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15 Jun

Ms Scott made at least 4 films at or for GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL

‘Expelled From School’ (M/f)

Part 1 (16 minutes) Alex Hyde and Kissi. He is on the phone with the headmaster of her school. She has been expelled again. He plays a guardian or relative. Kissi on the floor in one of her little girl poses. The set is the couple’s familiar residence.

What to do with Kissi? Alex begins a standing handspanking, then OTK, skirt up, white knickers. She actually seems a bit bruised here. The lighting and staging work out nicely in this episode.

They get up, Kissi keeps her panties at her knees. Alex has found a hairbrush. Routine spanking, usual trim, tan bottom, muscles rippling.

Part 2 (16 minutes) Alex has arranged for Kissi’s school to send hhher textbooks home. He will tutor her, and she must know this is not going to go well. She sits in full schoolgirl kit at the tsble on their familiar set.

Camilla giggles and is not playing along with this tutoring thing, so Alex. Will go right to the spanking. He grabs her and begins handspanking her over the table. She faces us. Once again, the staging in disorganized. In fact,in this episode they will move the furniture around, to get better bottom views, and to combat the daylight problems. Ms. Scott conquers all.

Kilt up, white knickers, routine spanking. Knickers down. “It’s not fair.” The girls always say this. Are there standards? Alex shows her his cane. She must bend over the tsble again. “No!” Kilt up, panties down, almost 20 strokes, counted aloud, so no repeats. Camilla kicks up, as she does, so her panties find her ankles. This session ends. We’d like to see the tutoring continue in the nude.

Part 3 (10 minutes) The tutoring session continues. Kissi makes a cup of coffee for Alex and spikes to the extent he spits it out. She finds this humorous but she knows the cost. He grabs her immediately and the spanking will start in the room overlit by the sun.

Alex points to her white lace panties—he wants them down. OTK again, Camilla’s bottom is on the pale side here, with some red. She bends over a chair for the cane. Mild stuff at this point. Alex turns to check the camera, something he has avoided. Low shots of Camilla—good amateur work. Segue to a bed, rubbing her bottom.

Part 4 (time:11 minutes) Certainly an unusual GBS format, albeit surely an outside production. 53 minutes, all on the same set. Kissi leaves a note and tries to run away. Alex brings her back and the spanking begins. Full school kit still. OTK on a straight chair. Skirt up, perfect muscular legs stretched out and the tight little bottom. Panties are kicked to her ankles.

She gets the strap over a table. Her bottom has been clear from episode to episode. She had pulled her knickers up and here she takes the, down again very slowly. She sits bare bottom for a scolding.

‘Swing the Lead’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Kissi/Camilla sleeps under a comforter, tiny and snug, in the same setting we saw in XEROTICS’ ‘Justice Will Be Served,’ where she played a burglar caught and held over for a weekend of spankings.

She fakes an illness here, she claims a temperature. Alex catches her not taking her pills; we wish he’d take her temperature, but he will just spank her. Off the couch, OTK. Her long hair is curly here. Nightie up, white knickers. A cute and simple spanking.

He sends her for the hairbrush. Back OTK, bare, and a harder spanking between these two. Some coloring here, and tan lines we hardly see. Closeups.

Amelia Jane Rutherford at AMATEURSPANKINGS

11 Jun

f; time: 13 minutes

There are a few interviews with Ms. Rutherford around. We can think of FIRMHAND and REALSPANKINGS, offhand. There is some new information here to us. ‘Dallas’ first contacted her to make some spanking films, which got her thinking about fulfilling a fetish fantasy. She looked at his website and saw “all those girls”being spanked. Her first work, though, was with the Germans of GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL on the island of Majorca. Those films, there are five, were more difficult for her than she expected, and her ‘overacting’ was real emotion.

She started modelling at 24 and has been doing spanking films for 6 years, so this would make this film about 2007. She is being interviewed here in Dallas because she is attending her first Spanking Party. She wanted to meet the customer, she says.

