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Screen Test – SMAX

2 Jul

M/2f; time: 38 minutes

Not familiar with this British producer. Looks like another attempt to depict a series of spanking scenarios as auditions. A non-consequential storyline: “Caned Journalists.” A blonde and a brunette might be volunteering to see what a spanking is like.

Various spankings in the office. The girls’  bottoms are blistering. While the brunette is being strapped, the blonde speaks to someone off camera, then leaves the set, as if she had to go potty. The girls are caned, much worse for the brunette, about 30 strokes, just a dozen for the returning blonde. There is a closing interview and a shot of welts.

Jasmine and John Osborne – AAA SPANKING

26 Jun

Two films for which we do not have titles.

(M/f; time: 21 minutes) A longer film, always a pleasure with this actress. ‘Jasmine’  has made a travel booking error which has cost John Osborne 3000 pounds non-refundable. He is very unhappy of course.

“Is there anything I can do to make you happy?” Osborne catches the drift, but no way will be get into sex with her. “You’re not going to sack me, are you?” Osborne suggests some old fashioned discipline. “Spanking?” Osborne wonders just how much 3000 quid would buy on the call girl market and  how to convert that currency to corporal punishment. “We’re looking at 10 sessions…bare bottom.”

The set is a very nicely appointed office–some care was taken, a far cry from sheets pinned over windows. “Are we talking hard spanking?” asks Jasmine. As always with her, the acting is fluid and credible. Most of the dialogue here seems comfortably ad-libbed. She is one of those models who can keep chatting while her bare bottom is offered to the breeze. Jasmine begins by bending over standing. Osborne smacks her skirt. “That’s what a woman’s body is for,” declares John. What Bottoms Are For, the British slogan.

She drops her skirt, she is going to cooperate. Nice little bikini print panties. Osborne tells Jasmine he is not being aroused. She bends over a chair. Now he wants her top off–cute little black bra. She does a twirl for him. Bra off, and he takes her knickers down, reminding her of the 3000 pound debt.

He clears off a table. “I want your bottom high in the air.” Now he uses a hairbrush. Jasmine says she is liking  this. She twirls for us, flashing a proud mohawk trim. Very cute stuff. She dresses slowly, lots of bottom.  We’d like to see the next 9 appointments.

(M/f; time: 13 minutes) The detectable ‘Jasmine’ squirms on her bed, bored, on the phone with a girlfriend, grounded by her guardian, counting little chocolates she has lifted from John Osborne’s cache. She wears a little striped sun suit, one of those minimal outfits, like the pastel housedresses at XEROTICS, which in a CP film must come off.

Osborne discovers his stash has been raided and calls for Jasmine, who terminates her call, comes downstairs and denies. Gotta love those Glasgow accents. She knows where this is headed. He wants a confession. “If I find any wrappers, it will be the cane…I’m going to get the biggest cane I can and thrash your ass.” A lot of slow talking here before Jasmine is grabbed OTK. “Again?” she whines.

He takes her shorts down. There are no panties. Standard spanking…albeit nothing with Jasmine is routine. She gradually kicks her shorts all the way off. “You’re going to get the hairbrush as well.” She is sent to get it, again flashing that fastidious mohawk. For the smacks, she has to thank on each one, with one do-over to get it right.

Schoolgirl and Her Director

26 Jun

M/f; time: 59 minutes

A German film. The feel of an early CALSTAR, zero budget, no scene changes, floozy models willing to be spanked for very little money. The scene is an exterior, windswept clearing, light brush. A guy, sort of a Trump lookalike, wearing a full suit and carrying a briefcase, setting up the ageplay and authoritarian relationship, marches a blonde along. She has curly hair and two ponytails and should have dropped the schoolgirl roles some time ago. He is going to give her a full workout, right here in the sunlight, and presumably in privacy.

Most of the punishment will be silly here, however lengthy. After some palm slapping, he sits on his briefcase and takes her OTK. He works at her loose white panties and soon they come down. He uses her school ruler on her, to little effect. She steps away to gather some branches he can use for switches. She must break them off with her hands. These switchings are also ineffectual.

The girl  begins doing exercises–bend-overs, touch toes, jogging in place, knee bends, much of it with her panties stretched at her thighs. More spanking, now in the diaper position. The nearly naked girl is rolling around in the gorse and fescue. No one concerned about ticks?

The Director eventually gets her completely naked. The sun has changed the light to afternoon shadows, nice for her white body. Strapping, belting, crawling around, all kind of silly, and suggesting very early CP films.


18 Jun

A clunky American attempt at the schoolgirl theme from 2012; blouses, kilts, knee socks, etc. Teachers and students. A lot of detention.

(Sternwood) (F/2f; time: 14 minutes). Two girls after class with a female teacher. She will spank them both, the redhead first. “Lift that skirt, pull those panties down.” The redhead must hang her panties on a hook, a certain touch of fateful resignation we love.

The lefthanded teacher spanks her OTK, using a small hard wood paddle like the business end of a hairbrush. Bruising immediately.

