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Spanking in Beverly Hills – SHADOWLANE

17 Oct

year: 1991; time: 44 minutes


Adult porn star Tanya Fox;  adult film aficionados know better than us that Tanya Fox moved from hardcore to BDSM in the early 1990’s, where they could feature her voluptuous bottom. This Eve Howard production is a silly affair but for that butt. We’ve seen Ms. Fox give and take playful spankings in several films. Only in a NuWest exercise have we seen her tested, Here we have the pretext of two Beverly Hills boutique girls being disciplined by their boss, who also has a decided interest in the bodies of her employees.

Miss Antone warns then spanks both Avalon and ‘Miss Fox.’ The OTK spanking and some paddling are mild, ineffectual, and mostly boring, except of course for Miss Fox, which is why we bought these seats. She is great with the little dialogue. When she is first told a spanking is in order: “You’ve got to be kidding.” After the second offense: “What did I tell you was going to happen this time?” She remembers (gulp): “Bare bottom.” And it is clear the production crew knew this was the big moment. Tanya’s panties unsnap at the crotch, which Miss Antone deflty solves.

In a later spanking, when Miss Antone has switched to several paddles, Tanya’s on-the-lap unveiling is difficult to overpraise and would be worthy of slow motion replay. That jiggle!

The Duchess – CALSTAR

26 Feb

F/2f;  year: 1993; time: 45 minutes

One of Tanya Fox’s last performances in  CP, at least according to websites on her films. She is in her cute black pageboy hair period here. She takes an impressive set of spankings, so presumably she took some time off afterward. She plays ‘Veronica,’  a sort of college girl applying to ‘the Duchess’ for a maid’s job. She is an American in England and so has some idea about local and regional punishment techniques. Even before she starts work, she gets into an argument about how she will treat the Duchess’ antiques. It is clear the Duchess is angling for a shot at her bottom, which is OK with us.

Throughout this film, Tanya comes up with funny lines which couldn’t have been scripted. In addition to  her other assets, she is sufficiently experienced as an actress to be given free reign. Soon the Duchess takes exception to her attitude and grabs her OTK. “What do you think you are doing?” a cry Tanya loves to utter in her films. She gives in. “OK, fine. If I take the spanking, do I get the job?” We’ve said before, this particular bottom wiggling over a lap makes a high point in the genre, and she knows it. She has been described as a minx.

She is sent to get the Duchess’  paddle. “But…it looks so severe.” She is spanked on bare cheeks, panties bunched. She squirms, but she is experienced. The Duchess implies this will be part of the job. “You mean this will continue?” Down come her panties. Then the best line in the video: “Why did you take my knickers down…as you call them?”

Next she is sent for the slapper-paddle, and she must keep her panties at her knees. After some spanking with this, she is sent for the cane. “I’ve heard about it. It’s quite severe, isn’t it? From what I have heard it is the worst.” Nice to imagine Veronica chatting with friends about what the cane feels like. She takes one “test” stroke, then 5 bent over, then about 17 touching her toes grabbing her puddled panties. She has been caned before, we all know, because she asks “Please move (the strokes) around a bit.” We get a glimpse of a piece of jewelry in a private place. Baby lotion on that national treasure bottom, which will need a few weeks’ rest.

The Duchess is going to interview another candidate. Veronica thought that after the price she paid she had the job. Shelly is daek blonde and Veronica is intrigued. The Duchess: “Would you like to live in?” Veronica reports Shelly spilled valuable perfume in the Duchess’ powder room, providing the actionable event we need. “I want payment now!” “Spanking? Isn’t that old-fashioned?” She is spanked on the couch, panties bunched. Veronica holds her down. She squawks. From Veronica’s past: “Maybe we should gag her.” Some paddling then cold cream. Veronica gets her fingers where they should go.

Veronica shows Shelly the results of the cane on her own bottom and they decide Shelly should get caned. Veronica does the dramatic rolling-up-of-the-sleeves and lays on about 25 strokes. “Real English full bodied strokes, shall we?” Very effective. Tanya never fails.


Naughty Tanya – SHADOWLANE

11 Feb

MF/f; year: 1990; time: 38 minutes

Tanya Fox on display again. The credits say: “All spankings certified genuine by the American Institute of Spankology.” We wonder if this school gives extension courses?

Tanya plays a bored housewife and mother who has run away to a Hollywood B&D club to become a mistress. Her husband Ralph finds her and resorts to spanking her when all else fails; Ralph gets her OTK, not exactly a struggle; Tanya’s in her short dark hair phase; he works her black cocktail dress up to expose black panties, stockings, and garter belt. “I think your panties need to come down.”

Ms. Fox is 25 years old in this video, per her biography. Her extraordinary bottom is kept on display by the expert and experienced SL crew, credited as Tony Elka an$d producer/owner Eve Howard. Ralph’s handspanking seems routine, but Tanya has colored and splotched a lot. She stands, turns,and twists for us, a lovely thatch of ’90’s hair framed by garters.

