Alice (mostly) at REALSPANKINGS

4 Mar

‘Alice-embarrassing position’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Alice stands against the wall, stark naked. She squats in the sitting position–arms out at 90 degrees, knees open. Fully exposed, the way he likes them. Masterson is angry. “You’ve been paddled, strapped, and spanked today and you’re back in  the office. WOW!” He has her bend over and spread her legs as wide as possible. He wants to see it all. She even spreads her buttocks with her hands.

“we’re going to find something to change your behavior.” He has her lie lengthwise on a reclining workout chair. He lashes her bare bottom and moves from side to side to distribute the bruising. Alternate views, face and rear.

’Alice- thirty on the bare’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Alice is being disciplined for some cell phone violation.  She sits for interview, wearing jeans with stylish holes. When Masterson tells Alice she will now get 30 strap strokes on the bare, she is not as shocked as he expected. “Does that interest you?” “Maybe.” Hands on chair, bruises develop quickly, on the far buttock. Alternate views.

She sits back down again, painfully, tears. The 30 strokes are worth it to keep her phone. Here we can see vertical chafing marks in the buttocks crack where those cheeks rubbed together during the strapping.  Masterson asks permission  to touch her before he fingers the marks and bruises.

Alice-trying to study’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Alice struggles to study at a classroom table.  Masterson enters, bends her over the table, panties down immediately, and uses a doubled belt on her. She jumps at every stroke–alternate views, side and rear. Her panties fall to the floor in all the excitement. Masterson requires her to strip naked and fold her clothes into a pile. Back to studying naked Her bottom peeks through the chair as she sits.

Alice has been left but is still not getting much done. Masterson makes her lie lengthwise on the table and he lashes her Russian-style.  The leather makes little snaps and she gasps. Alternate views, face and rear, the latter shot straight up between her legs. Back to work naked at the table.

‘Alice-visit to see the Dean’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes)  Schoolgirl Alice, back to the wall, skirt held up, panties down, being scolded by Masterson. OTK, he exposes her bottom. “Do  you see any other girls in here showing their vaginas?” Alternate views of the spanking. Masterson helps her off with her skirt and blouse and she steps out of her panties . Back to the wall, nose touching, in a spots bra only, a strap is coming next.

Alice was left at the wall position in just her sports bra. Masterson returns, and puts over over a stool. He uses a doubled strap with a handle. Alternate view. Her hair is arranged nicely out of the way. Masterson  moves from side to side to spread the load. Hands on head, Masterson himself more or less yanks off the bra. She stands naked, a hot moment for her. Arms outstretched to hod the strap in a painful position. More torture.

To Please the Master – NUWEST FCV-006

4 Mar

2F/2f; time: 30 minutes

One of our constant readers alerted us to the circulation of this film. It is an oldie, containing most  of the annoying characteristics NUWEST corrected in later years—washed out images, poor camera angles, and that cursed intercom studio music overdub. You can’t hear a girl squeal.

Ed Lee sits  throne-like in a  chair center-stage with his short glass of whiskey. His entertainment: ‘Brenda Scott’  and blonde Joanne Jameson come on stage, move to a (too far) corner, and strip to bra and panties. They will settle a score between them by spanking each other and give Ed a view.

First, Joanne will fasten Brenda  to one of the NW bondage devices. It is a vertical wood post attached  to the wall, with a waist high center bar protruding horizontally. Brenda’s wrists are fastened high to the vertical bar, her ankles and waist to the support for the horizontal bar, so that her bottom is thrust out so perfectly. Joanne pulls her black panties down and begins to lash her. Lee directs Joanne on where he wants the strokes to fall.

Ms. Jameson is her usual sexy self, as she lashes Linda. She’s got white undies on, and you won’t see any loosely fitted panties at NUWEST. The girls will switch places as Lee sips his single malt.

(our copy of this film has Joanne’s segment cut off. It will surely turn up and we we amend.)