The redhead bends over the desk and the teacher takes some excruciating time pinning her kilt up out of the way. After this spanking, the girl has to go to the whiteboard and begin to write lines, in the most tiny print, suggesting she will have a lot of work to do. Her blond friend escapes in this video.

‘Heather Texting In Class’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A pretty brunette sits alone with a male teacher in detention. The acting is atrocious. “Take your panties off and hang them on the first hook.” She bends over a desk and he flips up the kilt. She gets a mild whipping with a doubled strap, one of those wicked prison varieties. She counts out 50 strokes and keeps her hair off her face.

She has to sit at her desk, bare bottom. This producer missed a good chance the British don’t let pass in their schoolies. We wanted to see her bottom peeking out. And, so far, this male teacher is being a good boy. In any number of detention films, a desperate girl will find a way to distract the male teacher.

‘Late For Detention’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Two girls in detention, a third girl, a blonde, is dragged in, late. There are two male teachers presiding here. The blonde’s bottom is first for the griddle. “I will give you 100 reasons not to be late.”

She bends over a desk, her white panties come down. A small Spencer paddle is used, mild, but this will accrue if in fact 100 is to be the count. The typical white paddle bruises begin, especially on that far buttock.

Several camera angles are used, but the sound varies from each. The blonde hangs up her panties and sits, but again we  are deprived of the peek.

‘Unprepared for Class’ (F/2f; time: 5 minutes) A female teacher has ‘Alex’ and ‘Katerina’ after class. She is going to spank both of the girls. Over their desks, kilts up, white panties down. Fast, loud strapping. Conventional

Rehearsal – Caned For Cash

6 Jun


Two women will whip one of the girls who wish to be in this series, while 5 other girls watch. It will be a notable caning, and we will ask how the girl will be able to compete later after a ‘rehearsal’ of this severity.

The girl gets into five different positions, bare bottom, where she receives 10 strokes from each woman. First she stands erect at the aluminum frame; then standing on its step, putting her bottom into a direct line with the stroke; third, the diaper position lying on the platform part of the structure-nasty; on her stomach on the platform, head off the end and hanging low, bottom high; and last  a bend-over. 20 strokes, five positions, for 100.

Natasha Never Learns

6 Jun

F/f; time: 30 minutes

A film made by Rick Masters, a heavy porn king, this one on the mild side, and crude at that. The credits say a real mother and daughter played the parts here. Opening scenes show amateur family photos. There were neighbors in the shots! A cute blonde is Natasha. We see her paying a visit to a schoolyard playground, where she slips into reverie about her youth.

Fade. Natasha is now in schoolgirl garb at the playground equipment, where she cavorts around. Panty shots guaranteed, not the best thought out, but  we like the flower print. When she arrives home,  her mother is angry she is late and a spanking is immediately in order. A long, mild faux spanking. At least good camera angles–face, rear, distance.

Another segue, Natasha now watches TV in a shorty nightgown, surely one of the greatest of all spanking costumes. Lots of bottom and kicking stocking feet., something Masters must like. Her  mother is on her again, and another spanking begins, this time a faux paddling, kicking bobby socks.

Natasha runs to the bedroom and looks at her bottom in a full length mirror, another piece of cinematic effort.

“Sunday”: Natasha in trouble again, skirt off, OTK, panties down for the slipper. Some doubled belt added here, the hardest yet. Over all, no frontal nudity, rather mild in all.


Caned For Cash-Bench of Pain – KOOBOO

6 Apr

2F/4f; time: 29 minutes

Wiki reports on this ‘Caned For Cash’ series claim only four films made. We have reviewed two of them. Although there is no connection reported with MOOD PRODUCTIONS, the style seems similar, the equipment familiar, the intensity matching, and here the dominant actress ‘Kira’ seems the same.

Girls are punished on-camera and paid per stroke, that’s the pretext. Four girls sit on a couch in front of a metal rack/trestle we have seen before. The first girl, a pretty blonde, steps forward and strips naked. She steps up onto the platform, lies across it, and is strapped down at the waist. Two women cane her, each gives 10 strokes, and from different sides. Marks and gasps from the beginning.

A small brunette goes second, gets naked. These are hard canings, memorable.

Third, a dark blonde.

And fourth another dark blonde, a real screamer, who is quivering early.

After this first 20 stroke session, time for the second round. The blonde climbs onto the platform, but in the diaper position, one woman canes while the second woman holds her feet. Wicked position. The caning doesn’t need to be harder than this.

The next three girls the same, the brunette, and the blondes. The screamer can’t last much longer.

For the third round, the positions vary. The blonde stands at the footpad of the platform for her 20; the next three girls lie across the platform on their stomachs, head hanging low, so that their bottoms are foremost and in the sweet spot for a cane swing. The screamer can hardly return to the couch.

For the fourth round, the light blonde and the screamer quit, the brunette takes her 20, some lighter strokes; and the fourth girl struggles through 20 in that terrible diaper posture.

The girls are excused, there is no ‘winner per-se in this format.