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30 Mar

1.Reunion (F/f; time: 30 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sarah Gregory renew an old college lesbian relationship. They meet, a lot of talk, waiting for the action. The girls sip wine and strip to bra and panties. The lesbian play begins.

Sarah will spank Amelia first, of course. Mild stuff, a lot of fondling. Mild paddling on the knickers. Into the diaper position for more paddling. Girls are in bra and panties. Bras off. Sarah has really gotten big. The girls are having fun. Sarah takes Amelia’s panties down, ever so slowly. Amelia kneels on the couch. Sarah uses a large leather Spencer strap. There is that large bruise Amelia carries, putting this film in 2020 or so. Slow motion. Amelia is naked but for nylons.

2. Baby Wheelbarrowed (F/f; time: 10 minutes) A reasonably aggressive depiction of the wheelbarrow position. ’Baby’ is hot blonde Britney Light. Juliette will spank her in some lesbian play. Baby gets naked, a marvelous bottom and figure. OTK first, a mild start. A bit of prying and probing.

They move to the wheelbarrow position, smoothly, surely rehearsed. Some producers have to fade out to convert the models. And we noticed, the couch where the spanking is happening is pulled out from the wall, ensuring the quintessential over-the-shoulder shots. Spanking, probing, very explicit and well done.

Sarah Gregory comes on the scene. She was just ”relieving stress” in spanking Baby. She is still devoted to Sarah. Clear what can be done about this.

Mistress Tara’s Family School – BLEUVISIONS

15 Mar

F/f; year: 1998; time: 43 minutes

Subtitled ’Sassy Schoolgirl.’ From a producer we don’t know. A pretty blond schoolgirl is caught masturbating on CCTV and must report to the headmistress. The model is Cindy Ireland. She is inspected, gets her face slapped, and the headmistress smells smoke on her breath. Very good intimidation. ”Fifteen” strokes seem warranted.

CIndy picks a paddle out of an array. OTK, paddle on white knickers. Hard enough spanking to be encouraging. Headmistress does to the knickers. She rakes with her fingernails. ”You must be a lady…I am going to teach you.” The hairbrush. ”Open those legs…are you going to be good for me?” Pinching, probing, over a table for a flogger, vertical strokes catch her pussy.

Big frat paddle, a lot of sexy talk. On Cindy’s naked back the Headmistress uses lipstick to write ”I will not write on my teacher’s desk.” More paddling. The headmistress wants to show Cindy ”the difference between a little girl and a woman.” She has Cindy undress her. More fondling, an attempt to wipe off the lipstick. She tries some salve.

The Head takes off Cindy’s blouse. She uses the belt Cindy uses on lower classmen. Cindy must use her teeth to unbutton the Head. Cindy redresses in woman’s clothing, all these diversions to limit the spanking scenes. Cindy gets a whipping strung up the wall.

Lily Spanked Hard – LOVELYSPANKING

18 Jan

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Looks like an independent production from ’Lili and Aron,’ in the manner of Camilla Scott and Alex Hyde. It is a good one. Pretty blond Lili reports to Aron, handcuffed, and wearing just top and beige panties. She lies over a stool and her cuffs are refastened to trap her arms between the legs of the stool.

Aron will paddle her, not hard, but for most of the film. Panties down at 4 minutes; most significantly, Lili turns red in the face and really cries, dripping tears, impressively in the fashion of Elizabeth Burns of REALSPANKING.

And another detail we appreciated—cameras on tripods are intentionally seen, positioned to film the bottom and facial angles.

1937-As It Really Happened – SMAX.

12 Jan

M/f; time: 24 minutes

A decent attempt to recreate what school spankings might have been like in 1937. A schoolgirl waits nervously outside while a master works at his desk. She is called to enter in the classic style. An umbrella stand holds canes.

First come palm slaps, then over a desk for a ruler on her knickers. There are segues here for no apparent reason. Some time seems to have passed. A female staffer brings the girl back to the master. The girl wears a long T-shirt, and when she goes over the desk, we see she was not to wear knickers for this assignation.

Simple and sexy caning. Quite hard. Closeup of welts. Good facials of an unhappy student. The teacher finishes her caning and tears up her file. Closeup again on her welts.

