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Kirsten Gould – XEROTICS

26 Oct

A triple threat model—Top, Bottom, and lesbian player.

Makeup spanking’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) A brief one. Kirsty will spank a lusty blonde for helping herself to Kirsty’s cosmetics. Well filmed, full screen bottom. Kirsty is engrossed in punishing, delighting in pulling her thong out of the way.

Cane School‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) An encouraging title, especially when Kirsten is the Sub. She is dressed as a schoolgirl here, standing in front of a white backdrop. She is the only scenery we will need. Peters is going to cane her. After the most brief objection, just enough to increase the tension, she grabs her ankles, and is very athletic about it. She is hot and buxom, maybe a little improbable as a schoolgirl. It is a mild caning, knickers come down. But the marks seem heavy–she has been busy on this shooting day. She turns for a nice fuzzy frontal, Peters loves it. Some palm slaps, the slipper, and more of the cane. Full puss and seemingly real wheals.

Caned for playing’ (F/f; time:12 minutes) Kirsty and Kara Jayne Dempsey on the glass walled SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRLS set. KJ is a delicious schoolgirl. Kirsty is a prefect or teacher. She takes Kara OTK for a conventional spanking, white knickers down. Kirsty gets a cane and decides she wants all Kara’s clothes off. She will do the undressing, although Kara could certainly have done it. There is a lesbian feel, prefect privileges. Skirt down, necktie off, blouse unbuttoned, then the white bra unhooked. This stripping is as erotic as the spanking. Kirsty teases with the cane tip then lays on 20 strokes shown, repeats. One errant aim catches Kara’s thigh and she grabs and yelps. Lovely blondes, nice performance.

caned sexy girl’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Not  the title. Surely one of the hottest canings we have seen in a while from XEROTICS. Kirsty and Peters in the glass walled room with the desk. Lots of bottom skin on this floor. Blond Kirsty wears a plaid kilt, blouse, and tie. She is being spanked as the scene opens. A series of cuts may mean this is not a complete video.

Peters takes up a cane and Kirsty will bend over. Kilt up, almost over her head, and white knickers down. Kirsty is very athletic. The muscles in her bottom seem to ripple. The caning pauses, she steps out of her knickers and unfastens her kilt. More caning, she touches toes, one of those girls who  easily can do it. Marks on her bottom now and some pussy winks.

Shoes off, more caning; another pause, off with the blouse and tie. She is naked. More very good caning. She is muscles all over..   Hands on head naked at the wall, the way to film a schoolgirl caning.

 ‘Creamy Lesbos’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Kirsten Gould in another performance with a  lesbian tinge to it. She and Hannah are undressing each other. Down to bra and knickers. Hannah gets naked and Kirsty gives her an experienced frigging. Then some  oral. And a wheelbarrow spanking! Including more frigging. Lust face. Then Hannah does Kirsty, not as aggressive. Lotion and oil for Hannah. 

‘Disgraceful Action’ (F/2f; time: 15 minutes) Kirsten Gould comes up the stairs to find two girls, Hazel and Jasmina, in Lesbian play on a bed on the garret set. Just the kind of circumstance she loves She must have heard noises—she brought a tawse.

Kirsty assists the two girls in getting naked, rather roughly. She will spank them both, pry, probe, spit, and otherwise take her opportunity. She will sit on them and have her own fun as she spanks.

‘Having Fun’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) ’Brandfor’ lies on a bed in her purple bikini masturbating. Kirsty finds her and joins in the fun, as she is wont to do in many of her films. The girls undress and slank each other. Brandfor has got the boobs, and we haven’t see her before.

Kirsten Canes Rosaleen’ XEROTICS. (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Rosaleen reports to Kirsten in the glass-walled studio, with the blacked-out windows and wooden desk. It might be our imagination, but spankings here always seem to be harder. Rossy brings a teacher’s note. OTK without discussion, skirt up, bottle green regulation knickers. Down immediately. Kirsten tries to act intimidating, but she is not quite convincing. Lots a squawking and chatter, and some overhead shots on this set.

When Rosaleen is let up, she sasses Kirsten, which earns her more spanking. Over the desk, and she seen the cane coming. “Oh no, I’m not taking that.” Solid strokes, quite hard from Kirsty. lots of bruises for Rosaleen on the far buttock here.

Kirsty Thrashes Hannah (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Kirsty gives schoolgirl Hannah a convincing spanking on a couch on the garret room set. White knickers down immediately, and predictably, Kirsty pays a lot of attention to Hannah’s remarkable bottom. She likes to rub. She is buxom in her pink sweater. Hannah kneels on the couch for a very hot strapping. Hannah seems surprised at the intensity, Kirsty strokes with fingernails. Hug and laugh.

‘Forgot My Sauce’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Peters is going to spank hot little Kirsten. In CP films, the slightest domestic infraction can cost you. At REALSPANKING, Elizabeth Burns got a precoital spanking for not buttering the popcorn. Kirsten drops her pants and goes OTK, her head far over and touching the floor. Peters shifts her around to get a better angle. After a cut, Kirsten is up and bent over for the strap, her thong gone. A mild but cute caning to conclude.

Kirsty Gould- insane bitch’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) An unusual film—Miss Parker and Kirsty, two dommes. Who will spank whom?  Parker wears a black dress and Kirsty a red sweater. The scene is the garret room.

After a long discussion, Kirsty pulls Parker’s knickers down. She is shaved. Kirsty gives her a close examination and finally takes her OTK. A harmless spanking. Peters interrupts the action, and Parker scurries off, her knickers hobbling her ankles. Looks like Kirsty is going to be spanked—must be another film.

Kirsty and Hanne’ (M/2f; time: 17 minutes) The two blondes with a scruffy and pervy-looking Peters, and a longer film, which means two bottoms. They’ve been truant. To begin, he has Hanne raise her schoolgirl kilt and drop her knickers. With Hanne on display, he takes Kirsty OTK and soon has her bottom bared. Handspanking. She struggles a bit more than usual. When Peters touches her labia with a finger, she jumps.

Kirsty bends over for the cane. She will get 14 and must count them out. When she messes up the count at a pause at 11, Peters sets the count back to 5. He runs her up to 40, with pauses for rubbing and fondling by him. “You are doing very very well.” He adds a 41st, of course the hardest. Some of his strokes were on the thighs, and a few dangerously high, and Peters has the experience.

Now Hanne, not so much. “Right, Miss arrogance, take them down.” She hands over her knickers. Peters examines them and is happy they are clean. Since Hanne has recently been spanked…”I know your bottom is sore”….she gets only a brief handspanking. Peters puts lotion on Kirsty’s bottom as she stands cornered, the cane handle between her cheeks.

‘Kirsty Thrashes Hannah’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Two of the best models, bottoms and actors. Hannah is OTK and on the couch for a routine spanking and caning.

‘Laundry Thief’ A long one, reviewed separately.

Out All Hours’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Richard is waiting up for Kirsten . He must be very anxious, because he checks his watch every few seconds. Blond Kirstin arrives, gets scolded by the guy, a guardian of sorts. Of course he will practice spanking as a punishment.

He wants her jeans off, which she does almost before being asked. He is lefthanded, and Kirstin is confused as to how to lie over his lap. Hot struggling. Up she gets and bend over the couch for a strap. Her pussy is peeking through her thong strap. She has a hard time keeping position. The cane next, almost 20 strokes shown, from both sides. maybe repeats, but very hard and erotic.

Schoolgirls Trespass’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Kirsty and Sarah Harvey Lewis frolic on fhe grounds of what we have called the ’mansion’ set. The silly girls are in full schoolgirl dress, boaters and blazers. They are trespassing.

Richard interrupts them and is able to take them inside and all the way up to the ’garret’ room, without a struggle.There, he will strap both girls at the couch as they bend over. Knickers will remain, as do their clothes. The cane to conclude.

Schoolgirls Sent Home’ (F/2f; time: 9 minutes) Hazel and Caroline are sent home from school for uniform violations. The girls look good enough to us, but naked is always better. The girls are very amused by it all. The girls begin to take off their clothes. Hazel has melon boobs. Even Kirsty is surprised. “”Bloody hell, you look like a woman.” The girls are spanked and caned naked.

As Kirsty will do in so many films, she pries Hazel’s buttocks apart. “You look pretty wet to me.” She calls Hazel a “cow,” and plays with her vagina.

Soapy Spank’ (2f; time: 4 minutes) A sexy little interlude.Kirsty and Hanne, both stark naked, are oiling and playing with each other in what looks like a laundry room. Some silly spanking. Kirsty drops to her knees to give Hanne oral, don’t see much per XEROTICS code.

