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Caned For Cash-Bench of Pain – KOOBOO

6 Apr

2F/4f; time: 29 minutes

Wiki reports on this ‘Caned For Cash’ series claim only four films made. We have reviewed two of them. Although there is no connection reported with MOOD PRODUCTIONS, the style seems similar, the equipment familiar, the intensity matching, and here the dominant actress ‘Kira’ seems the same.

Girls are punished on-camera and paid per stroke, that’s the pretext. Four girls sit on a couch in front of a metal rack/trestle we have seen before. The first girl, a pretty blonde, steps forward and strips naked. She steps up onto the platform, lies across it, and is strapped down at the waist. Two women cane her, each gives 10 strokes, and from different sides. Marks and gasps from the beginning.

A small brunette goes second, gets naked. These are hard canings, memorable.

Third, a dark blonde.

And fourth another dark blonde, a real screamer, who is quivering early.

After this first 20 stroke session, time for the second round. The blonde climbs onto the platform, but in the diaper position, one woman canes while the second woman holds her feet. Wicked position. The caning doesn’t need to be harder than this.

The next three girls the same, the brunette, and the blondes. The screamer can’t last much longer.

For the third round, the positions vary. The blonde stands at the footpad of the platform for her 20; the next three girls lie across the platform on their stomachs, head hanging low, so that their bottoms are foremost and in the sweet spot for a cane swing. The screamer can hardly return to the couch.

For the fourth round, the light blonde and the screamer quit, the brunette takes her 20, some lighter strokes; and the fourth girl struggles through 20 in that terrible diaper posture.

The girls are excused, there is no ‘winner per-se in this format.

Veronica’s First Spanking – SPANKINGVERONICAWORKS

26 Mar

F/f; time: 11 minutes

We touch base briefly at one of several girl-on-girl spanking sites. Presumably there is a lesbian market for these, but we’re OK with the them also. Two showgirl-types here.

A  statuesque redhead is naked in a walk-in shower with clear glass walls. Her shower would make a nice stage act in itself. A second beauty, wearing some soft bdsm undies  confronts her for what must be some violation.

The remainder of the film is a conventional spanking between these two gorgeous girls.



Spanking Melodies

1 Mar

M/2f; time: 56 minutes

An American film, another piano lesson, and largely awful, except for a very ‘pervy’ piano teacher.

A cute brunette reports for her lesson, she is terrible, not practicing. The male teacher steps out to call her mother. He gets the permission he needs.

The girl kneels on the piano bench and is smacked as she plays. Next, she gets palm slaps, at a piano lesson no less. Gradually, she is required to strip naked, doing the panties-up/down routine, which would have no effect on playing the scales. The teacher uses a metronome to time the spankings.

A second girl, a brassy blonde, arrives. Even though the dialogue suggests she has never played the piano before, her clothes are soon coming off and she is spanked.

The first girl returns–her angry mother sent her back. Two naked girls at the piano. Weird guy, but he needs spanking lessons.

To Punish A Thief

28 Feb

F/f; time: 20 minutes

An older American film we can’t identify, with the feel of NUWEST. A young girl is made to put on a punishment outfit and is marched into a bedroom by an older woman, who wears Victorian clothes.  “Please, auntie.” That plaintive cry usually bodes well.

“Pull up your dress and pull down your pants. I want to see your ass nice and red.’ The girl wears loose white panties, unappealing and suggestive of an inexperienced producer. Zoom–she is shaved.

Bend-over for more spanking and a strap. FADE to the next day, more strapping in what looks like a motel room. We review this otherwise uninteresting film for its rather amateur, illicit feel.

Growing Pains – TOPSCORE

20 Feb

F/f; time: 45 minutes

A Dutch production, as far as we can tell. They’re pretty good at CP here. We’ll have to guess as to what is going on, but it doesn’t matter. A pretty brunette in black slip puts on cosmetics. She is challenged by an older woman, who will demonstrate some demonic style. The girl has to kneel in a tray of dried peas while the woman spanks her with a rugbeater, which leaves its wicker patterns.

The girl pours the peas back into the box–she is quite used to this, and it would appear the peas are needed from time to time.  Over a chair, panties down, for the cane. 20 strokes shown, surprisingly hard, fast, and very loud! Back to work in the kitchen. The woman next spanks her with a wooden kitchen stirrer with a hole in it. Ouch! We’ve seen enough from LUPUS to now how this tool burns. After some spanking with a spoon, she goes to the bathroom to pee.

The girl goes into a bedroom, puts on a short white nightie, no panties, and dives into a porn magazine. A very heavy pubic bush puts some history on this film. She goes to town with a dildo and is of course caught. Over a chair, legs spread very wide, 15 strokes of the cane, thighs included. Skin pops. She is absolutely screaming.

Not finished. She kneels up on a chair, almost 30 more strokes, bottom and thighs, a lot of facials here, probably necessary to create repeats.

Judicial Punishment-Prison Governor – STRICTENGLISH

5 Feb

(F/f; time: 16 minutes)

A silly little film made by a producer who didn’t try too hard to be different. A girl reports to another girl in an office setting. Apparently this is an office, which explains why the girls are dressed for a bridge club. Sounds like the reportee has been flirting with other employees. She will take 20 strokes of the martinet or be fired.

Skirt down, the girl wears a lot of foundation garments, not sexy for a spanking film. Handspanking, gloved hands on panties. Then panties come down, then somehow they are up again for the martinet on skirt and knickers. Pass.

Prostitute Correction – SPANKINGINTERNET

2 Feb

F/f; time: 26 minutes

We would not have given this film a second thought were it not for one of the most jolly rogerings we have seen in a CP story.

A pretty auburn haired girl sits in jail cell, no more than a few bars and a cot. A guard, just as attractive herself, taunts the girl for being picked up as a prostitute, apparently before she could get much going.

The guard enters the girl’s cell and herself strips to a mesh body stocking. She takes the prisoner OTK on her cot and begins spanking, fondling, and licking. Down come the short shorts and  thong. The spanking is hard enough to overcome the poor acting and the high school set.

After the guard frisks the girl at the wall, she is put into the diaper position on the cot. The guard steps off-camera and returns wearing a huge black strap-on cock. The prisoner seems amused. The fucking begins in this diaper position. Low shots confirm authenticity. The girl is made to get into the doggy position and gets it from behind, and some spanking. The guard has her brace herself against the wall to push back against the thrusts.

The guard justifies this lesbian instructional behavior by explaining “You can get fucked and spanked on the street.”  She keeps asking,  “You want some more cock?” More with the strap-on in a  standing position, low camera shots. The guard shows the girl how to do all the work, on a stationary phallus.

“You’re getting pretty good with your pussy. How about that beautiful ass?…push up against the wall, you’re going to get it in your ass.” The guard spits on her anus, not much. “That’s all I’m going to get?”  “One…two..three!” The guard rams and the girl screams. Again, the prisoner does the work.

The guard will let the prisoner go with an agreement on half of her street earnings, otherwise, jail, and more of this. She likes what the strap-on achieved. “Your pussy looks like the Blackpool tunnel.”