College Bribery Scandal

28 Dec

M/f; time: 41 minutes

From a ’Blackmail Series,’ and a delightful storyline which might have some legs. Surely the students who participated in the ’Varsity Blues’ college entrance scandal bear some responsibility. Here, a young lady has explained to her what her parents did.

The college board of directors wants a spanking administered. The girl is incredulous of course. ”Can’t I just take the entrance exam again?” No, she will bend over for what is going to be a long and impressive spanking. The board wants photographic confirmation. Her choice? After all, she committed a federal crime.

The production is POV style, the male spanker won’t be seen. The pretty blonde bends over the desk. Handspanking and strapping on her jeans first. The guy pulls her jeans down, she has to help. Nice and red already. A bigger strap.

The college administrator pulls her thong down. She is bruising and developing a multi-colored mottling. No need for cosmeticians here. He shows her a another huge strap and gives a a surprising beating. A crop next, some skin pops now. A tawse; bruises and stripes down her thighs. Lexan paddle, kitchen spoon, fraternity paddle, cane. wow. Will check out this site.

Peter Carruthers (Tom Cooper) at XEROTICS

21 Dec

Messy Rooms’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Peter Carruthers awaits two girls coming in from what looks like a night out.  Two blondes, one is ‘Elena.’ After an odd cut in the first minute of the film, the spankings are underway. Bottoms are bare; the first blonde is OTK. She has some significant wheals from another occasion. Carruthers was an effective and experienced spanker. 

Elena is next OTK. Several fades during her spanking and more subsequently. What could have gone wrong, or is this someone’s version of art? Elena is let up, the girls face Carruthers, he flexes a cane. The first blonde bends over for 6 snaps, not Peter’s best.  We should mention this model’s little tattoo on her right buttock. Peter strokes her bottom. He has been getting his feels. Elena gets the same caning and Peter’s hands. The girls dress and leave. 

Nadia’s OTK’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes)  Another brief exercise with Peter Carruthers, aka  ‘Bob’ In some places. He was one of the Elders of the industry and has had access to the most famous bottoms. He sits reading, with the zebra rug, in front of a fireplace. Nadia knocks at the door. She has an ‘appointment.’ Despite the title, he calls her ‘Amanda.’

They sit and chat. She wants to make spanking films. Of course she must be tested. Peter explains the procedure and the  OTK posture. He begins spanking on her dress, then hem up, black knickers. “Lovely bottom. This was made  for spanking.” He rubs and admires. “You get red quickly,” a trait that will change. Nadia decides she likes it. 

Naughty Elizabeth how it used to be’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Peter Carruthers and Elizabeth Simpson, on the same couch set we have seen him spank a number of starlets. She has run up a 700 pd. phone bill. That will be a lot of spanking by any calculation.

He takes Simpson OTK. She is wearing cargo pants and a logo T-shirt, an outfit we have seen before. Peter commences a long handspanking. He allows her up, and wants her pants and knickers off. He gets a doubled strap from another room, Simpson bends over, and the punishment continues. He works her over with the strap. Soon her bottom and both thighs are red.

Peter leaves the set again and returns with a cane. 16 strokes are shown, repeats at least once. But hard and impressive. If it were us, we’d collect her cell phone and make the next appointment.

’Peter Carruthers’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) An odd little fragment we found, complete in itself it seems. Carruthers,  famous spanker and bottom-fancier of MOONGLOW, is older and pudgier here, but ever the perfect ageplay performer.

He is on a rather modern small cellphone, before the iPhone era, but certainly more recent than the vintage of most of his MOONGLOW work. He is waiting for a girl, who arrives. It seems he is auditioning, and this young lady wants to get into the “spanking scene.”

Peter explains the procedure, then takes her OTK and begins spanking, first on her skirt and then her transparent black panties. He gets  his fondling in–we’ve often wondered if he even gets paid for this work. When he pulls  her panties down, she is quite red. “I can tell you are a novice,”  apparently because she pinked up so quickly. Some odd cuts and fades here, which suggests this short segment was made in an afterthought. 

’Peter Carruthers Spanks’ (M/f) It is one of the familiar MOONGLOW male spankers from 35 or 40 years ago at this writing. He jumps a schoolgirl immediately in this short episode. The lovely Leia Ann Woods. 

