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Danielle – FAREAST

29 Dec

M/f: time: 37 minutes

Joe and his partner interview  a curly-haired blue-eyed brunette, who says she’s 18, but the boys laughingly agree they had  double-checked her ID. She looks good to go to us. She wears a strapless halter and white  jeans. She has answered an ad to make a spanking video.

The boys like to prod and pry. She likes sex and has experimented both ways. Lots of facial closeups in the POV style. After about 8 minutes, the boys want her clothes off. Slowly, the top over her head, no bra, jeans down, then loose white panties down. Surprisingly, the panties seem ill-fitted for such an important moment in a CP film.

The boys admire her naked and ask to see her bottom, not her favorite part, she says.     But we are spankos, it is ours. Joe loves it because he gets to spank her. Her nervous laughter and her constant adjustment of her top contribute to the suggestion this is a one-timer in a hotel room.

OTK she goes, for a long and conventional naked spanking, very hard and consistent. No punches pulled. The spanking is consensual and part of the story of course, but Danielle’s garrulous self changes as the smacking advances. Heavy red-rouge  mottling. We have reviewed thousands of spankings, and this simple drill is as good as any of them. Danielle yelps along, and seems genuinely disappointed when the pauses to fondle and stroke are followed by more spanking.

Unlike  most of the FAREAST films we have reviewed, there will be no sex here, nor does Joe grope or frig, despite the target an inch away.



Attitude Adjustment for Alice -SPANKINGHOUSEPRODUCTIONS

10 Dec

F/f; time: 1& minutes

‘Alice,’ a ubqitious spanking model whose bottom is being turned up everywhere,  is spanked by ‘Miss Elizabeth,’ playing her auntie. Nothing of significance to describe. Saucy little Alice is spanked with a number of things.

Alice’s bottom  is already virtually black and blue before the action even starts, probably the most egregious example we ourselves can recall of making too many films in too short a time.



Summer – FAREAST

3 Nov


The formulaic performances of good hard spanking and full porn sex. ‘Summer’ is a tall, thin, theatrical fashion-style model. Auburn hair below the shoulders. She does not suggest ‘porn star,’ but we will see , she is willing, capable, and will be tested. Joe gets her. A,ed for a long spanking, with the usual banter and casual conversation.

Aftee ice cubes on her red bottom, she begins a blowjob. She opens Joe’s pants. “No underwear!” She seems surprised. Then several positions of sex and the. Only shot.


18 Oct

M/f; time: 57 minutes

The same format for this producer. A very hot girl will take a thorough spanking and perform the full varieties of sex in classic porn style. ‘Lacy’ is a smoking little brunette dressed little-girl in a tiny kilt and halter. She giggles her way through a hard spanking and then rollicking sex and a money shot.


18 Oct

2M/4f; Time: 32 minutes

Four girls will be caned for cash on a rack. It is sort of an A-frame or stepladder,  with a standing platform and a flat pad in the center to lie on. The rack is used similarly in other films in this series.

The four brunettes will each get 20 strokes, 10 from each of the two female supervisors. Three positions, 60 wicked strokes with massive marks as the result. The first position-  the naked girl stands erect grasping the frame. The second-the girls lie flat on the pad, bent over. And the third, the girls climb up into the frame and get into the diaper position, rather acrobatic for the taller girls and very rough for these massively striped bottoms.

Dinner Ready or a Big Spanking – SPANKINGONLY

4 Oct

M/f; time: 39 minutes

Not much of substance here. A cute ‘Stevie Rose,’ always entertaining with her face and her bottom. She lolls on a couch, not having made dinner, after promising to cut back on take-out. Her husband is angry. “You know I’m going to spank you, right?” After the briefest struggle, he takes her OTK and her warmup pants come down, no panties. She was expecting this? He will spank her in this position and then put her in an uncomfortable corner pose. More OTK,  and using the handy kitchen implements, a spatula and spoon. Doesn’t seem to hurt.

FADE. Stevie is now strapped down to a padded bench; bare bottom. The husband holds a cane and a big Spencer paddle in front of her face. The thick cane first, 20 snaps, not hard, but with this cane they mount. Then the big Spencer. The husband holds her by her ponytail as he paddles. These two spankings are repeated from a facial camera. Ms. Rose has a nice technique of raising her bottom between strokes. They hug to conclude, everything was stretched out.


Classroom Spanking

4 Oct

2M/f; time: 44 minutes

And old and classic British classroom drama, made by a producer who knew what naughty buttons to push, like ROUE, BLUSHES, et al. ‘Melanie,’ a very pretty blonde in full schoolgirl kit, is being quizzed in something of a classroom detention by a teacher, and he threatens to summon the janitor to cane her if she can’t answer the subject questions. He will spank her first. OTK. She is the stylish one–skirt up, black panties, garter belt stockings. Panties down, then up for palm slaps, then bare bottom OTK again.

This detention thing gets more serious. Melanie touches toes for a big leather  paddle, which makes her jump. She cannot hold position, she grabs and spreads her buttocks, giving us a show. Nothing we didn’t know about, but we appreciate her confirming. The teacher rolls up his sleeves for a big heavy strap. Very hard and exciting. The model can’t help checking the director. Maybe she wonders how much more of this,

She is allowed to pull her panties back up and sit again. We cut to the janitor’s lair in the basement. This teacher discusses his difficult student and hands the janitor a ‘slipper.’ The men then confront Melanie in the classroom again–they accuse her of smirking, she is just chortling at the corny lines.

The men position a large vaulting horse. They order her to take off her clothes. “All of it?” It will take a while–girls always struggle with buttons. She is finally completely naked and goes over the horse, doing well naked in front of the janitor and teacher. The slipper first, then the cane, hair off the face, legs kicking. Tears. very well done.