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Be Home By Midnight – SMAX

11 Sep

M/f; time: 26 minutes

A British film, and an awkward attempt of some father-daughter discipline for a missed curfew. In fact, Vicki was out all night.

There seem to be recollections and flashbacks. She seems to get spanked the next day. And her bottom is already red, suggesting misplacement of scenes. Decent OTK spanking and struggling. A graphic for part 2 suggests Vicki will dress as a schoolgirl for her step-father.

Dreams of spanking

27 Aug

2M/2f; time: 1 hr 35 minutes

An American film we can’t title or identify, a failure at emulating plot lines from many British or Czech CP films. A potentially good story: a girl is returned expelled from her school to an ‘uncle,’ just a guardian, not a relative. The girl will be spanked by both this guardian and a male tutor, and a female governess will get it from the tutor. The spankings are tepid, but at least plentiful. Everyone in this house has the fetish.

Brunette Lucinda is delivered to Uncle Charles and governess Clara. Because Lucinda has been acting like a child, she will be treated as if she were still in the nursery. Clara takes her to her bedroom and shows her the hairbrush. “You can’t mean….” Clara wants her clothes off and if she doesn’t get right to it, a man will brought in to help. Slowly, most of tbe clothes come off. Bloomers open, bend over for the hairbrush, disappointing after all this preamble. The male uncle and tutor listen outside to the yelps. The arrival of this girl is a gift.

After the spanking, Clara will wash Lucinda’s pussy and shave what little hair there is, the most erotic part of the film.

Lucinda is brought to Uncle. She must show her red bottom and the shaving job. “Nice job, Miss Clare.” A “hateful bastard” costs Lucinda more spanking. Governess Clara is fascinated and turned on.

Lucinda is taken to the tutor, who himself wants a shot at that bottom. He will spank and cane her.

After a fade, the tutor appears in Clara’s bedroom. He will spank, strap, and cane her, despite her protestations. Once again, all these models must have in their contract—take it easy. She is forced into the diaper position, a welcome escalation. Some tears with the cane—22 strokes we counted.

Lucinda is caught masturbating. She is spanked of course. Around we go, it becomes obvious that Lucinda is loving, as is Uncle, who more frequently puts his fingers where they shouldn’t be.

The film ends. “Lucinda” has slept over in her office employment and has been dreaming about the erotic spanking. She prepares to receive a new boss, who looks just like Uncle in the dream. If she plays her cards right…

A long review about a film not worth much. Good bottoms, good plot, we hoped for a firm hand.


21 Jun

We gather a few of our favorite films of girls getting soap in the mouth as part of a spanking. We will add a few more.

‘From the Headmaster:The Anarchy’ LUPUS. We start with perhaps our favorite, and we emphasize these are our choices, not an exhaustive list. This film is separately reviewed. The Headmaster coats the inside of a girl’s mouth with a soaped rag and pinches her nose to make her breathe it in.

‘Clare soaped’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes; AAASPANKING) Clare Fonda stands in front of a bathroom mirror. An older woman opens a new bar of Dove hand soap, wets it, proceeds to coat Clare’s tongue with it before jamming it into her mouth. “Suck it, suck it, like you suck a cock.” Goodness, ladies!

The soaping continues, quite aggressive here. “Getting the taste of penis out of your mouth?” More tongue coating, soap all over her face. All in front of a mirror. No spanking.

‘Doctor’s Orders (H) FIRMHAND. The series with Amelia Jane Rutherford, separately reviewed.

‘Katie Visits Meryl’ NUWEST. Separately reviewed. Stunning Katie gets a new bar of Ivory in her mouth, ineffectual but very cute. Nothing quite like Katie stomping in place with soap in our mouth or full intestines.

‘Kiki Diapered and Mouthsoaped’ MOMMASPANKINGS. Separately reviewed.

‘Professional Student’ GIRLSPANKSGIRL. Lana scrubs Amelia Jane Rutherford’s tongue. Separate review.

‘Spanking with Pixie’ LAPPRODUCTIONS. Amber Pixie Wells. Separate review.

‘Stevie-soaped’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) PUNISHMENTONLY. Part of a longer film. Few faces.A guy unwraps a new bar of face soap. “Please, no,” mutters Stevie. The guy wets the soap, puts it in and out of Stevie’s mouth, then has her bite on it and hold. He spanks her hard standing while she bites. Two girls are watching, their pants down.

Table Bondage and Spanking – LOVELYFETISH

11 Jun

M/f; time: 25 minutes

We don’t normally pay attention to the myriad BDSM films out there, but this one has just enough exciting spanking to attract us.

A naked blonde is spreadeagled and tied down to a table top. Her wrists and. Ankles are tied to the legs, and her thighs are of course wide open. Blankets are carefully arranged under her hips so that her bottom is elevated enticingly. We won’t see her face.

An Asian male is caning her. She jumps at each stroke, and with reason. The guy uses a flogger, like a duster, to whip her from the back of her neck to her knees, harder and harder. The blonde grunts and struggles at her reins.

