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Hidden Camera Files – REDSTRIPE

2 Apr

F/f; time: 13 minutes

A STRAND production. Sally and Sarah Bright. From the way this standard spanking film is staged, this is not much of a hidden camera, in the manner of some hidden security camera setups we have seen.

Sally is a small blonde, lolling on a couch. She wears a yellow T-shirt and madras shorts. After a scolding from Sarah, she is taken OTK and a hard spanking begins. Sarah wrestles her into the diaper position on the couch, with her shorts still on. More scolding. Sally drops her shorts to sport green lace panties.

Yellow top off, panties down, Sally is now naked. She kneels up on the couch for the strap. OTK again, more strapping, full screen bottom, very good. Hands on head, facing us. Sally is shaved.


26 Mar

M/f; Year: 1989; time: 13 minutes

A schoolgirl classroom spanking, simple and beautifully done. A screen graphic: ‘Gemma 18 years old 1989.‘ A very pretty blonde schoolgirl, fully decked out and delightfully disheveled, sits at a desk in a sparsely furnished classroom. The girl is reminiscent of the wonderful models in early ROUE and BLUSHES films, where the girls looked quite amateur, barely legal, and as if they had been cast from recruiting notices pinnned on school bulletin boards

A faceless male will give her what looks like a detention spanking. First, she stands hands on head while he smacks her thighs, a pervy guy. He lets her rub. She tucks up her skirt, he pulls her knickers down, an OTK handspanking.

Gemma is allowed up, focus on her bottom. We see her mascara is running. She sits bare bottom, and after a segue, she is bent over a desk for a slipper. She hangs onto a chair. Perfect little film.

Company Business – HOM

24 Mar

F/f; year: 1994; time: 61 minutes

A producer we don’t normally associate with CP. Sharon Kane is the producer here, joined by Greta Karlson, Ashley Renee, and Alex Jordan, all adult actresses. Brian Tarsis and Ernest Greene ate listed in the credits, but this film must have been made on lunch hour. The set is an office. The storyline seems to be about girls auditioning to become callgirls, surefire opportunity to spank multiple bottoms. The scenes are sufficiently muddled we won’t try to discern the plot.

Alex delivers coffee to Sharon at her desk, flashes a boob for her, then brings in the first client, Ashley. Sharon gives her a feel. Fade. Ashley is strung up and being whipped, silly. Frontal whipping, clothespins, Lesbian play, pussy cropping, dildo sucking then insertion, bondage positions.

Fade to the office scene again. Greta gets a workout from Sharon. A final scene with all girls naked. It would seem they made this film up as they went along.

Maisie Dee Strips – GANGBANGCLUB.COM

23 Mar

M/ f; time: 6 minutes

We were attracted to this simple little film after we have discovered many appearances of the British model Maisie Dee at XEROTICS. The set appears to be an empty apartment. She enters the apartment where a guy orders her to strip naked. She objects, but not very much. There will be continual still flash photography throughout this film.

Maisie assumes the frisk position at the wall, legs apart, a bit naughtier than we have seen her. The guy begins handspanking and prying her cheeks open.

Maisie then kneels on the floor on all fours. The guy straddles and spanks. Lots of pussy shots here. Few facials for Maisie. A lot of pubic hair. When her spanking is finished, she marches off, giving the guy the finger. We’ve seen films where this would result in a do-over.

Ariel Anderssen at NEANDRA

19 Jan

Ms. Brooke-Hamilton made 20 or so videos with this German BDSM producer in 2016 or 2017. She plays both a Top and Bottom in the films.

‘Hair Bondsge’ ((F/f; time: 16 minutes) A brunette calls at Ariel’s place. Ariel greets her, wearing a sort of bondage apron. The girl is carrying bondage headgear. The producer here took some trouble to fashion the design of the front door like a prison door.

The brunette is escorted in and seated in front of a vanity mirror, where Ariel starts to work on her hair. Ariel handcuffs the girl to the chair and fastens a very large ball gag in her mouth, strapped behind her head. The girl slobbers through the gag as Ariel fashions two long pigtails.

The gag is removed and the head harness is put on, somewhat in the fashion of a pony girl contraption. The harness has, its own ball gag, one that goes all the way into the mouth. Ariel fastens all the straps and then puts little padlocks on each buckle.

The girl is released and sent on her way. The harness is very tight and won’t be coming off without the lock keys. The girl drives off, presumably home. Like to think someone is skating for her to provide the other part of her day.

