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English Teacher – REDBOARD

19 Sep

F/f; time: 44 minutes

Standard British-flavored teacher/student CP, with the slightest hint of lesbian interest. ‘Julie Bright’ is identified as playing ‘Miss Margaret,’ who apparently boards students, here American ‘Stephanie Austin,’ and she uses corporal punishment to keep her girls motivated.

Stephanie reports to Miss Margaret, wearing shorts and a jersey. For various house infractions, “discipline” is announced, which Stephanie pretends not to understand. After a faux struggle, Stephanie is taken OTK for a long and mild spanking on her little white shorts. “If you don’t start behaving, I am going to take your shorts down.” Stephanie soon does stand and drop those shorts. Margaret eagerly checks under her full white and loose panties to see what progress is being made. Good low shots. On the couch, Margaret grips her panties to hold her in place.

Touch-toes. Stephanie complains she can’t bend that far. Panties down, jersey over the head, OTK again. Seems to us Miss Margaret has developed more than a little interest. Back to the couch, but first she must hand over her panties, and the “teen bra.” But it’s a size or two more than that. Some frontals at this point.

Miss Margaret wants Stephanie to parade in front of her for posture instruction–head up, shoulders back, boobs out, butt in, and book-on-the-head. She has Stephanie put her panties back on for this march, unfortunately for us. We can only guess the director had used up all the persuasion he had for frontal  shots agreed to. A bit more spanking, there are sniffles by now. She dresses, they hug. Stephanie vows not to have to return.

Stolen Watch

18 Sep

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Septuagenarian spanker and cocksman ‘Jack Uppitt,’ in a short segment here, which feels like an excerpt from a longer film we have not been able to find. He has caught a young blond student having stolen  his watch. We are in a one-room set with a couch, the scene of some other CALSTAR distributions, where he has left some DNA behind in other stories.

Usual shivering acting. Uppitt pulls her top off  and she is suddenly naked. She has the centerfold  body and then some, quite a deviation from the normal schoolgirl CP model, but in line with the girls Uppitt gravitates to in his films. In essence, he likes tits and ass. He takes her OTK. “Legs apart,” as he always says. The girl has already been spanked today,  for another theft. He is going to spank her every day, lest her tell her parents. He likes to schedule his bottoms.

She kneels on the couch for the slipper. “Stick it out for me.” He arranges her into the diaper position on the couch and very much likes the view. He is the devil at getting a girl into a compromising position. Next, he splays her over a couch arm, another exposure. She has trimmed her pubic hair into the tiniest wisp. Time consuming we would think, and does such effort require assistance?

After a brief caning, he makes her clench the rattan between her buttocks, then sends her to her room. In some other films, at this point, he arranges an appointment with the unlucky girl in his digs after supper, but not here.

Merchant of Venice – WELLSMACKED

14 Sep


Very British; three schoolgirls queue at the headmistress’ door, one of those favored scenes where the skin on the girls’ bottoms should already be tingling. They knock, ‘Theresa’ is called in first, and is confronted by the Head and a second woman holding a cane. It seems Theresa plagiarized an essay on ‘Merchant of Venice’ from a few years ago.

Such copying merits palm slaps, then “six strokes  of the cane on the bare.” After the palm slaps, she hands over her blouse and bends over the desk. Panties down, six moderate strokes.

‘Diana’ is called in. She too lifted the ‘Merchant’ essay. Guess the girls did not talk about their little games with each other. She gets the same palm slapping and bare bottom caning, nothing special.

And then ‘Susie,’ She also plagiarized. And she was just caned last week in PE class. She gets the same punishment.

FADE. The girls are caught smoking in one of those garret-like rooms found in British CP films. “Miss Benson,’ the caner above, is summoned. The girls will each get six strokes, bare, bent over a lectern. The best moment of the film comes when the Head herself jumps involuntarily at a preparatory cane swoosh from Benson. Bottoms lined up to conclude. British without the flair.