”Right. Strip off and be quick about lt.” The brunette is quick. It is a very young Leia Ann Woods. Dress over her head, no panties. Blouse, tie,bra, shoes socks off. She is naked. OTK. Lovely Leia.

Bedroom spanks’ (M/3f; time: 4 minutes) Monica, Cathy, and a third girl with ‘Bob, (Peter Carruthers). Unfortunately  brief for these great girls. Monica is caned bare bottom over the foot of a bed. Cathy  the same, then lovely thin blonde. Bottoms lined up, the girls turn to look at a camera.

Strip spank’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Surely not the title. What would you title this little gem? Peter Carruthers at work on his couch, the overlit scene. He has spanked a number of starlets in this setting for XEROTICS distribution. Here we have Leia Ann Woods. She enters in a schoolgirl pinafore and begins to strip. Hurry girl, we’ve only got a few minutes.

When the pinafore comes up, there are no knickers. Pinafore off, knee socks, shoes, white blouse, no bra. Stunning naked body. Hope Ms. Woods got limo service to her shoots. OTK with at Peter. Fabulous. Moderate handspanking on an already pale pink bottom. New pink brings up deeper bruises and cane marks. Peters does an admirable job in preserving this national treasure.

Telephone Bill’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) An entertaining  longer  film from Peter Carruthers. He is shocked with Elizabeth Simpson’s phone bill. No unlimited minutes on this plan. He will spank it out of her. She drops her jeans and Peter gets the thong immediately. Peter is loving this.

OTK, a strapping, and very hard. Up, waddles about, hands on head.Bend over the couch for a very long caning. 36 strokes are shown. There must be repeats, but they are well edited. Lots of talk, grousing, scolding. Peter seems puzzled as to why Simpson is not marking. “Tell your boyfriend what happened to you.” No more three hour calls. She will wait in the corner 10 minutes, bare bottom.

Truant‘ (time: 14 minutes) ‘Peter Carruthers ’ or ‘Bob,’ plays a school disciplinarian, in a distribution by XEROTICS, with the feel of MOONGLOW, but too short. Somewhere in storage is a trove of unreleased spanking clips. Where are the archivists?

He will spank a tall brunette, in her gray schoolgirl kit and, good girl, full white knickers. He takes her OTK, panties down and soon is using a doubled belt.

The cane next, 15 strokes. The girl does some nice suffering, and camera angle adjustments probably permit repeats. Hands-on-head, to the wall, white lines and marks, sniffles. The British never fail us.

Katie Leigh at XEROTICS

18 Dec

Katie interview’ (F/f; 10 minutes) Blond model Katie Leigh is being interviewed by an off-screen male about her spanking modeling career. A boyfriend got her started. She has kept her career secret from her family. It is mostly on-line. She invites the viewer here to see her work and communicate by email.

The interviewer invites Jean Bradley to come onto to the set and give Katie a spanking. She benAds over and Bradley begins a handspanking on a denim miniskirt. Skirt up, white knickers. When the knickers come down, she is a bit too red for just this spanking. Strap next. Frontal flashes. After the scene ends, we see her masturbating.

Angry Katie Leigh’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Katie and Isabella.  The girls argue and the marvelous Isabella strips down to lovely bra and knickers. These are soon off and she goes OTK naked. Frontals. Isabella very erotic here. After, Katie had so much fun she takes her knickers off and masturbates.

Caned and slippered prefects‘ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Two schoolgirls, ‘Katie Leigh,’ and ‘Isabella,’ discuss what a caning might be like. When ‘Agean’ enters, Katie reflexively covers her bottom, just for a split second.

It seems the school’s security cameras have caught the girls bullying younger students, taking their “dinner money.” Both will get the slipper, and then the cane.

Both Isabella and Katie are slippered on the bare bottom. XEROTICS mixes in some slow-motion replay here, rare in this series. Only Katie will be caned here, about 8 strokes, then hands-on-head. Agean is more erotic with the cane here than usual.

Catholic SG Discipline’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) A blond schoolgirl Katie Leigh and Peters. They are in the garret room where spankings still echo. She bends over the beautiful antique table and Peters pulls down her white knickers and goes to work.

Katie looks very unhappy after just a handspanking and even more distressed when Peters sticks a cane under her nose. After eight moderate strokes and some rubbing, she climbs up onto the table, displaying some wild marks. She lies flat, Russian style, for 8 more strokes.