The interviewer is going to include a spanking scene. He has her bend over and he handspanks on her white skirt. She does not wear underwear. For this work, it leaves marks. She pulls up her skirt and there is that bottom of two centuries. The AMATEURSPANKINGS interviewer is very impressed with the perfect condition she is in.

Madison Martin at FIRMHAND

10 Jun

We select some episodes of this 2009 series because of the appearance of Samantha Woodley as a Top. Ms. Woodley is passable as a spanker. We will have to think about other prominent Bottoms who could act as a Top. Different chemicals.

(A)(F/; time: 4 minutes) Madison arrives at the sorority, in trouble on the first day. She missed her assignment as designated driver last night. Samantha is waiting for her. “I’m going to spank you.” Madison is a big blond girl, on the heavy side for a spanking model, but her size ensures an inviting target. OTK, slacks down, a fast handspankiinng on swats could be described as a bubble butt.

(B))(F/f; time: 4 minutes) Madison is larking on a bed on her phone. Samantha interrupts. Madison is going to get another spanking, lying on a pillow on the bed. Handspanking on her shorts to start, then shorts down. Rosy bottom.

(C)(F/f; time: 4 minutes) Madison is going to be paddled by Samantha in the kitchen. Madison lies flat on the kitchen island . Kilt up, there is the tiniest g-string, which we won’t see for a while. Samantha uses a floppy leather paddle and has to reach out to catch both cheeks. Madison hangs onto the edges of the counter.

(D)(F/f; time: 6 minutes) Still in the kitchen, Madison is wrapped in towel, always a goos sign in a CP movie. Madison hasn’t done her chores. The towel comes off, she is totally naked, and. It is clear how she got the job. A sweet fuzzy flash as she climbs onto the island again. Samantha uses a big strap and moves from one side of the island to the other to distribute the damage. Reaction CAM. Very pink.Some outtakes, where Samantha is about to apply lotion.

(E) (F/f; year: 2006; time: 4 minutes) Samantha Woodley stands in front of the fireplace, holding a paddle, for a sorority spanking. Madison bends over, and gets the paddle on her jeans. It is hard enough that she must recover between strokes. Reaction CAM. And there must be a camera on the hearth.

(F) (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Madison lounges in just a skirt, topless. Samantha picks up a strap off the mantel. Madison bends over, skirt, up, no panties. It is a mild spanking—Samantha is still not a stern Top. Up-skirt shots, evidence of the tiniest g-string. Facials, boobs hang. She is sent on her way in just her skirt.

(G) (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Samantha confronts Madison in an exterior scene. She has been bad mouthing sorority sisters. So it’s back inside for more of the strap, which hasn’t worked so far. Madison asks hopefully, “Pants up?” “No, pants down.” A rather mild and ineffectual strapping.

(H) (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Samantha has a cane. Madison lies over a padded spanking horse, kilt up. She struggles under the csning. RepTs shown. One stroke—“That’s really low.” An ad lib you don’t hear often.

(I)(F/f; time: 7 minutes) Madison is a blonde here, and the girls are dressed as cheerleaders, although Madison has not put on her skirt yet. Samantha enters the bedroom. She is going to cane Madison and pulls down her red cheerleader’s panties for a mild session.

This episode contains a concluding interview between the girls. Is our sequence wrong?

(J)(F/f; time: 8 minutes) Madison sneaks into a room. She has dark hair here. SaAmantha is waiting for her. Madison is taken OTK for a mild handspanking, panties down. Outtakes.

(K) (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Samantha will spank Madison for copying her schoolwork. She will use a thick leather paddle. Madison stands and drops her jeans and goes OTK, white lace panties. Samantha takes the panties down in a mock struggle. Outtakes.

(L)(F/f; time: 7 minutes) Madison’s hair is suddenly brunette here. Samantha has caught her hosting a wild party. Another mild spanking on the bare bottom. Are we saving this bottom for something?

