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Christmas with Aunty

22 Nov

F/2f; time: 39 minutes

A crude American film, almost amateur. ‘Melanie’ is being spanked by her ‘Aunt Mary’ and led upstairs bare bottom. Melanie narrates her travail at having to stay with her aunt at Christmas.

Upstairs, a series of spankings and fades to new scenes. Sister ‘Anthea’ is getting spanked too, caught up in the holiday spirit, which for Aunty means pants-down.

Anthea is caught smoking, shown the house rules, and given a spanking in her pajamas. Various domestic situations not worth reporting, there is a spanking in the parking lot with WalMart in the background.

The producer rolls it all out—body oil, pajamas, schoolgirl uniforms, hairbrush. We just needed a cheerleader to walk on.


Hunter’s Education – the Cane – PUNISHEDBRATS

18 Oct

M/f; time: 14 minutes

‘David Pierson’ has a very pretty blonde, quite naked, cuffed down on her belly to a low table, pillows under her hips. Her thighs are pulled wide, providing quite a view, which must be Pierson’s thing. The position is in the best traditions of SPANKINGSERVER/PAIN4FEM.

The girl twitches delightfully through a long and harmless caning.

Switch in Time – PUNISHEDBRATS

18 Oct

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Spanking raconteur ‘David Pierson’ plays a dean, who will cane two of his schoolgirls. Despite his experience, he is about as intimidating as the Mr. Softee ice cream guy on 75th street. He canes two girls, telling them they are lucky to get the ‘switch’ instead of the cane. And they are also lucky that Pierson is the caner.

Tepid switching it is. Not even a line appears. The first girl is a dashing redhead, and when she bends over an antique stepladder and loses her panties, she gives up the whole nine yards. The second girl, a thin brunette in studious glasses, is just as sexy. To  conclude, the schoolgirls stand bracketing the fireplace, hands on head, facing us, but the dean lets them keep their skirts down.

Prefect’s Lesson

3 Oct

F/2f; time: 8 minutes

A female teacher interrupts a wrestling fight among three girls on the school grounds of Arnold House School. She marches the girls to ‘Mr. Granger,’  the headmaster. The girls are slightly silly in full schoolgirl garb, including boaters.

The girls are parked outside the Head’s office, two are taken inside. Each girl is given a conventional bare bottom OTK spanking. ‘Jane’ gets the cane, but it is mild and faked.

Melissa’s Paddling

18 Sep

M/f; time: 44 minutes

A producer we could not identify. Slightly amateur feel,  worth a minute if you come across it. A guy who makes spanking films is interviewing a model and warning her about what the work might be like. He shows Melissa photos of another filming. “She got cut.” He shows her scenes of another spanking, with a paddle and hairbrush. He wants to ensure she can take it, “because you don’t have a big bottom.”

He discusses fees–she gets $200 for a handspanking and a possible $1500 bonus if they graduate to more serious implements. She is confident and eager. They step to an adjacent set, a platform in front of a photographic backdrop. The sparse NUWEST feel. They will start with a test spanking. She pulls down her culottes. Full bush. 12 handsmacks first.

He lays out his collection of implements–paddles, ruler, belt, hairbrushes, flogger. $175 fee for each one. She smacks her hand with one or another implement. But the guy observes, what we are hoping. “I am going to spank much harder than that.” She selects a brush and a paddle and he gives her one swat with each. “Forget the brush.”

He tests her with the belt. “You are already getting red.” He pulls up her top to check out her boobs. He makes a side bet with her of $25 that she won’t be able to take an implement of his choice.

Ready for the scenarios. He has a bag of lingerie. They need to have some disagreement. OTK, nightshirt up, handspanking on panties. Nightshirt off, panties down. She is beginning to struggle a bit. She bends over a barstool for two different paddles. Bottom and thighs.

On the floor on all fours for the belt. They hug at the conclusion. Tears. He creams her bottom.

Lesbian Teacher with Students – BIGJIMPRODUCTIONS

6 Sep

F/3f; time: 16 minutes

Maybe this film caught us at a good time, but we found surprising moments worth commenting on. Never heard of Big Jim.  Three slightly disheveled and vaguely familiar models play scruffy schoolgirls. They have reported to a female teacher, who snarls at them Domme-like, slashing a cane down on a desk for emphasis.

The three girls start by bending over a desk side by side, their little skirts ride up by themselves. The teacher kneels behind them, slowly peeling down each thong. Here comes one of the more entertaining shots we’ve seen in a while- zoom on the three pairs of legs, panties stretched tight at the ankles.

The teacher licks and fondles the bottoms, she can reach more than one at a time. The girls are marched to look out a window. The director went to the trouble of moving the camera outside to catch frontal fuzz through the glass.

Now the teacher strips down to panties, and the students are assigned, one to each nipple and one to her crotch. The four naked girls now go through some lesbian gyrations, oral/anal positions. In scene cuts, two of them wear strap-on’s  and fuck the other two. The orgasms are corny, but there is a lot of action in this 16 minutes.

“Same time next week.”

Slave Auction – ELITEPAIN

31 Aug

M/f; time: 1 hr 31 minutes

Typical weird stuff from ELITEPAIN. Maximilian Lomp addresses a group of kinky men who will be able to bid up the price to torture and torment a captive girl in front of them.

A blindfolded girl is stripped naked and made to stand on a pedestal in front of the men. She is asked impossible or embarrassing personal questions, and when she doesn’t answer properly, Lomp auctions off the degree of her punishment.

Frontal whipping, nipple pinching, seated spread-eagled on a portable heater,, whipped frontally on a table, caned and whipped by the bidders. Weird.

ELITEPAIN has included scenes from another girl who apparently broke during the filming.