She is allowed up. Peters wants her knickers up and down a few times, always humiliating and fun. The scene includes a long shaved frontal.

‘Daily Spanking’ (MF/2f; time: 5 minutes) Kind of an inconclusive free-for-all, with not enough time to do justice. Brunette Isabella is spanking Katie Leigh. Agean interrupts.”You call that a spanking?” He takes over and spanks Isabella, not much harder. Then he spanks Katie, two lovely bottoms shining in bright lighting.

‘Dress Code’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) ‘Katie Leigh’ is being challenged by ‘Miss Smith’  for her sloppy dress. Smith brings out a punishment stool, a little higher than a chair, and we will see, perfect for OTK positioning. Smith sits and takes Katie OTK, little white panties. Katie stands to take them down, back OTK, shots between the thighs.

Smith  gets her cane; 7 mild strokes, Katie is left to kneel bare-bottom on the easy chair, a lot easier than nose to the corner.

Girls at School’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) ‘ Leigh’ (Katie), a blonde in full school kit, holds a cane and waits punishment. ‘Mr. Peters’ arrives. “You have been sent to me to be thrashed.” She has been cheating and using foul language.

Peters begins spanking OTK, on her skirt. Skirt up, maroon panties. Hands-on-chair for the cane, 5 on her panties. You can see she is wearing several sets of panties. Down come the maroon knickers, followed shortly by little red ones. 6 strokes on the bare, repeated with facial and rear angles.

Touch-toes for six more, also repeated, all counted aloud.

Hunnybunny Spanking’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) blonde Katie prances around in a dress so short her white panties are on full display. Peters takes her OTK, which she seems to enjoy. Down come the ruffled knickers. Peters spanks hard here. A nice round red bottom, what we bought our ticket to see. She kneels on a chair for a strap. She wiggles her bottom and loves it. Sashay to the wall, hands on head.

Jean Bradley with 2 girls’ (F/2f; time: 8 minutes) Ms. Bradley seems to be tutoring blond Katie on how to spank. The set is a storeroom. Katie takes the girl’s knickers down and takes her OTK. The spanking is tepid, so Bradley has Katie get up and she takes Katie OTK to show her out to do it. Katie’s skirt comes up to show a tiny thong. The goal is a “nice red bottom.”

Katie tries again with the girl, this time much harder and faster. Both girls display their bottoms after this action. Bradley is satisfied. “Next week for lesson #2.” 

Katie Leigh and the Bible’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Katie is praying before she reports to Peters. Doubt that will do any good. She wears the delicious smock, this one yellow. Peters arrives for some Biblical punishment. ”You have to be naked, Katie.”

Katie’s First Spanking’ (M/2f; time: 11 minutes) A scruffy Peters, with Katie and Carla. On the garret room set. Carla strips from the waist down, very nice slow hold on a fuzzy front. Katie will be sitting and watching the spanking and Peters will explain the procedure. Slow hard OTK handspanking. Carla is urged to spread her legs. 

To Katie: “Stand up. Take your trousers down.” He pulls her knickers down, but this time WE have the frontal view. Shaved lady. Slow OTK, Katie is getting a light start, if in fact this her  first. She too spreads her legs.

Bare bottoms to the wall, the girls will wait while Peters gets his implements. He returns with a cane and several straps.  Carla bends over a table. “You OK? You don’t have much choice for this.” Katie will just watch.  Her day comes. 

Katie’s First‘ (M/2f; 11 minutes): the simplist of storylines. Dino (‘Peters’) will interview two girls. He needs to test if they can take a spanking for videos he would make. To show ‘Katie’ what it is like, ‘Carla’ will be spanked for demonstration. She is a curly-haired brunette. On request, she quickly drops her jeans and panties, confident to fully expose herself. Dino takes her OTK for a crisp spanking. Katie sits immediately beside the action and flashes a little nervous smile. “You won’t be smiling like that when it’s your turn.” “Maybe not.” Carla spreads her legs to steady herself on Dino’s lap, and to give us winks between her thighs. To the wall, pants gone, hands-on-head.