Cherie Tyler Gets Punished – SPANKINGFEAR

22 Dec

M/f; time: 16 minutes

A simple little film we found very entertaining. A pretty brunette primps in front of a bathroom mirror in what is a hotel room. The checkout instructions are right there on the door. A guy in the room does not like her naughty outfit and makes her strip it off. It is just a halter top and latex skirt, no bra, no panties.

She now stands naked at the wall. Lovely. The guy wants her in the frisk position. He begins with a flogger, and surprisingly hard. The next implement is a short leather Spencer strap, again hard. The girl struggles to hold position. The spanker keeps checking with the director/camera, who must be happy, the way this whupping is going.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The girl throws herself on the bed, where the guy completes this entertaining spanking with a sort of fly swatter and a strap. Then, in a nice concluding touch, the guy throws her out in the hotel corridor, bare ass in just her heels. She desperately looks in both directions and will have to plead herself back in. What can she offer? The girl throws herself on the bed, where the guy completes this entertaining spanking with a sort of fly swatter and a strap. Then, in a nice concluding touch, the guy throws her out in the hotel corridor, bare ass in just her heels. She desperately looks in both directions and will have to plead herself back in. What can she offer?


22 Dec

M/f; time: 16 minutes

A ‘Jules and Mike Tanner’ film. Jules narrates from the back seat of a car. She and Mike are using spanking to work out some marital problems. We see her sitting on some fancy stairs, waiting for him.

Mike arrives and takes her over a standing knee immediately. Flower print panties right now. Jules has a rose tattoo on her left buttock. He begins handspanking very hard and fast for the start of things. Good camera angles from various spots to solve this confined space on the stairs, including nice tearful facials through the spindles.

She is sent to get the strap, her blue dress rucked up, red bottom. We next see her lying on a pillow on a low wall. Mike whips her with the belt with full arm swings. You have to wonder how many of these wicked strokes she actually took. Views of a rosy bottom and thighs, and a lot more tears.

Now she is sent to the kitchen and returns with a wooden stirring spoon, one of the favored spanking implements in CP films. This time she bends over the same wall, resting on the pillow again. Mike absolutely whales her with the spoon, and she reacts to the pain with shock. Her convulsed expressions remind us of some of the girls on the headmaster’s trestle in LUPUS films. He puts her at the wall to think.

Whipping for the Weather Girl – SPANKEDLADY

22 Dec

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Hey, a story! Well, maybe. A very pretty blue eyed blonde sits on a stool in an interview posture. Kind of refreshing, a very professional lady, not a schoolgirl. She is all smiles and glamor. She wears a pink blouse, gray skirt, garters, nylons, heels. An off-screen voice: “Why are you here?” “Because you are going to spank me.” “Are you ready?”

A guy comes on set and coaxes her to bend over a standing knee. He begins a mild handspanking on her white panties. She seems rather amused and doesn’t seem to mind when he takes her panties down to her calves. The posture she is in eliminates the buttocks crease, so his spanking is reddening her cheeks and her thighs.

The guy takes off his belt and completes the long standing spanking. The weather girl has started to struggle. There are a few minutes of repeat scenes thrown in at the end, including an introduction where the girl is told to pull down her panties. A rare clear bottom.

Rachel’s Audition

19 Dec

M/f; time: xxx

A short film whose origin we have not identified. Rachel is an attractive brunette schoolgirl. She stands in front of a white backdrop and narrates that she is going to be punished.

A faceless male comes onto the set, and after a cut, Rachel is bsre bottom OTK for a mild handspanking. Next comes a bend-over on a chair for a strap on her white knickers. A synthetic cane, paddle, strap, ping pong bat, even a fly swatter. Very nice filming, a nifty model, a gently red bottom. Give her a contract.

Leia Ann Woods Misc

19 Dec

BDSM film (M/f; time: 18 minutes) A THEGATE production with ‘Keith.’ We think this is Ms. Woods.. She is naked, in a bathtub, wearing a dog collar and leash, being tormented by a guy.

Leia is led to the basement, where she will be tortured in a sort of playroom. We won’t detail the typical bdsm moves, except to say there is a lot of focus on her bottom, not all that common in bdsm in our experience.

Flogging, labia clamps, stress positions and a bit of PT. An electric chastity belt takes a while to put on. Leia is a perfect actress to watch standing naked during this interval. Her nipples suggest this interlude in her career excites her.