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8 Aug

TIME: 56 minutes

A collection of film clips of sensational STRICTLYENGLISH models, all with wet bottoms.

Tiffany Jones-Tiffany Jones Trilogy part 2

Birchington Manor–Elizabeth Simpson and Rebecca Jordan

Lucy Bailey – The House

Suzi Martell – Asking For It

Stephanie in Strictly Private Investigation

and: long views of Birchington Manor from a different camera. The girls in a tub.





6 Jul

Archival stuff resurrected by STRICTLYENGLISH and released serially on their on-line ‘spanking channel’ collections.

Spanking Channel #3: Sandy Cameron canes a brunette in this episode 5.

Spanking Channel #4: ‘James,’ or ‘Sean,’ or ‘Sandy Cameron’ is dealing with a pretty brunette ‘Angela’ in his office. He is a cook and makes a bet with her–he will make paella and if it works he gets to spank her and if it doesn’t, he takes her to a fancy restaurant. She is well aware he wants at her pants.

Dissolve to Sean’s house. ‘Yasmin’ seems to be living with him; she has been eating his paella ingredients and so he calls Angela that he lost the bet.

Spanking Channel #5: Sean is eating alone at a restaurant. He is remembering the days when he spanked Maria when SHE was his lodger. Flashback to a spanking scene with her, getting her bare bottom smacked. You would presume these “lodgers” don’t pay much rent. After he puts her in the corner, as these British guys like to do, he gets another crack at her when she is caught pulling her panties up.

Back to reality in the pub, Sean returns home where ‘Maddie’ (Yasmin) is waiting for him. She seems to be itching for a spanking. He leaves for bed. “You know Sean, if you want to give a girl a good spanking you should just grab her and just do it.” Sean is intrigued and makes note.

FADE to Maria, now ‘lodging’ with Charlie. The guys switched bottoms. She is trying on some sexy clothing she received by post, a naughty maid’s outfit. Charlie returns and the outfit has its effect. OTK she goes.

A later episode: Sean catches Maria smoking in his house and will now take her advice to grab and go for it. She reminds him of what she said. OTK, some diaper position, and kneeling.


15 Aug

M/2f; time: 36 minutes
More early STRICTLYENGLISH; the producers were very good at formulaic schoolgirl spankings in this era. CALSTAR got a bit more daring, and a number of British producers spanked harder.

Two schoolgirls wait in the hall. Headmaster ‘James Cameron’ arrives; the girls are bickering about who caused this problem. Cameron calls to the brunette first. “You, in here!” The girls were fighting, but he knows she was not the culprit. OTK, white panties, a floor mirror is positioned to catch her face. Hands-on-chair for the strap.

The blond girl is sent in next. Same spanking with the mirror. She gets a round leather paddle.

Sent outside, the girls start fighting again. more to this film.


11 Aug

F/f; time: 60 minutes
‘Suzi Martell’ and ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ as ‘Chantel’ in an unimaginative STRICTLYENGLISH production; both girls look a bit traveled in this film.

The girls discuss spanking; Sarah knows all about it with her boyfriend, Suzi wants to try. Sarah takes her OTK, panties down, Suzi begins to dress.

Up the stairs to the bedroom they go, Suzi carrying a golf-bag shaped package of “surprises,” long thin rattan ones we expect. In the bedroom, the canes, straps, and slipper are pulled out and displayed.

Long scenes of the girls spanking and cavorting with each other on the bed, detail uninteresting.


10 Aug

MF/f; time: 51 minutes
Suzi Martell has returned to her old headmaster for what we have referred to for other films with this plot as a ‘disciplinary tune-up.’ She has come back to her old school for some spanking. There are flashbacks of her being spanked at school–Ms. Martell does not play the schoolgirl so well. And this will not be your most imaginative STRICTLYENGLISH film.

The lucky headmaster tells Suzi that now, this discipline must be much more severe than it was in her schoolgirl days. Suzi has permission from her husband, she changes into schoolgirl kit–white panties, white pleated skirt, and team T-shirt. The Head lays out his collection of implements.

