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19 Apr

Time: 50 minutes

A collection of 10 short episodes, mostly about hypodermic injections, in the buttocks of course, which is what they do at STONEFOX, any which way. There were no titles here, none necessary. STONEFOX has always been fun for us; awful acting, stiff production techniques often with poor angles on the big moments, but always pretty girls and  very naughty stories about young ladies who get what they deserve from the demonic doctor.

In some of these stories, the girls seem to be in some disciplinary status where spankings are connected to the various antibiotic injections. In others, student nurses practice on each other, an abundant theme in amateur fetish and bdsm fiction. ‘Doctor Fish’  prowls, his surgical mask helping to muffle his acting.

In the first segment, a pretty brunette in just surgical gown and panties will get an injection, and then an enema. The hypodermic needles used in all these episodes are wicked–big, long, with a large fluid vial which requires a plunger. Hot stuff. The girl squeals. “It stings.” We won’t see an enema. Too bad.

In the second story, a girl has been caught in an Eastern country in possession of pornography. She must strip (“It’s cold in here.”) and wait naked for a nurse, who is going to give her an antibiotic injection. She must put on a prison dress and appear before a magistrate tomorrow. Each of these stories refers to more action not shown. Fodder for story writers.

A naughty and insouciant daughter gets an injection from Dr. Fish. “And you’re going to have your bottom spanked.” An OTK scene. STONEFOX was never  good at developing any excitement in these scenes. Fish may have been good with the needle and speculum, but not as a spanker. The injection is very good.

Another injection scene, then two episodes among student nurses, practicing the anal thing, some hilarity. In one, the nurse jabs the needle from maybe 12″ away, as if she is testing baked bread or throwing darts. “Ouch. Yeow.”

An anal examination, closeup of the insertion of a speculum. The pretty brunette gasps, with good reason, from our vantage point, a good one. This is some kind of punishment. “Stand fully naked at the wall. When I return, I’m going to give you a strapping with the belt.” Another nurse does the injection.

Dr. Fish is instructing a novice nurse, and the young girl whose bottom is on the gurney is none too happy about this training. “That’s a pretty huge needle.” “It has to be.” This is a school admittance physical, so the young thing must take it all. She gets two shots here.

Another girl will take the needle rather than have her husband called. A strapping is scheduled. We can imagine what could happen to her at home. Calling Ed Lee at NUWEST.

And last, and older girl, naked on the gurney, screams the loudest when she gets the needle. The nurse then orders her nose to the wall to wait for the doctor. “How long is that going to be?”

Shoplifter – STONEFOX

2 May

2M/f; Year: 2013; time: 18 minutes

Another droll and clunky film from STONEFOX; thing is, happily, you always know where they are headed.

A brunette steals cosmetics at a store;  she is stopped in the parking lot, where a smarmy young guard has the power to handcuff her and take her away, we soon learn, to the “Moral Welfare Department.”

She is brought to a strange little room, not much more than a corner of a storeroom somewhere. On a column hangs an old-fashioned enema clyster can. The young guard searches her–he could have gone slower and been more through. He then handcuffs her to the column to wait. STONEFOX has made some attempt to simulate medical setups, but not here.

Dr. Fish enters, comically in his full medical garb, mask and all. He will continue the search of her person–we know what that means. But first, he wants a strip search. She is released so she can undress. “I want to go home.” She pulls her dress over her head–Fish wonders why she is not wearing a bra. Shoes off, each item is examined. Then she hands over her beige bikini panties, with a murmured “I don’t want to.”

She’s naked. Fish has her bend over a simple table and spread her buttocks. Rubber gloves on, Fish applies the lube and gives her a jabbing finger. She jumps. “You’ll be going home after you’ve had a chat with the Moral Welfare Officer.” But now, “I’m going to give you an enema.”

The guard fills the very dated clyster. She bends again. Fish lubes and inserts the nozzle, very quickly. She jumps again, quite reflexively. Fish releases the fluid–this part of the film is not as graphic as STONFOX can be, but we enjoyed her naked predicament.

They have her expel into a very old fashioned bedpan, on a bench right in front of them. She is not arguing any more. She is allowed to dress. A female moral welfare officer comes in and tells her she is to be given a physical examination and 10 strokes from a leather strap.