1 Mar

M/2f; time: 40 minutes

We will assign these films to RESTRAINEDELEGANCE. They are of a longer format, and the models come from the usual British stable. Here, Amelia Jane Rutherford and her friend Zoe Page play feuding fellow teachers.

Amelia. Is holding a cane and scolding Zoe. The girls argue back and forth. Zoe gets the cane and is about to turn it on Amelia when Phillip Johnson breaks up the cat fight. He is their headmaster and orders them to his office.

The set here is that of ‘Doctor’s Orders,’ ‘Marks Out of 10,’ among other series from FIRMHAND. He will spank them both. Zoe goes OTK first, Amelia is amused to watch. Silly shouting. Zoe will be caned. “Bend over and touch your toes” Panties down, 12 strokes. Amelia: “You’re only doing 12.” She should be careful.

Amelia’s turn OTK. She is too loud. She is wearing a black dress with a white dickie collar. Johnson is finished with Amelia and dismisses her. He lectures Zoe and puts her in charge of Amelia. Plenty of time left on the film.

Zoe with have a “little chat” with AJ. She is called back in, seated, and scolded . Zoe takes a paddle from the desk drawer, Amelia goes OTK, panties down, for a spanking. We have tracked Ms. Rutherford’s various pubic trims as she has flashed us over the years. She is fuzzy and less trimmed here.

She bends over for the cane. “How diabolical,” she wails, but this is mild stuff.

Amelia narrates an addendum. She will get revenge. The camera zooms on that fuzz for a better look and Amelia strips naked for a coda.

Amelia Jane Rutherford -STRICTMISS

1 Mar

Ms. Rutherford, as the persona of Ariel Anderssen, in a series of brief and unremarkable appearances on this website with a ‘Miss  K.’ Amelia plays a housemaid or student resident of some kind. Whatever it is, she is vulnerable to getting spanled for just about anything. No titles.

‘Improper  dress’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia does one of her usual grand entrances down a staircase into the familiar room with the fireplace. She is wearing a short white skirt and a loose flower print blouse. Mistress K claims she can see through the skirt. We couldn’t.  K. Is scolding from off screen. Amelia preens like the figure model    she is.

Amelia insists she is wearing panties. “Take your skirt off.’ Amelia protests, but that never gets results in these short films. First, the blouse comes off—no bra. Then the skirt comes down to reveal white bikini panties. K. comes on set. Amelia kneels up on a chair, but when K peels down her panties, she blocks the shot.

Handspanking, mild stuff. Then Amelia goes back up the stairs with her panties down, but this normally essential CP film shot is ruined because the set wouldn’t .permit the proper angle.

’maid’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Ariel seems to be a maid here. Black outfit, OTK by Miss Kenworthy, red panties down. Hard hairbush. Ariel has been staying out too late. She is late for work, this is not a clean uniform, and Ariel is trying to seduce the man in the house.

‘In the sitting room’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) we didn’t get the provocation, but we like the result. Miss Kenworthy will spank Ariel again, and she slowly strips down to just blackpanties and garters in front of the fireplace, activity Ms. Rutherford does without peer in the CP industry. When Miss K takes her OTK, we see again just how tall she is. Panties down of course, then pose at the fireplace, panties at thighs.

’truant’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Miss K spanks Ariel in the same room. A checked skirt and a green top. Why does Miss K keep checking with the director here? Miss K explains that girls usually get caned for this, but here it will be just OTK.

Skirt up, black panties down, Miss K pins Ariel’s legs with her own. Then the bottom parade at the fireplace.




Judges’s Chambers 2 – KELLYPAYNE

1 Mar

F/f; time: 40 minutes

A bit corny, unfortunately our general impression of this producer, but some good moments here, and a serial idea used elsewhere. Kelly Payne herself, with her marvelous New York accent, plays a rather pervy judge. Juliet Davis has been arrested for yet another DUI.

Julie says she is 34 years old, a stringy blonde, and a buxom body we won’t see as much of as we had hoped. Since previous punishments haven’t worked, it is time for “a good hard spanking, old fashioned punishment, and the cane.” Right here in chambers.