Now for blonde Katie. She drops her jeans. Dino will start on her tight white boyshorts, but he soon helps her to take them down. She also is unconcerned about being naked and is also shaved. She gets the same spanking, mayber a bit milder.

Dino gets his straps and cane. Carla bends over a heavy oak antique conference table, stretches forward to grab the edge, and takes a short strapping demonstration. He asks Katie to step forward and check how warm Carla’s buttocks have become.

Katie late for shoot’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Blond Katie scurries into a film studio, where Miss Smith is waiting for her. She is two hours late for a film shoot. The set is the garage-like workspace used in many films. 

Presumably it was to be a spanking film. They rearrange some furniture and Smith takes Katie OTK, pants and white thong down. Routine spanking, followed by a bend-over for a strap. The penalty for being late for a spanking film shoot is a spanking.

Katie strips naked and is left waiting. Lovely. She gets into the fetal position and starts masturbating. She opens and starts reading a folio-sized Bible when Peters enters. Handspanking and a paddle used, but a cane on the scene is not. She holds the Bible during the punishment.

Pray for Katie’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Katie is still in her yellow smock, fighting her urge to masturbate. She prays again, kneeling at the big Bible. Jean Bradley enters and will do something about this. “You have to be naked.” Smock over her head, white bra and thong off, but the camera missed the baring.

She is left waiting on a leather chair. She should have been cold in this large room. . She begins masturbating again. Bradley returns and the spanking begins. First a standing handspanking while she holds the huge folio Bible. Next, OTK on the easy chair. Katie is lovely thin and pink naked. To conclude, she kneels up on the chair for strap, harder now.

Late KT’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Domme ‘Miss Smith’ is waiting for ‘Katie Leigh ,’ in a stark workroom environment, always a good place for a spanking. Katie drops her jeans, Smith  sees to the white thong. Conventional spanking and tawsing.

Lost Orders’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) An entertaining film from two CP warriors. Peters is on the phone with a customer who is missing a shipment.  As Peters looks into the error, he realizes his employee Katie Leigh is responsible. 

Peters summons Katie, who seems blasé and insolent as she is scolded. After a long 8 minutes, Katie drops  her slacks and prepares to go OTK. It must be an accepted office practice. She stands in front of Peters as he pulls her knickers down facing him and bottom to us, as he likes to do. Her bottom is vaguely pink already. Lovely facials as this model struggles. Very hot round bottom full screen. 

To the wall, lovely red bottom very prominent, one of the special ones. Hands on head. Peters goes for a strap. Hands on a chair, legs spread, a lot of puss. No frontals today. Katie is left to kneel erect on a chair in a stress position.

Really Needs a Spanking’ M/f; time: 8 minutes) ‘Katie Leigh’ has called on ‘Agean.’ She wants a spanking to improve her attitude. Agean is surprised, he claims, but quickly agreeable. The scene is the simple set with cloth backdrops.

Katie goes OTK. She is wearing a scandalous breezy summer frock and white thong. Agean comments that the slightest breeze will expose her bottom, which seems quite OK with Katie.

After this handspanking, Katie kneels on a chair for a flexible paddle. Lot of puss along the way

Scruffy Schoolgirl’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Miss Smith and cunning Katie Leigh. On the garage studio set. Title tells it. After a long scolding, she goes OTK, skirt up, her frequent white boyshorts. Knickers down, the slipper, routine we thought, but Katie is trembling a bit. 

Sick Note‘ (F/f; time: 16 minutes) A perfectly made little film, albeit formulaic XEROTICS. ‘Jean Bradley’ sits in her informal office. Blond actress ‘Katie’ brings in a sick note to get out of a field trip, claiming she has a “pulled muscle.” Bradley is suspicious, calls Katie’s guardian, and it is determined the note is a fraud. Two heavy Glasgow accents from these ladies.

Katie is called back  and the forgery exposed. “I am going to spank your bottom…your guardian has given me permission…you require a red bottom.” Katie bends over the desk, Bradley flips up her skirt, and after a few smacks, pulls down her white panties. Katie is already quite red and bruised, from other films made quite recently. When Bradley strokes her bottom, her fingers leave white trails through the red.

Katie is parked, hands on head, while Jean calls the guardian to report the completion of the spanking. “What? You don’t think that’s sufficient? the cane? Six of the best, then?” Jean confirms to Katie with some pleasure that Katie seems to have gotten the gist of the conversation. “It’s ‘the Best,’ young lady.”

