-like wood frame. We whips her bare back, very good facials.

Pussy Whippings – SPANKINGSERVER

24 Feb

56 minutes;

Just what the title says; Peter Schober will  flog the pussies of 20 girls in short 2-3 minute sessions, done on the sets they have used in a number of films. The girls are all classy professional-like. The whippings are repetitive and not in our fantasy file, but we loved the settings and the acting, which we address here.

1. Nicholetta, a gorgeous smirky redhead, hands over her thong and slides into position on Peter’s gyno table. Peter and his ‘nurse’ are in medical duds. She wails at the first stroke of the tawse/ strap on her shaved vagina, and it looks like it hurt like hell.

2. Institutional: Peter in uniform w/epalettes;  a girl is fastened spread-eagled to posts; her pussy covered by a small towel, which Peter ceremoniously removes and whips the exposed puss. Screams, jerks, great facials.

3. A redhead has to remove her panties and lie back on the board for Peter to fasten her legs onto the posts into  the diaper position, bolster under her bottom. Screams and facials.

4. A stunning pigtailed blonde (you have to wonder where they get these girls) hands over her panties and slides into the same position as the redhead above. We study the girl’s innocent beauty while Peter cuffs her ankles. She positions her legs like she has done this before and grabs and holds the bolster. Same shocked facials and cries.

5. A sophisticated redhead, dressed as if on the way to a cocktail party,  comes to the whipping board, hands over her panties and climbs on. She is flogged in the same way.

6. A tall blonde, in pink bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings, is forcibly brought to the bench by guards Peter and his female blond assistant. She is fastened in a minimal struggle and takes her pussy flogging.

7. Some variation; a blonde is already fastened diaper-like to the table posts, her bottom elevated and held in position by a leather-like back support wedge. Peter snaps at her pussy with a riding crop this time. He circles and strikes without warning. The frightened blonde watches him hover and tries to anticipate, for all the good it does. She can’t move an inch.

8. The pretty pigtailed blonde returns, fetching in an orange sleeveless top and micro black skirt. She hands Peter her panties and lies back on the table/bench. She wears string-like web stockings and spike-heels, very sexy. She would stop traffic anywhere. Peter fastens her and teases with a martinet before the whipping occurs.

9. Spankingserver’s ‘Kelly,’ always a treat, hands her panties to the female assistant, lies back into position, gets her hips into position, and takes her pussy whipping. She might actually be glad that, today, her bottom is not the focus of the film.

10. ‘Hannah,’  long jet-black braided hair, is urged to the gyno table, takes off her robe, then hands over her bra and panties and lies back, naked but for stockings on the table with its back raised. There has been no full nudity until this point. She struggles through the same flogging.

11.Brunette fastened into the diaper position, wearing a rucked-up nightshirt, a nifty hand towel covering her pussy; Peter in his epalette shirt removes the towel and does his flogging.

12. Peter takes the time to cuff and fasten another brunette to the table platform; panties already gone; the furniture wedge holds her pussy in position for the flogging.

13. Blonde ‘Jenny’ walks onto the gyno talble set, smug look, long terrycloth robe. Robe off, she wears a two piece lingaree set;  she strips off the panties, hands them over, and climbs onto the table, without hesitation, but casting some disgusted glances. Feet into stirrups. Peter, in his medical smock, flogs her pussy. This posture permits simultaneous facials.

14. Buxom blonde ‘Sarah,’  also in the blue robe and a lingaree set, strips down and climbs onto the table for the same flogging. Neat little mohawk strip left behind as a directional arrow.

15. Glamourous runway blonde ‘Sara Sanchez’  brought to the bench by Peter and his female assistant. They spend film to cuff and position her, because she is beautiful enough to hold your attention. Fastened into the diaper position. the wedge bolster is used this time under her hips for the flogging.

16. Blonde ‘Lucia,’ also in a scandalous lingaree set, white w/stockings, hands over her panties and climbs onto the gyno table.

17. Tall brunette ‘Daniela,’ undie set, robe off, onto the gyno table for her flogging. She, like almost all the girls, casts Peter an angry and petulant look as she gathers her clothes and leaves.

18.Brunette ‘Keira’ is urged with some force to the gyno table. She hands over a mid-length lime silk robe and removes a black bra and panty set, and climbs onto the table, naked but for black net stockings. (All the girls wear heels).

19. Short haired blonde ‘Sara’ removes a mini-skirt, hands Peter her thong, and climbs onto the table. she has been spanked recently. She retains her eyeglasses, a sexy touch.

20. Still another ‘Sara’ hands her robe to Peter’s female assistant, removes both her light green bra and thong-panties, and takes her place on the gyno table naked, for the same.

“Trestles and Benches” – SPANKINGSERVER

3 Dec

This fantastic website makes short films of bizarre and severe whipping scenes with some of the most glamorous models you can find. The ritual procedures are detailed and realistic, and we are grateful that the punishments themselves are moderate enough for the girl to return another day.

‘At a Trestle’ (M/f; 6 minutes) A pretty brunette is marched in front of an aluminum trestle device. she removes her pink skirt and thong and bends over the trestle without a struggle. Site producer ‘Peter Schober’ lays on 15 cane strokes, which ripen as her bottom is held in closeup. Peter rubs between strokes. She is not strapped down, but jiggles and remains in place.

‘Over the X-Frame’ (M/f; 4 minutes) Here we have a sort of gurney-like knee-high X-frame, a primitive version of which we first saw at ‘Raven Hill.’ A very pretty blonde takes her position on the frame fully clothed. face down, arms and legs spread out on the bars, Velcro straps at her wrists, back, knees, and ankles.

Peter flips up her short plaid skirt; she wears no panties. Total view od her ladyhood afforded by this device. Peter uses a heavy strap. Her bottom jerks at the heavy restraints on each stroke. In just four minutes she learns a life’s lesson in this erotic little gem.