Stolen Costume, Kristen, Jasmina’ (2f; time:6 minutes) Two gorgeous girls gambol about at the indoor pool used in a number of films where a wet bottom plays a part. The familiar backdrop of a Mediterranean balcony. The girls wear minimal bikinis. Blond Kirsten notices that frosted brunette Jasmina has stolen hers, so Kirsten takes it off. Jasmina reflexively covers, but just for a second. The girls check with the director.

Kirsten Gould bends Jasmina over, her bottom facing the camera. She is quite naked. Kirsten begins spanking her, checking between her thighs to see if she is excited. There is a collection of canes on the floor in the shot, but they won’t be used in this episode. Kirsten kneels in front of Jasmina, but there is no action. Jasmina leaves without her bikini.

Studio Caning’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond schoolgirl Kirsten narrates her fierce caning. The set is the familiar glass walled punishment room. She shows us her white knickers, and she is fairly popping out of her blouse. Peters starts with the cane. Kirsty bends over—we’ve seen, this model can bend double. The first 12 strokes are on her knickers, the last few intentionally on her thighs, which propels her out of position.

Knickers down, Peters keeps it up. 5 on the bare, she screams. All sorts of marks. Then her bottom gets a breather—a session of palm slaps with a slipper. Bend-over again for a few from the slipper, and 8 more of the cane, counted out. Some on the buttocks crease. Real welts, low shots show the damage. A significant punishment for this series.

watching girl get spanked’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) An older guy sits on a couch with a completely naked brunette. He calls in blonde Kirsty. He is going to spank her while the naked brunette watches and plays with herself, legs open. It is mild stuff, although Kirsty struggles, first OTK then bending over the couch for a slipper. More closeups of the brunette than Kirsty. 

Hiding the Report – XEROTICS

15 Sep

#1 11 minutes) Honey has hidden her poor school report and Sally saw her do it. They know this is going to be trouble. Sally will give Honey a spanking. The OTK positioning is poorly arranged. Sally has to reach over with her opposite hand to smack. Long and silly on Honey’s pink tights. The girls laugh through it, for now.

#2 8 minutes) Honey’s spanking continues, on all fours on the bed for the slipper. Katie Didit interrupts this folly and wants to know what is going on.

#3 (10 minutes) Katie spanks Blonde Sally, who makes the mistake of giggling. Katie holds the report. She decides Honey should spank Sally. “Make sure you hit properly.” It is a soft and silly OTK spanking. Honey at least does pull down Sally’s striped shorts and knickers. Katie watches and Honey seems to pick up the pace. Honey is sent to the side.

#4 (time: 7 minutes) Katie spanks Sally bare bottom while Honey watches and rubs from her own smacking. Katie spanks the hardest. The two bottoms stand side by side. “I’ll be back in a moment.”

#5 (6 minutes) Katie Didit continues to spank 2 girls, side by side, with a hairbrush. They are sent to bed.

#6 (15 minutes) Both Honey and Sally get the slipper her.

#7 (6 minutes) A final hairbrush for both bottoms.

Sarah Collins at XEROTICS and more

8 Aug

The sensational all-purpose model, mostly at XEROTICS. AKA ‘Cee.’ We may add a few other producers.

Arrogant Collins’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL; Mike Stevenson gives Sarah a fast caning to try to spank the arrogance out of her, which she plays so well. We would like to see this endeavor in more of a feature film length. Her bottom is already marked here. She takes 25 strokes of the cane, then 18 more counted aloud. On some of the low shots, she reaches back reflexively in pain.

‘Art Teacher’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL; Sarah reports to her art teacher, in the person of Mike Stevenson. This can’t be good. They are in his workroom, a classic place for school punishments in history. He drags her by her ponytail to an OTK position over a tall stool. Perfect to present Ms. Collins’ athletic bottom.
White knickers down, he begins to spank. He slips in a little exploratory frig, which she doesn’t like, especially from the art teacher. Sarah stands for a strapping over the stool, knees locked, pink bottom. Hands on head to the corner.

‘Best Friend Spanked’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Sarah and her friend Emily flip through magazines. Agean interrupts and is angry. He is going to spank them. Visitor Emily first to go OTK. She is mostly amused by it all. An already red bottom peeks from black knickers. Down with the knickers, Agean gets her bright red.

Agean grabs Sarah next. Emily’s bottom remains on screen. He spanks very hard, knickers down. Ms. Collins is one of the best strugglers. The girls clean up the magazine mess bare bottom. Agean straps them both side by side. Two lovely strapped bottoms to conclude.

Black pen’ (F/f; time: 19 minutes)second review for this video. An unusually strong film from Rosaleen Young. Sarah Collins seems to be her mother. Rosaleen walks down an outside corridor of what looks like a motel or apartment complex and knocks on a door. Sarah admits her and Roz begins apologizing for something. A spanking is warranted, and it will be extensive.

Sarah positions a straight chair for the OTK spanking. Rosaleen wears blue top and skirt. White panties down. Tears from Rosaleen already.

A segue to begin the caning. She kneels on the chair. Sarah laughs at Rosaleen’s suggestion that she should only receive six. 10 very snappy and impressive cane strokes from Sarah. Loud and almost wicked, but no marks except two wild ones on her thighs, a testament possibly that these experienced spanking models might develop tough bottoms.

Sarah selects another cane and lays on fully 40 more strokes. If there were repeats, they were clever. When Sarah checks her bottom, even she notices: “Nothing even there.” A lot of fun, excellent camera, and Rosaleen can squawk

‘Caned before bed’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Two winners here. Valkerie with Cee. In the bathroom, Sarah strips and begins to masturbate on the toilet. Of course Valkerie catches her. She is marched to the garret bedroom and positioned at the foot of one of the double beds. A clear bottom!

Valkerie gives her 22 cane strokes in the standing position. V. Is always a fearsome disciplinarian. Some on the strokes here are dangerously high, because of the standing position.

Cheating Collins’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) We note here that Ms. Collins must have spent her career being compared to Leia Ann Woods. We’d observe, both ladies benefit from such a description. Here, Collins wears one of those house dresses, pink. Agean plays her uncle. She has been cheating in school. He gets right to it and takes her OTK. The dress rides up by itself. White knickers. He holds her wrists while he spanks. Routine stuff for Ms. Collins.

‘domestic caning’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) Not the title. Sarah sleeps on the loveseat and is awakened by Miss Smith. She has Sarah strip naked, and it is clear immediately that she likes pretty girls with no clothes on. An OTK handspanking starts, and hard Sarah struggles.

Segue to the first caning scene. The domme uses a very thick cane with a handle. Sarah bends over, always dramatic when she is naked. Almost 30 strokes are shown, repeats very several angles. “You’re really going to get it on your ass.” True. Sarah is left alone, bent over. The domme returns for another 20 stroke session. A few low strokes make her yelp and appear unintended. Stripes. This domme is very much enjoying the work.

‘English Headmaster’ ROUE reviewed separately.

Friday punishment-gym cane’ SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL and XEROTICS. Mostly about Nicky Montford, reviewed in one of her collections.

‘Harsh Methods’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) It will be harsh. Henderson is on the phone with Sarah Collins’ father. She has been expelled from school for shoplifting. Sarah enters the room, quite defiant,no suggestion of remorse, not yet. Henderson scolds. “No school…no job…no husband.”:

The punishment begins. Sarah defiantly removes her skirt, and after some theatrics, she hands over her knickers. Sarah takes the frisk position over the couch. A strap comes first. A clear bottom! Up on her toes.

Henderson gets the cane. “It’s for a good cause.” Henderson tucks her blouse up under her bra and Sarah resumes position. About 36 strokes are shown, probably 12 repeated twice. Significant wheals, some high ones, and pressure on the far buttock. Typical colorful caning for the resilient Cee.

Kissing Boys Forbidden’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Surely not the title. Cee appears with Mike Stevenson, which is a guarantee of good action. As to Stevenson, he takes no prisoners, a nice combination with Cee’s high pain threshold. We are in the large empty room with the desk and the blacked out windows, the vale of tears, The Nicky Montford Suite.

Cee bends over the desk, her knickers come down. She’s got massively fading bruises, looking like paddle marks, on both buttocks. Stevenson will have to be careful, and he starts gently with a cane. Cee reflexively reaches back. 40 strokes are shown, repeats nicely edited. There are no marks. Cee shoots up in pain a few times. She seems at her limit here.

‘Cee Double Caning’ (MF/f; time: 8 minutes) An unusual film for XEROTICS, vigorous punishment with little diversion. The set is the minimal NU-WEST-like bare room. Cee confronts both blond Valkerie and Mike Stevenson, both severe disciplinarians in the XEROTICS archive. Cee wears only a red halter and black thong.

Both Stevenson and Valkerie have canes. Cee bends over a chair. They will cane her together, from both sides. They whip rapidly, Valkerie using her forehand on one cheek, Stevenson his backhand on the other. Cee rocks and surges to control the waves of pain. When she screams, they stop to allow her to recover.