Katie bends over for a cane. Bradley will use a very heavy model. And she delivers the strokes in short snaps, the first one surprising Katie. Each of the six strokes is repeated, facial and rear. Katie must stand at the wall, “till lunchtime. Show your bottom off. There will be visitors.” Production was perfect in this film.

Paige Ashley at XEROTICS

17 Dec

Porn star extraordinaire visits the CP world. A spanking would have been restful for her.

‘Alexandria SG’ (f; ) A solo stripping scene.

Asking For It’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Buxom sexy Paige and Russian Petra in some girlie games. They play on a bed and strip each other. Paige looks at the camera, maybe not as experienced at this point as we thought. Some spanking and masturbating.

Miss Bitch’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Paige Ashley again, with her familiar beautiful blond friend Petra.  Both are busting out of their tops. We need a shower scene. Petra  has been coming to work dressed like a slut. She is going to be spanked for it. Petra  loses her denim skirt and  knickers and goes OTK for a rather silly spanking. She kneels for a strap, also silly. The best part off the film comes when Alex (Petra) strips naked and  must clean  the office. 

Prefect’ (M/2f; time: 21 minutes) Adult actress ‘Paige Ashley’ plays a ‘prefect,’ who finds herself informing student ‘Alex Ovanova’: “I’m going to have to inform the headmaster about what you did.” She explains it will result in corporal punishment. “On my hand?” No. She has to be told how it happens and is shocked. “On my bottom?” “I know you are from Russia, but we use corporal punishment here in England.”

The ‘headmaster’ comes in, Agean. He is disappointed that Ashley couldn’t resolve this herself and will deal with her later. As to Alexandra, this is a first offense. He will be lenient. OTK on a wall bench in the school corridor; he gets her skirt up, and soon the regulation knickers down. Alex struggles.

They stand; he takes a ‘slipper’ (boat shoe) off a hook. Alex touches toes, for some slipper on her bare bottom. Then she is left to stand on the bench, skirt up, knickers down. Apparently students pass here on class changes.

Now the Head confronts Ms. Ashley, criticizing her appearance and prefect-duties. “I intend to punish you.” The girl doesn’t object. OTK on the same bench, colorful plaid panties upset him, so he takes them down. Ashley is sniffling, even at this early stage of the spanking. She is a cute and tidy little blonde, with a perfectly crafted bottom, and wearing a nice matching green blazer-and-skirt uniform. She has made a few films, because she keeps her hair off her face. She too gets the slipper and must stand on display on the bench. “Wait here until all the classes have passed.”

Naughty Secretary’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Buxom, almost top heavy Paige shows off her narrow hips and small bottom in this episode. After a long scolding from Agean, she drops her designer jeans to display a black lace thong. OTK for a handspanking, sexy facials. Paige steps out of her shoes and jeans and pulls down her thong. OTK continues. This pro is not afraid to show some puss. Tight little cheeks, hands on head to the wall.

Paige GB’ (f; time: 6 minutes) The girls like to do these solo performances. Easy on the bottom. Gorgeous Paige has long hair here. She strips slowly on a bed, lots of puss, and her boobs are huge here. Hot stuff.

Paige’s Naughty Knickers’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Paige has long blond hair here, which presumes this is an early film for her. Agean catches her. She is wearing gym shorts with the bottom cut out. Now why would she do that? He takes her OTK. When she stands she drops her skirt. A long white blouse covers for the moment. Over a table for the tawse. Lovely facials of Paige and closeups of her great asset.

‘Alexandria schoolgirl strip’ (f; time: 5 minutes) She calls herself ’Paige Ashley’ here. Long dark blond hair, and some body. She is dressed in green schoolgirl kit. She will strip slowly in the familiar solo performance typical of the CP models. Plaid knickers, an impeccable shave, and startling melon boobs. Lots of puss and a few tattoos.


27 Oct

Alex Hyde and Camilla Scott, a/k/a Bow Faithful Kissie, and here Kissie Faithful. There are numerous films in this series. We doubt any of our purchase money will reach them. The films seem to have been made at about the same time and on the same sets as the film reviews we have done for GIRLSBOARDINGSSCHOOL REDSTRIPE/STRAND, XEROTICS, and FIRMHAND. These films too have some set innovation, albeit limited production budget. We won’t do them all.