(M)(F/f; time: 4 minutes) Samantha Woodley continues with the sorority spanking. She flourishes a paddle here. To Madison: “Get those jeans down.” OTK. white pattern panties. Samantha pulls them down, Madison is nicely red. Twenty announced. “Twenty?” IT seems Madison didn’t pay the cable bill, even though both girls’ names are on the account. Overhead views of the paddling. Madison looks at her bottom, “Oh. my God. look what you did.”

(N) (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Madison, a curly brunette here, has borrowed Samantha’s car without permission and is going to be spanked for it. She will use the mid-size board, not the ‘big board’ the models chuckle about. Madison assumes the position at the mantel and is paddled on her jeans, hard enough to impress us. Madison kicks and wiggles.

(O)(F/f; time: 9 minutes) Madison is examining the paddle when Samantha enters the room. Madison goes to the mantel again, but this time she drops her jeans and panties. Samantha paddles her moderately hard on the bare. She has to recover from each stroke. A bubble butt. Zoom on her bottom at the conclusion.

(P)(F/f; time: 8 minutes) Samantha will strap Madison for a sorority infraction. She bends over a large table. The girls are changing outfits as these episodes change. Skirt up, thong down, modesty preserved. Strapping.

(Q)(F/f; time: 6 minutes) More sorority punishment, this time for alcohol. What? For too much or not enough? Samantha will cane her on the bare bottom. We will see how hard Samantha will use the cane. Firm enough, short and sharp. She knows little snaps sting and elicit reaction.

Miss Tushy’s Burlesque Club – FIRMHAND

1 Jun

Another series, released in 2012. We will give it a try, mostly because it contains Samantha Woodley. Allaura Shane manages or owns a nightclub, and Samantha and Alison Miller are employees. The storyline gives the girls a chance to wear a series of silly barmaid outfits they would use in the club, where the bottom must be the thing. Not Hooters.

(A) (F/2f; time: 8 minutes) The girls are called off the floor of the club into a office, more of a residential setting typical of FIRMHAND. They wear silly little cocktail waitress uniforms designed to flash the bottom. The girls have been giving away drinks to customers. Both are in pigtails.

Shane has them kneel side by side on a couch, the tiny skirts expose their matching white panties immediately. She moves from bottom to bottom, smacking quite hard for starters here, burning their panties. The girls are sent to the wall, arguing with each other.

(B) (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Samantha and Alison argue and fight, blaming each other for their predicament. Shane returns and breaks up the tussle, which has warranted more spanking. “You have not learned your lesson.” She has the girls bend over, hands on a table, at opposite ends. She bunches their panties and alternates the bottoms. Back to the wall. Panties still survive. There was a brief cut of Alison going up the stairs in just a thong, a stairway shot not relevant to the storyline.

(C)(F/2f; time:6 minutes) The girls report to Shane in a new circumstance. They both wear little outfits of bustiers and tight shorts, another uniform for the club. They couldn’t go out in daylight like this. They are spanked again, shorts bunched, bottoms trying to evade.

(D)(F/f; time: 9 minutes) Shane spanks Alison in the silly outfit, then both girls on her lap at the same time, lying in opposite directions. Outtakes here, a lot of mirth.

(E)(F/2f; time: 5 minutes) Alison and Samantha lie on a big table, being paddled by Shane. They lie in opposite directions, Shane can reach both bottoms. Various angles on this table to show both bottoms. Outtake laughter included.

(F)(F/2f; time: 5 minutes) The girls have been caught drunk and goofing off. Any excuse to spank at Miss Tushy’s. They are strapped again on the table, again lying in opposite directions, providing the camera with facials from either direction. Some better up-leg shots here.

(G) (F/f; time: 7 minutes) The girls have been caught drunk. They wear different outfits again, like negligees or teddys, burlesque style. Samantha is spanked first herd, at the mantel piece, strap and hairbrush. Cute with her hair up.