OTK first, panties down; then bend over a table for a tawse and plastic ruler. Suzi’s bottom has become fully red and mottled with colors. The cane comes next–two testing strokes, then six bent over the table with one cane and six touching toes with the other.

When left alone, Suzi jiggles her bottom, rubbing against the desk. The Head catches her and tells her this discipline so far has not worked. “I haven’t been severe enough.” Another cane; Suzi urinates bent-over–the film is getting weird. She is sent to the bathroom to wash out her knickers and put them on again.

A brief enema scene with a blue plastic bulb bottle; she next stands spread-eagled over a chair and tinkles into a plastic bowl.

Flat on a table for more cane with a heavy senior cane. Tears. She walks around the Head’s office with no pants on, using the corner of a desk to pleasure herself.

Spanked Secretaries 1 – Antonia STRICTLYENGLISH

9 Aug

M/f; time: 57 minutes; year: 2005
One of the favorites of ours from STRICTLYENGLISH, featuring ‘Richard Anderson’ of FIRMHAND fame, but especially showcasing the acting of ‘Leia Ann Woods,’ whose style here certainly demonstrated how her CP film career would blossom.

‘Guy’ has brought his employee Leia to his house for the weekend, ostensibly to discuss his company’s five-year plan and her career. He also has some complaints about her–her aggressive efficiency has created some friction among the staff. He wants an apology from her now and for her to apologize publically to his employees. Her dark brunette eyes dart in defiance–no way will she do it.

He is going to spank her; Leia seems to suggest that her boyfriend has refused to spank her. “Do what you want. I don’t care.” Leia is nicely dressed in blue blouse, dark skirt, stockings, and heels. “Lift your skirt.” Lacy red panties. Ms. Woods’ silent and fierce defiance adds to the eroticism. She is amused and mildly contemptuous of all this. You just want Anderson to turn up the juice to see if he can break her.

They are finished for the day. She is staying for the weekend and goes to bed. What does she think will happen? Guy knocks on her bedroom door, bursts in and continues the spanking with a paddle and slipper. She lies on the bed in panties. “Tomorrow we’re going shopping.” Leia looks at her red bottom in the full-length mirror.

Next day, they return from shopping with a bag of spanking implements. He begins spanking with them, laid out before her. In the kitchen, he gets out a wooden spoon. She drops her panties but continues a stare which says “Is that all you’ve got?”

She is wrapped in a towel in the bathroom. He intrudes again, and begins spanking with a long-handled bath brush. A mirror reflects her face.

Another interruption, back in the bedroom again, she must drop her robe and is naked. Ms. Woods has a thin natural body, of course with the right hips for this work. And maddening freckles scattered about.

Leia bends over the bed, breasts hang, legs wide, the most exposed yet. Stubborn, stubborn. Will she crack? After some spanking, Guy leaves her to get his cane. He wooshes it as he returns. “This isn’t something we went shopping for, it’s something I have in the house.” “May I ask why?”

First six strokes– yelps but no apology. Guy is finished for today. Leia goes to bed naked.

Next day, Leia has dressed. She has brought a change of clothes. The caning will continue. She bends over a table, thong down, her bottom still red from overnight. This caning is longer, varied angles, and repeats–over 35 strokes, some rapid-fire. Ms. Woods knows the glory of keeping her knees locked and her bottom thrust out. After a break–12 more strokes.

Leia, in breathy tones” “Let me know when you have given me as many as I deserve…give me six more.”

“You win, Antonia…you don’t have to stay tonight.” “Go? Why would I want to go?”

FADE. The couple is relaxing, apparently post-coital. Sexy Leia says, “You should be more careful what sites go searching on at work.” She found her spanking dream.


8 Aug

F/f; Time: 16 minutes
Rosaleen Young is not often found with other CP stars in films; she went mostly her own way. In this short film, found in ‘Spanking Channel #5,’ she appears with SE’s ‘Suzi Martell’ and some short scenes of her own. She is crawling on the floor, playing with a photogenic and cooperative cat, managing to show her panties at every turn. Hair in ribbons, gingham dress, her little-girl look.

