St. Elizabeth’s Private Hospital #6 – The Cell Phone – SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM

15 Aug

M/f;  year: 2010; time: 18 minutes

We have not concentrated on this series, except for some films with ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ ‘Leia Ann Woods,’ and here ‘Pandora Blake.’

Pandora plays a fully outfitted nurse’s uniform  in a hospital setting. The sets in this series are superior. ‘Doctor Mike’  confiscates her cell phone. She is not to use it on the hospital floor. “Up to my office, 5 minutes, you know what you’re going to get.”

Pandora reports and soon lying over a gurney. pillows under her hips. Strap on her white panties and then on the bare. She bruises easily here. To the corner, very nice.

another infraction, over the gurney again for the cane. A wall mirror, correctly positioned for once, and overhead shots make this an excellent scene.


15 Aug

M/f; time: 7 minutes

One of a few videos Niki Flynn made in Germany with Ludwig Rohrstock, simple exercises in the details of the spanking ritual. Niki paid several visits to LUPUS in the mid 2000’s to make five films, during which Ludwig was able to befriend her.

A diminutive Niki sits on a chair reading a magazine. She sports short boy-cut hair, possibly the fashionable vestige of the on-screen hair chopping she endured in ‘Crime and Punishment’ at LUPUS. Ludwig takes her OTK for reading this banned magazine. Red top and kilt. Her trim little body never more admired than in this film.

An exterior, Ludwig spanks her at a rustic picturesque stone wall ruin, bare bottom in the sunlight.

Back inside, Ludwig finds some contraband in her backpack. She must strip naked, top, kilt, and lovely fitted white panties. Again, the most nifty little body. Frisk position for the cane. Naked Niki remains on her tiptoes, which nicely tightens her leg and buttock muscles. Brief and perfect.

April Visits Mr. Stern – ENGLISHSPANKERS

15 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

‘April May’ is a goofy and sexy brunette. She sits with no pants on talking to ‘Mr. Stern,’ who must have just spanked her in a prequel to this film.  Otherwise, why would you take your pants off to have a conversation with a  counsellor-type?  She keeps her knees together.

April’s boyfriend has asked (hired) Stern to spank her for cheating on  him. It sounds like he has just spanked her for a confession, but she refuses to recall having sex with someone else.

Stern will step out of the office to call her boyfriend for further instructions. April admits that she does not like the sound of all this. He returns with two paddles, the boyfriend wants him to continue.

She kneels on a chair, more nonchalant about her nakedness now. She undulates and gives us quite a show as she is paddled. Tears. Seems to us the boyfriend missed as opportunity by not doing this work himself.

House of Correction #20 – SPANKINGSARAH

15 Aug

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford sits in conversation with ‘Mr. Stern.’ She is apparently incarcerated in a house of correction, although she is rather nattily dressed. We wish she were wearing one of those very disposable prison smocks.

Stern is concerned that she is not happy, she is depressed. She admits to being frightened. “It seems like everyone is allowed to do whatever they want to me.” It transpires that ‘Sophie,’ an aggressive prisoner, has been spanking Amelia.

Stern has Amelia summon Sophie, who is also wearing rather odd prison garb, a short party dress with open webbing down the front. Sophie denies spanking Amelia, and the girls fight.

As Amelia watches, a spectator only in this film (resting her bottom),  Stern will cane Sophie. She drops tiny orange panties  and bends over the couch for a conventional caning and handspanking. The film is ‘continued,’ so we’re guessing Stern will find some way to attach some fault to Amelia.


Caned by the School Counselor – NORTHERNSPANKING

15 Aug

F/f; year: 2017; time: 10 minutes

We took at look at this film because it is copyrighted 2017. We were curious to see if NORTHERNSPANKING has changed much as the years pass. We are fans and have reviewed many NS films with the regular Glasgow casts. This film features American actors and is delivered with the same productions values and in a conventional format we remember. Paul Kennedy directs.

‘Ava Nichole’ is a very nubile schoolgirl, dressed in kit. Her parents have hired a “school counselor” to supplement her supervision. Ava was just spanked at school today (an explanation for having made another film very recently), and now the counselor will continue. “We are going to have a discussion with this, the cane.”

Bend-over a table, a mild caning on a slightly red bottom.


15 Aug

M/f; year: 2003; time: 31 minutes

A smarmy character identified as ‘Mr. Lee’ narrates. A girl identified as ‘Cindy’ kneels in front of him. She has come for “training.” We will never see her face, so this may be a glorified amateur production. He takes her OTK and pulls up her Indian-print dress. No panties.

Lee narrates as he spanks, and he likes thighs.

Next scene, Cindy lies on a bed, pillow under her hips, thighs open.  As she is spanked and flogged, she masturbates. Lee straddles her on the bed and uses a strap. Dress off, she is naked, and kneels on the bed for the strap and handspanking.

Not much to this film other than some exploitative CP.

They Shoot Horses – FILMEXTREME

10 Aug

M/5f; time: 42 minutes

A nod to the 1969 film ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’ depicting Depression-era marathon dance contests, where desperate couples dance themselves to collapse competing in front of a slightly sadistic audience. Here, girls compete in spankings in front of an audience, accepting pain to their limits.

This is an entertaining storyline, which we only wish LUPUS had developed.

The film opens in the office of the sleazy promoter at the Black Cat Cafe. He has to check out the applicant girls before they go on stage, which means of course they must strip naked. If he doesn’t like their bottoms, they’re out. The girls wear Depression-era flapper clothes. The manager helps himself to handfuls as the girls stand naked. He explains the rules–the girls will endure a series of whippings, the one who holds out the longest and is voted best by the customers wins.

Five girls strip in a dressing room prior to going on  stage. Two of the girls spread cream on their buttocks to lessen the pain. One striking brunette, ‘Jessica,’  is the featured player here.

Master of ceremonies ‘Billy’ introduces the five naked girls on stage. Disciplinarian ‘Tom’ explains that for this first challenge, five guys with cane the girls as they walk in circles on stage. First, the girls must put BDSM horse bits in their mouths. The girls circle and are caned, one drops out. The wheals are wild and varied on these moving targets.

For the second challenge, the girls bend over sawhorses, bits in their mouths again, for a big paddle. One girl is declared a cheater by the audience–we’re not sure how, and it doesn’t matter. She is put in portable wooden stocks, rather Biblical, her hands and neck pinned at her shoulders, and caned.

The third challenge–three girls left. The diaper position on padded blocks. The girls must hold wine bottles between their feet to ensure position. Hard strapping, all together. The cane marks have disappeared!

Two girls left. They are tied teat to teat and strung up, bit/gags held loosely in their mouths they must not drop. A hooded man, a nod to MOOD, circles the girls with a cane and slashes whatever bottom twists his way.

All entertaining ideas, just not filmed very well