The Devil’s in Sarah – STONEFOX

19 Jan

M/f; year: 2000; time: 20 minutes

A bit disappointing from STONEFOX, who has made some nice spanking/enema films, featuring sweetly reluctant girls who will do what the doctor orders.

This film features ‘Sarah’ in full nun’s habit, being disciplined by a priest, in full monk’s hooded robe. Sarah is praying on her knees in front of a rugged cross in a room which is nothing more than a set with sheets pinned up on the walls. Getting spanked in the workroom is probably appropriate.

The monk enters and demands confession from Sarah. She claims to have seen the Mother Superior and another nun having sex. The Father isn’t having any of this and will whip these thoughts out of her head. “How long has it been since you’ve had the strap?”

Sarah pulls up her habit and is not wearing any panties, must be too hot there. Fuzzy puss. The monk has a big strap but the spanking is mild and disappointing. This is just a costume drama.

Punished in Soiled Panties – STONEFOX

14 Aug

M/f; time: 53 minutes

STONEFOX combines the erotic elements of corporal punishment, enema discipline, doctors in masks and smocks, tubes and tables, etc. We’ve commented on a few entertaining films.

Two Asian actors; the guy comes home to a girl, who appears to be wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform, his wife? girlfriend? Whoever she is, he is in charge. He finds soiled panties on the couch. She displays classic perfect Asian embarrassment.

“Do you know what happens to girls who leave their dirty panties around?…serious disciplinary treatment…are you ready?” He takes her OTK for a brief and almost playful spanking. He wants to know what caused the stains. He wants “special purification…internal cleansing.” He can’t get the girl to admit she knows what “internal cleansing” means.

“Do you merit an enema?” He forces her to say, and repeat, until she gets the words right: “I need an enema.” There follow some rather complicated exterior scenes, at least for a CP film, where the couple drives to a store, enter, shop the aisles, and select a laxative and Fleet enema. A portable video camera follows them from the parking lot through the checkout.

Back home, the girl has to prepare things and finds latex gloves for the guy. Pants off, she kneels on the couch and the guy inserts the Fleet; acceptable detail, not the best. The girl has to stand on the fireplace hearth, bare-bottom, while the Fleet does its work, an entertaining part of the film.

After a run to the toilet, the girl takes off most of her clothes, the guy prepares the traditional rubber enema bag. In the bedroom, she takes off her undershirt and is naked. He inserts the nozzle and holds the bag up by hand. Some nude posing before she is allowed to head for the bathroom.

“You know what to expect the next time.”

Alexa’s Physical Exam – STONEFOX

29 Mar

M/f; time: 61 minutes

An enema film; Stonefox made some anal-oriented, medical sex-fetish movies. We sampled just this one. The cinematography has an amateur, voyeuristic feel which conveys the impression you have looked in on a young lady’s personal and private tribulations.

Blond ‘Alexa Fredericks’ wakes, gets out of bed, and takes a shower. The camera is in the bathroom with her, but the shower curtain is pulled! She dresses carefully–she has a doctor’s appointment today.

Dissolve to the doctor’s waiting room. Alexa sits demurely. ‘Dr. Fish’  comes out to greet her. He wears a surgical gown, mask, and cap, so that he is unrecognizable, and not a little comical. (You’d dress like this too if you made one of these films. No one would know you unless you opened your mouth at Starbucks.)

Fish tries to seem severe. “You’re a little late.” When she sits on the examining table, Fish reminds Alexa that she also missed an appointment last week. She was chicken, she admits. This is not a good start with someone who is going to be sticking something up your ass in a few minutes. She has had “abdominal pains” and will be getting “a couple of enemas.” But she didn’t clean herself out in preparation. “I did that last week.” “That isn’t going to do us any good, is it?”

After some brief probing by Fish, she is sent to undress behind a screen. “Take everything off.” We can watch from the side, although in poor light. “I hate these.” Alexa says of the hospital gown which is letting her bottom peek at us. She is cute and nervous as she awaits the inevitable. Stethoscope, blood pressure, ears, but then, “On your stomach.”