A second round after a rest moment. For the third round, they notice from the accruing marks that they must hit lower on her bottom. At the conclusion Cee addresses the camera poses her bottom. Very entertaining and well acted.

‘Cee late again’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Dean Harvey confronts Cee in the glass walled studio set. She is fully outfitted as a schoolgirl—white blouse, tie, kilt, bobby socks, maryjanes. He will take her OTK, but in a nice humiliating touch, he reaches under her kilt to pull down her knickers himself.

A hard lefthanded OTK. You have admire Ms. Collins’ threshold. 50 cane strokes shown, repeats. Sarah challenges Nicky Montford’s threshold.

‘Cee OTK Spanking’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) This short film is mostly a girlie show for Ms. Collins. She stands alone in a pink gingham print house dress. She lifts the dress to show white knickers with similar pink trim. Cee pulls her knickers down very slowly. We’re hoping, and yes, she has a clear bottom.

Cee bends over in the excellent light. A bit of puss peaks out. We are on the barren set, nothing to distract from her bottom. Stevenson was lucky to get this casting call and Cee was unlucky. He takes her OTK and wants her legs spread. Legs together so her knickers can be slipped off. Sexy stuff, but an unexpected light spanking day.

Home Tutor’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Sarah sits on a couch, wearing one of those pink house dresses. She is being scolded by a male tutor because she can’t remember her lessons from last time. Good way to help. OTK, white knickers. Then hands on the couch, for an unusual caning. We counted 60 strokes, which she counted out in sets, because she can’t do sums. Difficult to film repeats for this.

Ms. Collins’ bottom shines in the studio lights. She has been upset by one low stroke, and she keeps trying to cover up that area. The disciplinarian is loving it.

‘Miss Kirsten spanks Cee’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Straightforward action from these two stars. Kristen spanks Cee OTK. Cee wears the deadly pink smock with white knickers. A cute spanking. Kirsten is very interested in kneading and stroking. Some spanking with two hands.

‘Passing Notes’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Sarah has been caught passing notes in class. “Since you were caught writing notes, I’m not going to punish your bottom. Hold out your hand.” Theey are on one of the barren-room sets. Sarah wears a red halter top and slacks. If this is what she wears to school, she should be spanked just for thatThe guy uses a heavy strap on her palms. She has to recover after each stroke. We have said often enough, even experienced spanking models don’t like this. Since he has her attention, he might as well address her bottom. After a brief protest, Sarah drops her slacks. She did t wear knickers. She is shaved bald and apparently a bit excited. She gets a strapping.

‘Piercing tattoos’ (M/f: time: 6 minutes) Mr. Henderson confronts Sarah. Has she gotten piercing tattoos? One way to find out, clothes off. The set is the simple overlit sitting room. School clothes—skirt off, tie, blouse, down to quite lovely lacy white bra and panties. There, a navel piercing and a tattoo on her stomach.

OTK, tight white knickers down soon. She stands and bends over the couch for first the slipper and then the cane. Henderson gets his feel of her bottom. She gets the tattoos.

‘please don’t cane me’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A film with a rather bland start—Agean confronts Sarah for various continuing behavioral issues. “What am I going to do with you?” Sarah starts bending over, hands on a chair. Dress up, the red trim on her white knickers matches her house dress.

Agean flexes a cane. Knickers down. Maybe 35 strokes are shown, varying intensity, and a whole series of angles, unusual and very nice. Surely many repeats but the filming is clever enough you don’t care. As good a presentation of Ms. Collins’ bottom you will see.

‘Punished Master’ (M/3f; time: 16 minutes) The assigned title is misleading. The master DOES the punishing. The master gets to spank three girls here. A blonde is first, her blue knickers come down. A brunette is spanked next, her bottom already red. “You’ve been in trouble.”

And Sarah is the third girl, in one of those pink house smocks. You’d like to think these dresses would melt if they got wet. The guy uses a big strap. The girls are spanked in various positions. All three seem aroused.

Report Card Spelling (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Peters is studying Sarah’s report card she arrives. She wears a simple blue top and blue shorts. After a short scolding about her grades, she seems to accept what is coming and drops her shorts and knickers.

Peters continues to scold her and smack her bare bottom as he quizzes her, reminding us a bit of the British piano teacher and how they instruct pupils. Sarah will face us at one point and is completely shaved. She is given the book to study while Peters goes for the cane.

Sarah touches toes, Peters flicks her knickers away with his cane, some slipper warmup, the. 12 strokes are shown, moderate stuff with repeats. But there seem to be a lot of marks for Ms. Collins.

‘Sarah Collins as dancer’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Very brief. Sarah stands in a ballet tutu in the middle of an empty set. Under her very brief skirt there are no knickers, and she is quite amused about it. There are too few examples for us in CP files of ballet dancers or cheerleaders with no panties on. We note this one, with pleasure. No guy who has ever seen a cute girl in a tutu has not imagined with forgotten knickers.

She gets a brief strapping, kneeling on a chair. A double tongued strap with a handle. She is already marked. Love the costume.

School Trouble’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Mostly a display of Ms. Collins’ charms, all of them. The barren blue wall set, Sarah In a deadly smock. White red-trim knickers. She pulls them down, bends over, and spreads her legs as wide as she can. There is your screenshot if that’s your thing. Knickers up and down, a bottom show. Mike Stevenson comes on set, almost an afterthought. OTK, and a very severe beginning. Legs wide. Bare bottom, it’s all there.

‘Smoking SG’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Sarah is caught smoking by Agean, right there is the sitting room, not very clever. She wears one of those deadly print house dresses. Agean takes her OTK, white knickers down. Agean drags her to her feet by her ponytail. Bend over for a tawse, dress comes up by itself. Hard go with several slaps, and some palm slaps because of smoking, Sarah struggles here. Very good closeups.

‘Strapped bare’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Sarah on the blue wall set. She wears a red halter and black skirt. She is in trouble again. Recent punishments have failed. “Kneel on that chair,” says the guy. Skirt up, yes, she has been spanked. The guy straps her with a doubled strap with a handle.

A few palm slaps, then more strapping. Closeups of her bottom and jewels. All sorts of varied marks from previous episodes. At first a defiant look from Sarah, then submissive, and she walks off.

Teenager strapped hard’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Not the title. Sarah is relaxing on a couch. She decides to look in Mr. Henderson’s wallet and he catches her. She will be punished. A strap happens to be right there. He is happy to tell her that in Muslim countries thieves have their hands cut off.. Bit in England, thieves get their palms slapped, just for starters. The bottom will suffice here.

Henderson wants all her clothes off, which deters Sarah only for a second, shaking her head “no.” Dress off, black bra and knickers off. More palm slapping. Now he gets to her bottom, already well marked. She is naked most of the film. Ms. Collins a busy actress.

‘Thrashed By Miss Smith’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Miss Smith and Cee on the all-purpose workroom set. Ms. Collins is a schoolgirl here. She raises her kilt and Smith takes her knickers down and off. First, a hard and thorough handspanking. Collins can take it.

Sarah bends over for the cane. 20 moderate strokes, some repeats Hands on head at the wall. Simple film but the best of models.

This is Punishment’ (F/f; time: 18 minutes) Sarah plays a character ‘Paulette,’ and is challenged by a sturdy blonde with a heavy Glasgow accent. Sarah strips naked and is taken OTK for a quite hard handspanking, just a start in this slightly longer feel.

The caning comes next, the first 28 strokes are shown, repeats cleverly edited. They take a break, followed by 20 more strokes. Sarah cries out. They hug at the conclusion. Funny things can happen. The blonde hits a piece of filming apparatus with a backswing.

‘three caned schoolgirls’ (M/3f; time:31 minutes) This film is nothing more than the exploitation of three pretty girls and is entertaining in that aspect. It does not contain much serious CP. The girls are getting some end-of-term punishment to hold them over until next year.

The set is the familiar glass walled empty dance studio, with its frosted glass enclosure in the background, through which you can see the girls moving, and the pink of their flesh.

The scene opens with ponytailed blond ‘Asra’ standing before us, in just little white bikini panties, her melon boobs on full display. She is being scolded by the voice of the regular XEROTICS male disciplinarian Peters. He has her do some toe touches and reaches, full screen, turning around for some of them for the bend-over view. “Pull the knickers down, right down.”

Asra is sent into the glass enclosure to get two other girls. They must come out “without tops.” “No tops?” The girls, Kara Jayne Dempsey and Sarah Collins , return with Asra, stand in front of Peters in the briefest bikini panties and white knee socks. Very cute stuff, each girl.

They will begin the “end of term” workout. Facing us, then with backs to us, they do the bend and reach drill. “Faster.” Jog in place. Three jiggles, Asra especially. Panties down, hands on head, the girls are not completely happy with this. All three shaved.