(H)(F/f; time: 8 minutes) Alison is getting the bath brush here, at the mantel, in some of the hardest spanking we have seen in the series. Samantha watches with some inadvisable amusement. After the brush and some strap, the girls are directed to hold candles on odd pedestals, as an “obligation to God.” Silly stuff.

(J) (F/f; time: 6 minutes) The girls are in civvies now, not club garb, but they are no less fetching. They are returning late from somewhere, so Shane is waiting with a cane. We can assume that having a red bottom while working in the club is an asset.

Alison drops her jeans and bends over, showing just a thong. The caning is moderate. Samantha holds her wrists to keep her still. Samantha gets in position for the cane. A cliffhanger.

(K)(F/f; time: 5 minutes) All too brief, because Ms. Woodley is caned here. She wears a g-string, so that her bottom is as bare as it is going to get in this series. A moderate caning, but one angry stripe appears. We bet they argued about that later. It will last awhile. Bottoms on parade to conclude.

(L)(F/f; time: 10 minutes) The girls are going to be spanked for dishonesty. They wear another naughty club outfit—schoolie stuff, tiny kilts and tied up blouses with bare midriffs. Shane will use a leather paddle. Shane has the girls lie side by side on a large table. Shane pulls down both pairs of panties and paddles both girls. We note here Samantha keeps her legs crossed to discourage any up-the-legs shots.

(M)(F/2f; time: 6 minutes) Listed as the finale, and not much of a one. The two girls are being paddled on the pool table, bare bottom. The positioning does not allow for much of a smacking. Alison seems to get the worst of it. Is it because Shane can’t quite reach Samantha? Tepid stuff. The girls display bottoms kneeling on a chair.

(N) (2F/f: time: 7 minutes) The girls manage to jump Shane and turn the tables. They bend her over the pool table, Samantha climbs up and sits on her, and Alison paddles. Tepid stuff again and not the best of camera angles.


26 Mar

M/f; Year: 1989; time: 13 minutes

A schoolgirl classroom spanking, simple and beautifully done. A screen graphic: ‘Gemma 18 years old 1989.‘ A very pretty blonde schoolgirl, fully decked out and delightfully disheveled, sits at a desk in a sparsely furnished classroom. The girl is reminiscent of the wonderful models in early ROUE and BLUSHES films, where the girls looked quite amateur, barely legal, and as if they had been cast from recruiting notices pinnned on school bulletin boards

A faceless male will give her what looks like a detention spanking. First, she stands hands on head while he smacks her thighs, a pervy guy. He lets her rub. She tucks up her skirt, he pulls her knickers down, an OTK handspanking.

Gemma is allowed up, focus on her bottom. We see her mascara is running. She sits bare bottom, and after a segue, she is bent over a desk for a slipper. She hangs onto a chair. Perfect little film.

Company Business – HOM

24 Mar

F/f; year: 1994; time: 61 minutes

A producer we don’t normally associate with CP. Sharon Kane is the producer here, joined by Greta Karlson, Ashley Renee, and Alex Jordan, all adult actresses. Brian Tarsis and Ernest Greene ate listed in the credits, but this film must have been made on lunch hour. The set is an office. The storyline seems to be about girls auditioning to become callgirls, surefire opportunity to spank multiple bottoms. The scenes are sufficiently muddled we won’t try to discern the plot.

Alex delivers coffee to Sharon at her desk, flashes a boob for her, then brings in the first client, Ashley. Sharon gives her a feel. Fade. Ashley is strung up and being whipped, silly. Frontal whipping, clothespins, Lesbian play, pussy cropping, dildo sucking then insertion, bondage positions.

Fade to the office scene again. Greta gets a workout from Sharon. A final scene with all girls naked. It would seem they made this film up as they went along.

Maisie Dee Strips – GANGBANGCLUB.COM

23 Mar

M/ f; time: 6 minutes

We were attracted to this simple little film after we have discovered many appearances of the British model Maisie Dee at XEROTICS. The set appears to be an empty apartment. She enters the apartment where a guy orders her to strip naked. She objects, but not very much. There will be continual still flash photography throughout this film.

