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Trip to the Barn – NUWEST

20 Mar

F/2m; time: 30 minutes

Naughty stuff on the Nuwest backlot; Ed Lee and male actor ‘David’  are frog-marched to the barn, down a dirt road, whipped along by ‘Joanne Jameson’  and ‘Karen.’ The men had a party over the weekend and now the girls will make them pay.

“Strip from the waist down.” The girls will spank David first. His penis hangs below his T-shirt. Joanne handspanks him, very hard, no fooling around, slowly, while she scolds. Just the act of being called forward starts his erection.

Lee has been made to kneel on the cold concrete and wait. He is called out, showing a full frontal we have rarely seen. No surprises, but there it is. She spanks him, standing also, explainng to Karen that she uses this barn-place to spank her “hands” from time to time. Karen is quite amused by the whole thing.

David is called out again. He grasps an overhead trapeze bar for more handspanking, then a strapping. Joanne will whale on him for the longest session of the film. When it is Lee’s turn he does the same.

When the punishment is complete, the men kneel again. Karen sat this one out, but doesn’t seem to mind having given up her Saturday night to observe.