Peters comes on-screen, smacking bottoms among them. Bend-overs for his belt, and bigger belt, and some mild caning, a dozen or more strokes, colorful for these magnificent bottoms. They hand him their panties and leave. A very entertaining film for these pros

‘Three Girls in Tears’ (M/3f; time: 16 minutes) SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL. The glass walled set. All-star cast, with Peters, Kara Jayne Dempsey, Sarah Collins, and a blonde. Kara Jayne reports to Peters. She has been caught off campus with boys, and these two other girls. She is the first to be spanked. She bends over the desk, perfect white knickers. Not always the case in CP films.Peters gets to the bare skin.

The two other girls report. They are shocked to see the spanking underway with Dempsey, and the results. To the blonde: “Take off your skirt and take down your knickers.” She gets a rousing slipper by any standards. Collins is next. Same bared bottom. Both these girls are then caned, not hard but lovely.

‘Too Late for Regrets’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Schoolgirl Sarah is in the glass-walled room. She chews her lip as she waits, a cunning little trait of hers. She is called into the inner office by Headmaster Dean Harvey. The room is barren of furniture, suggestive of the kind of place you’d bring a student for a special whipping.

Harvey takes down her white knickers and begins the handspanking. Lefty Dean spanks hard. Lovely shot of Sarah’s knickers sliding down her legs as she kicks. Sarah seems to have had enough, but she must bend over a chair for the cane. Push strokes to start, but they get harder. She hangs her head in shame.

‘Valkerie hard caning’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) The title is redundant. Valkerie translates as hard caning. Sarah will get one of her most thorough canings on the barren room set. She is a schoolgirl, in blouse, knee socks, kilt. Valkerie is sexy lean in blouse and tight jeans.

Sarah must grab her ankles, knickers down. 12 fast cane strokes jolt her. These strokes are repeated from the bottom view. 30 more strokes shown, fast full swings. Are you watching, Nicky Montford? Nice scenes, bottom and face. One of the hardest.

‘Valkerie with Sarah again’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Valkerie is reading a magazine when Sarah Collins reports to her, dressed as a schoolgirl. The scene is the garret couch. Sarah goes into the red-walled bathroom, strips naked, and sits on the toilet to masturbate. She returns to Valkerie in the bedroom to get what she knows is coming.

To begin, Sarah bends over the foot of one of the beds for a handspanking. Closeups. Valkerie takes up the cane—a dentist reaching for the drill. About 25 strokes are shown, characteristically sharp and fast, repeats. Sarah is allowed to rub and recover along the way.

‘Without her knickers’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Sarah is on the empty set. She wears a black side slit cocktail dress. NO KNICKERS. She raises her dress. She is shaved bald. Does this have to be done every day for this work? She kneels on a stool and bends forward to put her palms on the floor. She excels at athletic poses. Bottom elevated, a guy uses a doubled strap. She is already marked. Short, simple, and painful.

Camilla Scott

1 Jun

We undertake what turns out to be a Herculean task of looking at a variety of work from this fascinating model. So far we have found her at FIRMHAND, SPANKINGSARAH, XEROTICS, GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, and REDSTRIPE. Alex Hyde and Camilla Scott appear to have been independent contractors offering their work.

How to describe her: A small and lovely light brunette, her long hair consistent through most of her films. Her face is unique and distinctive in a world of fashionable and sometimes vanilla CP models—never any doubt of her identity. Sort of a smoky Mediterranean quality. Her skin is an even olive, even when she is naked. We are reminded of the actress Lisa Edelstein on West Wing in the ‘90’s, or the ongoing Maria Bartiromo. Heavy British accent to be identified. Marks? A small and tight little bottom, and full natural breasts. And an actress, always seems naughty.


Acting Sick’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Kissi is in bed, wrapped in a terry cloth robe. Alex rousts her, checks for temperature, and finds none. Before we continue, we’d like to suggest there are very effective ways for checking for elevated body temperature, and in some CP films, an enema is deemed curative. XEROTICS didn’t do things like this.

Alex gives her some pills to take, then pulls her out of bed. After another cut to arrange things, she lies over her simple bed, robe up, bottom bare. Alex whips her with a doubled belt, nicely filmed.

Company Policies’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Some cute fun from our couple. Alex Hyde works at his office desk. Bow Faithful (Camilla) knocks and enters. She is wearing a cute pink satin Bo Peep outfit. She is an employee here at a children’s entertainment company.

Alex has been receiving complaints from parents. She has been doing naughty things, and from her giggle, there isn’t much debate. Alex could fire her, but he has another way, which he has a reputation for. He slaps his knee. Bow: “Here? Now?”

He takes her OTK, dress up to display red polka dot knickers. We see a thorough handspanking from several angles, knickers come down along the way. Very nice closeups, completely engulfed bottom. Alex also has a paddle. Bow struggles and spreads her legs. She sits and pulls her panties back on and makes promises.

‘Driving without a License’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) In a rare exterior shot for the producer (they are expensive) Kissi finds a car parked on what must be a driveway and drives it a few hundred yards before Alex is able to stop her and get her out. She doesn’t have a license.

He marches her inside and the spanking starts immediately inside the door. Jeans down, white knickers, a standing handspanking. Lovely facials of exotic Ms. Scott. Knickers down.

The scene moves to the kitchen of what must be their actual home, or that of the producer. It is actually a bit untidy, lived-in. This room is lit by surrounding windows and will present some lighting challenges here and in other films. Not a problem for us. Some reviewers expect too much.

After more scolding, Alex helps her to lie over the counter and he begins paddling her jeans. Mild here. Jeans and knickers down. Lovely facials because the camera can get around to the other side of the counter. She struggles so nicely. They hug at the conclusion.

Hidden Implements-Naughty Kissie’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Kissie in another one of her cunning silly outfits, made to remove. This one is a full body bunny suit. She has hidden the spanking implements and Alex wants them. They “fell behind the cupboard.”

She will get what she wants and he will get what he wants. “You’re going to get the hairbrush and the paddle.” He unzips the bunny suit and you knew she would be naked underneath. She covers for modesty, for as long as it will last. Lovely OTK, her skin is more pale here. Must be the lighting. Alex reaches for the the hairbrush. He has to tell her twice: “Relax.” Tight bottoms—more pain.

This spanking seems to hurt her more than in some other films. She kicks her legs open reflexively. Cut—bend over the couch arm for 10 of a paddle, a bit milder here. This position on the couch allows for facials. She concludes with a remorseful apology bare bottom on the couch.

‘Justice Will Be Served’ (M/f; time: 32 minutes) A longer film and a story which deviates from the usual domestic relationship of this couple. Alex works at his computer and needs to step out for a minute. Camilla, playing a burglar, sneaks in the patio door and begins stealing things. He returns and she falls trying to escape and knocks herself unconscious. He finds her and spots a good thing.

He puts her on the couch. “I want to try to get to the bottom of why you broke into my flat.” Ms. Scott looks so small as she cowers on the couch. She wears a grey top and denim shorts.

Alex will start a series of spankings. “You are going to stay a few nights.” OTK on the couch, shorts and red knickers down. The position of the couch allows for facial and bottom shots, and for once the lighting is muted for this scene.

Kissi spends the night. She didn’t have to be restrained. Alex wakes her. She looks so small under a huge comforter. “How’s your bottom feel from last night?” He will confine the spanking. “I want to go home.” 

Here, the next day, she is going to be punished, “a nice handspanking and the spoon.” Cut to an OTK spanking scene, skirt up, just panties. We have pointed out from time to time occasional production miscues. Here, Alex cannot quite reach Camilla’s bottom, so he must smack her backhand, with his left hand.

‘Kissi Got Too Drunk’(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Camilla wears another one of her theatrical outfits, this time a gauzy blue mesh dress. She got drunk last night and played hide-and-seek with Alex. Did he catch her and give her what she deserved?

Kissi kicks delightfully. “Keep your bottom still.” She is compliant. Alex takes her knickers down. Her position presents more thigh than usual. Fast spanking, little gasps.

Cut to the spoon spanking. Camilla kneels on the bed, bare bottom up. Her face is turned to us this time. Another cut, she is lying flat on pillows for more spoon. [there is a TV on in the sountrack]. They hug on the bed and Alex fondles her bottom.

Lesson in Honesty’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Alex Hyde has discovered his wife Bow Faithful has a separate bank account where she has been SAVING money. Most girls get spanked in CP films for spending money.

A fast OTK spanking ensues, handspanking and the slipper. Closeups are so intimate here that we can see the fine peach fuzz hair on Ms. Scott’s tight little bottom. “You know how much I hate doing this.” Not!

To the corner, checkerboard skirt up and panties down. She sneaks a rub.

