11 Jan

M/f; time: 18 minutes

The continuing premise Dallas liked to cultivate–women were brought to him to be spanked, punished. Here, an older blond Russian woman is in the studio  with her husband for some obedience training. Dallas interviews her POV-style and explains the procedure. “Five hard one-minute spankings.”

She will start off with the humiliation  process used at DSH. To the door, hands on head, then dress off. She wears just a black bra and what amounts to a G-string. She was ready for this. Dallas has her drop her thong and assume the position–bottom out, hands on head, elbows touch the wall. She must wait for him in this embarrassing position. Dallas takes her to another room. The bra has disappeared. OTK on the couch, the one-minute sessions will begin.

They are straight handspankings, each one a little harder. Facials, tears come. Despite the announcement for five sessions, there are only four. The fourth is repeated. It suggests the session had to be cut short. At one point, the ‘husband’ pops into the shot to sooth her, not knowing the camera is rolling. Dallas give her a “treat” to conclude, cooling gel on the skin pops, done in  closeup. Seems certain this spanking went further than they intended. And just handspankings.

Neighborhood Watch – SPANKINGSARAH

10 Jan

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford is a neighbor now, with a special relationship. A sequel to ‘Nosy Neighbor.’ Watch person Amelia complains about too many wine bottles in the trash, Lesbian behavior in the area. Sarah is affronted by her prejudice and will spank her for it.

Amelia wears a grey knit dress. Grey is one of her colors, and knit suits her just fine. Sarah is a professional dominatrix. She has that spanking trestle right there in the parlor. She will spank some sense into Amelia, over time. We start at the mantel, a slipper  on her skirt. Then a Spencer strap on grey panties, and finally over the trestle, bare bottom.


10 Jan

F/f; time: 16 minutes

Improbable plots are acceptable in CP films. This is a prequel to ‘Neighborhood Watch.’ Amelia Jane Rutherford has assumed some role from the parish council as a neighborhood watch person and has chosen to enter neighbor Sarah Stern’s house to snoop. She doesn’t like the men coming and going from the house.

As she investigates, she finds a spanking trestle and a bag of implements. Stern catches her of course. After a long scold and talk, we discern that Sarah is a dominatrix servicing clients here. One of her clients is the village vicar!

Amelia wears a tight yellow knit dress. Sarah threatens to blackmail her by accusing her of being a sneak  thief, unless she takes a spanking. OTK, hem of dress up, white panties. Sarah plays with Amelia’s bottom and works a knee between her legs. Standard spanking, panties don’t last long.

Amelia’s Sunday Spankings – RESTRAINEDELEGANCE

10 Jan

M/f; time: 1 hr 8 minutes

We review this film separately from the rest of Amelia Jane Rutherford’s RESTRAINEDELEGANCE work because it is a bit more ambitious and not in the short clip format. Amelia/Ariel is with husband Hywel Phillips. One hour plus of basically nude glamor vIdeo from Ms. Rutherford. The storyline: Amelia will keep a diary of domestic transgressions and there will be a punishment every Sunday. Amelia poses on a red couch in a grey outfit—we continue to marvel at how fetching she remains after all these years. There will be a series of domestic scenes, tasteful well lit rooms pretty much devoid of the distracting personal touch. We have to chuckle at some CP films where stuff is just pushed out of the way or otherwise sloppy. The sets at RESTRAINEDELEGANCE are just as carefully crafted as is Ms. Rutherford.

Hywel spanks her first on white panties as she reads from her diary. Panties down, hairbrush. Echoes in the large room. Lots of banter between the two. And the soles of her feet are clean! Flat on the couch, 18 from the strap. Lots of pretty face and bottom.

Segue–successive Sundays. Amelia is in bed, Hywel wakes her and has the diary. She wears a cute pink nightie. OTK on the bed, panties down. A graphic reports they had technical difficulties  in this scene. Amelia kneels bottom high on the bed for a light caning.

Segue–Tea time in another room. Amelia fully dressed and her hair has been curled here. Hywel will use a lash on her on the table, slacks down, blue panties. He takes the panties down and switches to  a doubled belt.

Segue–A different bedroom, Amelia strips naked and waits for Hywel, taking up her best pose on her haunches. Hywel  arrives and canes her. Lovely bottom and stripes here.


8 Jan

F/2f; time: 12 minutes

part 2 of this extravaganza. Amelia Jane Rutherford, Jess, and Sarah Stern. The scene is a sunlit room with curtains open to the patio, lighting which many CP producers can’t handle. Sarah continues spanking these naughty aupairs. Brunette gets the attention here. Amelia watches in her flower print blouse and slacks. Sarah has her stand and display her bare bottom as Jess’ spanking continues. Jess will strip her top off, panties and knee socks go, a nice bush. A routine strapping, two bare bottoms on the screen. Jess has faint cane marks on her lower thighs.

The bruising from this spanking is significant,  much worse than for Amelia. Both bottoms on display, a bit more spanking for Amelia, and a lot of facial time for her



New Staff Member – SPANKINGSARAH

8 Jan

F/f; time: 15 minutes

We will sometime divine the connection among STRAND VIDEO, ENGLISH SPANKERS, and SPANKINGSARAH. Cast and furniture seem interchangeable.

Amelia Jane Rutherford has been hired by Katie Didit as a staffer for a women’ s detention facility. This may be part of the ‘House of Correction’ series, where Amelia was an inmate in other films. You’re going to tell us the inmates are now running the asylum, but this former inmate is not immune to consequences. Katie has to rush off and leave Amelia on charge, so Katie ensures that Amelia has read the manual and knows policy on things. Amelia lolls about and gets into the wine and strawberries.She falls for inmate Cherry’s claim that she has off-campus privileges.

Katie saw Cherry downtown. She had reminded Amelia she practices corporal punishment. “You know how I deal with people.” She confronts Amelia. “You are going to get punished.” Amelia sees the paddle. “Oh, no!”

The scene is funny here, because Ms. Rutherford  must be at least 15” taller than Didit. Amelia bends over the kitchen table, working uniform s OTK co es up  white panties. After some spanking, she must take the smock off, and we are used to this—she wears only the panties underneath. Panties down, the spanking continues, and harder, good low shots of this. Lots of pink, and lovely nakedness.


MILF Maintainence – ATPSTUDIOS

7 Jan

M/f; time: 12 minutes

A naughty premise. Stevie Rose seems to have enticed the apartment maintainance man to repair a lamp which was simply not plugged in. He is not fooled and has been tricked before. Whether he took advantage, we can’t tell. But this time he is going to spank Stevie. It is what she wants. She wears an undershirt and panties, no bra. The film is done POV style.

He gives her a handspanking on her bed. “You needed something turned on. We’re getting to the bottom of it.” He spanks and frigs  her, quite hard. He uses his belt,doubled. More hard frigging. He has her arrange herself over pillows on the bed, suggesting this session continues.