I Can’t Rest’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) LILYSTARR. Kissie and Alex wake up in bed in the morning. Kissie nas been very restless and kept Alex awake. He wiil spank her for it, a good start to the day. Over pillows, a mild handspanking begins begins over her nightie. Camilla is always a cute kicker. Nightie up, Alex wants Kissie to remove her thong.

Kissie lies lengthwise over pillows for the strap. Mild flurries. Alex is wearing just shorts. This is over. Back to bed?

‘Kidnap’ (M/f; time: 27 minutes) One of the longest films the couple has made, resulting in one of the most lenghy spankings we’ve seen Camilla take. Kissi leaves an industrial site and stops a car on the road. Alex is driving and he pulls her into the car.. It seems they know each other. Kissi has been dealing drugs with her brother and turning him into a ’trafficker.’ Alex is going to punish her for such carelessness.

She isn’t much of a challenge. He begins spanking her on the front seat, then stops and opens the door to Improve the camera angle. “I’m going to spank you so hard.” He drags her out and stretches her over the car hood, skirt up, knickers down, for a handspanking and strap. The exterior shot is reminiscent of some desert scenes in NU-WEST.

Alex ties Kissie’s hands behind her back and puts her in the cargo area of his hatchback. There will follow some continuity problems – hands tied in front, or back; knickers gone or back. But a lot of sexy playful fun. He gags her with duct tape and drives off.

Alex takes her to a secluded woods clearing, where we begin a semi-naked bucolic romp often found in the BDSM genre. Her hands are tied behind her back again, and she got her knickers up somewhere along the way. Standing spanking, bare bottom. Alex ties her to branches, tucks up her dress, and uses a paddle.

Alex has her apologize to a positioned camera. After a fade, she runs off. It would have been better if she were wearing less or nothing at all. We are reminded of CALSTAR’s ’The Bounder,’ and several Russian NETTLES films. Alex catches her and ties and gags her again. Handspanking and his belt over a log. Alex is taking it light on this precious merchandise. She is tied to a tree, loosely enough the bark won’t rub. She is left for a while then released.

‘Kissie’s First Day at College’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) Kissie has not eaten properly and had some other difficulties on her first day of college, and in this house that means knickers down. She sits on the same couch, wearing a little girl party dress, ribbons in her hair. Alex takes her OTK on the couch, dress up, lace knickers. Alex is in an awkward position for a righthanded spanking.

Alex has her stand and pulls her knickers down, we have the bottom view and he the frontal. Better position over just one knee. She shifts to the diaper position, holding her legs up herself. More revealing, and unusual for her. He uses a strap, harder and faster. ”Alex!” Finally, her bottom shows some marks. They hug.

‘Kissie’s Hidden Agenda’ (M/f: time: 55 minutes) The longest film by this couple we have seen. It is delivered in segments, which would have gone easier on Camilla’s bottom. Kissie sneaks in to Alex’s ’flat,’ the usual sitting room with patio windows. He hears her, she runs, he drags her back. She is always a limp noodle.

They broke up six months ago. What is she after? He wrestles her into a spanking posture. ”Remember our punishment,” as he teases her bottom into reach. ”You can’t do that any more.” He grabs her for a standing handspanking. She isn’t going to be much of a problem. He wants her little denim skirt off. It is so tight, only she can do it.

Over the couch arm, a familiar pose. Alex gets her knickers down, standard spanking. The lighting is better, for the moment. The little minx is left alone. She quickly steals a disk from his laptop case and reassumes position, putting her knickers back on, sure to aggravate Alex.

Alex returns with a mean-looking strap. Over the couch again, a bit harder with the strap. A frontal here, Camilla is shaved, and she is sparing with the glimpses. This session ends, and Kissie is able to run off with the disk.

After a segue, Kissie is dragged in again, wearing a different outfit. Let’s see if she changed her knickers. Alex finds the disk still in her purse. Having a saucy bottom does not automatically mean brain power, unless, of course, her hidden agenda is to be caught, spanked, and wanted. Kneel on the couch for a strap. She has changed her knickers, they read ”cheeky.” Alex pulls the knickers down. To the wall for the cane. There will be facials here, lest we not wonder how they arranged that with Kissie face at the wall.