‘Lesson in Respect’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Another simple and entertaining film from Bow and Alex, a straightforward spanking pulled off because of their acting. Alex calls on Bow at her apartment. She wears a black sleeveless top, white hot pants, and knee socks.

They sit on the couch. After a scolding about her attitude, time for the discipline. As usual, Ms. Scott likes tiny and trim. She kneels up on the couch. After a warmup, the shorts come down. We didn’t see any knickers. Her tight little bottom always matches her overall skin tone. After a handspanking, Alex picks up a paddle. Where did that come from? Closeups of her bottom show a full blotching on the olive tone.

They shift to an OTK position on the couch, and as usual Csmilla is not shy about frontal shots, where there is some evidence of bikini tan. She sunbathes bare bottom. More handspanking and paddling here Altogether very enjoyable.

The Noise Complaint’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Alex Hyde bangs on Kissi’s apartment door. She has been blaring loud music all night and continues it Sunday morning. She promises but doesn’t stop. Alex bursts in her patio do. “Get out. What are you doing in my apartment?

Alex will spank her. The lighting is terrible here, as the sunlight through the patio doors affects the shots. The story is cute, and since the filming was done in the usual house set, you wonder why they didn’t just do it over. Kissi blows smoke in his face. He throws her over a couch arm and and drags down her shorts and knickers. The light prevents us from seeing much of Kissi’s face and her bottom is away from the camera.

Alex brought a paddle and a cane. Some frontal flashes as Kissi moves around. She is never shy about that. Paddle and handspanking over the couch. Her bottom is fully red and mottled, as it gets, not bruised or marked.

She kneels on a chair for the cane. The camera moves for better angle and light. The strokes are mild and difficult to count.


‘Out of Control Birthday Party’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Alex Hyde plays Kissi’s landlord and calls on her. She is recovering from a raucous birthday party where there was damage. She hangs her head in that way she does. She wears denim shorts, a top, with bare midriff. Like many a British landlord, Alex has ways to collect compensation rather than money.

After a long scolding, the spanking will begin. OTK on a dining room chair, Camilla bends over so that her head is all the way to the floor. This position is terrific to accentuate the bottom, but it eliminates facials, which we find essential.

There is a cut— they has to reorganize to get her shorts and thong off. The spanking continues. Alex finishes up with a pingpong bat, fast, getting her to shake.

‘Retribution for a Call Girl’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) Alex Hyde and Camilla as ‘Bow Faithful.’ She plays a call girl receiving a client. The set is a couch in a room where sunlight pours through drawn curtains and challenges the view. The lighting will improve, but not enough to properly feature this fetching model. Where these films amateur or homemade?t

Bow teases her client, wearing just bra and panties. He must be frustrated, because he steps out to make phone call to her agency. While he is away she lifts his wallet from his coat. He returns and catches her, they romp, and we are ready for the spanking

She kneels on the couch to begin. She has the inevitable dirty feet we usually find in CP films. He gets her panties down, and as they move around, she is not shy about frontal shots. There is an accidental charm to the bad lighting. OTK full length on the couch. This is supposed to be punishment, but she is a lot of fun. Alex spanks moderately hard, and switches hands. Bra and panties off, she is naked. Lovely. She kneels on the couch again, now for the cane. Moderate strokes for this hard working couple. Back OTK for a final naked spanking. Is this what Alex paid for?

‘Spelling Homework’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Kissi in a little-girl outfit, including two ponytails. The set is the familiar house, another room. We get a nice full facial of her while she is scolded. Bad homework often is a palm offense, and Alex uses a strap. Camilla twists in pain, proving again that CP models don’t like this.

She bends over the table, print knickers down for the cane. She jumps up and rubs at the strokes. She isn’t caned often in these films. And despite this crisp caning, Ms. Scott doesn’t seem to mark.

‘Switched for Getting Lost’ (M/f; time:9 minutes) Despite the title, a switch will not appear. This is rare exterior shoot. Alex catches Kissi, who is wearing a sort of gauzy princess party outfit. He takes her coat from her. Outside, he bends her over and flips up her dress to expose white lace panties. He has brought a strap. Knickers down for the strap and hand. Minor stuff but adventurous filming. ‘Talking Nonsense’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Kissi sits at the set kitchen table, wearing what might be called a chipmunk body suit. She loves goofy costumes, a trademark. She is babbling baby talk. Alex is working in the next room and can’t take it any more. The light problems in this airy room are accentuated by clouds crossing the sun.

Alex enters and unbuttons and drops her costume. She is stark naked underneath, and she will give us longer frontals than usual today. Kissi wanted some attention. She looks so small when she is naked. Alex takes over over a standing knee to begin the spanking. The angles are good here, the camera has freedom to maneuver.

Alex shifts to a chair to continue. More frontals in the process. Lovely stuff.


Unexpected Caller’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) A fruitful storyline we like—Alex has been hired by Bow’s aunt to give her a spanking as discipline for infractions. We are reminded of Earl Grey hired to spank naughty heiress Samantha Woodley at FIRMHAND, and several CALSTAR stories where you can make a call at any hour and hire a disciplinarian.

Alex gets into Bow’s apartment and rousts her out of bed. Her aunt must have given him a key. The bedroom set looks realistically lived in. We have come to guess, given the sets and production values, that this couple made their own films and made them available to XEROTICS. They delightfully differ in format.

Bow is sleeping in pj bottoms and a sleeveless top. As usual, she looks very tiny. We will look up Ms. Scott’s vital statistics. Alex begins an OTK spanking, and as we see in their films, the blocking and camera positioning is challenged but then corrected. In a reverse angle, we see her pj’s are down and Alex is doing a good job.

There are cuts in this short film. Suddenly Bow is standing and Alex is taking off his belt. There would be good reason here to take off his pants, but he doubles his belt to whip her, much harder than the handspanking.

At the completion Bow looks up apologetically with big doe eyes. The aunt is phoned and both Alex and Bow report to her that the message has been delivered.


A Perfect Education’
‘Busted Burglars’
Asking For It’
— multi part series reviewed separately

Teacher Out Of Control – XEROTICS

24 Feb

MF/2f; time: 29 minutes

For the longer XEROTICS films, we review them separately, not in the XEROTICS collections we have been posting. Elizabeth Simpson plays what must be a student teacher here. She is picking up in an exercise room after some sloppy students. Peters arrives and scolds her for doing the students’ responsibilities.

They call in O’Connor, a classic Irish colleen, long flowing red hair, a pale complexion, and burning blue eyes. Peters greets her with ‘Top of the mornin.’” She wears a school blazer, kilt, and knee socks. Peters will have Elizabeth spank her. OTK, white knickers down, a small tight bottom not of the CP model type. She has a tattoo on her right buttock we don’t recall from other films.

When O’Connor stands to move on to the next phase, she keeps her kilt down in front. Peters assists her in bending over a straight chair. Her beautiful Irish bottom is waiting, newly pink. Peters gives her a short session with a slipper, then takes some pleasure in showing her his cane.

O’Connor bends over and touches toes. Elizabeth gets to do the caning. About 30 strokes are shown, from several angles. Repeats at least three times. Bruises, skin bubbling, some puss. Peters makes her face him and pull up her blouse and blazer for his show. She is sent off, and we get the briefest flash.

Young teachers never escape. Peters will take this opportunity to get the pants off his intern. Elizabeth drops her knickers herself. Black boots, a dark suit, gathers, nylons. After a moderate handspanking, she gets a short caning herself.

Valkerie at XEROTICS

9 Jan


Caned Bottom’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Miss Valkerie has Joanna in front of the exercise wall. You wonder immediately if Valkerie will live up to her reputation. We had watched Joanna drop her knickers and put a cigarette between her cheeks. Valkerie searches and finds the cigarette. Her bottom is very red, unusually so. Hands on a chair, 16 strokes of the cane, typically hard, some repeats, and Joanna gets her red face.

Enough is Enough’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Domme Valkerie in the faux library. In mostly her usual uniform, the white blouse but a skirt here. Elizabeth Simpson stands in front of a clothes tree with canes hanging. Valkerie frisks Elizabeth and finds cigarettes. The spanking starts, first with a ruler, regulation school knickers down by Valkerie. Elizabeth has to center her bottom for the camera. Handspanking, palm slaps for smokers, a bigger strap, Valkerie steps it up and earns her reputation.

‘Ivy’s Photo Shoot’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Ivy is having an audition with Valkerie. If you can pass her test, you can work anywhere, but not for a few weeks. Ivy wears a sophisticated white dress, and pulls it up on direction to display lovely white bra and thong, more of a g-string. She removes her bra and poses and parades in just the g-string. Valkerie fondles her, gives her a light spanking, and allows her to dress.

plump and caned’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Valkerie  spanks and canes Kim on the office/garage set. This title saves us having to describe Kim. She claims to be a professional dominatrix wanting to try out being a Bottom. OTK spanking and caning.

