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Plaything – HOTBOTS

28 Oct

MF/2f ; Year: 2002; time: 47 minutes

Female to female Lesbian spanking OTK, bend-over for several straps, harder and harder. And some cane.

A man enters the scene, as always happens in uncle er plots, he is unhappy with when he sees, so he will spank the aggressive domme. He puts this girl through the same series of hand, straps, and cane. And of course, since the first girl probably deserved a spanking anyway, he finishes her off. Two post-showgirls as a bearded guy of the STRICTLYENGLISH style. Don’t bother.

Donna. My Spanking Life – ENGLISHSPANKERS

23 Oct

M/f; time: 53 minutes

‘Donna’ and Mr. Stern. Donna will be interviewed and play out her spanking life. We learn she is 31 years old, was first spanker when she was sixteen by a guy, who didn’t get a kick out of it. She did.

The first scenario: schoolgirl. Donna is a bit disheveled as a schoolgirl. Stern bends her over a bench and begins to spank her on lacy white panties. Bare bottom full screen. Cut back to her interview and then more schoolgirl. A paddle to conclude.

After another five minutes of interview, the next scenario is: Office. A sexy employee is going to be spanked by her boss. OTK at her desk chair, hand and paddle. Not as colorful as the schoolgirl story because the camera can’t circulate.

And the last story. A lazy nurse is caught reading a nudie magazine in the waiting room when she should be working. Spanking, bend-over bsre bottom, and a spanking bench, right there in the doctor’s office!

Dirty Secret – JULIAREAVES

22 Oct

3M/3f; time: 52 minutes

A German film. It would appear older guyS have the ability to blackmail three girls so they can spank them and more.

In the first episode, a guy lectures an attractive girl for almost 9 minutes before the action starts. She is a very thin light brunette, much in the style of an Abigail Whittaker, and barely legal. She seems to accept her fate and bends over the table. The guy pulls her pants down immediately and gives her a mild caning, disappointing after all this talk.

In the next episode a different guy sits at the same table with a blonde. It looks like what is going on here is tutoring. We know a stinging bottom focuses the mind, at the piano, at the books, at the barre. She is soon getting her spanking and caning. The tutor takes an opportunity to pull up her top and tweak her boobs, probably not found in the tutors’ manual.

The third episode: this same guy is seeing another girl in what might be the parlor of his house. She is soon spanked and caned and HER boobs played with. He also gives her a hard frigging. From the look on her face (we don’t understand German), she seems to know how to make this go away. She drops to her knees, he drops his pants, and she is able to give him an aggressive enough blowjob that we have a decent money shot, good for an older guy.

Real Cane Real Tears – ENGLISHSPANKERS

22 Oct

M/f; time: 14 minutes

An older Agean and a schoolgirl in a classroom setting. The girl squirms in front of his desk for a full five minutes before there is any action. On his desk are some spanking implements, and in the background is a stool with a dunce cap on it.

The girl finally bends over his desk. She looks a little like Pandora Blake. Agean goes right to the cane, first on her white panties and then on the bare. Conventional stuff.

Spanking Lesson -SMACKSNSOBS

19 Oct

F/ f; time: 16 minutes

A narrator off screen will lead two females through a spanking tutorial. Very much an amateur feel. The set is a sparsely furnished sitting room. ‘Ashley’ is the 19 year old daughter, and ‘Jan’ is the “approximate mother,” so as not to insult her young age. The director instructs Ashley to pull down her jeans and panties. Jan Delivers handspanks to Ashley in groups, and the hand held camera checks to see what progress is being made.

Jan is directed to pick up a wood kitchen spoon. Two sets of six strokes. Ashley jumps at the increased pain. The director wants her hands on her head and for her to rotate so we can see her reactions. Shaved pussy. Rather good little spanking for this crude product. More sets of the spoon. And something you won’t see in more professional CP films—perspiration stains under Ashley’s arms. Ashley bends over and displays a nicely bruised bottom.

A hairbrush session next. Sets with the brush, like the spoon. It is more painful, especially the concluding 30-second flurry. Well bruised bottom. No faking here. We got t o enjoy this simple film.

Gillian Lancer and Crawford

19 Oct

F/f; time: 10 minutes

We haven’t determined where to file this film. It may be CHRISTINAPRODUCTIONS. The setting is the usual classroom where Miss Gillian Lancer has spanked a number of bottoms. Brunette ‘Crawford’ stands in front of Miss GL. She looks at Crawford’s punishment record. “If a good sound spanking didn’t work, what are we going to do with you?” Oh, there could be so many recommendations.

