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Aunty’s Old Fashioned Medicine – SCARLETTHILLENTERPRISES

16 Aug

F/f; year: 1999; time: 57 minutes

A clunky old film from a New Jersey producer we have never heard of. From the production values we saw here, someone probably raided his basement cave and he is out of business. But we’re always up for a good spanking, and there are one or two moments here.

Well-fed blond ‘Elizabeth’ writes in her diary of spanking experiences she had when visiting her aunt. She masturbates as she recalls, and we have flashbacks. In CP films, dour aunts are always spankers.

Elizabeth hears her aunt tell her own daughter she will be spanked for various infractions, the thought excites her. Later, Elizabeth is challenged on what she is wearing as she goes out for the evening. Long scold and discussion, then an uneventful OTK spanking.

The next flashback–Elizabeth is awakened in bed. She doesn’t feel well. In CP films, there is a good way to check this out. Aunty takes Elizabeth’s temperature rectally. The insertion is done in closeup, and slowly, and aunty twists the thermometer slowly while it is in place. The only scene in the film worth noting.

The last flashback–another bedroom spanking; the model’s bottom is well positioned this time, for handspanking and the hairbrush.


15 Aug

M/f; year: 2003; time: 31 minutes

A smarmy character identified as ‘Mr. Lee’ narrates. A girl identified as ‘Cindy’ kneels in front of him. She has come for “training.” We will never see her face, so this may be a glorified amateur production. He takes her OTK and pulls up her Indian-print dress. No panties.

Lee narrates as he spanks, and he likes thighs.

Next scene, Cindy lies on a bed, pillow under her hips, thighs open.  As she is spanked and flogged, she masturbates. Lee straddles her on the bed and uses a strap. Dress off, she is naked, and kneels on the bed for the strap and handspanking.

Not much to this film other than some exploitative CP.

Jodi Cline and Ed Lee – NUWEST

3 Aug

M/f; time: 30 minutes

Don’t have a title for this one. The film was made late in Ed Lee’s life, on the sound stage and in the lighting used in the latter part of his production career.

Jodi Cline walks onto a darkened, theatrically lit stage. With no dialogue, she strips naked. Probably an enhanced body, a shaved vagina, and of course the bubble butt which made her a feature at NW.

A sharp cut: Ed Lee walks onto the set; Jodi has been tied face down on a table, legs spread. Jodi is wearing just stockings to the thighs and heels. The scene transitions in this film will all be done by spliced cuts.

Lee flourishes a cane. “I’m going to give you 60. Count.” Moderate strokes, less than imaginative camera angles, except for her spread legs. He unties her and she kneels up to rub.

Cut. Jodi is now strung up. Lee flogs her boobs and front. When she is released, she rubs her boobs vigorously in a closeup. Lee is trying to appeal to his entire fan base.

Cut. Jodi lies on her back on an Oriental rug. Her legs are pulled wide by ropes at her ankles and her wrists attached there. Her labia are clamped open. A rather unlikely position. Lee flogs her pussy before he lets her up. We are not in this particular fan base.


2 Aug

MF/f; time: 35 minutes

The standard Strand Video Spain storyline. Nothing like a pretty girl with a sweet bottom who is late with her rent. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ receives her landlady, who has brought a man with her. Amelia knows what this is about. “I don’t think you needed  to bring him.”

Amelia is into her second month of not paying rent. She is trying to “launch a company.” She is wearing a short and tight red dress that is almost a leotard. After some scolding and warning, the landlady takes some spanking implements out of her briefcase. “What is that?” The landlady explains that she is charging 25% interest on the unpaid rent, and she will collect this interim money with spankings. “I’m going to take you over my knee.” Tight dress up, panties down. Standard OTK. After some discussion Amelia agrees to go over the man’s lap  for the same.

Amelia assumes the frisk position at the wall where the landlady can use a tawse, and the guy sits where he can see her front. The guy takes the tawse. Another strap; the landlady announces these spankings will be weekly on Mondays to collect the interest.

