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They’re Both to Blame – STINGINTHETAIL

6 Oct

MF/2f; time: 31 minutes

A film marketed in two parts by SIT. ‘Miss Jones’ and the ‘CEO’ review the performance of two female employees, ‘Fiona’ and ‘Davinia,’ who have made a series of mistakes, costing the company money and embarrassment. The CEO is played by an SIT regular whose identity has been elusive for us. We have described him as having a ‘George Washington’ hairstyle.

The girls are summoned and scolded. Redhead Fiona will be spanked first. She resembles a young Susan Sarandon (anybody ever given her a good spanking?). The CEO takes her OTK in the conference room. Denim skirt up, flower print panties, he spanks on skin. Loud and well filmed. When her apology is insincere: “It’s time those knickers came down.” She is mostly shaved. Miss Jones takes over the spanking.

The CEO takes over again. Fiona bend over the table and gets a large leather paddle. He alternates cheeks to make it sting more. She counts out 24. Touch toes for more. When she dresses, she has no modesty remaining.

Davina enters, the actress ‘Nicky Montford.’ She too is taken OTK, and as usual with her, she can carry on conventional dialogue while being spanked. Skirt up,  she is wearing sexy transparent web-patterned pantyhose. Down they come, print panties. Seems she is being spanked a little harder. Bruising.

Over the table, she gets a leather sole. Little yelps. The CEO works her b0ttom and thighs. Up on a chair for a tawse and the big paddle. Some skin pops. She is sent back to her office. She must keep her skirt up so everyone can see.

An Extra Gym Lesson – STINGINTHETAIL

26 Sep

F/2f; year: 2005; time: 21 minutes

A school headmistress type is disappointed with two of her students for being disruptive and not putting effort into gym class. One of those students is ‘Nicky Montford,’ so we are encouraged that this teacher will be inspired to turn on the heat. And this is not a bad nominee for one of the better naked PT films. The set appears to be one used by STRICTLYENGLISH for many films.

The Head is going to run a private gym class for the girls. First the girls must jog in place. Poor job. Their skirts must come off. Then they jog again, but with hands on their head, and the Head slaps the pantied bottoms with a paddle. Touch toes, more paddling. Nicky keeps smiling, surely at the dialogue and because nothing is even approaching her threshold.

Now, one of the more interesting CP poses. One girl kneels on all fours and the other kneels over her, perpendicular. Two bottoms accessible, and the Head paddles them both, hard.

Now Nicky earns her fee. She takes 12 very hard cane strokes on her panties, the cane is changed, then 12 more, including some on the thighs. Some reflexive quivering. Panties off for both girls. Jumping jacks, bare bottom, frontals.

The Head straps and canes Nicky’s palms. And now Nicky’s blond friend gets the cane, bending over athletically, palms on the floor, 12 strokes and she really marks up quickly, and quivers. The film ends with a bottom inspection of the two girl in the frisk position at the wall. The blonde is really banged up for such a short session.


One Errror Too Many – STINGINTHETAIL

27 Feb

M/f; time: 22 minutes; year: 2006
The male disciplinarian with the George Washington hairstyle and ‘Nicky Montfort.’He seems to be her boss, and Nicky confronts him wearing an evening dress. In an improbable setting for a boss and employee, a sitting room, he confronts her with “a catalogue of catastrophes…you’re going to get the thrashing of your life.”

After brief scolding, he takes her OTK, pulls up the dress to expose black panties. As usual, Nicky is docile and submissive. A standard spanking to begin,except that ‘George’ pays unusual attention to her thighs.

Nicky bends over the couch, down come her panties, and now the guy uses a Spencer paddle, large enough to cover both buttocks. And he hits hard. After this session, Nicky sits bare bottom on the leather couch. We gave a little shiver on her behalf. Without help she gets into the diaper position for a handspanking.

More scolding. Nicky kneels on the couch for the crop. She stands again, for more of the crop and handspanking. She is a compliant soul. The guy takes his time and fondles her bottom, part of the experience fOr Nicky.

Now comes the cane for this famously brave actress. The first batch of 12 in the bend-over position. There are repeats. The guy switches sides to spread these very hard strokes to the other buttock–3 more.

Nicky next assumes a pose she excels in with her long tall frame. Dress gone, naked, she moves toward the fireplace and grasps an overhead beam, spreading her legs. More caning, in sets of three, the guy switching sides to alternate cheeks. Again, he pays off usual attention to her thighs. Nicky may be one of the few models who can tolerate this.

After some rubbing, she is allowed to put her evening dress back on, but she must leave her panties behind.

A Lesson From Miss Evans – STINGINTHETAIL

25 Feb

F/2f; year: 2001; time: 1 hr 2 minutes

The standard format schoolgirl spanking story, but still satisfying. Two girls, in gray pinafore, tie, blouse, knee socks (knickers to be determined), fidget outside ‘Miss Evans’ office. They get the courage to knock and are called in. How many hallway scenes have we seen like this?

The girls are directed to sit at clunky school desks in Evans’ office, while she recites the offenses which have been forwarded to her. Evans is an older ‘matron’ type, wearing an academic cap, a mortar board. Brunette ‘Louise’ and blond ‘Jane’ are going to get what they’re told is “extra coaching.” We know what that means, but the girls pretend not to.

We’ll be having a spelling bee; the penalty for failure we know. The most colorful depiction of this storyline we recall well, a very early “Blushes” film, ‘Detention Room,’ where errant students have to pin up their skirts, drop their knickers, and take strokes from ageplay older gentlemen as they miss test questions.