GL brandishes a tawse and has Crawford stretch over her desk. She begins to strap on regulation maroon panties. “This is just a beginning, a warmup.” Down come the knickers. GL gets a cane. There are quite a few implements around her desk. Crawford goes to the wall. GL puts the handle of a cane between Crawford’s buttocks and gives her a moment to contemplate.

GL has Crawford bend over the desk again and gives her 6 real shots of the cane, adding to her already bruised bottom. Straightforward erotic stuff.

Corporal Punishment For Being Curious

18 Oct

M/f; time: 23 minutes

We can’t identify a producer for this gem, but we recommend it. A cute auburn brunette sneaks into what looks like somebody’s fetish punishment room. There is a spanking trestle and a collection of implements hanging about. She wears a decorative sleeveless top and a very short mini skirt. We can hear high heels.

A guy enters and catches her. She cowers, but not very much. He grabs her and forces her to her knees. After all, if a girl is curious, and you have fitted out your house like this, why not? Appears there will be no dialogue. He smacks her bottom as she moves about. The tiny skirt rides up by itself. Little white bikini panties.

He ties her wrists to ropes hanging from hooks on a bar on the wall. He spanks her her, soon pulling her panties down, very slowly. Not a peep from her. This is ‘Shades of Gray’ stuff, a bit more explicit, and more to come.

The guy gives her a very gentle flogging with what amount to a very large leather flogger. She is lucky, at least for the moment. He unties her, helps her off with her top, and takes her panties as she steps out of them. Very exotic, slowly done. The girl climbs up and lies on the spanking trestle on her back. Her ankles are tied to the hooks above her, so she is now in the gynecological diaper position made wicked by LUPUS.

The guy ties her wrists and then begins with a round leather paddle. The girl is spread wide. if the guy were horny, this would be the time. He continues with a floppy paddle and slaps her pussy. Her squeals are the first sounds we’ve heard. Flogging again, still mild, but now her bottom, totally exposed in the diaper, is fully red, as are her thighs, well toward her knees.

He unties her and leaves her whimpering on the floor. You get the impression the girl might like to visit this room again.

Robertson’s Judicial Strapping – WELLSPANKED

7 Oct

M/f; year: 2012; time: 8 minutes

This would appear NOT to be Kami Robertson. The scene is a small punishment cell, which contains only a table and spanking trestle. A brunette waits. A faceless man enters—Robertson must sign consent and then “Strip. Do you know what that means?” “Yes, sir.” The girl strips off her jeans and top, to bra and panties, then does the hopeful pause. “The bra and panties too.”

Robertson bends naked over the trestle, her dirty bare feet kicking. Some nice production touches— we watch the strapping through the bars and up her legs from inside the tiny cell. She whimpers from the beginning.

A hands-on-head period, then she is allowed to dress. Nice little details for just this short film. Maybe this producer uses this cell for other adjudications.

Carter’s Judicial Strapping WELLSPANKED

22 Sep

M/f; time: xx

A simple and very erotic film for us, in the spirit of MISSMARCHMONT. ‘.Lucy Carter’ has been sentenced to corporal punishment for texting while driving. She appears on set in front of a covered table. She is asked her name and her offense. Age 24.

“You’ve been sentenced to corporal punishment.” She signs the waiver. “Go into the corner, get undressed, and hang your clothes on the coatrack.” The sullen blonde pulls off her black top and tight black skirt . She tries to pause at bra and panties, but that never works. She tries to cover.

The disciplinarian makes her stand in front of the table, hands on head, legs spread “Have you ever had corporal punishment?” “No.” Naked Lucy bends over the table for a contraband check, visual. She must lie on the table. Pillow placed under her hips. Very LUPUS in its simple way. Great reaction to the first strap stroke, the way we imagine it, and often not exploited by producers. Great bottom and facial shots mixed.

Lucy stands, hands on head, heaving tears. She dresses slowly and a bit painfully. This should be a series.

Kailee and Abi shower spanking

21 Sep

F/f; time: 6 minutes

A brief and simple exercise from two of our favorite models. They could have made this film in about its elapsed time. We have not yet identified the producer, maybe SHADOWLANE or GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL?

Kailee Robinson marches Abi Whittaker into a tight bathroom shot and into a shower stall. Abi wears just tiny shorts and a top. She strips to  bra and panties;  she can always look barely legal. The water has been turned on and Abi gets wet, except for her hair. If the  water was cold, she managed it.

Kailee brings her out and gives her a spanking, sitting on the toilet. Wet panties down. An erotic little tidbit from these two stars.