OTK with Suzi, tight jeans she does well. Suzi’s boobs are bare as she spanks.

Another scene, Suzi has Rosaleen bare bottom in the diaper position. Ms. Young generally avoided the more provocative poses. Lots of nude posibng here.

A nice bathtub scene, sudsy glossy wet bottom and some infrequent fuzz.

Amelia Jane Rutherford Volume #1 – STRICTLYENGLISH

4 Aug

YEAR: 2006
One of ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’s’ first videos at STRICTLYENGLISH, although by 2006 Ms. Rutherford is quite comfortable dropping her pants before the camera.

She is giddily preparing for her “first” audition, picking through her clothes and conversing with the female camera operator. She looks very young here, in pigtails, not far from her GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL days.

‘Screen Test 1’: Downstairs, ‘Sir Richard’ spanks her OTK on her white panties, tight and curvy. They discuss spanking safe-words, red, green, and amber. And spanking talk, Amelia learns to say “on the bare bottom, sir.”

Hands-on-couch, Richard prompts her on how to stick out her bottom. She could teach the class. Kneel on the couch, knees wide.

Another scene–drop skirt; Amelia is very cute here, all disheveled. OTK, panties down slowly, some teasing frontals.

She wiggles her bottom up the stairs, very happy with her first audition.

‘Amelia Jane and the Tutor’ begins here. We have reviewed the serialized film elsewhere here.


2 Aug

Serialized adventures, in short segments, of 4 schoolgirls in detention for smoking, from the “archives.” Simple, formulaic stuff from STRICTLYENGLISH’S early days. Familiar faces, making films some of the actresses called ‘schoolies.’

Spanking Channel #3 Part 2: It is brunette ‘Veronica’s’ turn to be spanked as the other three girls watch. “Stop ‘ow-ing'” says the disciplinarian.

Spanking Channel #4 Part 3: After Veronica gets up from her spanking, it is ‘Bridgett’s’ turn. She claims never to have been spanked before. Skirt up, white panties down, he whales away. “I can spank a lot harder than this.” Next girl.

Spanking Channel #5 Part 4: Annabelle, a pigtailed blonde, is the fourth girl to be spanked. She will be spanked until she admits her offenses. That usually works in CP films. Panties down, she is rather salty about the whole thing.

Spanking Channel #6 Part 5: Annabelle continues, bent over for the tawse; the shortest brunette of the group over a chair for the cane.

Spanking Channel #6 Part 6: A blonde gets her dose, much more difficult. Panties down, hands on a chair for the birch and then the cane.

Her Fantasies-Amelia Jane Rutherford -STRICTLYENGLISH

22 Jun

year: 2008; time: 20 minutes

The accomplished CP  actress narrates: she is going to make a spanking film and has been preparing; “I have been shopping…I  don’t know exactly what we are doing today.” Amelia wears shorter curly hair here; she shows us what she has bought, including underwear which cost “fifty pounds.” she undresses and dresses on-screen–the usual wonderful buttocks shots. “Ah. I wish I had bigger breasts….oh, well!” She puts on a scandalously short skirt, top, and zip knee boots.

Downstairs, she interviews with an actor we’ve seen in some of her films. “You’re asking for a spanking….you’re dressed for the part…..last time we were just testing you.” Great coy and innocent facials during this conversation. The guy thought she enjoyed herself last time, so he wants to know her secret fantasies. “How do you know I have any fantasies?”

He grabs her OTK over the couch, not much of a struggle. “I  want your fantasies.” “I don’t want to.”  White satin panties, elegantly tight. He gives her 12 hard smacks, and if she doesn’t confide, the panties come down. (This is probably one of her fantasies, as it is ours).

Panties down, that high bottom soars on the guy’s lap. “I need your fantasies so we can play them on film.” She sits on her haunches on the floor, knickers at her knees, a pose well suited to her lithe body. More OTK, panties down, then is she sent upstairs to change for her ‘second fantasy.’