She has never had her temperature taken rectally. “It is a little embarrassing, isn’t it?” “Slightly.” Urine sample in the bathroom; back on the table, legs in stirrups for a vaginal exam.

Fish rolls the enema bag trolley into position.  Alexa lies on her side, Fish lubes a gloved finger and prepares her anus. Slow insertion of the enema tube. Alexa rolls onto her stomach, mostly, we figure, to accent the swell of her glorious buttocks.

After Alexa makes her first trip to the bathroom she hears: “One is not going to be enough.” During the second enema, Alexa gets a little augmentative. Not a good thing, so Fish fills her to the max and has to walk her with the trolley to the bathroom. She is not happy about his joining her.

As Alexa dresses to leave, the doctor scolds her for her behavior. “There are other ways to solve these problems. You’re going to be spanked.” OTK. Alexa has to remove her clothes again, from the waist down. After an average spanking (not the forte of this company), she is left bare-bottomed in the corner, which probably doesn’t attract much attenstion in this office.


Punished In Paris – STONEFOX

21 Jun

F/f; year: 2011; time: 35 minutes

An intense little oeuvre from the ‘Hydromadam’ series; where enemas are mixed with good spanking, and with emphasis on the hindquarters. We guess that downloading provides the only access to the Hydromadam works at Stonefox.

‘Naughty Alli,’ a dmininuitve cute dark-skinned girl creeps into a Paris apartment, having stayed out all night partying. She calls a friend, the sun has risen. “I’m still drunk.” She undresses for bed, down to white panties and bra.

When she enters her bedroom, the Madame awaits her, holding a hairbrush. “Here you are in Paris….to get culture….not drinking, dancing, and boys! Those tattoos.”

“You’re going to pay for it with your behind.” The madame/guardian slaps the hairbrush in her palm. Alli is taken OTK on a loveseat and the madame starts a handspanking on the well-fitted polka dot panties. Down they come. “How old are you now?” “Nineteen.” (we got that little item out of the way.) Cute facials–Alli stares mournfully toward the camera. the long-handled brush stings. Alli scrambles around the room.

“I have something to prepare for you….to clean you out after last night.” While Alli pulls at her buttocks to see what damage has been done, there is the sound of water running in the bathroom.

We see the madame filling a classic red rubber enema bag. “Four quarts of what will set her straight.” She tests a long black nozzle in the tub, “for that tight little asshole.” (The hydromadam is getting herself and the rest of us quite worked up.) Bag hooked to the shower rod, all so sexy, she returns to Alli in the bedroom. “Before we begin,” she pulls a kitchen spoon kept handy in the bedside table for a mild spanking on the bed. Alli’s face reflected in the floor mirror. And, she has a rectal thermometer, which she is inserts slowly and carefully, spreading Alli’s cheeks. She checks the temperature and does it again! “Relax…stop tightening up…suck it in.”

“You got your spanking….now, a nice warm enema, a nozzle up your behind…there are punishment enemas, you don’t want to experience that.”

Alli removes her bra and the camera follows her bottom as she walks  into the bathroom and eyes the red bag. The hydromadam takes sadistic pleasure in showing her the 8″ nozzle. “We will manage to get it up that tight little asshole of yours.”

The madame revels in enema talk and shows the bag, hose, and clamp. She explains:  a “punishment enema” would involve cold water in a direct spray, not the sprinkle from this nozzle.

Alli is getting nervous. “But…but…I have to pee.” After the obligatory Stonefox urinating scene, the madame takes Alli OTK  on the toilet seat, carefully lubes the black nozzle, then slowly inserts it Alli’s anus, to her moans and shudders.

Then CLICK , the pressure device on the hose, melodramatically loud, is released. The madame reaches under Alli to feel her abdomen. “Are you nervous?…I see your legs shaking…a little bit more.”

Madame starts and stops the flow a few times. Alli looks mournfully at the camera. “Very good. We may have to do this again!” The madame teases the nozzle out slowly, then plop! “Oofa.” Alli is made to stand and show her distended tummy, bent over in her discomfort.

“Are you ready to expell all that?” Alli sits on the toilet. “This is embarrassing.”

Later that evening Alli is seen sneaking out of the apartment again. Maybe there is a sequel where she learns what the cold water feels like.