Hw will use a butterfly crop and then a rugbeater. She counts strokes, in English. A moderate strapping and then some candle wax up and down her back. More strapping, a long Spencer stick, covering both cheeks. More lashing down her back, and some vertical shots between her legs. This she likes least of all. A flurry of handspanking to conclude. The film came from “Aron and Liti.”

Naughty Neighbor – CAMERAARTS

11 Jun

F/f; time: 55 minutes

A real oldie. So far we haven’t learned much about this producer. Very young Alexis Payne and Kiri Kelly. Apparently Chelsea Pfeiffer is directing, which explains the exquisite attention to spanking detail.

Ms. Kelly was one of the early queens of CP, for us an American equivalent of Sophie Fennington and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Despite all her films, we don’t think her bottom has ever been showcased better than here.

Alexis and Kiri are neighbors. Kiri’s dog has damaged Alexis’ yard and some valuable orchids. Alexis seems to have the dog hostage and Kiki is begging. “I’ll do anything you want.” Kiri wears a simple flower print dress. She is still in her dark blond hair period, not yet glamorizing. Alexis wears a short latex dress, a tip-off that she is a professional dominatrix.

“How about getting over my lap?” Kiri doesn’t seem to get it until the first smack. Kiri is so tall her bottom soars in the OTK position. Skirt up, white panties, Ms. Kelly’s melodramatic sense of shock always amuses us. Alexis has wanted a crack at this bottom. She fondles and gropes. Her panties come down and off with a struggle. She looks a bit excited.

After this spanking she is sent off. A cat walks undaunted across the set. Kiri returns with a riding crop. She kneels on a chair and kicks her heels in pain. No panties of course. There are no better shots of her bottom than here and onward.

Alexis wants the dress off, giving us a flash of untouched pubic fuzz. Just bra and garter belt. Over a chair, Alexis rakes with fingernails. Enough for today, more tomorrow.

Kiri knocks and enters. She wears another modest dress. She must know what is coming. She wants her dog back. “What more do you want?” OTK again. “You’ve lived next door to me for 8 years and you don’t know what I do for a living?” Matching undies set—guess she did know what was coming.

Alexis is now sensing Kiri is into this, despite the protestations. “Such a luscious bottom.” Indeed. Panties off, dress off, more soft fuzz. Another impressive spanking. Kiri hands over a hairbrush and hopes Alexis is just going to brush her wild hair. “Are you going to use that on me?” Alexis must hard enough to scare the cat. Kiri can go home, her clothes in her arms.

Parking Ticket

9 Jun

M/f; time: 18 minutes

An interesting vintage film we have not been able to identify so far. A female British traffic warden gets spanked for giving a parking ticket to her husband. It is not the plot line of the JANUS film ‘Warden’s End,’ although the model here looks a bit like Linzi Drew, who played in that film.

The warden, wearing the full WPC uniform, so spankable in numerous British films, tickets a Rolls Royce. When she returns home, to a comfortable and well appointed setting someone provided for the producer, she pours herself a gin, neat. Her husband soon arrives and is upset he got a parking ticket. The wife is being encircled, she knows. She pours him a gin.

He decides to flip through his wife’s parking ticket book and finds his citation. Stage set. He takes her OTK for the action to begin. Can it be? Of course. This is England. She wants this spanking, some gin and a sore bottom to kick off the evening. Uniform skirt up, fashionable black lace panties. He reminds her as he whacks that he lived next door to her as a youth and used to hear her parents spank. They both have the British Vice!

She doth complain just the tantalizing amount. “But I’m just warming up.” “Don’t pull my knickers down.” But yes. He has her stand and remove her uniform jumper and blouse. Her bra and panties are a set. She kneels on a chair for his doubled belt. He wants her skirt off. We get the brief fuzz frontal of this vintage era. She kneels again, knees wide on the arms of the chair. We can see she is excited. He takes her bra off. More OTK spanking, then a concluding cuddle.

Office Spanking

8 Jun

F/f; time: 58 minutes

Female boss ‘Ms. Barbara Boch’ will spank and take some liberties with a very cute employee, ‘Debra.’ We could not identify the producer, but the film seems too complicated to be amateur. The tall, short haired girl is spanked in an office for just about anything. Silly spankings and scoldings, but things get better.

Long skirt up, a black lace thong. The boss spanks with a fly swatter. This never works. This looks like an office, but a shot captures an adjoining sitting room. The boss takes phone calls and does business while she spanks. She argues with everyone. Skirt up, Ms. Debra has an exceptional bottom.

And another first for us, Debra is made to put on knee pads so that she can crawl around. She crawls for a strap and then goes OTK. Back on her knees, Debra takes her top off, The boss takes her bra off and uses it as a blindfold. To add to the great tush, these are exceptional boobs. The girl doesn’t have to say lines.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson.” The boss attaches paper clamps to her boobs and slaps them with the swatter. Debra squeals when the clamps come off. OTK again, more spanking and phone calls. Over the desk, the thong is surviving. More spanking and scolding.

A rather odd film, except for the paper clamps in an “office,” and a smashing model.