U.S. Attitude’ (MF/2f; time: 14 minutes) Miss Valkerie and a guy will deal with two girls, Elizabeth Simpson and an American blonde. Apparently Simpson has developed some unattractive American traits and Valkerie is going to spank it out of both of them. Valkerie shows her implements. “I’m not joking.” She never jokes. 

Simpson is spanked first, with a heart-shaped leather paddle. Skirt up, black lace panties. The American blonde is dragged by the hair and spanked OTK next. 

The male character re-enters and takes Simpson OTK. Routine bare bottom spanking. The blonde returns, rather amused. She goes OTK, bare bottom, some pussy winks. The girls are being spanked for their manners and lack of respect. “Fuck!” she shouts. 

‘Valkerie Hard Caning’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Reviewed with Sarah Collins collection.

‘Valkerie’s Hard Caning 2’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Valkerie confronts a blonde in school uniform for wearing too much makeup and other things. OTK she goes, kilt up. The cover for an already red bottom: “Oh, you’ve been punished before. For makeup?” We’ve pointed out before, this model Valkerie spanks very hard, and right from the start.

Valkerie pulls the girl’s thong to her thigh tops and turns her bottom fully red with a razor strop. The cane is next. 20 with the forehand, 22 with the backhand, thong adjusted downward, and 26 more forehand. Surely repeats in this ferocious caning. Bookmark Valkerie.

Language Lessons’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) In the same blue set, Valkerie again, in the same white blouse and tight jeans. A van load of girls must have been delivered for this day’s shoot. Elizabeth Simpson’s turn. Errant schoolgirl. OTK, skirt up, typical very hard handspankjng from Valkerie. Hands on the chair the only prop, for a strap. Valkerie takes the knickers down.

Then a very unusual caning. Almost 40 strokes are shown.Repeats. Have 3 or 4 times. Hard and very fast. Grants establish the repeats. No way Elizabeth could have taken 40 of these strokes.

Thrashed by Miss Valkerie’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Valkerie and Rowina in the blue studio. Valkerie in her usual white top and jeans. Rowina is a hot little brunette, looking barely legal. Valkerie doesn’t like her clothing, and she is always in a position to do something about it. Rowina is taken OTK, dress up, green knickers, bottom already red. Usual very hard spanking, Rowina goes silent. Spanking even harder, she starts to cry out. Nice corner time, heavily mottled bottom.

Laundry Thief – XEROTICS

6 Jan

M/f. Time: 42 minutes

A long film for this distributor, so we will review it separately. A blond house cleaner, Kirsty, Kirsten Gould, is working in an over lit kitchen when she finds a cache of money, American greenbacks. She wears a customary turtleneck sweater, very buxom. She takes a few bills and pulls down her thong and stuffs them between her legs. Peters returns and is going to the bank. He counts his money and discovers the short.

Peters is going to do a strip search. He might have checked her purse or coat, but this is more fun. First off is her sweater. She has an exciting figure. A girl like this shouldn’t have to clean houses. Peters pulls the bra down, checks in the cups, checks inside her shoes, and feels the pockets of her slacks. He is narrowing it down. She drops her slacks very carefully. Peters pulls her thong down and checks between her cheeks, where he finds the money wad. He pulls it out, rather gingerly, as you would expect.

Kirsty stands there in her black bra and thong, hanging her head, taking a scolding. She is soon OTK, her thong down, taking a spanking. Peters clears the kitchen table and lays out his strap and cane. The girl bends over for the strap. Peters turns her bottom red as well as 4 or 5 inches down her thighs.

The cane is next, a long session, 50 strokes are shown, probably 25 with repeats. Various stripes scattered about, and some wrap-around action on the far thigh. To conclude, Peters straps her stealing palms, to allow us a frontal.


17 Oct

‘Jenny’ (f; time: 3 minutes) A short which illustrates that the producers shared our appreciation for this stunning model. She does a slow striptease in front of a white backdrop. She gets naked, pulling her thong down in a frontal, very slowly. She knows this audience.

‘Jenny’s Departure’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) In the concrete block room studio often used by XEROTICS. Gorgeous doe-eyed Jenny is dressed and packed to leave. Elizabeth Simpson interrupts her departure. She will be spanked.

Simpson takes her OTK, in one of those easy chairs which arms are too high for proper positioning, so Jenny kneels obligingly and slithers onto Simpson’s lap. Jenny takes off her overcoat. She is wearing a black halter and designer jeans. Jenny stands to drop the jeans. She wears a naughty little pair of white lace knickers, which soon come down.

The usual wonderful facials for this lovely expressive model. After the spanking, she takes her suitcase back upstairs. Not leaving.

Lazy Assistant’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Jenny sits in discussion with Agean, who, from the props on the set, might be some sort of film producer. After some scolding, he takes her OTK, which seems to amuse her. Top and jeans, and what we can see is going to be a tight little bottom. She did not come from the bubble butt agency. She reminds us, facially, of another favorite of the CP trade, Natalie at REALSPANKINGS.

She laughs along and stands to drop her jeans. Lovely little sky blue lace-trimmed bikini panties. OTK again, nicely red, panties down, and confirmed, a bottom to match her lovely face.How does she manage to look directly into the camera without that check-the-director sense?

On her feet, bend over for a strap. She then sits to peel her jeans down over her white go-go boots. As she stands, she has peeled her panties down partway, to partially reveal a tantalizing swelling pussy. This is an actress

‘Jenny’s Homework’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Agean confronts stunning Jenny for failure to do her homework. You could probably spank a teenager every day for this. After a long discussion, Jenny takes her school blazer off for the correction to begin.

Skirt up, regulation panties. OTK. Agean takes the knickers down There is an artistic shot of the little kthings puddled at her feet. Jenny kneels on a chair and leans over onto the desk for the strap. Her bottom is as pretty as her face. Puss shots.

‘Jenny’s OTK’ (M/f; time:7 minutes) with Agean. Photogenic Jenny is wearing one of thos little house dresses, a green one. Agean is going to spank her. She has a maddening little snicker. “Why are you grinning? We’ll see how you are smiling when your bottom is red.”

OTK, panties down. Agean doesn’t spank hard enough to wipe away the grin. Jenny checks her bottom. She is shaved.

Simpson Learns-Catholic Girls – XEROTICS

15 Sep

M/f; time: 21 minutes

A marvelous piece of archive from Elizabeth Simpson and ‘Peters,’ early in their careers and relationship. We will take a bit more time here. The scene is the classroom for the ‘catholic girls’ films we have reviewed elsewhere. Simpson is in for off-hours detention. She wears one of those little disposable schoolgirl smocks, socks and high heel maryjanes. She looks, with her hair up here, very much like Bridget Moynahan. Peters wears his khaki suit and is in a foul mood. He has brought a cane. Both actors are thin and lithe at this point in time.

After some preliminaries, some snacking, and posturing, Peters rearranges the table and chairs. Simpson has no illusions. A caning is coming. She knows where to stand to facilitate the camera. She bends over. He begins with a heavy cane on the hem of her smock. After some strokes, she lifts the dress and pulls her full white panties down, almost a reflex. But he wants them up—that’s his job. In many of Peters’ films, panties are reserved for him. He does immediately , but slowly.

The caning is quite severe-Ms. Simpson has a pain threshold. There are marks and white lines on her bottom and down her thighs. Peters probes and pries. Where is she going to go? She steps out of and hands Peters her panties (he does trophies) and takes off her shoes. There is an unusual shot under her stomach and up between her legs as she bends over the table. Two canes.

Back to schoolwork. Simpson sits bare bottom on her plastic bucket chair for a biology lesson, which soon breaks down. Back over a table for more caning. Some brief frontals as she moves about. Touch toes—that must hurt even more.

This couple made many films. This would be one of our personal best.


27 Aug

We collect films made by Jodie Carnel(Spellings being checked, but this seems best) and distributed by XEROTICS. Ms. Jodie has made a number of adult films also. Research produces quick results.

‘Absent Without Leave’ (F/f: time: 10 minutes) Jodie Carnel with Elizabeth Simpson. Jodie reports to Simpson. She is wearing one of those little house dress frocks which pop up in XEROTICS films. So easy to dispose of when the shooting starts.

OTK, full white panties. Routine bare bottom spanking from Simpson.  There are canes hanging on the window shade. Simpson selects a  rather thick one. Routine caning. Some puss. To the corner bare bottom.

’Acting like a bitch’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Blonde  Jasmine Lau sits in a sauna, in a bikini, playing with herself. Jodie enters and catches her. Both girls are stunning in their bikinis, the bottoms of which are closer to an absolutely minimal  g-string than a thong. The producer must have had some  fun positioning these two glorious bodies for the filming. Jodie spanks Jasmine and pulls the g-string down, as if it mattered. A memorable film from two of the great models.