Another fade. Kissie is now in the familiar bed. Alex pulls her out for the paddle. Another outfit. Little bikini knickers. She looks so tiny on the bed. Onto her knees, head down, for the paddle. One of the very exposed postures, unusual for Ms. Scott. The paddle here, then up and over the table, struggling with the light through the patio doors. Long scolding to fill out the length of this episode.

‘Kissie Paddled for Telling Fibs’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Formulaic stuff. Kissie has disappeared the paddle and fibs about doing it, and that is all Alex needs to give her a spanking. He must be ready for this hot little dolly. She sits shrinking on the familiar couch, wearing her bunny onesie again. Alex unzips the onesie and slides it down. Of course she is naked.

OTK on the couch, in an awkward position for him to spank righthanded. At least the positioning has been shifted so that the light from the glass patio doors doesn’t interfere. She is absolutely stunning naked. The camera takes several views of the spanking, the best the bottom shot as she kicks and struggles, just enough. He spanks a little harder and shifts to his thin paddle. Kissie is as erotic as we have seen her here.

‘Kissie in Trouble Again’ (M/f; time: 24 minutes);Alex waylays Kissie in her ”onsie” bunny suit. She is goofing off and they have a day’s work to do. Alex peels the suit off and she is naked underneath, so naked.

The day’s work? The shooting of spanking films. ”People want to buy them from us.” This confirms our impression that this couple in fact independently contracts with the producers we have reviewed. Inexplicably, the punishment for not making spanking films is a spanking. OK with us, especially here, where the magnificent Ms. Scott is starting out already naked.

Fast OTK in the usually challenged lighting. Apologies. ”Sorry is too late.” Kneel on the couch for a belt and lash. [airplane noises, keep whipping] Over the arm of the couch. ”Unclench,” Alex likes to say. 10 hard strokes at the end, a fondle, and a cunning frontal.

‘Very Severe Punishment for Kissie’ (M/f; time: 24 minutes) Formulaic stuff from the couple, but long enough that Camilla will have a sore bottom for the rest of the workday. Kissie did something to pull her little tush in danger, so Alex feels the need for punishment as a lesson. He announces he will use the tawse, strap, paddle, and ”the wire.” That should do it.

After a fade, Kissie is bent over the arm of the familiar couch, a pad under her, because she is going to be there a while. Skirt up, a long thin tawse first, on her little thong. He teases, she squeals. The camera work is poor—bottom shots are good, facial shots are dark. They are plagued again by too much light through the terrace windows.

“Bottom up.” He pulls down the thong. The doubled strap next. Alex must have watched NU-WEST to see the effectiveness of fast flurries, which makes Ms. Faithfull squirm. Alex fondles when he can, and we hear sniffles. The paddle is long and thin. ”Unclench,” he directs. She kicks up and he paddles her thighs.

The ’wire’ is next—it looks like a lash, maybe with a wire insert. Camilla doesn’t like it at all. ”Unclench.” He wants access to the cracks. Flurries. She falls off the couch. ”Oh, Alex!” ”We’re not finished yet.” Over the arm for more, then a hug and teary facials.

Amelia Jane Rutherford at AMATEURSPANKINGS

11 Jun

f; time: 13 minutes

There are a few interviews with Ms. Rutherford around. We can think of FIRMHAND and REALSPANKINGS, offhand. There is some new information here to us. ‘Dallas’ first contacted her to make some spanking films, which got her thinking about fulfilling a fetish fantasy. She looked at his website and saw “all those girls”being spanked. Her first work, though, was with the Germans of GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL on the island of Majorca. Those films, there are five, were more difficult for her than she expected, and her ‘overacting’ was real emotion.

She started modelling at 24 and has been doing spanking films for 6 years, so this would make this film about 2007. She is being interviewed here in Dallas because she is attending her first Spanking Party. She wanted to meet the customer, she says.

The interviewer is going to include a spanking scene. He has her bend over and he handspanks on her white skirt. She does not wear underwear. For this work, it leaves marks. She pulls up her skirt and there is that bottom of two centuries. The AMATEURSPANKINGS interviewer is very impressed with the perfect condition she is in.