Maisie assumes the frisk position at the wall, legs apart, a bit naughtier than we have seen her. The guy begins handspanking and prying her cheeks open.

Maisie then kneels on the floor on all fours. The guy straddles and spanks. Lots of pussy shots here. Few facials for Maisie. A lot of pubic hair. When her spanking is finished, she marches off, giving the guy the finger. We’ve seen films where this would result in a do-over.

Ariel Anderssen at NEANDRA

19 Jan

Ms. Brooke-Hamilton made 20 or so videos with this German BDSM producer in 2016 or 2017. She plays both a Top and Bottom in the films.

‘Hair Bondsge’ ((F/f; time: 16 minutes) A brunette calls at Ariel’s place. Ariel greets her, wearing a sort of bondage apron. The girl is carrying bondage headgear. The producer here took some trouble to fashion the design of the front door like a prison door.

The brunette is escorted in and seated in front of a vanity mirror, where Ariel starts to work on her hair. Ariel handcuffs the girl to the chair and fastens a very large ball gag in her mouth, strapped behind her head. The girl slobbers through the gag as Ariel fashions two long pigtails.

The gag is removed and the head harness is put on, somewhat in the fashion of a pony girl contraption. The harness has, its own ball gag, one that goes all the way into the mouth. Ariel fastens all the straps and then puts little padlocks on each buckle.

The girl is released and sent on her way. The harness is very tight and won’t be coming off without the lock keys. The girl drives off, presumably home. Like to think someone is skating for her to provide the other part of her day.

Cherie Tyler Gets Punished – SPANKINGFEAR

22 Dec

M/f; time: 16 minutes

A simple little film we found very entertaining. A pretty brunette primps in front of a bathroom mirror in what is a hotel room. The checkout instructions are right there on the door. A guy in the room does not like her naughty outfit and makes her strip it off. It is just a halter top and latex skirt, no bra, no panties.

She now stands naked at the wall. Lovely. The guy wants her in the frisk position. He begins with a flogger, and surprisingly hard. The next implement is a short leather Spencer strap, again hard. The girl struggles to hold position. The spanker keeps checking with the director/camera, who must be happy, the way this whupping is going.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The girl throws herself on the bed, where the guy completes this entertaining spanking with a sort of fly swatter and a strap. Then, in a nice concluding touch, the guy throws her out in the hotel corridor, bare ass in just her heels. She desperately looks in both directions and will have to plead herself back in. What can she offer? The girl throws herself on the bed, where the guy completes this entertaining spanking with a sort of fly swatter and a strap. Then, in a nice concluding touch, the guy throws her out in the hotel corridor, bare ass in just her heels. She desperately looks in both directions and will have to plead herself back in. What can she offer?


22 Dec

M/f; time: 16 minutes

A ‘Jules and Mike Tanner’ film. Jules narrates from the back seat of a car. She and Mike are using spanking to work out some marital problems. We see her sitting on some fancy stairs, waiting for him.

Mike arrives and takes her over a standing knee immediately. Flower print panties right now. Jules has a rose tattoo on her left buttock. He begins handspanking very hard and fast for the start of things. Good camera angles from various spots to solve this confined space on the stairs, including nice tearful facials through the spindles.

She is sent to get the strap, her blue dress rucked up, red bottom. We next see her lying on a pillow on a low wall. Mike whips her with the belt with full arm swings. You have to wonder how many of these wicked strokes she actually took. Views of a rosy bottom and thighs, and a lot more tears.

Now she is sent to the kitchen and returns with a wooden stirring spoon, one of the favored spanking implements in CP films. This time she bends over the same wall, resting on the pillow again. Mike absolutely whales her with the spoon, and she reacts to the pain with shock. Her convulsed expressions remind us of some of the girls on the headmaster’s trestle in LUPUS films. He puts her at the wall to think.