Application of a Slut’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) John Osborne is featured with Jodie here. Jodie is auditioning for a spanking film, and we encourage Osborne to take his time about any decision.  OTK first, on her jeans, then they come down. Jodie is amused by it all. Thong down. “Your bottom is a nice shade of red already.” Jodie had to struggle with her tight jeans. A nice little shave we will be given a glimpse of from time to time.

‘Bad Report Card’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Elizabeth will spank Jodie for a bad report card. Jodie wears one of those edible little gingham print house dresses. OTK, knickers down, bottom quickly pink. Then over the desk for a slipper, which gives a dull thud. Does that hurt as much as the crack of a sole? Standard stuff for these two celebrities..

‘Cancelled Party’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson receives a call and detects that Jodie is planning a party. Simpson confronts her and cancels the party. Gorgeous Jodie wears long auburn hair here. After a scolding she is taken OTK and the spanking begins on her black tights. She drops her tights and takes off her pink top. There is no bra, so she is naked. A surprise so quickly; lovely. She kneels for a handspanking and strap, mild but nice.

Hands on head and rubbing in the corner. And at the end, a brief frontal. She always waits.

Chastisement of a Catholic Bare Bottom’ ( M/f; time: 11 minutes) A naughty one. Jodie knocks oN  the door of the church rectory. She is admitted by Colin Baxter, who is in full priest’s garb. Colin is always good with the uniforms. Jodie is in full schoolgirl kit, including boater. Deadly cute.

She’s been seen having sex in the park. She knows this priest spanks girls. She stands and he pulls her regulation knickers down, front view for him, bottom for us. A nice crisp handspanking on the bare to begin.

The cane is next. The priest fastidiously arranges her bottom over the arm of the couch, then canes her with terrific snaps of the cane. Jodie struggles mightily after each stroke and there are quivers. Life in the rectory.

’Disruptive Behavior’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) A spanking in the little girls’ classroom used in several films. Jodie is spanked OTK, white panties down. And probably worse, “75 minutes at the wall.”

Doomed Schoolgirl’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Charming Jodie getting a routine spanking from Peters. “At the end of the month again…nervous. Stop biting your nails.” After a six minute discussion on the couch, Jodie goes OTK, knickers down, a clear bottom! After this start, up, hands on head, Peters has a small strap. Jodie’s face attracts the camera.

Jodie seems to know how to position herself for her monthly tuneup. Peters got his frontal when her knickers came down. “Hands on your head…bottom exposed..feet together, and don’t look at me when I talk to you…wait there we will continue.”

’Exercise Club’(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Jodie is on the phone. She is in an all-white room and is dressed in a white gymslip and low slung tights. Peters enters and scolds her. He finally takes her OTK, and she is laughing about it. He takes the tights down   — there are no panties. Routine spanking. Lovely pink bottom to the wall.

Gym Class-Jodie’s Bottom’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Jodie fidgets, waiting for someone. She wears a sleeveless blouse and a short skirt. Peters enters and has her begin some PT, not very convincing. He pulls down her skirt and smacks her white panties.

After more unconvincing PT (we’d like some stress here, not many models can do it) Peters pulls her panties down. Some running in place. When Jodie faces us, she is shaved bald, a trait she maintains. Top off, the promising boobs displayed, hard and round. This model will  never avoid nudity. She’s got tattoos, on her abdomen and a tramp stamp. More jogging, panties at her knees.

Peters uses the slipper, very nice facials, Jodie keeps her frosted hair  off her face. Peters gives her the bundle of her clothes and off she goes.

Inappropriate Underwear’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) With Elizabeth Simpson, who has discovered some verboten underwear in the laundry. She will check Jodie’s underwear now. Sure enough, sexy panties. Jodie is sent to put on conventional white underwear.

To ensure future compliance, Simpson will give her a spanking. Jodie bends over for a very mild handspanking to start on her full white panties. Unusual for Simpson. Panties down. There are several dissolves as we progress. Surely they weren’t having trouble making this simple exercise.

Simpson  switches to a strap. Still surprisingly mild. Jodie finishes and puts her party dress over the white undies.

’Insolent Schoolgirl’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Peters is giving Jodie a long scolding. She is dressed schoolgirl and is a good enough actress to be held full face with Peters off screen. He calls her a liar, cheat, and thief. The skin on her bottom must be crawling by now.

”You’re going to thrashed.” Closeup of him pulling her panties down, getting his frontal look. Conventional OTK, great facials. When Jodie stands, another frontal closeup. Nicely shaved. Jodie can do these shots, most models don’t. She kneels on a chair for the slipper to conclude.

‘Internet Exposure’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) A slightly unusual wrinkle for these two. Elizabeth Simpson has discovered that Jodie has posted nude pictures of herself on the Internet and seems amused by it. Jodie is in complete schoolgirl kit, including hair band.

Jodie is going to be spanked, but she must be naked first. On screen, she takes off her tie and skirt and unbuttons her blouse. For some reason she steps off screen and returns naked, so we missed the big moment. Trouble with buttons or snaps? She stands naked,   covering a bit, breathtaking. She bends over a chair for handspanking. Simpson takes quite a bit of time rubbing and stroking the trophy. A cropping next, simple and perfect.

‘Interview with Jodie Carnell’ (f; time: 5 minutes) The graphic should clear up the frequent confusion on the spelling of her name. Jodie is her usual radiant and glamorous self. Frosted hair. She talks with Peters and laughs about just having made some films. “I’ve been spanked.” Peters asks her to describe the experience. She enjoys having her pants taken down, she likes the cane. The worst is what she calls the “pump,” the plimsol or slipper. She drops her jeans to show us the day’s work. “Ooh,”:says Peters. She prefers to be spanked by a female. They are “better at aiming.” Peters welcomes her as a new performer at SPANKINGONLINE. 

‘Jasmine OTK’ Jodie interviews and spanks her. Found in the Jasmine collection.

Jodie’s Bad Start’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson gives Jodie a standard bare bottom OTK spanking in the classroom. Elizabeth is shocked to see her tramp stamp tattoo. Jodie claims she borrowed 80 pounds to pay for it. We’ll have to see when this tattoo first turns up in her work.

‘Jodie’s Big Bottom’ (F/f; 10 minutes): Elizabeth has schoolgirl-clad blond actress Jodie standing on a stool for body measurements–breast, waist, and–of course, hips, ‘Vital Statistics’  my generation called these numbers.

“Blimey, your bottom has gotten really big. What are you eating?” Jodie feigns guilt. “Let’s have a look at this bottom.” Skirt up. Elizabeth tugs down Jodie’s maroon knickers as she stands there, model at a fitting, in reverse. Tush full-screen, looks pretty good to us.

Elizabeth decides to give Jodie a precautionary spanking;  there are traces of red from  previous filming. Standing on the stool–handsmacking and some strap. Very nice.

Jodie’s Desires’  ‘Jodie,’ the vivacious young frosted blonde, with a charming Scottish accent, plays a girl eager to be spanked for fun and profit. She “likes the action, being dominated,” and is teased by the male interviewer into to pleading to us: “I’m looking for someone to spank me, please help!” This actress does as a good a job as we have seen of beng enthusiastic about dropping her pants without appearing to have done it many times before.

[as sirens ring on the soundtrack] Jodie shows the spanker her bottom, bare but for a flowered thong; it has rouged marks from a recent spanking. As he takes her OTK, she giggles and laughs nervously. Her mirthful demeanor adds a dimension to the erotic byplay. They laugh more when he asks Jodie to drop her ‘cheap Pri Mark” jeans. After just a short spanking, he rolls down the thong. Jodie’s bubbly persona is just as evident below the waist.

Beautiful round and red bottom; the camera holds a closeup on it as they talk and change positions. The interviewer has a collection of implements. Jodie will receive two strokes from each and choose her favorite. Hands-on-chair, bare bottom out. 2 from the tawse, 4 from a heavy leather paddle (why were they’re four, Jodie wonders), 2 from the “school slipper,” and 2 little snap-turtle bites from a cane (‘yeoww”). She likes the paddle best. So did we–it covered most of her bottom. But she liked the cane least.

The guy paddles her about 10 times, moderate, from a fearsome piece of leather, and 2 final hard ones. She concludes her very successful interview by standing bare bottom on  a chair. The camera does not get in quite close enough.

Jodie’s Detention’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Jodie waits alone in what looks like a dressing room. She is a schoolgirl here, with her longest hair. She is soon talking to Peters. She raises her skirt, pulls down her panties and waddles to Peters to be taken OTK.

