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Gillian Lancer Borstal

3 Aug

F/4f; time: 28 minutes

Not the title, and don’t have a producer. Miss Gillian-Lancer spends a good part of this film talking and scolding, which must have been a financial arrangement with the girls, because she is a hard spanker and can bring it when needed.

Miss GL is in a tight little shot meant to be a borstal dormitory. She wears a bit of a uniform, including cap and handcuffs at her waist. One of the girls is a trusty, who will help her spank the other three girls. The models seem slightly amused at the dialogue.

GL begins paddling the girls. They change into bright red leotard-type outfits, where the bottoms can be pulled down to access bare skin. GL also has a cane. The trusty shares in the spanking. The film doesn’t get off the ground.

Miss Disciplinarian -LIZZARDCREATIONS

3 Aug

F/f; year: 2005; time: 35 minutes

SHANVAN UK affiliation. Featuring ‘Shanelle’ and ‘Miss Rigby’ as the domme. A simple little production and not bad. Very British. Miss Rigby admits Shanelle to a tiny overlit room, where the ceiling beams won’t permit the door to be opened fully.

Rigby is going to spank Shanelle. OTK first, then the girl stands to drop her pink slacks. More OTK, panties down,  brief frontals. She is sent off to put on a school uniform.

New scene, Shanelle returns in schoolie kit. She bends over for a leather paddle, quite hard, making this producer worth seeking out. Hands on chair, panties down, a simple but very entertaining punishment.


30 Jul


M/f; time: 9 minutes

Stephen Lewis has Amy Hunter outside in an exterior scene. It is a rather weak attempt to depict hard labor. She moves a pile of rock from one place to another. We much prefer Katie at NU-WEST being whipped as she struggles in heels and a tight  with a shovel and wheelbarrow. She is taken inside for the proper whipping. Amy wears the conventional shorty smock from B&S.

Lewis will give her a rather gentle and silly flogging. Amy grabs two vertical supports for an exterior stairway and is flogged first on her panties, then on the bare.


27 Jul

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Need a title here. We review this film out of admiration for how Clare Fonda, no longer the nubile post-teen spankee, can still bring it. She is on the phone. A smiling guy enters the room and she is quickly OTK. She is quite impressive in little denim shorts.

Nice squawking during the spanking, and a lot of dialogue. He pulls her ps to down. Just spanking. A lot of phone.

Marked for Discipline -SPANKINGSWITCH.COM

27 Jul

F/f; time: 17 minutes

A surprisingly good film from a producer we don’t know, whose output is minimal It. Is a conventional British schoolgirl spanking, but the details are excellent. A domme takes a familiar blonde OTK, white panties down, knee socks, and fashionable strap heels. Another girl is seen listening outside, the familiar routine.

The first girl comes out and shows her friend her bottom. After a segue, it is the second girl’s turn. She is getting a huge paddle. The domme has changed into a gym outfit. She bends over a table.

In the next scene the girls have been sent to a punishment room. Written instructions are pinned up for them to comply with. The girls will be caned. The first girl pulls down her panties, bends over a tsble, and waits. Very nice anticipation and staging. The domme comes in and gives her a very thorough caning. Marks on the far cheek. Her panties are staged on an adjacent chair.

The second girl gets the same bare bottom caning. Both bottoms on display. Entries in the punishment book. No frontals, and only the briefest glimpse of the domme’s face.



Kat St. James Clare Fonda – SPANKEDCALLGIRLS

27 Jul

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Clare meets Kat in what is not disguised as a hotel room. Even the cable TV guide is visible on the table. Clare is giving Kat a lecture on what is expected of her as a company call girl. Of course that means a sample of the kind of discipline meted out.

Kat accepts it. OTK on the bend, kilt up, black panties. A conventional hand and hair brush spanking.

Request for Discipline – STERNTIME

24 Jul

M/f; time: 28 minutes

A naughty little affair this is, as are the other STERNTIME productions we have reviewed. This producer had a simple budget but a wicked imagination. Too bad there aren’t more films. We will look.

Brunette Cecilia reports to Mr. Lee, a professional disciplinarian. She has a four o’clock appointment. She is cute in a black dress and ponytail. Lee reads her note and advises her of the procedure. She is self-conscious and uses non-chalance to hide  her nerves.

After the brief lecture, she unzips her dress and shrugs it off. She wears a bra but no panties. She is quick to hand over her bra. Pubic fuzz suggests  this film too has some hair on it. Lee wants Cecilia’s hands on her head while he fondles her. The OTK begins on the couch, and rather hard. He will pause to put lotion on her bare bottom.

After a cut, Cecilia is on her knees giving Lee a blowjob. We thought,  if she had worked harder here, the spankings which followed would not have occurred. Back OTK, thighs spread, her bottom soars. Back on the floor for more BJ.

They hug in what suggests consummation has occurred for the both of them, but the director continues. More OTK, and then a bend-over at the couch for what will be  an impressive caning for this simple production. Legs spread, a rouser. Long shots make it clear this is a motel room. Lee adds some strap. We’re glad the BJ wasn’t enough.


10 Jul



f; time: 22 minutes.

A long and very erotic interview for us. A very innocent and disarming Paris sits in interview with Clare Fonda. She wears a loose top and a denim mini skirt. This is in the style of a REALSPANKINGS interview, as well as other producers.

Fonda asks her personal questions about her first spanking experiences, which are all parental and not sexual, but the seeds are being sown.


One childhood spanking is re-enacted, just briefly, OTK for candy before dinner. Nothing hard yet.

Memories of being spanked by both parents, for misbehavior, flirting, etc. On the bare as she gets older. On one occasion, her mother took her temperature rectally for faking sickness when she has been drinking. Not much boyfriend talk, at least here.

To conclude, Fonda asks her to show her red panties.

M/f; time: 5 minutes Lovely redhead Paris takes a brief OTK handspanking on her denim shorts from a guy sitting on a toilet. Not much to report here. Nice submission, charming lady we will look at for.

Centre for Correction 2066 – MISSSULTRYBELLE

10 Jul

2F/3f; year: 2020; time: 33 minutes

This producer took a chance making this film in this year. Someone could burn them down. Opening shots of rioting, molatov cocktail throwing, looting.

We cut to a punishment room. The Authorities are going  to resort to corporal punishment to resolve some of these offenses. Given the age and gender of the protestors we have seen, the spanking matrons could be busy.

In a flat one set scene, girls will be caned over a trestle. A tall pretty blonde is first. Two matrons require her to strip naked. She is fastened over the conventional sawhorse-type spanking trestle, except that this one is bigger, more steady, and tall enough that the victim is off the ground. NU-WEST had the ideas. The carpentry came later. The girl’s wrists and ankles are fastened. The device is large enough her face can be easily seen through her legs.

A matron lays on 50 strokes with a cane. The girl counts, some strokes are shown twice. A salve treatment at the end. This punishment would meet our standards.

The second girl is a small brunette. She gets the same.

And the third girl, a very pretty brunette. She is allowed to keep her thong. Instead of the cane, she gets a very heavy strap. The three girls display their bottoms, varied marks. We’d like to think this is a series. Is there a holding cell?

Rump Roast – VIDTECH

1 Jul

F/f; time: 54 minutes

A film of no import, American. Credited are Kelli Thomas, Catalina and Dorian D’Amour. Girls are caught goofing off as they work in a storeroom. They wear silly Las Vegas stage gear. A guy enters, is disturbed by the mess, and spanks them. Skip it.