Domme and Blonde – SCORCHED

14 Sep

F/f; time: 30 minutes

A producer/distributor we have stayed away from, for no salient reason. Another office setting, where discipline and lesbian interest will intersect. A woman eyes her ‘secretary’ on a corny office set. We’ve always wondered why somebody couldn’t be found to lend their office in return for being allowed to watch. There would seem to be many examples of that with some of the better producers.

The Emma Brown-like secretary wears a tight denim outfit. The female boss begins to undress her, peels down the jumper, licks her nipples, gets the G-string off, until she is naked. The spanking will occur at a balcony desk, with a railing, and opportunity for low camera shots. Small leather paddle, some aggressive frigging. Diaper position on the desk, the boss spits into her pussy and paddles it. Various positions, head over bannister, tough place to work unless you are into this.

Doctor’s Specialty – REDBOARD

11 Sep

M/f; Time: 37 minutes

A woman reports to an Asian doctor. Looks like this will be one of those reversion therapy sessions, where a good spanking, performed by a knowledgeable physician, will do the trick.

The set is silly but on-budget, just a few chairs on an empty set,very NUWEST. We can hope the spanking will meet that standard. The girl complains to the doctor, she daydreams about people “touching my bottom.”  He will give her the spanking experience she craves.

He has one of those unique little spanking trestles on wheels, a knee-high device with a kneeling pad and a pad to lean forward and rest the chest, positioning the bottom in the most salacious way. This naughty accoutrement was surely built for doggy sex.

He begins with a Spencer paddle on her dress “Do they ever spank you in these dreams?” He whacks her thighs, and harder, making her jump.  Next a flogger, on tight white panties, dress up. panties down, attention to thighs, down the legs. Naughty doctor.

A crop next, she steps out of her panties. Various postions, this doctor is a nasty guy. OTK for a flogger! The doctor  looks like he could cum. The erotic spanking will work its way through API.e of implements.


girl at blackboard handjob

10 Sep

M/f; time: 18 minutes
A pretty brunette stands at a blackboard, being scolded by her boss. She is an unconvincing salesperson and needs the shock of punishment. “I’m going to give you a bare bottom spanking.” Hands on the blackboard, bend forward, skirt up, panties bunched, a mild handspanking starts.

The girl tosses away her panties. The guy drops his pants. If she has any enthusiasm, she will have to show it in another way. “Start a hand job, show me you can sell me.” The girl is quite willing–this office must have established procedures. More spanking, bend over and grab ankles. She throws off her skirt, and the guy has stepped off screen and returns naked.

Her top and bra comes off and the hand job begins in ernest. “Am I selling it?” They wiggle positions so she can stay at her work while he spanks her. He has a good erection and kneels over her as she lies on her back. She is very much entertained but what he has to offer.

She works as hard as she can, they actually do what some call the “bronsky,” but all he can generate is some tiny pre-cum. “Guess you took the edge off.” “I guess SO.”

Uppitt at Work

6 Sep

M/f; time: 17 minutes

We don’t have the title for this odd and overtly pornographic film, worth your time for the presence of senior citizen ‘Jack Uppitt,’ spanker of many young things in his films, which occasionally conclude with some desperate sex to stop the spanking. He keeps his pants on here but still does his CP. He wears a shirt and tie. He has two tarty girls in an office–they are failed porn stars or strippers or some such, and maybe he is management. Not important.

Behind a black curtain at the opposite end of the room are about six guys with their cocks sticking out of holes, glory holes, in various states of erection. We’ve been amused by various versions of this peephole theme, and this is a good one, in that it is so naughty. We guess size matters for this particular casting call. So does endurance.

The guys will entertain and stroke themselves as Jack strips, spanks, paddles, and canes the girls in various ways. The girls goes to the curtain to encourage and tend to the collection of penises. The goal must be six orgasms for the girls to be allowed to go. Spanking the bare bottoms helps. We do get two money shots, one would imagine the director was hoping for more, but so be it. Some hilarity, for the girls, and some enthusiastic work. But more action needed, never enough time.