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Julia’s Prison Caning – WILDAFRICACANING

6 Sep

F/f; time: 24 minutes

Another inscrutably mixed up storyline from WAF. ‘Julia’ apparently is some sort of inspector, assigned to visit remote South African prisons and observe corporal punishment. And, similar to this storyline at FIRMHAND and elsewhere, girls doing this line of work tend to get sucked into the machinery.

The redoubtable ‘Darlene’ plays the warden at the first prison Julia visits. She shows Julia the wicked caning device we have seen before–a kneeling pad for the victim, and bars out at 90  degrees for the arms. The prisoner kneels, bends all the way forward, and her arms are fastened out wide at her sides. All bottom. Julia tries out the position . Goodness, she is not wearing any panties on her workday.

FADE. A naked female prisoner fails in trying to complete a blowjob with a guy. The acting is terrible, and the meaning of this scene is incomprehensible. Darlene spikes Julia’s tea, accuses her of drunkenness, and, right there in the prison, is able to sentence her to a caning. Another naked prisoner, implausibly wearing only knee boots, fastens Julia into the caning device.

Skirt up again, still no panties. 10 strokes of the cane. When she is released, she has gotten naked somehow. CUT to another caning, this time over a horse. Longer here, 20 + strokes with repeats, some of them nasty-wild. This girl is now wearing knee boots. Is it Julia? The other naked prisoner arrives and spreads lotion.


Restrained and Caned – WILDAFRICACANINGS

9 Jul

F/f; time: 27 minutes

‘Female Prison Punishment #7’ A female prison matron in knee boots has a girl strapped down on an odd spanking chair, sort of an exercise device.  The girl has no pants on and she is not in a good place. The scene is shot through bars into a cell. The prisoner is caned in this position.

Various confusing and disjointed scenes. The only tnhing for sure is the prisoner is getting one hell of a caning. Various things happen–the equipment falls apart, etc. Weird stuff.

Reformatory Caning 1 – WILDAFRICACANING

27 Jun

F/f; time: 33 minutes

The producer’s weird incongruities continue. Darlene’ again plays a domme or matron. She wears a sort of naval uniform. This is some sort of reformatory school for girls. ‘Roxy’ is a sort of incarcerated schoolgirl. She will kneel on a special punishment chair to be caned. Again, an annoying soundtrack, a tolling bell. She is fastened at the wrists, thighs, and ankles. Thong down, just six strokes here.

The matron puts on a strap-on dildo, a rather mild one for the CP genre, not like some of the monsters at NUWEST and other places. This one is about the length and thickness of a cigar. She lubes the girl and fucks her. The girl is lucky.

The girl is  released and the matron helps her get naked. Frisk position at the wall, play with her boobs, and then over a polished 55 gallon barrel, NUWEST style. A dozen cane strokes here, and some frigging with the cane tip. Another session with the dong, we could see its flopping shadow.

The matron switches to a very thick cane, almost a broomstick. The girl screams at this. About 10 strokes. More strap-on, the girl is getting off on it this time. IT’s better than that stick.

Diary of Discipline – WILDAFRICACANINGS

19 Jun

‘Female Prison Punishment #5’ F/f; time: 30 minutes

These crude productions often surprise; this one starts fast, with the title listed as ‘Dairy of Discipline.’ We are in a sparse and silly classroom setting. ‘Livia’ going to be spanked by a dour teacher. OTK, white panties, standard so far.

Over the desk for the cane. Panties down, the model instinctively reaches back and tries to help pull them down. 12 hard strokes, typical of WAF. The teacher stops to check the stripes developing so far, because they are ripening before our eyes. “One too high, one too low.” Small gasps. As the caning progresses, “You’re already purple.” (at 9 strokes) She screams. Some lotion after the 12.

FADE. An unrelated scene. A redhead in a cell is being made to put on an orange jumpsuit. She is manacled ad marched to a punishment room, which amounts to a platform in a cell, with a wedge in the center of it. Off comes the jumpsuit and she is naked, The redhead climbs up onto the platform and drapes herself efficiently over the wedge, bottom very high and tight. She is fastened  down in detail at the wrists, thighs, and feet, which takes a while, and we are ready to begin.  They must be expecting a big struggle.