Amelia doesn’t like the guy leering at her. (We are) She calls it “lowering,” which sends him to the dictionary. The landlady announces that if there is no rent next Monday for the interest-payment session, she will bring a friend on Tuesday.

Both the landlady and her associate are enjoying Amelia’s bottom, which remains the center of attention throughout the film. A few more positions, more spanking, the guy gets in looks at her nudity.

Late for School – JANUS

2 Aug

F/f; time: 10 minutes

One of the earliest spanking films, seen advertised in JANUS magazine for mail order. Another super 8 mm converted silent film.

A blond schoolgirl reports to the headmistress. She has broke a note from a teacher. She has been late. The headmistress logs her into the punishment book.

The girl, ponytails flying, is taken OTK immediately and her panties come down. Her big perfect spankable bottom undulates in the overacting needed for a silent film. To the corner.

A new scene, back to the headmistress with another note. Bare bottom, kneel on a chair, this time for a cane. Rubbing, surging desperation.

Where Are Your Panties, Girls? – MOMMASPANKINGS

12 Jul

F/2f; time: 44 minutes

From a website by ‘Dana Specht,’ an early Domme in the CP world. She is described as a “50’s style” spanker by some. As dominatrix’ go, she does not generate the heat the British ladies did, such as ‘Miss Brown,’ ‘Miss Hastings-Gore,’ or certainly ‘Alexandra Wolfe’  at LUPUS. It would almost seem she is too fond of the models and their bottoms. But she does have her fetishes.

She practices all the ritual spanking stuff–the talk, positions, panty action, wandering fingers, etc. This is an all-star cast–‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Sarah Gregory.’ Amelia is visiting Sarah in the U.S. They giggle and gossip on a couch, enjoying the freedom of no panties.

Dana interrupts and discovers they are without undies.  “Have you ever been spanked before, Amelia?” “No, it’s illegal.” After 12 minutes of ritual scolding, she is ready to begin spanking her ‘daughter’ Sarah. OTK she goes, a lot of skirt arranging and position adjustment. Dana begins handspanking slowly, but is quickly smacking very hard, which will endear her to you as a Top. And Ms. Gregory spreads her legs nicely on demand.

Sarah is sent to get the hairbrush. The same technique–Dana starts slowly but is soon whaling.  Sarah struggles, kicks and screams. Amelia watches in horror.

At 29 minutes the U.K. visitor’s turn has come. OTK, Dana uncovers her soaring bottom. Same rousing escalation, Amelia also opens her thighs, not a regular thing for her. “”Open up those legs like a good girl…wider than that.” Dana likes thighs. Amelia is also in tears here, another infrequent bit of acting. Her  hairbrushing is more brief.

Dana displays the two red bare bottoms on the couch, trophies. A little more handspanking, then hugs all around.

Drop 0uts

6 Jul

F/2f time:56 minutes
A straightforward spanking film, of little incremental import  to our collection except for the presence of ‘Sarah Jane Hamilton,’ an adult film actress with quite a long filmography. She made just a few CP films. Her naughty insouciant demeanor complements significant physical assets. Not much happens in his film, but check out her boob enlargement, over earlier films you will find in this collection.

Sarah is being spanked in the kitchen by another woman. She is undergoing some kind of deportment training, a hopeless task if you look at Sarah’s attitude in other films, but a noble endeavor if you get to spank her when she doesn’t improve.

Sarah is wearing a black latex dress and is bent over the kitchen table. Moderate spanks, the little dress covers nothing. The woman challenges her dark red hair color,which Sarah insists is natural, but it won’t be verified in this film. There is some silly posture instruction in the kitchen, walking with a book on the head etc. These scenes are better when done in the nude, but not here.

Back over the table for more spanking.Then some OTK spanking with a spatula; Sarah is a bit too noisy with her squawking.

“Several Weeks and Whacks Later”: After a fade, the  girls are chummy and intimate. Mission accomplished for both of them.

In a second segment, the woman is training another girl, an American brunette. This girl is very saucy–legs spread when she sits,he smokes and slouches. The trainer has her walk with the book-on-head move. A few “yo’s” and “whatever’s” thrown around. Not much action, eventually some unremarkable spanking.