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Corruption of Two Cousins – STRICTENGLISHCP

24 Jan

F/f; time: 22 minutes

It appears Amelia Jane Rutherford made a few films with this producer, not to be confused with STRICTLYENGLISH. We will do some research. Amelia and her cousin Amanda find a cache of spanking implements, a CP instruction guide, and a camera with a selfie film of Amanda’s parents doing some CP play.  The girls will experiment themselves.

The girls are dressed in party clothes. Of course it is Amelia who will be spanked. The girls try handspanking and various positions, using paddles, straps, rods, and canes they find in the room.  Amanda tries a rugbeater on Amelia’s bottom and some slaps on her palms. Amelia prefers the bottom. The girls keep consulting the CP instructional manual they found.

 Amanda is going to try a cane on Amelia and practices on a pillow, with some pointers by Amelia. When Amelia bends over, bare bottom, the strokes are much lighter. The girls hear male voices and run off.

A rather silly film after all Spanking is too mild. 



Punishment of Ammi -STERNMAN

10 Jan

M/f; time: 5 minutes

This little jewel. This is part 3 of a film made by Mr. Stern of STRAND. The accredited web site is defunct. We will search the European site for more information.

We were excited to see Emma Brown, tall and thin in her maturing career years. In an office, Stern demands she drop her slacks and remove them. She must take off her low heels to do this, but she puts them back  on without direction. She has made a few CP films.

Stern spanks her with a plastic ruler and paddle. Emma does the delightful little twitches and gasps which have endeared her to us over the years. The white lace panties survive. Hopefully we can expand this review.


10 Jan

M/f; time: 4 minutes

A brief fantasy from the German spanko, who is an admirer of the corporal punishment ritual. Must of his films see. Short exercises like this one  He has a pretty peasant maid in an exterior scene in the woods. He whips her bare bottom with a legitimate bundle of birch twigs. Looks  nasty.

Subtitles. The girl counts and screeches. Nice job of filming in the woods. The girl’s fare buttock develops the worst marks.

Addicted to Punishment – SPANKEDCHEEKS

30 Dec

F/f; time: 25 minutes

A simple story: Sarah Stern plays a therapist. Amelia Jane Rutherford has checked herself into a clinic. “I have needs.” She likes to play the naughty girl and be dominated by men She has gotten into trouble—drugs, the police, robbery. As to her problem, “It’s tricky.”

Stern is going to practice classic aversion therapy, so that Amelia will relate Sarah’s nasty spankings to her desire to be spanked. Now, LUPUS could curl some toes with this plot, but STRANDVIDEO will play it easy and protect the merchandise.

The first session will be OTK. Handspanking and a paddle. It’s not working—Amelia likes it. Her dress comes up, the little yellow knit panties don’t help much. Amelia squawks so nicely. Sarah rubs with her fingernails. Amelia’s shock is mostly amusement.

On her second day, Amelia pretends she is locked up and kidnapped. Sarah arrives in her medical smock, carrying a thick cane. Since yesterday’s session did not work, Amelia is going to count out 12 strokes of the cane. Amelia kneels on the bed, hands on the headboard. The naughty girl is not wearing panties.

12 slow and firm strokes. More squawking. After three strokes, “I think I’m cured.” But she gets the full measure. Bottom full screen, routine but spectacular.

Strict Spanking Therapy – SANDRASILVERS

30 Dec

F/f; time: 11 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford/Ariel Anderssen appears to have made over a dozen films with this producer—the stories described as “love bondage.” We will start with this video and decide how and when to review the remaining episodes.

We were attracted to start here because this is the most erotic use of a hospital bed we have seen. We are reminded of early MOONGLOW product,  where nurses were captured and spanked on shabby hospital room sets. But they are fun films, especially for those of us who would like to see a nurse lose her pants now and again.

This film starts off with a bang. Ariel is buck naked, on her back, fastened to a real hospital bed. Her wrists are manacled to the side rails, and her feet are tied together. Sandra Silvers enters in medical garb to begin her “therapy” and pulls Amelia’s legs straight up over her head into the diaper position,  fastened to one of those hoists designed to suspend a broken leg in a cast. She is gagged with a large pad. Sandra begins spanking her, lower buttocks and thighs. Amelia’s squeals will be muffled.

