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A Strictly Private Investigation – STRICTLYENGLISH

14 Mar

M/f; year: 2006; time: 48 minutes

Insurance fraud, a young lady dealt with; ‘Amanda Devlin.’ a youngish thin brunette, believable as a normal everyday civilian (and therefore all the more fun to spank), has pocketed damage proceeds from her car insurance rather than make the repairs. A middle-aged Roberty Morley-type insurance adjustor claims fraud.

Amanda’s hard luck, divorce, poor stories don’t resonate. “Can’t we work this out some other way….I’ll sleep with you.” The adjustor: “You deserve a damn good spanking, just for that.”

There are 3000 pounds involved. Amanda agrees to meet him at his house. When she arrives later that day, he shows her a chilling selection of paddles and canes. “You are going to work harder than you ever worked.” To begin the festivities, he slaps her palm with a strap. She is soon OTK, her dark dress worked up to show white panties with cunning little tie-ties on the sides. The handspanking is long, they change positions a few times, and the sobbing begins–rather early. Perfect bend-overs. Strictly English always professional with sound, lighting, rational dialogue, and blocking.

Part of Amanda’s evening, beside getting her bottom toasted, will be house cleaning. He points to a vacuum cleaner. “It’s a Hoover. Plug it in. Start Hoovering.” (Actually, it’s an Oreck.) She tries to seduce him, stuggles with the machine, gets her bottom smacked a few times, then sashays about, skirt up, panties on display, a furry patch showing through the gauze. The camera follows her bottom as she works. If we have to observe house cleaning, this way is recommended.

The adjustor is going to torment her with the cane. He snaps her bottom a few times as she dusts, before he puts her into the diaper position, pants down, on the couch for a few tastes. “Oh, my God.” Over the couch, strap on bare bottom. She is miserable and showing some contempt. “You’ll clean, or get the paddle bare-bottom, OK?”

One of those wonderful moments, the camera follows her red bottom up the stairs as she goes to clean the bathroom . The adjustor uses the bath brush to urge her along. Back downstairs, top off, skirt off, down to bra and panties, which keep going up and down.

Diaper position again for the handspanks, panties south. She can’t then beg her way out of this–sex won’t work . Over a chair for the paddle and strap.  Kitchen cleaning is next. An apron leaves her bottom peaking at us, French maid style. Kitchen finished, bare-bottom upstairs again, then return to the living room for the Main Event.

She spies the cane on the desk, and the look in the adjustor’s eye. “That’s a bit frightening.” Over the desk, pants down again, for the 15 short, moderate strokes of the cane. She mutters profanities under her breath and earns a few more, harder.

This would seem to be enough, but she must come back next week for a refresher. She leaves. The adjustor phones ‘Jerry,’  Amanda’s ex-husband. They chuckle together. “She fell for it, hook,line, and sinker.”