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Ariel Anderssen at NEANDRA

19 Jan

Ms. Brooke-Hamilton made 20 or so videos with this German BDSM producer in 2016 or 2017. She plays both a Top and Bottom in the films.

‘Hair Bondsge’ ((F/f; time: 16 minutes) A brunette calls at Ariel’s place. Ariel greets her, wearing a sort of bondage apron. The girl is carrying bondage headgear. The producer here took some trouble to fashion the design of the front door like a prison door.

The brunette is escorted in and seated in front of a vanity mirror, where Ariel starts to work on her hair. Ariel handcuffs the girl to the chair and fastens a very large ball gag in her mouth, strapped behind her head. The girl slobbers through the gag as Ariel fashions two long pigtails.

The gag is removed and the head harness is put on, somewhat in the fashion of a pony girl contraption. The harness has, its own ball gag, one that goes all the way into the mouth. Ariel fastens all the straps and then puts little padlocks on each buckle.

The girl is released and sent on her way. The harness is very tight and won’t be coming off without the lock keys. The girl drives off, presumably home. Like to think someone is skating for her to provide the other part of her day.

Cherie Tyler Gets Punished – SPANKINGFEAR

22 Dec

M/f; time: 16 minutes

A simple little film we found very entertaining. A pretty brunette primps in front of a bathroom mirror in what is a hotel room. The checkout instructions are right there on the door. A guy in the room does not like her naughty outfit and makes her strip it off. It is just a halter top and latex skirt, no bra, no panties.

She now stands naked at the wall. Lovely. The guy wants her in the frisk position. He begins with a flogger, and surprisingly hard. The next implement is a short leather Spencer strap, again hard. The girl struggles to hold position. The spanker keeps checking with the director/camera, who must be happy, the way this whupping is going.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The girl throws herself on the bed, where the guy completes this entertaining spanking with a sort of fly swatter and a strap. Then, in a nice concluding touch, the guy throws her out in the hotel corridor, bare ass in just her heels. She desperately looks in both directions and will have to plead herself back in. What can she offer? The girl throws herself on the bed, where the guy completes this entertaining spanking with a sort of fly swatter and a strap. Then, in a nice concluding touch, the guy throws her out in the hotel corridor, bare ass in just her heels. She desperately looks in both directions and will have to plead herself back in. What can she offer?


22 Dec

M/f; time: 16 minutes

A ‘Jules and Mike Tanner’ film. Jules narrates from the back seat of a car. She and Mike are using spanking to work out some marital problems. We see her sitting on some fancy stairs, waiting for him.

Mike arrives and takes her over a standing knee immediately. Flower print panties right now. Jules has a rose tattoo on her left buttock. He begins handspanking very hard and fast for the start of things. Good camera angles from various spots to solve this confined space on the stairs, including nice tearful facials through the spindles.

She is sent to get the strap, her blue dress rucked up, red bottom. We next see her lying on a pillow on a low wall. Mike whips her with the belt with full arm swings. You have to wonder how many of these wicked strokes she actually took. Views of a rosy bottom and thighs, and a lot more tears.

Now she is sent to the kitchen and returns with a wooden stirring spoon, one of the favored spanking implements in CP films. This time she bends over the same wall, resting on the pillow again. Mike absolutely whales her with the spoon, and she reacts to the pain with shock. Her convulsed expressions remind us of some of the girls on the headmaster’s trestle in LUPUS films. He puts her at the wall to think.

Whipping for the Weather Girl – SPANKEDLADY

22 Dec

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Hey, a story! Well, maybe. A very pretty blue eyed blonde sits on a stool in an interview posture. Kind of refreshing, a very professional lady, not a schoolgirl. She is all smiles and glamor. She wears a pink blouse, gray skirt, garters, nylons, heels. An off-screen voice: “Why are you here?” “Because you are going to spank me.” “Are you ready?”

A guy comes on set and coaxes her to bend over a standing knee. He begins a mild handspanking on her white panties. She seems rather amused and doesn’t seem to mind when he takes her panties down to her calves. The posture she is in eliminates the buttocks crease, so his spanking is reddening her cheeks and her thighs.

The guy takes off his belt and completes the long standing spanking. The weather girl has started to struggle. There are a few minutes of repeat scenes thrown in at the end, including an introduction where the girl is told to pull down her panties. A rare clear bottom.

Rachel’s Audition

19 Dec

M/f; time: xxx

A short film whose origin we have not identified. Rachel is an attractive brunette schoolgirl. She stands in front of a white backdrop and narrates that she is going to be punished.

A faceless male comes onto the set, and after a cut, Rachel is bsre bottom OTK for a mild handspanking. Next comes a bend-over on a chair for a strap on her white knickers. A synthetic cane, paddle, strap, ping pong bat, even a fly swatter. Very nice filming, a nifty model, a gently red bottom. Give her a contract.

Leia Ann Woods Misc

19 Dec

BDSM film (M/f; time: 18 minutes) A THEGATE production with ‘Keith.’ We think this is Ms. Woods.. She is naked, in a bathtub, wearing a dog collar and leash, being tormented by a guy.

Leia is led to the basement, where she will be tortured in a sort of playroom. We won’t detail the typical bdsm moves, except to say there is a lot of focus on her bottom, not all that common in bdsm in our experience.