After a long scolding, a standard OTK spanking begins. A flash photographer seems to be shooting stills as we go, putting this film back in the era of spanking magazines. When her black slit skirt comes up, no panties! What was she thinking? Low shots, overhead views, mottled bottom, some puss.

Julie stands to remove her skirt and the judge takes this opportunity to strip down to bra and panties herself. Julie kneels on a chair for a strap. Heavier bruising and more strap. After some corner time, then handspanking, time for the cane.

Over the desk, about 20 strokes, harder and harder. Low shots. Julie signs a waiver, dresses and leaves.


Andy the Perv – DELCO

25 Feb

M/3f; time: 25 minutes

Ariel Anderson (sic), Delta Howser, Ramona, and Zoe Page. Ariel brings male ‘Andy’ back to her flat from what sounds like a spanking party. His roommate Ramona. It appears Andy spanked Ariel and now she is going to return the favor. This may be the worst-acted film we’ve seen from Ms. Rutherford.

Ramona spanks Andy first, a really silly OTK. Hairbrush. Zoe Page walks onto the scene. “What the hell is going on here?” It seems Andy is Zoe’s boyfriend and that he might be benefiting from this spanking. “What are you doing with your trousers down, again?”

Zoe will now spank both Ariel and Ramona. Both girls get the hand and hairbrush. Ariel has some old bruises. Ms. Rutherford has some old bruises. The only interesting moment—the girls kneel crosswise over each other, two bare bottoms.


Spanking Sessions with Mr. Richards – RESTRAINEDELEGANCE

24 Feb

M/f; time: 1 hour plus

Amelia Jane Rutherford and her husband Hywell Phillips. Amelia answers an Internet ad to be given a spanking and makes an appointment on the phone. They concoct the fantasy scenario—she has been speeding and wrecked her car.

Amelia goes to see Barney Richards. She wears a tan sweater, flower print skirt, and heels, always heels. They have a long talk at what amounts to a kitchen table, where the procedures are explained. He shows her the martinet he will use.

Soon, she bends over the table. Skirt up, white panties, garters and stockings. Panties down, mild martinet, then OTK on a chair. She steps out of her panties in the transition.

In a second part, Richards surprises her and barges in at her job. He carries a knapsack, from which he pulls a collection of implements. Amelia wears a short skirt,  blouse, glasses, and her hair is up. She advises her office she cannot be disturbed and lies over the arm of a leather couch.  White panties down, Richards begins with a paddle then switches to a cane bundle. She stands, panties puddled, grabbing  her ankles. This session concludes with her sitting bare bottom on the cold leather.

The third part. Amelia’s spanking sessions continue. This time she calls on Richards at his house. Notes direct her to enter and proceed to the Japanaese room. She is so tall she has to duck to pass through the English cottage door. The Japanese room is the same decorated set used in several RESTRAINEDELEGANCE films.

A spanking trestle and implements are set out in preparation. She is again directed to change into horse riding habit, the clothes changing taking a long time.  She bends over the trestle and waits. Richards arrives.

He snaps a riding crop across her jodhpurs, mild enough. This is a long film. She stands, he helps her to unfasten and drop her pants. Black flower print panties. She wriggles her bottom under more cropping. Richards pulls the panties down and switches to a strap. Facial view repeats and appealing low shots. And much harder.

Brief frontal view as Amelia dresses, such a nice little cared-for trim. She leaves her panties behind and gets a few more of the crop for good measure.

Part 4, a return to the Japanese room. Amelia wears her tan sweater and flower skirt. Richards accompanies. The spanking implements are laid out on backlit shelves. Over the trestle again, skirt up, white panties. Her bottom is still red.

A succession of implements now—crop, paddle, heavy strap, rugbeater, martinet, tawse,  and finally the cane. Panties down, she will never strip all the way for Richards. Some fondling, Amelia smiles in satisfaction and they embrace.