18 Sep

F/f; time: 19 minutes; year: 2014

Leia-Ann Woods and Pandora Blake. Ms. Woods plays a rather demonic pain doctor. She works at a whiteboard doing some sensory calculations.

FADE. Lab subject Pandora has been tied face down on a table in the pain lab. She wears only black lace bra and panties. We see the whole room, a lovely, bright, sunlit windowed space. We should commend DREAMSOFSPANKING in general for largely avoiding repetitive and skimpy sets. Nice cottages, appointed bedrooms and interiors, exteriors. Leia flogs her, gently, just a tease. But Ms. Blake does disclose some very deep bruises from another time.

Leia puts on some rubbers gloves, lights a candle, removes Pandora’s bra, and dribbles hot wax on her boobs. We thought for a moment the gloves might have another use. Clamps on nipples, mild stuff actually. Pandora is rotated on the table–we spankos were waiting for this. She is gagged then paddled mildly. Sexy undulation from Pandora, we only wish the camera could have been maneuvered to the other end of the table.

Day Ten of Her Training – DREAMSOFSPANKING

18 Sep

M/f; year: 2014; time: 11 minutes

Leia-Ann Woods and Thomas Cameron. Leia is undergoing obedience training. Cameron summons her for inspection and the “morning routine.”

Ms. Woods is her usual fetching self.  Thin and svelte, she must be a gym rat. She wears a dress with a decorative girdle-like lacing in the back. Cameron finds fault with a few things, dress, eye contact, and so will add cane strokes to the morning dose. Leia seems resigned. Wonderful porcelain-quality view of her perfect face (and bottom). Her face and bottom are full screen most of the way. Such scrutiny not many models can compete with.

She will get 12 strokes of the cane  for the ‘daily’ and six more for violations. “Lift up your skirt and assume the position.” Leia immediately bends double, touching toes with no effort. Cameron very carefully pulls down her black lace panties. Michelangelo would have admired. A clear bottom, despite these dailies. 18 moderate cane strokes, well acted.

Stolen Watch

18 Sep

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Septuagenarian spanker and cocksman ‘Jack Uppitt,’ in a short segment here, which feels like an excerpt from a longer film we have not been able to find. He has caught a young blond student having stolen  his watch. We are in a one-room set with a couch, the scene of some other CALSTAR distributions, where he has left some DNA behind in other stories.

Usual shivering acting. Uppitt pulls her top off  and she is suddenly naked. She has the centerfold  body and then some, quite a deviation from the normal schoolgirl CP model, but in line with the girls Uppitt gravitates to in his films. In essence, he likes tits and ass. He takes her OTK. “Legs apart,” as he always says. The girl has already been spanked today,  for another theft. He is going to spank her every day, lest her tell her parents. He likes to schedule his bottoms.

She kneels on the couch for the slipper. “Stick it out for me.” He arranges her into the diaper position on the couch and very much likes the view. He is the devil at getting a girl into a compromising position. Next, he splays her over a couch arm, another exposure. She has trimmed her pubic hair into the tiniest wisp. Time consuming we would think, and does such effort require assistance?

After a brief caning, he makes her clench the rattan between her buttocks, then sends her to her room. In some other films, at this point, he arranges an appointment with the unlucky girl in his digs after supper, but not here.

Teaching Experience – DREAMSOFSPANKING

18 Sep

F/f; time: 13 minutes; year: 2014

Amelia Jane Rutherford and friend Caroline Grey chat on a bed. They are teachers. Amelia is joining Caroline at her school. Amelia wears a stylish white blouse and print skirt. She’s been told her new school uses corporal punishment, and trying to disguise her prurient fascination, she wants Caroline to tell her how it is done, May we say, she is titillated by the concept,

Caroline uses the slipper in her class, and for the serious cases, into the office, pants down and sometimes on the bare. The girls will role-play what it might be like. As they chat, Ms. Rutherford keeps adjusting her legs on the bed, almost flashing, a reflexive gesture or good acting? Caroline will give her a demonstration spanking, “Can you show me here on the bed?”

First, 6 slipper smacks on her skirt. Amelia is not impressed, but she feels it. Try some more. Skirt up, tight white gauzy panties. We’ve written many times–Ms. Rutherford has no peer in modeling panties. Six more smacks, the girls are still  mostly amused. Amelia asks: “Is it much different with pants down?” Caroline reports that it is, the students certainly don’t like it. “I will pull them down then, otherwise it’s weird.” Six more smacks on that beautiful perfect bare bottom. Amelia’s attention is gained.

Excited and naughty Amelia practices what she is going to say to  a student, maybe a boy, when she tells him to take down his pants AND his shorts.


14 Sep

M/f; time: 14 minutes

More chemistry from ‘John Osborne’ and ‘Kami Robertson.’ She reports to him, wearing two-piece pajamas. He immediately checks, and she is wearing panties underneath. This, surprisingly, is a uniform violation, and he will spank her for it. Damned if you wear them and damned if you don’t. A girl should know when she wears pj’s,  the bottoms are coming down no matter what.

OTK first, offending panties down, then a hairbrush bent-over. There is a rack of implements in this room,  not place to be required to report. Nice frontal shave. He has her strip naked and put on a sort of nightgown/overalls, which of course must have an open seat in the back. Hatch open. She gets the slipper.


14 Sep

F/fm; time: 11 minutes

A short film, maybe a fragment from another video, or simply a self-contained vignette from the archives. Worth a moment.

‘Joanne Jameson’ is whipping a male and female on the barren sound stage. Typical colorful and rudimentary NUWEST. We’ve tried to say before–despite vastly improved production values, equipment, cast, histrionic storylines, no producer ever achieved, for us, the raw eroticism we find here.

First, Joanne is whipping a blonde, naked, strung up. She’s got a full scale untended pubic bush, to note the era. Next Joanne whips a naked male, whose face we will never see. Joanne is wearing a tight dress with a very short skirt. Very nice. She is built for it.

In a larger shot,  we see both the naked male and female, as Joanne slashes from bottom to bottom. Joanne has stripped to just pale blue bra and panties, and heels of course. So easy to watch.



Merchant of Venice – WELLSMACKED

14 Sep


Very British; three schoolgirls queue at the headmistress’ door, one of those favored scenes where the skin on the girls’ bottoms should already be tingling. They knock, ‘Theresa’ is called in first, and is confronted by the Head and a second woman holding a cane. It seems Theresa plagiarized an essay on ‘Merchant of Venice’ from a few years ago.

Such copying merits palm slaps, then “six strokes  of the cane on the bare.” After the palm slaps, she hands over her blouse and bends over the desk. Panties down, six moderate strokes.

‘Diana’ is called in. She too lifted the ‘Merchant’ essay. Guess the girls did not talk about their little games with each other. She gets the same palm slapping and bare bottom caning, nothing special.

And then ‘Susie,’ She also plagiarized. And she was just caned last week in PE class. She gets the same punishment.

FADE. The girls are caught smoking in one of those garret-like rooms found in British CP films. “Miss Benson,’ the caner above, is summoned. The girls will each get six strokes, bare, bent over a lectern. The best moment of the film comes when the Head herself jumps involuntarily at a preparatory cane swoosh from Benson. Bottoms lined up to conclude. British without the flair.