Flogging, labia clamps, stress positions and a bit of PT. An electric chastity belt takes a while to put on. Leia is a perfect actress to watch standing naked during this interval. Her nipples suggest this interlude in her career excites her.

Job Appointment – KURTSTEVENS

17 Dec

F/f; time: 34 minutes

An old and clunky film we have not identified yet—the production values but not the exact subject matter of NU-WEST, and at first viewing not clever enough for ROUE or BLUSHES. The TV on the set looks to be 1980’s or earlier. From the lighting, acting, and tone, we will assign it to KURTSTEVENS.

A girl answers a newspaper ad for some sort of job interview about dog training. She shows up at the designated place, and is short order the woman who greets her throws her on the floor. “What are you doing?” “You are just what we are looking for.” The girl’s wrists and ankles are soon tied. She is not much of a fighter.

The woman lefts her struggle awhile BDSM style, then returns, pulls down her pink slacks, and paddles her on her black panties. She gets a box of Milk Bone dog biscuits for some use and puts a dog collar and chain leash on her.

A guy enters the room. Faces are being disguised more or less, either by design or because of amateur filming. They torment the girl, get her on her knees, and pull her panties down. After a full cut, the girl is naked, strung up to a frame. This crew could not find a way to transition to this shot. They both flog her mildly as she swings, mostly suspended. An untended pubic bush helps date this film.

Some sort of harness is put on her head, it is a gag. Clothes pins are attached to her nipples and pubic hair. She screams and twists as they torment her, even to the point where the gag comes loose.

Onto the floor, they tied to a St, Andrews cross, laying flat. Some candle wax dripping and ice cube teasing, the purpose clear but the execution awkward. And then, a new tool for us. A paddle shaped device with long nails sticking out. They rake her exposed skin with it. All kind of mild. And smooth teasing with the metal stud side of a double sided hair brush. It would have been fun if the phone has rung with another applicant calling at this point.

Caned Thief – KOOBOO

27 Nov

F/2f; time: 10 minutes

A woman discovers money missing from her purse and confronts two girls. Two thin models in a sitting room. The woman gradually strips on girl and finds her money in the girl’s panties, in a place least likely to be found by an intruding hand

The girl is stripped the rest of the way and caned over the arm of an easy chair. Looks like a hard caning, at least from the wild marks. The girl arranges herself into the diaper position quite voluntarily, where her wheals are all the more evident. We are convinced. Plenty of target here, lower buttocks and as much thigh as you would want.

Dani Daniels Tearing Up – SEXANDSUBMISSION

20 Nov

M/f; time: 52 minutes

A longer film, of the marvelous adult star and spanking model Dani Daniels being put through BDSM paces. In an opening POV interview, she explains she likes almost any punishment where she is the submissive, and that she is a crier, not from pain, but from sexual emotion. This film would be a nominee for all you ever need to know about her.

Dani will play out a series of scenarios. The first is an office setting, where her male boss takes an opportunity to tie her up and gag her and put her over his desk. Spanking and bottom probing. He cuts off her clothes with surgical scissors. He lets her up to cut off her bra, and she displays an unusual full triangular pubic bush. He flogs her around the office until she drops to her knees and gives him a rousing blowjob. Over the desk for doggy-style, the guy is huge. She screams up a storm from his 8 incher, so he ball gags her, and not gently.

After a fade Dani struggles tied on her knees to a desk facing us, some complicated rigging which took some time. Since her mouth is at the proper level, the blowjob continues. The guy works her pussy with an Hitachi vibrator. Dani can express agony and ecstasy as well as any porn actress we’ve seen.

Ball gag again, some frontal caning. Dani seems to have developed a sheen of sweat.

Fade. Dani is tied and gagged over a desk, all bottom. The guy drops her pants and goes doggy again, very hard. He teases her with an electric wand.

Fade. Ms. Daniels is tied, on her back, thighs wide, on the desk He does her again in this position, and at last she is released for the facial money shot. Quite a performance from both of them.

Dria’s Judicial Caning – PUNISHMENTSONLY

19 Nov

F/f; time: 28 minutes

Dria is sentenced to 24 strokes of the Singapore cane for disorderly conduct. The model is a tall and sturdy blonde. Her disciplinarian is a small brunette. The scene is a simple room, with a platform. The guard has her strip off her sun suit, and when it appears she is wearing no underwear, extras are earned.

First, a medical checkup, stethoscope and pulse. Next, the guard attaches then rips off a plastic adhesive, under each arm,like a big bandaid, meant to hurt. Odd procedure, and this is not where we would have stuck the patch.

And then a long fastening to the punishment bench, which is a large white gurney-type box about the size of small over-sized steamer trunk. Dria is fastened leaning over one end of it, ankles, wrists, knees, small of the back.

A man enters the shot. The girl guard has only been a tech. He measures the distance to her bottom with a long thick handled cane. The girl spreads salve on Dria’s bottom and thighs.

The caning is slow and quick hard, LUPUS-like wheals developing at the bottom of her buttocks, the crease, and the top of her thighs. She is quivering almost full-body at the end. The filming is repeated from the facial side. Quite impressive. The film concludes with slow motion repeats and the biggest jiggle we think we have ever seen.