A slow and moderate spanking, some bruises and mottling Sandra is able to pry her legs apart slightly but we don’t see much. A bit of a tame spanking, but Amelia is gloriously naked the whole film.



Girls Just Want to Have Fun – GIRLNEXTDOORPROD.

24 Dec

F/2f; time: 1 hr. 6 minutes

Some potentially good spanking ideas not exploited, an opinion we might apply to almost all we have seen from this producer. Two brunettes, ‘Helen’ and another girl, are caught in a sudsy tub by an older woman. They’re making a mess. She is going to spank them, first handspanking then a wicked bathbrush. When the girls are out of the tub and suds are run off, we see two wonderful bodies. Wet bottom spankings, nice but not hard enough.

The film was released in clips. In part 2, the bare bottoms head up the stairs, towels open in the back. The woman will spank them again and takes the towels. Bend-over,  boobs hang. Some slipper (‘plimsol’) here. The woman is getting some pleasure out of these naked girls.

Next part, more with the brush. No impression made.   A lot  of slow ritual spanking  behavior, no bite.

Next part—these nubile girls are now dressed in schoolgirl kit. They will be spanked and strapped over their desk as the producer tries to exploit this genre. More, longer straps in the next segment. And the last part, the cane in the classroom.side by side bottoms.









Stepbrother’s Helping Hand – TEARSFORAUDREY

19 Dec

2M/f; time: 58 minutes

Audrey Knight and Brandon Summers. Ms. Knight falls into a preferred category of ours, with Samantha Woodley, Abigail Whittaker, Michaela McGowan, among others.   Insouciant America bottoms. She has distributed films on several now defunct websites, including this one. Her can be found on GIRLSPANKSGIRL, SPANKTHATBRAT,  among others. As with a number of celebrity spanking models, her most erotic punishment can be found at DALLASSPANKSHARD. The film was marketed in clips.

It contains a naughty premise occasionally portrayed. . Audrey’s father is going to allow his stepson, her stepbrother, to spank her. She will be bare bottom for a contemporary.

1. Invitation: After Audrey’s father spanks her briefly, she learns Brandon will be in charge over the weekend. He father takes her OTK and goes for the panties immediately. And a surprising touch, he has a strip of duct tape at the ready and covers her mouth. Brandon arrives and clearly loves the bare bottom. Ms. Knight squirms delightfully. To the fireplace, on display.

2. stepson pinch hitter: Brandon takes over the OTK spanking. Did we miss something? The panties are different. He will use a hairbrush here. Cute stuff. She kicks her heels. Back to the mantel.

3. Homework proctor: The weekend progresses. Brandon will spank her for poor homework. Dress top and jeans. OTK again, jeans down, polka dot panties. She is made to lie flat on a bench, Russian or DSW style. When Audrey is back at the mantel on display, the father returns and congratulates Brandon on the red bottom he sees.

The father will take Audrey OTK again, and we are sure we saw his fingers sneak between her legs for a split second. Brandon is excused.

4. Green Thumb, Red Bottom. Audrey at work in a garden on a patio, an exterior scene. She wears a red top and gray shorts. Brandon returns and there will be another spanking. OTK, first on the shorts, an effective cover for an already red bottom. Audrey has to help to get the shorts down. Colorful green panties soon down. A paddle appears. Some good overhead camera here.  Brandon retrieves a switch from a bush. After these spankings, Audrey returns to gardening, but without pants.

5. Kitchen Discipline. Audrey is goofing off in the kitchen. She wears a simple sun dress. Brandon has become the resident historian, accosts her, bends her over the sink, and begins spanking. Hem up, pink panties down, one of those great wooden kitchen spoons is handy, as is a slipper. Kicking and struggling. Afterward, she returns to work bare bottom.

A long film when the clips are linked. Very good production values and lighting.Too bad we don’t have more of Ms. Knight. Clothes mostly stay on and no frontals here.