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27 Jun

M/f; year: 2009; time: 1 hr 19 minutes

Niki Flynn made this sort of one-off film FOLLOWING publication of her ‘Dances With Werewolves’ erotic memoir and three trips to Prague to make 5 increasingly noir films with LUPUS. ‘China Hamilton’ plays an evil omnipotent ‘Dr. Mueller.’ Think Laurence Olivier in ‘Marathon Man.’

Niki plays ‘Eleanor Wilson,’ who has been arrested by the State for distributing political pamphlets. She was roughed up by prison guards–Mueller notes her sheared hair (from the LUPUS film), and now she has been turned over to the doctor, who will apply his special method of corrective therapy to treat her penchant for making excuses. The film opens with Niki seated in front of Mueller, bound and hooded, erotically depicted with burlap, leather belts, and handcuffs. A menacing Mueller, dressed in medical smock, removes her bonds. Niki is confused, gasping and struggling.

The film will switch from this scene where Mueller is interviewing her, where things get progressively worse; a second series of more graphic BDSM scenes will show Niki fastened in position in a gynecology chair. All the scenes are lit with theatrical spot lighting against a dark background.

Scenes in the gyno chair: Niki’s wrists are bound and her ankles tied into the stirrups. Mueller plays between her widespread legs, and in successive scenes, he manipulates a speculum, gives her an injection with a hypodermic needle worthy of a veterinarian, teases with forceps, uses some humming electrical device, and gropes. Niki’s moaning protestations are known to us. The camera never gets between her legs–that part of her cinematic evolution she never permitted. Mueller cuts or removes most of her clothes as she writhes.

Mueller pries Niki’s mouth open with an antique Jennings-like dental gag, and on two occasions pours water down her throat, causing her to gag and sputter. Using another mouth opener, Mueller grabs her tongue with forceps.

The film segues to Niki on the floor, almost naked now. Mueller will flog and whip her in various postures. When she is strung up and twisting, her ribs and hip bones show, making her appear all the more the tortured waif. At one point, Mueller forces Niki’s head into a pail of water.





Girls Boarding School – Assorted

21 Jun

More intercepts; the product is consistent–the girls are very attractive, the spankings are hard enough to entertain, and the production values are perfect.

‘Helen’s Correction’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Headmaster Tom confronts one of his regular models. Helen has been spanked before–there is nothing unexpected coming for her here. She is scolded and left while Tom goes for his implements.

When he returns he gins up some frustration; Helen was to have removed her skirt and panties. She now does so, unashamed. Tom has had her naked before. He begins spanking her OTK.

After a dissolve. Helen is kneeling up on a chair. Tom paddles her, very hard, producing a variety of bruises including the round splatter pattern associated with a wood paddle. A few tears.

‘Sanna -Playing a Prank’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Brunette schoolgirl ‘Sanna’ changes the code on a door lock, so that Tom can’t get in and he misses a call on the school budget.

“You think that’s funny? I’ll show you what’s funny.” After a dissolve, Sanna has stripped below the waist and faces us, hands on head. There is plenty inside her blouse too, but that is not for today.

Tom show her three implements he will use–a rattan rugbeater, a tawse, and a bundle of birches. Sanna screams through the three spankings. And she has a thoroughly red bottom already. The spankings are filmed and repeated from rear closeup, reaction CAM shot from near the floor, and a more distant rear shot. From some reason, Sanna screams most from the rugbeater.

Holly’s Severe Caning -REALSPANKINGS

21 Jun

M/f; time: 7 minutes

A sort of technical exercise, filmed from several angles and the segments repeated. Michael Masterson has set up equipment so that Holly can lie on pillows and watch a monitor of the cameras filming her caning.

She has already been spanked, and her bottom is the authentic blotchy-red that RSN professes. Before the caning begins, he shows her how the camera can zoom “on your vagina.” Masterson canes her hard and very quickly. About 25 strokes, and Holly catches her breath from the first.

For the last six, “Tell me when you are ready.” She laughs nervously and builds the courage. Masterson adds the special last stroke.

Two Little Party Girls – SPANKEDBRATS

2 Jun

F/2f; year: 2008; time: 20 minutes

A trifle, made in website segments, by three CP warriors ‘Abigail Whittaker,’ ‘Audrey Knight,’ and ‘Chloe Elise.’ Abi and Chloe oversleep. Audrey wakes them up, and decides a spanking is in order.

The girls wear pink tops and matching panties. They are spanked in various positions on the bed, the best moment the two bare bottoms lying a right angles on top of each other so that Audrey can paddle both. Trim and tight little Abi always a joy.


30 May

2F/f; year: 2002; time: one hr, 15 minutes

‘Debbie’ has been grounded by her mother, and she is caught surfing on the Internet when she should have been doing her homework. From the look of the electronics in her room, this is an older film. And it has an amateurish feel, even though the producer advertised a website. The dialogue, facial angles, and blocking are all poor. And the sets are messy and random.

The boyish young lady wants to go to a dance, but her mother will not allow it in her scandalously short skirt. The girl comes home late from the dance, so the spanking will begin. The mother smacks with a paddle. Looks like no panties under the pantyhose. She is sent to get a strap and  pillow; when she lies over a coffee table, we see she must have taken her pantyhose off out of the room. There is a cat, unconcerned, relaxed on the carpet, reinforcing this is an amateur job.

More spanking and the hairbrush. She positions herself on a couch arm where the camera can’t catch the action.

Several more spanking scenes at home–on a snow day; Debbie seems to have spanking outfits, and her mother has a regular spanking regimen. The intensity is increasing.

‘Debbie’s Summer ‘Vacation’ Debbie visits ‘Aunt Sherry,’  who keeps up the disciplinary tradition. Very spanking positions and outfits. Debbie’s mother has her sister broadcast Debbie’s spanking on a private Internet conference channel. Strap, Spencer paddle, bath brush, big round paddle. Kitchen chores bare bottom.

‘Punishment Day’ for smoking at Aunt Sherry’s. The aunt does some of this spanking stripped down to panties herself, suggesting larger motives.


Pixie’s Discipline

26 May

2F/2f; time: 60 minutes

A  POV style film with ‘Amber Pixie Wells’ playing the dominant mother. We follow the camera up the stairs and hear a spanking underway. Pixie is spanking her daughter OTK bare bottom; POV-view, Anthea’s cousin enters the room and is invited to watch. She might learn something.

Pixie’s sister and her daughter have joined. They get to watch Anthea have her panties peeled off and marched upstairs for the evening portion of her punishment. Another spanking.

Later, Pixie and her sister recall her last spanking at home, permitting a sepia-tone flashback of Pixie being spanked.

The rest of the film contains repetitive spankings of the cousins by the two sisters. Conventional stuff, all domestic scenes.

Ella Caned on the X Cross – BARSANDSTRIPES

15 May

M/f; year: 2016; time: 8 minutes

Updated perfect graphics from  BARSANDSTRIPES, the prison cellblock scene. A very pretty Irish redhead model, ‘Ella Hughes,’  is naked, fastened to the horizontal wood X-frame. Her bottom is elevated by pillows and a blanket.

She is cavalier despite her predicament and refuses to give guard ‘Michael Stamp’ (he wears a nametag) information he needs. “Right. Let’s see how long you last.” Stamp begins a moderate caning, Ella doesn’t struggle much. Excellent rear shots up her legs. Pale Irish skin and puss. Blue eyes flash, they keep her flowing red hair off her face.