‘Jodie and Jasmine’  (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A simple film from the two ladies, the kind which suggests a fast creation produced when both were in the studio. They sit on a love seat, talking about spanking. Jodie drops her jeans and goes OTK for lefty Jasmine for a simple spanking which constitutes the entire film. Nothing much happens. All about Jodie’s bottom again.

‘Jodie and Friend’ (F/f  time: 7 minutes: The ‘friend’ is Jasmine again. This may be the same film as above. Our reviews are far separated in time. The girls are discussing unsatisfactory spankings they have had. They will spank each other. Jodie drops her jeans and gets what we called a ‘silly’ spanking when we first saw this.

Jodie Schoolgirl’ (f; time: 5 minutes) A girlie show from this marvelous model. Jodie narrates and show us a cane. She starts tp undress on the mansion set. Sort of a strip tease–blouse, kilt, no bra or panties. Terrific.

“Now I am a naked little schoolgirl.” She undulates her perfect body. She smacks herself. “What do you think of my bottom?” Ten! She swooshes the cane, performing for us in front of a wall mirror. Kiss goodbye.

Jody’s Soiled Knickers’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Spelling by the producer. A girl awakens Jodie in her bed. She wears a white silk nightie. She hands over her panties for inspection. This leads to a standard OTK spanking, then a slippering bent over the bed. She lies flat on the bed to recover at the conclusion.

Routine handspanking. Jodie is always good at keeping her hair off her face. Hands2 on head afterward, Peters adds a few smacks. She is left standing up on a bench, facing us, shaved bald. She must like to do that.

‘Jodie in the Storeroom’ (MF/f; time: 4 minutes) A trifle, except for the stunning Ms. Carnel.  Employee Jodie is caught in the storeroom, where she is not permitted. Jean Bradley bends her over right there in the corridor and gives her a standing handspanking. Jodie mutters “Bitch”Skirt up, thong remains.

John Osborne interrupts, and when he hears the offense, he continues the spanking. As to thong, “Take these down.” Lovely facials, and the two can’t help laughing through it all.

Hallway Detention’ (F/2f; time: 15 minutes) Jodie and a brunette sit on a bench in a hallway waiting for an audience. These hallway scenes are essential to schoolgirl CP, especially of the British genre.  A buxom brunette, Miss Woods, approaches. The girls are charged with loitering around the boys’ toilet, which they find amusing.

The brunette is spanked first, routine, but the giggling stops. “We’re going to do the cane today.” “Not the cane!” Jodie gets the same spanking. Then the cane. Six hard ones for the brunette. Jodie winces. Jodie’s caning is  less severe. Because the brunette is the ringleader, she gets six more, much harder. The display of the two bottoms at the conclusion is one of the best shots you will see.

’Late Home’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Jodie is late getting home. She is still in her schoolgirl uniform. A familiar older female domme Miss Svenson takes her OTK for a strap. The scolding took up the first half of the film.

First, a warmup handspanking. Skirt up, her panties are already down to her thighs. How did that happen? Retakes are rare. After the hand comes the strap.

‘Late Home Bottom Spanked’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Another late night for Jodie. Elizabeth Simpson is waiting up for her. Jodie wears black pedal pushers and a blue top. Not much preliminary here, Jodie goes OTK. Simpson has her get up and drop her slacks. No knickers! What has she been doing?

Back to spanking, handspanking and rubbing. Nice overheads and closeups. Excellent Ms. Carnell. She walks off, we follow.

’Painful Detention’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Jodie stands in an empty room, rather disheveled in a schoolgirl outfit. This is detention. Peters receives a call. Jodie has been fighting on the hockey field and will be sent to him.

Jodie reports— she is a mess, no tie, wrong shoes, unauthorized jewelry, wrong shoes, in addition to her bullying on the field. Peters pulls her skirt up and white panties down. “I’m going to allow you some modesty.” He usually gets his own eyeful when he does panties.

Routine bare OTK spanking to begin. To the wall, he spies a tattoo. “Take your hands off your bottom.” Jodie bends over a chair for the cane. 10 moderates snaps. Lovely face, Jodie manages her frosted hair, and is allowed to rub at the conclusion.

‘Schoolgirls’ Bottoms’ (F/2f; time: 14 minutes) Jodie and a brunette on the set of the classroom with the posters on the walls. Mostly an uneventful appearance for Ms. Carnell. She is spanked first, on white knickers. Some red from a previous shoot peeks out. The brunette is spanked harder, but “not enough,” so she gets the slipper. She also has a pink bottom. The girls get light canings, sniffles, rubbing, corner time.

‘Shoplifters’ (F/2f; time: 19 minutes) Miss Svenson with Jodie and a model we have identified as ‘Zoe,’ but who is called ‘Helen’ here. She is an American, It seems Jodie has been reported for shoplifting, and after just a moment she gives it up that her older sister Helen put her up to it. Svenson will deal with both bottoms.

Jodie is spanked first. OTK, lovely red tights peeled down, no knickers. A rather perfunctory spanking unusual for Ms. Carnel. Helen is spanked next, with a little more spirit, Skirt up, black panties down. A slipper follows the handspanking, and a rather simple caning. Jodie’s bare bottom is in the shot most of the time, and at least twice she turns to look at the camera crew; surprising, given her experience.

‘SOL Interview’ see the Jasmine Lau collection.

’Teacher’s Training (M/f: time: 10 minutes) Might you fantasize with us on how to discipline young student teachers just starting out? A scruffy Peters is approached by Jodie. She wants advice on how to handle recalcitrant students. He advises being “assertive” and will of course demonstrate.

He recommends “moderate but quite hard” handspanking. Jodie has just come from a gym lesson and wears a white camisole and black slacks. Peters pulls the slacks down and is surprised. No panties! He gets his patented personal frontal in the process. Jodie waddles to the desk for a bend-over, mugging for us. More frontals for Peters.

’Teen Development and Discipline’ (MF/2f; time: 12 minutes) Colin Baxter and one the regular matrons, Miss Svenson, summon two girls. One  is Jodie Carnel. The other is Lottie Kinsade.  For some reason the girls’ faces will hardly be shown here. And it certainly isn’t because of any prurient filming. Just bad staging.

The girls are taken on a couch in turn, Lottie and  frosted blond Jodie, and spanked and strapped. Regulation panties down.

‘Teenager Needs Discipline’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Colin stops Jodie from going out in what he considers scandalous clothes. “It’s freezing outside.” He will spank her then and there. he takes her OTK. The breathtaking Ms. Carmel wears red tights, and we soon see, no knickers underneath. Straighforward bsre bottom spanking, a little struggle, the  bottom to the wall.

‘Teenagers in Trouble’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes) A simple role for Jodie, probably at the end of a day and a sore bottom. Jodie and a brunette are confronted by Miss Woods in basement space. The brunette will be spanked first,  knickers down, a nice frontal closeup. And  a red  bottom.   Some strapping, and an unusual slow motion insert. “Six of the best.” 8  strokes of the cane. She will spend the rest of the day half naked and observed by the fsmily.

It seems Jodie came and laughed at her condition, so Woods will spank Jodie. A simple OTK bare bottom OTK for this loveliest of models. “A very nice red bottom,” observes Woods. Now it is her turn to display her bottom for the family.

‘Thrashed by Mother’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes) An excerpt by someone. Elizabeth Simpson has schoolgirl Jodie OTK for a conventional spanking. In a cut she is naked and stunning to look at. She gets the slipper.

’Thrashing of Carmel’ (F/f; time: 16 minutes) Jodie sits at a school desk. She wears her grey schoolie outfit. Elizabeth Simpson is scolding her, for a long time as these films go, and brandishing a ‘slipper.’ We are in the low ceiling’d room seen from time to time in these films.

While Simpson is out of the room, Jodie slaps herself with the slipper to see what it feels like. Not much of a smack. She goes back to her schoolwork. Finally at the 5-minute mark Simpson starts the spanking. OTK panties down.

Next, Jodie slowly takes all her clothes off. No bra under the blouse. A lovely scene-Ms. Carmel is very good at this. More slippering bent over,   before she is allowed to dress.

’A Very  Nervous Wait’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Jodie and a blond friend wait nervously for Colin Baxter to appear. The girls are in schoolie kit; the set is just a couch in one of the ‘mansion’ rooms.

After a long scolding, and we know this will shorten the spankings, Jodie is the first to go OTK. Regulation panties down, routine stuff. The blonde is spanked next, Jodie’s bottom on display. Jodie is brought out again, hands on  a chair for the slipper. Easy day for the girls in school.

’What Jodie Needs’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A straightforward OTK spanking for one of the prettiest models. The set is a storeroom. She is a schoolgirl. OTK, she steps out of white panties, which then remain tangled with her sneakers. Several camera shots. Bare bottom to the wall. Simple but perfect.