Stephanie Locke plays the head Mistress in the club and is not happy Tanya has taken such a ferocious spanking from her husband. So it is down to her dungeon and more for Tanya, who is now wearing a blue teddy and high heels. Stephanie starts her with clothes pins on her nipples–note that Tanya doesn’t even flinch. More spankings for Tanya–closeups of her bottom–can her husband really have done that damage?

In the best moment of the film, Tany strips off the teddy and is nude–high hard breasts, tight muscular stomach, and those hips! Tanya surely spent plenty of time tending her volatile figure at this point in her career. In homage to the B&D aspect of this film, Tanya is roped between her legs, her wrists are attached to a high collar;  she is fitted with a tight bamboo corset; and then spanked, cropped, whipped, etc. Nipples tweaked. Mild but entertaining stuff because of Tanya, and sexy comeuppance for this “impertinent minx,” the perfect description of her found on the video cover.

Spoiled Rotten – SHADOWLANE

8 Feb

M/f; year: 1992; time: 44 minutes

Rambunctious actress Tanya Fox loses her pants several times in this light-hearted romp, another portrayal of her ‘Veronica Van Allen’ character at Shadowlane. Here she is under the supervision of the family chauffeur, actor Keith Jones, and teases him to distraction, which in our world means a spanking.

He drives, cooks, and manages her finances and schedule for her, and by the end of the film will be providing other services. When Veronica objects to the frozen TV dinner he serves her,  it is the last straw and he takes her OTK.  “What are you doing?” she wails, a little giggle mixed into her voice, and not the finest acting we have seen from her. Ms. Fox wears a little black dress and has short black hair at this stage. Skirt up, he concentrates on her famous bottom.

When Keith threatens to tell Veronica’s father about her behavior, she caves, and now clearly Keith will be able to do whatever he wants.

New scene: fancy Ms. Allen is taken shopping in the family Rolls, but she misses the rendezvous for pick up. Keith finds her later in the pool at the mansion, drags her out, giving us a good view of that body, those hips, in a wet bathing suit. “Meet me in the master bedroom!”

In the bedroom, Veronica has dressed. Keith explains how dangerous it was for her to come home alone. “Take that sweater off.” In a sports top and tights, she presents a formidable challenge for any spanker. OTK in a silly but cute struggle, tights down, white panties begging. He lets her up. “Get that hairbrush.” “What for?” she asks, in that practiced tone she does so well, setting up snd ensuring our desire to see her get the what-for. 

Back OTK, he pulls those panties down, the big moment in all her films. When he starts in with the hairbrush: “Are you laughing?” At the conclusion of this moderate session, she jumps up and flashes her front, quite embarrassed.

In yet another scene–there have been several set changes in this well-crafted story–Veronica plays billiards in yet another outfit. Pool tables in CP films usually mean business. Keith arrives and chases Veronica around a table with a big strap. He gets her to bend over the table for a few smacks. “Stand up. Take that dress off.” Veronica wears matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Very chic. Panties down over the table, another box-cover photo moment.

Keith begins with a floppy strap. “Puleese….can’t we work this out?” Twelve with the strap–she stands with another presentation of her fuzz. She runs off, but Keith calls her back to take her panties with her, just the gusture Shadowlane and producer Eve Howard covet.

Pale Bottom, Needs Color – METRO FETISH DREAMS

1 Aug

3f; 3f;  time: 52 minutes

Two unrelated lesbian soft porn segments, unremarkable but for the appearance of adult actress Tanya Fox in the second part. Ms. Fox’ particular contribution to the genre comes in the bottom department, not only because it is an extraordinary sight to see, but for what she was capable of doing with it and what she allowed others to do with it. See her filmography for yourself. She made films with numerous producers, mostly hardcore, so that spanking films were probably a respite for her.

We know of films with Shadowlane, CalStar, and NuWest, and we’ll edit this post if we find more. In part two of this compilation, tantalizingly titled ‘Spank #16,’ actresses jog through the neighborhood in little shorts which could probably get them arrested, then return to an apartment and collapse into two-way lesbian games.

Tanya is the first to strip naked, her nude wiggling almost overwhelming us before anything else has happened. She has short dark hair in this period of her career, sweetly conventional, and a nifty little Mohawk. We rummage our files to find an adult actress more pristinely glamorous, who could tolerate such a scene, every mole and freckle, every crevice and fold, on presentation here, as she squirms with a blond friend.

The third jogger gives us a shower show after her jogging, then joins to spank Tanya, just because that bottom needs to be spanked. The girls swap around, spank, fondle, masturbate. Tanya’s diaper pose, legs splayed, arms thrown back, is the most maximized presentation imaginable. Even her armpits are tantalizing.  We try to imagine the self-confidence needed to do such a scene.