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Schoolgirl Caning

28 May

F/f; time: 8 minutes

We haven’t identified the producer or the title of this film yet, but it is worth a moment. A very cute blonde was caught in the boys’ toilet and now eating candy. She strips to just panties and stands in the frisk position at the wall.

A matron uses a small paddle on her panties. The matron pulls the panties down. Very nice schoolgirl ritual. The cane comes next, panties back up, touch toes, snappy cane. Panties down again, she is fully naked on the screen.

Sierra Salem Interview -SPANKEDSWEETIES

20 May

f; time: 7 minutes

Clare Fonda interviews Sierra Salem about her spanking life. She was spanked at home, all the way through high school. Hairbrush and other things. She sits in a full screen shot, nervously twirling her hair.

It was she who contacted the video companies to perform. We are most familiar with her for her performances and production management at DALLASSPANKSHARD. Her boyfriends were encouraged to spank her, and she admits she like spanking more than sex.

Kami Robertson-John Osborne – AAASPANKING

19 May

M/f; time: 13 minutes

Another appearance from these two, in the familiar classroom. Diminutive Kami is in a tennis dress. Osborne will spank her. Handspanking first on the full white panties which are part of a tennis outfit, before Osborne pulls them down. She has bent over a low vaulting horse.

The usual cute bottom, just a bit bigger and more feminine than her size would predict, and how she got the job. She kneels up on the horse, where Osborne has to steady her as he spanks with a slipper and hairbrush.

Winchester spanking – LUDWIGROHRSTOCK

19 May

M/f; time: 7 minutes

Another short film from Ludwig. A stunning brunette willingly drops her slacks and panties and climbs onto two chairs in the Winchester position. Ludwig gives her a proper caning. Nothing unusual here except Ludwig’s attention to spanking ritual detail. And he knows bottoms.

Painful Journey Home – UNIVERSALSPANKING

15 May

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Kiki Cali. She is working everywhere, or more probably, she stays near a hotel room and accepts assignments from a variety of producers. She sits on the very familiar bed, wearing just a sleeveless top and panties. She is getting a long scolding from the usual off-screen voice.

The faceless guy comes into the shot and the spanking begins. Kiki lies over the edge of the bed. Panties down, top rucked up, no bra. Back over the bed—#he straddles a corner to open her thighs. Big wood paddle, not hard but sexy.


15 May

F/f; time: 49 minutes

A production company we have never heard of and can’t find. A surprise. We know there are a lot of Czech spanking aficionados. A woman catches two brunette schoolgirls playing some kind of gambling game. For some reason, they are going to be spanked for it. One girl is sent to get a cane.

The first brunette strips naked, very nice, up to LUPUS standards. And she has a clear bottom. The girl leans over a straight chair, where the woman ties her ankles and waist, taking some time to do it. It seems a moderate caning,  but there are faint stripes. Nice facials, good hair planning.

The caning continues in an adjusted tied position, probably to ensure access to other parts of her bottom, higher. Stripes now down her thighs, maybe too much.

The second brunette strips, a gorgeous tall farm girl type in pigtails. Same tying procedure. A lot to be excited about here. Same caning, except this girl shouts through it.

Saints and Sinners -WELLSMACKEDSEATS

16 Apr

2F/2f; time: 38 minutes

A nun thing, and a bit silly. It needed a slightly more demonic and vindictive tinge. Two nuns-superior, one is Miss Matthews, bring a third nun in. The habits they wear are so thorough their identities are obscured.

The younger nun will get it here. She starts with palm slaps, then bends over a table. Matthews pulls her habit up. The nun is not wearing any panties and her bottom is already pink. What is going on at this convent? Matthews uses a Spencer straight, moderate. A longer thin stiff strap. Bruises are mounting.

The novice nun kneels in a corner while the two superiors discuss her. The novice is back over a table, this time for a cane. Slow, maybe painful, but not exciting to watch. A different cane, and harder. Better camera angles. Back to the corner.

A second novice nun is brought in, wearing on a bustier and nylons. She kneels for a scolding, then palm slaps with a stiff strap. Over a table for handspanking, slow. Matthews pulls the panties down for a stiff strap. Conclude with the two bottoms on display in the corner.