Jane can’t spell ‘atrocious,’ but Louise can. Jane, a thin and striking blonde, is taken OTK, skirt up, sky-blue full knickers, for a brief spanking. Louise fails on ‘disgusting,’ but Jane gets it, so Louise get her OTK on white polka dot panties. The spankings are moderate, slow, and ritualistic.

The girls keep missing and the spankings escalate. Miss Evans takes the panties down. Both girls have to bend over their desks for a large leather paddle.

“You’re going to have to have a final punishment…the cane.” The girls are directed to take off their pinafores. Janes bends over first. “Now you can pull your panties down.” She counts out 12 moderate strokes.

Louise is next and pulls her knickers down without request. “Take them off.” 12 strokes for her too. But Evans is not satisfied and so not finished. She gives each girl 12 more strokes, and then still another “six of the best.” A total of 30 for each girl, hard enough to leave some reminder for later.

A Good Dressing Down – STINGINTHETAIL

5 Feb

2F/2f; time: 42 minutes

Two pretty blond apartment mates will be squabbling over clothes and things girls do to each other. ‘Jane,’ wearing the most minimal black bra and little panties, primps at a vanity mirror and is trying to get dressed. Her best dress, worth 500 pds, is missing.

“Maria,” she calls. The actress ‘Elena’ plays Maria. You can see the girls are the same size, so there will be a closet problem in this house. Maria wore the dress and sent it to the dry cleaner. Jane is angry, and we are happy. Any film with Elena will have action.

Maria agrees and takes a slow, firm handspanking. Skirt up, excellent facials as always for her, sexy struggling. Maria pulls her own knickers down. Maria drops her skirt too, and she will confidently display her fuzzy front off and on for the rest of the film. After all, it’s just us girls.

She kneels on the bed, head low, bottom high. Moderate paddle and strap. Bend over the vanity stool, more leisurely frontals. Scolding from Jane. Top off, no bra, garter belt and stockings off, trim and pink little Maria will be naked for the remaining 30 minutes of the film.

Bend-over, palms on the floor (athletic!) for the cane–almost 30 moderate strokes shown. Is she showing some excitement, between her legs? Maria lies on the bed, pillow under her hips, a great pose for this model. 6 more strokes. She raises up, doubles up the pillow for firm support, even a better pose. “Twenty-four more.” “Twenty-four?” Maria counts them.

The worm turns. Suddenly Maria reminds Jane she has her diamond ring, “worth twice what the dress is.” Now Jane will be spanked. Panties down, over the bed for a strap. Maria still has no knickers on–plenty to see as the spankings progress. Twenty light strokes of the cane, over the vanity stool for 25 more. Despite the mild intensity, her bottom marks impressively.

The girls compare and fondle each others’ bottoms. Maybe they don’t need boyfriends.

Teacher Taught Again Part 2 – STINGINTHETAIL

5 May

M/f; year: 2001; time: 26 minutes

‘Dawn Deacon’ plays teacher ‘Miss Taylor,’ and she is again afoul of the headmaster, who we have described as having the ‘George Washington’ haircut. She is over his desk, skirt up, her bottom is already red, and she is about to get the cane. She can’t help giggling, perhaps because she got a look at this actor when he came out of thw wardrobe department.

“let’s have this bottom up in the air…a brief sixer.” A mild 6. He has her spell “Contrite,’ and he lays out 8 more strokes. He retrieves his tawse from the umbrella stand. “Take your knickers down, Miss Taylor.” Over the desk again–it is all very ritualized. “Two dozen,” she must count out. She is allowed to rub, then “Take your knickers right off.”

Taylor stands at the wall, and the headmaster makes her roll her skirt up even higher, nice humiliation. Ready for the cane. Hands on a chair, six strokes counted backwards, she won’t apologize, so six more. The half-ass apology is not good enough, so 12 more–“bend over, hands on the floor.” These are counted backwards also, and they are getting harder.

The headmaster has Taylor bend so he can examine his work–it is quite pornographic. Frontal flash as she dresses, he smacks her a few more times, and she can’t resist giggling just a little bit.

Teacher Taught 1 – STINGINTHETAIL

30 Mar


Dawn Deacon, brave actress from StingInTheTail;  she plays a teacher, “Miss Taylor.” She is confronted by the headmaster, an actor with a hairstyle reminiscent of George Washington portraits. Taylor has allowed 24 pounds to disappear from the school petty cash she oversees. The Head is not going to renew her contract. “You can’t do that…there must be some other way around this.” Then Taylor suggests, “If a pupil was caught, what would happen to them?”

The Head explains what we can guess–the pupil would be given a severe caning. “Can’t you do that to me?” After a contemplative moment, the Head wants Taylor to punish the students who worked the fund with her, and HE will discipline her. It starts immediately.

He starts her OTK, spanking on her skirt, then he raises the skirt and pulls her panties down. Hands on the chair, tawse on the bare.

But we have just started. The Head sends Taylor to the school matron to be issued a school uniform, put it on, and report to his office. “But….I’m not a schoolgirl.”

She returns in uniform. (You have to figure the school supply matron has figured out the Head’s game.) OTK again, white knickers, some palm slaps, then more spanking, panties down. Hands on the chair, 24 with a strap, which she counts. The tawse, and finally the cane.

Taylor’s bare bottom held full-screen; four sets of six;  various angles–hands-on-chair, touch toes, kneeling on a chair bending over its back. Taylor refuses to apologize for the money–she didn’t do it. “Resume your position.”  The Head will keep caning until Taylor relents. He gets 12 more strokes before the Head is satisfied with her tone.