A long caning ensues–over thirty strokes, accompanied by an annoying soundtrack. Part of this action is shot through the bars. The matron stops to admire the lines she is creating, and for fun, she alters her rhythm to torment the prisoner’s anticipation. The matron makes some effort to fill the white spaces between the lines but her aim is erratic.

At the conclusion, when the girl is released, because she fails to thank the matron, she gets 10 more strokes, bent over, the hardest yet. The matron reminds her, in this prison there will be no “fuck you’s” and “no hands” trying to cover up.

Female Prison Punishment #3 – WILDAFRICACANINGS

18 Jan

F/f; time: 28 minutes

‘First Time Offender’ The defunct producer, harsh stuff. These guys certainly took notes from LUPUS, but they didn’t have the budget, the imagination, or access to a plethora of young and eager European models.

This is one rough prison if this is what happens to first time offenders. A short-haired brunette stands in front of a uniformed male supervisor and the familiar matron. They wear comical Halloween versions of the uniform. The butch-like girl is somewhat defiant, just for the moment, in leather jacket and heels.

First, she is searched at the wall, then ordered to strip naked, which she does slowly, handing over one piece of clothing at a time. She is cuffed and bent over the crude heavy-lumber trestle, and here attached with chains, which will rattle throughout.

The matron proceeds with the caning, very hard strokes, high full swings, nothing held back. We counted almost 40 strokes, delivered slowly. There are repeats, and alternate angles. The girl does a growling screech. Some facials–for this producer, such shots depend on space on the set. Zoom on welts.

Music appears on the soundtrack while the matron applies oil to the girl’s bottom. The matron must check the camera from time to time.


Female Prison Punishment #2 – WILDAFRICACANINGS

18 Jan

F/f; time: 29 minutes

Some stark and crude stuff, ;part of a series,  from this short-lived producer. Every bit as intense as anything from LUPUS, but lacking the theater, erotic anticipation, and production values.

A girl is having her mug shot taken, the number is 6969/69. This should spell some extra trouble for her, you might think. The female guard/matron, ever her corny self, takes some fingerprints.

The girl’s punishment begins. She bends over a chair, first pulling down her shorts and thong. The matron does a cavity check and uses a retractable scope to do it. The girl is taken to the punishment room,

We see the same trestle–made of heavy lumber. One end is in the shape of a sawhorse. There are two long planks stretching out, which will allow the victim to be manacled and pulled tight, like a medieval rack. The girl is stripped naked and tied over the trestle, here with loose rope.

A long caning is shown. There are certainly repeats, and some varied camera angles to facilitate it. We counted almost 55 strokes. Marks all over the place, some wild strokes, and both thighs and flanks get attention. The girl kicks loose her ties, but stays in place, although she struggles. The strokes are delivered slowly–the matron allows her to settle back into position after each.

The female guard puts on a strap-on dildo, a rather odd one which looks almost home-made. She fucks the girl on the trestle. She is not very good at it (neither is the camera), it takes some work.

Tribal Prince’s Initiation – WILDAFRICACANINGS

28 Mar

F/f; time: 32 minutes

The title will confirm that  caption and graphic writers 0ften don’t watch the film. This is a princess being initiated. A girl in some leather bondage straps, but largely naked, is bent over a spanking trestle device, but is not fastened to it. She is being punished by a female in uniform, the palace guard being given the assignment of initiating the Princess.

The film will be all-punishment, delivered somewhat slowly and only moderately hard. This first segment consists of the paddle, strap, flogging, and several canes, one of them long and menacing. No faces are shown clearly, the dialogue is unintelligible, and we think the producer just couldn’t pull it off.

The Princess is now completely naked, flush against a wall, her arms stretched high. No restraints. The Princess must take her punishment. She gets a mild flogging and caning. The film enters with the two facing each other and conversing. The Princess has completed her training, and she got off lucky, from our vantage point.


Female Prison Punishment #6 40 Strokes – WILDAFRICACANING

22 Mar

2F/f; time: 27 minutes
Another rather grotesque product from this filmmaker, whose work is hard to find and the company probably defunct. The acting and production values are worse than even the Russians, but if you like severity, WAC probably out-does MOOD and LUPUS.

We don’t prefer this level of depicted severity, but we share this film for the unintended humor mixed into this maelstrom. Two female matrons in Halloween uniforms will discipline a girl. In a stark room the girl is first frisked and searched, then made to strip naked. She seems to know what she is headed for and does not hesitate.

When the girl is naked she is ordered to bend over an unusual trestle. It is a very sturdy sawhorse made of 4×4 lumber, much heavier than the common 2×4. An ‘A’ shaped protrusion stretches forward and to the floor, so that the girl can be laid over the horse and her arms tied and stretched forward on this A-frame.

The naked girl’s wrists are tied and her arms stretched forward. Her ankles are tied to the heavy legs of the horse, spreading her thighs. The senior matron begins with a heavy cane. The junior matron is designated to call out the strokes BEFORE they are delivered.

It is a wicked caning. The girl is moaning immediately, and for good reason. She rolls her bottom around, and the matrons wait for her to settle before the next stroke is called. There are spikes on the sides of the crossbar of the horse to encourage the girl to remain centered.

Because the junior matron messes up the count at number 37, the prisoner earns a few extras, and the guard herself, after the 40+ stokes. must bend over and take a few herself on her camouflage skirt.

Military Discipline -WILDAFRICACANING

6 Mar

2F/f; time: 43 minutes
‘Psycological Interrogation’ (sic) Another weird film from this producer. The matron in a domme outfit and cap. looking more like a yacht crewperson,  puts a camou girl on a wood table and has her bend over a leather wedge in the center, elevating her buttocks to almost a 45 degree angle. She begins a hard spanking, which causes bruises and blistering immediately. This producer had perhaps the poorest production qualities we’ve seen, down there with the Russians, but the spankings were fierce.

The girl next lies flat on the table, which is a faux medieval rack. The furniture placement and the camera angles are so poor we can’t see all that much. The girl is liking this spanking and begins to masturbate.

Film cut–the girl is up and her clothes are off. She lies back on the table, which is actually a crude rack. He wrists and ankles are fastened and the winches tightened. A better job could have been done by a high school drama club carpenter. Her bottom is strapped in this position.

The matron/guard makes a phone call. The girl is released and begins to masturbate again; she is given a dildo. Another cut–the girl stands, lies lengthwise over a spanking horse, and is caned.

Another guard appears, probably invited for a piece of the action–we can never follow the story. She is less menacing, but canes hard enough to produce stripes. The girl is fastened by her ankles to the horse and this caning turns into a classic LUPUS show. Rubbing, closeups.

Back to the rack, the dildo reappears, with a condom on it. The guard spreads hand lotion, which is needed, and the girl undulates.


14 Sep

M/f; time: 45 minutes
A crudely made, amateur-like film, unremarkable at first. By the conclusion, the canings will in fact approach ‘cruel,’ and we were intrigued by the storyline.

A faceless male is lecturing his wife. He wants her to be sexier, play games with him. He shows her a book where a therapist recommends finding pleasure through pain. If she doesn’t get “kinky,” he’s gone. He shows her a cane he has acquired.

‘Mauri’ is sent to the bathroom, where she will find costumes to put on. She reports to the bedroom in schoolgirl kit and her hair in braids. She dances for him, raising her skirt. No panties. He has her play with herself. The first caning begins–8 hard strokes, immediate stripes, Mauri jumps after each one. The guy traces and counts the stripes aloud.

FADE. Her next outfit is that of a ‘slut.’ She has brought two vibrating dildos, and in this segment she fucks herself for him.

Next, she is wearing a ‘slave’ outfit–nothing much. She is totally naked but for a sort of fencer’s mask. She bends for 8 more of the cane–screeching and jumping around, accruing marks and some skin pops now. “This marriage is improving by the minute,” the guy says.

Mauri’s next portrayal is that of a “sexy office girl.” Wearing a latex dress, what there is of it, she takes 8 more cane strokes bent over an office desk chair. He pulls down her pantyhose. Her misery with these long caning sequences seemed authentic to us. She has begun cursing.

And now, “soldier Mauri.” She wears a two piece camou set, short pants. “Soldier, prepare for discipline!” Over a chair, 8 more strokes.

And last, Mauri is tied to a low bench, Russian-style. Latex knee boots. Bare bottom. 8 more very hard strokes. She jerks violently enough to rip free of her ropes. “I’m now ready for a good fuck,” says the guy. Mauri surely will submit, if just to stop these canings.